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Vol. 32, No. 4 J Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Whether you are looking to clean up your bushes and trees, remove some unwanted or dying trees or cleaning up after storm damage, ARBOR TECH is your one stop to make that clean up a lot easier.


Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America is hiring over 100 new team members at our facility in Newnan, Georgia, due to strong continued demand for our products. We are looking for hardworking dedicated people! Most jobs will be contract to permanent and filled through a temp agency, with starting wages at $13/hr. After 45 days, contract workers will be eligible for fulltime employment. After 5 weeks, we offer a $400 Bonus! Within 9 months, most hires will be making upwards of $18/hr. Full-time benefits at Yamaha include: • Health Insurance, Dental and Vision • 401K • Profit Sharing • Tuition Reimbursement • Local Discounts • Yamaha Product Discounts after 90 days on Motorcycles, WaveRunners, ATVs, Side by Sides, Golf Cars, Musical Products and More!

Nashaly started out as a contract worker earlier this year and was hired on full time at Yamaha. She assembles golf cars and ATVs. She says, “My favorite thing about being an employee in Yamaha is the people around me.”

Apply online at

yamaha-motor-georgia.com Click on Career Opportunities, Contract to Permanent to Apply!

Choice is a good thing. Low Rates for Home, Auto, Business & much more. We compare. You save.

Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group

184-A Jefferson Pkwy Newnan GA 30263-5822

Call today for a FREE Quote. 770-683-6793 • www.msinsurance.org

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Yamaha Hiring Over 100 New Employees in Newnan

From Special Reports

“The enviable worldwide reputation that Yamaha has earned is a result of the quality, reliability and durability built into each of our products. These values are a long-established tradition and are a direct result of the dedication and skill of Yamaha’s employees,” said Brown. “We are excited to expand our production capacity through great new team members.” “Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America, the largest private employer in Coweta County,


Save the date …

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America, (YMMC) is pleased to announce it plans to immediately hire over 100 new employees to assist in many assembly line functions to help keep pace with the growing demand for all Yamaha recreational products assembled at its Newnan facility. Based in Coweta County, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp of America (YMMC) designs and assembles four key product lines including Golf Cars, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), Personal Watercraft and Recreational Off-road Vehicles (ROVs), or what many refer to as Side-by-Side vehicles. “We have learned over the last few months that people all around the country have discovered just how much fun you can have with family and friends with all of our outdoor products while maintaining social distance,” said Bob Brown, Vice President, Finance and Operations Support. “This fact has increased demand for all the products we assemble here at YMMC. As a result, we are looking for eager new talent to immediately join our team and help us assemble products which create a lifetime of exciting and memorable experiences for so many customers.”


Real Estate

Contingency Contracts & Kick-Out Clauses in Real Estate has been an essential partner for the community for over 30 years,” said Coweta County Development Authority President, Trae Westmoreland. “Industrial and economic growth tend to go hand in hand. We are excited to see increases in labor productivity and standard of living in such unprecedented times.” “The Coweta County Development Authority is elated to hear that Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America is creating jobs in our community,” said Coweta County Development Authority Chairman, Ronnie Clotfelter. “They have been an integral stakeholder for many years providing a solid foundation for Coweta County.” Yamaha is looking to fill open positions for assemblers, material handlers, welders, certified forklift operators and more. Additional information about available positions and how to apply can be found online at www.yamaha-motor-georgia.com.

Contingencies are a normal part of real estate contracts. Realtors typically see contingencies based on the buyer’s loan being approved, as well as the property appraising. However, real estate agents are seeing more and more purchase and sale agreements contingent upon the buyer’s current home selling. This can be a very stressful task, to time the sale of a buyer’s current home with the sale of their new home. In large part this increase in contingency contracts is due to Coweta County having such a strong real estate market. People are hesitant to list their home for sale before looking for a new home, because properties are selling so quickly. It would not be a good idea to sell your home without having anywhere to go. Many buyers are identifying a home to purchase first, then listing their home second. A contingency contract hurts your negotiation power. Contingency buyers are having to compete with cash purchasers and purchasers who do not need to sell their homes first in order to buy. From the seller’s point of view, why would you take on a contract that carries the risk of the buyer’s current home not selling? Depending on where the purchase’s current house is though, the risk can be small. A home in a very popular area or neighborhood will likely sell fast. The conversation and knowledge shared between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent is critical in these contingency contracts and negotiations. Everyone needs to be on the same page with realistic expectations. Buyers with a place to stay in between residences are in a stronger position. Their negotiation power is not affected by the contingency of their current home selling. Not everyone has this luxury. Also, most people do not wish to move twice. A “kickout clause” is often part of the contingency agreement. This gives the seller an option to take on another contract that would replace their current contingency agreement. Kickout clauses often have 24 hour to 72 hour time windows. If a seller receives another offer, the buyer with the contingency will then have 24 to 72 hours to drop their contingency and move forward with the contract. If the contingency buyer elects not to move forward, then the new contract would take the place of the contingency contract. This is one of the more complex situations in our business. An experienced real estate agent with knowledge and experience on contingencies is very important in this market. A skilled listing agent is imperative as it is critical to price and market the home correctly in these circumstances. Make sure you consider hiring a capable Realtor in these situations. Jess Barron is an Associate Broker with Lindseys, Inc. Realtors and former President of the NewnanCoweta Board of Realtors.

with Jess Barron

send your event details to Ruth at


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Caregivers should seek help instead of serving up excuses As we enter our 7th month into the “year of COVID”, many have found their caregiving role has been expanded or maybe has begun sooner than they thought it would. And while back in March, you thought this extra role would only last a week or two…a month tops, and now there is no clear end in sight. You may be beginning to hear comments from friends and family members saying that you look tired or seem stressed. But you just ignore the comments. And you find that you are making excuses to not only them, but to yourself. Some of the best excuse-driven folks I know, second to the student with homework due, are caregivers. Caregivers often give excuses that allow them to avoid getting help. I have heard the excuses; they just don’t cut it. Excuse No. 1: “I don’t need a break.” Even God took a break on the 7th day! All of us need a break: time to recharge or rest. Caregivers are no different. Excuse No. 2: “I don’t have anyone in town to help.” Thanks to our wonderful world of technology, help does not have to live in your town.

Senior Living Advice with BETH DOW, Certified Senior Advisor

Family members that live out of town can help by ordering groceries, prepared meals, and personal hygiene items right to your door. They can handle scheduling medical appointments and schedule in-home care. For that matter, they may even help pay for in-home care since they are not able to provide care themselves. Anything, no matter how small it may seem, that you can take off your plate is a step in the right direction. Excuse No. 3: “I can’t afford help.” Help may not be as expensive as you think. If your care recipient is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, they may qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Medicaid also pays for home care. And never underestimate the willingness of friends or other family members to give a few hours of their time to give you a break. Before you discount getting help, con-




tact home care agencies like Home Helpers, and you may be surprised at what you can afford. Excuse No. 4: “No one will look after her/him like I will.” I had 24hour care for my mom the last 6 years of her life. I know without a doubt, that they provided better care for her than I could ever give her. Her care was shared by caregivers that got breaks. When they came in for a shift, they were fresh and ready for the day, not already exhausted. Remember the best care you can give a loved one may be care that is not provided by you. If you are a caregiver, survive this journey. Ask for help. If you are a friend or family member to a caregiver, don’t let them continue to make excuses. Thirty percent of caregivers provide care for less than 1 year. Twenty-one percent for more than 5 years, and 15 percent of caregivers provide care for more than 10 years. This is a journey ... a journey, you can survive with help. Beth Dow is a Dementia and Alzheimer’s Educator, CAEd, Geriatric Care Manager and Certified Senior Advisor. Contact her at beth@ solutionsbybeth.com.

