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R. Charles Brownlow, MD, FIPP, CPI

1665 Hwy. 34 E. Suite 100 • Newnan 30265

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VISIT US TODAY WE ARE EXPERIENCED MATH SPECIALISTS For more than 35 years, the Mathnasium Method has transformed the way children understand and appreciate math.


Specially-trained, caring instructors cater to students who need to catch up, as well as advanced students who want to get ahead.


Our proprietary curriculum is individually customized to address each child's weaknesses and build on each child's strengths, resulting in higher test scores and improved academic performance.

Your Location Mathnasium of Newnan

123 Any Street Rd.Fayetteville Rd Intersection of Newnan Crossing & Lower Any Town, ST 90000 Rd 1111 Lower Fayettevile

(Next to Publix)

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mericans have been exchanging written tokens of their affections during what we call Valentine’s Day for over two hundred years

– longer in Europe. It’s estimated that about a billion cards, worldwide, are purchased each year. And that doesn’t include flowers, diamonds, candy or candlelight dinners. This infatuation for the opposite sex has become big business. Yes, Valentine’s was last week, however, as I remember, it all started for me about 1957 in Mrs. Brown’s 4th grade class at the Atkinson School here in Newnan. The plan was for all the class members to tape their “personalized, handmade card receptacle” (Paper bag) on the schoolroom wall under the windows. We were to sign our name to a store-bought card and place it in each person’s bag with multiple cards being awarded to those particularly “pretty” or “handsome” students – all of them. I, however, could gather little interest in impressing the boys of the class and made a “wholesale boycott” of their bags. There was just something about asking Danny Lovorne, Wallace Glover

The Coweta Shopper is a popular and effective advertising guide mailed weekly to 16,400+ homes and businesses throughout Coweta county. We have successfully served the Coweta county area for over twenty years with our consumer-oriented guide consisting of a wide variety of retail and service advertisers, along with classified advertisements. Our office is located on the corner of Hwy. 29 South & Pine Road Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 - 5. 770-254-1421 Fax 770-254-8283 e-mail web: Mailing address is: P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 The Coweta Shopper reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising as we feel is in the best interest of our publication.

(may he rest in peace), Alex Baggett, Lee

She probably got multiple cards from several of the boys, including me, but one of my cards must have “hit the spot” with her.

Moody or Earnest Sewell, to name just a few, to “Be My Valentine”! And the feel-

ing was quite mutual, I’m sure. But there was a smart, attractive little girl in our class by the name of Nadine Brooks. She probably got multiple cards from several of the boys, including me, but one of my cards must have “hit the spot” with her. I would never have dreamed that in the year 2014, that little girl and I would celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversary! And how could I have predicted she would stand with me through good times and bad, or that she would encourage me in my weaknesses and in my successes for 45 years; or that she would forgive me for being the adventurer while she was the real stability of our home and our two daughters – always being a giver but seldom a taker. I feel somewhat like Winston Churchill as he said, “My most brilliant achievement was my ability persuade my wife to marry me”. So this article is my public Valentine message to my wife, to be cut out and placed in her paper bag, taped to the wall of our home.

Be My Valentine

Page 4 J The Coweta Shopper J February 19, 2014 J

Gary Fields

of Wildflower Leather By Joey Howard, The Coweta Shopper Gary Fields’ introduction to Newnan wasn’t necessarily intentional. The East Tennessee native had ventured to neighboring Fayette County when it happened. “My wife, Dianne, and I decided we needed to open a business somewhere,” Gary recalls. “She lived in Peachtree City for a while and we came back here to visit people. And I stumbled upon Newnan.” The chance meeting with the city of Newnan came around 2013, shortly after Fields left a business venture in Tennessee. It marked the humble beginning of Wildflower Leather, a store both Gary and Dianne operate and own in Ashley Park. “I really liked Newnan’s numbers. I liked its demographics and growth,” Fields said. “We looked everywhere. We looked at Ashville (N.C.). We looked at Nashville. We looked at multiple locations. And after doing our own demographic study on premise here, we decided that Ashley Park would be the location for us.” Wildflower Leather sells - as you would imagine by the name leather jackets, leather boots and many other leather goods. “Those are our staples,” Fields says. But the name, it really came from a so-called hobby. “I have a history of growing Wildflowers,” Fields says. “And it’s easy to remember. The word leather helps get the people in. We knew we had to carry enough leather goods to be a leather store.” “But the truth is about 70 percent of our clientele are females. They love our dresses and our tops. I mean, they really love ‘em. We offer the kind of product that’s not over-the-top priced and very trendy.” And the store itself is strategically designed with eye-catching displays of men’s and women’s apparel, utilizing an upscale Southern look with an abundance of collectibles. “We don’t look like a big box store by design,” Fields said. “We wanted it to be known that it is locally-owned and locally-operated. So we put things in the store to help make it more interesting like the NASCAR driving suit and we’ve gotta Forrest Gump display. It suggests a lifestyle which I think is more southern-based.”

After graduating from Carter County High School, Fields went into the military which meant a two-year stint in Vietnam (1969-70). When he returned, his focus turned to stock-car racing. “I’m the only guy that I know that when I came back from Vietnam, I came back to a 1970 real Hemi Charger,” he said. “Now, that car would be worth several hundred thousand dollars. I traded it for a race-car trailer and a Chevy van. I had to have that trailer because it was all about racing.” And growing up in Eastern Tennessee, Bristol and its famous short track was just up the road. “I’ve been to Bristol races probably close to 100 times,” he said. “I’ve been going there since I was 15.” His love for racing put him on the NASCAR circuit as a driver. “It wasn’t what people think of NASCAR, it was a junior league so-to-speak. (The races) were NASCAR-licensed, sanctioned events, but we didn’t run the big tracks. It was Nashville, Bristol, Opp (Ala.), Montgomery and Birmingham.” Fields won a couple of races and was always a top-10 contender. But other responsibilities pulled him away. “Babies. Children. The demands for a budgeted paycheck,” Fields said of the reasons he left racing. So it was off to the corporate world with stops in Texas and Alabama. “I’d been a general contractor for a long time, was into construction,” he remembers. “Had gas stations. Then I got into the restaurant business, both the operational and development, and helped spearhead a chain of stores. I built 69 restaurants in multiple cities across the country. I was Vice President of national operations. Towards the end of that I traveled a lot. And I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Goodbye corporate world. “I woke up one day to go to the airport at 5 o’clock, I sat up and said ‘I’m done’,” Fields said. “You know, it was kinda like when Forrest Gump quit running, that was it for me. I’m done.”

The NASCAR driving suit was the first General Motors suit worn by none other than Dale Earnhardt, Sr., which he donned in 1988.

