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Southern Roots Nursery, a true family business


Sherry and Bob Lott always wanted to have a nursery. Now they do. Page 6


Deals On Your Next Vacation

Local travel experts help you make your dollars stretch when making your vacation plans. Page 20



Has a New Home beginning Monday, May 12. We’re moving our Baker Rd. office across Hwy. 34 E to:

1065 Sullivan Road (behind CVS). 770-254-9997 •

Smelly House? It Doesn’t Sell!

When your house is on the market, odors can either make or break a sale. Page 22


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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Comprehensive Eye Care • Contact Lens Services Treatment of Eye Diseases • Eyeglass Frames LASIK Co-Management • Sunglasses Eyeglass Lenses & Coatings • Contact Lens

“Rediscover what it’s like to deal with people who care!”


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Paying Too Much For Life Insurance?


Moreland Elementary School named winner by Georgia DOE

Receive A Free Quote Today! Get Affordable Level Term Life Insurance and Dependable Service!

From Special Reports

We Don’t Treat You Like A Number, But Like A Good Friend!


Keith Ross Agency 48 Market Square Dr., Suite B Newnan, GA 30265

NON-TOBACCO MONTHLY BANK DRAFT RATE - 10 Year Level Term* (Have not used tobacco in last 12 months) Age 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

50,000 Choice Male Female 11.16 10.21 11.16 10.21 11.16 10.21 11.16 10.21 11.16 10.21 11.16 10.21 11.25 10.29 11.34 10.38 11.38 10.42 11.55 10.47 11.64 10.60 11.68 10.64 11.77 10.64 11.90 10.73 12.12 10.81 12.33 11.03 12.68 11.20 13.03 11.42 13.46 11.73 13.81 12.07 13.81 12.07 14.20 12.20 14.54 12.55 14.85 12.85 15.15 13.16


100,000 Preferred Male Female 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.16 12.12 11.25 12.12 11.34 12.12 11.51 12.20 11.51 12.90 11.51 12.98 11.68 13.07 12.03 13.16 12.29 13.50 12.55 13.59 12.64 14.02 12.81 14.46 12.98 14.80 13.24 15.24 13.68 15.58 13.68 16.36 13.68 16.80 13.68 17.32 13.76 17.84 14.02

250,000 Preferred Plus Male Female 15.02 13.07 15.02 13.07 15.02 13.07 15.02 13.07 15.02 13.07 15.45 13.07 15.45 13.29 15.67 13.29 15.67 13.29 15.67 13.50 15.67 13.50 15.67 13.50 15.67 13.50 15.67 13.72 15.67 13.94 15.67 13.94 16.10 14.15 16.97 15.02 17.40 15.89 18.27 16.54 18.27 16.75 18.92 16.97 19.57 17.62 20.44 18.05 21.31 18.70

Age 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

50,000 Choice Male Female 16.36 13.89 16.93 14.28 17.58 14.67 18.31 15.11 19.18 15.58 21.00 16.10 23.08 17.92 24.43 18.57 25.81 19.27 27.16 20.05 28.33 21.52 30.15 22.43 31.88 23.43 33.96 24.47 36.39 25.55 36.56 26.72 40.81 29.72 44.28 31.10 47.92 32.58 51.78 34.18 63.01 39.04 67.86 41.12 73.11 43.50 78.83 46.19 85.12 49.40 112.43 63.31

100,000 Preferred Male Female 19.14 16.36 19.83 16.80 20.61 17.23 21.57 17.75 22.69 18.36 25.64 19.83 28.24 22.26 29.89 23.21 31.71 24.25 33.70 25.38 37.08 27.55 39.60 28.94 42.20 30.41 44.97 31.97 47.92 33.62 51.65 35.35 54.95 40.03 58.41 42.03 62.05 44.11 66.04 46.36 83.47 53.99 89.02 56.94 95.17 60.23 101.94 63.96 109.74 68.21 153.44 83.30

10, 20 & 30 Year Guaranteed Level Term Life Insurance Available. Sample Rates Effective November 2, 2013. Term Life policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL

Check Out

250,000 Preferred Plus Male Female 24.99 20.66 26.07 21.09 27.37 21.74 28.89 22.61 30.63 23.26 34.31 29.76 38.65 30.19 40.81 31.28 43.20 32.58 45.80 34.09 56.64 37.78 60.32 39.30 64.01 41.03 67.91 42.98 72.03 44.71 76.36 49.70 81.35 53.60 86.55 56.20 92.18 59.24 98.25 62.49 135.75 81.78 145.94 87.20 157.64 93.70 171.08 101.29 187.12 110.39 199.04 121.44

Policy Form RCT (GA10/09)

Coweta County’s Moreland Elementary School is one of four Georgia schools selected as winners of the Georgia Department of Education’s 2014 Family-Friendly Partnership School Award. “The schools that won this award understand the importance of what welcoming environments bring to student success,” said State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge. This year’s FamilyFriendly Partnership School Award winners are: Moreland Elementary School; Cumming Elementary School, Forsyth County; Golden Isles Elementary School, Glynn County; and Midway Elementary School, Forsyth County. According to the state Department of Education, the winning schools were selected “because they represent the best in customer service for Georgia families,

whether it’s on the phone, in the front office or on the Internet. The schools have welcoming staff members, comfortable waiting areas, clear signage and engaging student work throughout the building.” “They have easy-tonavigate websites and are forging partnerships with parents to help improve student achievement. The schools also provide unique, engaging and innovative parent engagement programming that is successful in reaching all families in the school.” Moreland Principal Melanie Perry was thrilled to hear that her school was chosen for this year’s award. “Parents are a daily part of our school’s heartbeat,” said Perry. “We rely heavily on parent involvement to foster the academic, social and emotional growth of our students. Our parent volunteers are a cornerstone of what makes our school feel like such a family.”

Service ★ Repairs ★ Installs


*Expires 6/13/14. Not to be combined with any other offers.* J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 3

The Shopper Staff Rusty Kuehl Advertising Sales 770-301-6410 cell



suppose fashions come and go depending on what’s trendy at the time. And spring is supposed to be that time of year when we put away the cold weather garments in favor of more comfortable, and cheerful clothing suitable for the warmer, brighter, happier season. (Some folks wear so little on their bodies now days, it’s difficult to know whether they’re making a fashion statement or just didn’t finish getting dressed that morning!) Anyway, Easter Sunday has traditionally marked that transitional time when men and women, indeed whole families, would attend church sporting their spring garb – sort of a “religious fashion show” At least it used to be that way. And I still have vivid memories of the “behind the scenes drama” that took place at our home when I was a boy.

Tina Teal Advertising Sales 678-416-2068 cell Joey Howard Digital Editor / Sales 404-698-0734 cell Robin McLaughlin Bookkeeper 770-683-9824 Ruth Harris Doyal Composition 770-254-1421 Joseph E. Williams Publisher 770-683-9705 office The Coweta Shopper is published weekly by AdMedia, Inc. P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264

770-254-1421 The Coweta Shopper is a popular and effective advertising guide mailed weekly to 16,400+ homes and businesses throughout Coweta county. We have successfully served the Coweta county area for over twenty years with our consumer-oriented guide consisting of a wide variety of retail and service advertisers, along with classified advertisements. Our office is located on the corner of Hwy. 29 South & Pine Road Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 - 4. 770-254-1421 Fax 770-254-8283 e-mail

Publisher’s PAGE


My mother was quite a talented seamstress and she made sure that all three (there would be two more later) of her children would show up for the Easter service looking like we had “just stepped out of a band box”, as they say. But if you could have seen what went on in preparation for that Sunday morning debut, you may have reported us to the Department of Family and Children Services. Thank goodness there was no such department back then! I was about seven, my sister and brother, 5 and 3. I’ll let them tell their own story, but as I remember, there was a combo of dancing, and hollering, and crying, as well at least two orations of “how not to get dirty once you’re dressed”. It started with a thorough cleaning of my face. Actually it was more of a “scrubbing” or “sanding down” of the skin. (I think she was mad at my dad and the more they “talked”, the harder she scrubbed) And after about 60 years, the skin on my face is still as ”tender as a new born baby” – at least between the wrinkles! And then there was the “bow tie”– that final touch that was to pull the whole outfit together. Being homemade, it had to be attached around my neck with a safety pin. And “attached” it was. The pin literally … we pulled up went through my skin and back into the in that old Buick, parked it, and bow tie on the other side – a good tight fit for sure! I cried and protested in pain, walked into that church looking like but was told it was “just a little tight”, and a million dollars! And that is to sit down and be quiet. There was no “Pure Showmanship”! time for discussion, as she had two others to get dressed, besides herself. Mamma was apparently still mad at my Dad, and when she pulled the brush through my sister’s thick, curly hair, Claudia was pulled right off the stool, brush and all! My brother “Spud” thought it was real funny until he got spanked for laughing. By then, and having finally seen the blood on my “clean” shirt collar, we were all crying. But I can tell you one thing, although we may have been a few minutes late, we pulled up in that old Buick, parked it, and walked into that church looking like a million dollars! And that is “Pure Showmanship”!


web: Mailing address is: P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 The Coweta Shopper reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising as we feel is in the best interest of our publication.

