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We are large enough to provide the most innovative treatment options, but small enough to care about YOU!”

Jack Peek’s Sales, Inc. “Your Lawn Equipment Headquarters”

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Helpful tips to save $$$ at the grocery store

Buying food is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Learn how to find the best deals to keep your pantry and freezer stocked and still maintain your budget. Here are eight ways which you can save on groceries: n Establish a budget Each month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) calculates the U.S. average for the cost of food at home. Using data on prices for specific food items, the USDA suggests food plans that offer a nutritious diet at four different cost levels: thrifty, low-cost, moderate-cost and liberal. It also reports the average food costs for people of different age and gender groups, as well as families. The basis of the food plans is that all meals and snacks are prepared at home. To determine how your food spending compares to the USDA’s food plans and establish a reasonable budget, visit http://www.cnpp. Based on the July 2016 report, a family of four with a couple (male and female, ages 1950) and children (ages 6-8 and 9-11) would spend the following on food per month: thrifty plan ($639.60), low-cost plan ($841.80), moderatecost plan ($1,050.40) and liberal plan ($1,276.20).

Coweta’s Deal Finder LaTina Emerson n Shop where best deals are ALDI, a discount grocery store, reports that its ALDI-exclusive brands are up to 50 percent cheaper than comparable products sold at leading national competitors. In addition, shoppers may soon find better deals at Kroger. A recent article by Business Insider reports that Kroger is slashing prices and Kroger executives are focused on offering more privatelabel, or store brand, products. It’s important to review sales ads regularly and look out for deals at a variety of stores. For instance, drug stores, such as Rite Aid and Walgreens, occasionally offer low prices on essential items such as toilet paper and paper towels. n Track food prices In the book “The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half,” Stephanie Nelson recommends tracking food prices for at

least six weeks, ideally 12 weeks, to get a true sense of the best prices for items on your list. This will help you know when a sale is really a sale. Depending on how much time and effort you want to invest, track prices at several stores or stick to your regular grocery store. Check advertised prices once a week and record them in a notebook. After you’ve determined the pattern for when prices are their lowest, this will help you reduce spending on preferred items. n Compare unit prices The unit price tells how much an item costs per unit of weight or volume, such as ounces, pounds or quarts. This information is often posted on the shelf below the food next to the price display. Compare the unit price of similar products of different brands or packages of different sizes to find out which one gives you more for your money. To get the best deal, choose the food that has the lowest price per unit. n Stock up when on sale After tracking prices, you’ll know how often your favorite items go on sale. Stock up when prices are at their lowest. n Purchase store brands Most grocery stores offer a wide variety of store brands, which are often cheaper than similar brand name items and taste just as good.

n Buy in bulk If you’re shopping for a family and need large quantities of items, buying in bulk from wholesale clubs, such as BJs Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club or Costco, can help you get the most for your money. Note that wholesale clubs generally charge an annual membership fee. n Use coupons Several grocery stores, such as Kroger and Publix, offer digital coupons on their websites. Every Friday, Kroger shoppers can download a digital coupon for a free item. This offer is only available for customers with a account. To find the Free Friday Download, sign in to your account, go to the “Savings” tab on Kroger’s website and click on “Digital Coupons.” The coupon must be redeemed in two weeks. Shoppers can also clip coupons from the sales ads found in newspapers. Even drug stores, such as Rite Aid and Walgreens, offer coupons in their sales ads and printable or downloadable coupons on their websites. To maximize savings, find out the coupon policies at stores where you shop frequently, such as whether they offer store coupons, double or triple coupon values and accept manufacturer’s, competitors’ or Internet coupons. M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 3

The Shopper Staff Rusty Kuehl Advertising Sales 770-301-6410 •

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Joey Howard Digital Editor / Sales 404-698-0734 • Ruth Harris Doyal Composition 770-254-1421 • Joseph E. Williams Publisher 770-254-1421 • The Coweta Shopper is published by AdMedia, Inc. P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 770-254-1421 The Coweta Shopper is a popular and effective advertising guide mailed weekly to 10,000+ homes and businesses throughout Coweta county. We have successfully served the Coweta county area for over twenty years with our consumer-oriented guide consisting of a wide variety of retail and service advertisers, along with classified advertisements. Our office is located on the corner of Hwy. 29 South & Pine Road Office Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 9 - 4. 770-254-1421 • Fax 770-254-8283 e-mail web: Mailing address is: P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 The Coweta Shopper reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising as we feel is in the best interest of our publication.


he word “tradition” describes the long-time acceptance of an idea, custom, belief or mentality passed down through the generations, usually orally and demonstrative. It can be a good thing or it can be just a continuation of what was best at one time or another. Tradition can “excuse” us from having an original idea and gives permission to take the road “most” traveled. As we advance in age, (I’m qualified to say this) we begin to close our minds to new ideas that could engender some new and interesting possibilities, which can become a barrier between the generations. And that’s too bad, because there is a lot each generation can offer the other. Believe it or not, I was once a young “knuckle head”, eschewing tradition and looking for something different. Along with many other youths, I questioned the ideas of the “old guard” and was ready to do my own thing. The traditionalists (those old poots!) complained that my music was too loud, my britches too tight, my hair too long, my grades too low, and my car too fast. (But I considered myself somewhat of a conservative, as there was not a single tattoo to be found on my body!) Well, I made it through life (so far) and have gained enough experience and wisdom along the way to qualify as an “Old Poot Traditionalist” in my own right. Tradition is nothing more than the latest “new idea” that caught on and stuck around for a long time – maybe too long. So today’s new and better way, if it’s any good, may in the future become the new “Traditional Way”. I’ve been around a while now and have made every mistake you can imagine. But I’ve had my share of successes, too, which qualifies me to share what I have learned with this new generation of “knuckle heads”. However, they have some fresh, new and interesting ideas that should not be dismissed by the “mature” among us, but embraced. Let’s start listening to some differing opinions instead of closing our minds to those who don’t seem to share our current, traditional ideologies which may have been hanging on the vine a little too long. Maybe I’ll let my hair grow long again and sport a beard. And I might just turn the volume up on my music and buy some bell-bottom pants so I can be “tuned in and ready” when these new ideas start coming my way. But I don’t think I’ll be fooling anybody who sees my wrinkled face and silver hair. I’ll just be considered an “old poot traditionalist wearing bell-bottom britches”! You just can’t win.


Page 4 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

ARNALL GROCERY COMPANY Serving Coweta County since 1869

25% OFF

PLOT AllDEER In-Stock SUPPLIES Thermometers & Rain Gauges Expires 8/3/16

---- Locally Owned and Operated ------- Locally Owned and Operated ---32 East Washington Street • Newnan GA 30263 32 East Washington Street • Newnan GA 30263

770-253-4556 • 770-253-4556 • Hours: M-F, 8-5:30; Sat, 8-5 Hours: M-F, 8-5:30; Sat, 8-5

Ask your County Agent

Q. How do I get rid of fall armyworms? A.

Calls about fall armyworms (FAW) began coming into our office during the first week of August. They can cause extensive damage to lawns, pastures and hayfields in a very short amount of time. Armyworms prefer bermudagrass and dry weather. We had near perfect conditions for them this summer. While it is unusual for them to kill grass, it can happen if they attack a newly sodded or newly sprigged area. In pastures and hayfields, they can significantly affect hay yields and limit forage for livestock and horses. If you aren’t actively looking for them, sometimes the damage is done before you realize the armyworms are even there. It is important to scout often for them this time of year. Photo by Russ Ottons, University of Georgia,

Young armyworms are one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch long. Mature ones are one and a half inches. They are dark, with several light stripes down the length of the body. The head or “face” has an inverted Y on it. Adult moths are active at night and can lay several hundred eggs. Eggs hatch in two to ten days, and the young begin to feed on leaf tissue. FAW are most active early and late in the day, spending the hottest part of the day near the soil in the shade. Larvae feed for two three weeks before pupating in the soil. Moths emerge ten to fourteen days later. There may be two to three cycles of armyworms in a season. Sometimes the first sign is birds flocking over a field or in a lawn. Birds will eat caterpillars, but they are no match for hundreds of them. The threshold for treatment is three armyworms per square foot, and there are many products available. For control options, contact the County Extension office at 770-254-2620 for recommendations and ask for the publication, “Caterpillar Pest in Pastures & Hayfields” or “Fall Armyworms in Turf ”. You may also visit our website at www.

Stephanie R. Butcher

County Coordinator Agricultural & Natural Resources Agent UGA Extension – Coweta County

Q. How do I enter my exhibit in the


Coweta County Fair?

If you grew up going to county fairs like I did, and you’ve visited the Coweta County Fairgrounds, then you know that the Kiwanis Coweta County Fair is one of the best in the state. The Coweta facilities are second to none and this agricultural fair offers one-of-a- kind fun, educational opportunities to all ages. It’s not just a carnival! One of the best parts of the fair is the individual exhibit entries. There are hundreds of categories to choose from in agriculture, art, baked goods, handicrafts, horticulture, photography, and preserved foods. Check-in for individual entries for agriculture, art, baked goods, handicrafts, photography, and preserved foods will be at the Coweta Fairgrounds Exhibit Building on the following dates and times: Sunday, September 11 from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday, September 12 from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 13 from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. All Horticulture exhibits check-in on Monday, September 19 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Photo by Stephanie Butcher

Individual entries will be open to the public each day of the fair beginning on Friday, September 16 at 5:00 p.m. You may pick up your entries and any premium checks on Sunday, September 25 between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. For more information about Kiwanis Coweta County Fair activities or entering contests, visit or call 770-254-2620. M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 5

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“Employment Opportunity”

Arnall Grocery Company .....................................................4 Bliss Salon & Day Spa of Newnan .........................................8 Binion Tire Pros .................................................................16 Boss Tree Service.................................................................6 Boulevard Salon, The.........................................................10 Candy Vogue ......................................................................8 Chylaca’s Mexican Restaurant & Grill ....................................6 Cook’s Pest Control ...........................................................13 Coweta Community Foundation .........................................10 Coweta’s Veterans Club .....................................................12 Dragonfly Running Company................................................9 Emmanuel Baptist Church ..................................................18 Franklin Road Animal Clinic ...............................................20 Gentry & Associates, Inc. Used Cars ...................................14 Georgia Dental Implant Center ..........................................19 Georgia Lawn Equipment ...................................................14 Hemrick’s Grocery & Deli.....................................................5 Home Helpers of Georgia & Alabama ................................18 Insignia of Newnan Senior Living & Memory Care ................10 Jack Peek’s Sales, Inc. .........................................................1 Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring ...............................................3 Kiwanis Coweta County Fair ...............................................28 Knox & Panoply .................................................................12 Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors ........................................................13 McGuire’s Buildings .........................................................12 MedaPhase, Inc. ............................................................2,11 Mega Mattress Furniture & More.........................................13 National Home Craft .........................................................21 Nationwide Insurance / The Keats Agency .............................4 Newnan C&C Auto Sales & Repair ......................................12 Newnan-Coweta Humane Society ..................................23,26 New Tech Photo ................................................................10 OrthoAtlanta Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Specialists ..............1 Outreach Church ..............................................................11 Pet’s Paradise Grooming Salon & Spa .................................20 PhySlim Physician Guided Weight Loss & Wellness .................9 Piedmont Healthcare .........................................................27 Pioneer Ford .....................................................................17 Scott Evans Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep ..........................15 Smallcakes Cupcakery .........................................................9 Simply Mattress ...................................................................9 Stemberger & Cummins, P.C. ...............................................7 Superior Tree Service .........................................................21 Township Coins.................................................................17 Uniforms Plus ....................................................................17 United Bank ........................................................................7 Vein Specialists of Georgia.................................................11 Wholesale Expo ................................................................22 Wiley Sanders Truck Lines ..................................................21 Williams Insurance Agency .................................................10

Selling Advertising To Businesses In Our Community

$ Work Part Time or Full Time $ Set your Own Hours $ Customized Pay Package I would like to hire an experienced sales person to call on businesses in our community, offering them the best advertising value available here. The right person will look and act professionally, have a pleasing personality, and represent our publication with honesty and integrity. The amount of money you earn will depend on your ability and motivation. I am willing to offer a customized pay package for the right person. If this could work for you, please email Joe Williams. Tell me your ability and your needs. We’ll go from there.