All teachers with valid school ID invited to shop Thursday night (preview night) at 6:30. You don’t need preview ticket, just ID. The ID HOLDER only allowed to enter sale.

Save the date … MainStreet Newnan's Fall Art Walk Friday, September 18, 5 to 9 p.m., downtown Newnan

Home Healthcare and

C B D Products (formerly Newnan Pharmacy)

There are a few changes this year. Businesses must feature artists and expos outside of their storefront (Artists cannot be inside of the building). We are planning a rain date to ensure that the weather is conducive for this change in tradition. We also strongly discourage providing snacks/beverages due to COVID-19.


Subject to change.

NEW! Upright Walkers Now In Stock ELENKER Upright Walker, Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker with 10-inch Front Wheels, Padded Armrests, Seat and Backrest for Seniors and Adults. Ask about our other Home Healthcare Products.

Bath/Shower Stools

 NEW: NEUROGAN CBD Full Spectrum & THC Free GUMMIES • OIL CREAM • MASSAGE OIL Grown in Denmark and Produced in the USA.


Knee Scooters

Bathroom Aids

NOTE: Not all CBD Products are the same! We only stock Pharmaceutical Quality CBD with proven efficacy. We carry a wide range of products to suit all of your needs, and we offer professional advice on the correct use of the CBD and Home Healthcare Products you purchase from us.

HOURS: Mon-Fri, 10 am-5 pm • Sat, 10 am-2 pm • Closed Sundays & Holidays

15 Baker Road, Newnan, GA 30265 • 770-683-6772 • newnanhealth.com

Sept. 1-Oct. 1 … Keris Kares Royal Run: The Superhero Edition

V I R T U A L, KerisKares.org





With Coupon. 1 Coupon per visit. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid only on regular-size Cupcakes. Not valid for Gluten-Free Cupcakes, Custom or Online Orders. Expires 9/30/20

113 Newnan Crossing Bypass Newnan GA 30265



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Notes from Jackson Street

Let’s say I posted the following on Facebook: “Remember what Abraham Lincoln said, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

LBD: yes please, what are you putting on it?

Here is what will happen. Half the Internet will go: “LIAR!! It was Thomas Jefferson. You’re the Antichrist. Your mother hates you and your children want to disown you. People like you are destroying America. Die, just die, you fool.

LBD: I would like mustard instead

Me: just mayo and ground pepper, we are out of cranberry sauce. Me: okay LBD: and lettuce ...

And so on and so forth. I don’t know about you, but after being on Facebook for a while, I feel I need to go take a shower.

Me: okay

You can’t even post a photo of your cat without someone saying “why did you post that colored cat.” “Why does he have brown eyes, do you have a problem with blue eyes.”

Me: ....

And so on and so forth. Case in point. A couple of days ago we posted one of our occasional factoids graphs regarding something with COVID-19. We mentioned how ironic it was that the same day the Coweta County School System announced the restart of face-to-face school was the same day Coweta reported the highest number of new COVID-19 cases. “I’m convinced these poor folks don’t know how to read graphs and data. It’s fine if you don’t, just maybe don’t post such wildly inaccurate information online.” That was pretty much the view of the “you’re a liar group.”

LBD: and sliced purple onions LBD: and could you toast it? Me: Are you freaking ... mumble, mumble LBD: and could you put it on that stone mountain bread? Me: sigh (Halfway through making sandwich, she calls me on the phone) LBD: could I have some water? Me: Sure

Full disclosure: yeah, we just made it up. Just like we do every day when we report these numbers. Someone finally caught us.

LBD: With ice ...

Honestly, I am seeing fewer and fewer facts on Facebook. I am seeing an awful lot of “my way or the highway” but said in much harsher tones.

Me: grumble, grumble

Everything is now black and white. Left or right. We have lost the middle ground. We have lost the grey areas. We can’t even agree to disagree anymore. I hate to think of the friendships being lost. I think we all need a Facebook quarantine, although we will continue to post the daily COVID numbers because we know it is important. So without Facebook to talk about, how about sandwiches?

LBD: And lime ...? (Take up sandwich along with some grapes. I did NOT peel the grapes. I also threw on a couple of slices of mozzarella because, well yes, I’m that guy.) LBD: OH, this is wonderful, it’s way too much for me. Me: are you kidding me? You said you wanted a sandwich! LBD: did you toast the bread? Me: of course

True “more than the Lincoln quote” story: So, the Little Black Dress, aka The Paper Girl, aka Corby Winters, broke her heel. Something that is medically, apparently, very rare. And she was wearing tennis shoes, another rare occurrence, and not heels. She was born in heels.

LBD: Are you sure? ( as she starts to scratch the bread to make sure.) Me: I am so out of here. Now wasn’t that better than reading Facebook?

Anyway, she cannot put any weight on said heel and is in a cast. We, that being me and the two SONS of Thunder still at home, have the honor of waiting on her hand and foot. Sometimes it can get ...

Stay safe, practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Me: I’m making a turkey sandwich. I call upstairs, being the awesome husband I am, and say, “would you like a turkey sandwich?”


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• GEORGIA CHAMBER SMART GROUP • Health Plans for 2-50 employees • Individual PPO Medical Plans • Medical • Dental • Prescriptions

In-House Dining Outdoor Patio Take-out Curbside Pickup

GEORGIA HEALTH COVERAGE John B. Williams, Jr. Authorized Independent Agent



20 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan • 770-252-6821 • 11 am-9 pm, every day SHOP • CLICK and APPLY ONLINE at

gahealthcoverage.com This policy has exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of coverage, please contact your agent or the health plan. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Inc. Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. CMS ID #YO114_20_120785_I_C_0001


Meat / Butcher Shop / Deli Fresh Produce Mexican Products Piñatas Mexican Candy


Authentic Mexican Dishes Carnitas • Chicharrones • Taco Salads Tacos • Nachos • Burritos Mexican Style Beef & Lamb BBQ

LAUNDROMAT – 1 PERSON PER PARTY • Self-Service • Drop-Off Service

Grocery Store

Fresh Produce

Carne Asada

272 Greenville Street / Hwy 27 Alt South (across from former Georgia Power Office)

Newnan GA 30263 • 470-414-7179 Open 7 Days, 9-7 / Laundromat, 9-6

Form #508169GASENMUB_0001

Fill Your Yard with Trees, Shrubs and Perennials Now through October 17th at the Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers’ Live Vendor Booth After months of planning, the Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEVs) are ready to offer their plants for sale in the safest manner possible during the ongoing pandemic. Volunteers will be selling plants each Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Coweta County Farmers Market located at the Expo Center at 197 Temple Avenue, Newnan. The market is open for senior citizen shopping between 9 to 10 a.m. and others may shop between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. MGEVs are eager to provide this opportunity to the community and will be on site to answer questions about the plants. Please note that for the safety of the volunteers and the public, social distancing is required and face masks are requested. There will be one-way entry and one-way exit points at the venue, so please pay close attention to all signs upon your arrival at the market. For those who have attended MGEV plant sales in the past, this will look a lot different compared to previous events, but the high quality of the plants remains the same. Trees, shrubs and perennials will be available with different varieties each week due to limited space at the market. All plants for sale have been propagated or grown by MGEVs. Funds from the MGEV plant sale support UGA Extension-Coweta County community education programs and fund agriculture scholarships and Coweta 4-H. For more information about the sale, please contact UGA Extension-Coweta County at 770.254.2620 Ext. 8308 or visit http://ugaextension.org/coweta or on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/ CowetaCountyMasterGardenerExtensionVolunteers.