Post Script: This was actually the second time I got “pinned”. (And this is the truth I’m telling you with my hand up in the air) At about age 8 months old, Momma “attached” my cloth diaper directly to my posterior epidermis, and inasmuch as most babies cry most of the time anyway, the offending pin was not discovered until the next service interval or about an hour of crying, which ever came first.

Page 4 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J

Williams Insurance Agency has sprung!

Let us insure your toys … Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercraft, Motor Homes, and Travel Trailers.

770-253-2435 • 125 Temple Ave., Newnan Serving Coweta for 51 Years! Family Owned & Operated

Wednesday Tune Up Special 75.75 $


* Includes first system, $69 for each additional system Cannot be combined with any other offer Must be scheduled on a Wednesday

Robin D. McGuffey, Owner/Agent

TSI Automotive CompleTe mAInTenAnCe And RepAIR (formerly Transmission Specialties, Inc.)

770.253.2665 •

Same Owner, Same Great Service.

We changed our name because we are now a full service garage.

4 Foreign & Domestic 4 AC 4 Brakes 4 Emission Repairs 4 Engine Diagnostics 4 Complete Transmission Services 4 Foreign & Domestic 4 Master Certified Technicians


Cruisin’ for the Cats

Show & Shine

25 OFF*

Any Auto Repair *If Over $100


100 OFF*

Any Remanufactured Transmission Jobs

5089 East Hwy. 16, Turin

770-599-1971 Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

benefitting Newnan High School Band Programs

Saturday, April 26 • 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Great South Harley-Davidson 185 E Highway 16 Newnan, GA 30263 Show & Shine Held In Back Paved Parking Lot Check In Begins 8:30 a.m. ★ Awards 2:00 p.m.

• DJ Playing the Oldies • Goody Bags • Basket Raffle • Vendors • 50/50 • Door Prizes • Great Food • Silent Auction Gift Baskets Admission $5.00 (includes 1 door prize raffle ticket) Operated by new Chair Members For more information please visit or contact Jennifer Harmon 404-784-4247 or email J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 5

Dr. Benita Stephens

Medical Center & Spa Services Provided: • OB/GYN • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy • Medical Weight Loss • Botox and Dermafillers • B12 & Fat Burner Shots • Obagi & Revision Skin Care • Facials • Permanent Make-up: Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner & Full Lips • Latisse

Board Certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Obesity Medicine.

Ultherapy Newest Technology South of Atlanta The Only Non-Invasive Procedure FDAcleared to lift the Neck, Chin & Brow

Non Injection • No Down Time

Kissable Lips $500 Regular Price $750


Hormone Thereapy Call For More Information

Hot Flashes? Low Sex Drive?


Text “CiaoBella” to 55469 175 Jefferson Parkway, Newnan, GA 30263

Chamber Announces 2013 Prosperity Award Winners

This award recognizes actions or achievements that have significantly contributed to the economic prosperity and development of our community in the past 12 months. At its recent Annual Meeting, the Chamber honored the following companies and organizations.


75 Jackson Real Estate

Coweta County Commissioners

The Centre for Visual & Performing Arts

Recognized for its $17 million expansion project that included the purchase of a new state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion line for the automotive market

Positive actions of the Coweta County Commission resulted in the elimination of commercial and industrial impact fees, which strengthened Coweta’s position as “Prosperity’s Front Door”

For 10 years this “pearl of the community” has positively impacted Coweta’s quality of life and community competitiveness

Custom Molded Products

The Newnan Centre

Newnan Chrysler Jeep Dodge

West Georgia Technical College

Moving into the former Rite Aid distribution center in the Shenandoah Industrial Park resulted in 60 jobs to the community

Opened new automotive dealership resulting in 20+ new jobs

P r o s p e r i t y s F r o n t D o o r. c o m

Enhanced professional office and retail space through its renovation of the 300 Bullsboro building, significantly increasing curb appeal on Bullsboro Drive

This new, state-of-the-art convention facility generates increased community economic impact

Coweta Campus

This new, state-of-the-art, 38-acre facility serving almost 7,000 students elevates Coweta’s competitiveness

Give us a call, we’ll be glad to assist you in joining the Chamber Email: 770.253.2270

Page 6 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J

Encore Decor A Consignment shop for


We’re relocating To A Larger Space

next to BLUe Moon BoUtIQUe

Southern Roots Nursery

on GreenvILLe St.

Special Hours for Thursday’s Taste of Newnan ~ Open Until 8:30

Come In ~ Shop & Save We’re discounting all our merchandise so we don’t have to move it. Hurry In! 8 East Court Square • 770-683-4777

Advertise Your Mother’s Day Specials In The Coweta


. . . . A family business Sherry and Bob Lott have wanted to have a nursery since their days at the University of Alabama. Bob got a degree in botany and they both loved plants. “It was our plan to start our own business right after college”, says Bob, “but life took us in a different direction”. Fast forward to 2013. When they learned the former A&W nursery was closing, the idea of their own business was rekindled. “We decided to contact the owner to find out what would be involved in re-opening it,” said Sherry. “As Bob had been looking for a career change, and I was on summer break from teaching, we felt the may just be the right time to start this new chapter in our lives”. But there would be a lot of work involved in getting the place ready to open for the summer season, and the whole family pitched in and used their unique talents to make it happen. Bob and Sherry’s son Nick, along with his wife, Tabitha ran it during those days in April and May when they couldn’t be there. Their daughter, Kathryn, takes care of the marketing and social media, and all things creative, and her husband, Nate, remodeled the counter and built tables for display. For some additional marketing and business advice, the Lotts turned to their son and daughter in law, John Mark and Amy. At Southern Roots, you’ll find a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and bedding plants, as well as products and tools to keep your garden and lawn green and healthy. And, if they don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask. “We’ll do our best to find it for you.” It’s that kind of attitude that sets their business apart from the “Big Box” stores. “We offer personal service, advice, and a convenient location away from the heavy traffic areas. Our Plants are top quality from growers we know and trust – all within the Georgia and Alabama areas”. When you are ready for gardening supplies and plants, stop by and see what Bob and Sherry Lott have to offer. Stop by often as the inventory is changing frequently. They’re friendly folks and have a passion for plants. But you’ll see that as soon as you meet them! _________________________

10.00 per week for print & web


CLASSIFIED WORD ADS 30 words or less

deadline is Friday at 3

Southern Roots Nursery is located at 726 North Hwy 29 in Newnan. They are open Monday through Saterday 8:30 till five 5:00 and Sunday 1:00 until 3:00. To learn more about Southern Roots Nursery, call 770-683-7224 or like them on Facebook/southernrootsnursery where you can sign up for their weekly newsletter featuring special offerings.

Save $50.00 J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 7

on any initial service with this coupon.*

“Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”

14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263


MLS #07144378 GoRGeoUs 128 acRes on cLeaRWaTeR Road, 100 Acres chain link fencing, 2 stocked ponds, 2 barns, 2BR house, double road frontage, good internal road system. See to appreciate. New Price Is $6,500/ac.

FRANK BARRON, Broker 770-231-9535

MLS #07253422

MLS #07048493 PRIMe LocaTIon in growing downtown Newnan. Approximately 1,000 SF finished office space. Ideal for offices or lofts upstairs with commercial downstairs. $199,900. Frank Barron 770-231-9535.

TWo sToRY PLanTaTIon hoMe on 34 mostly open acres, overlooking private stocked pond has 5BR/4.5BA, fabulous kitchen, LR, DR, Den, office, exercise room & more. See at $695,000. (FRANK or JESS)

JESS BARRON Associate Broker 678-857-9350

MLS #07068685 sPecTacULaR TWo sToRY on The LaKe has 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ baths, plus 2 apts., inground pool, LR with F/P, dining room, updated kitchen, family room w/FPL, 4.8 acres, and so much more. A lot for $525,000.

Call us today at 678-552-4460 *This offer cannot be combined with other offers.


MLS #07178000 Ranch on 7.74± acRes, 3BR/2BA, LR w/ hardwood floors, den & dining combo, laundry room, kitchen w/stove, dishwasher & cabinets. 16’x20’ workshop w/electricity & concrete floor. 6’x10’ playhouse or storage building. $159,900. (FRANK)

sPacIoUs VInYL sIdInG sPLIT LeVeL has LR, dining area, kitchen w/stove, dishwasher & refrigerator, 4BR/2BA, utility room, single garage, central air, rocking chair front porch & fenced backyard. All in quiet Welcome Community. Just $115,000. (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07211201 LaKe RedWIne – Professionally Decorated European Stone and Hardy Plank Home on full basement, 5BR/4.5BA, GR w/fpl, Formal DR, Office, fully equipped Kitchen w/brkst area, and triple garage w/openers. See to appreciate at $475,000 (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07109462

MLS #07252957

MLS #07175522

GReaT LaKe ReTReaT on 27.8 Wooded acRes w/5 Acre Lake, North Coweta, 4BR/4BA, vaulted GR w/fp, Rec. Room, huge gourmet kitchen. 12x50 screen porch, In-law Suite w/2nd kitchen. Easy access to Atlanta. $799,900.