“I was also done with ties. I gave away 66 neck ties and 19 sports jackets two days after I quit to the VA. They were all premium. To this day, I’ve only worn a tie one time and it was to my mother’s funeral.”

“I’ve had it since about ‘92. It was race-used, unclean and still has his DNA in it,” Fields says.

Fields moved to the Pigeon Forge, Tenn., area and took off 27 weeks to build a 6,000 sq.ft. log cabin with the help of a couple of his sons. It led to him starting a log-home company named Fields and Dreams and was very successful within one year of starting that business. Then he quickly realized the company’s direction was headed toward where he had just left ... the corporate world.

It was Fields’ love for NASCAR that turned a normal six-hour drive from his home in the Johnson City, Tenn., area to Newnan into a 43-year expedition, so-to-speak.

“I was having to build a house in this city, then over here and I said that’s enough. I like to sleep in my own bed,” he said. Two more projects appeared on the radar for Fields, an ultrasuccessful, 110-acre residential development known as Cedar Falls, just outside of Pigeon Forge. It was so successful, it led to a commitment to develop another residential community - this one a 2,200-acre tract in the most prime mountain property in the entire Smoky Mountains. “I developed 400 acres in record-time, like 17 months,” he recalled. Then the economic downtown kicked in and long story short, he found his way to Peachtree City before bumping into Newnan. The concept of Wildflower Leather came from people they actually knew. “My son – Gary Jr. – his wife’s parents had a very successful boot store in Dublin, Ga., called Strickland Boots,” he said. “Then I also had friends in Tennessee that had western stores, one of them Outback Leather.”

“When you think of most boot stores or most western stores, you think of something off the freeway, 5-to-10,000 sq.ft. We only have 2,000,” he says. “In our mission it was not to establish ourselves as a western store, but more of an upscale-southern thing, even though we do sell a lot of western flair.” Wildflower Leather opened Memorial Day weekend in 2013. And it’s been full-speed ever since. “We’re extremely hands-on. We’re here all the time,” Gary says of he and his wife. One of their granddaughters, Hayley, also helps in the store. Gary and Dianne have 7 children and 20 grandchildren, spread from Michigan to Florida. “We don’t consider ourselves experts in the field, but when we have a question, we go back to our mission - keep it simple and keep it fresh. That means we bring stuff in-and-out all the time. (Our customers) are not going to run across it out there when walking the sidewalk. We are also very good at being good listeners to our customers.” “I love Newnan. We’ve had an amazing welcome. I’ve had people tell us they thought this was the ‘damnest concept they’ve ever seen’ or ‘it’s about time Newnan had something like this’.” Indeed, it did take quite a while though for Fields to finally settle on Coweta County. “It’s all about life experiences to get you where you are,” he said. “My life has certainly been a roller-coaster ride.” No question, folks in Newnan sure hope that roller-coaster has made its final stop. J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 5

Franklin Road Animal Clinic Rabies Shots $10 Each NEUTER/SPAY BOARDING CAT DOG Dog $1200 $ Male …$39 59-$99 Cat $1000 Female …$49

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Minor Med E C W -I C IC


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additional for some forms

We Cater! ISL AND CAFE u Island



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Financial Services


1 Mile East of Thomas Crossroads

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Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Saturday by appointment; Sunday closed.

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BBQ Pulled Pork on Coco Bread

u Jerk


Hours: Mon-Sat,11-7

300 Bullsboro Drive, Suite C Newnan, GA 30263 • 678-458-8017 Member of the Newnan-Coweta Chamber

Check Out Our Website:

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Beautiful Leather on Sale ON ALL FLOOR SAMPLES

Sweet deals

from top quality manufacturers.

45-60% OFF Juliana’s Galleries

McKinley, Bradington-Young, 7 Seas, Palatial, Classic Leather and MSRP many other fine manufacturers.

27,000 Sq. Ft. of Showrooms

Beautiful Living ~Affordably Priced

50 Amlajack Blvd., Newnan Mon.-Fri. 10-6; Sat. 10-5.

Does your home need to breathe?


Free PickuP

of your donations

• Shop • Donate • Volunteer 150 Pine Road, newnan, Ga 30263

770-252-4061 • SALE ~ 18’x20’x8’ Steel Building ~

Slab On Level Ground

Shown With Optional Window

After a few weeks, the decorative accessories start finding their way back in. A good way to keep the space from feeling cluttered is to bring back ½ of what you removed before the Holiday décor was installed … if you didn’t remove any accessories for holiday décor, remove ½ of your accessories and enjoy the new space you have just created. Those other accessories or possessions will creep back in soon enough and then your house will be back to normal, warm & fuzzy.

only $5,85000plus tax

Portable Buildings Also Available

Call for more information


This may be a good time to let your space breath a little while. Enjoy the empty walls, knick/knack shelves and table tops. Take a few days or weeks and take in the emptiness of it all. Only bring back the items that are functional or that have special meaning to you and your family. Chances are the functional things are a humidifier/vaporizer and a basket full of cold & flu medicine, Kleenex boxes and extra throws for warmth. The special meaning items cold be a quilt that your grandmother made or a favorite photo of someone that puts a smile on your face. Just keep it simple for now and enjoy the breathing room.

8’x7’ Rollup Door, 36” Walk Door, with Slab ...


After the holiday decorating gets packed up and put away for the next 10 ½ months, does your house feel cold and empty, almost like a vacant home. I know ours does, but I sort of like it that way for a while. I find that I’m ready for it and enjoy the breathing space.

  Purchase or Rent To Own   Financing Available   Sheds/Portables 

Carports Steel Buildings Gazebos Greenhouses

As I write this article, sitting in our family room (it’s January 19th)I can see at least 4 spaces that still have Christmas décor in place. I tell myself that it’s not Christmas décor …it’s Winter décor! I guess I’m not as ready for that breathing space as I thought. For more information about … creating some breathing space in your home, contact

28 Bullsboro Dr., across from Newnan Utilities Water Tower.

Look For Calendar of Events and More on our website

Nan Johnston, Southern Staging & Redesign, J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 7

Save $50.00

Beautiful Exteriors by

Mike Hayes

on any initial service with this coupon.*

Newnan Home Improvement, Inc.

• Vinyl Replacement Windows • Alcoa Vinyl Siding • Aluminum Gutters

4 - 6” Catfish $45 per 100 6 - 8” Catfish $65 per 100 8 - 11” Catfish $100 per 100

To purchase 8-11” Catfish - Must Bring Own Container and Water (too big to bag) Also, Grass Carp, Bass, Crappie, Bluegills, Hybrid Bluegills, Red Ear, Sun Perch, Minnows and Koi

119 W. Hwy. 34, Newnan • 770-251-1224 Stock My Pond • 501-676-3768


*This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

Friday, February 21, 12 to 1 p.m.

