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Summer 2011


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Cowichan Kids

35,000 volunteer hours. Over $1,000,000 to Island communities. Not to mention countless warm fuzzies. Last year Island Savings provided over $1,000,000 — and 35,000 staff volunteer hours — to communities and members throughout Vancouver Island. Through our Growing Island Families Together (GIFT) program we help provide childcare initiatives, education, recreation programs and much more. And it’s all done with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of life for Island families.

For more information on our extensive community involvement, visit our website at

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Cowichan Kids


Cowichan Kids

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Introduction Message from SBy 6 Chair

Phil Kent


Champions for Children

Cindy Lise


Weaving the Basket

Leslie Cochrane

9 Summer Festival Fun for Everyone 10 When to Start Brushing It’s Never too Late

Shelley Sorenson

11 Community Program Calendar 15 Family Meals

Christy Thomson

16 Kids Corner – Colour Me 17 So it is Summer- Now what can we do?

Cindy Lise

19 Technology and Bats

Michael Gintowt

20 Invisible Disabilities

Cathy Camely

21 Does Baby Equipment Help Development?

Patti Patstone

22 Community Resource Guide


Finger paint and toddlers what fun! Have you ever heard the saying born artistic? Thank you Growing Together Parent and Child Society for sharing your photos! summer 2011

Parents we would love to print your favourite photographs! For comments, information on submissions of articles, community events calendar or resource directory please contact Cindy at 748-5866 or email


Cowichan Kids


Cowichan Kids is published in the Cowichan Valley by Success By 6 and is distributed three times per year to over 22,000 businesses and households across the Cowichan Region. Additional copies can be found at many child and family agencies. Cowichan Kids continues to support the vision that all children receive the nurturing and care they need in the first six years and that they are ready to learn and succeed as they enter school. The articles, information, photos and resources in this publication are from the Cowichan region and reflect the voice of our unique community. For more information on this publication or future publications of Cowichan Kids please contact Cindy Lise at or 748-5866. We welcome your photos and articles! Staples Business Depot Manager Jeff Forsyth presents the prize package from the February contest to Walker Hawkins and his mom Debbie.

Say hello to some of the dedicated Success By 6 Council of Partners members who strive to make a difference in the lives of Children in the Cowichan Valley. Pictured here following the Champion for Children Awards in May are: Back Row- Joy Stott, Leslie Cochrane, Chris Waddell, Sarah Hollett Front Row: Jason Horn, Phil Kent, Ada Mawson, Cindy Lise and John Elzinga

Your Donations Make a Difference Staples Business Depot business manager Jeff Forsyth presents the prize package....... to Walker Hawkins and his mom Debbie. Congratulations to Madison Joe who also won but is not pictured.

Success By 6 supports the funding of many local programs for children and families. 100% of all donations go directly to programs in the Cowichan Valley. For more information or to make a charitable donation to Success By 6®, visit your local United Way or Credit Union or go to . Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $10.00.

Contest... Enter Here You Can Win $50 In Children’s Craft Supplies From Staples Business Depot Just By Sending Us Your Name And Number! 2 -Prizes To Be WonTo Enter, Email: Deadline July 31, 2011 – winners will be contacted by phone. Chances of winning depends on the number of applications received You can also mail in your entry by sending your name and phone number to Cowichan Success By 6 6080 York Road, Duncan BC V9L-5G8


Cowichan Kids


Message from Phil Kent Chair, Council of Partners


hat a great evening we had last Saturday night at the Champion for Children Gala event at the Quw’utsun Cultural Centre. Nearly 120 people attended to celebrate all of the nominees for the 2011 Champions for Children Awards of Excellence. This was the fourth time we have gathered to recognize individuals, businesses and organizations for supporting the healthy development of our most important assets, our children.

Rhoda Taylor Individual Champion for Children 2011

Council of Partners

Leslie Cochrane Ts’ewulhtun Health Cathy Donald Assistant Branch Manager Island Savings Credit Union Garrett Elliott Counsellor Municipality of North Cowichan Wendy Erickson SD 79 Early Literacy Betty Exelby Early Childhood College Professor John Elzinga Island Savings Centre Manager Jeff Forsyth Manager Staples Business Depot Michael Gintowt Ministry of Children and Family Development Sarah Hollett Jason Horn Phil Kent Cindy Lise Ada Mawson Bill Macadam Candace Spilsbury Carol Stenberg Joy Stott Chris Waddell Leslie Welin SUMMER 2011

Chemainus Island Savings Credit Union Community member Chair Sby 6 -Mayor of City of Duncan Coordinator Cowichan Success By 6 Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator Publisher Cowichan News Leader Pictorial Chair SD79 Trustees Cowichan United Way Vancouver Island Health Authority Representing Island Savings Credit Union Community Member

This year we received more nominations than any other year with each and every nominee a Champion in our books. As this year’s event was approaching, I began to reflect on just how truly important and central children are in our lives and our communities, and how very easy it is for us as individuals, both in our private lives and our professional lives, to lose sight of all of the things that we hold key to our families well being. Some time ago I participated in a webinar where the participants were learning to manage and create positive change, and how to reconcile often controversial and divisive issues. Soon after we started the session, and the leader had laid out the agenda and objectives for our work, he asked us to stop and take a few moments to contemplate the things that were the most important to us. Not the issues and challenges we were about to tackle, but those things that were the most important to us personally. After a few minutes, he broke the quiet, and asked us to list some of our thoughts. Almost universally, each of the participants identified their children as the most important thing to them personally, along with family, our health and our community. Our discussion and debate now commenced with an appreciation for the core values we hold important and the common motivations we all hold. I think that if we remind ourselves more often about what is most important to us, we can all become champions. That is what this year’s nominees for Champions for Children surely must do regularly to have gained the recognition of their peers. I would like to thank the Council of Partners for Success By 6 for volunteering their time and energy towards our Valley’s children, and to thank our Coordinator Cindy Lise and Aboriginal Coordinator Ada Mawson for their dedicated efforts and guidance.

