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PAPER “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” Admiral William H. McRaven

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Vol. 1, No. 5 ★ September / October 2017

INSIDE: Interview: We get some answers from that guy who plays the bagpipes around town. _______________________________ Recipe: How about chicken and artichoke hearts? Thank us later. _______________________________ Zen: You have survived every single bad day so far. _______________________________ Trends: It’s about the kitchen and Downtown Olive __________________________________

CHECK OUT: Chili and Blues Festival Saturday, Sept. 16, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Downtown Grantville _______________________________

Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz

Monkeys Up In Arms

Thursday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. The Nixon Centre _______________________________

What started as a simple protest asking the city of Newnan to remove “bump outs” on Jackson Street has somehow raised the ire of one of the largest social media companies in the world.

The protesters carried signs such as “Mr. Mayor and City Council, Tear Down This Bump Out!;” “Save our Tires!;” “Speak Out;” and “Let your voice be heard.”

Kiwanis Coweta County Fair

John A. Winters, publisher of The Paper, is now banned from “boosting” any articles posted by The Paper or its sister publication, The Shopper, to its Facebook page: @thecowetashopper.

A photo of the protest - with Winters squatting behind the protestors - was posted to this publication’s Facebook page. Winters decided to boost the photo. Within a couple of days, that photo generated more than 10,000 views and more than 150 comments, according to the site’s public statistics.

Sept. 22 thru Oct. 1 Coweta County Fairgrounds _______________________________

Tomb Tales & Art Fest Saturday, Oct. 14 Tickets available at NCHS and online at Join NCHS as they tour at dusk through Newnan’s Historic Oak Hill Cemetery on a guided walk of select gravesites. __________________________________

And while appeals continue to the mega company in the clouds, the demonstration itself appears to have succeed, at least in part. “This is so surreal,” Winters said. “It’s like a bunch of monkeys are monkeying around or something.” The whole David vs. Goliath issue started simply enough on Saturday, Aug. 26. That’s when the White Monkey, mascot of The Paper, gathered his fellow monkey friends at the corner of Jackson St. and Temple Ave., home of the notorious bump outs that have caused dozens of Cowetans to lose tires, rims and dignity.

“Everything was working like it always does,” Winters said about that time period. He discovered an underground video apparently done by a member of the monkey squad discussing the upcoming protest. That video also contained tape of the actual demonstration, which was dubbed as a “silent protest.” Winters decided to go out and try for an interview. And while White Monkey and friends were happy to continued on page 2

Jess Barron

Associate Broker Million Dollar Club - Life member

678-857-9350 “Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”

14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263 • 770-253-6990 •

2 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | _______________________________________________________________ Monkeys continued on page 2 pose with Winters, they would not comment, pointing out the whole “silent protest” theme. Winters posted the monkey’s video, as well as a clip of him giving his perceptions of the demonstration, to the company’s website. And like before, he said he decided to boost it. “That’s when Big Brother stepped in,” Winters said. “My boost was denied for some ‘policy violation.’” Trying to boost anything must first be approved by Facebook. And the corporate behemoth apparently found something wrong with the video. “You are allowed to appeal, and you have to state why you believe the ban should be reversed, which I did,” Winters said. “Basically, I asked why a video of a bunch of monkeys protesting a massive street curb - and in a nonviolent and silent way - violated anyone’s policies on any planet.” Trina, a member of the Facebook Ads Team, responded: “Thanks for writing in to us. I took a look at your account and noticed that the content advertised by this ad is prohibited. We reserve the right to determine what advertising we accept, and we may choose to not accept ads containing or relating to certain products or services and will not allow the creation of any further Facebook Ads for this product. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.” When asked about that, Winters looked incredulous. “How is a video of protesting monkey an ad?” he asked. “And I’m not really sure what products or services White Monkey and his friends were selling.” Since then, Winters has not been able to boost anything on the company’s Facebook page, although other company administrators can. Anytime he tries to do anything, he gets the following, he said. “Your ad account has been flagged for policy violations. Any ads you’re running have been turned off. If you believe this is a mistake, please

contact us.” “Well, I’ve contacted them twice, told them I’ve taken down the sordid video and will they please let me play with the boost button again, but I haven’t heard anything,” Winters said. We attempted to contact White Monkey, but when questioned, all he did was shake his head in dismay and motion us away. Despite all the frustrations, there is some news to report regarding the bump outs. According to City Manager Cleatus Phillips, the Newnan City Council has approved modifications to the bump outs, which also needed the Georgia Department of Transportation’s okay. “The bump outs will be shortened away from the travel lane, radius’ will be reduced and a pedestrian crossing complete with flashing beacon will be installed,” Phillips said. “We put this out for bid a few weeks ago, but received no bids. Contractors are really busy right now and not too many are interested in submitting bids.” The city manager said the city might end up adding the changes to an existing contract. Until that happens, the city has put up orange traffic cones in front of the bump out on Jackson St. Phillips said since that installation, he has not heard of anyone striking the curbs. As for Winters, he said he will continue to appeal. “People need to understand the power these Internet and social media companies have over your life,” he said. “They can cut you off at the switch. “That’s why it’s so important to support local publications like The Paper and The Shopper,” he added. “We are about helping our community and we don’t have a switch to turn anyone off.” To see the video that started it all, visit www. under the “news” column or visit the direct link at: http://thecowetashopper. com/?p=18564 | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 3 2017 NISSAN ROGUE

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PAPER | September / October 2017 | _______________________________________________________________



Publisher’s Page


John A. Winters, Publisher, Editor Corby Carlin Winters, Marketing/Public Relations Rusty Kuehl, Advertising Sales 770-301-6410

You can never really know a community until you’ve spent time with it. Even long vacations don’t give you a real sense of a place. You have to invest, and that takes time. I’ve long said that you can tell a lot about a community by how it treats the less fortunate, its weaker members. In every place I’ve lived, which includes six states and D.C., there were always groups that stood out in that regard. But I have yet to live in a community where helping those in need, whether with food, housing, special education, clothes and backpacks for kids, afterschool programs, animal therapy or a host of other needs, was the norm rather than the exception. Until we moved to Newnan and Coweta County. I am constantly amazed at the large number of nonprofits here focusing on just about every need you can image. Apples to Zebras I’ve said more than once. I think one reason there are so many nonprofits here is because not only are they welcomed, but there are so many locals willing to donate their time and money to so many worthy causes. And all that is my round-about way of saying the Kiwanis Coweta County Fair starts later this month. We would be remiss if we did not mention all the livestock competitions, the myriad of ways to lose your money trying to knock over a milk bottle, the cotton candy, some pretty darn good cheesesteaks and pizza, and of course the rides. That’s why people come. And that’s why they should. It’s a fair. For others though, it’s something else. Since the year 2000, the Newnan Kiwanis Club has given out back to the community’s nonprofits roughly $3.8 million from money raised from the fair. It’s important to note that the Kiwanis run the fair on a purely volunteer basis. It’s also important to note that all the nonprofits who receive funds from this great event also volunteer their time. There is no free lunch, so to speak. Everyone pitches in to ensure the guests have a great time, which in turn helps the club raise all the money it can so it can turn around and give it away. But it takes a lot of work.

Joey Howard, Digital Editor / Sales 404-698-0734 Ruth Harris Doyal, Composition 770-254-1421 The




is published by Winters Media & Publishing, Inc., P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264

office is located at 570 Pine Road, Newnan, GA 30263 Office Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 9 - 4. Mailing address is:

P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 770-254-1421 • Fax 770-254-8283 e-mail: web:

The PAPER is distributed throughout Coweta County and surrounding areas. You can find it at restaurants, banks, tourist locations, hotels, convenience stores, libraries and other high visibility locations. If you’d like to receive copies at your place of business, just email us at

Yet we actually do have a lot of fun in the process. I say “we” because in a moment of weakness or the desperate need for more dues income, they let me join. I am looking forward to the fair. Most importantly, I am looking forward to that one Tuesday the fair is in town. It’s the only day the fair opens early, and only a select group are let in. You see, that’s the day the parking lot is filled with dozens of yellow school buses. Hundreds of special needs kids and adults, as well as helpers and parents, are going to be streaming off those buses. During that period of time, a ride operator will pick a kid up out of his wheelchair and place him on the Himalaya, or the Speed Freak, the ferris wheel or whatever. For that moment, the kid is not confined. He is upside down, twirling in circles, spinning backwards. He, or she, is free. I know this because I watch their faces. It is one of my favorite days of the year. And I can say without hesitation, for many, many others as well.

Would You Like To Be A Distribution Point For


Until next time.


Contact us via email for information

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r i a F y t n u o C Coweta


1 . T C O 2 SEPT. 2


r All Ages!

ement Fo it c x E d e k c a -P n o 10 DAYS of Acti

s e d i R l a v i n r a C

Art & Craft Exhibits HH

Buy Your Mega Passes

★ Agriculture ★ Art ★ Baked Goods ★ Handicrafts ★ Horticulture ★ Photography ★ Preserved Foods

and … Contests ★ Family Scarecrow Decorating ★ Lumberjack & Lumberjill ★ Gingerbread House Decorating ★ Adult Birthday Cake Decorating ★ Youth Birthday Cake Decorating ★ Cattlemen’s Steak Cook-off



and … Animal Exhibits Livestock Exhibits HH

★ Educational Livestock Exhibits ★ Open & Youth Poultry Exhibits ★ Open Rabbit and Cavy Exhibits ★ 4-H Poultry Chain Show ★ 4-H Poultry Showmanship ★ 4-H Rabbit Showmanship ★ 4-H Goat Showmanship & Conformation ★ 4-H Horse Showmanship ★ Jr. Commercial Dairy Heifer Show

Only $25

With the purchase of a Mega Pass, you receive both admission to the fair and an unlimited ride armband for $25, a savings of $5. It can be used once for any day of the fair from September 22 - October 1, 2017. The Mega Pass must be purchased ahead of time – the sales end on Thursday, September 21st at midnight. The unlimited ride armbands are also $25, but they are only available Monday – Thursday all day; Saturdays 12 noon – 5pm; Sunday 2pm – 10pm. The unlimited ride armbands are available on the midway from the ticket booths.


and … Entertainment

The Mega Pass gives you an unlimited ride armband any day during the open hours of the fair, but can only be used once per Mega Pass. It’s a great deal especially for Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday which are typically the busiest days on the midway. Again, the important thing is to buy the Mega Pass ahead of time. On sale online beginning August 15 The Mega Pass is also available at the following locations beginning on Monday, August 21 until 5pm on Thursday, September 21st. Arnall Grocery; Country Financial (Summergrove Location); Coweta Convention & Visitors Bureau; Coweta County Extension Service; Southtowne Motors; Newnan Peachtree Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Jake Stanley State Farm. See website for details

★ Sam’s Path Exotic Petting Zoo ★ Southeastern Reptile Rescue ★ K9s in Flight ★ Donald White The Science Guy ★ Lew-E’s Comedy Circus ★ Rust and Flame Blacksmith ★ Outdoor Adventure Day ★ Champion Dog Trainer— Brian Szczech ★ Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center

and …

Much More! Midway by Dixieland Carnivals

Coweta County Fairgrounds • 275 Pine Road, Newnan • Sunday: 2 - 10 P.M.; Monday - Thursday: 5:00PM - 11:00PM; Friday: 5 - Midnight; Saturday: Noon - Midnight


Chic Fil A – Randy Burgess Crain Oil Fair Market InvestmentsJC Meghrian

Georgia Power Headley Construction Lindsey’s Realtors

Shine N Drive Car Wash Water Source Plumbing

McKoon Funeral Home

and …

GOLD SPONSORS Southtowne Welden Financial Buffalo Rock

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PAPER | September / October 2017 | _______________________________________________________________

Zen Monkey’s News and Musings …

It’s reopened! It’s reopened!! It’s reopened!!! The former Dwarf House Chick-fil-A on Bullsboro is back in business as a Truitt’s Chick-fil-A. The earth is back on its axis.