HEMRICK’S GROCERY & DELI Pick 5 Meats Est. 1972




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1 $ 19 Whole Wings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 $ 29 Drumsticks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ¢ Leg Quarters . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 Split Breast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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And More

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499 $ 99 Royal Smoke Picnic . . . . . . . . 5 $ 99 Market Bacon . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 $ 99 Wamplers Sausage Patties 9 oz. . 2 $ Georgia Red Hots . . . . . . . . . .

10 Franklin Road, Newnan • 770-253-6229 • 770-253-6667

each each



Page 6 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Margarita Specials Tuesday 12 oz Lime $2.50 Thursday 64 oz. Pitcher $11.99

Lunch Specials Monday - Friday starting at $4.75


Football Special

Sunday - Thursday

Pitcher Domestic Beer

6 $5 Off $ .99

20 Bullsboro Dr., Newnan 770-252-6821 3154 Hwy. 34 East, Newnan 770-502-0122 Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m.

$5 Off 25 or More Purchase


Not valid Friday & Saturday. Must present coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Tax not included. Dine in only. Expires 10.5.16

25 or More Purchase


Not valid Friday & Saturday. Must present coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Tax not included. Dine in only. Expires 10.5.16

Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer

Fall is a Great Time at Coweta Extension! Kim Magyar, Coweta MGEV

Are you as excited for cooler fall weather as the Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEVs)? After all, fall weather is our reward for surviving summer! Many of our trees and plants take on the most gorgeous colors and fall is the BEST time to plant trees and shrubs. MGEVs will be available to assist you with your lawn and garden questions at many different venues this fall. m The “Ask a Master Gardener” booth will be set up at Market Day on the Square in downtown Newnan on Saturday, September 3 from 10am to 2pm. Although Market Day continues through December 3rd, September is the last month that MGEVs will be set up to answer gardening questions this year. Come visit Harley Stewart and other MGEVs to receive helpful information, pick up free literature, and enjoy the historic Newnan square. m The backyard (bYA) meeting on September 12 at 7pm will feature landscape designer DeWayne Gallatin speaking on “Layering Fall Bulbs in Annual Beds for Springtime Allure” and the October 11 BYA will feature guest speaker, Elise Cormier speaking on “Landscape Design”. BYA educational programs are free to the public and are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Coweta County Extension office. Come hear local and world renowned expert gardeners speak on a wide variety of topics. Call the Extension office to register for door prizes; registration is not required but is preferred. m On Thursday, September 29, 2016, the Coweta County Extension Office will present a Homeowner’s Well Water Protection Program. The program will cover proper well construction, well permitting, water quality concerns, and protecting your well. If you own or plan to drill a well, you need to know all you can about protecting your family’s health. Private well owners are solely responsible for maintaining safe drinking water for their families. Many contaminants are not noticeable at the tap, yet only 1 percent of private wells are tested annually. The upcoming workshop will

be from 6-8pm in the Don Morris meeting room at the Coweta County Extension office. The registration fee of $10 per person includes all printed materials and light refreshments.

best selection - fall is fabulous for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials.

m We hope you’re planning to attend the Kiwanis Coweta County Fair that will be held September

16 – 25 at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. Be sure to stop by the “Ask a Master Gardener” booth on Saturday, September 17th from 4pm – 6pm on the lawn in front of the Walker Horne Stage. MGEVs will be there to answer your gardening questions. Did you know that fall is the time to have your soil tested? Fall is also the best time to plant trees and shrubs.

Butterfly Bush & Japanese Spirea: Two plants that will be offered at the fall plant sale. m The MGEV Fall Plant Sale will be held on Saturday, October 8 from 9am-2pm at the Coweta County Greenhouse, located behind the Coweta County Extension office just inside the Coweta County Fairgrounds off Pine Road. This sale is co-coordinated by Master Gardeners Don Lambeck and Dave Langhoff with the assistance of the Greenhouse team. There will be a mix of sun and shade plants including trees (Japanese Maples, River Birch, Crape Myrtles, Corkscrew Willow, Red Buds), shrubs and perennials (variety of hydrangea, hellebores, foxgloves, red hot pokers, coneflowers, spirea, viburnum), and many more. All plants are reasonably priced as proceeds support Extension educational programs. Shop early for

from the 2015 Fall Tree Festival m For the kids, our second Fall Festival at the

McGuffey Nature Center, Coweta Fairgrounds Complex will be held Sunday, October 23 from 2-4 pm. Master Gardeners host this event to encourage families to visit the Nature Center and enjoy a natural outdoor habitat. The center is the county’s little known treasure with easy access to all of Coweta and nearby counties This outdoor learning adventure features activities and crafts for elementary school children and their families. Families will spend the afternoon enjoying the fall colors, learning about native plants and trees, walking the nature trail, participating in a scavenger hunt, and earning prizes for all. This free festival is organized by Master Gardener Dale Senko with the support of local companies who will contribute refreshments and prizes. Dale commented that Master Gardeners have volunteered many hours on The McGuffey Center Restoration Project which has included removal of invasive plant species, planting of native plants, and installation of new educational signage. Come see our progress and enjoy a fun, free family outing! m Do you need a speaker for your next community meeting or civic group? Are you interested in becoming a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer? Do you know any youth that would like to join 4-H? Do you need more information about any of the programs mentioned here? If so, then please contact us …

visit us online: • in person: 255 Pine Road, Newnan •by phone: 770-254-2620 • email M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 7

Customer Appreciation 2016 S E P T E M B E R 21–23


Stop by your local United Bank office and pick up your


along with a list of local retailers offering special discounts for United Bank customers.

FREE Customer Appreciation Lunch Sept. 23

Visit for details.




submit your business briefs to

Phylicia Collins joins Rooms For Less Sales Team Phylicia is a local mom of 3 who enjoys the country life and the outdoors. She grew up in Newnan and is a 2005 graduate of Northgate. “I have always enjoyed customer service and being able to have interaction with customers. I have started working for Rooms for Less and have really enjoyed it. Love the hours and the customer service I get to experience. When looking for furniture for your house I hope to be the one you come and see” ~ Phylicia. Rooms For Less Furniture & Mattress, 196 Temple Ave, Newnan, GA 30263, 770-251-6772.

Shane Loftin has recently started Shane’s Pest Solutions to serve the needs of homeowners in the Coweta and surrounding areas. He has over a decade of experience in the industry. “I’m locally owned and operated and I really believe in excellent customer service”, he told us. Shane is a military veteran and native of Coweta County. If you have a problem with termites, mosquitos, rodents or other pests, give him a call at 678-332-9270

Page 8 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Teatime with Angela The Agony of The Leaves 12 East Broad St. Newnan, GA

Fall into some farm sweets

“When freshly boiling water pours over these twisted, rolled-up leaves, all that stored-up flavor is released. The swirling and writhing of the leaves marks the moment when this happens. The moment is called the agony of the leaves. The plantation owners and workers, packers, buyers, shippers, and tea people the world over wait for this crucial moment when tea comes back to life.”

— Helen Gustafson, “The Agony of the Leaves”


One of the most underrated pleasures of tea is simply watching the leaves unfurl.

Hand-selected Candies

Artisan Chocolates

Vintage Candies

Fill A Bag, Fill A Box

There are numerous ways to prepare a cup of tea, and I do believe I’ve tried them all. I’ve prepared a full pot of loose tea and strained off the leaves, and I’ve plopped a half dozen tea bags into a small teapot and plucked them out prior to serving. In busy times—because one has to do what one has to do—I’ve heated a mug of water in the microwave before rather inelegantly dunking a tea bag inside. For my money, though, one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare a cup of tea is to steep loose tea leaves one cup at a time. My current favorite steeping gadget, and they are legion, is a stainless steel mesh infuser basket from Republic of Tea. These implements are widely available in grocery stores, online and from tea specialty shops.

A Sign from God

I recently tried a new green tea from a company in China, Teavivre, that has been kind enough to regularly send me fresh samples. This par-

Greison Trail, Newnan, GA 30265

ticular green tea, Nonpareil Te Gong Huang Shan Mao Feng, has some of the loveliest, most aromatic little tea leaves I’ve ever seen. I scooped a few into my infuser basket, placed the basket into a teacup, and added the proper temperature of water. (For green teas, that usually means the temperature is lower than for black teas and not a full rolling boil.) The result was a smooth, delicious cup of tea, one with what is known as an almost “buttery” mouth feel. When tea steeps by the cup like this, I get to appreciate it in several different ways. I take note of the appearance of the dry tea leaves, and then I also enjoy them in a different way when the agony of the leaves occurs, that magical ballet that is performed when loose tea and hot water are paired. Tea experts are fond of saying “tea likes to swim,” and while Michael Phelps has nothing to worry about, I must say I rather enjoy watching the tea leaves show off in the water. It’s a moment a tea lover can’t enjoy with an ordinary tea bag, so seeking out good quality loose tea is truly worth the effort. While my simple mesh infuser basket is my current favorite steeping tool, there are many other styles of these tools that can be used for steeping loose tea, and I like to collect them all. It’s just another of the many delights of sipping tea!

Angela McRae is a freelance writer and editor from Newnan, and she has a tea blog at Email your teatime questions and comments to her at M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 9

You can mail your calendar info to P O Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 Fax 770-254-8283 Phone 770-254-1421 email: We will publish at no charge, with editor’s approval, as space allows.


HUGE INVENTORY REDUCTION! Must make room for New Inventory Don’t wait ‘til Labor Day, Sale starts Today!

SIMPLY MATTRESS 1968 Hwy. 54 West, Peachtree City • 770-487-1968 Mon-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-5

Please mention you saw it in

The Coweta Shopper Celebrate


1 Coupon per visit. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 9/14/16.

113 Newnan Crossing Bypass Newnan GA 30265 (next to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant)

770-252-1400 send your calendar event or fundraiser details to before Friday at 1 p.m.

Page 10 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

We’re looking out for you!





Purses, Jewelry, Travel & More

Fundraising Luncheon Presented by

125 Temple Avenue • Newnan • 770-253-2435


To Benefit

Coweta Community Foundation Women’s and Children’s Fund

Down Payments as low as $57.