MLS #07167293

MaGnIFIcenT coUnTRY esTaTe on 16.5 acRes, 4 acre stocked lake, terrace, Gunite pool w/cool decking. 5BR/4.5BA, upgraded Kitchen, Greatroom w/fpl, family room, In-law Suite, 4 Stall Barn & Stable, 4 board and electric fencing. $799,900.

aPPRox. 13,500 s/F MeTaL & sTUcco ManUFacTURInG BUILdInG plus 1800 S/F finished office space & 1800 S/F unfinished office space upstairs on 2.08 Ac. in Shenandoah Industrial Park in Newnan. 5 Mins. to I-85 at Exit 47. $995,000.

MLS #07175531 IMMacULaTeLY MaInTaIned. Well Insulated and Well Built Home on 16.5 Acres & half interest in 4 acre stocked lake. 4 fenced pasture, huge walk-up attic. Shop area. 3BR/3.5BA, Greatroom w/fp, Formal DR, Country Kitchen. $650,000.

SR 54 near Gordon Road will be closed 4-21-2014 through 6-21-2014 for work by GDOT to raise the roadbed to eliminate a dangerous sight distance problem. Local detours are available in addition to the official GDOT detour. For more info

MLS #07208985 BeaUTIFUL hIsToRIc VIcToRIan in great condition! 4BR, 2BA, 7 fireplaces, 11’ ceilings, picture molding through-out, original heart pine floors, Greatroom, Dining Room & pocket doors & bookshelf, kitchen with tile countertops, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove. Beautiful stain glass windows. In ground pool, 3 outbldgs. Must see at $369,900.

The Coweta Shopper

hUnTInG Land FoR saLe

MLS 07205412

MLS 07171438


noRThGaTe schooL dIsTRIcT, Roomy Two Story Vinyl Siding Home, 3 Bedrooms plus Bonus Room, 2 ½ Baths, Living room w/fireplace, Formal Dining room, fully equipped kitchen w/breakfast area, basement w/Rec room & Living room, plus double garage w/opener. $179,900. (JESS or FRANK)

MLS 07203254



TWo sToRY 1900 eRa hoMe, 6BR, 5.5BA, foyer w/ceramic tile floor, 7 fireplaces, LR w/fp, parlor w/fp, huge formal DR, den w/ fp, kitchen w/all appliances, breakfast area, sitting room, walk-in pantry & Butler’s pantry. In-law Apt. w/2nd Kit. All drapes, rugs & chandeliers to stay. NEW PRICE: $315,000

GReaT In-ToWn neWnan hoMe, 4 bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, room to expand in full basement with shop, greatroom with fireplace, formal dining room, upstairs den, double garage with opener. Super energy efficient. New price $249,900. (FRANK or JESS)

• 75 Wooded Ac. near Hogansville, 3 food plots, will subdivide. $3,350/Ac. • 92.93 Wooded Ac. near Woodbury, $3500/Ac. • 144 Ac. near Whitesburg, ½ mile on Chattahoochee – Duck pond & 10 Ac. Dove field, 30 yr old timber. $4950/Ac. • 153 Ac. near Greenville, 6 Food plots, 5.5 Ac. Stocked pond, 30 yr. old timber. $3500/Ac. Frank Barron (owner/agent) 770-231-9535

for Timely Tweets!

770-251-8000 ■ Dangerous Tree Removal ■ Professional Tree Climbers ■ Chipper Service ■ Pruning ■ Trimming ■ Bobcat Service ■ Bush Hogging ■ Stump Grinding ■ Complete Clean Up ■ References Upon Request ■ Licensed ■ Fully Insured ■ We Carry Worker’s Compensation ■ 24 Hour Emergency Service ■ FREE ESTIMATES ■ Great Prices! Call Today

Tylor Gwinn, Aaron Hurd Local Owners/Operators


Page 8 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J

Hello, neighbor!

Please stop by and say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to serving your needs for insurance and financial services. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.



TO LINDSEY’S INC. 2013 MILLION DOLLAR CLUB MEMBERS Lindsey’s Inc. would like to congratulate our 2013 Million Dollar Club Members of the Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors. Recognition was also give to Tom Barron as the Top Producer in the county for 2013, and Chip Barron as a Silver Phoenix Award winner.



Tom Barron

Chip Barron

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL


Jimmy Rich, Agent 75 Jackson Street Suite 303 Newnan, GA 30263 Bus: 770-251-6005


submit your business briefs to

A new Real Estate office is Now Open in Newnan ... Virtual Properties Realty. With Metro Atlanta’s housing market continuing to rise in 2014, Virtual Properties Realty - headquartered in Duluth - is now serving Coweta County. The Newnan office is led by agents Machelle Holl and Mischel Baird - the M&M Team - and is located at 71B Postal Parkway. Virtual Properties Realty was just voted as the No. 1 Place to Work in 2013 by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Atlanta Business Chronicle. The M&M Team can help if you are wanting to upsize, downsize or see what’s out there. Machelle Holl can be reached at 770-8569846 and Mischel Baird at 678-315-1014. The website is

Tucker Hardware is now the exclusive Coweta County dealer for Bush Hog brand mowers. Both residential and commercial mowers are now in stock and available with no down payment - 0% financing to qualified buyers. Tucker Hardware is located at 11 Franklin Hwy in Newnan. 770-252-4950

Frank Barron

Elena Dickerson

Carol Holden

Jess Barron

Bud Freeburg

Sheila Jenkins

Cam Carden

Robert Hinely

Tom Leiby

Riese Carden

Angie Hogsed

Jodie Shepard

Knox Furniture welcomes a new (old) face to the business. Long-time Newnan resident and Realtor, Lisle Millard, has moved back to his adopted town and has joined the sales team at Knox. “Lisle has fit right in and is going to be a wonderful addition to our sales force. As most of you know, Lisle, and his unique brand of knowledge in furniture, home design and decorating flair, will be a treat for those of you who have known him for years.” Come by and visit Lisle to re-acquaint yourself with him as well as Knox. Knox Company, Inc. - 75 Greenville St. - across from the Coweta County Justice Center. 770-2534040, The Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group recently opened its doors for business here in Coweta County. The group’s office is located at 184-A Jefferson Parkway in Newnan. Morris & Spradlin Insurance Group is certainly a family affair as the brother and sister team of Edward Morris and Angel Spradlin, coupled with Edward’s wife Janet, have formed an agency in Coweta which is committed to providing the best coverage available at the lowest rate for its customers. The group offers a complete line of insurance products and stands behind its motto of “We Compare, You Save.” For more information, their office number is 770-683-6793 or visit their website at: J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 9


Surgery of spay and neuter for dogs and cats Rabies shots

Cirugía de Castración La Cirugía de los para Perros y Cats Vacuna de la Rabia

Includes: Exam by Doctor, Surgery, Sedation & Monitoring, Pre- & Post-Operative Pain Management, In-Heat or Pregnant pets are ACCEPTED. Must be 12 weeks or older. Some limitations apply.

Incluye: Examen por un médico, la cirugía, la vigilancia y los sedantes, medicina para el dolor Pre-y post-operación. Mascotas en calor y a las mujeres embarazadas. Los animales deben ser de 12 semanas o más. La cirugía sólo es realizar de Lunes a Jueves solo por cita. Aplican algunas limitaciones.

HELP/Spay/Neuter Clinic, 12 The Crescent, Newnan, GA 30263

HELP/Spay/Neuter Clinic, 12 The Crescent, Newnan, GA 30263




Pumping • Sewer Lines • Repairs • Installation

Since 1984 Home of Mr. Pumper

Newnan-Coweta Humane Society

770-252-4950 678-326-0101

Owned & Operated by Scott Tucker

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more information call:

Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263 770-253-6990

All Steel Structures

Carports • RV Covers Horse Barns • Garages • Shops • Sizes 12x20 up to 60x200 • Eave heights of 8’ tall up to 16’ tall • 2”x 3” boxed tube in 14 gauge, G-90 Galvanized Framing • Double tube framing on 40’ wide or wider • 15 standard colors to choose from • Built on concrete or directly on the ground (or any level surface) • Many door sizes to choose from • AG panel ribbed siding or dutch lap steel siding available • Floor planned to meet your specific needs

248 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA


Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 Saturday 8:30-12:00. Sunday closed.