  There are more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are in the wild on the entire earth.

  Stephanie Ray Butcher recently received the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents during their annual meeting and Professional Improvement Conference held in Salt Lake City, UT. This award is given to agents with more than 10 years of service in cooperative extension and have exhibited excellence in the field of extension education. This award is only presented to 2% of the county extension educators in Georgia each year.

  Knife and Stone, a farm to table focused restaurant, has opened at 32 Perry St. Chef Jarrod Reeder previously worked at The Tomato House in Senoia

  You have survived every single bad day so far.

  Greg Wright, longtime director of the Coweta County Economic Development Authority, is stepping down to take a position with Coweta-Fayette EMC. We’ll let him say it in his own words. And we wish him the best: “After eight years at the Coweta County Development Authority, I have accepted a position with CowetaFayette EMC as Senior Director of Community and Economic Development. My last day at the Development Authority will be September 15th, he said in a Facebook post. “This was not an easy decision for me to make. However, I know that I am going to work for a great company and will still be involved in economic development. That is very important to me. To my economic development friends – I hope you will take a long, hard look at applying for the job. This really is a special community with government, business and community leaders who understand and appreciate economic development and work together to help make a difference.

  Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth were born in the same year.

  A bear, estimated to weigh around 150 pounds, was found dead along the side of Interstate 85’s south side, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The bear was apparently struck by a car

and was found near Exit 41.

  Hats off to Nancy Mader, who graces a large poster for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which says “I Volunteer for my daddy and aunt.” She and her fellow members of the Atlanta Affiliate recently won “Affiliate of the Year” for Region 3. Way to continue the fight against this horrible disease.

  Australia has over 10,000 beaches, you could visit a new beach everyday for over 27 years.

  Piedmont Newnan Hospital has unveiled its new $1.2 million Breast Cancer Health Center. The new facility features state-of-the-art Diagnostic Mammograms, 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, and advanced MRI. It’s located on the first floor of the Piedmont Medical Center. The center is the only breast health facility in Coweta County to offer continuum of care for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

  Barcodes are scanned by the white spaces in between the bars instead of the actual black bars.

  A new report from the University of Georgia says one of its sister schools the University of West Georgia, contributed $564 million to the region’s economy during the state’s 2016 fiscal year. UWG’s impact has climbed 22 percent in the last five years, figures from the report show. The university physically spent $348 million, or 62 percent of its impact, according to the report. The remaining $216 million came from respending of those dollars in the region by UWG employees, vendors and other sources. “We are proud of our role as one of the region’s economic drivers,” said UWG President Kyle Marrero, adding that the university is working to an annual impact of $650 million by 2020. “Working together, we all ensure a healthy, growing economy and prepare future leaders and workforce-ready graduates.”

  Newnan’s own Lynn, Smith, who represents our county in the state legislature, was recently re-elected to serve as Chair of the Energy & Environment Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference. The Republican is the only woman to have chaired the committee. The association is made up of lawmakers from 15 Southern states.

  The Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce has announced finalists for its 2017 Small Business of the Year Awards presented by SouthTowne Motors and UBS Financial Services, Inc. The judges graded each applicant in six categories: revenue growth, growth

strategy, uniqueness, industry longevity, community involvement and chamber involvement.The Top 10 Finalists are: Entrepreneur Category (1-5 employees), Dirt1x, Renee Horton American Family Insurance, Senoia Law Office, Fine Lines Art & Framing; Growth Category (6-19 employees), CMIT Solutions, Stirling Promotions, Monster Tree Service; and Employer Category (20-99 employees), Georgia Academy of Dance & the Performing Arts, Peachtree City Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. and Benton House Senior Living Community. The 2017 Honorable Mention Award Winners are Popped! Gourmet Popcorn and Fun Treats, 15 Perry Street Newnan’s Workspace, Blue Fern Merchant, Hair Looms, ORPA Consulting, LLC, Footpaths Aromatic Reflexology, Goldens on the Square, Aquanaut Plumbing, 85 South Out and About, and ValueMax Car Rental. Results will be announced on Oct. 4 during the Small Business of the Year Awards and Celebration, set for 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Newnan Centre, 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road, Newnan.

  Brian’s Sports Bar is closing down - but will soon reopen as “Art & Jake’s Sports Bar.” The changeover is expected to be completed sometime in mid-September. In a note to customers, management wrote: “We are certain you will love our new look, our new menu, and chef-created daily specials. Art & Jake’s is a family-owned and operated chef-driven company with focus on quality food, prompt service and great value for our guests. You will discover very quickly why our motto is is ‘A sports bar setting with a fine dining flavor.’”

  Set a goal so big you that you can’t achieve it until you grow into a person that can.

  The West Georgia Technical College Foundation has awarded more than 60 scholarships for the Fall Semester, with nearly a quarter of those scholarships coming from new sources. Four new scholarships have been established by the Foundation: the Coweta-Fayette EMC Scholarship, the GreyStone Power Capstone Scholarship, the J. Randy Jackson Legacy Scholarship and the Manufacturers Education Foundation Scholarship. Fourteen students received funds from these scholarships. “These students have bright futures ahead of them, and I highly commend our donors for their generosity and our Foundation trustees for investing in our students,” said Kim Learnard, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at West Georgia Tech.

 

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 7


Performing Arts

The Donald W. Nixon Centre for Performing & Visual Art 1523 Lower Fayettevile Rd., Newnan, GA 30265 770.254.2787 •


Taylor 2 American Modern Dance Paul Taylor established Taylor 2 in 1993 to ensure that his works could be seen by audiences all over the world, unhindered by economic or technical limitations. Taylor worked with longtime colleague Linda Hodes to create a company that could accommodate performance requests as well as teach and provide community outreach. Taylor looked back to the 1954 origins of the Paul Taylor Dance Company for the structure of his new company: six professionals with a particular gift for his style who perform his work throughout the world.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017 7PM - Tickets $15/$20

We all want that perfect house to live and raise our children. Let me help you find that dream location Whether buying or renting, I have the tools necessary to make it happen. And if you are in the market to sell, I will work to get you top dollar for your property. Realty with Integrity JC Meghrian, Licensed Realtor

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Briefly describe yourself and what you do. I am a deeply closeted intellectual. Love to learn and dream about what I will do when I grow up. In the meantime I am: Executive Director for Synergy Brokerage Inc. and President of Ashworth Properties LLC.

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Best piece of business advice you’ve received. My father told me that if you intend to be in business for yourself you need to have more than one ball in the air, more than one fondue stick in the pot because not every venture is going to work out certainly not at the same time. If I had it to do over … If I had to do it over again I would be less emotionally protective, and much more open in the way I cherish and care for others. You are going on an extended solo trip. What three albums and three books would you take? Old School with both the albums and the books: I would take The Beatles White Album, Anything by John Wright and his band, and Nat King Cole’s Greatest Hits. Books: The Idiot by Dostoyevsky, The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan and The Barbarian Conversion by Richard Fletcher.



Tell us one thing about yourself that few people know. I had to overcome a tendency to be shy when I was younger.

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You are hosting a dinner party for six. What five people, living or dead, would you invite and why. Hannibal: How were you able to so effectively motivate such a diverse group of warriors? The Apostle Paul: You dedicated the latter half of your life to share your encounter with God to others. Why? Cicero: You saw clearly that the Republic was unraveling and was being supplanted with a brutal imperium. You tried and failed to reverse the course. What would you have done differently? Is there anything you think might have worked to preserve the freedom Romans once valued? Constantine XI Dragases, last Byzantine Emperor: You knew you had no chance against the Ottoman armies yet you accepted the role of Emperor and you organized an heroic defense. Did you every feel as though God had abandoned you and your people? Daniel Morgan who defeated Bannister Tarleton at the Battle of Cowpens, S.C.: He was a magnificent

If you weren’t doing what you are, you would be … Story Telling and entertaining people Your go-to food. Love Thai food. Healthy, flavorful and filled with unique tastes and ingredients. Favorite movies(s): High Noon, Shane, The Emperor’s Club, The Graduate, One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest, Rambo (last of the series where he is a boatman in Burma) Dogs or cats? Dogs of course. This one is obvious to me. Dogs and Humans evolved together providing practical help. Dogs are useful. They do stuff, real stuff. Cats are emotional parasites. They stink up your house and they suck any emotional content you may have and give nothing back. Your favorite quote and why. Each morning I wake up and I repeat one of my favorite quotations: “Create in me a clean heart Oh Lord, and renew a right spirit within me.” Name something that you are extremely glad you did or accomplished. I learned to play the bagpipes after I turned fifty. I had never played any musical instrument before (OK, no jokes about the bagpipes not qualifying as a musical instrument) so I had to also learn to read music to practice effectively. This was a real challenge but I stuck with it. Like most skills one never really masters the bagpipes but with time and practice one can always improve. I enjoy trying to improve and perfect my skills each and every day. What advice would you give your younger self just starting out on their own. There is nothing more boorish and off putting than someone who is not gracious and thankful. Always acknowledge kindness and helpfulness with honest enthusiasm. Let people know who much you value and treasure them. I wish I had shown my mentors and friends and family how much I appreciated them.

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September will be much appreciated after the sweltering heat of August. Having two of my watches melt, I am happy to say goodbye to August.

The Courthouse Square, the best kept secret in all of Georgia, presents this month’s treasure in the form of One Divine Design, a new and novel store located at 9 East Broad St. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. They are closed Sunday and Monday. Terri and Brooke are a mother and daughter team that offer screen printing, embroidery and a nice selection of gifts. They have hats, jackets, purses, custom handmade jewelry and a lot more. This is an excellent place to buy your Free-Hugs t-shirts for the whole family. Each Free-Hugs t-shirt comes with a free Mr. Personality pin. In fact, for a limited time, I will be giving away one X-Large Free-Hugs tshirt each Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to the very first person who knows the acronym for HUGS. The acronym can be found on One Divine Design’s Facebook page. It’s very simple, be the first person to reach me in front of Deals-4-Dollars between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday and tell me the acronym for HUGS and a brand new Free-Hugs X-Large tshirt is yours. If you need to, you can exchange the shirt for another size at One Divine Design. Why you are in front of Deals-4-Dollars, you may want to take this time to save big by stocking up on great buys that Deals-4-Dollars has to offer every day. Newnan, I enjoyed the best 68th birthday party ever on Aug. 5 at Newn-


an Art Depot located at 18 Perry St. I am grateful to all who came and to all that made a donation. Many people bought cans of food for the local food bank. A special thank you is in order to those listed here for their contribution to my birthday party: Mindy, owner of Newnan Art Depot; Little Giant Grocery; Bolton’s Bakery; Panera Bread; Charter Bank; Papa John’s Pizza; Domino’s Pizza; Larisa McMichael of NCHS; and Gina from Wood Trails. Thank you all so much. I had so much fun at my 68th birthday party that I am going to make it a tradition. Every 68 years I am throwing myself a party, and of course everyone is welcome. Be sure to tune in to WQEE 99.1 FM to catch my Newnan’s Goodwill radio show at 9:30 a.m. each Thursday with Larisa, my esteemed mentor. The Kiwanis Fair is on its way to Newnan, so you know October and Halloween are not far behind. Fair dates are Sept. 22-Oct. 1. Thank you and until next month … Love Mr. Personality

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PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________





Coweta County Farmer’s Market Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sept. 13, 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11. The Coweta County Farmer’s Market offers locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, and fresh cut flowers. The market opens on the second weekend in June, and typically closes during the middle of October. Fall Taste of Newnan Friday, Oct. 5, 5 to 8:30 p.m. The Taste of Newnan is a fun-filled, family event that is hosted twice a year along the square in downtown Newnan, where the entire community is invited to sample menu items from more than 40 Newnan-Coweta restaurants and caterers. Entertainment is also provided during the event, with two stages featuring family-friendly, live music, and a “Kid’s Zone” along West Washington Avenue. Market Day Saturday, Oct. 7, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Market Day is hosted by Main Street Newnan every month from April-December, around the courthouse square in downtown Newnan. The market showcases a variety of handmade, homemade, and homegrown products created by local artisans, artists, and farmers. It features 50 unique booths with new vendors and one-of-a-kind items each month. Oktoberfest • Friday, Oct. 13, 5 to 9 p.m. The Oktoberfest celebration is designed to bring beer enthusiasts downtown to enjoy a night of tasting craft brews. Over 30+ downtown businesses participants extend their business hours, and their hospitality, to downtown guest to serve as tasting locations for the different varieties of craft beer that is available for sampling __________________________________ ..