Williams Insurance Agency


With Guest Speaker

Mary Frances Bowley

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM

Founder of Wellspring Living

Serving Coweta County for 52 years. Family-Owned & Operated

The Newnan Centre 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road Newnan, GA 30265

Robin D.McGuffey Owner/Agent

Sponsorships and Individual Tickets Available Please visit or call The Foundation at 770-253-1833 Seating is limited, reserve today! Partners:

New Tech Photo Senior Portraits Formal Package



Includes 2 Backgrounds, Twelve Poses & Yearbook Disc Tuxedos & Drapes Provided 8 Casuals for only $10 Extra

770-251-0393 60F Millard Farmer Blvd., Newnan, GA 30263


of Newnan

(formerly Savannah Court)

The Boulevard Salon has moved to 254 Jefferson Street in Newnan at corner of Jefferson Street and Sprayberry Road.

The Boulevard Salon Full-Service Family Hair Salon Men’s, Women’s & Children’s Haircuts Color & Highlights • Foils • Waxing • Perms Charlotte Corley, Owner


Hours: Tues-Fri, 10-6; Sat, 9-3; Closed Sun-Mon

invites you to join us on

Thursday, September 8th from 4:00-6:00 p.m. for a

Ribbon Cutting & Grand Re-Opening Celebration! You are cordially invited to view our beautiful new look and meet our Residents, Associates, Directors and Owners along with the Coweta County Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres, beautiful music, select wines, tours and door prizes!

Ribbon Cutting and Balloon Launch at 4:30 p.m.! Please RSVP to (770) 251-6639 by Monday September 5th.

27 Belt Road, Newnan, GA 30263

• 770-251-6639 •

Insignia Senior Living … A Smile at Every Touch Point! M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 11

Page 12 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Newnan C & C Auto Sales & Repair

Newnan American Legion #57 Coweta Veterans Club


Sundays 6 p.m. & Tuesdays 7 p.m.

190 Greenville St., Newnan, GA 30263

770-683-9270 • 404-978-3003 se habla español! • Most Foreign and Domestic Repairs from • Full A/C Service • Electrical Diagnostics • General Mechanical

1,000 Jack Pot Premises Totally Smoke Free

Hall Is Available For Parties, Receptions

Hwy. 29 North, 1/2 mile from 34 Bypass


Rehearsing for NTC’s season opener, Moonlight and Magnolias, are (LtoR): Corey Hendrick, Michelle Mason, Robert Stowe, and Ralph Myers. For more information visit www. or call 770-683-6282.

• Collision Repair & Frame Straightening Will match or beat any estimate! Mention this ad and get 10% off any repair over $200

The choices are endless, and so is the comfort.

Where we treat you like gold.

Portable Buildings Gazebos • Greenhouses Family Owned since 1969

The only finish ready portables in the industry, custom-built for your needs.

Maintenance Free, Long Lasting Aluminum Siding

New Galvalume® Roofing — stronger/more attractive • Aluminum Steel, Wood or Vinyl Siding Available • Dozens of Options Available for Custom Orders


RECLINER Purchase, Finance or Rent-To-Own Professionally Delivered or Built On Site











$ Monday, September 5 th

now only


All Steel Structures

by McGuire’s Buildings • Sizes 12x20 up to 60x200 • Eave heights of 8’ tall up to 16’ tall • 2”x3” boxed tube in 14 gauge, G-90 Galvanized Framing • Double tube framing on 40’ wide or wider • 15 standard colors to choose from • Built on concrete or directly on the ground (or any level surface) • Many door sizes to choose from • AG panel ribbed siding or dutch lap steel siding available • Floor planned to meet your specific needs

Carports • RV Covers Horse Barns Garages • Shops

28 Bullsboro Drive (directly across from water tower)

Mon.- Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm; Sat. 9:00am - 3:00pm; Closed Sun. | 770-502-7007







Plus... ask about upgrading to Power and /or Memory Foam cushions. See store for details.


75 Greenville Street, Downtown Newnan


KNOX COMPANY INC (across the street from the new Justice Center) Same Location Since 1955


12 Months Interest Free Financing Available

Monday-Friday 9-6; Saturday 9-5; Closed Sunday

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6/9/16 2:40 PM M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 13

$ Save $50.00 25.00 on any any initial initial service service with on with this this coupon.* coupon.

“Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”

14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263


MLS #08006829 4.61 ACRES ON POSEY ROAD - Heavily wooded with stream. Ideal for homesite or AConTposey future development.CJust NoffTHwyR34 R O NDEthomas RoadUnear Crossroads. $69,900. (FRANK)

MLS #07157718 STOCKED 9 ACRE LAKE & 1 acre pond on this beautifully wooded 61.745 acre tract. Road system makes enjoying this acreage a breeze! Rural area of fine homes. Parklike setting. Lots of wildlife. Zoned Rural Conservation. $5,350/Ac. (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07270722 GENTLEMAN’S ESTATE, 47.2 open & wooded acres on Smokey Rd. Fenced & crossfenced, 4 stall barn w/Apt. Inviting Gunite pool. State of the art dog kennels, stunning master suite w/600 Sq. Ft. Bath. Updated kitchen w/ granite all the extras. Shows like a model. New Price: $659,900. (FRANK or JESS)

CIRCA 1885 COTTAGE ON WESLEY STREET. Needs extensive work but could be restored. Has 3 Units – Unit A is vacant CTUnit w/2BR, Unit B rents C w/2BR, NTRA O$400/mo. ER forw/1BR. UNforD$270/mo. C rents property is sold “AS IS” with no repairs by seller. New Price: $49,900. (JESS or FRANK)

FRANK BARRON, Broker 770-231-9535

MLS #08021174 RECENTLY RENOVATED, 3BR/2BA RANCH, New carpet/flooring & fresh paint! Move in ready! LR w/vaulted ceiling & fpl, Kit. w/new ss appliances, new tile floor, brkfst bar & area w/judges paneling. Easy access to I-85S, Newnan & Kia plant. $142,500. (JESS)

MLS #07425796 28.8 WOODED AND OPEN ACRES oN WELCoME RoAD with half ownership in 2 acre stocked pond. Approximately 9 acres pine timber RAtreeCThouse and mature oaks. OneCacre field Twith R ONchoice NDENumerous style U deerstand. building sites. Great location near school. Will consider owner financing. Only $7,200 PER ACRE. (FRANK)

JESS BARRON Associate Broker 678-857-9350

MLS #08038070 CIRCA 1880 RESTORED FARMHOUSE on 4.7 mostly open acres just off I-85 at Moreland, CT 4BR/3.5BA, plus 1BR/1BA TRAapartment, Ngarage NDERpool,COupdated 21x42 fully equipped Uin-ground kitchen, oversized deck, 3 car garage, rocking chair front porch & more. See to AppRECIAtE At $499,900. (JESS oR FRANK)

MLS #07563499 CIRCA 1900 ERA HOME ON 10.33 GORGEOUS MOSTLY HARDWOOD ACRES near Welcome. Home has living room, 3 bedrooms, full bath, kitchen with dining area and front and back porches. Needs lots of work but a diamond in the rough. Sold “AS IS”. New Price Is: $99,900. (FRANK or JESS)

Call us today at 678-552-4460 Today. 678-423-4400 Limited Time Offer.

*Thisoffer offer cannot cannot be be combined combined with with other other offers. offers. *This

Furniture & More Name-Brand Mattresses WITHOUT Name-Brand Prices! Summer Hours: Thursday-Friday, 9-7 • Saturday, 9-6

MLS #08043818 ADORABLE & WELL-MAINTAINED 2-StoRY HoME on spacious lot. Large living room w/dining area, kitchen w/new range/ oven, new microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, breakfast area, big laundry closet. patio off kitchen in backyard. MBR w/lg. walk-in. Great for 1st time homebuyer or investor. $84,900. (JESS)

MLS #07635281 HEAVILY WOODED 96.209+/- ACRES IN GRANTVILLE CITY LIMITS! Subdivision plat available. Grantville City water & sewer. Stream and small pond (3/4 acre) stocked with bass and bream. Ideal for Development or Recreational property. Easy access to I-85. $375,215. (FRANK)

MLS #08018914 LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS FABULOUS CRAFTSMAN STYLE HOME ON 16.65 ACRES with its own private 2 acre stocked pond and detached 1BR/BA guest house w/double garage & shop. Main house features spacious greatroom w/fireplace, formal dining room, fully equipped kitchen with all the extras, breakfast room, 5 bedrooms & 4 ½ baths, full basement w/theatre room, double garage, covered patio & much more! See to appreciate. New Price: $559,900 (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #08054030 WELL MAINTAINED RANCH in choice Historic Downtown Newnan w/spacious private & fenced in backyard. Recently renovated w/granite c-tops, fresh paint inside, complete new bathroom w/subway tile. Original beautiful hardwood floors thru-out. Walking distance to downtown Newnan, , Atkinson Elem. & Newnan High School. Must see at $159,900. (JESS)

MLS #07417094 191.99 HEAVILY WOODED ACRES. Just off I-85 at Hogansville Exit. Long road frontage on Mountville Rd and Bass Cross Roads. City water and sewer. 2 acre stocked pond. Bold stream. Lots of wildlife. Ideal for retreat or development. Just $3,495 per acre. (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07621976 49+/- ACRES ACRES, N.COWETA CO.! Close to I-85 at Exit 51, schools & shopping. Ideal for development/family compound. property is under Conservation Use. Shooting range & 4 deluxe deer or wildlife viewing stands on property. Several streams. Approx. 6-8 ac. destumped field. Owner is a licensed broker in GA & AL and is related to the listing agents by marriage. $610,675 (FRANK)

94.59 ACRES HORSE FARM ON J.D. WALTON ROAD. 18 Stall plus 6 stall barn with kitchens, bedroom & laundry plus 50x50 workshop, 14 paddocks and 4 board fencing and water in all pastures. 5 run in sheds plus party house with gourmet kitchen and greatroom w/stone fpl, and private bath. A must see horse farm at $990,000. (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07583285 TREMENDOUS 6 BEDROOM, 5 1/2 BATH BRICK & VINYL TWO STORY HOME on 13.28 open & wooded acres in North Coweta County! 24 x 60 barn, small pond. 1BR, 1BA In-law suite, 2BR, 1BA Apt-. Laundry chute. A lot of house and land for the money! $365,900 (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #08014162 SHOPPING CENTER KNoWN AS WAHoo HILL SHoppING CENtER. Residential Unit – Approximately 800 s/f rented for $650/ month – has kitchen w/stove & refrigerator. 3 Churches w/Approximately 1,500 S/F. Units are each rented for $650 per month. 1 Unit w/ Approximately 2,500 s/f is rented for $1,500 per month. 2 spaces currently vacant. Central natural gas heat & central A/C in larger units. Window A/C units in smaller units. property to be sold “AS IS”. New Price: $249,900. (JESS or FRANK)

MLS #07606279 RARE OPPORTUNITY IN PRESTIGIOUS WOODBINE SUBDIVISION. potential to be a Million Dollar Estate on 1.73 acre culde-sac lot with exclusive access to Sewell Rd. Gorgeous hand-chiseled stone exterior, 20 ft. ceilings, stunning indoor pool, space for rooftop patio overlooking subdivision. New Price: $299,900. (JESS/FRANK/toM)

MLS #08018863 1900 ERA HOME convenient to downtown & schools has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, spacious kitchen w/range, new dishwasher, refrigerator and breakfast area. Living room w/fireplace, Laundry Room, partial basement & detached double garage. New price: $194,900. (JESS or FRANK)

MLS #08049907 CORINTH AREA – Vinyl 2-Story Home on 1.5 private acres, 3BR/2.5BA, LR w/fpl, fully equipped kitchen w/dining area, enclosed garage “Man Cave” w/wide screen tV & work bench, 7 security cameras & much more. New Price: $119,900. (JESS or FRANK)

Advertise Your Real Estate In The Coweta Shopper You can reach 40,000+ Potential Buyers Monthly

152 Temple Avenue • Newnan GA 30263


Office For Rent Stand alone building at the corner of Hwy 29 S. and Pine Rd. in Newnan. This is the former office of Joe Williams Homes 4 offices Central waiting area Two bath rooms Good storage 2,000 square feet If interested, call Joe Williams for details 770-254-1421 or 770-301-3949 or email

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Oliver Gentry

Gentry & Associates, Inc.