Professionally Built On Site Phenix City, AL (334) 297-4940 • Columbus, GA (706) 322-4179

28 Bullsboro Drive • Newnan, GA 30263 (directly across from water tower)

(770) 502-7007


Mon - Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm; Sat. 9:00am - 6:00pm; Closed Sunday

Check Out

Page 10 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J

Piggy Bank Day Please join us in a celebration of saving! Special Gifts for Every Little Saver! 9am

to n o o N

Saturday May 3rd

Encouraging Words “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” ~ Joel Osteen

Q “Nothing can stop the man with the right attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Q “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one”. ~ Hans Selye

Q “I think whether you are having setback or not, the role of a leader is to

61 Bullsboro Drive · 770.251.4311

always display a winning attitude”. ~ Collin Powell

Q “The last of human freedoms is the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.” ~ Victor Franle

Q “Let all bitterness and wrath, and anger, and clamor and slander be put away from you along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you,” ~ Ephesians 4:31 - 32


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The CoweTa VeTerans Club Needs A New Roof, So Let’s RAISE THE ROOF with a

GolF TournaMenT

All proceeds go to the Coweta Veterans Club Building Fund

saTurday, May 3 aT 2 p.M. 4 Person Scramble / $85 per person



orchard hills Golf Course hwy. 16, newnan

Dr. Mark Ling is conducting a research study testing an investigational topical medication for mild to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. If you are 18 years of age or older, and have at least 3% of your body surface area covered with psoriasis you may be eligible. Study drug, study-related office visits, and all study-related procedures are available to qualified participants at no cost. Compensation for time and travel may be available.

Call Dick Dennis 404-625-2711 or Coweta Veterans Club 770-251-6949 for more information

Please contact my research staff for more information at: 770-252-6900 or visit

The Coweta Shopper Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Polling Place Changes GRANTVILLE’S 9th PRECINCT The polling place for the 9th Precinct, Grantville, will be moved from the Glanton Municipal Building to the GRANTVILLE LIBRARY, 100 PARK DRIVE, GRANTVILLE, GA 30220. EBENEZER CHURCH ROAD 27th PRECINCT The polling place for the 27th Precinct, Ebenezer Church Rd, will be moved from Fire Station No. 12 on Ebenezer Church Rd to COWETA CENTRAL LIBRARY, 85 LITERARY LANE, NEWNAN, GA 30265. These changes will be effective for the May 20, 2014 general primary election. If you have any questions regarding this change, please call the Superintendent of Elections, Jane Scoggins, 678-854-0015. The Board of Elections is located Basement Level in the Coweta County Administration Building 22 East Broad Street, Newnan, GA 30263.

Check Out

MedaPhase 710 Newnan Crossing Bypass • Newnan, GA 30263 MedaPhase, Inc. was founded by Dr. Mark Ling to research new treatments for skin disease. Dr. Ling is former Director of Dermatology Clinical Research at Emory University. He trained at Harvard and Duke and is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology. MedaPhase is in Newnan and serves the southern Atlanta region.

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Do you or someone you know suffer from

Toenail Fungus?

• Otoscopic Exam • Written Explanation • Written Recommendation • Better Hearing starting at $100 Per Mo. (Credit Approval Required).

Toenail fungus infection (“onychomycosis”) is an extremely common infection of the nails by fungus. The infection is stubborn, difficult to treat, and results in unsightly and often painful toenails. Treatments are often slow, time-consuming and far from 100% effective. If you have this difficult to treat condition and are between the ages of 18-70 you may be eligible to participate in a research study conducted by Dr. Mark Ling, testing a topical investigational medication for the treatment of mild to moderate toenail fungus infection. To qualify, you must have fungal infection of one or both of your big toenails, but the infection must involve between 20% and 50% of the nail, no more, or less. All study visits and study medication are provided at no cost to you and qualified participants may be eligible for compensation for time and travel. For further information please contact my research staff at 770-252-6900 or visit

Offer Expires 5/16/14


Dr. Mark Ling 710 Newnan Crossing Bypass Newnan, GA 30263

MedaPhase, Inc. was founded by Dr. Mark Ling to research new treatments for skin disease. Dr. Ling is former Director of Dermatology Clinical Research at Emory University. He trained at Harvard and Duke and is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology. MedaPhase is in Newnan and serves the southern Atlanta region. J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 13

Franklin Road Animal Clinic Rabies Shots $10 Each NEUTER/SPAY BOARDING DOG CAT Dog $1200 $ Male …$39 59-$99 Cat $1000 Female …$49

1462 New Franklin Road • LaGrange, GA


Give team a call today or or Giveour our team a call today visit our website for a FREE QUOTE.

visit our website for a

Champs again: Smokey Road MS claims 4th consecutive title

The SRMS Percussion Team (front row, l-r) Karry Hatfield, Mackenzie Farmer, Will Davison, (back row) Heather Sibley, Nate Pylant, Camille Newman, Sierra Leosewski, Trinity Byrom, Gabriel Jordan, and T.J. Pylant. (Coweta County Schools photo)

Middle School, attributed the ensemble’s victory to a team atmosphere. “The success of our percussion ensemble is possible because of its director Kathy Brown and her strong dedication to excellence and innovation with young students,” said Boyd. The Smokey Road Middle School Percussion Ensemble has won the Scholastic A Concert Percussion Cham-

Choice a good Choice is aisgood thing.thing. We compare, you save! We compare, you save! Auto and Home Low RatesLow forRates Autofor and Home!

Authorized Agents for: Allied • Encompass • Foremost • Grange • MetLife FREE QUOTE The Hartford • Mutual of Omaha • Progressive • Safeco • Travelers


From Special Reports The Smokey Road Middle School Percussion Ensemble won their fourth straight Scholastic A Concert Percussion Championship Title during this year’s Southern Association for Performing Arts Championship. Smokey Road Middle School’s ensemble defeated River Ridge High School to defend their title at this year’s SAPA Championships, held on Saturday, March 29 on the campus of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Smokey Road not only defeated the high school group in their class, but also had the highest score of all participating units in the concert percussion classification. Smokey Road was the only middle school present at competition, and competed against almost 20 other high school and college-aged groups to win this year’s Scholastic A Concert Percussion Championship. Dr. Josh Boyd, Director of Bands at Smokey Road

Morris Insurance Group Morris&&Spradlin Spradlin Insurance Group

pionship at the event four years in a row. The ensemble’s victory was a community effort, as well. The music performed at the competition was written by Newnan Taylor Cash, of Newnan, who since graduating from Newnan High School, has earned a degree from Jacksonville State University and volunteered to write music for his home town team.

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770-683-6793 • (770) 683-6793 184-A Jefferson Parkway • Newnan GA 30263

184 -A Jefferson Parkway Newnan, GA 30263

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Yesterdays at Newnan Coweta Event Center

385 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 30263


Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Sandwiches & Entrees Hours of Operation Wednesday & Thursday 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Speak Easy


Piano Lounge & Main Stage

Neighborhood Sports Bar

Hours of Operation Wednesday & Thursday 5:00 pm - 12:00 am Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm - 2:00 am Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Hours of Operation Tuesday - Thursday 3:00 pm - 12:00 am Friday 3:00 pm - 2:00 am Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:00 am Sunday 12:30 pm - 12:00 am Closed Monday

Piano Tunes

Music Trivia



Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Come Join Us In The Celebration Of Our Opening

Where Great Food Meets Great Entertainment Buy 1, Get 1 Entree

50% Off or $ 5.00 Off $20.00 Purchase

Good through May 11, 2014

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Acoustical or DJ Entertainment

45¢ Wings







8:00 pm - 12:00 am

8:00 pm - 12:00 am, $5.00 Cover

8:00 pm - 12:00 am J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 15

THE ONLY FINISH READY PORTABLES IN THE INDUSTRY. Purchase, Finance or Rent-To-Own Professionally Delivered or Built On Site

Portable Buildings • Gazebos • Greenhouses

Maintenance Free, Long Lasting Aluminum Siding New Galvalume® Roofing – stronger/more attractive Aluminum Steel, Wood or Vinyl Siding Available Dozens of Options Available


28 Bullsboro Drive

(directly across from water tower) Mon.- Fri. 9am - 6pm; Sat. 9am - 3pm

(770) 502-7007

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MISCELLANEOUS SALE Girls clothing size 6 months to 3 years, crib and receiving blankets, plus other items for children, women’s pullovers, home items and nice costume jewelry for sale. 770-251-2336 4.30 EGGS Farm Fresh Brown Eggs $2.00 dozen. Limited supply. Call 770-502-7607 4.23 scooter, battery operated portable chair, fairly new, red, 300 pound weight capacity, $3,075. 770-253-0564 4.23 CEMETERY PLOTS FOR SALE: 4 plots, 3 vaults, 3 marks (valued at over $15,000) in section #3 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Inc., off Roscoe Road. Price open for discussion. 678-873-1813 ‘ 5’ CREDENZA, dark wood with sliding doors on front, only $50. Traditional love seat, tan, very clean. - $175. 770-2548929 (Near downtown Newnan) ‘

WHEAT STRAW HAY ideal for planting grass. $3.50 per bale. Frank Barron 770-2319535.


