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August 3, 2011

Greenville Street DiScount Store 167 Greenville Street, Newnan • 770-251-5993 • Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 5:45; Saturday 9-5. We accept all major credit cards and EBT. Sale August 3 through August 13. Selection in store may vary from artwork in advertisement.

R E M O D E L IFancyNFeastGCan CatSFoodA L E

79 Bread 99¢ Oregan Chai Tea 99¢ Hidden Valley Salad Kits 99¢ Bertolli Olive Oil $ 00 1 Off Air Wick Fresheners $ 00 1 Off Bush Chili Beans 28 oz. …


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Marshmallows 10.5 oz. … Buy 1, Get 1


Nestle Toll House Morsels 11 oz. … Buy 1, Get 1


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Betty Crocker Decorating Icing

10/ 1 $ 00 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 1 $ 00 Aim Toothpaste Gel 1 $ 00 Ultra Brite Toothpaste Gel 1 (Easy Squeeze) …

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Clorox Toilet Wand

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Store Will Be Closing For Remodeling August 15 through August 21.

Will Re-open August 23rd


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Pyramid Cigarettes Carton

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We Buy Gold. Loans On Anything Of Value! We pay Top Dollar for all good, new or broken. We also buy Silver, Old Coins, Silver Coins, Old Paper Money, Arrowheads and Autographed Pictures. Check us out! We pay cash and we’re always fair to our customers! We’ve been in business for 19 years so bring us your gold! It’s at its all-time high!

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Page 2 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

Back-To-School with Quick Care Automotive Things-to-do: Pens, pencils, paper -check. Backpack -check. New shoes -check. As each item gets marked off the back-to-school prep-list, don’t leave off one major thing, your vehicle. Whether your college student’s driving 200 miles to campus, your high schooler goes 3 miles down the road, or you are about to embark on the school -sports-scouts-playgroup-practice daily driving marathon, make sure your vehicle is in top shape. Proper vehicle maintenance is often an important issue many parents overlook. Before hitting the road, check the brakes, tire condition, tire inflation, fluid levels, belts & hoses, and the condition of the windshield wipers. The battery terminals should be clean and the battery at full capacity. Have the vehicle’s oil changed and a clean air filter installed to protect the engine and improve fuel efficiency. This type of regular maintenance is inexpensive and doesn’t take long but is one of the most critical things that can be done to ensure you (and your kids) have a reliable car. Today’s Lesson: This is also the perfect time to help educate young drivers about car care and safety basics. Many of them don’t know, or even care, how their car works, and what they need to do to keep it in good working condition. What better way to send your students back to school than to arm them with proper car care knowledge and a well-maintained vehicle? Take some time to go back to the school of car care with your kids. These car care tips for college and high school students can help give parents peace of mind and minimize those “send-money-now” phone calls.  Know how the vehicle works. The basic knowledge of how to maintain and make small repairs has been lost on young people. It’s important to open the hood and explain the different parts of the car, including where and how to check fluids.  Make sure you & your student know how to check the oil, and check it at every fill-up. If the oil level is down more than a quart, know what oil to use & how to refill the reservoir.  Routinely check & fill the vehicle’s main fluids to the recommended levels. The main fluids are: engine oil, antifreeze/ coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, window washer fluid, and gas.


Quick Care Automotive performs major & minor repairs from engine replacement, timing belts, to tuneups and yearly maintenance. We always provide written quotes and a 12 month/ 12,000 mile warranty.

Diesel Oil Change

Premium Conventional


Quick Care

·Up to 10 quarts - $69.99* ·Up to 12 quarts - $79.99* ·Up to 15 quarts - $99.99* All Vehicles Welcome

To Newnan

cle Ci r wn kla Oa


5 I-8

Expires 8/31/11. Coupon Required.

Up to 16 quarts

Hwy. 16

(5w20 or 5w30)

Zerex Antifreeze Flush

*See Store for Details. Coupon Required.

*Up to 5 qts. Most Vehicles.

Bug-A-Rama Volkswagen Show & Swap Meet August 6, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All Makes, Models, Ages. Rain or Shine! Top 25, plus 2 Best Awards. LaGrange Mall, 1501 Lafayette Parkway, off I-85, Exit 18, LaGrange. Door Prizes, Dash Plaques, 50/50 Pot, Oldies Music, Food, Goody Bags, Raffle, Fun and More. Registration $20. Swap meet car related vendors $25. Contact Ronald Davenport 706-668-7730, 706-4080422, or ###

“The Car Guys” Car Show Sat., Aug. 13th, 5 to 9 p.m. Junction Lanes parking lot

Hwy. 29 S. Ro ad


Know where the check engine light is on the dash. The light is important but often ignored by young drivers. If the light goes on, have the vehicle checked by a mechanic to determine the cause of the warning. Don’t ignore this light. It’s there for a reason.  Check tires regularly. Stopping on wet roads can take up to four times longer than on dry surfaces. Plus, if the tire tread is worn, the tires may hydroplane or skim over the road with little or no traction. Properly inflate all tires, including the spare, to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Tires can lose up to 1 pound of air pressure per square inch per month. Use an accurate tire gauge and do it when the car is cool-meaning when it has been driven less than 1 mile or has not moved in at least 3 hours.  Make sure you & your student know how to change a tire and ensure you have a quality jack and lug wrench in the car at all times. Talk with your student about getting the car to a safe place before attempting to get out or change a roadside flat. Knowledge is Savings: Finally, kids more often than not go back to school with a hand-me-down vehicle of some sort. Student cars are often bought used and typically have higher mileage on them. Before you buy, have the car inspected. The excitement of getting a “new” vehicle can cause the buyer to overlook some unpleasant details of what repairs could soon be needed. A qualified mechanic can thoroughly inspect the vehicle and spot major repair issues before you buy. Their experience and knowledge of repair history on different brands will help you avoid making a costly mistake. Quick Care Automotive is a locally owned & operated automotive repair & maintenance facility located in south Coweta County. We perform an array of automotive diagnostics at no charge. We feature Valvoline products, but are not a Valvoline franchise, and perform most repairs with high quality NAPA parts. If you’re looking for a place that cares about you, your vehicle, & your safety, and, would like to experience service supplied beyond the price, give Quick Care Automotive a visit.