Phil Kent Chair Council of Partners, Success by 6


Cowichan Kids


INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Why is the IB Diploma the preferred choice by major universities? Why are IB students leaders and innovators who are more likely to succeed at university? Why do Canadian universities give full first year credit for graduates of the IB Diploma programme?

Martial Art Arts rtttss Training Is it Right for Your Child? Ask about our Little Dragons program (6-9 years of age) Find out and call

SIFU TORRIE at 250.929.2211 Book your FREE private lesson followed by a FREE no-obligation group class


Email: Phone 250 929 2211 #6 - 1400 Cowichan Bay Road, Cobble Hill, B.C. V0R 1L0

The Pharmacists at Mill Bay Pharmasave can assist you and your family

Camille Mitchell, Pharmacist

Tammy Olsson, Pharmacist

Nadiene Monea, Pharmacist

Our pharmacists at Pharmasave can help with questions and solutions to all kinds of childhood and infant conditions. Using medications, either prescription or over the counter preparations, especially in relation to pregnancy and breast feeding. Suggestions for common ailments including colic, vitamin supplements, cold and flu symptoms, diaper rash, cradle cap and constipation. Information about symptomatic treatments for childhood and infant diseases as well as advice on immunizations. Alternative and natural approaches to infant conditions. We have an extensive range of homeopathy available. Rental products and special order products available including breast pumps nebullizers, infant formulas etc. We compound and different problems including taste, swallowing and medication delivery. If you are unable to get out to us, we have delivery service available 3 times daily and once on Saturday. For more information please call, we are here to help.




Cowichan Kids


Champions for Children 2011

Back Row: Ada Mawson, Francine McCabe, Louise Dunaway, Janet Jones , Shelly Sorensen, Lise Haddock, Moe Runzer, Karen Davis, Heather Joe Front Row; Mayor Phil Kent, Garrett Elliott, Cindy Lise, Lisa Newman, Enma Guevara, Rhoda Taylor, Dr. Maggie Watt, Becky Bennett, Cecelia Johnny, Michelle August, Debbie Rencher Missing- Tina Hamil, Patsy Brown and Mel Jack Sr.

Aboriginal Champions

Business Champions

Patsy Brown, Leena Mitchell Accepting on behalf of Mel Jack Sr. and Lise Haddock

Tina Hamil and Lisa Newman accept Business Champion awards from Council of Partners member Bill Macadam

Individual Champions

Outstanding Nominees Agapeland Preschool, Michelle August, Denise Augustine, Cynthia Beale, Stan Bennett, Colleen Crocker, Cowichan Valley Naturalists Club, Maria Crossley, Bianca Driese, Dyslexia Victoria, Kirby Edwards, Marlene Edwards, Katy Ehrlieh, Wendy Erickson, Betty Exelby, John Elzinga, Jeff Forsyth, Val Galvin, Robert George, Michael Gintowt, Sarah Hollett, Jason Horn, Jacquie Jack, Marcie Jack, Martin Joe, Kaatza Child Care Centre, Kathy Kennedy MacDonald, Phil Kent, Ruth Ker, Ocean Kneeland, Amy Kuta, Bicki Lam, Wendy Lambert, Cindy Lise, Bill Macadam, Tony Mackie, Ada Mawson, Annette McGregor, Modern Windows, Candace Moore, Jan Myhre, Philomena Pagaduan, Stuart Pagaduan, Greta Pearson, Fari Rezvani, Joke Slater, Tonya Snidel, Candace Spilsbury, Carol Stenberg, Joy Stott, Paulette Tarnawski, Kim Thomas, Gerald Thomas, Ts’ewulhtun Health, Chris Waddell, Leslie Welin, Joy Wilson

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: Dr Maggie Watt, Rhoda Taylor, Shelly Sorensen and Becky Bennett accept awards presented By Jason Clayton of Modern Windows

Ts’wewuhltun Health

Cowichan United Way



Cowichan Kids

Weaving Families Together

Strengthening relationships through weaving was the focus of a family program held recently through Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre’s Maternal Child Health. The program gave parents and children a chance to share cultural traditions and develop many skills. Parents wove the Coast Salish blankets that are used in the blanketing ceremony and learned what an honour it is to be gifted with a child and hold them up in the highest respect. One of the coordinators of the program, Maria Sampson, emphasized the importance of weaving together as a way to help parents nurture the threads of sacred relationships - with their ancestors, future generations and their children and families. Through traditional teachings, parents were able to gain awareness of their own personal strengths, parenting skills and potential. Through the program children learned songs in Hul’qumi’num’, which they shared with Elders at a celebration lunch.

Parents of Students starting Kindergarten in September 2011 If your child is starting kindergarten in September 2011 and has not yet received the kindergarten booster for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio vaccine please contact a health unit of your choice. To make an appointment for your child please call: 250-709-3050 for Duncan, Shawnigan Lake or Chemainus 250-749-6878 for Lake Cowichan 250-245-6549 for Ladysmith 250-746-6184 for Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre 250-245-8551 for Chemainus First Nation 250-743-3900 for Malahat 250-246-2127 for Halalt 250-246-9885 for Kuper Island


Cowichan Kids


Duncan Cowichan Summer Festival... Fun for the Kid in Everyone KIDZ CO. LEARNING CENTRE Spend time this summer in the Cowichan Valley and visit Down Town Duncan for an amazing array of free concerts, activities and parades for children and folks of all ages! Sunday July 10th kick starts it all with the largest outdoor children’s event on Vancouver Island. Families can enjoy a “FREE” day of music, hands on activities and entertainment. Thank you to the Duncan Cowichan Summer Festival Society, Duncan Business Improvement Association and Island Savings Credit Union long time sponsor of the Children’s Festival for supporting this great event. Pack up the kids and your sunscreen and join us from 11:00 am to 4::00 pm! The Children’s Parade, sponsored by Duncan Volunteer Fire Department, will be held on Friday July 15th. There are prizes for best costume, with both single and group entries considered. Every child receives a participation ribbon and a goody bag. Marshalling begins at 5:30 pm at the corner of Kenneth Street and Jubilee Street. Parade kickoff is at 6:30 pm. Participants march down Kenneth Street and stop at City Hall. It is a short parade for short legs but is huge on imagination colour and fun! Join us for the GRAND Parade on Saturday July 16th commencing at 11:00 am from Island Savings Centre! Check out the website for all of the other great activities, entertainment and fun that can be enjoyed over the month of July! Contact 250-748-1231, email or go to for more information.