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It’s not work that we want to do, but it’s time to do it. It’s not going to be inexpensive either, but if we want TOP DOLLAR for our house, these improvements will go a long way in helping us get closer to our asking price than if we don’t do this stuff.

The Staging Life

with Nan Johnston

If you have been in your house for more than 10 years, you may want to go over this list too and ask someone that will give you an honest answer about whether or not you need to update your home. Or feel free to contact …

How Long Is Your Exit Plan? We have become one of my very own clients. We, (I say we, but mostly me) have a 5 year exit plan to get our home prepared for the real estate market. That’s not to say that we are moving in 5 years, but our house is almost 20 years old, it needs updating and if we are going to invest in the improvements to make it more appealing for the market, I want to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of our labor now, not make improvements and then have to leave them. What’s in the 5 year plan? • Landscaping • Water run off control • Improved Dog pen area • Update Kitchen countertops

• • •

Nan Johnston is a professional home staging consultant from Newnan with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry. Check out her website for some interesting before and after photos at www.southern-staging. com.

Add backsplash to said kitchen Update Master bath vanity Refinish hardwood floors

This is all in addition to the regular maintenance that a house requires. Replacing worn out appliances, restaining exterior, repainting interior, etc.

FRANK BARRON Associate Broker 770-231-9535

JESS BARRON, GRI Associate Broker 678-857-9350

FrankB@LindseysRealtors.com “Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”



14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263 • 770-253-6990

MLS #8847875 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! 88 ACS w/brick 3 BR/3BA ranch. living rm, dining rm, den w/fplc, office/study, fully equipped kit w/breakfast areaCT & panR CONTRA UNDE tries & sunrm. In-ground pool w/pool house. Guest house. Stocked pond. Ideal for estate living or development! $1,250,000 (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8811241 WELL MAINTAINED HOME IN PRIVATE SETTING. Lrg Bkyd. Foyer entrance. Lrg LR w/hardwds & f/p. DR. Kitchen w/bfast area, island & stainless UNDER CONTRACT appliances. Lrg den w/bay windows. Mster w/lrg closet & pvt BA. Back deck. Bsmt. $199,900 (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8641350 CIRCA 1790 COLONIAL PLANTATION ON 7 ACRES in both Coweta & Heard Co. Original condition! Ideal for Authentic Restoration. Needs work-sold RACT ‘as is’ UN w/noDE repairs byNT Seller. Probably R CO will not qualify for loan due to age/condition. Sold subject to tenant’s rights. New Price $220,000 . (Frank)

MLS #8829154 DOWNTOWN NEWNAN HISTORIC GEM! Updated brick ranch. 3 or 4 BR. Living rm w/gas log fplc. Formal DR. Updated kitchen w/granite ctop. Breakfast rm. Sunrm. Walk-up attic. Full bsmt w/garage, laundry. Gorgeous landscaping. Sold ‘as is’. $389,900. (Bud/Frank)

MLS #8802991 SPACIOUS CUL-DE-SAC LOT IN REAGAN FARM SUBDIVISION IN NORTH COWETA. Excellent location and great schools! Easy access UNDER CONTRACT to I-85. Priced below market value at $59,900! (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8832665 ATTENTION BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS! 19 Gorgeous vested & platted lots! Phase 3 of Austin Storey Farms in NW Coweta Co. Minutes from downtown Newnan or I-85. Stream/wildlife. Ideal for development or personal/ family estate. $758,100 (Frank/Jess)

LOTS/LAND ________________________________________________________

509+/- WOODED ACS w/approx 200 acs in Grantville City limits, approx. 200 acs in Coweta Co & approx 100 acs in Meriwether Co. Frontage on Minnie Sewell & Hwy 29 &________________________________________________________ CSX RR. Ideal for development. Owners/Brokers. $15,000/ac. Frank/Chip. 12 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS in Grantville. Easy access to I-85, Atlanta, Newnan, LaGrange and Columbus. Sold ‘as is’. $300,000 Bulk Sale Only. Frank/Jess ________________________________________________________ 509+/- WOODED ACRES. Ideal for development. Zoned industrial in Grantville city limits. Long rail frontage. Owner/Agent. $15,000/ac. Frank/Chip. ________________________________________________________ SPACIOUS CUL-DE-SAC LOT NORTH Excellent location and great NTRACT R COCOWETA. UNINDE ________________________________________________________ _schools! Easy access to I-85. Priced below market value at $59,900! (Frank/Jess) 2 WOODED VACANT LOTS in West Coweta on East Coggins Road. Easy access to Newnan, Franklin or Carrollton. $35,000/lot. Frank/Jess. ________________________________________________________

MLS #8773333 HIGH VISIBILITY CORNER ON I-85 & GORDON ROAD. 6.564+/- Acres. High fence for security. 1017+/- S/f frameUN office withCT central CONTRA DERbuilding heat & a/c plus 787+/- s/f warehouse. Zoned Light Industrial. Owner/Agent. $995,000. (Frank)

MLS #8582332 509+/- WOODED ACS W/APPROX 200 ACS IN GRANTVILLE CITY limits, approx. 200 acs in Coweta Co & approx 100 acs in Meriwether Co. Frontage on Minnie Sewell & Hwy 29 & CSX RR. Ideal for development. Owners/ Brokers. $15,000/AC. (Frank/Chip)

MLS #8808535 JUST OFF HAPPY VALLEY CIRCLE! Updated 5BR/3.5BA Country farmhouse on 5 acs. Updated kit, sunken LR w/fplc, formal DR, sunrm w/metal ceiling, upstairs den. Office in bsmt. Fruit trees, screened porch, waterfall and firepit. Detached garage w/shop. $529,900 (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8804436 EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY ON HWY 34E IN SHARPSBURG 7 Acres with long road frontage w/high traffic count and close proximity to I-85 & Peachtree City. Perfect location for commercial development or church. $899,900 (Jess)

MLS #8753433 29,260+/- S/F INDUSTRIAL SPACE NEAR DOWNTOWN NEWNAN! Easy I-85 access. Zoned Heavy Industrial. Completely SED! Rail access! LEAfenced! 3.825+/- acres! Two buildings-each w/ warehouse space, dock doors, drivein doors & office space. Reduced! $525,000 or For Lease. (Jess/Tom)

MLS #8817367 LOCATION! LOCATION! 255+/-acs fronting on I-85 & Walt Sanders Rd between Shenandoah & Pattillo Industrial Parks between Exit 47 & 51. At site of proposed new interchange on I-85. 4761.12’ frontage on Walt Sanders Rd & 2742.63’ frontage on I-85. $60,000/ac. Owner/Agent. (Frank)

LOTS/LAND ________________________________________________________

ATTENTION BUILDERS AND INVESTORS: 109 LOTS in Chestnut Glen, Manchester. $19,500 per lot. Bulk Sale Only. Frank/Jess. ________________________________________________________

COMMERCIAL _________________________________________________________

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN HOGANSVILLE. Successful operating hardware store in Hogansville has 4,500 sq.ft metal store building built in 2001 plus 2,600 sq.ft metal warehouse with loading dock and 2 roll up doors on 1.49 acre corner lot. Inventory and most. equipment is included. Call Tom or Frank for an appointment to see or to find out more about this property. $449,900 ______________________________________________________ FOR LEASE: WHITE OAK PROFESSIONAL CENTER. 1,873 sq. ft. professional space near White Oak Entrance. $16/SF & $3 CAM. Robert Hinely 678-877-5874 ________________________________________________________

Price and terms subject to prior sale and change without notice.