TRACTOR SICK? Call Us Quick! – Rooks Mobile Inc. specializes in Repair and Maintenance of Farming and Earthmoving Equipment. We also offer Mobile Welding Service and Implement Repair. Over 19 years experience and we come to you. Serving the entire West Georgia area. 678-278-5479. 4.30


1978 FORD WORK TRUCK with camper cover, 6 cyl., automatic, power steering, $1,150 or best offer. Call afternoon 770463-9402 5.7 2004 CADILLAC SEVILLE SLS, bronze metallic with tan leather, only 93,054 miles. All the Cadillac goodies plus just rebuilt transmission. Reduced to $7,550. 678-340-2535. Dealer. 4.23 INSURE YOUR Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercraft, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers and more. Call Williams Insurance 770-253-2435, 125 Temple Ave., Newnan 4.30


3Br/2Baths with office and sun room, sits on crawl space, on 5± acres. 3 car garage attached, steel structure w/private drive. Great for R.V. or a Big Rig. Kim 770-560-6008 MLS#07206192 Lindsey’s Inc. 770-253-6990 #239


APARTMENT FOR RENT Duplex, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, with stove and refrigerator. 531 Locke St., Palmetto. No pets. $550 month, $450 security deposit. Credit and background check required. 404-704-2727 4.23

Senoia 3 bedroom, 2 bath, bonus room, 2 car garage $1095.00 678-364-9609 4.23*


86 PRISTINE ACRES, 2 horse barns, 24 stalls, party house with gourmet kitchen, 50’X150’ shop with 51X50 workshop, 14 paddocks, 5 run in sheds, sprinklered dressage arena, additional land available. $990,000. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 770-253-6990. 128.254 OPEN & WOODED ACRES on Clearwater Rd incl. 100 acres under high chain link fence. 3 stall barn & sep. fenced pasture. 2 stocked ponds totaling 6.55 acres, 2 barns & 2BR, 2BA modular home. $7000 per acre. Frank, Jess Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors 770-253-6990. MERIWETHER CO. 214 mostly open acres on Hwy 54. 2 barns, gorgeous building sites, 2 lakes, fenced pasture, $5,000 per acre. Frank/Jess Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 770253-6990. CARROLL CO., 144 wooded acres, 1/2 mile frontage on Chattahoochee, 10 acre planted dove field & food plots, 30 yr old planted pines, 3 acre duck pond. $4950/acre. Frank Barron, owner/agent 770-231-9535. MERIWETHER CO. – 153 heavily wooded acres, 25 yr. old pines, 6 planted food plots, new 5.5 Ac. stocked pond, good road system throughout. For Sale Only! $3500/Ac. Frank Barron, Owner/Broker 770-231-9535.


75.717 WOODED ACRES near Hogansville, Stream & pond site. Several food plots & long frontage on 2 roads. $3350 per acre. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan 770-231-9535.


CHOICE COMMERCIAL 3.9 ACRE LOT on Southpark Drive in Peachtree City. Adjoins Planterra Ridge Golf Course. See at $479,900. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 770231-9535


PCB, FL. Edgewater Resort 2 & 3 BR Condos, Ocean Front or Golf Villas. Free beach set ups daily Call 205-410-1490


Feng Shui/Stress Release/Energetic Face Lift – 3 ways to experience effective stress release. Tools beyond explanation. Come and experience it for yourself. Taster: $25, Claire Brockman, Facilitator. 678-633-4387, 4.23


I WILL DO HOUSE CLEANING at a reasonable rate in Newnan and surrounding areas. Call Katherine 706-675-0336 4.23

BATHTUB RESURFACING Repair and/or refinish bathtubs, showers, porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble vanities, kitchen countertops, cut down bathtub to convert to a shower, install grab bars. Call for free estimate. 678-326-7711 5.14 ROSSI BOBCAT SERVICE Light clearing, grading for washed out driveways - sod outbuilding pads & more. Move downed trees to burn pile. $75 per hour with 4 hour minimum. Call Mike 678-718-8196 4.30*


GARCIA PAINTING Interior ane exterior painting, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, trash outs. Everything your house needs. Yard work, lawn care. No job too big or small. Free estimates. Licensed. Insured. 706-668-3238 4.30 MOVING HELP loading, packing, driving. Across town or across the country. 8 years experience. Charles 770-328-4002 ‘ CRUD BUSTERS PRESSURE WASHING It’s time to wash this crazy weather away and get the mildew off your house, driveway, sidewalk, etc. (Who you gonna call? Crud Busters). Over 30 years in Coweta County. 770-550-7777. Always your best bet to hire a vet. David West. 5.7 Preserve your memories! I scan photographs, negatives, important documents. Photo retouching service too! 25 years graphics experience. Free estimates: 678-378-8483 www. 5.28 ADDING SERENITY CLEANING SERVICES Call Laura after 5 p.m. 678-974-9446 4.30* OLD VETERAN & SON HANDYMAN SERVICE Full Service Lawn Care includes mow, weed eat, edge, trim hedges, blow, starting at $50. No contract. Also gutter cleaning, small tree removal, trash removal. Pressure washing starting at $125. Concrete repair. We will beat any written estimate. 35+ years experience. Rates as low as $30. Inside city limits. Call for your free estimate. 678340-0820, 770-502-7607 4.30 HOME EXTERIORS additions, siding, gutters, overhang, roofing, pressure washing, flat concrete work driveways, patios, etc. 678-4162870 James Shelnutt ‘ Township Coins recommends more than one appraisal when buying or selling coins/ gold/silver. Free in store appraisals. 3500 Hwy 34 East, Sharpsburg 770-254-2727. TOP NOTCH CLEANING Service LLC, “Specializing in Commercial Services” Home Maid Cleaning, Move In & Move Out Service. Remodeling Clean Up. Turn Key Rental, Apartment or Commercial Cleaning. Buff & Wax Service. Licensed & Bonded. Credit cards accepted. 770-683-1508 office, 678-409-8600 cell # ‘

770-254-1421, Fax 770-254-8283, or e-mail Call

By 3 p.m. Friday To Place Your Ad In The Next Issue! $9.50 for 30 words or less, per issue. Ad 50¢ for Web. $ 10.00 A Week. A Great Value!


ELECTRICAL SERVICE, repair & installation. Hometown Services, Jon Courtright, Licensed Electrician, 770-5999365 4.30* boss tree SERVICE Free estimates. Expert tree removal. Stump grinding. Professional Tree Climbing. Pruning. Trimming. Chipper Service. Complete Clean Up. 770-251-8000. HAPPY DAY LAWN CARE Complete Lawn Maintenance. Grass Cutting, Weed Eating, Mulching, Landscaping. BBQ Wood - Hickory, Pecan, Cherry. Firewood $100 pick up or $120 delivered, stacked. Delivery available. 770-251-0512, 404247-3580 HANDYMAN SERVICES. Large or small jobs done, no need to worry. Paint, Plumbing, Electrical, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, etc. Credit cards accepted. Michael Thomas 678409-8600 Quality work for a reasonable price. * ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION ceiling fans, 220 volt outlets, security lighting, additions, remodeling, new homes, commercial work. Licensed and insured. 770-502-7774, 404-271-3937 ‘


Newnan Peachtree Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is now hiring. We are looking for honest, friendly folks with a strong work ethic. We have a brand new state-ofthe-art facility, and are looking to fill a very limited number of positions. Benefits offered are medical, dental, disability, 401k and bonuses. Positions are available: Sales, Internet, Technicians, and Service Advisors Call Shane at 678854-6700 * WAITRESSES & KITCHEN HELP at Big Daddy’s BBQ & More. Apply in person at 87 Temple Avenue. * H I R I N G PA I N T E R S / HANDYMEN. All kinds of work in and around the Atlanta area. Contact 770-252-6071, 770-489-7350 4.23


CNAs Needed – Home Helpers of Georgia is looking for CNAs to work in the Coweta County area. Must be available to work 20-30 hours per week, some weekends. Please apply online at: www.applytobeacna. com 4.30 YARD WORKER HANDY MAN WANTED for private Newnan home and condo corrections. Pulling weeds, planting, yard maintenance, blowing, edging, etc. $8-$10 hour. Please call Jason before 5 p.m. at 678-653-4693 4.16* NOW HIRING Infant Teacher, Preschool Teacher and Asst. Director. MUST have experience. Call Mrs Tanya 770.253.6709 5.14 SERVICE TECH high volume tire store seeking full time general service tech. Duties include tire installation, oil change and light service. Apply in person. 26 Spence Ave., Newnan ‘ SEEKING HIGHLY MOTIVATED INDIVIDUAL for a rewarding career in financial services. Willing to educate. PT / FT. Contact Tommy 770-2517774, 4.23

Veterinary Technician with experience in a veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital to work at local nonprofit volume spay/neuter clinic. Schedule is typically four 8-10 hour days (off on Fridays) with occasional brief Saturday assignments. Work directly with the Vet. Highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with a professional attitude. Surgical experience highly desirable. Email resume to or fax to 770-304-7912. EEO/M/F. Drivers needed. Looking for dump truck drivers. Must have 2 years recent experience. Must be DOT compliant. We utilize E-Verify. Fax work history & Contact information to 770-996-8502 ‘

Call 770-254-1421 BEFORE 3 p.m. Friday Deadline

“Rise Above the Ashtray” H State of the Art E-Cigarette Devices H World-Renowned, Award Winning, Handcrafted E-Cigarette Liquids • 1485 Hwy. 34 East, Suite 3-A, Newnan, GA 30265 • 678-956-1448 J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 17

Home Owners Services Directory DaviD Parker

handyman services & pressure washing 4 home improvement 4 painting 4 electrical 4 plumbing 4 roto rooter 4 Floor, window & Trim. 30 years experience. night or day.