Our program is designed to provide a stimulating and Educational environment to promote each child’s uniqueness


SEPTEMBER ENROLLMENT Please feel free to drop in or call to register

Call Al or Wanda 250-746-4020 2731 & 2739 James St., Duncan

Open 7 am to 5 pm Right in Downtown Duncan


Cowichan Kids

Technology and Bats Success by Six is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the facts on how unbalanced use of technology can impact parent-child attachment and children’s brain development. You can expect to encounter a rather batty bat character, who seeks out light sources because that is where moths gather. In doing so, he encounters computer screens and all sorts of technology that gets him into trouble. Our aim is to produce a book and related products and events to help folks understand how technology use needs to be balanced with face to face

interaction and relating. Children’s brains, we know, grow in accord with the quality of relationships with which they engaged. Children need caregivers who are not stressed or distracted. They need caregivers who are present and consistent, attuned to their child’s emotions, and responding appropriately to those emotional expressions, whether they be a tantrum, or a “mommy! Look at the picture I drew!” Not only children, but adults can be distracted by technology from what is most important: healthy relating.

We are looking for real life stories of how technology had an impact on the parent-child connection, on family life, or on a child. For example, I met one mother who had been checking her e-mail in the morning at the same time as she was getting her two children ready for school. Her mornings were characterized by chaos, arguing, rushing and yelling. When she checked her e-mail at a different time, her morning routine became instantly

more peaceful, focused and successful. If you have any short stories or anecdotes of your own that you would like to share, please send them to either Michael Gintowt or Wendy Lambert, care of this magazine. Michael Gintowt Team Leader, Child and Youth Mental Health & Children and Youth with Special Needs Duncan Phone (250) 715-2725

Attention Cowichan Valley Families, Child care providers and Community members!

The Cowichan Valley Child Care Resource & Referral Program is your community’s best source of child care information and resources. This program is funded by the Ministry for Children and Family Development. Program staff are certified Early Childhood Educators with experience working with families and children in family and group child care settings.

We are very pleased to provide these free services:

How we support families with children 0-12 years. We will… • • • •

Talk with you about different types of child care. Personalize referrals lists to help you find childcare. Help you complete Child Care Subsidy applications. Fax Child Care Subsidy applications at no charge.

How we support child care providers. We will… • • •

Talk with you about starting a license-not-required or licensed child care business. Invite you to attend child care training workshops. Loan toys, child-related equipment, books and DVD’s to registered child care providers. Clements Centre Society in Duncan, 5856 Clements St. Duncan BC V9L 3W3 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm Phone: 250-746-4135 local 231, Email: A program of Clements Centre Society, Funded by the Province of BC


Cowichan Kids


Strong Start Chemainus El 0-5yrs 12:30-3:30

Ladysmith Family and Friends Resource Program 0-6yrs 9:30-12:00 Suggested donation $2.00 Aggie Hall, 1st Avenue 210-0870

Chemainus Library Storytime 3-5yrs 11:30-12:00 Pre-register 246-9471

Infant to School age immunization by appoint 1:15- 3:30 pm Ladysmith Community Health Centre 755-3342 to book appointment Strong Start Chemainus El 0-5yrs 12:30-3:30 While school is in session Strong Start 0-5yrs Crofton Comm..School aboard the Resource Bus 8:45-11:45 While school is in session

Family Frolics 0-6yrs 5:45-6:45 Frank Jameson Community Centre, Ladysmith While school in session

Strong Start Chemainus El 0-5yrs 12:30-3:30 While school is in session

Eagles Nest Resource Prog Chemainus El 0-5yrs 9:00-11:00 $2 Drop-in Fee While school is in session

Infant to School age immunization by appoint 1:15- 3:30 pm Ladysmith Community Health Centre 755-3342 to book appointment

Strong Start Chemainus El 0-5yrs 12:30-3:30 While school is in session

Ladysmith Family and Friends Resource Program 0-6yrs 9:30-12:00 Aggie Hall, 1st Avenue 210-0870

Ladysmith Family and Friends Resource Program 0-6yrs 9:30-12:00 Aggie Hall, 1st Avenue 210-0870

Ladysmith Dads Group (Drop in Breakfast for Dads and Children) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Ladysmith Resource Centre Family House 245-3079

Healthy Beginings (Pre- natal- 12 months) 10:30- noon Ladysmith Health Centre

Breast Feeding Drop In 1:30-3:30 Ladysmith Resource Centre Family House 245-3079

*LRCA Volunteer Counselling Program Please call 250-245-3079 for more information and to schedule an assessment. *LRCA Family & Youth Support Services. Please call 250-245-3079 for more information or to book an appointment. *Preschool Summer Read to Me Club. Please call the Ladysmith Library at 250245-2322 for registration and information. *Please telephone first to confirm times and locations for all events.