MLS #8648916 PALMETTO AREA! 45.202 +/- ACS. Ideal for developing into mini cattle or horse farms. Secluded away from Tommy Lee Cook Road by a 60’ easement. Palmetto area w/easy access to I-85, heavy wooded and open land. Reduced to $6,995/ACRE. (Frank/ Steve)

MLS #8804427 BEAUTIFUL 4 SIDED BRICK TUDOR HOME (Circa 1934) w/pool, deck/gazebo & fenced bkyd. Walking distance to downtown Greenville. Lrg LR w/f/p. UNDER CONTRACT Sunrm. Kitchen w/bfast area, pantry. Mudroom. Large den. Spacious master BR. $229,900. (Jess)

MLS #8 794250 WELL-MAINTAINED 5BR HOME. Hardwd flrs thruout main. Open concept from kitchen to LR w/stone surround gas f/p. Exterior patio. Treehouse RACT w/slide in DE bkyd. BR w/15’ ceiling CONT R Mstr UN & den area w/pvt staircase for access. $335,000. (Jess)

MLS #8694494 FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE ESTABLISHED HARDWARE STORE IN DOWNTOWN HOGANSVILLE. 4,500+/- sf retail bldg. 2,600+/- sf warehouse w/loading dock & 12’ roll-up door. Property is almost fully fenced on a 1.49+/- acre lot with double road frontage. $449,900. (Tom/Frank)

MLS #8843212 NEW ON THE MARKET! 4.35+/- Acs at Exit 41 (Moreland exit) across from new Amazon & Bridgeport Industrial Park. Approx. 325’ frontage on Hwy. 29. Ideal for development. Hot area of growth. Adjoins Newnan Coweta Airport. 25 min. to Atlanta Airport. $1,500,000. (Frank)

MLS #8640088 CHARMING RANCH ON PRIVATE 19+/- AC! Lrg LR. Sunrm. Office. Kitchen w/bkfst area & bar. Dbl pantry! Lrg BRs-each w/own BA. New carpet in LR/ BRs. Lrg front NTRACT COthruout. DERpaint UNFresh yard. Circular driveway w/gazebo. Several outbldgs. Detached garage/shop. Creek on property. $269,900. (Jess)

COMMERCIAL _________________________________________________________

NEW ON THE MARKET! 4.35+/- Acs at Exit 41 (Moreland exit) across from new Amazon & Bridgeport Industrial Park. Approx. 325’ frontage on Hwy. 29. Ideal for development. Hot area of growth. Adjoins Newnan Coweta Airport. 25 min. to Atlanta Airport. $1,500,000. (Frank) ________________________________________________________ EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY ON HWY 34E IN SHARPSBURG 7 Acres w/high traffic count and close proximity to I-85 & Peachtree City. Perfect location for commercial development. $899,900. (JESS) ________________________________________________________ 6.5+/- ACRES ZONED LIGHT INDUSTRIAL. Corner lot. Frontage on I-85, GorCT New Price $995,000. CONT don Road & Hwy. 16. Completely linkRA fenced. UNDERchain ________________________________________________________ _Frank (Owner-Agent).

www.wintersmedia.net H September 16, 2020 H The SHOPPER H Page 7

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more information call:

Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263 770-253-6990

www.hudhomestore.com www.lindseysrealtors.com

Superior Tree Service No Job Too Big or Too Small. Give Us A Call

Arnall Grocery Company

free estimAtes

Introducing Our

Naomi Thompson


678-491-4703 199 Wilson Circle, Newnan, GA 30263


to come home to ...

Place your order online and our staff will have it ready for you to pick up ASAP! Adding new items to our Online Store daily. 32 East Washington Street • Newnan GA 30263

770-253-4556 • www.arnallgrocery.com Hours: Tues-Fri, 8-5:30; Sat, 8-2

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Joe Williams

Encouraging Words September 2020 …

The Times They are a changin’ In 1964, a young (25) Bob Dylan wrote the iconic anti-war/civil rights song, “The times they are a changin’.” Fifty-six years later, the “Times” seem to be changing at a rapid and uncomfortable rate again. And that will probably never change. Society “is” divided; some are angry, others are hurting financially and physically, students, churches and businesses are “Zooming” from home. And to top it off, we can’t even see our favorite team in person for crying out loud! In order to prosper in these times, we could consider changing the way we think – certainly not our core values and beliefs, but changing the way we respond to what seems to be the new normal in our thoughts and ideas, adding value to ourselves and others. As Leo Tolstoy put it, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself!” In John Maxwell’s book, “Thinking for a Change”, he lists six good reasons for changing the way we THINK (and respond to situations). Changing your thinking changes your beliefs. Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results – bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. Changing your beliefs changes your expectations. The first and most important step toward success is the expectation that we “can” succeed.

By: Candace Tucker, Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, UGA Extension Coweta County

Microwave ovens can be a useful appliance for you and your family. However, microwaves can cook unevenly and leave cold spots where bacteria can survive. Precautions must be taken to keep your food safe. Below are tips to safely use your microwave oven to prevent foodborne illness. Cooking in the Microwave •

Food items should be arranged evenly in a covered dish with some liquid added if needed. Cover the dish with plastic wrap or lid. Then, loosen the plastic wrap or vent the lid to let steam escape. The steam helps to kill harmful bacteria and ensure uniform cooking. Using cooking bags are another way to ensure safe, even heating.

When cooking large cuts of meat in the microwave, be sure not to cook them on high power (100%). Cooking large cuts of meat on medium power (50%) for a longer period allows the meat to cook all the way through without overcooking the outside. If you have your oven user manual, follow directions in it.

Stir dishes halfway through microwaving time or more often to eliminate cold spots and ensure more even heating.

When partially cooking food in the microwave that will be cooked the rest of the way on the grill or in a conventional oven, be sure to move the food from the microwave to the other heat source immediately. Never partially cook food in the microwave and store it for later use.

Always allow standing time before checking the internal temperature of the food. Standing time completes the cooking process of microwave cooked food.