NCG Cinemas at Fischer Crossings 55 Fischer Crossings Blvd., Sharpsburg 678-326-4460

Regal Cinemas Georgian 14 Ashley Park 237 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan 844.462.7342

Carmike 10 87 Newnan Station Dr. Newnan 770.252.8110 https://www.carmike. com/ga/carmike10-newnan-ga _____________


19 W Court Square, Newnan, GA 30263 770.683.2526 Check web for info http://thealamonewnan. com/event-calendar/ ________________

Tomb Tales & Art Fest Saturday, Oct. 14 Join NCHS as we tour at dusk through Newnan’s Historic Oak Hill Cemetery on a guided walk of select gravesites. Storytellers and guides captivate guests with lively, engaging tales while dancers, musicians and artists also contribute to this special event that celebrates living, history and the arts. Limited tickets available. Tours, $22 Adults / $11 Children 12 and under, start every 20 minutes from McRitchieHollis Museum, 74 Jackson St., Newnan. Tickets available at NCHS and online at __________________________________


110 Smith Street, LaGrange, GA 30240

TajMo • Friday, Sept. 29, 8 p.m. The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band sees Blues titans Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ share the stage with their band for an exciting night of music, performing songs from their long-anticipated collaborative album ‘TajMo’, coming May 5, 2017 on Concord Records. Sweetland Craft Beer and Music Festival ‘17 Saturday, Oct. 21, 4 to 9 p.m. The second annual Sweetland Craft Beer & Music Festival is an outdoor festival featuring breweries from across the southeast and beyond on the Great Lawn at Sweetland. The festival features great live music, local food vendors, lawn games, a SEC football viewing area & more. Check out website for more info __________________________________

Chastain Park

140 W Wieuca Rd NW, Atlanta 404.233.2227 https://www. chastainpark amphitheatre/ 22 CELLOS, The Score Tour Friday, Sept. 22, 8 p.m. Brian Regan Saturday, Sept. 23, 8 p.m. Willie Nelson Saturday, Oct. 14, 7:30 p.m.


24 First Avenue, Newnan, GA 30263 770.683.6282 • The Kitchen Witches by Caroline Smith Sep 14–17, 21–24 Isobel Lomax and Dolly Biddle are two “mature” cable–access cooking show hostesses who have hated each other for 30 years, ever since Larry Biddle dated one and married the other. When circumstances put them together on a TV show called The Kitchen Witches, the insults are flung harder than the food! __________________________________

1 Philips Dr NW (at Centennial Olympic Park Dr) Atlanta, GA (404) 878-3000 The Eagles Oct. 20 and 21

The Legacy Theatre The Legacy Theatre

1175 Senoia Road, Suite C., Tyrone, GA., 30290 __________________________________

McRitchie-Hollie Museum 75 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263 770.251.0207

Sweetland Amphitheatre at Boyd Park


Main Street Newnan 6 First Avenue Newnan, GA 30263 770.253.8283


The Cellar

Fox Theatre

20 Jefferson St., Newnan 770-683-6328 ________________

Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater 201 McIntosh Trail, Peachtree City 770-631-0630 ________________

660 Peachtree St NE (at Ponce de Leon Ave NE), Atlanta 404.881.2100

Serenby Playhouse 9110 Selborne Lane Suite 210 Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268 • 770-463-1110 The Sleepy Hollow Experience Sept. 28 - Nov. 5 Wed-Sun, 8 p.m. Late show Fri-Sat, 10:30 p.m. __________________________________

Michael Carbonaro Live Sept. 22 The King and I Sept. 26 - Oct. 1 Wilco • Oct. 8 Aretha Franklin Oct. 13

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 11

1523 Lower Fayettevile Rd., Newnan, GA 30265 770.254.2787 • Taylor 2: American Modern Dance Tuesday, Sept. 19, 7 p.m. Paul Taylor established Taylor 2 in 1993 to ensure that his works could be seen by audiences all over the world, unhindered by economic or technical limitations. Mr. Taylor worked with longtime colleague Linda Hodes to create a company that could accommodate performance requests as well as teach and provide community outreach. Mr. Taylor looked back to the 1954 origins of the Paul Taylor Dance Company for the structure of his new company: six professionals with a particular gift for his style who perform his work throughout the world. Joey Alexander, Piano prodigy Friday, Sept. 29, 7 p.m. After first encountering the piano at the age of six, Joey Alexander was quickly playing jazz standards from his father’s record collection by ear. Born on the island of Bali, this 13-year-old phenomenon is now wowing audiences all over the world, including Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Jazz Foundation of America at the Apollo, and the 2016 Grammy Awards, where he received two nominations—one for Best Improvised Jazz Solo for the track “Giant Steps” from his debut album My Favorite Things, and the second for Best Jazz Instrumental Album. Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz Thursday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. Hotlanta, a six-piece Dixieland jazz band from Atlanta, recreates the sounds of jazz as heard during the early decades of this century in New Orleans. Using clarinet, cornet, trombone, banjo, tuba and drums, they bring to life old favorites like Royal Garden Blues, South, Riverboat Shuffle, Fidgety Feet and of course, the classic, When the Saints Go Marchin’ In. Palmer Wood, in Atlanta’s “Highpoint Magazine” calls Hotlanta “a trip to New Orleans without the hangover!” Mountain Faith Band Sunday, Oct. 15, 3 p.m. Since 2000, The Mountain Faith Band has performed their unique brand of Americana / Roots music to audiences from coast to coast. When their tour schedule allows, you may find the band performing a prepared program to promote literacy and character education at elementary and high schools along their route. Getting to know MFB is easy; their humility, kindness and love of community shines through on stage and casual conversation.



Chattahoochee Bend State Park


425 Bobwhite Way, Newnan, GA 30263 More info call: 770.254.7271 Hooch Hike and Paddle Saturday, Sept. 30, 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Get the best of both worlds at the Bend -- a 5.5 mile hike up the Riverside Trail to the bend boat launch and break for lunch. Then, a short instruction session to get you on your way; a nice, easy paddle back down the Chattahoochee. Boats are available to rent or bring your own. Register in advance, space is limited. Ages 10+ $12 per person plus $30 boat rental. $5 parking. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling Saturday, Sept. 30, 8 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, 8 to 9:30 p.m. Grab your glow sticks and light bracelets and come out for family fun outdoor bowling. Bring a dim light or use glow sticks for light (no bright phone lights or flashlights, please). All ages. Cash only. $3 per person $5 parking. Bend Fest Saturday, October 7 at 9 AM - 5 PM A fall festival welcoming local vendors with arts, crafts, foods and more right on the banks of beautiful Chattahoochee River. Hay Rides & Activities For The Kids! Free to the public. $5 Vehicle Park Pass Required ~ cash only. 770.254.7271 for more information. For more information visit or call 770-254-7271 __________________________________

MORE EVENTS … Coweta County Calendar of Events

__________________________________ Chili and Blues Festival Saturday, Sept. 16, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Downtown Grantville Blues and country music, jam sessions, arts and crafts, food. For more information call 770-5838990 or email: __________________________________

Atlanta Braves Sept. 15, Friday vs. New York Mets, 7:35 p.m. Sept. 16, Saturday vs. New York Mets, 7:10 p.m. Sept. 17, Sunday vs. New York Mets, 1:35 p.m. Sept. 19, Tuesday vs. Washington Nationals, 7:35 p.m. Sept. 20, Wednesday vs. Washington Nationals, 7:35 p.m. Sept. 21, Thursday vs. Washington Nationals, 7:35 p.m. Sept. 22, Friday vs. Philadelphia Phillies, 7:35 p.m. Sept. 23, Saturday vs. Philadelphia Phillies, 7:10 p.m. Sept. 24, Sunday vs. Philadelphia Phillies, 1:35 p.m. Home Games at SunTrust Park. Ticket prices range from $5-$143, depending on opponent. For info, call 404-577-9100 or visit • __________________________________ SOCCER

Atlanta United Sept. 16, Saturday vs. Orlando City, 4 p.m. Sept. 20, Wednesday vs. L.A. Galaxy, 7 p.m. Sept. 23, Saturday vs. Montreal Impact, 7 p.m. Sept. 27, Wednesday vs. Philadelphia Union, 7 p.m. Oct. 3, Tuesday vs. Minnesota United FC, 7 p.m. Oct. 22, Sunday vs. Toronto FC, 4 p.m. Home Games moved to Mercedes-Benz Stadium Ticket prices range from $25-$269 For info, call 678-420-7200 or visit __________________________________ FOOTBALL

Atlanta Falcons Sept. 17, Sunday vs. Green Bay Packers, 8:30 p.m. Oct. 1, Sunday vs. Buffalo Bills, 1 p.m. Oct. 15, Sunday vs. Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m. Home Games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium For ticket info, call 404-223-8000 or visit __________________________________

Check out website for more info __________________________________


Atlanta Hawks The Carnegie Library Southside Theatre Company

20 W Campbellton St, Fairburn, GA 30213 770-969-0956 • Southern Comforts Oct. 12-15, 19-21 Evening performances (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) begin at 8:00 PM. Sunday Matinee Performances begin at 2:30PM. __________________________________

1 LaGrange Street, Newnan • 770.683.1347 The Carnegie provides a central dynamic gathering place that serves residents of all ages and backgrounds as well as community organizations, with a non-circulating reading room, children’s area, and meeting spaces enhanced by an art gallery. It seeks to be an integral part of the community by offering print and electronic materials, services, and programs to adults and children to enrich daily lives. __________________________________

Oct. 9, Monday vs. Memphis Grizzlies (Exh.), 7:30 p.m. Oct. 12, Thursday vs. Dallas Mavericks (Exh.), 7:30 p.m. Home Exhibition Games at McCamish Pavilion. For ticket info, call 404-878-3000 or 866-7151500 or visit: __________________________________

Look for more events on calendar pages…

12 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________



with Corby Carlin Winters Each month I want to cover topics that you care about and can help you improve your life. As a longtime counselor, life coach, as well as working in ministry, my goal is to help others embrace their lives and live in their passions and purpose. I love helping others face life challenges head on ~ whether it be in health and wellness, fashion and style, business and yes, even the kitchen.