Child Health Clinic Chemainus El 1st & 3rd Frid. By appointment only 709-3050

Drop In Activities:

Community Resource Bus Penelakut Island 10:20-1:15


Born Healthy Pre-natal Program 10:00 am-2:00 pm Ladysmith Resource Centre Association 245-3079

Chemainus - Crofton - Ladysmith

Eagles Nest Resource Prog Chemainus El 0-5yrs 9:00-11:00 $2 Drop-in Fee While school is in session

Cowichan Kids


D rop In Activities: duncan, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, Shawnigan



Strong Start 0-5yrs Alexander School - 9:00-12:00 Bench School - 8:30-11:30 Khowhemun School - 8:30-11:30 Drinkwater School 9:00 -12:00 Koksilah School - 9:00-12:00 When school is in session Whales Tales 0-5yrs Story and Play Time By Sears Mall 10:00-2:00 Child Health Clinic Margaret Moss 1:15-3:30 by appointment only 709-3050 Canadian Mental Health Counseling Support following sexual abuse 371 Festubert Street 746-5521 Young Naturalists Club 10:00-12:00 Ages: Up to 10 yrs Once per month call 746-6141 Strong Start 0-5yrs Bench Elementary 8:30-11:30 When school is in session Woodruff Music School 3-12yrs Various classes Call Jennie Stevens 743-7738

Strong Start 0-5yrs Alexander School - 9:00-12:00 Bench School - 8:30-11:30 Khowhemun School - 8:30-11:30 Koksilah School - 9:00-12:00 When schools are in session Mothers Morning Out 0-5yrs Duncan United Church 9:30-11:00 Summer programs in local parks Call 746-1553 or 746-7937 for info Whales Tales 0-5yrs Story and Play Time in the summer By Sears Mall 10:00-2:00 Healthy Beginnings Margaret Moss Children 1yr and under 10:30-11:30 Mother Goose in Centennial Park 10:30-11:30 2-5yrs July 5-Aug 30 Call Bonnie to register 709-3050 Breastfeeding Clinic Margaret Moss 1:00-3:00 Child Health Clinic Shawn. Lake Comm.Centre 9:30-11:45 appointment only 709-3050 Toddlertime-Mill Bay Library 15m-3yrs 10:30-11:00 743-5436 When school is in session Woodruff Music School 3-12yrs Various classes Call Jennie Stevens 743-7738

Strong Start 0-5yrs Alexander School - 9:00-12:00 Bench School - 8:30-11:30 Drinkwater School 9:00- 12;00 Khowhemun School - 8:30-11:30 Koksilah School - 9:00-12:00 When school is in session Child Health Clinic Margaret Moss 9:00-11:30 Drop-in Whales Tales 0-5yrs Story and Play Time By Sears Mall 10:00-2:00 Mother Goose at St. Andrews Church 0-2yrs 10:30-11:30 July 6-Aug 31 Call Bonnie to register 709-3050 Counseling Support following sexual abuse 371 Festubert Street 746-5521 Strong Start 0-5yrs Bench Elementary 8:30-11:30 When school is in session Community Resource Bus -Malahat First Nations 10:00-1:00 Story Time-Mill Bay Library 3-5yrs 10:30-11:00 743-5436 When school is in session Woodruff Music School 3-12yrs Various classes Call Jennie Stevens 743-7738

Family Pages Sponsors



Cowichan Kids


SATURDAYS Strong Start 0-5yrs Alexander School - 9:00-12:00 Bench School - 8:30-11:30 Khowhemun School - 8:30-11:30 Koksilah School - 9:00-12:00 When schools are in session Community Resource Bus St. Andrews Church – Cairnsmore 9:30-12:30 Breastfeeding Clinic Margaret Moss 10:00-11:30 Whales Tales 0-5yrs Story and Play Time in the summer By Sears Mall 10:00-2:00 Summer Reading Club Cowichan Library 3-12yrs. Starts July 4th For program information go to under events or call Kirsten at 746-7661 Strong Start 0-5yrs Bench Elementary 8:30-11:30 When school is in session Healthy Beginnings Margaret Moss Shawnigan Community Centre Children 3yrs and under 9:30-10:30 Children1yr and under 11:00-12:00 Woodruff Music School 3-12yrs Various classes Call Jennie Stevens 743-7738

Strong Start 0-5yrs Alexander School - 9:00-12:00 Bench School - 8:30-11:30 Drinkwater School 9:00 -12:00 Khowhemun School - 8:30-11:30 Koksilah School - 9:00-12:00 When schools are in session Whales Tales 0-5yrs Story and Play Time By Sears Mall 10:00-2:00 Healthy Beginnings Margaret Moss Children 3 and under 1:00-2:00 U Fix it Bike Works 51 Trunk Road 2:30-5:30 746-5521

Margaret Moss Health Centre Child Health Clinic 1 morning per month By appointment only 709-3050 U Fix it Bike Works 51 Trunk Road 12:00-4:00 746-5521 Young Naturalists Club 10:00-12:00 Ages: Up to 10 yrs Once per month call 746-6141

Strong Start 0-5yrs Bench Elementary 8:30-11:30 When school is in session Woodruff Music School 3-12yrs Various classes Call Jennie Stevens 743-7738


Child Care Resource and Referral Clements Centre Children’s Services Cowichan Lake Community Services Healthiest Babies Possible Healthy Children Healthy Futures (CAPC) Hiiye’yu LeLum (House of Friendship Society) Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre

746-4135 746-4135 749-6822 748-2242 748-2242 748-2242 746-6184

To be included in the Activities Guide please contact: Charlotte Brown 250-748-3936 or Cindy Lise 250-748-5866

July 1st Canada Day


Honeymoon Bay – Parade – games etc Contact 250- 749-3841 for more info on parade Mesachi Lake Skydome- 6:00 – 10:00 pm Music, games, face painting, vendors, give aways And more! Free for everyone FIREWORKS Youbou- Arbutus Park 10:00 am – Noon Entertainment, cake, concession

Eagle Arts Summer Arts Academy ..Tiny Seeds ages 2 ½ to 5 yrs ..Leaping Leos ages 6-8yrs Dwight International School, Shawnigan Lake. July 4-29th. Laura Lee 250-896-4664 or 709-8432 Email Please register with Bonnie for September Mother Goose Programs. Call: 709-3050

Duncan Cowichan Children’s Festival Sunday July 10 11-4:00 pm Charles Hoey Park (Train Station) Downtown Duncan Entertainment, Activities and Free Family Fun



Children’s Parade Friday July 15 Marshal at 5:30 Jubilee and Kenneth St Downtown Duncan Goody Bags for Everyone!