404-516-0252 770-251-7577

Year Round Lawn Care & Maintenance Hardscapes & Paver Patios Landscaping & Sod

Georgia Proscapes, LLC

Free Estimates


BUSH HOGGING 770-616-7025

n HEAVY CLEARING n REtENtIoN poNd CLEAN out n dEBRIS REMoVAL n LAwN MAINtENANCE CommerCial & residential sinCe 1994

Steve BOyd & COmpaNy

Superior Tree Service STUMP GRINDING No Job Too Big or Too Small. Give Us A Call

free eSTimaTeS Naomi Thompson

678-491-4703 199 Wilson Circle, Newnan, GA 30263

Classifieds pETS



SOUtH AtLANtA DOG WIZArD – Specializing in: Full Off-Leash Reliability, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Housebreaking and General Problem Solving. Free Evaluation & Lifetime Guarantee. Web: southatlantadogwizard. com, 404-909-8299, Email: info@southatlantadogwizard. com 4.23


NEWNAN COWEtA HUMANE SOCIEtY. check out for list of animals at local animal control facility and foster care animals. Call 770-253-4694

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For Items or Merchandise, New or Gently-Used Priced at $500-or-Less!


Your Free 20-word ad publishes 1 week in print in The Coweta Shopper and 7 days online at

CAt Orange and white domestic long hair on Bohannon Road mid February. 678-340-1990 4.23

LOSt FEMALE DOG, light / brown / black, medium size, big ears. Andrew Bailey area. Reward. 678-467-9065 4.30

Please Keep An Eye Out For Lost Pets

Fill out our “Free Ads” form at: and earn some “Free” money. RESTRICTIONS – This special excludes categories, products or services such as Announcements, Firewood For Sale, Hay For Sale, Produce For Sale, Pets, Garage/Yard/Estate Sales, Cemetery Plots, Services Offered, Employment and Real Estate. Only 1 item per ad and up to 2 ads per household each week.

Free Estimates Call Lance or Pete

770-599-3112 770-851-0516

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Thursday, April 24, 5:00 to 8:30 P.M.

Visit Downtown and Sample Some Of Newnan’s Best Eats!

Fun and Food For All Ages. Joy FM and the JJ Weeks Band will provide entertainment. Tokens can be purchased in advance at downtown Newnan merchants or at the event. Visit or for more information Sponsored by

April 26 …

April 26 … Walk With A Doc Piedmont Newnan

Mark The Date! Tuesdays …

April 25 …

Tuesday Night Dinners As of Feb.18, Mount Gilead United Methodist Church will serve dinner on Tuesday nights from 5-7 PM in the Fellowship Hall. The menu ($7.00 per plate) will vary. Mount Gilead UMC is located at 2651 Hwy 16 East in Sharpsburg, next to Blossman Gas Co. Please call 770-254-8876 for directions, menu info or other questions.


Mark The Date!


April 24 … Spring Taste of Newnan on the historic downtown Court Square on Thursday, April 24 from 5-8:30 p.m. MainStreet Newnan hosts the event and has partnered with The Joy FM to bring the up-and-coming JJ Weeks Band for entertainment. Funnel cakes, fried oreos and ice cream, face painting, carnival rides and other fun activities located in the KIDZ ZONE on West Washington Street. Restaurants and sponsors with their homemade goods will be set up to serve food and beverages throughout the evening. Tokens can be purchased in advance at downtown Newnan merchants or at the event. Call Main Street Newnan 770-253-8283 for more info.


Mark The Date!


Gentle Tai Chi & Qigong at The Carnegie at 2:30 p.m. Adults & Seniors. Gentle exercise guided by instructor Yvette Monet. For all levels of physical ability: no floor exercise. Improves balance, concentration, flexibility, and strength. Free. Registration required. Call to reserve your spot 770-683-1347. 1 LaGrange St., Newnan. newnancarnegie. com


Mark The Date!


Nutrition In Action at The Carnegie Friday at 2:30 p.m. Join Christine Issa, Registered Dietician. Learn about reading food labels, selecting food choices, preparing recipes and more. Limited spots available. Call now 770-683-1347. The Carnegie, 1 LaGrange St.,


Mark The Date!


April 26 … Merle Haggard Concert event set for VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton. Country Music Hall of Famer Haggard will be the headlining act of a Southern Moon Productions concert event on Saturday, April 26 in Carrollton. He’ll take the stage at 8 p.m. and follow warm-up bands such as the Groove Gypsies, SawDust and the Malpass Brothers, Chris and Taylor. The Master of Ceremonies will be Hall of Fame Disc Jockey Rhubarb Jones. Gates open at the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton at 5:30 p.m. Tickets for the concert are $61 for VIP seating and $48 for General Admission and Lawn Seating. The tickets can be purchased at For more information, call 770360-2531.


Mark The Date!


Car Show 7th Annual Cruisin’ for the Cats Car Show & Shine, Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Great Harley-Davidson facility at 185 E Hwy. 16, Newnan. Vendors, 50/50, great food, door prizes, live DJ and much more. Check in at 8:30 a.m, Awards at 2 p.m. $5 admission (includes 1 door prze raffle ticket). Benefits Newnan High School Band Programs. For more information please visit

Hospital and the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities partner for “Walk with a Doc” the fourth Saturday of each month at 8:30 a.m. through August, with the exception of the month of May. Piedmont doctors will host each walk, lasting approximately 45 minutes, at Carl Miller Park, located at 70 Sewell Road in Newnan. April 26 Walk with Dr. Richard Jadick, Urology, and talk about men’s health, general wellness, prostate cancer and more. Participants will receive a pedometer to help them keep track of the number of steps taken. Doctors will take five minutes to talk on a health topic of their choice at the main pavilion at the park, and participants can ask questions freely for the remainder of the session. Registration is requested but not required for this free event. To register, and to learn more about the Walk with a Doc program and the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities, visit


Mark The Date!


Spring Yard Sale Senoia Area Historical Society Saturday April 26th from 8am to 2pm on the grounds of our museum located at 6 Couch St., Senoia (corner of Pylant and Couch Sts.) Home decor items, baby items, electronics, furniture, art & frames, desks, books, toys, garden items, tools, holiday items, etc. We are currently accepting donations for the sale. Anyone can drop off items any Friday or Saturday between 1:00 and 4:00 and we will be happy to accept them. Any questions can be answered by society representative Nancy Roy at 770-599-6321.


Mark The Date!


Coweta Veterans Club Bike Run for raising our roof, registration at 11 a.m. at The Great Harley-Davidson, 185 E Hwy. 16, Newnan and finishing at the American Legion around 2:00 p.m. Call 770-251-6949 after 4 for more information.


Mark The Date!


Check Website For More Calendar of Event Info

“Friends of Wadsworth Concert — The Legacy Continues” will be held April 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Wadsworth Auditorium. Courtenay Budd, better known as Becky in her hometown of Newnan, has arranged for some world-class musicians to perform this year, which include some of Newnan’s favorites; violinist Chee-Yun, cellist Edward Arron, clarinetist Todd Palmer, pianists Jeewon Park and Andrew Armstrong. General admission tickets are $20 and are available at Let Them Eat Toffee on the Downtown Court Square, The Downtown Visitor’s Center in the Historical Courthouse, Morgan’s Jewelers in Ashley Park and Bank of North Georgia at Thomas Crossroads.


Mark The Date!


Cruise In and Bike Night every 4th Saturday at Great South Harley-Davidson. 4 to 7 p.m. Rain or Shine. Door Prizes, Music, 50/50, Cruiser of the Month Award. Free to all vehicles. 185 East Hwy 16, Newnan, Exit 41 off I-85. Contact Mary 706-668-7731, for more info


Mark The Date!