Kitchen accessories that make you a Pro Are you an awesome cook or do you want to be? Either way, if you want to have a blast in your kitchen may I suggest that you check out Downtown Olive on the Square in downtown Newnan. You will be amazed at the vast supply of kitchen gadgets and tools. It is basically a one-stop shop for almost all your kitchen needs. They even have custom-made paracord handles for your large Yeti cup. You can find great grab and go gifts, unique salt and pepper shakers, and more than 200 inspirational and fun dish towels.

If you regret not having a Green Egg on Labor Day, you can still buy one at Downtown Olive. They have almost every Green Egg accessory and all the supplies you could ever need. It’s great to have these kinds of stores right here so we can shop local and not have to go to Atlanta. I am blessed that Winters loves to cook and he is quite good. I love to cook as well but our styles are not the same. When my parents passed away I kept many of my mom’s wooden spoons and measuring cups. Maybe one day your kitchen gadgets will be passed down to your children and they will also have great memories of their times in the kitchen with you.

Got an itch to pitch There are those that simply have the gift of getting organized and cleaning house. They have no problem pitching, purging and giving away things they no longer need. Fall is a perfect time to purge our stuff since children are back in school.

Downtown Olive also has at least 40 cold pressed extra virgin olive oils infused with regional flavors. They also carry all kinds of vinegars, and both those items will enhance your recipes and make you feel like a pro in the kitchen. Best of all, they sell reusable bottles in a variety of sizes so once that bottle is empty, just return it and only pay for the refill.

If you have the itch to pitch, clean out the clutter and/or just do a deep clean, let me suggest you call Nook and Cranny owners Tara and Greg Wright. As Tara explained, they named the business Nook and Cranny because that’s how deep they clean. Cleaning is their passion and helping others walk in freedom and serenity from their stuff is a large part of their mission. Just like Winters, Tara’s husband Greg is a minimalist while Tara and I have a lot (emphasis on “lot”) in common. However, I am still in the process of learning to stay organized. And I do love to pitch and donate my things to several non profits (One Roof and New Beginnings for example) and share stuff with friends. For me some things are easier to let go of than others. But Tara has learned to let go of things that aren’t needed anymore to make room for the new things God has in store. She too understands the struggles many face with holding onto things they no longer need and works to help them change their lives for the better.

Hot fall fashions that are fabulous and forgiving I love a cool breeze in my hair and the smell of pine in the air. It is hard for me to not get excited about Fall. Ok, it may still be 80 degrees but let’s call it Fall anyway. I use to get all excited when it was time to head back to school because I was looking forward to all the fall fashions. Fall fashions are in shops all over our neck of the woods and at Wedgewood Boutique at Wesley Woods, store managers, Joan Achee and Miss Francis Goodson told me that ponchos are back! Also trending are fluffy, comfy wraps, sweaters and roomy tops. Boots make a perfect addition to anyone’s closet. They are timeless.They can be worn with just about anything. The best news about wraps and ponchos is that they are as forgiving as shoes and purses. They always fit.

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 13

Random Acts of Kindess I have to be honest, I love getting presents. I really do. (This is where Winters says, “Really?!) But I also love giving them, especially when they are unexpected. Just this week I gave a purse to a dear friend of mine. When the eldest was dating this darling young lady I gave her a knock out pair of my high heel shoes for the prom. I am still smiling about that one. It is said that it is better to give than to receive. That is particularly true when you see the joy it brings to another.

The hottest color for fall is red in every shade, especially deep burgundy, plum and fuchsia. Jackets, boots and heels made of velvet are trending too. I do love velvet. I remember when it was so popular years ago - it can be chic and fun at the same time. This season head to toe denim is calling, which used to be considered a glamour don’t. Yes, I said it, white can be worn in the Winter. I know that makes a lot of people uncomfortable but it is true. I can’t wait to pull out my old ponchos and wraps because they are timeless. These are some great ways to look fabulous this Fall.

Too my surprise just the other day I was working out and my friend Rhonda Donaldson, co-owner of the Good Buy Girls, who sells eclectic and oneof-a-kind antiques, as well running estate sales, ran in and gave me a pillow I have wanted forever. Rhonda knew how much I adore the pillow and said I might just get it one day. And unexpectedly Rhonda hand-delivered it to me and It made my day! Whether paying for the person’s order behind you in the drive thru or giving a present when some least expects it, giving unexpected gifts and paying it forward are timeless trends.

Corby is known to many as a Power Shopper, the Little Black Dress and a fashionista. She’s crazy about shoes, clothes, accessories, and of course leopard prints. She loves writing, speaking, ministering, life coaching and being with friends, Winters and the SONSs of Thunder.

Great bargains and Sales in September Summer clothing including swimsuits Pool Accessories and Patio Furniture Air conditioners and fans Bicycles and some toys Outdoor Grills accessories Tents and Camping Gear

Your Financial Future When it comes to your finances, it’s good to follow this wise tip: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. This is especially important as you enter your retirement years. Aging can change many things in a person’s life, including the ability to manage one’s own money. These steps can help you prepare for any eventuality: 1. Organize your important financial documents. Give copies to trusted loved ones or let them know where to find them. Make lists of the following and store in a safe, easily accessible location: bank and brokerage statements and account numbers, online bank and brokerage passwords and PINs, location of safe deposit box and keys, mortgage and credit information, insurance policies, retirement benefits and Social Security information. 2. Give your financial professional your emergency contact information in case he or she can’t reach you or suspects something is wrong. 3. Consider creating a durable financial power of attorney, which gives a trusted person the legal authority to make financial decisions for you in the event you cannot. That person is called your agent. A financial power of attorney differs from a health care power of attorney, which covers only health care decisions. 4. Keep all of the above information as current as possible. Be sure that your financial professionals are informed of changes in your emergency contact or agent. 5. Speak up if something goes wrong. If you ever think someone is taking advantage of you or that you’ve been the victim of a fraud, speak up. Sadly, sometimes even family members, financial professionals and other people you think you can trust commit financial crimes. To learn more about how to protect your money, visit

This article is courtesy of Wesley Woods of Newnan, a senior living community on 54 acres offering independent apartments and cottages, personal care, memory care and nursing care, all on one campus

770-683-6833 • 2280 North Highway 29 | Newnan, GA 30265

14 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________


“A Perfect Place T ~ Shopping, F

South Atlanta’s Preferred Dancewear Provider “Located in the heart of historic Downtown Newnan, Grit & Grace is South Atlanta’s preferred Dancewear and Streetwear provider. Visit us to experience the area’s largest selection of premium dance and athleisureapparel, including master pointe shoe fittings. We also offer a wide variety of accessories and gifts for the tiny dancer to the professional! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the industry’s latest fashions!” 7 Greenville St., Newnan • 678.552.9798

COWETA COUNTY FARMER’S MARKET Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sept. 13, 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11. A “Community Gathering, Visual for Peace” Join Real Talk on the Square for Peace in the Park September 29th from 7-8:30pm Greenville Street Park in Downtown Newnan FALL TASTE OF NEWNAN Thursday, October 5th, 5 to 8:30 p.m.


Ask About Our Design & Remodel Services


5 Greenville Street | Historic Newnan




OCTOBER MARKET DAY Saturday, October 7th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. OKTOBERFEST Friday, October 13th, 5 to 9 p.m. MUNCHKIN MASQUERADE Tuesday, October 31st, 10 a.m. to 12 Noon __________________________________


_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 15

n Newnan

To Spend The Day Food, Fun”

A “Community Gathering, Visual for Peace” Join Real Talk on the Square for Peace in the Park September 29th from 7-8:30pm Greenville Street Park in Downtown Newnan

Fun Fall Football Fashions Celebrating your favorite teams!

Team Tumblers, Bags, Purses, Napkins, Scarves, Bracelets and more at …

Lee-King Pharmacy and Gifts

18 Cavender Street (770-253-1622) Located just a bit off the Downtown Square and behind the UGA Newnan Campus



QUARE • DOWNTOWN NEWNAN • 678-621-0373

Unique Gifts & Home Goods 11 Greenville St.

16 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________



Everyone has their “go-to” place to eat. It might be with linen tablecloths and waiters in ties, or where you throw peanuts on the floor and carve your initials in the wooden tables. Whatever and wherever, it’s your “joint.” There are lots of these places around here, and we’re out to find them all in The Joints column. And yes, all are White Monkey approved. __________________________________ New Joints … Jamaican Delight Caribbean Cuisine. Don’t plan on bringing the family here. There are only two tables with two chairs each, plus two bar stools. That’s it. Here, they focus on catering and takeout. In fact, they don’t even have the full menu available for dining in. Pro tip: You need to call ahead to and let them know what you want so they can cook it up. The food is just like the name implies, Jamaican specialities like oxtail and goat, and beef and chicken patties. Their curry and jerked chicken is out of this world. You need to order ahead to get the seafood. This is a great place that is just something completely different and one you probably didn’t know existed. And yep, it’s attached to a gas station. They don’t have a website, although you can find somewhat of a menu if you search hard enough. Do what we did when in the area, drop in and snap a photo of the menu. 2235 Hwy. 34 East, Newnan • 770-683-8646 Mon-Fri. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sun. noon to 8 p.m. Mesquite Tree If you’re out on Hwy. 34 in Sharpsburg, you need to check out a new family-owned authentic Mexican restaurant - Mesquite Tree. The menu is up on big signs along one wall. You start by picking your dish: tacos, tortas, chimichangas, burritos, flautas, enchiladas, or topopos. Next your protein: steak, grilled or shredded chicken, pork and so forth. Ordering is done up at the counter, where you can also check out all the fixins. Service is fast and friendly and there’s a variety of sauces to try out. When ordering, try the burrito “enchilada” style with cheese and sauce. Pretty outstanding. And their guacamole is pretty much out of this world as well. It’s the kind of place you can bring the whole family and have a great meal and not break the bank. 3500 Hwy. 34 East • 470-414-7822 Tues - Sat. 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sun - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Closed Monday. Mac’s Pizza and Wings If you ever find yourself roadtripping to Atlanta and want to grab some wings on the way, we’ve got the place for. And heck, if you’re driving home from working in the big city and crave some wings, it’s still the same place. Here’s what they say: “Our Southern style wings are marinated in our dry rub, then deep fried to golden perfection and drizzled in sauce.” And that pretty much sums it up. They have the regular flavors as well as Georgia Peach, Sweet Chili, Kickin’ Bourbon and White Monkey’s favorite, lemon pepper. They can make you a pizza too, with free toppings and hand tossed or thin crusts. Mac’s is located off the Collingsworth exit on Interstate 85. It’s the gas station right next to Frank’s Restaurant. 1188 Collinsworth Rd., Palmetto • 770-463-4454 Mon-Sat. 5 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.; Sun. 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mother’s Kitchen Let’s face it, any place named “Mother’s Kitchen” better live up to the name, and Newnan’s own does that and more. It is the perfect Southern cooking joint in about as relaxed an atmosphere as you can find. In other words, you are not there for the decor, but you will be greeted warmly and might even get a God bless or two. For nearly 17 years, everyone from big name politicians to bankers and construction workers have visited Mother’s for her fried or baked chicken, ham and a variety of