Grand Parade Saturday July 16th 11:00 am start Down Town Duncan Celebrate BC Day at Forest Discovery Centre Monday, August 1, 2011 10 am – 4:00 pm Fun day for the kids with train rides, bouncy castle, Face painting, crafts and games –Regular admission rates apply

Lake Cowichan - youbou



Cowichan Kids

Drop In Activities:

14 Healthy Beginnings Kaatza Health Centre Children 3 and under 10:00-11:00

Group for Parents & Tots Lake Cowichan Community Services 0-5yrs 9:30-10:30 749-6822

Resource Bus Saywell Park 9:00-12:00

Child Care Resources PRESCHOOLS Agapeland Christian Preschool Angel Care Christian Preschool Cobble Hill Montessori Preschool Cowichan Lake Rec. Playschool Cowichan Preschool Eagle Wings -Chemainus Comm.School Foot Steps Preschool Jitterbugs Childcare King’s Kids Montessori Preschool Le’lum’uy’lh Child Dev.Centre Little Peoples Early Childhood Academy Nutsumaat Lelum Childcare Centre/Chem.First Nations Parkside Academy Society Early Learning Centre - Alexander El - Khowhemun El - Tansor El Queen Margaret’s Preschool Serenity Cove Children’s Centre Shawnigan Lake Comm.Cntr. Preschool & Child Care Shawnigan Lake Montessori Pre-school & Child Care St. Joseph’s Preschool, Chemainus Sunrise Waldorf School DAY CARE CENTRES Arcadian Day Care Growing Together Child & Parent Society Kaatza Day Care Centre, Lake Cowichan Le’lum’uy’lh Child Development Centre/Cowichan Tribes Little Peoples Early Childhood Academy Majestic Cedars Childcare Centre Nutsumaat Lelum Childcare Centre/Chem. First Nations Parkside Academy Society Early Learning Centres - Khowhemun - Tansor El Pathways Childcare Centre Puddle Jumpers Christian Child Care Shawnigan Lake Montessori Pre-school & Child Care Smun’eem Head Start Daycare (Penelakut Tribe) Sunrise Waldorf School OUT OF SCHOOL CARE Angel Care Christian Preschool Arcadian Day Care Cobble Hill Montessori Majestic Cedars Childcare Centre Little Peoples Out of School Care—Discovery El. Parkside Academy Society Early Learning Centres -Bench/Tansor El - Sumun’een After School Care, Khowhemun

746-4551 701-0433 746-9889 745-3712 748-4112 246-3588 743-5923 743-7242 710-8640 746-5966 929-5437(KIDS) 245-0994

3-5yrs 3-5yrs 3-5yrs 3-4yrs 3-5yrs 3-5yrs

748-3936 ext 207 746-1711 746-1711 746-4185 743-7711 743-6643 743-6279 246-3191 743-7253

30m-5yrs 30m-5yrs 30m-3yrs

748-3922 748-9754 749-6422 746-5966 939-5437(KIDS) 733-2324 245-0994


746-1711 746-1711 748-7270 746-9976 743-6279 246-2321 743-7253

30m-5yrs 30m-12yrs 3-5yrs 0-2 + 3-5yrs 2 1/2-5yrs 6m-5yrs

701-0433 748-3922 746-9889 733-2324 743-5437(KIDS) 746-1711 746-1711

0-12yrs 2 1/2-5yrs 1-12yrs

0-6yrs 2 1/2-5yrs 3-5yrs

0-5yrs 1-12yrs K-12yrs 30m-5yrs

5-8yrs 5-12yrs 5-12yrs 5-12yrs


Cowichan Kids


Family Meals The word is out! Family Meals are good for children and their parents too. Children who eat at least one meal with their family daily do better at school, feel better about themselves and develop healthier eating habits. Adults who eat with their family at least once each day eat more vegetables and fruit and get more important nutrients such as calcium and iron in their diets. Family meals give children a chance to practice social skills as they engage in conversation around the table. Children have the chance to observe their parents modeling healthy eating and parents, as role models, have the opportunity to establish traditions around food and meals, share family stories and enjoy more family time overall. To begin, schedule family meals the same way you schedule extracurricular activities. Start with what you are eating now and eat it together. Breakfast, a picnic or dinner around the kitchen table all count as family meals when at least one adult and one child are sitting down to eat together. Once eating meals together is part of your family life, consider making some changes gradually to increase vegetables and fruit and try new foods. Plan menus so that children can help with food preparation depending on their age and abilities. Even very young children can help with table setting. Participating in meal preparation offers children the opportunity to become familiar with new foods. Children often eat better when they help prepare food for the family meal and may be more willing to try new foods when they have helped prepare them.

Tips for Great Family Mealtimes

1. Turn off the T.V. and computer 2. Take phone calls later. Let the answering machine take the call. 3. Plan simple meals to prepare 4. Schedule mealtime and make it a routine 5. Eat a variety of food to keep meals interesting 6. Involve children in grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up 7. Talk together and laugh together 8. Make sure everyone has a chance to speak and be heard. Children are born wanting to eat; they have the ability to eat the amount of food they need and to stop eating when they are full. The Shared Responsibility for Food Tasks supports this; Parents Decide: What food to serve; offer foods from three or four food groups of

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide at meals and from two food groups at snacks. When food is served: children have small stomachs and need 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily. Where food is served: This gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to bring everyone together for a Family Meal. Children Decide: How much to eat. Whether to eat. Consistent mealtimes allow children to feel secure, knowing that they will be fed. Eating regular meals and snacks rather than “grazing” allows children to come to the table ready to eat, hungry but not starving. Offer water between meals and snacks. Parents are children’s most important source of information and influence about food and eating. Family Meals provide an opportunity for parents to model healthy eating. References and for more information see: Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter How To Get Your Kid to Eat...but not too much by Ellyn Satter, available in the local library. Eat Together, Eat at Home BCMA Christy Thomson R.D. Community Nutritionist Margaret Moss Health Centre 675 Canada Ave. Duncan, B.C., V9L 1T9 250-709-3050 ext 45509.