Used cars Andy Winkles “The Credit Doctor”


RAPTOR SD’s NOW IN STOCK! Now Open Saturdays 8:30 to 12

Good Affordable Used Cars Buy Here. Pay Here. No Credit Check!

We Carry A Large Inventory Gentry Recycling pays top $$$$ of Used Car and Truck Tires $ Scrap Cars $ $ n Used & New Parts $ Aluminum Cans $ Old Appliances $ $ $ Refrigerators $ Stoves n Engines $ Washers $ Dryers $ $ $ Copper $ Aluminum n Transmissions We Pay Top Dollar Call For Today’s Pricing For Batteries n Accessories


15 Mayo Royal Rd., Newnan just off Carrollton Hwy., 1/8 mile west of Bypass on left. Hours Monday - Friday 8 -5; Saturday 8 - 12.

n Don’t Cuss, Call Us n If we don’t carry it, we’ll find it!


toll free 866-454-7278

What’s In Your Garage? Randy Barber’s 1960 Morgan 4/4 By Joe Williams If you have one of those English tweed “flat caps”, you may just want to purchase one of these cars to go with it! Morgans are the epitome of the classic British sports car of yesteryear, especially in the dark green color. Yes, they still make them, but in too many ways they’re not quite the same.

Sharpsburg’s Randy Barber purchased this pristine 1960 Morgan 4/4 in 2008 from Enthusiast Dave Bondon of North Atlanta. Dave owns, restores, races, eats and sleeps Morgan sports cars. “When I saw this car Dave entered in a large gathering of British vehicles, I knew I wanted it!” Randy told me.

The metal body panels are built around a wood frame made of ash, and were available mostly with 55 HP 4 cylinder engines with a 4 speed transmission (called a “gearbox” in England, of course), but weighing only about 1,500 pounds, it goes quite smartly. There is a real wood dash with cream-colored Smith’s instruments and leather seating for two. And the windshield folds forward for a “wind Send comments to me at

in your face” experience. When I asked Randy what the 4/4 represented, he told me, “That signifies 4 cylinders and 4 wheels, as apposed 2 cylinders and three wheels for the old models.” Those Brits! Having moved to Coweta County 18 years ago, Randy and his wife, Brenda, live on a horse farm in Sharpsburg. And yes, they have “Morgan” horses! M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 15

We Work On All Makes and Models!




Why Service



• Factory O.E.M. Parts Trained Techs • On-line Appointment • On-Site Rentals Scheduling • Shuttle Service • Refreshments • Open Saturdays Available



Includes Up To 5 Quarts of Oil, New Filter and Multi-Point Inspection




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Is Your


FILTER 00 $ 95 stant Savings


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Light On?

We Will Read It

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For an appointment at Scott Evans Dodge call...


FREE ONE DAY RENTAL CAR with $300 or more of service work performed.

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For an appointment at Scott Evans Nissan call...



Visit Us Online At:

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HOSPICE GENTIVA HOSPICE IS SEEKING VOLUNTEERS. Our volunteers are a part of a team that believes that every moment matters, believes in compassionate care and most of all, believes in dignity and respect for each patient we serve. Or volunteer in the office by assisting staff by answering the phone, filing, etc. We have a “We Honor our Veterans” program, if you are a veteran and want to help other veterans please call. Hours are flexible. Orientation provided. Contact Lynn Yeager, Manager of Volunteer Services 770-502-1104 or



FAMILY PATTERNS MATTER looking for adult volunteers for tutoring program. Students tutored are those who need that extra one-on one trust from someone who will commit for 1-4 hours a month. Must have a criminal background completed. Visitfamilypatternsmatter. org or e-mail for info

NCHFH Be a part of an extraordinary group of people that are changing lives at Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity ReStore! Volunteer orientation is offered every Wednesday & the second and fourth Saturdays at 10 a.m., 150 Pine Road, Newnan, GA. For more information call 770-252-9049 ext. 23 or email


9/11 Project

AFFINIS HOSPICE is looking for volunteers. Whether you enjoy one-on-one visits or assisting in the office, volunteering with hospice is both rewarding and flexible. Orientation offered the first Monday of each month. Contact Debbie Fambro, Volunteer Coordinator, at 404-832-4232 or dfambro@

N E W N A N - C O W E TA HAbITAT FOR HUMANITY (NCHFH) 9/11 Service Project ~ Sept. 7, 8 & 10, from 8 to 5. NCHFH is partnering with the Points of Light Foundation to complete a 9/11 Service Project. This project recognizes and honors those lives lost on 9/11 with a day of service in your local community.

On Wednesday and Thursday, September 7 & 8, NCHFH will need 8-10 volunteers to work hours ranging from 8 am to 5 pm. On these days volunteers will remove old siding from the home and wrap the home for new siding. They will also install new windows.

The Friends of Coweta Public Library System is hosting a student story writing contest in conjunction with their Annual Author Party featuring fantasy fiction genre writers. Entry criteria available at or at the Central Library, 85 Literary Lane, Newnan 770-683-2052. Deadline Sept. 29. Winners announced Thurs., Oct. 20th at 7 pm at the Author Party at Coweta Public Library System - Central Library, 85 Literary Lane, Newnan,Ga

On Saturday, September 10, volunteers will be joined by veteran leaders Pat & June Harris, Timothy Glass, Dr. Charlie Cheney and Scott & Rosa Parker. Volunteers will learn how to put new siding and shutters on a home and can help in one of two shifts: 8 am to 12 pm or 12:30 pm to 5 pm. Lunch will be provided to all volunteers on Saturday. To volunteer for one or more days, please call (770) 252-9049, ext. 11 or email with the day and time you can commit to.





Binion Tire Pros Get a $70 MASTERCARD REWARD CARD after submission with purchase of four new MICHELIN passenger or light truck tires. Offer valid 8/24/16 – 9/18/16. ®







See redemption form for complete offer details. Offer expires 09/18/2016. Void where prohibited. The Reward Card expires six (6) months after issuance. No cash access. Fees apply. Reward Card issued by U.S. Bank National Association pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Copyright © 2016 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Binion Tire Pros

Get a $70 MASTERCARD REWARD CARD after submission with purchase of four new MICHELIN passenger or light truck tires. Offer valid 8/24/16 – 9/18/16. ®




26 Spence Ave., Newnan, GA 770-253-4608 *



See redemption form for complete offer details. Offer expires 09/18/2016. Void where prohibited. The Reward Card expires six (6) months after issuance. No cash access. Fees apply. Reward Card issued by U.S. Bank National Association pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Copyright © 2016 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

“Buy Quality, Buy Confidence, Buy Binion” M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 17


SPECIAL SALE! Sale Dates: September 1-8

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10-7. CLOSED LABOR DAY

20% OFF Everything in the Store! Excludes Special Orders.


Park Place Center • 2730 Hwy. 34 East • Suite E Newnan GA 30265 • 770-502-0398

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Why Should You Visit

OutReach Church OutReach Church

Seeking the Lost, Influencing the World

Emmanuel Baptist Church “Where Every Visitor Is An Honored Guest”

3911 Sharpsburg McCollum Road, Newnan, GA 30265

“To discover your purpose and learn to live the life God planned for you from the beginning.”

Sunday service 10:30 a.m. Thursday service 7:00 p.m. (Discipleship Training)

OutReach Church

Corner Bruce Jackson and Smokey Road, Newnan

Sunday School: 10:00 AM Worship Service: 11 :00 AM Sunday Evening: 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening: 7:00 PM

Pastor Terry Arp

678-489-5699 770-304-2659

 Independent, Fundamental, Traditional Bible preaching church  Small, Friendly, and Family Focused Congregation  Conservative Music Program with singing from a Hymnal  Age appropriate Sunday School and Children’s Church Programs  Teen and Junior Teen Youth Programs Wednesday Nights “Thy word  Loving, Caring Nursery Care available is a lamp “The Way Church Used To Be”

unto my feet and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105

Q&A with Home Helpers of GA & AL Home Helpers of Georgia and Alabama, located here in Newnan, is this area’s most trusted and respected provider of In-Home Care and Support. Owners Beth and Phillip Dow have led Home Helpers to earning several national awards such as Franchise of the Year, the President’s Award and Home Care Plus Certified Provider and Employer! Their son, Grant, joined the company in 2014. The Coweta Shopper recently held a Question & Answer session with Beth.

ers are trained in dementia care. The majority of our clients do have some form of dementia.” n What advice would you tell someone looking for in-home care and what are the advantages of using an agency versus an individual? “Use an agency.

n What are your basic services Home Helpers provides? “For an individual or a couple, we can

do anything from personal care such as bathing and dressing, to light housekeeping, cooking, transportation and helping with social engagement. Since we have our nursing license, we can also help with medication management. In addition, we provide personal emergency response systems. I am a Geriatric Care manager, so I can help the families plan for the needs of their loved ones. Often when decisions are made in the time of crisis, wrong decisions and extra money is spent. Planning for these events can help save time, money and create a better outcome.”

n Are you pleased with the results so far and the direction Home Helpers is headed? “Yes and no. I love how many families and individuals we have been able to help so far, but we still run into families all of the time that do not know that services like ours exist. We constantly hear, ‘I wish I had known about you guys when…’ I wish we could get the word out better that families do not have to do this alone.” n What makes Home Helpers the expert in the In-Home Care industry? “I think it is because we

don’t just stop at providing hourly care. We want to help the entire family. We truly want to be a partner with the family and want to allow family members to

Home Helpers of GA & AL owners Beth and Phillip Dow

be family members, not caregivers, and allow aging individuals to be in charge of their own care and day to day needs. I don’t know of any other company that offers the extent of training that we do for families and the community.” n Talk about the education and training you offer to the healthcare field, caregivers and families.

“One of my favorite things to do is community education. I am a Certified Alzhiemer’s Educator and a Certified Senior Advisor. I give many talks to church groups, civic groups, etc. I also provide CEU courses for professionals. Anytime I can help educate the public about the care of our seniors and help seniors understand the importance of planning for their future, I take it. We provide training in Alzheimer’s care, life planning, Matter of Balance, and family caregiver training. We also have a free web site for family caregivers.”