Southern veggies. And don’t bring your gold, platinum or titanium credit card either, it’s cash or check only. If you’ve never been, just park near where you think it is and ask someone. The entrance to Mother’s is actually down an alley. 33 ½ East Broad, Newnan • 770-683-3033 Mon. to Fri. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. El Taquito Located south of downtown Newnan off I-85’s Exit 41 (Moreland), is El Taquito. You have to enter through the BP truck stop to get to where you order. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of seating. Once there, a large billboard sign highlights the menu: nachos, taco salads, tortas, flautas, tacos, asada, quesadillas, fajitas and burritos. Meat options include steak, beef tongue, beef head, tripe, sausage, fried pork and other adventurous choices. And you won’t find a fountain machine here. The Cokes are in 500 ml glass bottles, and there’s no twisting these off. Fortunately there’s a bottle opener nailed to the wall right next to the refrigerator. And it’s bottled in Mexico. 1389 Hwy 29, Newnan • 770-252-2777 Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sat: 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sun: 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tomo If you are a sushi lover and are really into the Zodiac, Tomo Japanese Restaurant might just be your place. The Capricorn roll, for example, includes shrimp tempura, spicy tuna with a lobster salad on top. Let’s just say they’ve got every combination of sashimi, sushi, and hand rolls you can think of. But that’s certainly not all. Lunch and dinner includes Hibachi specials as well as Bento box smorgasbords. There’s tempura offerings and special Udon or Soba dishes. For Japanese food lovers, this restaurant, smack in the middle of the Thomas Crossings Publix stripmall, is a hidden delight. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait. 90 Glenda Trace, Suite K, Newnan • 770-254-8588 Mon - Thurs. 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Fri - Sat. 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Sunday noon - 10 p.m. CC’s Wings One does not go to CC’s to enjoy the decor. One goes there to eat some of the best chicken wings in the area. They’ve got family specials ranging from 30 wings and sides up to 70 wings and sides. Flavors include all the normal culprits, plus a few with the word “hot” associated with them. Order these at your own risk. Those atomic levels will certainly make your head sweat, but don’t be surprised if you fingers start to blister as well. But it’s not all wings. They are well known for their fried fish deals, which includes catfish, whiting or tilapia. They’ve got family packs for those as well. Dial the number and order away. You’ll find them across the street from Hemrick’s Super Thrift 23 Franklin Road, Newnan • 770-252-2755 Mon. - Thurs. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fri & Sat. - 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fabiano’s Pizzeria

Bee’z Eat’s Tucked in a small cluster of stores on Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd. is Bee’z Eat’s. So awesome they don’t even have a web page. You can check out their menu, which is drawn up on dry erase boards, on their Facebook photo page. Let’s just say their cheesesteak is arguably the best in town. Grown men have cried over their Mac and Cheese. Shrimp and Oyster Po’Boys the way God meant; shrimp and grits and hot dogs the length of a kid’s arm. Fried, grilled or however you want, everything on their menu is worth coming back for. Bee’z handles the cooking, while his wife Diane takes care of the front. You just have to go. 395 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd. Newnan • 678-673-6847 Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m to 8 p.m. The Mexican Store Down Hwy. 29 South are a couple of buildings housing a laundromat and a Hispanic grocery. The Mexican Store caters to all things Mexican, including a large meat section. And there’s an in-house taqueria/grill. You can get authentic Mexican dishes like carnitas, chicharrones, tacos, burritos and Mexican style beef and lamb BBQ. Great food, great price. 272 Greenville St., Newnan • 470-414-7179 Monday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. JR’s BBQ If you are ever down driving in the south part of the county near the Coweta County Fairgrounds, roll down your window and follow your nose. If you’ve got a hankering for “I need some BBQ NOW,” well, JR’s BBQ is right there on Pine Road. There is a massive cooker right outside, so you can’t miss it. Just run up to the trailer and ask Nat and Angie for a pulled pork sandwich, a BBQ plate, smoked sausage and other delights. You can also get Brunswick Stew by the gallon. In and out, the way a BBQ joint should be. 191 Pine Road, Newnan • 404-391-3846 Tuesday - Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. CASH ONLY Coweta Country Junction There are probably more chicken wing restaurants around these parts than BBQ places, which is saying something for the South. And some have more flavors than you can count. But for something completely different, you need to check out the Coweta Country Junction on Hwy. 29. You would not think a gas station/convenience store would be known for their wings. You would be wrong. Their wings are battered up and they are fried. And they are big and they are delicious. The only flavor you get is some hot sauce they provide on the side. Seriously, these are some wings. You might want to call ahead and order some to make sure they are ready for you. 1502 US-29, Newnan • 770-253-5999 Monday - Sunday

Got a favorite joint? Let us know about it and we’ll check it out: __________________________________

Any place where you can order a bowl of tater tots, and then top them with chili, onions, jalapenos and/or cheese, is just flat out going to be a great joint. And fights have been known to break out over who gets the last garlic knot. Such is Fabiano’s, right smack in downtown Newnan attached to the historic The Alamo, a former movie house and now live music bar. There are plenty of sandwiches to choose from, but Fabiano’s is best known for their pizza. It’s one of the few where you can order a “monster” slice or two. You have a slew of toppings to choose from and it’s all New York style, so don’t be bringing up talk about pies and Chicago. Totally White Monkey approved with wooden booths or tables - and kid friendly too. 19 North Court Square, Newnan • 770-683-2683 Mon - Sun: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 17



From The Book – Varnadow’s Chicken And Artichoke Hearts My mom, whose maiden name is Varnadow (hence the name) got the Little Black Dress and I hooked on artichokes. She is very kind in that she almost always makes them the first night we come to visit, much to our delight. This craving for artichokes led us on a search for the perfect main dish that highlights our leafy friend. After much searching, we came up with this gem. 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves ¼ cup vegetable oil 1 clove garlic, minced ½ pound mushrooms, thinly sliced ½ lemon, very thinly sliced 1 tablespoon flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper ½ teaspoon dried oregano ½ cup white wine 1 can (14oz) whole artichoke hearts, drained and quartered Pound chicken breasts between saran wrap into ¼ inch pieces. Start from the center and pound out, pushing outward as you pound. Cut into two-inch squares. In a large frying pan, heat oil over medium heat. Add chicken and cook about 2-3 minutes a side until tender. Remove chicken, but keep warm – the chicken that is. Add garlic, lemon and mushrooms to the same pan, cooking until tender. Sprinkle with flour, salt, pepper and oregano. Continue cooking about one minute. Add the wine, bring to a boil and keep stirring until mixture thickens. Add the artichokes and chicken, simmer two or three minutes until everything is heated through. (John A. Winters is publisher and editor of The Paper. He hangs out in the kitchen with his wife, Corby, aka the Little Black Dress, and his three sons, Caleb, Seth and Levi, known as the SONS of Thunder)

Artichokes “Life is like eating artichokes, you have got to go through so much to get so little.” – Thomas Aloysius Dorgan ij



“Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke.” – Bette Davis in All About Eve ij



“These things are just plain annoying. After all the trouble you go to, you get about as much actual “food” out of eating an artichoke as you would from licking 30 or 40 postage stamps. Have the shrimp cocktail instead.” – Miss Piggy ij



“A woman is like an artichoke, you must work hard to get to her heart.” – Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther (2006) ij



“I have a heart like an artichoke – a leaf for everyone.” – from the 1947 film Nightmare Alley ij



Now Selling Wishbone T-Shirts! 32 Jefferson Street, Downtown Newnan 770.253.7061

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thursday & Friday 10:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

18 | The


PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________


SEPTEMBER 14-17, 21-24, Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m., Sun. 3 p.m. The Kitchen Witches Isobel Lomax and Dolly Biddle are two “mature” cable–access cooking show hostesses who have hated each other for 30 years, ever since Larry Biddle dated one and married the other. When circumstances put them together on a TV show called The Kitchen Witches, the insults are flung harder than the food! Newnan Theatre Company 24 First Avenue, Newnan, GA 30263 SEPTEMBER 15 … FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Newnan vs Washington-Atl East Coweta @ North Cobb Northgate @ Creekside SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Chili & Blues Festival Blues and Country Music, Jam Session, History Display, Fun for Youth, Food/Craft Booths, Art and Antiques and more. Main Street, Grantville For more information call 770-583-8990 or email: SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY, 8 a.m. to noon. Caroline’s Lemonade Stand Beacon Crest as part of the SummerGrove Garage Sale. Caroline’s Stand benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Stop by for a lemonade, a baked treat and the good feeling you get for making a difference. Beacon Crest at SummerGrove SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY Pink Posse Walk Saturday, September 16 ~ 251 Mask Road in Brooks. Registration begins at 7 a.m.; Walk starts at 8:30. No registration fee. All receive a T-Shirt! Special Door Prizes. $1 Raffle Tickets - Yeti Cooler, Kayak Gift Pack, Flat Screen TV, Pink Bicycle, Handmade Furniture, Tools, Coach bags, jewelry and more! The Pink Posse helps cancer patients with utility bills. Help them raise some funds! SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY Storytelling Festival In Senoia Stories Come Alive at Senoia’s The Veranda Inn … on the porch … on the lawn … at the barn. Delightful characters and experienced tellers share Coweta Legends, Spooky Tales, Folklore, Children’s Stories. Call 770.599.3905 for tickets and more info. 252 Seavy St, Senoia, GA 30276 SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY Celebrating A Life: The Keesha Vessell Vasculitis Walk Registration: 8:00 AM 2 Mile Walk begins at 8:45 AM. Temple Avenue Veterans Park @ corner of Temple Ave & Jackson Street More info email SEPTEMBER 16 … SATURDAY Emergency Preparedness Workshop Saturday at 11:00 a.m. With severe weather events becoming more frequent and often more extreme, it is more important than ever that everyone is prepared for disasters. Larry Chappell, the Coweta CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) coordinator will share with participants the resources to prepare for any type of disaster, respond accordingly, and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions. Registration is required. Mitchell Powell Library • 770.253.3625

25 Hospital Rd., Newnan, GA 30263 SEPTEMBER 16 & 17 … SATURDAY & SUNDAY 40th Annual Shakerag Arts & Crafts Festival The 40th Annual Shakerag Festival features arts, crafts, and food vendors from all over Georgia and neighboring states. McIntosh Trail Recreation Complex Peachtree City SEPTEMBER 18-20 … Mon., Tues., Wed. Citizen’s Firearm Safety Course Coweta County Sheriff’s Office offers Citizen’s Firearms Fundamental 3 part program designed to provide basic instruction in the safe and effective use of firearms (primarily handguns). Students, age 21 or older (18-20 years can participate if accompanied by parent or guardian) must attend all 3 sessions. For more information contact Marsha Dailey 678.423.6739 or 560 Greison Trail, Newnan SEPTEMBER 19 … TUESDAY Taylor 2 - American Modern Dance Paul Taylor established Taylor 2 in 1993 to ensure that his works could be seen by audiences all over the world, unhindered by economic or technical limitations. Mr. Taylor worked with longtime colleague Linda Hodes to create a company that could accommodate performance requests as well as teach and provide community outreach. 7 p.m. Tickets $15 / $20. The Nixon Centre for the Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan,. 770.254.2787 SEPTEMBER 21 … THURSDAY Page Turners Book Club Central Library’s book club meets once a month to discuss the monthly selection. So, if you’re interested, grab the book and join us for an hour of fun with other bibliophiles. Thursday, September 21 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Central Branch. Ages 18 and up. 9.21 - “Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead 10.19 - “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel 11.16 - “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett 12.14 - “Camino Island” by John Grisham 1.18 - “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles Central Branch Library • 770-683-2052 85 Literary Lane, Newnan, GA 30265 SEPTEMBER 22 - October 1 Kiwanis Coweta County Fair 275 Pine Road, Newnan, GA SEPTEMBER 22 … FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Newnan vs West Forsyth HC East Coweta @ Arabia Mtn Northgate vs South Paulding SEPTEMBER 23 … SATURDAY Fido Fest 5K/1 Mile Fun Run Newnan Coweta Humane Society is hosting the “Fido Fest 5K/1Mile Fun Run” in Ashley Park, Newnan on Saturday, September 23 at 8 a.m. Register now! Early registration open! Race is September 23! Register at: newnan-ga/running/distance-running-races/fidofest-5k-and-fun-run-2017 Ashley Park • SEPTEMBER 28 … THURSDAY Ribbon Cutting: Boys and Girls Club 5:00 p.m. at 72 Wesley Street, Newnan, GA 30263