Changing your expectations changes your attitude. Ben Franklin wrote, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall receive it.” Changing your attitude changes your behavior. According to clergyman Earl Riney, our attitude is a thing that draws people to us or repels them. Changing your behavior changes your performance. Doing the same old things will always get us the same old results. Try a new behavior! Changing your performance changes your life. When we change what we do (our performance) on a consistent basis, we have the power to change our lives! “Everything begins with a thought!” … Emerson


Use a food thermometer to make sure that food that has been cooked in the microwave has reached a safe internal temperature before serving. The thermometer should always be placed in the thickest area of meat or poultry, not near fat or bone. In whole poultry, the thermometer should be placed in the innermost part of the thigh. Cooking times may differ in microwaves due to varying power and efficiency. Cook foods to the following safe minimum internal temperatures, as measured with a food thermometer: Cook all raw beef, pork, lamb and veal steaks, chops, and roasts to a minimum internal temperature of 145° F before removing meat from the heat source. For safety and quality, allow the meat to rest for at least three minutes before carving or consuming. For reasons of personal preference, consumers may choose to cook meat to higher temperatures.

Cook all raw ground beef, pork, lamb, and veal to an internal temperature of 160° F.

Cook all poultry to a safe minimum internal temperature of 165° F in all parts.

Microwaving stuffed, whole poultry is not recommended. The stuffing might not reach the temperature needed to destroy harmful bacteria. Cook stuffing separately to 165° F.

UUUUUUUU And finally, as Paul the Apostle wrote, “Whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report - if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, THINK ON THESE THINGS.”

Safe Microwave Cooking

Cook egg dishes and casseroles to 160° F.

Reheat leftovers to 165° F.

Fish is done when it reaches 145° F and flakes with a fork.

Defrosting in the Microwave •

When defrosting food in the microwave, remove the food from its packaging. Foam trays and plastic wraps are not heat stable and could break down during cooking, causing harmful chemicals to leach into the food.

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels •

Immediately cook meat, poultry, egg casseroles and fish that have been defrosted in a microwave oven. Parts of the frozen food may have begun to cook during the defrosting process and partially cooked food should never be held for later use. Other heat sources such as an oven, grill or stovetop can be used to complete the cooking process.

Reheating in the Microwave •

When reheating foods in the microwave, cover them with a lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap. Covering helps to hold in moisture and provides safe, even heating.

Allow for standing time for foods that have been reheated in the microwave oven. After the food has been allowed to stand, use a clean food thermometer to check that the leftovers have been heated to 165° F. before serving.

Containers and Wraps •

Only use cookware that is labeled safe for microwave use.

Plastic containers such as margarine tubs, take-out containers and other one-time use containers should not be used in microwaves because of the risk of the container melting or warping and leaching dangerous chemicals into the food.

Products that are safe to use in the microwave include microwave-safe plastic wraps, wax paper, cooking bags, parchment paper, and white microwave-safe paper towels. Plastic wraps should not touch foods during microwaving.

Products that are NOT safe to use in the microwave include thin plastic storage bags, brown paper or grocery bags, newspapers or aluminum foil.

Adapted from E. Andress, UGA Cooperative Extension, April 2020. Candace Tucker is the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Agent for University of Georgia (UGA) Cooperative Extension Coweta County. Her role involves providing Coweta residents unbiased, research-based information on health, nutrition, financial management, home safety and family relationships through educational programs and community outreach.

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Front Porch Stories

I’ve been homeschooling two of our grandlittles while their mom is out of town.

They are second grade and kindergarten, and we are on week two of two. My daughter is an artist and has to travel for two weeks at a time, so I’m on call. Many grandparents are homeschooling their littles and I’m thankful to be able to stand in the gap. It’s a new routine, this whole school day thing, but as long as there is naptime midday (for me) things go rather well.

God bless our teachers

Back when my kids were young, I quit the higher paying jobs and worked in their schools as often as possible, doing things like front office work, substitute teaching and after school care. As a clerk in an elementary school, my job entailed a variety of duties. One stormy day, the weather alert radio system warned of a tornado. There are few things I dislike more than a tornado, and I was ready to duck and cover. But that was not in the plan and my principal gave me a directive to go and give reassurance. It was not to reassure the kids, it was to reassure the first-year teachers. I gathered up all my courage and weak-kneed, I headed down to the kindergarten wing. My initial charge was a young woman in her first weeks of teaching. She was doing what she was supposed to by lining the children up in the hallway, but she was trembling. Little did she know I was also trembling. As the skies turned from sunny to dark and finally a sickly green color, I had already passed the level of fear and was fully on task to encourage the young woman. Once she had her children nestled in the hallway, I went over to her, put my hand gently on her back and told her what a great job she was doing to keep the kids safe. She had tears in her eyes, and I knew she realized the magnitude of responsibility for every tiny life in her hands. “Sing to them,” I suggested. I was grabbing at straws; it was the only thing I could think of. I waited as she sat down among them and began singing, shaky at first, but by the time I was walking away her bold voice was joined by all the little voices as they sang a happy tune while winds whistled and skies darkened. I didn’t have time that day to fear the storm. I had a job to do. I was one of several office staff who walked from wing to wing, checking on teachers and students. We had many tornado watches and warnings that school year. It was one of those last storms that I realized my principal may have seen the fear in me early in the school year and gave me a job to do. She turned my fear into an important purpose and I’m grateful for that. Because of those years I spent seeing the love and dedication of the teachers I once knew, I have compassion for them as they now cope with unprecedented situations to teach, nurture and keep the students in their care safe.

God bless our teachers. They need prayer, patience and understanding now more than ever.

Saturday, October 3 • 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Behind Newnan City Hall, 25 LaGrange Street Car Batteries Cable / Wire Gaming Controllers Toner / Inkjet Cartridges Blu-Ray Players Printers Fax Machines Copiers Scanners Typewriters Modems Stereos VCR Radios DVD-Players CD - Players Dock Stations

Desktops Laptops / Tablets Servers Mainframes Network Hubs Network Switches Cell Phones Desktop Phones and Systems Keyboards / Mice Check Processing Gaming Consoles LCD (flat screen) Monitors CD-ROMS Floppy Drives Circuit Boards Power Supplies Hard Drives UPS and UPS Batteries Ni-MH/Ni-CAD Batteries Lithium Batteries

TVs and Computer Screens are $20 each.

STATE & LOCAL COVID-19 GUIDELINES Residents will be asked to have their electronics in the trunk or back of their vehicle so volunteers can access it with limited contact. Masks are encouraged.

Call or Email with any questions.

678-673-5505 • knb@cityofnewnan.org

Caregiver of the Month H

ome Helpers of GA & AL continues its distinguished monthly campaign which recognizes and celebrates the relationship between caregivers and the families they serve. Home Helpers of GA & AL, located here in Newnan, pays tribute to its Exceptional Caregivers – who bring life, enjoyment, and independence, to their clients daily – with this monthly recognition.

The September Exceptional Caregiver of the Month is Dawn Davis. She has been with Home Helpers of GA & AL since 2016. Dawn says her daily inspiration as a caregiver comes from a verse in the book of Philippians. “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13 It’s exceptional caregivers like Dawn and others with Home Helpers that can make a huge difference in your loved one’s life.

Dawn Davis Caregiver

284 Bullsboro Drive Newnan GA 30263

Kathy Bohannon is a Christian humorist and inspirational speaker. An avid paper crafter, she also enjoys sewing and needle arts. Kathy shares her love of crafting on Facebook and on YouTube at Kathy Bohannon Creatively Blessed. She and her husband John live in west Newnan. She can be reached at kathybohan@yahoo.com.

