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Solar Oven - Kid’s Earth Day Project


ow much fun would it be to bake cookies or make nachos with your kids using only the sun’s light foil and a few basic supplies you likely already have!

Materials: •2 pizza boxes, one larger than the other •pencil •sunglasses •scissors •foil •newspaper •tape •non-toxic black paint •paintbrush •string •non-toxic glue •small cooking pan •clear plastic wrap

1.Place the smaller pizza box on top of the large one with one side touching. Using the pencil trace around the small box onto the lid of the larger one, set the small box aside and cut out 3 sides you just drew leaving the 4th side that is against the edge of the large one attached so you still have a connected lid. 2.Line the inside of the large box with foil and pack newspaper around the inside edges to act as insulation. Set the small box inside the large one and stuff more newspaper to

fill the space in between the two.

3.Paint the inside bottom of the small box and the outside edges of the large box black to absorb the heat. Line the rest of the small box with foil and glue it in place. 4.Glue foil onto the bottom side of both the pizza box flaps, ensure the shinny side is up and try to keep the foil smooth and as wrinkle free as possible. 5.Position the flaps of the boxes so that they reflect sunlight directly into the box. The foil will be very shinny so wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Poke a small hole in top of each lid, feed a piece of string through the hole, tape it in place and tape the other end to the outside of the big box to keep the flaps in position. 6.Put what ever you want to cook on the pan, place it into the oven, and cover the oven with plastic wrap to trap the heat. It may take 20 mins to 2 hours depending on what you’re cooking so be patient, it will be worth it!

Tracey Hanson local mompreneur and owner/operator Clean Choice EcoFriendly Cleaning Services cleanchoicecleaners. com

Hot Tips for Mindful Recycling


appy Earth Day! Here at Island Return we’ve been a part of Earth Day celebrations for 21 years. You might say that Earth Day is kind of our thing! So what do we have to say after all these years? Simple. Keep up the good work! With your help we have recycled over 1 billion containers since we first opened in 1995. Also, you have helped us divert thousands of tons of E-waste out of landfills and into responsible recycling streams, keeping toxic materials from being shipped to the Developing World for unsafe processing. We make recycling as easy as possible, but even we know that it takes effort at home to sort materials and keep as much out of the trash as possible. Really what it takes is mindfulness ... the ongoing commitment to produce as little waste as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a few little tricks to help keep recycling top of mind. One tip is to intentionally make throwing something away harder than recycling. Put a recycling bin under your sink and put your garbage bin in a closet somewhere or out on your porch or deck! Make recycling the lazy choice for once.

about the process. A good place to start would be our website (www.islandreturnit. com). Bet you’ll find something you didn’t know you could recycle! Beyond that, research organizations and programs like Encorp, ElectroRecycle, and the Recycling Council of British Columbia. The more you learn about the benefits of recycling, the more likely you are to be careful about how you dispose of materials. Plus recycling processes are simply fascinating (okay, so we may be a little biased). Being a mindful consumer can be a great way to reduce waste. Look for recycled products and only buy things that come in recyclable packaging. Thankfully the value of recycling is being realized more and more by companies across the globe, so it doesn’t take much effort to find an earth-friendly option no matter what you need. Celebrate Earth Day, every day by making a renewed commitment to joining us in looking after our planet. Be mindful of your disposal habits and keep looking for ways to keep waste out of the trash. And if you have any more questions about how to make the Earth a priority this year, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Another great way to be more mindful of your recycling habits is to educate yourself

Sophy Roberge is the Marketing Manager for Island Return It Recycling Centres.

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For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.

VV April 2016 Issue 89 web  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.