SEPTEMBER 28 … THURSDAY Blood Drive @ Library The American Red Cross is hosting a blood drive on Thursday, September 28 from 2 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Central Branch Library. Those interested in donating blood at the library may choose to save time by scheduling an appointment online at www. and click on “Make a Blood Donation Appointment”. Central Branch Library • 770-683-2052 85 Literary Lane, Newnan, GA 30265 SEPTEMBER 29 … FRIDAY Peace in the Park A “Community Gathering, Visual for Peace” Join Real Talk on the Square for Peace in the Park on September 29th from 7-8:30pm at Greenville Street Park in Downtown Newnan Greenville Street Park SEPTEMBER 29 … FRIDAY Pianist Joey Alexander After first encountering the piano at the age of six, Joey Alexander was quickly playing jazz standards from his father’s record collection by ear. Born on the island of Bali, this 14-year-old phenomenon is now wowing audiences all over the world, including Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Jazz Foundation of America at the Apollo, and the 2016 Grammy Awards, where he received two nominations. 7 p.m. Tickets $15 / $20. The Nixon Centre for the Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan, GA 30265. 770.254.2787 SEPTEMBER 29 … FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Northgate @ Alexander SEPTEMBER 30 … SATURDAY Joey’s Ride - 10th Annual Joey’s Ride is a fully escorted motorcycle ride through the streets of Fayette County. Registration begins: 10:00 a.m.. Kickstands up: 12:00 p.m. (noon). Rider donation: $25 which includes a tshirt. There will be a Live Auction, Silent Auction and Raffles! All proceeds benefit Joey’s Toy Box, a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to provide comfort and support to the children and families engaged in the battle of childhood cancer. Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar & Pub 101 Crossings E #3, Peachtree City SEPTEMBER 30 … SATURDAY Cruisin’ to the Oldies Senoia Car Show SEPTEMBER 30 … SATURDAY Hogansville Hummingbird Tower Trail Run Annual fundraiser for runners and walkers of all ages. Experience Hogansville on a beautiful fall morning as you run or walk a 5K route along the Tower Trail, past the historic homes on Oak Street, through downtown Main Street, and around one of Hogansville’s oldest residential neighborhoods. Prizes are awarded to race winners in age categories. $20 registration before 9/16/2017, then $25 day of race. $10 kids 12 and under. Race day registration will begin at 8 a.m. ,race at 9 a.m. hogansville-5k-run-walk-fundraiser.html SEPTEMBER 30 … SATURDAY Chattahoochee Bend State Park Hooch Hike and Paddle A 5.5 mile hike up the Riverside Trail to the bend boat launch and break for lunch. Then a nice, easy paddle back down the Chattahoochee. Boats are available to rent or bring your own. Register in advance, space is limited. Ages 10+ $12 per person plus $30 boat rental. $5 parking. Saturday, Sept.30, 2017 8:15 AM to 2:30 PM

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 19 Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 8:15 AM to 2:30 PM Glow In The Dark Bowling Grab your glow sticks and light bracelets and come out for family fun outdoor bowling. Bring a dim light or use glow sticks for light (no bright phone lights or flashlights, please). All ages. Cash only. $3 per person $5 parking. 770-254-7271. Saturday, Sept.30, 2017 8 PM to 9:30 PM Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM 770.254.7271 425 Bobwhite Way, Newnan, GA 30263 October 1 … SUNDAY Lewis Grizzard & Catfish Memorial Bike Ride, Moreland October 5 … THURSDAY Fall Taste of Newnan Fine, flavorful foods from many local restaurants for the price of a token. 5 to 8:30 p.m. downtown Newnan OCTOBER 5 … FRIDAY Dixieland Jazz Band Hotlanta Hotlanta, a six-piece Dixieland jazz band from Atlanta, recreates the sounds of jazz as heard during the early decades of this century in New Orleans. Palmer Wood, in Atlanta’s “Highpoint Magazine” calls Hotlanta “a trip to New Orleans without the hangover!” 7 p.m. Tickets $15 / $20. The Nixon Centre for the Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan,. 770.254.2787 October 5 … THURSDAY Fifth Annual Sporting Clay Shoot Newnan Junior Service League hosts their annual Sporting Clay Shoot at Blalock Lake Thursday, October 5 at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration and breakfast begin at 9 a.m., with the shoot beginning at 10 am. Lunch is provided after the last shoot, at or about noon. Option to borrow a gun and shooters of all skill levels are welcome! The NJSL has partnered with Blalock Lakes to provide a challenging 12-station course with a variety of presentations. Proceeds from the Sporting Clay Shoot support the Annual Christmas in Newnan and NJSL Scholarship programs. Sponsorship opportunities and registration form are available at visit, or e-mail our Clay Shoot Co-Chairs, Emily Gates and Linzi Cochran, at njslsportingclays@gmail. com. Ticket info 4075 New Corinth Rd, Newnan, GA 30263 OCTOBER 6 … FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Newnan vs Wheeler East Coweta vs West Lake Northgate @ New Manchester Teacher Work Day Friday, Oct. 6 & Student Holiday Monday, Oct. 9

OCTOBER 7 … FIRST SATURDAYS Market Day Market Day is hosted by Main Street Newnan on the first Saturday of every month from April-December, around the courthouse square in downtown Newnan, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The market showcases a variety of handmade, homemade, and homegrown products created by local artisans, artists, and farmers. OCTOBER 7 … SATURDAY 2017 Coweta Strong Ride ‘n Cruise Bridging the Gap 2017 Coweta Strong Ride N Cruise Saturday, October 7, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. $25 per bike or car & $5 per passenger. Registration includes lunch and family fun. Email Jennifer.nolder@btgcommunity. org for more info Pine Road, Newnan, GA OCTOBER 7 … SATURDAY Senoia’s Merchant Sidewalk Sales OCTOBER 7 … SATURDAY Bend Fest A fall festival at Chattahoochee Bend State Park featuring hay rides, activities for kids, arts, crafts, food and more with local vendors. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free to public. $5 vehicle park pass required. 425 Bob White Way, Newnan OCTOBER 13 … FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Newnan @ Campbell East Coweta @ Wheeler OCTOBER 13 … FRIDAY Matthew West & Jordan Feliz Joy FM recently announced Matthew West and Jordan Feliz are coming to Newnan in October. Get more details and tickets at: OCTOBER 14 … SATURDAY Coweta-Fayette EMC’s Annual Meeting OCTOBER 14 … SATURDAY TombTales & ArtFest: Oak Hill Cemetery Tour Join Newnan-Coweta Historical Society on a tour at dusk through Newnan’s Historic Oak Hill Cemetery on a guided walk of select gravesites. Storytellers and guides captivate guests with lively, engaging tales while dancers, musicians and artists also contribute to this special event that celebrates living, history and the arts. Limited tickets available. Tours $22 Adults / $11 Children 12 & under, start every 20 minutes from McRitchie-Hollis Museum, 74 Jackson St., Newnan. Refreshments. Not recommended for young children. Tickets at McRitchieHollis Museum or 74 Jackson St. • OCTOBER 15 … SUNDAY Mountain Faith Band The Mountain Faith Band perform their unique brand of Americana / Roots music. When their tour schedule allows, you may find the band performing a prepared program to promote literacy and character education at elementary and high schools along their route. Getting to know MFB is easy; their humility, kindness and love of community shines through on stage and casual conversation. 3 p.m. Tickets $15 / $20. The Nixon Centre for the Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan, GA 30265. 770.254.2787

send events to __________________________________


Fall Art Walk • downtown Newnan September 8, 2017

20 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | _____________________________________________________________



The Film Fix with Jonathan W. Hickman What to Avoid: BIO-DOME

Streaming Selects

What to binge: THE TICK What to binge: OZARK

Shot largely in Georgia, which doubles for the Missouri Ozarks, “Ozark” reminds me instantly of “Breaking Bad” but money-laundering replaces all that nasty meth cooking. Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrde, an accountant whose partner steals from a drug cartel putting everyone in jeopardy. After a brush with death, Marty cashes out and moves the family to the Ozarks where he hopes to build a new money-laundering empire. And build he does, with the begrudging help of his wife Wendy (Laura Linney). Brutally entertaining, Netflix has already greenlit season 2, so, fans, more “Ozark” is on the way. Suggested movie: AMORES PERROS Oscar nominated “Amores Perros” is the seriously impressive feature film debut from Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu (see “Birdman” and “The Revenant”). Following three intersecting stories, “Perros” is one the best of this kind of interwoven narrative (also utilized by Paul Haggis on his way to Oscar gold with “Crash”). The film focuses expertly on three different walks of life after a car accident in Mexico City. Highly recommended! What to avoid: JAWS 2, 3, JAWS: THE REVENGE Generally avoid any “Jaws” film with a number after it. All of them are available on the Netflix streaming platform starting this month. But while “Jaws 2” is bearable, anything thereafter is a downward slide. “Jaws 3” without the 3D gimmick is really excruciating, but the film does contain an early Dennis Quaid performance hinting at his undying charm and natural charisma. Jonathan W. Hickman is an entertainment attorney, filmmaker, college professor, and novelist. More about Jonathan can be found by visiting

Infinitely quotable (“defenestrated feline” anyone? or how about “zipline ejaculating vigilante?”), and wholesome (even with all the four letter words), Amazon has handsomely revived the previously popular comic book series this time when superhero properties have become a dominating media force. What sets “The Tick” apart from other comic book adaptations is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story concerns the title character (played well by Peter Serafinowicz) and his relationship with Arthur Everest (Griffin Newnan).

When the city is once again threatened by super villains, Arthur is forced to team up with the mysterious, and often forgetful, Tick. Essentially, a large blue human version of a tick, the Tick needs a sidekick to give him much needed intel and above all direction. But Arthur is on a mission of his own—to find his father’s killer, the villain known as The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley). The first 6 episodes, streaming now on Amazon, are unusual taking time to develop the characters and the zany world they inhabit. The setup is strong and constantly chuckle-inducing, which bodes well for season two. Suggested Movie: BLOOD CAR Atlanta writer/director Alex Orr’s “Blood Car” is really wonderful. Sure, it is a humbly made comic/ horror/science fiction film, but it is a must see for fans of high concept shows like Adult Swim’s “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.” The story is crazy cool. In the near future, because of high gas prices, folks turn to an alternate source of fuel— BLOOD. Okay, it isn’t a film for all tastes, but the cast makes the most of it, especially “My Girl’s” Anna Chlumsky. Give this one a spin and be patient, it’s bloody fun.

There is no good reason to revisit this Pauly Shore/ Stephen Baldwin comedy-stupid vehicle about two morons locked inside a bio-dome for a year. Sure, some folks nostalgic for a bit of peak Pauly Shore might want to see him again in his prime, but how many of you are really out there? Fans of his “Son in Law” might be curious.