678-597-9510 homehelpershomecare.com/newnanga

"I won’t say I was a slow developer, but our teacher was quite pleased to have someone her own age in the class to talk to." … Charles 'Chic' Murray




Are you an Exceptional Caregiver? Join our team today! Now hiring Caregivers, CNAs and PCAs. Competitive wages. To apply, visit: applytobeaCNA.com or call or text: 678-597-9510.

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We’re Looking Out For You! We’re Looking Out For You! Insurance for


Auto • Home Business Boats • Motorcycles RVs • Jet Skis Monday-Saturday • 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We do Title Bonds!

32 Jefferson St., Downtown Newnan • 770.253.7061

to order on line … scan for a link or visit website

(formerly Williams Insurance Agency)

125 Temple Avenue • Newnan

https://www.talech.com/biz/ordering/941140/ Wishbone-Of-Newnan-Inc-NEWNAN-GA

Save the dates … Check website for the latest …




NFUMC HUGE CHILDREN’S CONSIGNMENT SALE Annual Fall Sale hosted by Newnan First United Methodist Church with 400 consignors.

Friday, September 18 (9-5), Saturday, September 19 (8-12) … Half Price Sale Saturday. Very Gently Used Items … Children’s clothing infant to size 14, Baby gear, Bedding, Books, Games, Toys, Strollers, Shoes, Furniture and more. Cash or check only. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags. Masks required while in building. Newnan First United Methodist Church Preschool and Kindergarten, 33 Greenville St., Newnan

Deal Finder: Free or low-cost Educational Resources This school year is already off to an unusual start because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and parents might need additional resources to help their children succeed in their studies. Here are some free or lowcost resources for students of all ages, including free courses, test preparation materials, Wi-Fi access and more:

Free Wi-Fi Having access to the Internet is a key component of virtual learning, but not all families are able to afford this service at home. If your household doesn’t have Internet access or the speed of access required for students to participate in virtual learning or complete school projects, the Coweta Public Library System is offering free Wi-Fi. The library’s public Wi-Fi can be accessed from the parking lot of all four library branches seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. At all four branches, the network name is “Bookworm” and no password is needed. Also, a number of restaurants offer free WiFi access, including Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks, IHOP, Panera Bread and many others. Khan Academy Khan Academy offers a wide range of free online courses for pre-K to high school students. Available subjects include math, science, arts and humanities, reading and language arts, computing, economics and life skills. There are also a variety of AP classes and test prep courses for the SAT, LSAT and Praxis Core. For more information, visit https://www.khanacademy.org. Khan Academy for Kids offers weekly planners and daily schedules for children ages 2 to 7, printable activities for parents and teachers, downloadable Zoom backgrounds and the Khan Academy Kids app which covers math, reading, writing, social-emotional learning and creative play

for children ages 2 to 7. To view these free resources, visit https://learn.khanacademy. org/khan-academy-kids/. Scholastic Scholastic offers free resources for parents and teachers. Parents can scroll to the bottom of the Scholastic homepage and click on “Scholastic Parents” to find information on top activity books, the best books for children of different age groups, STEM activities for kids, learning at home tips and how to sign up for the Scholastic newsletter. For more information, visit https://www.scholastic.com/home. Also, Scholastic is offering fun, educational activities for 4- to 10-year-olds for $5.99 a month through its Learn at Home for Families program. For more info, visit https://learnathome.scholastic.com. The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams, which are offered by the College Board, are going to be different this year. Online AP exams are being developed that students can take at home. The College Board is offering some online resources to help with test preparation, such as sample schedules, test tips and lessons and review sessions via YouTube livestream lectures. For more information, visit https://www.collegeboard.org or https://www.youtube. com/user/advancedplacement?SFMC_ cid=EM294616-&rid=47352283.

Depending on where high school seniors want to apply to college, they might be getting a break this year when it comes to standardized testing. Several dozen colleges and universities in Georgia are waiving SAT and ACT test requirements for upcoming semesters because the coronavirus pandemic has led to numerous test date cancellations and has prevented thousands of students from having access to testing opportunities. The University System of Georgia’s 26 institutions will waive standardized test requirements for the spring, summer and fall 2021 semesters, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. However, high school students are still permitted to take standardized tests and submit their scores to the colleges of their choice. Students seeking resources to help prepare for standardized tests can also visit https://www.collegeboard.org. Massive Open Online Courses Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online classes from top universities and companies on a wide variety of subjects. Popular MOOC sites include Coursera, edX and Future Learn. High school students and their parents can take advantage of these online courses to learn new skills or enhance their knowledge for a course they’re already taking. The sites also offer opportunities to earn microcredentials and professional certificates at reasonable prices.

Pre-K Tools The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning is offering free daily activities on its website. Parents will find descriptions of activities designed particularly for 4- and 5-year-olds that focus on key learning areas. There are also virtual field trips and suggestions for screen free activities, outdoor activities and activities to help children deal with their emotions. For more in-

formation, visit http://www.decal.ga.gov/ PreK/WelcomeToGAPreKAtHome.aspx.

Free Books In addition to visiting your local library, several organizations are offering free online books for children. Free Children Stories – The Free Children Stories website offers free and original stories for kids. Stories are available by age and style, and there’s even a books podcast. For more information, visit https://www. freechildrenstories.com. Amazon – Amazon has a selection of free children’s books available for Kindle downloads. To find these books, search for Children’s Books: Kindle Edition and then sort the price as low to high. For more information, visit https://www.amazon.com. International Children’s Digital Library – The International Children’s Digital Library Foundation offers a collection of books that represent outstanding historical and contemporary books from around the world. The foundation aspires to have every culture and language represented so children can know and appreciate global children’s literature. Find the free collection of books here: http://en.childrenslibrary.org/books/ index.shtml. Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg is an online library of more than 60,000 free electronic books. Visitors will find some of the world’s greatest literature, with a focus on older works for which the U.S. copyright has expired. For more information, visit https://www.gutenberg.org. Here are the site’s most popular books: https:// www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/?sort_ order=downloads. Library of Congress – The Library of Congress has made dozens of classic books for children available for free online. To view the titles, visit http://www.read.gov/ books/index.html#kids.

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Labor Day End of Summer …

2020 Nissan Altima 2020 Nissan Titan

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Because we care: Wear your facemask! Y Wash your hands! Y Use hand sanitizer! Y Watch your distance! We do!

Nissan of Newnan Family Owned and Operated



783 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, GA 30263




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Save the date …

Ready, Set, LINC! Saturday, September 19 Free, open to the public, this block party style event will feature live music, food trucks, vendor exhibits, bicycle demos, a kayak tank, rock climbing wall, a one-mile fun run, and more. Kris Youman’s Band will perform. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 1515 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan

All subject to change.