Farm & Masonry Supply

Serving Coweta-Fayette area for over 30 years Call us today at 678-552-4460

It’s Fish Day

Free Estimates! Absolutely No Hidden Fees!

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Call or stop by our branch to see how we can help.

159 Temple Ave Ste E Newnan GA 30263 (770) 251-5010


“Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”

Ask Us About Zero Up-Front Prep Fees A Bank Product For Free... We Have One We Have Flexible Filing Options Make Us Your One-Stop Shop

MLS 07144378 #

GoRGeoUs 128 acRes on cLeaRWaTeR Road, 100 Acres chain link fencing, 2 stocked ponds, 2 barns, 2BR house, double road frontage, good internal road system. See to appreciate at $7000 per acre.

MLS #07178000 Ranch on 7.74± acRes, 3BR/2BA, LR w/ hardwood floors, den & dining combo, laundry room, kitchen w/stove, dishwasher & cabinets. 16’x20’ workshop w/electricity & concrete floor. 6’x10’ playhouse or storage building. $159,900. (FRANK)

MLS 07178059 #

14,000± sQ. FT. oaK BaRn w/3780± Sq. Ft. Living Quarters on 41.83449± Mostly open, fenced & cross fenced acres w/2 streams & lake site. 4BR, 3 ½ Bath, 9 stall barn, tack room wash room, pecan trees & 6 car carport. $295,000. (FRANK)

MLS #07068685 sPecTacULaR TWo sToRY on The LaKe has 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ baths, plus 2 apts., inground pool, LR with F/P, dining room, updated kitchen, family room w/FPL, 4.8 acres, and so much more. A lot for $525,000.

MLS 07219689 #

secLUded caPe cod on 2 open acres, 3BR, 2BA, vaulted GR w/fpl, dining area, kitchen w/appliances, pantry & breakfast bar, laundry room. Easy access to I-85 at Moreland or LaGrange. 40 mins. to Atl. Airport. Quiet rural area near Moreland. $139,900.

MLS #07109462 GReaT LaKe ReTReaT on 27.8 Wooded acRes w/5 Acre Lake, North Coweta, 4BR/4BA, vaulted GR w/fp, Rec. Room, huge gourmet kitchen. 12x50 screen porch, In-law Suite w/2nd kitchen. Easy access to Atlanta. $799,900.

MLS 07136727 #

BeaUTIFUL sPacIoUs, 4 sided brick Colonial on cul-de-sac lot. Over 4,500+/- SF! 3 Fireplaces. Large Rooms. Hardwood floors. Carpet like new. Finished basement! Large spacious backyard. Screened porch on 2 acres. $249,900.

MLS #07175531 IMMacULaTeLY MaInTaIned. Well Insulated and Well Built Home on 16.5 Acres & half interest in 4 acre stocked lake. 4 fenced pasture, huge walk-up attic. Shop area. 3BR/3.5BA, Greatroom w/fp, Formal DR, Country Kitchen. $650,000.

*All loans are subject to our liberal credit policy and credit limitations, if any.

Lock ‘N’ Key

STORAGE • Storage Unit Rental • Moving Supplies • Truck & Trailer Rental • Online Account Access

Lock ‘n’ Key Storage 220 W Hwy. 34 (Franklin Hwy.), Newnan • 770-252-2278

MLS #07211201 LaKe RedWIne – Professionally Decorated European Stone and Hardy Plank Home on full basement, 5BR/4.5BA, GR w/fpl, Formal DR, Office, fully equipped Kitchen w/brkst area, and triple garage w/openers. See to appreciate at $475,000 (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07205412 BeaUTIFULLY MaInTaIned neIGhBoRhood in E.Coweta near Peachtree City. Northgate School District. True in-law suite with 2nd kitchen. Elegant arches & Palladian windows, 4BR/3BA custom ranch with finished terrace and full basement. Hardwood floors & much more. $349,900. (FRANK or JESS)

MLS #07175522 MaGnIFIcenT coUnTRY esTaTe on 16.5 acRes, 4 acre stocked lake, terrace, Gunite pool w/cool decking. 5BR/4.5BA, upgraded Kitchen, Greatroom w/fpl, family room, In-law Suite, 4 Stall Barn & Stable, 4 board and electric fencing. $799,900.

MLS #07171438 TWo sToRY 1900 eRa hoMe, 6BR, 5.5BA, foyer w/ceramic tile floor, 7 fireplaces, LR w/fp, parlor w/fp, huge formal DR, den w/ fp, kitchen w/all appliances, breakfast area, sitting room, walk-in pantry & Butler’s pantry. In-law Apt. w/2nd Kit. All drapes, rugs & chandeliers to stay. New Price Is: $335,000

MLS #07167293 aPPRox. 13,500 s/F MeTaL & sTUcco ManUFacTURInG BUILdInG plus 1800 S/F finished office space & 1800 S/F unfinished office space upstairs on 2.08 Ac. in Shenandoah Industrial Park in Newnan. 5 Mins. to I-85 at Exit 47. $995,000.

MLS #07203254

MLS #07138731 GoRGeoUs, WeLL MaInTaIned, historical Victorian home, 1+ac. Blt by the Cole Brothers in 1888. Orig. heartpine flrs in exquisite condition. 11’ ceilings. Wrap around Veranda. Grand staircase graced w/stained glass windows. 7 fpl’s. Lg BR’s, DR & GR w/fpls & pocket doors. Country kit. w/f/p. Stained glass windows. Storage closets. Attic. Mud rm. Side porch. pool w/new vinyl liner. 3 Sep. outbldgs, 2 Sep.HVAC systems. Oak & pine mantles. Butler staircase. Picture molding thru-out. Widows walk porch overlooking yard & pool. Sitting area upstairs overlooking front yard. (FRANK or JESS) $369,900.

hUnTInG Land FoR saLe GReaT In-ToWn neWnan hoMe, 4 bed• 75 Wooded Ac. near Hogansville, 3 food plots, rooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, room to expand in will subdivide. $3,350/Ac. full basement with shop, greatroom with fireplace, • 92.93 Wooded Ac. near Woodbury, $3500/Ac. formal dining room, upstairs den, double garage • 144 Ac. near Whitesburg, ½ mile on with opener. Super energy efficient. New price Chattahoochee – Duck pond & 10 Ac. Dove field, $259,900. (FRANK or JESS) 30 yr old timber. $4950/Ac. • 153 Ac. near Greenville, 6 Food plots, 5.5 Ac. Stocked pond, 30 yr. old timber. $3500/Ac. Frank Barron (owner/agent) 770-231-9535 220 W. Hwy. 34,Newnan, GA

770-252-2278 Locally Owned and Operated

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Dr. Benita Stephens

Medical Center & Spa Services Provided: • OB/GYN • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy • Medical Weight Loss • Botox and Dermafillers • B12 & Fat Burner Shots • Obagi Revision Skin Care • Facials • Permanent Make-up: Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner & Full Lips • Latisse

Board Certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Obesity Medicine.