Sharing Responsibility for Food Tasks: Parents Decide What to offer When to offer food Where to offer food


Children Decide Whether to eat how much to eat


Cowichan Kids

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So it is summer... Now what do we do? When the days are longer with no school and few scheduled activities the children may say, “What can we do today?” Luckily you have the fortune of living in the Cowichan Valley where children and their parents can find incredible places to explore and things to do within a close proximity for little or no money. We have some amazing parks that cry out to be explored • Bright Angel Park with the playground, swinging bridge and magical forest not to mention swimming in the Koksilah River • Maple Bay Beach with shells, rocks and swimming • Mill Bay Beach provides oodles of opportunities to play and explore- try walking on the logs without touching the ground • Eves Park with its forest discovery information centre • Glenora Park with playground, hiking trails, swamps with slugs and frogs as well as the incredible river walk • Centennial Park in Downtown Duncan with its new playground and picnic areas for families. Summer programs for children also take place here • Picnic along Somenos Creek and look for frogs or go fishing along its low banks.... Bring a ball, or bocce balls there is tons of room to play • Shawnigan Lake has Masons Beach as well as West Shawnigan Lake Park • Bamberton Beach is a fabulous place to picnic for the day.. If you have never been this is a must for a day of beach exploration! • Cowichan Bay has the waterfront park that can be finished off with a treat at the bakery or ice cream shop. • Let’s not forget the Forest Discovery Centre and the train


ride- children can find so many things to touch and places to explore here. There is an entrance fee here. • There are SO MANY MORE PLACES TO EXPLORE - go to and check out the link for Cowichan Valley Parks and Playgrounds you will be surprised what is offered in your neighbourhoods and communities! • Check out the community calendar in the centre of this magazine for scheduled programs and activities too! Stuck at home? The children can; colour with wet chalk on the sidewalk, mail a photo or letter to family or friends, have a bike wash, paint the fence with water, have a tea party, paint pet rocks that you found on one of your adventures, go on a bug hunt, create a play or tell a story that mom or dad can video tape and watch it back later, get a blanket and make a tent, create an obstacle course with things to go over and under, play balloon volleyball, make homemade popsicles out of

fruit juice or chocolate milk, create a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt, make a circus- walk on a rope on the ground, throw teddy bears in to a basket, be clowns and paint your face, dance with a scarf, play red light green light, make a fishing pole with a string and a magnet- then make paper fish with paper clips... try to catch a fish without looking! What about good old mud pies? Or a tub of rice or flour makes for great fun instead of the sand box for filling, measuring and imaginative play. Have a baby? Introduce bubbles, put baby’s toes in the sand, crawl on the grass, read books outside, put

toys in a tub of water on the lawn... (be sure to watch at all times), dance with a bright scarf in the wind – throw it in the wind to land on baby, bring a ball outside and roll it to baby- if baby is crawling let her try to get it as it rolls away from her, If she is walking- try to kick it, bring out a laundry basket or box to climb in and out of, you can play car or boat or airplane as you slide baby around, yogurt tubs, plastic bowls and wooden spoons make great music, are fun for stacking and hold many things which can be more fun when outside! Don’t forget to sing, talk and touch while you are outside too- everything is new and exciting for baby.


Cowichan Kids

S ummer Camps ...are back…….Register today

Sizzling Summer Camps

• Fun Zone/Sport Zone • Byte Camp • Lacrosse Camp also Summer Yoga & Pilates • Karate Camp • Tennis Camp • British Soccer Camp • Jr Golf Camp • Rec Hockey Camp •Spanish Camp •Musical Theatre •Dance Discovery •Gymnastic Summer Camps

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Joy of Music Studio would like to welcome you to our group music classes for newborns to 7 year olds, taught by a licensed Kindermusic Educator. Come enjoy a wonderful bonding experience with your child and enjoy spreading the music and learning at home. Please contact Andrea at 250-748-3781 or and check out

Compounding and natural products for the whole family

Dr. Eugene Tang Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry •Crowns & Bridges •Implant Restorations •Trauma and Pain Control



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Cowichan Kids


When to Start Brushing and Flossing: It’s Never Too Late! Even the thought of brushing and flossing your own teeth can be daunting, let alone doing it for one or more children in your home. Promoting oral health early on in childhood can provide good oral health skills that will last a lifetime. Getting in to a routine at home will help remind everyone when to brush and floss. It is important to remember to clean out your infant’s mouth after each feeding, even if they don’t have any teeth present yet. You can do so by using a soft, clean cloth, and also with a finger-cot, which is a rubber toothbrush head that fits on your finger. The finger cot can help stimulate their gums as well, and get them prepared for when their teeth come in and a toothbrush can be introduced into their routine. It is understandable that you don’t want to wake them to do this after they have fallen asleep, but chances are, the more you do so, the less they will seem to mind the interruption in dreamland. Once they are old enough to hold the toothbrush on their own, let them try. It is great to help them be independent in this way. Until they are around 8 years old, however, mom or dad should brush their teeth for a bit after they are done brushing themselves, just to make sure that all the “sugar bugs” are gone. If you find it hard to floss your child’s teeth when they are standing in front of you, get them to lay down on a flat surface, like a bed, with their head in you lap. This will make it a lot easier to see in their mouth, and to guide the floss around. The phrase “monkey see,