What to binge: THE HANDMAID’S TALE

One of the best original shows available to stream this year, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is downright remarkable. An adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel, HULU’s version seems so relevant and current in today’s uncertain political landscape. The story is set in a world where the majority of the earth’s population has become sterile. To combat this extinction event, governments have turned to draconian laws. This means that women, who are still fertile, are forced into sexual slavery in order to procreate. While it might seem far-fetched, we get the intimate story of Offred (a perfect Elisabeth Moss) as she endures the harshness of her religiously twisted society. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is riveting and provocative. Suggested Movie: ORDINARY PEOPLE Movie nerds will always have a grudge against Robert Redford’s “Ordinary People” because it beat out Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” for best picture in 1981. But it is really a worthy winner. Sure, “Raging Bull” is more significant to cinematic history, which reduces “Ordinary People’s” surprising win to a footnote. But “Ordinary People” is certainly worth revisiting, if for no other reason than to see the late Mary Tyler Moore in one of her finest performances. What to Avoid: KILLERS (2010) Sadly, this one was shot right in Senoia but brought some dishonor (critically speaking) on the house that “The Walking Dead” now inhabits. Katherine

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 21

You have a beautiful home Make sure it is fully protected. Replacement Cost Coverage from COUNTRY Financial® helps replace your house and belongings at today’s prices. Get full protection today. Give me a call to learn more.

Amy Byars CIC

Policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL.


Financial Representative 790 Glynn St S Suite D Fayetteville, GA 30214


Heigl plays a women who falls for a spy played by Ashton Kutcher. A much lesser take on the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” concept, comic action was intended but any laughs prove to be few and the action unconvincing. Not to be Missed Appointment Television: WILL & GRACE (NBC September 28, 2017)

Back on television after over a decade away, “Will & Grace” returns for a 9th season. With the entire original cast intact, I can’t wait to see what the gang has been up to. And good news, season 10 is already on the way!

Theatrical Teasers ANTI-MATTER When Oxford based, American PHD student Ana (Yaiza Figueroa) discovers teleportation technology, she decides to test it on a human subject—herself. But passing through a wormhole leaves her a little empty. Faced with many haunting existential questions, she and her partners Liv (Philippa Carson) and Nate (Tom Barber-Duffy) must solve the mystery of what might have been left behind. A swift combination of smarts, horror, and action, writer/director Keir Burrows’ clever science fiction indie starts like Shane Carruth’s award-winning 2004 film “Prim-

er” but becomes its own unique take on the consequences of opening up black holes. Look for it in limited theatrical along with release on various streaming video on demand platforms.

Arthouse Corner THE OATH Action director Baltasar Kormákur (See “2 Guns,” Everest,” and the upcoming “Adrift”) takes a partial detour by directing himself in the Icelandic dramatic crime thriller “The Oath.” The story concerns a heart surgeon named Finnur (Kormákur), whose daughter gets mixed up with a drug dealer. After trying to reason with his daughter to leave the dangerous boyfriend, Finnur decides to take the law into his own hands. His messy plan goes predictably wrong, and Finnur might pay the ultimate price. Kormákur is such a sure hand, both in front of and behind the camera, he manages to make this somber affair consistently interesting, if also not entirely satisfying. Look for “The Oath” in limited release in Atlanta.

Women in Horror Film Festival Running September 21-24, the Women in Horror Film Festival will be scaring audiences right in our neck of the woods. Housed entirely in the Crowne Plaza in Peachtree City, the festival features films made by women producers, filmmakers, writers, and actors. And above all is a celebration of all things horror. In attendance at the festival are a number of heavy hitters in the horror movie industry. “The Walking Dead” executive producer and award-winning special effects and make-up wizard Greg Nicotero will be on hand for Saturday night’s panel on September 23. He will be joined by “A Nightmare on Elm

Street” star Amanda Wyss along with “American Mary” filmmaking twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska. And, shameless plug here, the locally shot horror feature “DeadThirsty” is also competing in the festival. Directed by Jason Winn (“The Fat Boy Chronicles”) and written and produced by my wife Maggie D. Hickman, “DeadThirsty” is a horror/thriller following the classic slasher beats. Shot at the old Piedmont hospital on Hospital Road in Newnan, Georgia, the film is about a rave party that goes horribly wrong. Local crew and stars will be on hand for the screening on Saturday. For tickets and more information on the Women in Horror Film Festival visit

22 | The

PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________

The Winters The Collins

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 23



The Newnan Arts Scene … By Larisa Mitchell

The Newnan art scene is abuzz today, but for more about the history of public art in our town, attend the opening of “Artist Are Welcome Here,” a film by Jonathan and Maggie Hickman. “It is an essay film about art in Newnan,” says Jonathan Hickman. “Very lyrical, I think. Thirty minutes of art and commentary.” September 28, 7 p.m. Wadsworth Auditorium.


Artist David Boyd Jr. just opened an art gallery at 14 E. Washington Street in the McKoy-Boyd Building, owned by his family for several generations. The space, once a dental office, print shop and Boyd Sr.’s studio, is now home to David Jr.’s paintings. Visit the space in person by appointment. A schedule of hours will be posted soon. Or view paintings online at and Facebook at Compelled to Paint: the Art of David Boyd Jr.


Keep an eye out for Colombian author/ poet Jhon Sanchez around town. The Gray Cottage, sponsored by Newnan’s ArtRez group, is housing Sanchez until Oct. 1. Sanchez, who now lives in the Bronx, believes that poetry and literature are tools to cause an emotional change walking through the realms of other people’s lives and difficulties.


Newnan Coweta Historical Society is once again hosting the fall photography exhibit, “Simple Pleasures.” Awards ceremony and reception is Sept. 30, 3 p.m. at The McRitchieHollis Museum, 74 Jackson St. Vote for your favorite photo and enjoy the work at this growing exhibit that showcases many of our area’s up and coming photographers. Every fall and spring.


On October 14, NCHS hosts Oak Hill Cemetery Tour, TombTales & ArtFest from 4 to 7 p.m. Join a guided tour through the Presbyterian section of the cemetery while being educated and entertained by storytellers, musicians and artists. Tours last approximately 1 hour. Tickets $22 at


The Living Quilt, an installation by a previous artist in residence for ArtRez, is budding and blooming behind the Male Academy/Children’s Connect at 30 Temple Avenue. See the quilt transforming into a “Bed of Flowers” while it lasts.


Newnan: A Storybook Town will be the newest (2018) installation of fiberglass art pieces in Newnan. In conjunction, The Newnan Carnegie Library, The Newnan-Coweta Art Association, and Children Connect held

After several years in Atlanta advertising and the Woodward Academy, Larisa McMichael now lives and works in Newnan. She is involved in marketing, promoting and organizing arts-related events among other professional endeavors. She loves rock music, folk art and reading. A mother of one and an empty nester, she loves downtown Newnan and the unique and talented people who make up this community.

a storybook contest open to authors and artists geared towards creating an illustrated storybook that highlights Newnan history and includes farm animals, which will be the focus of the fiberglass art installation. The winners of our contest are Susan Mayer Davis for the story, and Janet Burns for the illustration.


With the leadership of President Barbara Omerod, the Newnan Coweta Arts Association is more active than ever. Recently the group took a leading role in the 2nd Annual Labor Day Arts and Craft Festival and had a major exhibit at the Nixon Centre during the summer. Artists of all skills and abilities may be members. The next general meeting is Sept. 21, 7 p.m. at the Art House on Hospital Road. Make note that NCAA’s 49th Annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Market is at the Coweta Fairgrounds November 3-5.


The Newnan Theatre Company, under the direction of Mary Caroline Moore and Tony Daniels, continues to produce compelling theatre and is wrapping up the year with the creepy “Splatter Zone Evil Dead, The Musical” in October followed by holiday offerings, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Last year’s “A Christmas Carol” had sold out crowds, so plan to get your holiday show tickets soon. For more information,


The Nixon Centre for Performing Arts has landed the impressive Taylor 2 American Modern Dance Company for a performance Sept.19, then Joey Alexander Jazz Piano Prodigy Sept. 29 and Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz Oct. 5.


Try your own hand at creative expression at two different downtown studios -- Backstreet Community Arts where “Art Saves Lives” and the newly opened Newnan Art Depot on Perry Street. Both places offer friendly, creative and fun environments to get your art therapy and your own unique artistic buzz on. and

24 | The


PAPER | September / October 2017 | ______________________________________________________________

RiverFest • Greenville Street Park

_______________________________________________________________ | September / October 2017 | The PAPER | 25

Come See What You Can See!

Bedazzled The next issue will be our October / November issue ... and as all monkeys know it’s not too early to be thinking about your holiday advertising! 770.254.1421 to talk ads in The PAPER

Flower Shop 770-253-2539

6549 Hwy. 54, Ste. D Sharpsburg, GA 30277

FRANK BARRON, Broker 770-231-9535 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263 “Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County Since 1948”

MLS #8114695 BEAUTIFUL & SPACIOUS HOME IN CHOICE NEWNAN LOCATION. Near ASHLEY PARK, CTCA, PIEDMONT NEWNAN HOSPITAL & I-85! Foyer entrance. Lrg greatrm/ family rm, f/p. 9’ ceilings & dining area w/patio access. Lrg mstr on main w/trey ceiling. Huge bonus rm. Oversized garage. Wheelchair friendly. $269,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8217354 RECENTLY RENOVATED 2-STORY BRICK w/fin bsmt & fenced bkyd in lake community. Choice N. Coweta location. New Granite c’tops & SS appliances in kit. Den w/ brick fplc & built-in bkcases. 12x20 screen porch. Sep DR, LR w/hdwd flrs. Foyer, RV parking, outbldgs. $319,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8251813 DELIGHTFUL 2-STORY HOME ON 5.71+/- MOSTLY OPEN ACRES near Moreland. 4 BR, 2 1/2 BA, LR, formal DR, hardwd flrs, fully equipped kitchen & full bsmt. Easy access to I-85 at Moreland exit. See to appreciate. $329,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8160544 STUNNING BRICK HOME ON FINISHED BASEMENT ON 37+/- ACS. Foyer entrance w/wide staircase, hardwd flrs, family rm w/brick f/p, separate dining room, updated kitchen overlooking backyard and acreage. Spacious master bedroom w/reading or office area. Regulation size basketball court. Reduced to $475,000! (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8170512 WEST POINT LAKE – DEEP WATER 2 acre lot on Wehakee Creek. Hardwood hill with panoramic views. Easy access to LaGrange and I-85. Just 89,900. (Frank)

MLS #8221364 WELL-MAINTAINED 2 STORY ON CORNER LOT IN SUMMERGROVE. 9’ Ceilings. Spacious LR w/ fplc. Sep DR. Kit w/granite c’tops, ss appliances & bfast area. New fixtures thruout. Laundry rm. Loft/ living area upstairs. Double garage w/shop area. $299,900. (Jess)

LOTS/LAND _________________________________________________________

509+/- WOODED ACRES. Ideal for development. Zoned industrial in Grantville city limits. Long rail frontage. Owners are Brokers. (Frank/Chip) _________________________________________________________ 13 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS in Grantville. Easy access to I-85, Atlanta, Newnan, LaGrange & Columbus. Covenants & Restrictions in file. $12,000/lot. Frank _________________________________________________________ 11.12+/- WOODED ACRES. Ideal for homesite or development. Estate sized tract for family compound or use. Lots of deer and turkey. Close to Newnan and schools. $83,400. (Frank/Chip) _________________________________________________________ 4.174+/- WOODED ACRES on Palmetto-Tyrone Road and Hudgens Road. Choice North Coweta location. Just $59,900. Frank. _________________________________________________________ 2 SPACIOUS VACANT LOTS in West Coweta on East Coggins Road. Easy access to Newnan, Franklin or Carrollton. Sold ‘as is’. $29,000/lot. Frank _________________________________________________________