Valentine’s Special Kissable Lips $500 Regular Price $750


The Only Non-Invasive Procedure FDA-cleared to lift the Neck, Chin and Brow

Hormone Thereapy Hot Flashes? Low Sex Drive?


Text “CiaoBella” to 55469 175 Jefferson Parkway, Newnan, GA 30263 Last week at...

The Coweta Shopper com Without power for 2 days during the Winter Storm, The Coweta Shopper was still working diligently for our readers online at! Utilizing the services of Coweta Emergency Management Agency, Coweta County Government, Newnan Police Department, City of Newnan, Coweta County Public Schools, WSB-TV News and Weather, The National Weather Service, AccuWeather and Georgia 511... we helped keep citizens of Coweta county informed on the Winter Storm conditions throughout the area. Here’s some of what we did... • Published 12 weather-related stories • Tweeted or Retweeted 206 weather-related messages • Posted 58 weather-related items to our Facebook Page • Had real-time Weather and Traffic available 24/7 on our website

Visit us online – anytime – for Advertising and Community News you can use! Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook

4 Mark These Dates Now - February 28 … Youth T-Ball The Coweta County Recreation Department will be offering Spring Youth T-Ball Registration during the month of February for boys and girls ages 3-5 years old. Registration will take place at both the Newnan Recreation Center (39 Hospital Road) and The Hunter Complex (2970 Hwy 16 East, Sharpsburg). Cost is $60 per child which includes uniform. All T-Ball activities will take place at The Hunter Complex. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Lance Dennis at 770-254-3750 or by email at



submit your business briefs to

LaToya B. Stephens, MD recently passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam for obesity medicine physicians and became certified in the sub-speciality of obesity medicine. Dr. Stephens was one of only 158 physicians nationally who successfully completed this year’s exam. “In our own state, the prevalence of adult obesity is 29.1 percent”. said Dr. Stephens. “I am interested in being part of the solution to the medical epidemic by locally helping patients affected by obesity who seek access to safe evidence-based medical treatment.” Dr Stephens obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Georgia and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Morehouse School of Medicine. She completed residency training at Atlanta Medical Center and is a Board Certified Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. She is active in the Newnan Community and a member of various professional and social organizations. Stephen is also a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. For information or an appointment, contact Ciao Bella Medical Center and Spa at

Prominent Newnanites Team with NTC Actors in A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters” Opening Feb 20 By Joan Doggrell Newnan Theatre Company is pleased to bring “Love Letters,” by A.R. Gurney, to their Mainstage venue.The play tells the story of the relationship between two people, troubled rich girl Melissa Gardner and the politically ambitions Andrew Makepeace Ladd, III. They are friends in childhood, and as their lives progress, they go off to different boarding schools, try their hands at romance, and go on with their lives. As in life, their paths cross again and again, and they do finally fall in love, but, again, as in life, their romance is interrupted. Though their paths separate and converge time and time again, they never lose touch with one another. They seem to find that they have a better relationship with each other in their writings than they do in person. The production is simple – two people, seated at a table, reading from their letters. There is also a special twist to this production. For the first time, Newnan Theatre Company is bringing local celebrities to the forefront of the stage. Joining actors associated with NTC are Winston Skinner, longtime reporter for the Newnan Times-Herald; Candace Boothby, director of the Newnan Chamber of Commerce; Valerie Dumas, owner and operator of Gillyweed; and John Daviston, president and CEO of McKoon Funeral Home. Each of these local ‘celebrities’ will pair off with an actor from NTC to present the show for two nights. The show opens on Thursday, February 20 and runs through March 2. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased through the NTC website,, or via phone by calling 770.683.6282. Performance times and ticket prices are as follows: Feb. 20 & Feb. 27, 8:00 pm, $7.00 for all; Feb. 21, Feb. 22, Feb. 28, March 1 8:00 pm, $8 for children, $12 for students and seniors, $14 for adults; Feb. 23 and March 2, 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, $8 for children, $12 for students and seniors, $14 for adults. If you have questions regarding the content of any show, email Artistic Director Tony Daniel at

February 19 … Author Talk at The Carnegie. John Havick will discuss The Ghosts of Nascar February 19 at 2:30 p.m. 1 LaGrange St., Newnan. 770-683-1347, Check Out Our Website For More Events

February 20 … Love Letters February 20 – March 2, 2014. Newnan Theatre Company, 770-683-6282, for more information Check Out Our Website For More Events J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 9

• Otoscopic Exam • Written Explanation • Written Recommendation • Better Hearing starting at $100 Per Mo. (Credit Approval Required).

Offer Expires 3/31/14

Health Happenings

706-845-0500 • 706-812-9315 Fax

February 21 … Dementia Workshop Caring for a loved one suffering with dementia

CPR For Family & Friends non-cert, 2 p.m.-4 p.m. at The Carnegie. Free course. Learn lifesaving CPR skills, AED use, and relief of choking. Class is open to adults and children 12 and older. Call or check out website for more information, 770-683-1347, 1 LaGrange St., Newnan.

can be challenging, and, at times, overwhelming. Piedmont Newnan Hospital will host a workshop entitled “Understanding and Managing Dementia” for family and caregivers of those with dementia on Friday, February 21 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Conference Room 2. The workshop will cover the diagnosis, types and stages of dementia, community resources, financial and legal concerns, communication techniques and the role of medications in managing challenging behaviors. The cost to register is $25, and breakfast and lunch is provided. To register, please call 770-400-2320.

Check Out Our Website For More Events

Check Out Our Website For More Events

February 20 …

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Williams Insurance Agency Call Us About

Renter’s Insurance

Attention Homeowners Bad Credit? No Problem!

We Have A Warm Heart For Cold Noses

Up to 4 Claims Accepted*

Robin D. McGuffey, Owner/Agent

Auto Policies $48 to start!* *See Store for details

770-253-2435 • 125 Temple Ave., Newnan

“Pet Resort & Spa” 770-253-7234

22 JEFFERSON PLACE Downtown Newnan, behind Pizza Hut

40 Years Experience ! Serving Coweta for 51 Years! Family Owned & Operated

Look For Calendar of Events, Features, Traffic, Weather and More on our website

TSI Automotive CompleTe mAInTenAnCe And RepAIR (formerly Transmission Specialties, Inc.)