Your Local Radio music • talk • sports


Listen to your favorite station from anywhere … at home,

on the move … on your smart speaker in the car … on the beach … Using the


App …



News, Musings, … Notes collected from here, there and elsewhere: “The Georgia Renaissance Festival announces we are postponing our 2020 season until Spring of 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 affecting the nation, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Festival until 2021 when we can offer our guests and participants a safe and healthy experience. If you have purchased tickets to the 2020 Season, your tickets will be valid for 2021, and we are giving you one FREE ticket* for every ticket you have purchased! You will receive an email with more information in the coming weeks. Free tickets are good for any Festival day in 2021.” [



The University of West Georgia is postponing most of its fall semester sports. That includes football, basketball, soccer and volleyball, according to school officials. UWG is part of the Gulf South Conference, and 12 other schools in that conference have announced similar plans. To date, there are no changes to the spring semester. [



The faster a bug moves correlates to how much people freak out. [



HelloFresh, the largest meal kit provider in the U.S., is opening a distribution center in Newnan, according to Gov. Brian Kemp. The nearly 210,000-square-footfacility will employ about 750 people and will be located at International Park. [



Willis Road Elementary School was closed down because school employees tested positive for COVID-19. The school went through a “deepcleaning” and was reopened. Currently, students are at home doing remote learning. [



Magic 8 balls have probably led some people to make serious decisions. [



Penco Restoration in Sharpsburg was just named to Inc. magazine’s 5,000 – the fastest private growing companies in the country. “Who would have thought that this company, in Sharpsburg, Georgia, would be in the top 3 percent in the country,” asked owner Joey Pendley. “You are not ordinary, you are extraordinary,” he told his staff. [



And the winners of our public #CityHallSelfie Day contest are in…drum roll, please! Congratulations to all of the winners in our #CityHallSelfie Day contest! • Most Creative #CityHallSelfie: Newnan-Coweta Historical Society

• Best Dressed #CityHallSelfie: Marie Schiavone, Ms. Georgia Plus 2020-2021 • Best Socially Distant #CityHallSelfie: Chris Doane, Bike Coweta • Best Group #CityHallSelfie: UWG-Newnan • Best #CityHallSelfie with Kids: The Aguirre Family • NEW CATEGORY – Best Couple in a #CityHallSelfie: Gary & Brenda Welden [



A total of 110 Newnan High School football players were quarantined after one player caught the coronavirus. [



If Transformers were real, would they need health insurance or car insurance? [



The 43rd Annual Sunrise on the Square Road Race returns to downtown Newnan on Saturday, Sept. 5. Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, Main Street Newnan will be hosting a “hybrid” race this year. The in-person race will still be offered at 8 a.m. but there will also be an option for runners to “Race at your place.” [



The glass slipper not disappearing with the rest of the clothes in “Cinderella” must have been one of the most overlooked plot holes in history. [



In light of the continuing public health emergency, the West Georgia Technical College Foundation is postponing its annual Black Tie & Boots event until 2021. WGTC Foundation Executive Director Kelsey Jones said the decision was made to help ensure the safety of partners and guests. [



You never hear elevator music in elevators anymore. [



The three highest days with the most reported new COVID-19 cases in Coweta County so far this year were: 1. Aug. 14 (63); 2. Aug. 15 (62); and 3. Aug. 25 (66). (Through Aug. 31). [



The University System of Georgia is waiving test score requirements for prospective freshmen for the spring, summer and fall admission. Prospective students will still need to meet admission requirements, including minimum grade point averages. [



Writing “ASAP: feels much more aggressive than writing “as soon as possible.” [



Duct tape is like ‘The Force’. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together. … source unknown

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During this COVID-19 Pandemic




with Angela

A taste of travel This spring, the talented author and photographer Georgianna Lane released her newest book, London in Bloom, and I ordered a copy. The book is brimming with images of beautiful flowers all over London, from jonquils near Big Ben to a floral boutique in Belgravia and roses at the Royal Botanic Gardens. From the moment I turned the first page, I was smitten by all of the beautiful photos reminding me of my own trips to London. So when the pandemic news got too dreary and the online doomscrolling made me weary, I reached for my pretty new volume and “booked” some armchair travel. It’s a practice I am happy to recommend. I feel the same way about reading old cookbooks, especially those from places I’ve never visited, like Hawaii. A sweet bread recipe I have enjoyed making is from the Waioli Cook Book II, published in 1974 by the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary of Honolulu and a restaurant that’s now known as the Waioli Kitchen and Bake Shop. While temporarily closed because of the pandemic—Oahu has suspended in-person dining—the Waioli, founded in 1922, remains in business, and I’d love to dine there one day. With a cookbook featuring recipes from Hawaii, I wanted to make something with a tropical flavor, and a recipe for Mango Bread caught my eye. I love stone fruits, and the mango is right up there with the peach in my estimation. In fact, whenever I’m buying specialty tea from a new vendor, I always look for peach- or mango- flavored blends. A juicy peach or mango is such a treat, and a bread featuring mango is a great end-of-summer sweet. This recipe makes two loaves, using 9 x 5 x 3-inch pans, and they are moist, rich, and brimming with mango and nuts. I substituted applesauce for some of the oil with great results, but feel free to use the original recipe if you prefer.



Limits Personal Exposure • Medication Reminders Grocery & Meal Delivery • Light Housekeeping


Coronavirus Training specific to our Care Team Wellness Calls • Condition/Tracking Technology Regular Communication between Care Team, You & Your Family Personalized Care Plans • 24/7 Care Available Diet-Specific Meal Services The Senior Living Industry is complex and difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to selecting a homecare healthcare provider. Home Helpers of Georgia and Alabama in Newnan has helped thousands of local seniors live life their way.

CARE LEVELS – Home Helpers caregivers have on-going training, plus keep detailed records for each client and reports any changes in status to his / her supervisor. And we tailor a home care plan to fit our client’s personal needs. AGENCY ADVANTAGE – Home Helpers is bonded and does assume the liability of its caregivers. We are the employer and we handle the necessary tax and payroll requirements plus paper work required by law as well as fingerprint background checks.

So if your travel has been curtailed this year, try a little taste of Hawaii or check out another recipe from somewhere you’d like to go!


Mango Bread

o 2 cups all-purpose flour o 1 teaspoon baking powder o 2 teaspoons baking soda o 2 teaspoons cinnamon o 1/2 teaspoon salt nuts) o 1/2 cup chopped nuts (I used wal o 3/4 cup granulated sugar o 3/4 cup brown sugar chopped fine o 2 cups fresh mango, peeled and o 1 teaspoon vanilla o 1/2 cup vegetable oil* o 1 cup raisins o 1/2 cup shredded coconut o 1/2 cup melted shortening* o 3 eggs tent in this recipe, so I used just (Note: I wanted to reduce the oil con and added 1/2 cup applesauce, 1/4 cup each of the oil and shortening of recipes.) a favorite substitution in these kinds are two loaf pans with cooking Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prep ingredients and stir. Make a spray. In a large mixing bowl, add dry combine. Pour batter into pans well, add remaining ingredients, and the touch. Yields 2 loaves of and bake for 1 hour or until firm to bread.

Angela McRae is a freelance writer and editor from Newnan, and you can find out more about her work at angelamcrae.com. Email questions and comments to her at angelamcrae@charter.net




Meet Me at the Market Coweta Master Gardener Extension Volunteers

Live Plant Vendor

Powell Expo Center, 197 Temple Ave., Newnan, GA Coweta Master Gardener Extension Volunteers will provide instructions for plant care.