Agencies do cost more than a private caregiver, but you and your loved one will be better protected. An agency employee will have gone through an extensive background check, drug tested, will be bonded and insured, and covered under workers comp. You are also not responsible for employment tax when you go through an agency. By law, you must pay taxes on any caregiver you hire privately and must either 1099 them or hire them as an employee. Also when you hire privately and that person is sick, you are left scrambling for help. When you use an agency, if your regular caregiver is sick, the agency can send you a new one, with no interruption in your services. Agency caregivers are also better trained and receive more up-to-date training than private caregivers. When you use an agency, that agency is licensed by the State of Georgia and are subject to annual inspections to ensure that they are doing everything right.”

n Do you accept long-term care insurance? “Long Term Care insurance does pay for in-home care. If it has been a while since you have looked at your policy I would encourage you to do so, and if you need, I will be happy to help you decipher it. We can also help veterans and their spouses who qualify for Aid and Attendance. This is a need based benefit for veterans and their spouses if the veteran n Does Home Helpers only offer 24/7 care or can served during war time.” a customer ask for just a few hours a day? “We can Home Helpers is located at 125 Jefferson Street in provide care from one hour to 24 hours a day.” Newnan. Contact them by dialing 678-876-5118 or n Do you also provide Memory Care services – visiting their web at www.local.homehelpershomecare. like Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care? “Yes, our caregiv- com/newnanga/home.

Check Out Your Local Websites For Fun, Informative Events • • and M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 19

DANIA RAMIREZ “Devious Maids”

JORDAN SCHAFER “#1 Professional Baseball Player”


CRYSTAL HUNT “Daytime Emmy Award”

Thank You

For Our Wonderful

Hollywood Smiles

We PROVIDE the following SERVICES:  Dental Implants  Veneers  Invisalign  Dentures  Root Canals  Cosmetic and Family Dentistry  Teeth Whitening and other cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Connie Kim

Steve Hahn, D.M.D., M.S.

Dr. Paul Kim

• DOCTOR OF DENTAL MEDICINE FROM HARVARD UNIVERSITY • Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia • Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics and a Master of Science in Oral Biology from University of Illinois-Chicago • Recepient of the Academy of Osseointegration Award for excellence in Implant Dentistry • Published in International Journal of Prosthodontics • Member of the American Dental Association • Member of the American College of Prosthodontists

• Academic training in Dentistry at Boston University • Certificate of Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine • Master’s of Science degree in Advanced Prosthodontics at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine • Implant Fellowship with a Surgery Specialty at New York University College of Dentistry • Former faculty member at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine • Member of the American College of Prosthodontists • Member of the Academy of Osseointegration

• Graduate of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine • Recepient of the Prosthodontic Award upon graduation • Completed residency at NY Methodist Hospital • Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry at Rosenthal Institute of NYU • Member of American Dental Association • Member of Georgia Dental Association • Former president for Korean American Dental Student Association at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine • Member of the American College of Prosthodontists

We are seeking a Full Time Front Desk Receptionist. Responsibilities: customer service ~ smile and greet patients upon arrival/dismissal; proficient in Korean and English; proficient working with computers; previous experience a plus. Please send resume to 354 BULLSBORO DRIVE, UNIT 4, NEWNAN, GA



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Pet’s Paradise Grooming Salon & Spa

First United Methodist Church Network Meeting Call today for your appointment

“Part Time and Full Time Employment Opportunities with Utility Companies”

770-683-3882 20% OFF

Tuesday, September 13th, 6 pm

for first time customers offer expires 9.30.16

Dorene Thompson

Guests include Georgia Power, Newnan Utilities, Coweta Fayette EMC, Coweta County Water, True Natural Gas Tonya Reuter

20 Years Experience

Newnan First United Methodist Church, Parish Hall 33 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA

10 Years Experience

200 Greenville Street, Suite “C”, next to Newnan Florist

Mention you saw it in The

Questions call: 770-253-7400

Coweta Shopper

Encouraging Words … Stop Drifting Start Paddling

Be absolutely clear about your goals and objectives. Put them in writing and review them daily. Discipline yourself to start immediately with the resources available. We do not decide our future, we decide our habits and our habits decide our future. With practice, we can learn any behavior or develop any habit that we consider either desirable or necessary. See yourself as the kind of person who gets important jobs done quickly and well on a consistent basis. Our ability to set goals, make plans and take action on them determines the course of our lives.

So let’s start paddling!


Think About It! Call 770-254-1421 Before 3 p.m. Friday To Place Ad In Next Issue


Coweta Schools’ ACT Scores rise again to a Georgia composite score of 21.1 on the exam and a national composite score of 20.8. All three Coweta County High schools outper The 2016 ACT report released formed state and national ACT averages, and the last week showed that Coweta Coweta County School System’s overall results place County School System students the district in the top 10% of Georgia school districts. outscored state and national avEast Coweta’s composite score was 21.4, Newnan erages for the college entrance High was 21.2 and Northgate High was 22.1. exam. The ACT is a national college admissions examina The school system’s average composite ACT score rose to 21.4 in 2016, compared tion that measures what students learn in high school to determine their academic readiness for college. The ACT composite is the exam’s overall score, which combines the ACT’s four subject tests (English, ranklin oad Mathematics, Reading and Science). ACT results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in nimal liniC the U.S. The ACT results released this week were for test-takers who graduated in 2016. NEUTER/SPAY “It is encouraging to see the positive gains that have DOG CAT occurred on this national assessment,” said Superin$ Male …$39 59-$99 tendent Steve Barker. “While it is important to note Female …$49 that our school system’s vision of ensuring the success of each student can’t be measured with a single number, student achievement data such as this week’s ACT results do provide us with valuable feedback on On Monthly Flea Control Products! our instructional strategies and on our overall inCALL AHEAD structional program.” 1462 New Franklin Road • LaGrange, GA “These positive results reflect the strong alignment of our efforts as a school system and as a community. The hard work of our teachers and students and the support of our parents and community stakeholders are appreciated,” said Barker. Overall student performance on the ACT placed the Coweta County School System in the top 10% of 167 Georgia districts reported. A total of 909 students – approximately 60% of Coweta County’s 2016 graduates – took the ACT exam. That is a 5% increase from the 863 students who took the exam in the 2015 graduating class. Did you know most allergies to cats is because of The Coweta County School System’s average scores their dander? When a cat isn’t bathed regularly, the in the ACT exams’ four subject areas have also relicking they do to clean themselves makes the danflected positive trends in recent years. In 2016, Coweder worse. So having your cat bathed can help your ta students outscored state and national averages on cat have healthier skin. three of the four test sections (English, Reading and Science) and scored the same on one (Math). This “Pet Tip” is sponsored by “Many don’t realize that, due to our high school Dorene Thompson of Pet’s Paradise Grooming block scheduling structure, students in our high Salon & Spa 770-683-3882 schools take 32 courses over four years,” he said. “In many school systems across our state, using a traditional schedule, only 24 courses are offered during a high school student’s career.” “This increased opportunity for students to take advantage of advanced-level coursework during high school, such as dual-enrollment and advanced placement, helps better prepare our students for future success,” said Barker. From Coweta County Schools Press Release

F a

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Best Prices


Pet Tip from Dorene M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 21

Increase Home Value with these Superior Tree Service No Job Too Big Home Improvements or Too Small. already exist and hav-

Not all home improvements are created equal. How can you be sure that the money you are about to invest is going to bring you the best return on investment?

the look of your house and curb appeal but can also improve your utility bills. Old doors can be a huge loss of energy loss. This project will yield a great payback.

In a recent survey (2016) conducted by a trade magazine called “Remodeling” and overlaid with background from the National Association of Realtors data, a remodeling impact report determined current project cost and the return on investment.

n New Siding – fading and brittle vinyl siding is not an attractive look for a home. The vinyl siding of today is fade resistant and can have a transferrable lifetime warranty that is much better than the limited guarantees of just 2 decades ago. Studies show a vinyl siding replacement returns around 83% should you decide to sell your home.

There findings were low-maintenance, Good (but not always the highest) quality, Energy efficient and Not too costly: n Replacing the Front Door – Replacing a tired worn out door with an energy efficient new steel door will not only improve

cFiber Cement siding also shows a payback of 79% and has the perception of quality that vinyl doesn’t always have as far as a buyers perception of value. n Kitchen Upgrade – Known as “the Hub

Those British folks Talk Funny! “Automobile Language” America … Top …

… England … Hood

Hood … … Bonnet Nuts and bolts … … Fixings Trunk … … Boot Transmission … … Gearbox Tire … … Tyre Fender … … Wing Battery … … Accumulator Glove Box … … Cubby Shock Absorber … … Damper Hubcap … Idle … Generator … Truck … Trailer …

… Nave Plate … Tick over … Dynamo … Lory … Caravan

And the Men and Women Who drive them are “Blokes and Birds”

of the Home”, a minor kitchen remodel that keeps the cost lower by re-facing and not replacing kitchen cabinets, replacing flooring, countertops and medium priced appliances can bring a return of 67% on your investment. n Deck and Patio Additions – the little slab of cement or small wooden decks that some builders provide to a home is almost laughable. Increasing the size of the outdoor patio/deck is a low cost way to expand the living space of your home.

n Turning An Attic Into A Bedroom – I’ve always heard that going up is always cheaper than going out when it comes to increase living space in a home. You save money by adding on the existing footprint – the walls, floor and roof

ing an additional bedroom is always good for the appraisal.

n The Garage Door – A new garage door will boost a homes curb appeal and can bring as high as 87% on your investment. There are tons of factory finishes and insets that can give a blank garage door extra pizazz. For more information about Remodeling and Return on Investment contact…

Nan Johnston

Nan Johnston is a professional home staging consultant from Newnan with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry. Check out her website for some interesting before and after photos at Feel free to contact her at

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free eSTimaTeS Naomi Thompson

678-491-4703 199 Wilson Circle, Newnan, GA 30263

Call 770-254-1421 Before 3 p.m. Friday To Place Ad In Next Issue

WANTED 4 Homes That Need Roofing

4 homeowners in this general area will be given the opportunity of having new METAL ROOFING applied to their homes with optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the interest of homeowners throughout the United States who are fed up with constant re-roofing, high energy cost, and ugly mildew stains. It will last for a lifetime and provides full insulation summer and winter, as well as fire protection. Our new product can be used over every type of home, including frame, concrete block, stucco and mobile homes. It comes in a choice of colors and is now going to be introduced to the LOCAL market. Your home can be a showplace and we will make it worth your while if we can use your home, but hurry this is a 5-DAY LIMITED OFFER.

(866) 430-2616



1,000 Sign-On Bonus! $2,000 Yearly Safety Bonus!



Don’t Drive For The Rest! Come Drive For The BEST! You have earned and deserve the opportunity to Join our family of professional truck drivers at WSTL!

WE’RE THE COMPANY THAT WORKS FOR OUR DRIVERS! Solo drivers in your area are currently running 3500 or more miles per week! Must be 21 years old and have 6 months OTR experience.