Call 770-254-1421 To Discuss Your March Advertising

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc.

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc.

Now Hiring OTR Drivers n Solo n Teams n Driver Trainees

This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For. Wiley Sanders Truck Lines Is

Same Owner, Same Great Service.

Not Just A Job, It’s A Career!

We changed our name because we are now a full service garage.

4 Foreign & Domestic 4 AC 4 Brakes 4 Emission Repairs 4 Engine Diagnostics 4 Complete Transmission Services 4 Foreign & Domestic 4 Master Certified Technicians


25 OFF*

Any Auto Repair *If Over $100


100 OFF*

Any Remanufactured Transmission Jobs

5089 East Hwy. 16, Turin

770-599-1971 Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc.


Great Pay! n Great Miles! n Great Home Time!

All Miles Paid, Loaded and Empty, Assigned Trucks, Pre-Pass, EZEE Pass, Sun Pass, AND 70 MPH Trucks Full Benefit Package: BCBS, Presciption, Vision, Dental, 401K, Free Rider Program, etc.

Call Recruiting Now

1-800-633-1510 Ask for Von or Frank

770-251-8000 ■ Dangerous Tree Removal ■ Professional Tree Climbers ■ Chipper Service ■ Pruning ■ Trimming ■ Bobcat Service ■ Bush Hogging ■ Stump Grinding ■ Complete Clean Up ■ References Upon Request ■ Licensed ■ Fully Insured ■ We Carry Worker’s Compensation ■ 24 Hour Emergency Service ■ FREE ESTIMATES ■ Great Prices! Call Today

Tylor Gwinn, Aaron Hurd Local Owners/Operators

EXPERT TREE REMOVAL J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 11

Encouraging Words

Marriage “To keep your marriage brimming in the Wedding Cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.”

Q Summer Youth Volunteer Program

We Do Insurance & Taxes 20 referral fee for every tax return referred.


25 OFF


with this ad


Monday - Friday 9 - 5; Saturday 9-12.

300D Bullsboro Drive Newnan GA 30263

The Piedmont Newnan Hospital Auxiliary is now accepting applications for their Summer Youth Volunteer Program. The program is open to Coweta County teenagers ages 14 through 18 as of April 12. The program will run for 6 consecutive weeks beginning June 16 and ending July 25. Participants are expected to volunteer two 4 hour shifts per week and accrue a minimum of 40 total volunteer hours. Youth will be assigned throughout the hospital including Inpatient Services, Emergency Department, Food and Nutrition Services, Engineering, Central Supply and The Poplar Shop. This experience provides valuable insight into the many occupations that surround the health care industry. Applications are available by calling the Piedmont Newnan Hospital Auxiliary Office at 770-400-2380 or sending an email to A limited number of applications will be accepted.

~ Ogden Nash

“Love at first site is easy to understand. It’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.”


~ Sam Levensen

“There is no greater happiness for a man than, approaching a door at the end of the day, knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.” ~ Ronald Reagan


“When there is love in a marriage there is harmony in the home; when there is harmony in the home, there is contentment in the community; when there is contentment in the community, there is prosperity in the nation; when there is prosperity in the nation, there is peace in the world.” ~ Chinese Proverb


“The greatest favor we can do our children is to give visible example of love and esteem to our spouse. As they grow up, they may then look forward to maturity so they,

All Steel Structures

too can find such love.”

Carports • RV Covers Horse Barns • Garages • Shops

Andrea Bell-Pitt, Attorney 27 East Broad St., Newnan, GA 30263

770.251.1289 770.251.2629 fax. E-mail:

~ Eucharista Ward

• Sizes 12x20 up to 60x200 • Eave heights of 8’ tall up to 16’ tall • 2”x 3” boxed tube in 14 gauge, G-90 Galvanized Framing • Double tube framing on 40’ wide or wider • 15 standard colors to choose from • Built on concrete or directly on the ground (or any level surface) • Many door sizes to choose from • AG panel ribbed siding or dutch lap steel siding available • Floor planned to meet your specific needs

Q “ Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is a blessing from the Lord.”

Professionally Built On Site Phenix City, AL (334) 297-4940 • Columbus, GA (706) 322-4179

28 Bullsboro Drive • Newnan, GA 30263 (directly across from water tower)

(770) 502-7007


Mon - Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm; Sat. 9:00am - 6:00pm; Closed Sunday

~ Proverbs 19:14


Think About It!

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Newnan American Legion #57 Coweta Veterans Club

Sundays 6 p.m. • Tuesdays 7 p.m.

1,000 Jack Pot


Premises Totally Smoke Free

Hall Is Available For Parties, Receptions

Hwy. 29 North, 1/2 mile from 34 Bypass


GENESIS X’TRANOL- 24 Genesis contain the potent detoxifier Ellagic acid • Controls high blood pressure • Preserves red blood cells • Inhibits inflammation • Controls blood sugar lowering the risk of diabetes • Inhibits blood clots • Lowers PSA levels in male, reduces the risk of prostate cancer • Reduces the risk of breast cancer • Causes apoptosis (death of cancer cells)

678-423-3457 404-246-6252

Mark These Dates February 25 … Tuesday Night Dinners As of Feb.18, Mount Gilead United Methodist Church will serve dinner on Tuesday nights from 5-7 PM in the Fellowship Hall. The menu ($7.00 per plate) will vary from week to week. Mount Gilead UMC is located at 2651 Highway 16 East in Sharpsburg, next to Blossman Gas Company. Please call 770-254-8876 if you need directions, want to know what’s on the menu or if you have any questions. Check Out Our Website For More Info & Events

Be In Balance at the Carnegie, 12 noon. Quantum Alternative Health & Balanced Family Wellness discuss how to stay healthy and balanced. Topics covered include stress, thyroid, metabolism, hormones nd more. Call or check out website for more info, 770-683-1347, 1 LaGrange St., Newnan. Check Out Our Website For More Info & Events

February 27 … Glass Castle at 7 p.m. One-person theatrical adaptation of Jeannette Walls’ memoir of survival & resiliency told through the eyes of a young girl. The author and her siblings are often left to fend for themselves as the family’s precarious lifestyle necessitates frequently doing “the skedaddle.” The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan, GA 30265, 770-254-2787

LaTina Emerson



Get Free Tax Help In Coweta County It’s tax season and time to file your taxes with Uncle Sam. If you’re looking for low cost options to get your taxes prepared, consider free services offered by AARP Foundation Tax-Aide and IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).

w AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free tax preparation to individuals with low and middle income, with special attention to seniors (60 and older). Taxes are prepared by trained volunteers. For more information, call 888-AARP-NOW (888-227-7669) or visit a) Each Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., AARP Tax-Aide volunteers will prepare taxes at the Coweta Public Library System’s Powell Branch at 25 Hospital Road in Newnan. The service is available through April 9. For more information, call (770) 253-3625. b) Each Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., AARP Tax-Aide volunteers will prepare taxes at the Coweta Public Library System’s Central Library at 85 Literary Lane in Newnan. The service is available through April 10. For more information, call (770) 683-2052.

w IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) offers free tax help to individuals who make $52,000 or less. IRS-certified volunteers will provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing. For more information, call (800) 906-9887 or visit and search for the word “VITA.” a) Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers at 228 Bullsboro Drive in Newnan will offer free tax preparation through April 15. Assistance is available from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, call (678) 423-3562. b) Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department’s Catherine Hardy Lavender Center at 425 Willie North St., Room 112 in Carrollton, Ga. will offer free tax help on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. through April 12. For more information, call (770) 834-0116.