• Perennials • Shrubs • Trees

Sorry, we only accept cash or checks. Social Distancing • Required • Masks Requested

Wednesdays & Saturdays August 26 - October 17 9 AM - 1 PM / Seniors 9 AM - 10 AM Questions? Call 770.254.2620 ugaextension.org/coweta


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Consignment Sale

HUGE CHILDREN’S CONSIGNMENT SALE - Annual Fall Sale hosted by Newnan First United Methodist Church with 400 consignors. Fri., Sept. 18 (9-5), Sat., Sept. 19 (812). Children’s clothing infant to size 14, Baby gear, Bedding, Books, Games, Toys, Strollers, Shoes, Furniture and more. Cash or check only. Masks required. 33 Greenville St. 9.16

For Sale

HAY FOR SALE. WHEAT STRAW AND MULCH. $3.50 per bale. Frank Barron 770.231.9535. FOR SALE ITEMS HERE $10 for first 30 words. Call 770.254.1421 by Friday for publication in our next issue.

We Buy

WE BUY: scrap metal, junk cars, old appliances, stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dish washers & batteries. Gentry Recycling 770.253.5770 WE PAY TOP DOLLAR for aluminum, copper, brass. Gentry Recycling 770.253.5770

Motorcycle For Sale

1996 HONDA 250 REBEL, 10,200 miles, recent tune up, good condition, $1,500 FIRM. Street legal. Call 678.378.0686


WE BUY CARS – LKQ PICK YOUR PART buys cars 7 days a week. For info, call 1.800.962.2277 or visit: www.lkqpickyourpart.com

Commercial Property

6.5+/- FENCED ACRES at intersection of I-85, GA Hwy. 16 and Gordon Road zoned zoned light industrial. Could possibly be rezoned industrial. $995,000. Frank Barron (Owner/ Broker), Lindseys, Inc. Realtors, 770-253-6990. NEW ON THE MARKET! 4.35+/- Acs at Exit 41 (Moreland exit) across from new Amazon & Bridgeport Industrial Park. Approx. 325' frontage on Hwy. 29. Ideal for development. Hot area of growth. Adjoins Newnan Coweta Airport. 25 min. to Atlanta Airport. $1,500,000. (Frank)


DOG TRAINING, IN-HOME PUPPY AND OBEDIENCE TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. Call today to have a well-trained pet. Positive reward-based methods. Gooddoghappyowner.com 470-615-2215 10.14 10% OFF ANY TREE SERVICE for senior citizens and veterans from Arbor Tech Tree Service when you mention this ad. Experts in tree removal, trimming/pruning, and stump grinding. Emergency service. Free Estimates. Certified ISA Arborist on staff. Call 678.633.2986. AUTO DETAILING GIVE YOUR CAR – the attention it deserves. Offering full service car wash and detailing. Pressure Wash and Foam Bath the exterior, windows cleaned, wipe down door jams. Tires and wheels cleaned and dressed. Vacuum and dress interior. Other services available upon request. Please call 570-5906033 or visit on facebook.com/Attention-To-Detail.


A-1 BUILDING/HANDYMAN SERVICES Licensed and Bonded We do Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Concrete etc. Mike @ 678.409.8600 Quality work at its finest ... ROOFS – Shingle or Metal Roof installation. E-Z Terms up to 144 months with unsecured financing as low as $79 per month. Discounts for Seniors and Cash. Call Today for a FREE Estimate. Southern Signature Solutions 678-850-0431 TREE REMOVAL – 24/7 Emergency Service, Tree-Shrub Pruning and Trimming, Commercial and Residential, Licensed/Insured. Want It Your Way, Call Us Right Away. Misael’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding. 678-301-0153.

Now Hiring

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Send résumé with references Winters Media & Publishing, Inc. john@wintersmedia.net No phone calls please. HOME HELPERS – We are one of the area’s fastest-growing home care agencies, and we need your help as we continue to grow and help more families in need. Seeking qualified caregivers to help our wonderful clients (primarily seniors) stay safe and independent in their homes. Available shifts – days, evenings, overnight and/or weekends. We offer competitive wages, extensive training, supportive work environment and paid time off. Please apply online at ApplyToBeACNA.com or call 678.876.5118.


NEWNAN COWETA HUMANE SOCIETY. Check out our website for list of animals at local animal control facility and foster care animals. Call 770.253.4694 www.nchsrescue.org

WE’RE HIRING Business Development Executive Portable Buildings • Gazebos • Greenhouses Family owned since 1969

The only finish ready portables in the industry, custom-built to your needs. Maintenance Free, Long Lasting Aluminum Siding • New Galvalume® Roofing … stronger, more attractive • Aluminum Steel, Wood or Vinyl Siding available • Dozens of options available for custom orders

Purchase, Finance or Rent-To-Own Purchase, Finance or Rent-To-Own Professionally Delivered or Built On Site Professionally Delivered or Built On Site Financing Available All Steel Structures by McGuire’s Buildings Carports • RV Covers • Horse Barns • Garages • Shops • Sizes 12 x 20, up to 60 x 200 • Eave heights of 8’ tall, up to 16’ tall • 2” x 3” boxed tube in 14 gauge, G-90 Galvanized Framing • Double tube framing on 40’ wide or wider • 15 standard colors to choose from • Built on concrete or directly on the ground (or any level surface) • Many door sizes to choose from • AG panel ribbed siding or dutch lap steel siding available • Floor planned to meet your specific needs 28 Bullsboro Drive

If you are a highly-motivated sales professional looking to join a growing company and want to be well-compensated for your hard work, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. Winters Media & Publishing, Inc., a multi-media company with a weekly direct-mail publication, monthly entertainment publication and website, is seeking a full-time Business Development Executive. This position is commission-based, offers a protected sales territory and has four weeks vacation per year. The ideal candidate will have a professional appearance and attitude, with a friendly and outgoing personality. Hours can be flexible, but quality time must be invested in order to be successful. To apply, send résumé with references via mail or email to: John Winters, Publisher Winters Media & Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 Email: john@wintersmedia.net

(directly across from water towers) Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Closed Sunday.

www.mcguiresbuildings.com 770.502.7007

No Phone Calls Please.

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Get ready for Fall with these September Savings




OIL & FILTER CHANGE Plus tax. Additional oil, diesel or synthetics extra. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One discount per service with coupon. Other restrictions may apply. See dealer for details. Expires 10.10.20.

Includes up to 5 Quarts of Oil, New Filter and Multi-Point Inspection

Plus tax. Additional oil, diesel or synthetics extra. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One discount per service with coupon. Other restrictions may apply. See dealer for details. Expires 10.10.20.

Coolant 4-Wheel Flush Alignment $ 95 $ 95


$129.95 Reg.


Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One discount per service with coupon. One discount per service with coupon. One discount per service with coupon. Other restrictions may apply. Expires 10.10.20. Other restrictions may apply. Expires 10.10.20. Other restrictions may apply. Expires 10.10.20.

Page 16 H The SHOPPER H September 16, 2020 H www.wintersmedia.net

Relax & Recline



– Over 50 to Sell!
































699 • Loveseat 649 $


Sofa $859 • Loveseat $799 ry Delive e bl Availa


includes Ottoman



Power Reclining Sofa $1549


NonPower Rocking Loveseat

E.CRUMPTON FURNITURE 640 North Glynn Street (Hwy 85) • Fayetteville



– Over 20 Sets to Sell!








Monday - Saturday • 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bring this ad to receive a

FREE MEMORY FOAM PILLOW with any purchase.

A Crumpton Family Business Serving Coweta & Fayette Counties for Over 25 Years!

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The Shopper September 16, 2020  

Entertainment, Events, Features, Specials, Trends and More …

The Shopper September 16, 2020  

Entertainment, Events, Features, Specials, Trends and More …


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