Free Rider Program, Assigned Equipment, 70 MPH Trucks, No Touch Freight, Outstanding Benefits Package! Several Different Driving Positions Open In Your Area! Don’t Delay!

Call 20 Year Driver, Trainer & Recruiter

RiChaRD DoggRell 334-492-0803 and he Will Put You in The Driver’s Seat! or Call

Wiley Sanders Truck lines inc. 1-855-777-9785 • ask for Dale, Brandy or Ben

TaKiNg CallS 7 DaYS a WeeK! “leT’S geTTeR DUN!”

Page 22 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Classified Ads Sales

RUMMAGE SALE NewnanCoweta Historical Society’s Community Rummage Sale Sat., Sept. 10, 9 to 2. Vendors wanted. For info or to reserve a spot contact NCHS 770.251.0207. McRitchie Hollis Museum, 74 Jackson St. YARD SALE - Saturday, September 17, 8 a.m.-Noon, Coweta Veterans Club, 130 Veterans Club Dr. (Off Highway 29), Newnan, GA. Multifamily misc. items

We Buy

TOWNSHIP COINS – We buy coin collections, offer free in-store appraisals, we buy gold, silver and plated silver. 770-254-2727


2002 LINCOLN LS $2,995 obo. 2003 FORD EXPLORER $3,995 obo. 1985 1/2 TON GMC TRUCK $2,995 obo. 770-304-8224 2003 CHRYSLER T&C VAN leather, cold AC, current emissions, fresh service. We finance! No credit check. Call Gentry’s, 770-253-5770, ask for Andy. 2006 TOYOTA RAV 4 4 cyl., auto, current emissions, cold AC, fresh service. Down payment starting at $499 + tavt ax and doc fee & title fee. Must qualify. Call Gentry’s, 770-253-5770, ask for Andy.

House For Sale

WE BUY MILITARY RIFLES $$$ Top Dollar Paid. Estate items sold. Buy, Sell, Trade . By appointment. Call 678-641-8283

WEDGEWOOD SUBDIVISION 5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, $133,900. Call 770301-4364 8.31

WE PAY TOP $$$ for aluminum, copper, brass. Call Gentry Recycling 770-253-5770

1 BEDROOM, 1 BATH with sunroom, private drive, stove included. $650 month. $500 deposit. 770-251-5603, 770328-3599 9.21

WE BUY Scrap Metal, Junk Cars, Old Appliances, Stoves, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dish Washers and Batteries. Call Gentry Recycling 770-253-5770


1996 FORD EXPLORER good transportation, just serviced, current emissions, cold AC, all power, sunroof, leather, below average miles for year. $1,999 cash. Call Gentry’s, 770-253-5770, ask for Andy. $9.99 per day and you can own it … 2003 MINI COOPER S super charged 6 spd., leather, sunroof, cold AC, current emissions, just serviced, ready to ride. 2004 HONDA ACCORD EX 4 door, V6, auto, cold AC, fresh service, current emissions, leather, sunroof. 1999 FORD RANGER SPORT V6, auto, AC, current emissions, good miles. We finance! No credit check. GOOD AFFORDABLE VEHICLES FOR SALE as low as $9.99 per day and you can own it. Call for info. Call Gentry’s, 770-253-5770, ask for Andy.

For Rent


61.9457+/- Ac. in Meriwether Co. Beautiful spring fed 4 or 5 acre well-manicured stocked pond w/bass & bream, gorgeous hardwoods & pines. 1-2 Ac pasture cleared. Easy access to I-85. $4,500/Ac., Frank or Jess, Lindsey’s Inc.. 14 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 770-253-6990 11.5 acre tract w/cross fencing and 2 wells. Red Oak Creek comes through back of the property. In Luthersville 69,900! Kim Ivery, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors 770-560-6008 ‘ 61 Park-like Acres, 10 acre lake. Horse farm community area near Moreland. $5,350/acre. Frank, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 770-231-9535


WELCOME RD. 28 wooded & open acres. Half interest in stocked 2 acre pond. Mountain-like hardwood hills, planted pines, stream and 1 acre planted field w/ tree house deer stand. Frank, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors 770231-9535



44+/- Acres in Meriwether Co. Nice rural tract near Alvaton. Fenced & crossed fenced. Shared interest in 2 ½ acre stocked lake. Great hunting & fishing! Lots of wildlife & good neighbors. $4,450.75 Ac. Frank 770-2319535, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors.



48.854+/- ACRES IN NORTH COWETA CO.! Convenient to I-85 at Exit 51, schools & shopping. Ideal for development or family compound. Property under Conservation Use. Shooting range & 4 deluxe deer or wildlife viewing stands on property. Several streams. Approx. 6-8 ac. destumped field. Owner is a licensed broker in GA & AL & is related to the listing agents. $610,675/Total - $12,500/Ac (Frank/Jess) 770-253-6990 94.596± PRISTINE ACRES, 2 horse barns, 24 stalls, party house w/gourmet kitchen, 50’x150’ shop w/51x50 workshop, 14 paddocks, 5 run in sheds, sprinklered dressage arena, add’l land available. $990,000. Frank, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 770-253-6990.

Commercial /Investment

Office For Rent Stand alone building at the corner of Hwy 29 S. and Pine Rd. in Newnan. This is the former office of Joe Williams Homes. 4 offices, central waiting area, Two bath rooms, Good storage, 2,000 square feet. If interested, call Joe Williams for details 770-254-1421 or 770-301-3949 or email

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more information call:

Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263 770-253-6990



Commercial /Investment

6.85 Acres on Newnan’s 2nd busiest street (Temple Ave./Hwy 34 West). Great for shopping center or medical complex. $495,000. Frank/ Jess, Lindsey’s, 770-253-6990


TRUE IMPRESSIONS PAINTING will do top quality painting on the interior and exterior of your home. We specialize in repainting. 25 years experience and references available. Call Dean Morris for a free estimate. 678-340-5538, 770-2514055. 9.21 LEE SELLERS LAWN CARE SERVICE Cut, Edge, Blow, Clean up, Aerate, Trim hedges, Pine straw/Mulch, some tree work. Commercial/Residential. Free estimates. 20+ years experience. Licensed/ insured. 470-686-9441 or 678-416-5177 9.21* Home Improvement – We proudly do painting, remodeling, decks, doors, basements, gutters, windows, roofing, columns, flooring, plumbing, kitchens, wood repair, electrical and yard cleanups. ALL types of handyman jobs. NO job too small. Successfully over 30 years in business. 770-252-5458. Very reasonable rates. 9.14 Shine Housekeeping Professional & Affordable  Call for your free in home estimate today 678-877-6224 Mention this ad and receive 10% off your first cleaning 9.7 MILLER’S HANDYMAN SERVICES – Over 40 years of experience in building and improvements. “Believe Me,” I can handle any job you may need done around your home! All Small Jobs welcome. Call 470-514-6893. 9.7 MASTERSHINE CARPET CLEANING 3 rooms $49.95. Sofa, loveseat & chair $89.95. Flea treatment available. 770253-9345, cell 678-850-7331 HANDYMAN SERVICES. Large or small jobs done, no need to worry. Paint, Plumbing, Electrical, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, etc. Credit cards accepted. Michael Thomas 678-409-8600 Quality work for a reasonable price. *


Your Source for Scratch/Dent & Closeout Items! Retail Prices


Every Day! APPLIANCES 35-50% OFF Household & Commercial Items At Wholesale Prices! ARRIVING


BATHTUB REFINISHING Repair and / or refinish of bathtub, showers, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and tile. Bathroom vanities and counter tops. Repair broken bottomsof tubs and showers. Call 678-326-7711 8.31 REMODELING COnTRACTOR in Coweta co. since 1993. Kitchens, baths & basements remodels. Also, custom wood work, drywall, painting, doors, windows, decks, and wood rot repairs. Many lines of cabinetry for low prices. Call Mike at Above & Beyond Carpentry 678-673-9560. ‘ HOME EXTERIORS additions, siding, gutters, overhang, roofing, pressure washing, flat concrete work - driveways, patios, etc. 678416-2870 James Shelnutt ‘ A-1 ROOFING COMPANY For all your roofing needs and repairs. Stop leaks today! Free estimates! Licensed / insured. Call Mike 678-409-8600 boss tree SERVICE Free estimates. Expert tree removal. Stump grinding. Professional Tree Climbing. Pruning. Trimming. Chipper Service. Complete Clean Up. 770-251-8000.

Help Wanted

NOW HIRING – Coweta Co. Water & Sewerage Authority accepting applications for Water Operator Class I which participates in operation of B.T. Brown Water Treatment Plant. This position involves plant safety, report preparation, distribution system operation, plant maintenance and inspection, sample collection and testing, laboratory analysis, water filtration maintenance, chemical feeder adjustment, documentation and records management, other related duties as assigned. Qualifications include possession of Georgia certified water operator class I license, 1-2 years similar experience, valid Georgia Driver’s License, High School diploma or GED. Email resumes to, apply online at or in person at 545 Corinth Rd in Newnan. No Phone Calls. Posting closes Sept. 30 at 5 pm. 9.7

Help Wanted

Airco Sandblasting Inc. is currently accepting applications for Industrial Painters and Supervisor positions. Pay is based on experience. Positions include day shift, night shifts, weekends and out of town travel. Interested candidates can submit their resume to or call us at 770-683-2786. Drug tests will be administered. Airco Sandblasting Inc. is located at 129 Pine Road, Newnan, across from Habitat of Humanity Restore. 9.7 GENERAL SERVICE TECH - Minimum 3 years experience. 3 references required. Duties include oil changes, tire rotation and replacement, etc. Apply in person: Binion Tire, 26 Spence Avenue. Now Hiring – Home Helpers of Georgia and Alabama is looking for those individuals who want to make a change in someone’s life. If you live in Coweta, Fayette or Troup County and want to work between 15-40 hours apply today. Please apply online at ApplyToBeACNA. com or call 678-876-5118 with questions. Full Time Front Desk Receptionist. Responsibilities: customer service ~ smile and greet patients upon arrival/dismissal; proficient in Korean and English; proficient working with computers; previous experience a plus. Please send resume to columbiadentalga


NEWNAN COWETA HUMANE SOCIETY. check out for list of animals at local animal control facility and foster care animals. Call 770-253-4694

Lost Pets

Female Siamese mix, 8 years old, last seen in Lake Hills Subdivision. Please call 770-315-4713 9.14

Found Pets

DOG, brown and white long haired female wearing collar. Please call 770.599.3577 9.14

Call 770-254-1421 Before 3 p.m. Friday

Open To The Public Monday - Saturday 9 - 5. We Deliver.

Look For Us On Text EZWholesale to 31313 • 404.965.2993 • 3 Haynie Street, Newnan, GA 30263

We Also Carry: Windows, Doors, Siding, Wood Shingles, Cabinetry, Appliances M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 23

Homeowner Services Directory “Ready To Help When You Need Us” Pest Control


Tree Service

Shane’s Pest Solutions

Stamps Painting

Superior Tree Service

Local veteran owned and operated Termites • Mosquitos • Rodents • pests

Residential and commercial 20 years - Licensed and Insured



No job too big or small Free estimates Naomi Thompson 678-491-4703

Floor Covering


Septic Tank Service

Kemp’s Dalton West Floor Covering

Tucker Septic Service

Carpet • Tile • Wood Family owned since 1976 7 Jefferson Parkway - Newnan

Pumping • clean out Installation and Repair


770-251-0634 Garage Doors


Heating & Cooling

Mid-Georgia Garage Doors, Inc.