Taxpayers will need to bring the following documents: 4 Government issued photo ID 4 Last year’s federal and state tax returns 4 Wage and earning statement forms: W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, 1099-Misc from all employers 4 Social Security cards or other official documentation for yourself, spouse and all dependents 4 Checkbook or pre-printed direct deposit information showing routing number and account number for direct deposit 4 Unemployment compensation statements 4 SSA-1099 form showing total Social Security benefits paid to you for the year or form RRB-1099 for Tier-1 Railroad Retirement benefits 4 Interest and dividend statements from banks (Forms 1099) To receive credits or itemize deductions, please bring: 4 Dependent care provider information (name, employer ID or Social Security number) 4 Receipts, canceled checks or 1099 forms related to continuing education 4 1098 form showing any home mortgage interest 4 Receipts or canceled checks for medical/dental expenses or prescription medicines, costs of assisted living services and bills for home improvements 4 Receipts for contributions to charity 4 Receipts or canceled checks for all tax income and property taxes paid and records of tax refunds Please Note: If you or your dependent is not eligible for a Social Security number, you may need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). To file taxes electronically on a married-filingjoint tax return, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms. J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 13








725 �ANKHEA� HWY. � CARROLLTON � 770-832-8222



2013 KIA



ALTIMA SE-R # 14232A, AUTO $6,200

RIO # 13697A, AUTO, CLEAN $13,588

VERSA # P3818, CERTIFIED $13,888




2011 CHEVY

# 13398A, AUTO, NICE!


# 14074B, 3.5L V-6, AUTO

VERSA $8,988

AVEO 5 LT $9,200

QUEST SV $24,688


TAHOE LTZ $40,500

# 14089A, WOW! MUST SEE


E 320 $7,488


2008 FORD

TAURUS X # 13678B, AUTO, 3.5L V6 $8,688



# 13515A, AUTO, ONLY 58K MILES




# P3854, JUST 13K MILES



ROGUE S $17,688






2006 CHEVY







Mark These Dates February 27 … Crafty Chix at Grantville Public Library, 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Registration is required. (Ages 18 & up) Adults love crafts too! Join us for a craft learning series aimed to inspire adults to use their creativity, imagination and basic techniques to create beautiful crafts. Thursday, Jan.. 30, Feb 27, March 27, April 24. Grantville Branch, 100 Park Drive, Grantville, GA 30220, (770) 683-0535 Check Out Our Website For More Events

March 1 … Oscar Night Gala 7th Annual Oscar Night Gala benefiting the Newnan-Coweta Boys & Girls Club (NCBGC) at the Newnan Centre. This year’s event, presented by Southtowne Motors, Bob and Millie Coggin, the Swope Family Fund, Ally, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, is scheduled the evening before the formal Oscar Awards. Come celebrate the Oscars in style at this black tie event, which includes dinner, dancing, and live & silent auctions. Guests will be greeted by a red carpet entrance with live jazz and paparazzi. Event tickets are $110 each or $195 per couple and are available for purchase at Southtowne Motors, Bank of North Georgia on Jefferson St. and online at For more info, visit, or call (404) 527-7110.

March 1 … A Taste of Tuscany Atlanta’s Cooks Warehouse premier chef, Carlin Breunig, joins the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation in presenting a cooking class for the “everyday gourmet”. Chef Carlin will guide aspiring cooks through the creation of a 3-course dinner featuring farm to table specialties of the Tuscany, Italy region. Something Special Events, 83 Greenville St. in the historic district of Newnan, will host the event. An informal mix & mingle starts at 6:30pm with Italian wines and hors d’oeuvres served in the historic home’s front parlors. Culinary instruction and a seated dinner will follow. The class will be limited to 45 students, tickets are $45 each. Purchase tickets at the Carnegie Library, 1 LaGrange St., Newnan, from 9-5 weekdays. Proceeds benefit the Carnegie’s special programming initiatives for 2014.

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Classifieds FOR SALE


CEMETERY PLOTS FOR SALE: 4 plots, 3 vaults, 3 marks (valued at over $15,000) in section #3 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Inc., off Roscoe Road. Price open for discussion. 678-873-1813 ‘ – Let me buy your home! FAIR ALL CASH OFFER. Can close quickly no matter the size, situation, condition, location or price. Call 419-77-STACY (78229) 2.19#

5’ CREDENZA, dark wood with sliding doors on front, only $50. 770-254-8929 (near downtown Newnan) ‘

3Br/2Baths with office and, sun room, sits on crawl space, on 5+/- acres. 3 car garage attached, steel structure w/ private drive. Great for R.V. or a Big Rig. Kim 770-560-6008 MLS# is 07206192 Lindsey’s Inc. 770-253-6990 #239

Traditional love seat, tan, very clean. - $175. Call 770-254-8929 (Near downtown Newnan) ‘ WHEAT STRAW HAY ideal for planting grass. $3.50 per bale. Frank Barron 770-2319535.


28 FT 5th WHEEL CAMPER with slide out fourwinds $3,500. Scott 678-326-0101 ‘ 1986 16’ bass BOAT $2,700. Call 404-473-9000 ‘


1993 L8000 T/A DUMP TRUCK 8.3 eng., LL 8 spd. trans., 15.5 ft. OX body, elec. tarp, good running truck, 290,000 miles, $15,500. Call Scott 678-326-0101‘ 1968 CHEVY PICK UP 4 speed $12,500. 404-473-9000‘ 1989 FORD BRONCO $2,500. Call 404-473-9000 ‘ 1972 CHEVY S/S 454 CHEVELLE, yellow with black stripe, $25,000. 404-473-9000

CALLING ALL HANDYMEN! Owner will finance this 5 Bedroom / 2 Bath Doublewide on 1+ Acres. With Low Down. Call For More Details



RENTERS INSURANCE Call Williams Insurance 770253-2435, 125 Temple Ave., Newnan 2.26 3 BEDROOMS, 1 BATH, large yard, close to town, Section 8 welcomed. Deposit special $375. Rent $800. 770-2512387 3.5


69 HEAVILY WOODED ACRES near Sewell Mill Rd in North Coweta. Long road frontage. Mtn like setting. $5500/ acre. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 770-253-6990.