monkey do” really does relate to every-day life, even when you think the little ones aren’t watching. If they see mom or dad taking care of their own teeth, they will want to as well. It is truly amazing how much children look up to their parents, even when it comes to taking care of your smile. If mom or dad is nervous about going to the dentist, it can cause children to be nervous as well. So please, remember to make regular dental appointments for you and the family, and put on a brave face if you are nervous. If children see how much mom and dad like going to the dentist, you may just find it hard for them to leave at the end of the appointment. With summer just around the corner, remember that water is best during sunny days. Even drinks like lemonade, fruit juices, and sports drinks contain high amounts of sugar. Each time your child takes a sip of a sugary drink, their teeth are exposed to a sugar attack for about 20 minutes. Keeping cold water in the fridge with ice cubes in it is always a good idea. Even having a water bottle on hand that is filled with cold water is a great alternative to sugary drinks. If you have a hard time getting your child to drink water, try putting it in a colored glass, gradually watering down their favorite juice until it is all water, or even using fun decorative ice cubes. Helping your child build an oral health routine now, can create smiles for years to come, and make visits to the dentist more enjoyable in the future. By Shelly Sorensen, RDH

Pictured above: Carla Frenchy and 6 month old son Raymond Peter. Raymond already loves having his teeth brushed, and he can even hold the toothbrush on his own! His mom helped him get used to it by using a finger-cot when he was younger


Cowichan Kids

Invisible Disabilities Watching your child grow and develop new skills is one of the greatest rewards of parenthood. You treasure their accomplishments as they pass through those early milestones from their first tooth to their first day at school. As they grow, you watch their development, sometimes measuring it against other children to see if your child is developing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially as he or she is expected to do. Children develop at their own pace, some slower than others. Although it may cause us some concern, most slow-developers will eventually catch up to their peers over time. However, for about 10% of pre-schoolers, unusual or excessively slow development will cause their parents significant concern.

Some of these children will be diagnosed with an invisible disability such as Attention

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Deficit Disorder or Learning Disabilities once they enter school. Very few will be diagnosed earlier because the formal tests used to diagnose invisible disabilities give inconclusive results with pre-schoolers. Yet, the vast majority of parents who have a child with a diagnosed invisible disability say they knew something wasn’t quite right about their child’s development in the early years. All too often, parents tell us that when they sought help from professionals, they were told to “wait and see,” and valuable early intervention time was lost. Children with invisible disabilities have average to above average intelligence. There are no physical signs that there’s anything unusual about their development. Still, there are other telling signs that can cause concern. Children with invisible disabilities often exhibit exceptionally challenging behaviours despite good parenting practices. They may demonstrate inexhaustible

energy, poor sleeping and eating patterns and unusual difficulty using and understanding language. While all children will have some of these behaviours from time to time, for children with invisible disabilities, these behaviours are persistent and described as “over the top.” Research about early childhood development has burgeoned in the past 15 years. It is conclusive: the earlier intervention begins, the better the results for preventing longterm and secondary problems. While a formal diagnosis in the pre-school years isn’t always practical or advisable, there are alternative developmental assessments that can lead to effective interventions. We all worry on occasion. In fact, worry may be just below sleep deprivation on the job description for parenthood. But while we know that concerns about our child’s development will usually resolve over time, there are times when worry is justified. You know your child best. You are the one most familiar with his or her skills and behaviour. Your gut feelings and instincts are important and shouldn’t be ignored. If you feel that something is wrong, seek answers. Talk to your family physician even if you’ve previously discussed the problem with him or her. Remember, a second opinion is never a bad idea either. Don’t be deterred by wellintended friends or relatives kindly trying to talk you out of your concerns. Knowing how critically important early intervention is for preventing long-term difficulties, don’t wait and see, find help. Cathie Camley


Cowichan Kids


Does baby equipment really help their development? As a physiotherapist working with children for many years, I am often asked what kind of baby equipment new parents need for their little ones. There is such a miriad of equipment out in the market place with wonderful claims about how it will help your baby’s development. Infants often sleep in their car seat for long time periods as it’s transported by car, stroller and carried into the house. The car seat is a much firmer surface than the mattress in their crib resulting in the back of the baby’s head leaning back on this very hard surface for long time periods. We now see flattening on the back of baby’s head much more commonly. This can be avoided by taking the baby out of the car seat when you reach your destination and allowing baby’s head to rest on a different kind of surface, like their crib mattress. It is important to be aware that car seats and swings are all made of a rigid plastic. As the baby’s head lies back against these inflexible surfaces it places pressure on the same spot of an infant’s head before they are able to turn their head from side to side. As a guideline, if a young baby is in a certain piece of equipment for over an hour-they need to be moved to a different position that doesn’t place pressure on the same spot on the back of their head. As the baby grows the next question is about the Bumbo seat. This seat helps to support


a 4 to 5 month old child in the upright position and can help to remove pressure from the back of baby’s head if a flat spot has developed. I can’t stress the importance of closely supervising an infant in a Bumbo seat- I have seen children fall out of them or tip them over and are seriously hurt. The Bumbo seat however does not teach your child to sit by themselves. Babies must practice sitting with you on the floor to learn to balance and develop the strength required for independent sitting. Notice I said the floor- not your bed or the couch- babies need the firmness of the floor (with a rug/blanket or padded surface) to progress in their skills. This leads to the importance of ‘tummy time’- placing your infant on their tummy every day when they are awake for a short time period. Even when babies really don’t like this position, they can gradually get used to it. Gently roll them onto their tummy while you show them interesting toys and talk to them. If they are upset, roll them back and calm them down, and then try again. With frequent practice they will get used to it. On their tummy, a child learns to bear weight through their arms and lift their head up which are very important building blocks for future skills. Patti Patstone

Queen of Angels Catholic School

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We offer: •Kindergarten to Grade 9 •Full Day Kindergarten Program •French, PE and Music Specialists •Secure Campus •Safe and Caring Environment •Bus Transportation North and South “Strong Foundations for a Bright Future” 2085 Maple Bay Road