K&N Renovations

Royal Air

Sales • Service • Installation Visit our Showroom 7 Tower Place, Newnan 770-251-0791

Kevin Royston New installations Hail damage insurance claims 770-256-5249

Service and repairs all makes New Installations System equipment change outs


See many more businesses in next week’s issue! To include your company call us at 770-254-1421

Calendar of Events

Page 24 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Wednesdays Farmers Market Downtown Newnan

Coweta County Farmer’s Market offers locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, fresh cut flowers, plants and much more! … each Wednesday from 9 to 1 at Newnan’s Historic Train Depot 60 East Broad Street Downtown Newnan

& Saturdays Farmers Market on Temple Ave.

at the Asa M. Powell Sr. Expo Center on Saturday mornings 9 to 1 at 197 Temple Ave., Newnan _____________


September is Library Card Sign-up month! We will be giving out goodie bags for JUV/ YA users getting a card & the Adults will also get a gift when getting a card. Mitchell Powell Library 25 Hospital Rd., 770.253.3625 _____________

September 1 THURSDAY

Book Talk with Kim Osborne Sullivan

(ages 15 & up) Thursday, Sept. 1st @ 5 p.m. Join Senoia author Kim Osborne Sullivan as she discusses writing her new romantic suspense novel Saucy Girl. Book signing will commence after the program ends. Books will be made available for purchase and you’re welcome to bring your own copy. Registration is required. Senoia Library 148 Pylant St., Senoia, 770.599.3537 _____________ The Shopper


Moonlight & Magnolias

September 3 SATURDAY

Sunrise On The Square Labor Day Road Race

the Court House Lawn. Any musician with an acoustic instrument is welcome ~ all genres and skill levels. 770-253-8283 _____________

September 5

Newnan Theatre Company kicks off its 39th season with the comedy Moonlight and Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson on the Mainstage. Directed by Jeff Allen, this show is a very funny look at the real-life events surrounding the writing of the screenplay to the film classic Gone With the Wind. It will be presented on the Mainstage. Moonlight and Magnolias starts Sept. 1 and runs through Sept. 11. Tickets are available by going to the NTC website or by phone. Shows begin at 8 p.m. for the Thursday – Saturday shows, and 3 p.m. for Sunday matinees. 24 1st Ave, Newnan, GA 30263 770.683.6282 _____________

September 2 FRIDAY

Labor Day Sidewalk Sale

Shop historic downtown Newnan from 9 to 5. downtown Newnan around the Square _____________

September 3&4 SATURDAY & SUNDAY

Yard Sale, Car Wash, BBQ & Face Painting!

The Newnan High School Wrestling Program is having a yard sale/car wash/BBQ sale on Labor Day Weekend @ the high school. Lots are available to rent and sell your own items at the yard sale or items can be donated to the program to sell and raise money for the youth program! We will provide large item pickup if needed. Sat. & Sun. 8-2. Call/email for drop off, pick up, rental space or more info Tam 404.606.5666, 109 LaGrange St., Newnan, GA

1 Mile, 5K, and 10K runs. The race features a 5k /10k USATF certified course (chipped timing), where runners will enjoy the diversity of terrain, including: long flat stretches, downhill, and uphill sections. The Sunrise on the Square Labor Day Road race welcomes both runners and walkers of all skill levels. Runners are given options to pursue a 5K route, and a/or 10k route. A “Tot- Trot” sprint is hosted after all of the runners have returned from the finish line for all children who wish to participate in the event. Tot-Trot participation is cost free, and takes around 2- 3 minutes to complete! Visit MainStreet Newnan for more info:

& Market Day

Around the courthouse square in downtown Newnan, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The market showcases a variety of handmade, homemade, and homegrown products created by local artisans, artists, and farmers … fresh locally grown produce, honey, jams and jellies, salsa, pottery, art, children’s clothing, hand-woven baskets, leather products, fresh baked goods, handcrafted furniture, birdhouses, wood-art, fiber-art, wreaths, floral design, and much more! For more info, visit: _____________

Sept. 3 & 17


Pickin’ on the Square

in downtown Newnan, from 11 to 2ish. Enjoy local musicians playing acoustic music around





September 5 MONDAY

Labor Day Arts Festival

send your calendar event to before Friday at 1 p.m.

Sept. 9 & 10 FRIDAY & SATURDAY

Book Sale

Friends of the Coweta Library book sale Fri., Sept. 9th from 3~5 & Sat., Sept. 10th from 10~3. Central Library Meeting Room, 85 Literary Lane, Newnan, GA 30265, 770-683-2052 _____________

September 10 SATURDAY

10-4 Coweta County Courthouse Square in historic downtown Newnan. Handmade local art from over 50 artists! Live music! Food! Face painting! Newnan Coweta Art Association, South Metro Woodturners, & the Artisans Heritage Guild will participate. downtown Newnan around the Square _____________

September 8 THURSDAY

Young Ladies Social Club (ages 8-12)

Thurs., Sept. 8th @4:30 p.m. Pre-teens, join us at the Senoia Branch for a great time as we share special interests and friendships whether it’s jewelry making, crafting, music or books. We will discuss ideas and plan some great things to do in our “Social Club”. Registration is required.Registration is required. Senoia Library 148 Pylant St., Senoia, 770.599.3537 _____________

Sept. 9 FRIDAY

Yappy Hour Pet Food Drive & Concert

benefitting NCHS! Saturday, Sept. 10 at 7pm at The Alamo in downtown Newnan. Featuring the Vintage Vixens with hits from the ‘60s and 70s. $10 per person plus pet food donation. Call for more info 770957-0768. Tickets _____________

at 8:30 a.m. The doctor will take five minutes to talk about a health topic of their choice before leading participants on a walk around the hospital campus while answering questions. Receive a pedometer to help keep track of the number of steps taken, as well as a choice of a free T-shirt or water bottle. While the event is free, registration is required by calling or visiting website. Registration available on site at 8 a.m. 877.527.3712 745 Poplar Rd., Newnan _____________

September 11 SUNDAY

Coweta Remembers 9/11/2001

September 10 SATURDAY

Hip Hop with Dance Contempra

(ages 6-11) Sat., Sept. 10th @11:00 a.m. Come to the Senoia Library as Paula from “Dance Contempra” teaches a sequence of “Hip Hop” dance steps that will be put into a fast paced dance routine by the end of this fun program! Registration is required. Senoia Library 148 Pylant St., Senoia, 770.599.3537 _____________

Sept. 10 … 2ND SATURDAYS

Walk With The Doc

“Walk and Talk” with a healthcare professional the second Saturday of each month at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Gather in the hospital’s main lobby by 8:15 a.m. Walk begins promptly

Let us honor those that lost their lives 15 years ago at the World Trade Center in New York; the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and on an airplane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania to avoid the deaths of any more Americans. Coweta County on Sunday, 9/11/2016 will show the respect at two ceremonies. The First Responders organized by Deputy chief Rodney Riggs will have their annual 9/11 ceremony on the Court Square in downtown Newnan. A short ceremony begins at 9:00 am. The Candlelight Vigil organizer Verna Funk will begin the 7:00 pm ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park also in downtown Newnan. The Northgate ROTC will return for their fifth year.

Calendar of Events September 12 MONDAY

Docs And Desserts

The Alzheimer’s Association, GA Chapter presents Docs & Desserts—an open forum to seek answers from a field expert. The education program is open to the public, and will be held at Ashley Glen Senior Living & Memory Care, 441 Prime Point, Peachtree City, GA 30269 on Sept. 12, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. For free registration please call 1-800-272-3900. Seating is limited. Info: 1.800.272.3900 441 Prime Pointe Peachtree City _____________

September 13 2ND tuesday

Family Caregiver Support Group meets

Are you a family caregiver? Are you looking for answers or understanding? If so, join people just like you and enjoy support, laughter and encouragement at the Home Helpers of GA & AL Family Caregivers Support Group meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is Tuesday, August 9. The meetings are from 5 to 6:30 pm and will be held at the Home Helpers office, located at 125 Jefferson Street in Newnan (directly across from Pizza Hut and next to Family Dollar). Park in the back and come to the front door. For information, call 678-3784366 or email Beth at bdow@homehelpers _____________

September 13 tuesday

Online Explorers @ Your Library

Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Sept. 13. The “Online Explorers @ Your Library” class offered by the children’s department gives tips for accessing free resources from the library’s website for children and teens. They will walk participants through the library’s digital database including, but not limited to, Tumble

Book Library, K-8 EBSCO eBooks and explora, demonstrating how to access these sites, how to set up an account with and download eBooks. Key emphasis is placed on the fact that all resources demonstrated in class are available free with a library card. Registration is required. Mitchell Powell Library 25 Hospital Rd., 770.253.3625 _____________

September 13 2nd tuesdayS

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

The Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the First United Methodist Church in Downtown Newnan at 2:30 p.m. in the Gathering Room. FUMC is located at 33 Greenville Street. Patients and caregivers are invited. Info . . . 770.253.7400 770.683.2693 _____________

September 13 2nd tuesdayS

Backyard Association Monthly Meeting

Mr. Dewayne Gallatin will speak on “Layering Fall Bulbs for Springtime Allure” at the Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers’ Backyard Association meeting at 7 p.m.

at the Coweta County Extension Office, 255 Pine Road Free. Call or email to register for

door prizes. Registration is not required but is preferred. Info . . . 770.254.2620 coweta _____________

September 13 2nd tuesdayS

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meets

The Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the First United Methodist Church in Downtown Newnan at 2:30 p.m. in the Gathering Room. FUMC is located at 33 Greenville Street. Pa-

tients and caregivers are invited. Info . . . 770.253.7400 770.683.2693 _____________

September 13 2ND tuesday

FUMC Job Network

Networking meetings help provide support, encouragement & mentoring opportunities for those who are unemployed or underemployed. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Parish Hall of Newnan First United Methodist Church 33 Greenville St., Newnan 770.253.7400 _____________ M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 25

their hours to host storefront exhibits and demonstrations curated by a variety of Newnan’s finest artists. Complementary tastings and hors d’oeuvres will be served by some local businesses, as well as specials and promotions. Visitors can expect to see the work of at least 40 artists with a wide variety of art styles and mediums, including: oil on canvas, engraving, pottery, photography, jewelry-making, fiber arts, performing arts and acrylics. 770-253-8283 _____________


Coweta County Fair

September 13 TUESDAY

Painting w/Katherine:

(ages 6-11) Tuesday, Sept. 13th @ 4:30 p.m. Join Katherine as she shows you techniques in acrylic painting to create a beautiful keepsake picture. She will bring out your artistic talents in this fun filled afternoon here at the Senoia Library. All materials will be furnished. Registration is required. Senoia Library 148 Pylant St., Senoia, 770.599.3537 _____________