April 27 … Taste of Senoia at the Veranda Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn, 252 Seavy St., Senoia. There will be 2 separate seatings for this year’s ‘Taste of Senoia’: 3:30 to 5:00 PM and 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Ticket prices remain at only $10 each, and the price of admission includes an entry into the grand raffle with the lucky winner receiving an overnight’s stay at the Veranda. Buy your tickets early as sales will be limited. Tickets can be purchased through April 19 from Senoia Optimist Club members or at Chloe’s (770-599-8664), Senoia Coffee and Café (770-599-8000). Table Talk (770-599-9700) and at the Coweta County Visitors Center (770-254-2627).


Mark The Date!


Please Let Them Know You Saw It In

The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 19



CARROLLTON VFW FAIR GROUNDS 1625 Bankhead Hwy • Carrollton, GA 30117


Tickets Available At the Carroll County Fairgrounds Box Office

Thursday & Friday, April 25 & 26, 9 to 7 Saturday, April 26 - Box Office Open 9 till Showtime!

Gates open at 5:30 p.m. ★ 770-306-2531 prior to donating blood. To schedule an appointment for an upcoming blood drive at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, visit and enter sponsor code “piedmontnewnan” or call 1-800-RED CROSS.


Literary Circle at The Carnegie. “Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World" by Matthew Goodman. Reservations required, please call 770-683-1347 to sign up. 1 LaGrange St., Newnan, GA 30263. www.


Mark The Date!


April 30 … Computer Tutor - Explore Facebook at The Carnegie Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Develop and improve your computer skills with instructor Nancy Olsen. Explore the Facebook website, learn how to download photos, create a photo album and more. Bring your wireless laptop or look on with others. The Carnegie, 1 LaGrange St., 770-683-1347,


Mark The Date!


May 1 … The Nerd opens at Southside Community Theatre, 20 West Campbellton Street (GA Hwy. 92) in Fairburn. The Nerd is a side-splitting comedy classic written by Larry Shue and Directed by Chris Shellnutt. The hilarious play opens Thursday, May 1 and runs the next three weekends. The shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday begin at 8:00 PM and Sunday matinees at 2:30 PM. Visiting stg-, call the box office at 770-969-0956 or email the box office at boxoffice@stgplays. com for tickets. Ticket prices are as follows: First weekend advance on-line is $14 or at the door for $15. The last two weekends advance on-line at $16 and at the door for $17.50. Children under 12 are $ 8 for all shows.


Mark The Date!


May 2 … The First Friday 5pm- until Downtown Newnan is alive after 5 on the First Friday of every month! During the First Friday, downtown guest will enjoy shopping after normal business hours, community entertainment and dining specials at our downtown restaurants. Southern Outdoor Cinema’s “Screen on the Green” event for May 2nd will be Disney’s “Frozen” on an oversized inflatable screen in First Avenue Park. The event will be FREE to the public. Please visit for more information regarding Main Street Newnan events.


Mark The Date!


May 3 …

Mark The Date!

April 28 …

Mark The Date!


Blood Drives Piedmont Newnan Hospital and the American Red Cross will host blood drives at Piedmont Newnan Hospital on May 2 and July 11. All will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Conference Room 2. To give blood, a donor must be: in good health; age 17 years or older; weigh at least 110 pounds; not have donated blood within the last 56 days; and, show a valid photo I.D. It is recommended donors eat a snack or meal within two hours

Market Day 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.- Join MainStreet Newnan the first Saturday of each month for Market Days! The best home grown, home made or hand made products this side of Atlanta with over 60+ vendors! Stroll the streets of Downtown and discover the unique products. Pickin’ on the Square, Saturday May 3 and 17, 11am - until Join us for Pickin’ on the Square! All musicians are invited to come down to Newnan’s Historic Courthouse Square and play. All music genres and skill levels are welcome. Acoustic only. Call Main Street Newnan at 770-253-8283 for more information.


Mark The Date!


Customer Appreciation Day at SMF Cycles Food, fun and prizes will be in abundance on Saturday, May 3 as SMF Cycles celebrates another Customer Appreciation Day at its 110 Bullsboro Drive store from Noon to 8 p.m. A motorcycle stunt show, featuring Aaron Twite, is scheduled as well as a Bike Show with trophies and prizes from 2-4 p.m. There will be lots of venders. For more information, call 770-683-0664 or visit:


Mark The Date!


Golf Tournament Coweta Veterans Club hosts tournament at Orchard Hills Golf Course, Hwy. 16, Newnan. 2:00 p.m., 4 man teams and scramble start. This is a fundraiser to replace our roof. Call Dick Dennis 404625-2711 or 770-251-6949 after 4:00 p.m. for more information.

May 5 … Big Give Blood Drive Dr. Gerald Troutman Big Give Blood Drive, sponsored by The Coweta Community Foundation (www., benefiting the American Red Cross & Bridging the Gap! Monday, May 5th from 9 am to 6 pm at the Ashley Park Shopping Shopping Center, 370 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan (next to DSW). Prospective donors can make online appointment at (use sponsor code “cowetacf”). Donations of the following items acceptedon behalf of Bridging the Gap: boxed mac n cheese, canned vegetables, boxed/bagged rice, boxed grits, prepackaged breakfast items (i.e. cold cereal or oatmeal packets), boxed pasta or spaghetti, canned fruit, snack items (granola bars, crackers, etc), canned meat (i.e. tuna or ham), canned soup or beef stew, dry beans, ramen noodle soup, canned/jarred tomato sauce, peanut butter, and jelly.


Mark The Date!


May 8 … ONE Decision Fundraising Gala for Coweta Pregnancy Services at The Newnan Centre, 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road / Newnan. Special guest Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life America. 2014 Silent Auction begins at 6:00 PM. Dinner and Program begin at 7:00 PM. To purchase tickets or to host a table please call 770-2517158 or email There will be an opportunity extended to invest in the center. Dinner is complimentary.


Mark The Date!


Check Website For More Calendar of Event Info

Page 20 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J


Get a Deal on Your Next Vacation


Here’s some advice from local travel experts on how to make your dollars stretch when making vacation plans.

“The Little Store That Pays You More”

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1 Mile East of Thomas Crossroads Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Saturday by appointment; Sunday closed.


Whether it’s Father’s Day, Graduation, or any occasion, we can help

Let Us Help Make That Special Day even more Special!

Would you like to take a break from your routine and see some new sights?


: What is your advice for how to save on flights, hotels, rental cars and cruises?

“We always recommend to “bundle” flights, hotels, and rental cars into packages, which usually offers a lower total price,” said Michael Hicks, Executive Vice President at Uniglobe Travel Partners. :

When booking flights, Hicks says: ◆ Flying midweek is much cheaper than flying on weekends ◆ Being flexible on flight times and dates may lead to lower fares. ◆ Do not buy the day prior to departure ◆ Book travel arrangements on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ◆ Avoid holidays


“We are in close proximity to many cruise ports and coastal areas for those wanting a beach type of getaway, and we have mountains, lakes and state parks nearby for those wanting a more nature-oriented vacation,” McDonal said. :

$300 to $2,000 *

*All loans are subject to our liberal credit policy and credit limitations, if any.

Advertise Your Memorial Day Specials In

The Coweta

Shopper Memorial Day Is May 26 770-254-1421

In the Atlanta area, airfare to the Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica and Dominican Republic tends to cost less. Also, avoiding airfare altogether can result in huge savings. From the Atlanta area, there are many cruise ports within driving distance, making cruising a fantastic option. These ports include Jacksonville, Tampa and Port Canaveral in Florida, as well as New Orleans, La. and Charleston, S.C. It’s also possible to drive to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Fla. : If a person is on a budget but still wants to get away, could you recommend some a) local trips and b) vacation destinations?

Personal Loans from

159 Temple Ave Ste E Newnan GA 30263 (770) 251-5010

Airfare is often a large part of vacation expenses, so travelers should seek a vacation destination that has reasonably priced airfare, said Luann McDonal, Franchise Owner and Vacation Specialist at CruiseOne.

For local vacations, Hicks recommends Atlanta, which offers the “Atlanta City Pass” to the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, Zoo Atlanta and Fernbank Museum. Also in Atlanta, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Stone Mountain Park and Callaway Gardens. Other nearby options include Savannah, Chattanooga, Tenn. (Ruby Falls, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Lookout Mountain), Charleston, S.C. and Chateau Elan Travelers can get the best prices to Europe during Resort in Braselton, Ga. November and early May, he added. In the U.S., Hicks recommends Maine (Summer-Fall), To save on cruises: San Francisco (cable cars, Alcatraz, wine country), Chicago, ◆ Travel during low season New York City, Orlando, Fla. (Disney World, Universal (September-November) Studios, Sea World and cruises leaving from Port Canaveral), ◆ Stay away from holidays Florida Keys, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and ◆ Travel consultants have relationships with the Washington D.C. cruise lines and may be able to upgrade you to a : What are the cheapest international destinations? better cabin, obtain lower rates, receive onboard credit, etc.

“If booking a family trip (4-plus people), we recommend starting to plan more than one year in advance due to payment options, customization of trip, more availability, and lower prices. A U.S.A. Today study found that booking travel arrangements 54 days in advance for domestic, 121 days for Europe and 83 days for Mexico will give you the “best” travel prices,” Hicks said.