MERIWETHER CO. - 214 mostly open acres on Hwy 54. 2 barns, gorgeous building sites, 2 lakes, fenced pasture, $5,000 per acre. Frank or Jess Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 770-253-6990. FLINT RIVER LOTS for sale. Beautiful 2-4 acre tracts in gated community. Boat ramp, pavilion, 1,750 sq. ft. min. to build, 15 miles south of Senoia. Starting at $44,900. Financing available. Call Kimberly, Bush Real Estate Group 678-595-8208 2.12 128.254 OPEN & WOODED ACRES on Clearwater Rd incl. 100 acres under high chain link fence. 3 stall barn & sep. fenced pasture. 2 stocked ponds totaling 6.55 acres, 2 barns & 2BR, 2BA modular home. $7000 per acre. Frank, Jess Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors 770-253-6990. 75.717 WOODED ACRES near Hogansville, Stream & pond site. Several food plots & long frontage on 2 roads. $3350 per acre. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan 770-231-9535.

3 p.m. Friday Deadline

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more information call:

Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263 770-253-6990

Plan now For Your

Tax Break! 1.46 acre wooded lot, Senoia area. No credit check. Owner will finance.



REDUCED! 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Doublewide on 1 Acre, Needs TLC. Owner will finance with Easy Credit and Low Down Payment.

800-464-9199 Others available.


MERIWETHER CO. – 153 heavily wooded acres, 25 yr. old pines, 6 planted food plots, new 5.5 Ac. stocked pond, good road system throughout. For Sale Only! $3500/Ac. Frank Barron, Owner/Broker 770-231-9535. CARROLL CO., 144 wooded acres, 1/2 mile frontage on Chattahoochee, 10 acre planted dove field & food plots, 30 yr old planted pines, 3 acre duck pond. $4950/acre. Frank Barron, owner/agent 770-231-9535. 86 PRISTINE ACRES, 2 horse barns, 24 stalls, party house with gourmet kitchen, 50’X150’ shop with 51X50 workshop, 14 paddocks, 5 run in sheds, sprinklered dressage arena, additional land available. $990,000. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 770-253-6990.


CHOICE COMMERCIAL 3.9 ACRE LOT on Southpark Drive in Peachtree City. Adjoins Planterra Ridge Golf Course. See at $479,900. Frank Barron, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 770231-9535


PCB, FL. Edgewater Resort 2 & 3 BR Condos, Ocean Front or Golf Villas. Free beach set ups daily Call 205-410-1490

Call 770-254-1421 Before 3 p.m. Friday Deadline

770-254-1421, Fax 770-254-8283, or e-mail Call

By 3 p.m. Friday To Place Your Ad In The Next Issue! $9.50 for 30 words or less, per issue. Ad 50¢ for Web. $10.00 Per Issue. A Great Value! Limited Time Offer!


ADDING SERENITY CLEANING SERVICES Call Laura after 5 p.m. 678-974-9446 2.26* ROSSI BOBCAT SERVICE Light clearing, grading for washed out driveways - sod outbuilding pads & more. Move downed trees to burn pile. $75 per hour with 4 hour minimum. Call Mike 678-718-8196 3.12 PAINTING & PRESSURE WASHING Interior and Exterior. No job too small. Free estimates. 30 years experience. References available. Don Young 678-982-5907 3.5 MASTERSHINE CARPET CLEANING 3 rooms $45.95. Sofa, loveseat & chair $89.95. Flea treatment available.770-253-9345, cell 678850-7331 2.26 ELECTRICAL SERVICE, repair & installation. Hometown Services, Jon Courtright, Licensed Electrician, 770-5999365 2.26 CORE AERATION – Deep core aeration with our rare reciprocating aerator. Punches deep cores in compacted clay soils. Break up clay and stimulate root growth. Soil&Turf, LLC, find us on Facebook and Twitter. 678-519-8336, www., Add compost topdressing to this service for 6 cents per sq.ft. 3.5


STRESS-RELIEF – What are you holding onto that is holding you back? Dynamic hands-onthe-head, 32-point process that releases stress with touch. Claire Brockman, Facilitator, 678-6334387, relax2unwind@ymail. com 2.26 COMPUTER TUTOR. Wasting time trying to figure out how to use Windows 8? Call Nancy at 678-340-9178 for custom computer training and become friends with Windows 8! www. 2.26 R & K Video Transfers your old records & cassettes onto CDs; Super 8 Reel Film, VHS, 8mm and Hi 8mm and camcorder tapes & slides to DVDs. Slide shows with or without music. Photos to CDs or DVDs. Video special events, singing, parties, etc. Call 770-251-2335 or 404516-3178, please leave message 2.26

TOP NOTCH CLEANING Service LLC, “Specializing in Commercial Services” Home Maid Cleaning, Move In & Move Out Service. Remodeling Clean Up. Turn Key Rental, Apartment or Commercial Cleaning. Buff & Wax Service. Licensed & Bonded. Credit cards accepted. 770-683-1508 office, 678-409-8600 cell # ‘

Call 770-254-1421 Before 3 p.m. Friday Deadline

Advertising Sales Executive If you are a highly-motivated sales professional looking to join a growing team and company, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. The Coweta Shopper, a multi-media company with a weekly direct-mail publication and website, has an opening for an Advertising Sales Executive. This outside sales position is full time and “commission only”. The ideal candidate will have a great work ethic, 2-5 years of sales experience (preferred), cold calling and prospecting experience, superior closing capabilities, the abilities to establish relationships in-person and over-the-phone, and excellent organizational/time-management skills. To apply, send résumé with references via mail, fax or email to: Joe Williams, Publisher The Coweta Shopper P.O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 Fax: 770-254-8283 No Phone Calls Please. Email:

“Rise Above the Ashtray” H State of the Art E-Cigarette Devices H World-Renowned, Award Winning, Handcrafted E-Cigarette Liquids • 1485 Hwy. 34 East, Suite 3-A, Newnan, GA 30265 • 678-956-1448 J February 19, 2014 J The Coweta Shopper J Page 15

Home Owners Services Directory DaviD Parker

handyman services & pressure washing 4 home improvement 4 painting 4 electrical 4 plumbing 4 roto rooter 4 Floor, window & Trim. 30 years experience. night or day.