September 15 THURSDAY

Comfort Coloring

(ages 15 & up) Thursday, Sept. 15th @5:00 p.m.Work and everyday life leaving you feeling stressed and out of sorts? Come and color with us! The new adult coloring craze has been called calming, meditative, and stress-free: and it’s fun! Bring your own coloring books and colors if you wish or some will be provided for you Registration is required. Senoia Library 148 Pylant St., Senoia, 770.599.3537 _____________

September 16 FRIDAY

Newnan Art Walk

downtown Newnan, 5 to 9 p.m. Local businesses extend

at Coweta Fair Grounds, Rides, exhibits, entertainment, food & more. 275 Pine Road, Newnan _____________

September 17 SATURDAY

Tribute to Patsy Cline at The Centre

Katie Deal in Today, Tomorrow & Forever: A Tribute to Patsy Cline at 7 pm. Katie’s one-woman show features a live band, tight harmonies & a powerhouse singer. $15 adults/$12 students & seniors at The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts at 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan 770-254-2787 _____________

Sept. 17, 18 SATURDAY & SUNDAY

food vendors, entertainers, and a variety of activities for children. Admission and parking are free, and the festival will go on rain or shine. 191 McIntosh Trail, Peachtree City _____________

September 17 SATURDAY

Ask The Master Gardener at the Fair

Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers’ “Ask the MG” at the Coweta County Fair Saturday, Sep. 17 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Coweta County Fairgrounds Lawn in Front of Walker Horne Stage. Stop by with your gardening and lawn questions. For more information: 770.254.2620 coweta _____________

September 17


Vasculitis Walk

Celebrating A Life: The Keesha Vessell Vasculitis Walk ~ A 2 mile walk through downtown Newnan to raise awareness and funds for the Vasculitis Foundation. No entry fee. Donations accepted. Free T-shirt while they last. All donations go to the Vasculitis Foundation.Sat., Sept. 17: 8:00 Registration; 8:30 Welcome & Door Prizes; 8:45 Walk Starts. For more info on the Walk, call Diann Alford or visit the Foundation website 678.416.9155 _____________

September 17


Grantville Chili  &  Blues  Festival


Shakerag Festival

Many Coweta County artists & crafters will be featured at Peachtree City’s 39th Annual Shakerag Arts & Crafts Festival, September 17 and 18. The event will be held at Shakerag Knoll, located at 191 McIntosh Trail, Peachtree City, Georgia. This popular festival features over 100 arts, crafts, and

The Grantville Chili & Blues Festival Saturday, Sept. 17, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Main Street & Colley Park in downtown Grantville. Chili Cook-off, Entertainment, Blues Show Tribute to BB King, Jam Session, History/Educational Displays, Youth Talent, Clowns, Food,

Crafts, Vendor Booths, Art & Antiques. Proceeds

benefit Grantville Historic Preservation Commission. _____________

September 17 SATURDAY

Yard Sale

at the Coweta Veterans Club (off Hwy 29), Newnan. Multi-family misc. items. 8 a.m. to 12 noon. 130 Veterans Club Dr _____________


Much Ado About Nothing

One of the world’s most beloved plays, this traditional (formulaic) comedy is filled with misunderst andings, mistaken identities, and love gone wrong. “What I like about it is the way Shakespeare plays giddy young love against a more mature, realistic love relationship. There are plenty of laughs and the undercurrent subtext that we expect from a master playwright, but it’ also just a good story with a happy ending which we need after spending time with Othello!” ~ Glenda Davis, 2 p.m., Carnegie upstairs. 1 LaGrange St. : 770.683.1347 1 LaGrange St., Newnan _____________

September 19 MONday

Puzzle Social

Monday at 6:00 p.m. Sept, 19. Join us at the A. Mitchell Powell, Jr. Library Branch to work on a jigsaw puzzle. Whether you only place a couple of pieces, or see it all the way to completion, the puzzle will be available to everyone who wants to work on it. Until completion, the puzzle will be rolled up and stored until the following gathering. Ages 18 and up. Mitchell Powell Library 25 Hospital Rd., 770.253.3625 _____________

Look for more events on page 26

Page 26 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Calendar of Events September 20 3RD TUESDAYS

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

A Multiple Sclerosis Support Group meets every third Tuesday of the month at Insignia of Newnan. The meetings start at 5 p.m. Insignia of Newnan is located at 27 Belt Road, Newnan, GA 30263. Info 770-354-4951 27 Belt Road, Newnan _____________

September 24 SATURDAY

Princess Tea

The Pilot Club of Newnan is hosting a Princess Tea at the First Presbyterian Church in Newnan (38 Greenville St.) on Sat., Sept. 24. Those in attendance will meet “real life” princesses who are associated with Princesses with a Purpose. The event will be held from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Community Room. Tickets are $15 per adult and $5 per child. Tickets are limited and can be purchased by calling 770.301.0555 _____________

September 24 SATURDAY

Storytelling Festival

Newnan Coweta Historical Society hosts the Historic College Temple Storytelling Festival from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Enjoy an afternoon of stories told from porches in Newnan’s College Temple Historic District. Special appearances by Irish storyteller Helena Byrne as well as Barry Stewart Mann, Akbar Imhotep, Michael Scott. Walking tours start at McRitchie-Hollis Museum, 74 Jackson St., Newnan. $20 tickets can be purchased by visiting the museum at 74 Jackson St, Newnan, GA 30263, visit or call 770.251.0207 _____________

send your calendar event to before Friday at 1 p.m.

September 24 SATURDAY

Cruisin’ to the Oldies Car Show

supplies & equipment. $5 at door. Info 770.251.0207 _____________

October 8 SATURDAY

Fall Plant Sale

Historic downtown Senoia, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. downtown Senoia _____________

September 24 SATURDAY

Joey’s Ride

at Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar & Pub, 101 Crossings East, Peachtree City. Cost: $25.00 - includes t-shirt Event benefits Joey’s Toy Box. _____________

September 29


SimpleSTEPS for Starting Your Business Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 29. Join us at the A. Mitchell Powell Jr. Library Branch for a “SimpleSTEPS for Starting Your Business” workshop, presented by S.C.O.R.E. This introductory workshop focuses on the basics of testing your business idea and identifying the key factors that influence start-up success. Start-up Basics provides you with an overview of the skills and tools you need when deciding to start a business. In this module, you learn about: the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business, the most profitable form for your business, and the fundamentals of formation, organization, marketing, cash flow and funding sources. Registration is required. Mitchell Powell Library 25 Hospital Rd., 770.253.3625 _____________

October 6-8 Quilt Expo

Newnan Coweta Historical Society’s 2nd Annual Quilt Expo at Depot History Center, 60 East Broad St., Newnan. View displays of contemporary and vintage quilts. Shop for quilting

Coweta County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers’ Fall Plant Sale Saturday, Oct. 8 from 9 am–2 pm. Coweta Extension Greenhouse, behind County Extension Office, 255 Pine Road, Newnan. Come early to select your perennials, shrubs and trees for fall planting. Proceeds benefit Coweta Extension educational programs. For more information: 770.254.2620 coweta _____________

October 9 SUNDAY

Golfers Needed

Coweta Veterans Club 13th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Oct. 9, 1:00 p.m. at Orchard Hills Golf Club. $75 per player includes 18 holes, cart, beverage, prizes, 1st place trophy & lunch. Contact Billy Alford at 770-253-8531 or or John Skinner at 770301-4074 or jskinner@ All proceeds benefit the Coweta Cancer Support Group & CVC Building Fund. _____________

October 15 SATURDAY

Oak Hill Cemetery Tour

Walk with Newnan’s Old Souls Sat., Oct. 15 from 4 to 7 p.m. Tickets available at _____________

Look For More Events In Our Next Issues _____________ M August 31, 2016 M The Coweta Shopper M Page 27

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Page 28 M The Coweta Shopper M August 31, 2016 M

Kiwanis Newnan


r i a F y t n u o C Coweta -25 6 1 R E B SEPTEM ll Ages!

nt For A e m e it c x E d e k c a n-P 10 DAYS of Actio

s e d i R l a v i Carn

Art & Craft Exhibits ★ Agriculture ★ Art ★ Baked Goods ★ Handicrafts ★ Horticulture ★ Photography ★ Preserved Foods

and … Contests ★ Family Scarecrow Decorating ★ Lumberjack & Lumberjill ★ Gingerbread House Decorating ★ Adult Birthday Cake Decorating ★ Youth Birthday Cake Decorating ★ Cattlemen’s Steak Cook-off


Buy Your Mega Passes

Only $25

With the purchase of a Mega Pass, you receive both admission to the fair and an unlimited ride armband for $25, a savings of $5. It can be used once for any day of the fair from September 16 – 25, 2016. MEGA PASSES must be purchased by Wednesday, September 15th at midnight BEFORE the Fair begins. The unlimited ride armbands are also $25, but they are only available Monday – Thursday all day; Saturdays 12 noon – 5pm; Sunday 2pm – 10pm. The unlimited ride armbands are available on the midway from the ticket booths.

and … Animal Exhibits Livestock Exhibits


★ Educational Livestock Exhibits ★ Open & Youth Poultry Exhibits ★ Open Rabbit and Cavy Exhibits ★ 4-H Poultry Chain Show ★ 4-H Poultry Showmanship ★ 4-H Rabbit Showmanship ★ 4-H Goat Showmanship & Conformation ★ 4-H Horse Showmanship ★ 4-H K-9 Club Dog Show

The Mega Pass gives you an unlimited ride armband any day during the open hours of the fair, but can only be used once per Mega Pass. It’s a great deal especially for Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday which are typically the busiest days on the midway. The Mega Pass is also available at the following locations: ACE Financial Group; Arnall Grocery; Country Financial (SummerGrove Location); Coweta Convention & Visitors Bureau; Coweta County Extension Service; Georgia Farm Bureau; and Southtowne. See website for details

and … Entertainment ★ Sam’s Path Exotic Petting Zoo ★ Southeastern Reptile Rescue ★ Torres One Ring Family Circus ★ Hypnotist: Chris Mabrey ★ Lew-E’s Comedy Circus ★ Revolutionary Entertainment ★ Rust & Flame Blacksmith ★ On the Edge BMX Show ★ Police K-9 Demonstration ★ Chick ‘n’ Dressing & Poultry Games ★ “Ask the Master Gardener” ★ Outdoor Adventure Day

and …

Much More!

midway by Dixieland Carnivals

Coweta County Fairgrounds • 275 Pine Road, Newnan • Sunday: 2 - 10 P.M.; Monday: 5 - 11 P.M.; Tuesday: 5 - 11 P.M.; Wednesday: 5 - 11 P.M.; Thursday: 5:00PM - 11:00PM; Friday: 5 - 12 A.M.; Saturday: 12 P.M. - 12 A.M.


Newnan Utilities Cancer Treatment Centers of America NuLink Piedmont Healthcare SouthTowne Motors

State Farm Jake Stanley Minuteman Press Atlanta Range Signarama & Ordinance Fit Warehouse Welden Financial Buffalo Rock Georgia Power Newnan Times Herald Headley Construction GPS Vacations UBS McKoon Funeral Home Lindsey’s Realty

The Coweta Shopper August 31, 2016  

Coweta County's Best Value in Advertising …

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