: What are some reasonably priced destinations for family vacations?


“Cruises offer the best value because all meals and entertainment are included in the price,” Hicks said.

Q A :

The most affordable way to travel internationally is usually to find all-inclusive trips, which combine your airfare, car and hotel, said Hicks. He recommends Cancun, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Greece, Turkey, Mexico and Aruba.

“There are things for all ages on a cruise (spas, workout “Finding the “best value” should be the goal,” McDonal adds. facilities, miniature golf, water slides, tours of the ship, ice skating, musical performances, magic shows, etc.) All-Inclusive Resorts “Most consumers have an idea of where they want to go or what are also great choices for family vacations because food and type of experience they want to have and their goal is to get the best deal on that vacation. This is just another reason to utilize a entertainment are included in total cost of trip.” travel agent.” He also recommends Disney for families with children For instance, airfare between the U.S. and Europe is under the age of 12 and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, which currently very expensive due to high taxes. A travel agent can currently offers a “Kids Cruise Free” deal. work with a customer to find a vendor offering incentives for traveling to Europe to offset some of the cost, she said. LaTina Emerson



Contact the experts: Michael Hicks, Uniglobe Travel Partners, (770)-253-1641, Luann McDonal, CruiseOne, (678) 423-1259, J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 21

Mark The Date! May 13 …

May 8 … Volunteer Training Class ~ Coweta CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is holding a Volunteer Training class on Thursdays beginning May 8 - June 12 from 5:30-8:30. CASA trains and supports community volunteers to advocate for children in foster care through the court system. Visit our website for more info on CASA or call the CASA office at 770253-0046 for more information. You can also reach us at


Mark The Date!


May 10 … RACE for the Orphans 5K (Raising Awareness, Compassion, and Education), Saturday, May 10th at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. Tot Trot begins at 8:15 AM, 1 Mile Fun Run begins at 8:30 AM, 5K begins at 9:00 AM. Walkers welcome to participate. Race T-shirt guaranteed to all who register by May 1st. Early packet pickup on May 9th from 4-8 PM at Newnan Chick-fil-A Dwarf House. Race day registration and packet pickup begins at 7:30 AM at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. Visit www.racefortheorphans. to register and for more information.


Mark The Date!


Great South Harley-Davidson Open Show All Makes, Models, Ages & A Swap Meet. 185 E. Hwy. 16, Newnan. Swap Meet 9 a.m. until ? Car Show 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rain or Shine. Top 20 Plus Best of Awards, Door Prizes, Dash Plaques, Goody Bags, 50/50, Music, Auction and More. Benefits God’s Bread Basket Local Food Pantry. More information Mary 706-668-7731 or e-mail


Mark The Date!


May 13 … Community Blood Drive ~ Coweta County Fire Department, Air Life Georgia & American Red Cross Community Blood Drive May 13, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Coweta County Fire Dept., 483 Turkey Creek Rd., Newnan. 770-254-3900, Visit, code: cowetacfd to schedule your donation


Mark The Date!


Master Gardeners’ Backyard Association Monthly Meeting ~ educational program sponsored by the Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEVs). Presentations are free to the public and are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Coweta County Extension Office, 255 Pine Road, Newnan. Please call (770) 254-2620 for reservations and to register for door prizes

Job Network Meeting ~ Check out our message board at com/group/FUMCJobNetwork/ where local area job listings are posted. Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM in the Parish Hall at 33 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA. You may reach us by telephone at 770-253-7400 or by going online at then select Ministries at the top of the Home Page and then Job Networking for more information. All are welcome and this event is free.


Mark The Date!


May 24 … Charity Bass Tournament Newnan’s St.

George Catholic Church annual fundraiser for Haiti relief. Director: Mark Biagiotti Saturday, May 24, at West Point Lake. $7,000 in cash prizes *based on 100 boat field. To register or for more info contact Roland Roger Jr.,, 770-251-1553 or 770-328-0498’


Mark The Date!


August 9 …

Mark The Date!



AT THE FESTIVAL GATE! One discount purchase per person with valid Driver’s License. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Saturdays & Sundays including Memorial Day 10:30am – 6pm • OPEN RAIN OR SHINE! Located on I-85 at Exit 61 - Fairburn 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Rd. Fairburn, Georgia 30213 FOR MORE INFO VISIT WWW.GARENFEST.COM

Wynonna & the Big Noise to Perform at 2014 Black Tie & Boots West Georgia Technical College’s premier fundraiser of the West Georgia area. The proceeds go toward student scholarships, program improvements, facility upgrades and faculty development. The concert includes a seated meal at 7 p.m. with the concert beginning at 8 p.m. Attendees are treated to valet parking, a professional photographer, and a walk on the red carpet. Corporate sponsorships which include concert tickets and admission to a ‘meet and greet’ reception with Wynonna & the Big Noise are available for purchase now. A limited number of individual and group tickets will go on sale July 1 at $125 per person or $950 per table. For more information about becoming a sponsor, contact Kevin Cain at kevin.cain@ or 678-664-0516.




Check Out Our Website For More Events ~ - Mark The Date! Please e-mail your fund-raiser or non-profit event details to or call 770-254-1421, fax 770-254-8283, mail P O Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 we’ll publish ~ with editor’s approval as space allows

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Juliana’s Galleries Beautiful Living ~ Affordably Priced

Last 3 weeks of huge savings! Our remodel is almost complete. Come in and peek at our new look in progress. Save up to

70% off MSRP

Mon.-Fri. 10-6; Sat. 10-5. • 770-251-2500 • 27,000 Sq. Ft. of Showrooms @ 50 Amlajack Blvd., Newnan

We Have A Warm Heart For Cold Noses

Now Accepting Pet Food Donations For One Roof

“Pet Resort & Spa” 770-253-7234

22 JEFFERSON PLACE Downtown Newnan, behind Pizza Hut

40 Years Experience !

Join Us Thursday, May 1st For Our Pre-Grand Opening Acers Road, Newnan, Georgia

Supporting A Better Way Ministries

Free PickuP

of your donations

• Shop • Donate • Volunteer 150 Pine Road, newnan, Ga 30263

770-252-4061 •

Smelly HouSe? After all the snow and cold weather we’ve experienced lately, we are all ready to throw open some windows and let in some fresh air. Out with the old stale germy air and in with some new fresh sweet air, minus the pollen. When your house is on the market, odors can either make or break a sale. How do you know if your house smells? If you cook, have children, own pets or smoke, you have odors and your house may smell fine to you, but to others it can be a turn off. How do you live in a house with any of the above and keep it smelling fresh? Cooking Odors – while your house is on the market, grilling is a great option for keeping the food odors down. Although I love the smell of bacon when I’m hungry, it doesn’t smell so great the next day when it’s lingering around. Fish, turnips, collards all of these delicious southern foods can really stink up a house, so you may have to wait until you move to enjoy these favorite dishes or enjoy them somewhere else while your house is on the market. Children – Especially teens have an odor that only that age group can produce. It must be the hormones ramping up and turning them into young adults. Keeping their bed linens washed weekly, keeping wet towels off the floor and keeping their sports clothing and equipment cleaned and out of their rooms will help a lot with their special scents. Babies and young children can go either way. Who doesn’t love the smell of a clean child with baby shampoo, lotion and powder all over them? It’s all rainbows and butterflies until you walk into the room where the “diaper genie” is kept, then it’s all downhill from there. Get rid of that dirty diaper tower and put their dirties in the outside receptacle while the house is on the market. Pets – I must be very careful here since I have pets of my own that help produce their own special “fragrance” around here, but my house isn’t on the market, so although I don’t won’t my house to smell like them, I don’t have to be as mindful about it as a home seller would be that has pets. Folks, pets smell! Dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters & gerbils, fish…they all create unpleasant odors. Cleaning their bedding, cages and tanks more than usual will help. Keeping litter boxes cleaned and placing their food in air tight containers will help. Using essential oils (aromatherapy) to remove odors not only makes everything smell wonderful, the essential oils have anti-bacterial properties and last longer than a spray or plug –in. Smoking – Just don’t do it! It’s bad for you…the surgeon general says so on the package of your cigs. If you must smoke, do it outside in an area where a buyer will not have to walk and wash your clothing, bedding, etc. more than you usually do. I’ve had sellers say “we never smoke in the house…our house shouldn’t smell like smoke!” Well I have news for you…to us non-smokers, the house still smells like smoke. It’s in your closets on your clothing, it’s in your beds on your linens and it stinks. It will kill a deal quicker than anything will. Don’t underestimate the sense of smell when you have your house on the market. For more help on preparing your house to sell, contact…. Nan Johnston, Southern Staging & Redesign, J April 23, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 23

Page 24 J The Coweta Shopper J April 23, 2014 J

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The Coweta Shopper April 23, 2014  
The Coweta Shopper April 23, 2014  

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