Family Services Directory CHILD CARE

Kidz Co. Learning Centre Inc 250-746-4020 A licensed Group Day Care Centre that provides a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for children 30 months to 5 yrs. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s uniqueness, and ensuring school readiness. New centre open. Arcadian Day Care 250-748-3922 Now open Reggio Emelia inspired preschool, AM and PM classes! Licensed non-profit early learning and care centre for children ages 0-5. Fully qualified early childhood educators. Support for children and families in all areas of development. Close to town. Drop off and pick up to Khowhemun and Duncan El. Kindergarten. 7:30 to 5:30 Mon to Fri. Growing Together Child Care Centre 250-748-9754 Early Childhood Educators offering quality care and education to Infants and Toddlers. Situated beside the Cowichan Valley Open Learning Co-op on Cairnsmore Street. Open door policy for parents. Parkside Academy Child Care Centre 250-746-1711 Offering quality, affordable literacy focused childcare and early learning programs for children ages 0-12 . Licensed and Teacher Qualified. Please visit www. for more information on all our programs. Continuous enrolment of preschool programs available at Alexander El and Khowhemun El. Ensure your child’s readiness for school and love for learning by enrolling at Parkside today! Please call 250-746-1711 for more information.

PRE-SCHOOL St. Joseph’s Preschool 250-246-3191 St Josephs Preschool/Daycare 250-246-3191Licensed centre located at St. Joseph’s School in Chemainus. We offer opportunities for children to develop as a whole child, (physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually). Our program believes that children learn through play and are given many opportunities to learn in an hands on environment. By using age appropriate means our program teaches early literacy, numeracy and social skills. Montessori Pre-School and Child Care 250-743-6279 Licensed in Shawnigan Lake- 1979C Renfrew Rd, (Shawnigan Lake School campus). Program includes a prepared environment for self discovery, creative, purposeful play and respectful social interactions. Explore practical life, sensory refinement, literacy, numeracy, art, science and music. 3-5 year olds ECE, M. Ed, Montessori qualified staff. Eagle Wings Preschool- Chemainus Elementary Community School 250-2463588 “Through the magic of play children learn and grow.” The licensed preschool follows up-to-date ECE standards and curriculum. Opportunities for early literacy, numeracy, science and fine arts using age appropriate strategies are offered. Positive social, emotional, and physical skills are encouraged. Angel Care Christian Preschool 250-701-0433 We believe that the development of the whole child (physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually) encourages each individual to develop to their full potential. We offer an enriched preschool program that strives to meet the needs of all children, and to better prepare them for their future academic endeavours. Our preschool is located at Queen of Angels School Cowichan Preschool- 250-748-4112 Parent owned preschool offering creative, developmentally appropriate preschool programs for children aged 3-5.  Centrally located in beautiful park setting. Serving the Cowichan Valley since 1977.

Cowichan Kids


Sunrise Waldorf School, Kindercottage Nursery 250-743-7253 A morning program for 3 and 4 year olds available as a 2 or 3 day a week option. A warm nurturing atmosphere where a sense of wonder is celebrated and outdoor playtime is abundant. Organic snacks included. Parent and Child programs also available.


Chemainus Community Schools’ Association 250-246-3588 CCSA is a non-profit association that runs the “community” part of Chemainus Elementary Community School. We offer programs to school students and community residents. Thanks to our many partners, babies to seniors may benefit from immunization clinics, gym rentals, fine arts classes and more. ccsa@sd79. Eagles’ Nest: A Family Resource Centre; open Mon – Fri, 9:00- 11:00 during the year and Tues and Thurs. 10 -12:00 in the summer. Adults welcome with little ones of mixed ages to play and learn together. Drop-in, by donation. Call or Email Cowichan Family Life- 250-748-8281 Kids’ stuff: Mother Goose, Harmony for Kids (social and emotional skills building), Summer Day Camp, StrongStart Outreach BC, Community Resource Bus. Grown up Stuff: Personal Power workshops, Healing Anger Workshop, Affordable Peer Counselling, Transforming Violence counselling, Affordable Child and Family Counselling, Parenting support, Supervised Access for non custodial parents.   Healthy Beginnings 250-709-3050 Relaxed and informal drop in for moms, dads, grandparents and friends- all welcome! Free! Healthy snacks provided. Taxi provided where available. We meet weekly except when a statutory holiday occurs in the week. Sessions at Kaatza Health Unit, Margaret Moss, Chemainus Elementary Community School, and Shawnigan Lake Community Centre. Cowichan Valley Child Care Resource and Referral 250-746-4135 ext 231 The CCRR offers free referrals and child care information for families and support to child care providers. Your community’s best source of child care information and resources Healthiest Babies Possible- (Duncan) is a pregnancy outreach program open to women and their partners needing extra support. Services include one-on-one counselling, support and advocacy, diet and lifestyle information. A prenatal and postnatal group also runs every Wednesday with lunch, childcare and transportation provided. A program for fathers also runs on Wednesday. Phone 748-2242 or email Eagles’ Nest Family Resource Program: 250-246-3588 Tuesdays & Fridays 9:00-11:00 am (except school closures), runs year-round. $2 Drop-In Fee. A drop-in Family Resource Program for parents, grandparents, caregivers and children 0-5 at Chemainus Elementary Community School. Connect with your child and other families in your community in this interactive program that includes play-based learning, snack, circle time, parenting education, resources and more. Eagles Nest is closed during summer holidays. Chemainus StrongStart: 250-246-3588 Monday-Friday, 12:30-3:30 p.m. (except school closures), runs Sept-June. FREE. StrongStart BC early learning programs provide school-based early learning services for adults and their children 0-5 years. Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities to help children get ready for success in kindergarten. Parents and caregivers can participate in organized story time session; play activities, music, art, healthy snack.


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Resident Care Attendants and Community Health Workers have an important contribution to make to BC’s Health Care system. The HCA program at Sprott-Shaw is current and relevant to the complex and changing health practice settings in which graduates will work. Includes: Crisis Prevention Management & Palliative Care

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