JESS BARRON Associate Broker 678-857-9350


MLS #8238258 ‘SUMMER OAKS’ IN GAY, GA. Fabulous 1938 era brick Cape Cod on 180+/- open & wded acs w/2 ponds, barn, 2 steel bldgs, greenhouse, guest cottage, pavilion w/fplc on pond. 100+/- acs fenced & cross fenced. Updated kit. Formal LR & DR. B’fast rm. Den w/ fplc. 5 BR/3BA. $1,250,000. (Frank)

MLS #8166021 RUSTIC 4BR/3BA CHALET on 35.62 open & wded acs w/1.5 ac pond on Smokey Rd & approx. 12 acs open-ideal for pasture. Plus 1BR/1BA guest house w/sep kit & ba, driveway paved, new roof & flooring. Main kit needs appliances & Mstr BA needs fixtures. All await you to finish as you choose. $495,000. (Frank)

MLS #8199673 EAST ALABAMA! – GREAT HUNTING TRACT! – 92.8 OPEN & WOODED ACRES. Several streams & possible pond sites. Lots of deer & turkeys. Possible dove Field & food plots. $239,900 (Frank)

MLS #8253946 CLASSIC 2 STORY 5BR ON 10.5+/mostly wooded acs. In-ground pool, deck, gazebo. Fenced & landscaped bkyd. Full bsmt. Huge screen porch. Detached garage & drive under garage. Huge game/rec rm. Updated fully equipped kit & baths. Open & secluded yet near bypass & downtown Newnan. $349,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8215873 BEAUTIFUL CA 1886 HISTORIC VICTORIAN STYLE 2 STORY HOME on lrg lot in downtown Greenville. Wrap around front porch, 9’+ ceilings. 13x18 rms. Crown molding. Original heart pine flrs in great condition! Sep DR w/built-in china cabinet. 2 lrg greatrms! $149,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8207751 WELCOME AREA. Front & Back porches. 1900 era 3 Bedroom Farmhouse on 10.33 +/- mostly hardwood acres. Original pine floors. Storage room off back porch. SOLD ‘AS IS”. 79,900. (Frank & Jess)

LOTS/LAND _________________________________________________________

2 WOODED VACANT LOTS IN NORTH COWETA CO. New shopping nearby. Subject to covenants/restrictions of Chandlers Run Subdivision. $19,500/each. Frank _________________________________________________________ 18 ACRES! BEAUTIFUL, OPEN LAND w/ 500’ of frontage on Hwy 54/Lone Oak Rd, partially wooded. 2 miles from I-85 & 1 mile from Meriwether Industrial Park Dr. $79,900. (Jess) _________________________________________________________ NICE BUILDING LOT, with stream, close to Elm Street school and downtown Newnan. $35,000. Frank _________________________________________________________

COMMERCIAL _________________________________________________________

POTENTIAL COMMERCIAL LOT w/road frontage on busy Hwy 34E. 9.89+/- acs. Excellent location close to Peachtree City, Thomas Crossroads and I-85! Currently zoned Rural Conservation. $75,000. Jess _________________________________________________________

MLS #8251826 WELL MAINTAINED 2-STORY ON BSMT in choice North PTC location. 2-story foyer entrance w/20’ ceiling. Hardwd flrs. Sep formal DR. LR w/f/p. Kit w/ss appliances, bfast area & bar, pantry & office nook. Lrg master. Easy I-85 access! $329,900. (Frank/Jess)

MLS #8229714 A MUST SEE! WELL-MAINTAINED TOWNHOME IN STONEBRIDGE. Hdwd flrs. LR/DR. Kit w/upgraded granite counters/ upgraded cabinets, bfast area & pantry. Back patio w/wded lot view. Loft area. Lrg mstr w/ vaulted ceiling, garden tub, sep shower. Price Reduced to $174,900 (Jess)

MLS #7635281 HEAVILY WOODED 96.209 ACRES IN GRANTVILLE CITY LIMITS! Subdivision plan available. Grantville City water & sewer. Stream and small pond (3/4 acre) stocked with bass and bream. Ideal for Development or Recreational property. Easy access to I-85. $3,900/acre. (Frank) +/-

MLS #8244938 JUST REMODELED SPLIT LEVEL HOME WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF DOWNTOWN NEWNAN AND SCHOOLS. 3 BR, 2 1/2 BA, LR, Formal DR, den w/stone f/p. Fresh paint thruout. Fully equipped kitchen. Central a/c. $134,900. (Frank)

MLS #8212829 CLASSIC LAKEFRONT 4BR/3BA IN NORTH COWETA in well-established n’hood. Easy access to Newnan & I-85. Long frontage on pvt stocked lake. Spacious GR w/fp & FR w/f/p in bsmt. Loft area. Screen porch & deck overlooking lake. Updated kit w/b’fast area. $399,500. (Jess/Frank)

MLS #8187572 STUNNING EUROPEAN 1.5 STORY w/ full bsmt on White Oak Golf Course. Spectacular views! 400+/- S/F Deck. Circular driveway. 2 story mstr suite w/loft! Granite c’tops in kitchen & baths. Theatre rm & sunrm w/ wet bar. $463,000. (Frank/Jess)


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. METAL & FRAME STORE BUILDING on U.S. Highway 29 South of Newnan has two large rooms and bath on 1.19+/- fairly level acres with paved parking. Several outbuildings are also included. One mile to I-85 at Exit 41 and less than 1 mile to Downtown Newnan. All for $250,000. (Frank)


VACANT COMMERCIAL LOT on corner of Fair Street and Taylor Street. Just off Temple Avenue. NTRACT Just $55,000. Frank UNDER CO


6.85 ACRES on Newnan’s 2nd busiest street (Temple Ave./Hwy 34 West). Great for shopping center or medical complex. $495,000. Frank/Jess _________________________________________________________ Information Deemed Reliable But Not Guaranteed. Price & terms subject to prior sale & change without notice. _________________________________________________________

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National Association of Realtors Leadership Summit I had the privilege of attending the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Leadership Summit in Chicago on behalf of the Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors (NCBOR), this summer. Incoming presidents for 2018, or president-elects, from local boards of Realtors across the country attended the Summit. The president-elects were trained for leadership positions, along with each board’s director or CEO. Elizabeth Hiett, who is our local Executive Director for the Newnan-Coweta board, attended with me. My trip certainly would not have run as smoothly without her. The summit was a fun and educational experience. It was also nice to see that I was not the only future Realtor board president with a little bit of anxiety about the position. Among the topics of discussion included the importance of using a Realtor vs. a non-Realtor. A real estate agent is anyone licensed to assist people buy or sell property. A Realtor is a trademarked term that refers to a real estate agent who is an active member of NAR. Unlike non-Realtors, Realtors are held to a code of ethics. Making the difference between a Realtor and a non-Realtor known to the public is one of NAR’S top goals. This initiative trickles down to the local boards also. The Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors (NCBOR) has a designated allowance in our budget to promote this to the general public. The Leadership Summit had a special session on planning events/fundraisers and making them actually fun to go to. This is something NCBOR does a good job with. We have several events throughout the year, including the Million Dollar Club Awards, Summer Fling, Affiliate Expo and our Golf Tournament, just to name a few. These events are enjoyable and have good attendance, but we are always looking for ways to improve. While speaking with other Realtor boards from across the country, I gathered that our local board is very fortunate to have a great group of Realtors that are engaged and attend events. There were several other Realtor boards having major membership and attendance issues. Local real estate boards must comply with NAR’s core standards. These core standards were approved by NAR’s Board of Directors in May 2014, and were amended in May 2016 to replace the organizational standards (NAR website). There were training sessions regarding the core of standards held at the Leadership Summit. Our local board has recently been certified for complying with the core standards by the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR). This was in large part due to our Hiett, our director, who guided the board through this process and kept us on task. We could not have done it without her. NAR’s Leadership Summit in Chicago prepared all of us for our responsibility in 2018 as Realtor presidents. I feel better prepared after attending. It was interesting to see NAR operate on a macro-level. It was also interesting to see what other boards did well and what they struggled with. Newnan/Coweta County is lucky to have a great group of local Realtors who care about their community and share an interest in making it a better place. Jess Barron is an Associate Broker with Lindseys, Inc. Realtors and President-Elect of the Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors.

Jess Barron



Stephanie Ray Butcher

Briefly describe yourself and what you do. I’m a Christian, dairy farm wife, mom, and county extension coordinator. I thoroughly enjoy coordinating agriculture and natural resources programming and teaching the community about the importance of agriculture because every day, three times a day, we need farmers! When I’m not working at the Extension office, you will find me trying desperately to keep my home straightened up (which is nearly impossible with toddlers), helping at the farm or traveling. Best piece of business advice you’ve received. Find a way to make a living doing what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. I wouldn’t say that’s 100% true because I can definitely say that there have been days when I’ve come home feeling completely exhausted. Even when you love what you do every day, there are still days when you put in a hard day’s work, but my dad always told me that I could accomplish anything I wanted as long as I worked hard enough for it, and I’ve always found that to be true. It’s not about how badly you want something. It’s about how hard you work for it. If I had it to do over … I would worry less and pray more. You are going on an extended solo trip. What three albums and three books would you take? Albums: 1. The Road Less Traveled (George Strait) 2. Set This Circus Down (Tim McGraw) 3. Part II (Brad Paisley) Books: 1. The Bible 2. Shane and Slade’s Baby Book since I am still working on it; 3. The Georgia Pest Management Handbook since I would probably get a call from work at some point. Tell us one thing about yourself that few people know. I love to make quilts (when I can squeeze in the time to work on them). You are hosting a dinner party for six. What five people, living or dead, would you invite and why. 1. My husband, Kirk, because I couldn’t host a dinner party without him! 2. John Wayne because I would have loved to have met him. 3. Reba McEntire because she has always been someone I’ve admired and I wanted be a professional country singer when I was a kid. 4. My maternal grandmother, Mawmaw, I never got to tell her goodbye, and I would love talk with her just one more time. 5. My husband’s mother, Jane. I never had a chance to meet her since she passed away in a car accident 27 years ago.

Name an as yet unfulfilled dream. 1. A trip to Hawaii If you weren’t doing what you are, you would be … I can’t imagine doing anything else. I feel that I am right where I am supposed to be, but when I retire one day I want to travel the United States. Your go-to food. I have a big sweet tooth, so I would say my “go to” food is dessert. Favorite movies(s): Thunder Road (1958) with Robert Mitchum The Bridges at Toko Ri (1954) with William Holden and Grace Kelly Dogs or cats? Dogs. Your favorite quote and why. Strive for perfection to achieve excellence.” It motivates me and reminds me that perfection is unattainable but excellence is! Name something that you are extremely glad you did or accomplished. Earned my degrees from UGA. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done but I was the first in my family to earn a college degree and it meant a lot to my family. What advice would you give your younger self just starting out on their own. Don’t worry so much. Things usually work out if you just let them.

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With Lane & Ammunition Purchase at ARO. Must present coupon. Offer expires 10/15/17.

Must present coupon. Offer expires 10/15/17.


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The PAPER September October 2017 issue  
The PAPER September October 2017 issue