404-516-0252 770-251-7577

Year Round Lawn Care & Maintenance Hardscapes & Paver Patios Landscaping & Sod

Georgia Proscapes, LLC

Free Estimates



DON’T WAIT TILL SPRING! Call Today 770-616-7025 n HEAVY CLEARING n REtENtIoN poNd CLEAN out n dEBRIS REMoVAL n LAwN MAINtENANCE CommerCial & residential sinCe 1994

Steve BOyd & COmpaNy

Superior Tree Service STUMP GRINDING Free Estimates

No Job Too Big or Too Small. Give Us A Call

Call Lance or Pete

free eSTimaTeS Naomi Thompson

770-599-3112 770-851-0516

678-491-4703 199 Wilson Circle, Newnan, GA 30263

Classifieds SERVICES

BATHTUB RESURFACING Repair and/or refinish bathtubs, showers, porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble vanities, kitchen countertops, cut down bathtub to convert to a shower, install grab bars. Call for free estimate. 678-326-7711 3.12 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION ceiling fans, 220 volt outlets, security lighting, additions, remodeling, new homes, commercial work. Licensed and insured. 770-502-7774, 404-271-3937 ‘ boss tree SERVICE Free estimates. Expert tree removal. Stump grinding. Professional Tree Climbing. Pruning. Trimming. Chipper Service. Complete Clean Up. 770-251-8000. HAPPY DAY LAWN CARE Complete Lawn Maintenance. Grass Cutting, Weed Eating, Mulching, Landscaping. BBQ Wood - Hickory, Pecan, Cherry. Firewood $100 pick up or $120 delivered, stacked. Delivery available. 770-251-0512, 404247-3580 HOME EXTERIORS Additions, Siding, Gutters, Overhang, Roofing, Pressure Washing, flat concrete work driveways, patios, etc. 678-4162870 James Shelnutt ‘


HOME EXTERIORS Additions, Siding, Gutters, Overhang, Roofing, Pressure Washing, flat concrete work driveways, patios, etc. 678-4162870 James Shelnutt ‘ MOVING HELP loading, packing, driving. Across town or across the country. 8 years experience. Charles 770-328-4002 ‘ Township Coins recommends more than one appraisal when buying or selling coins/ gold/silver. Free in store appraisals. 3500 Hwy 34 East, Sharpsburg 770-254-2727. HANDYMAN SERVICES. Large or small jobs done, no need to worry. Paint, Plumbing, Electrical, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, etc. Credit cards accepted. Michael Thomas 678409-8600 Quality work for a reasonable price. *


Drivers needed. Looking for dump truck drivers. Must have 2 years recent experience. Must be DOT compliant. We utilize E-Verify. Fax work history & Contact information to 770-996-8502 ‘

3 p.m. Friday Deadline


Veterinary Technician with experience in a veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital to work at local nonprofit volume spay/neuter clinic. Schedule is typically four 8-10 hour days (off on Fridays) with occasional brief Saturday assignments. Candidate who will work directly with the Vet should be highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with a professional attitude. Surgical experience highly desirable. Email resume to or fax to 770-304-7912. EEO/M/F. WESTAFF Providing Essential People. Now hiring: for large automotive manufacturing company in LaGrange, GA. Requirements are: manufacturing and assembly experience, drug free, clean background, HS diploma, GED or transcript. When you fill out the online application, make sure you put in the zip code 30263 for GA Westfaff Newnan. Apply: www.westaff. com, phone 770-502-9930 2.19

Call 770-254-1421


Do you find it easy to care for others? Do you enjoy listening to stories? Volunteering with hospice might be for you. Our volunteers provide companionship for patients and short-term respite for caregivers. Days and times are flexible and comprehensive training is provided. Contact Debbie Fambro, 404832-4232 or Gentiva Hospice Seeking Volunteers. Looking for a way to develop and grow personally or to help improve the lives of others in our community? Our volunteers are a part of a team that believes that every moment matters, believes in compassionate care and most of all, believes in dignity and respect for each patient we serve. For more information please contact Lynn Yeager, Manager of Volunteer Services, Gentiva Hospice, 770-502-1104.’


NEWNAN COWETA HUMANE SOCIETY. check out for list of animals at local animal control facility and foster care animals. Call 770-253-4694



LOST CAT 9 month old gray and white last seen February 1st on Lora Smith Road. REWARD. Please call 678-570-0959. 3.12

To Place Your Ad

3 p.m. Friday Deadline

Before 3 p.m. Friday

Advertiser’s Index Accurate Tax ................................................ 5 Ace Financial Group .................................. 11 Auto Quick Fast Lube ................................. 11 Better Health Clinical Research ...................... 1 Boss Tree Service........................................ 10 Ciao Bello Medical Center & Spa .................. 8 Cook’s Pest Control ...................................... 7 Coweta Veterans Club ................................ 12 David Parker Handyman Services ................. 15 Farm & Masonry Supply ................................ 7 Franklin Road Animal Clinic .......................... 5 Genesis X’Tranol-24 ................................... 12 Georgia Proscapes ..................................... 15 Guaranteed Cars & Credit .......................... 16 Hearing Doctors of Georgia .......................... 9 Heather’s Heavenly Vapes ........................... 14 Jordan, Kinsey & Jordan CPAs ....................... 1 Juliana’s Galleries ....................................... 6 Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors .............................. 7,14 Lock ‘N’ Key Storage .................................... 7 Mathnasium of Newnan ................................ 2 McGuire’s Buildings ............................... 6,11 Minor Med Express Care Walk-In Clinic ......... 5 Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce ....... 5 Newnan-Coweta Habitat For Humanity ReStore ......... 6 Newnan Home Improvement ......................... 7 Scott Evans Nissan...................................... 13 Security Finance ........................................... 7 Steve Boyd & Company............................... 15 Stump Grinding.......................................... 15 Superior Tree Service .................................. 15 Township Coins ............................................ 5 The Dog House .......................................... 10 TSI Automotive ........................................... 10 Twisted Peelz Island Cafe .............................. 5 Ward Law Office ........................................ 11 West Georgia Health .................................... 9 Wiley Sanders Truck Lines .......................... 10 Williams Insurance Agency .......................... 10

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GUARANTEED CARS & CREDIT Our name says it all!

Our Cars Are Guaranteed And So Is The Credit! WARRANTY FOR LIFE OF THE LOAN!* 2010 MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS

2006 LEXUS RX 330







1999 LEXUS LS 400








2004 DODGE RAM 1500







2006 FORD F250sd

2006 FORD F350sd








220 Temple Ave., Newnan • (across from Rite Aid & Hardees) Hours Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. • Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. • Online 24/7 *Limited Power Train Warranty / Payments must be made in timely manner. Proof of regular or required maintenance.

The Coweta Shopper  

advertising and community event guide mailed in Coweta County, GA