Pin e

Back-to-School Special


Coweta County Fairgrounds

*See Store for Details. Coupon Required.

United Way in Coweta County is proud to announce a partnership with “The Car Guys” 10th Anniversary Car Show Series which benefits local charities. “The Car Guys”, Scott Sargeant and Charlie Filkins, are popular local radio, television and event hosts. 2011 marks the tenth anniversary hosting their “Car Show Series” which benefits numerous local charities with a percentage of the proceeds and raises awareness of the charities’ mission to the entire community. Located in the Junction Lanes Bowling Center parking lot and adjacent to Carmike theaters, the venue offers family fun for all with food vendors, music by WC Sounds, activities and prizes. No registration fee for car owners and no charge to the public for this exciting event! The next Car Show will be Sat., Aug. 13th, 5 to 9 p.m. and the beneficiary is Newnan Coweta Salvation Army. Info? 770616-0449 or 678-972-0535.

Next Week’s Coweta Shopper will be mailed to the A Zone ~ Newnan:

city of Newnan, Arbor Springs, Ashley Park, Avery Park, Country Club, Lake Hills, Lake Redwine, SummerGrove and some other rural routes. 16,328 Addresses! If you don’t receive a Shopper in the mail next week, check out the current issue on our web site

typOs happen. We sincerely apologize. H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 3

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Rusty Kuehl Advertising Sales 770-301-6410 cell


here’s a lot of noise in the media, just lately, as to whether the United States of America would remain in business later than August. The details of this conundrum are quite a bit more complicated than my mind can conceive, so the following little story may help us “average folks” understand what’s happening in a simple way.

Roger Ray Advertising Sales 678-850-7014 cell Ruth Harris Doyal Composition 770-254-1421 678-423-0869 direct Joseph E. Williams Publisher 770-683-9705 office The Coweta Shopper is published weekly by AdMedia, Inc. P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264


The Coweta Shopper is a popular and effective advertising guide mailed weekly to 15,000+ homes and businesses throughout Coweta county. We have successfully served the Coweta county area for over twenty years with our consumer-oriented guide consisting of a wide variety of retail and service advertisers, along with classified advertisements.

Our office is located on the corner of Hwy. 29 South & Pine Road

Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 - 5.

770-254-1421 Fax 770-254-8283 e-mail web:

Once upon a time, two young siblings, Dick and Jane, opened a lemonade stand to earn some spending money. The afternoons were hot and people were standing in line for their refreshing drink. Although they were prospering, Dick felt sorry for those thirsty people who were unable to afford lemonade so they decided to give it to them at no cost. After all, the afternoons were very hot. At the end of the week, Jane realized their little business had paid out more than it brought in. The solution, decided Dick, was to raise the price of lemonade for the customers they (Dick and Jane) felt could afford to pay more. This cool, refreshing drink was now available to all in the community, however, the customers who were required to pay extra were not buying lemonade as often. Now, with losses growing, they heard about a place, far, far away which could supply the cups they needed at a much reduced cost. Jane felt this was just what they needed to reduce costs and begin to make a profit again and give the beverage to those who could not pay. All went well until the local company, which manufactured lemonade cups, closed. Remember, Dick and Jane were now buying cups from a supplier far, far away. Since many of the people in the community had been employed at the local “Cup Company” they now had no money to buy lemonade. They could now legitimately join the ranks of those who were unable to pay but remained thirsty. At once, Dick and Jane were now paying out far more than they were taking in. Just in the nick of time a solution was found! The cup manufacturer, far, far away, offered to ship the needed cups to the siblings with a special “you can just pay us later” contract. Dick and Jane sometimes argued about whether they should ask the “paying customers” to help out a little more. They also thought about reducing the number of “Free Lemonades”, or perhaps a combination of both. As long as they could delay the cost of cups, they needn’t worry about cash flow until much later. All seemed well. A while later, I decided to stop at the lemonade stand to see how Dick and Jane were doing with their little business. I didn’t recognize the employees, who introduced themselves as the “new owners”. “What happened to Jane and her brother?”, I asked. “They finally became unable to pay even the interest on the cups they bought” replied the new owners. “Our parents took possession of this lemonade stand, and also re-opened the local cup business”. “From where do you come?”, I asked, incredulously. “We are from a place far, far away”. The above story is, of course, much over-simplified. But maybe our nation’s leaders will soon gain the wisdom required to allow all citizens to enjoy prosperity while encouraging individual responsibility. I’m certainly not smart enough to know how this is to be done, but there are those, who, if they will work together, can do it. Let’s not allow our future generation to “lose the lemonade stand”!

Mailing address is: P. O. Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264 The Coweta Shopper reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising as we feel is in the best interest of our publication.

Joe As always, I invite your comments and suggestions to help us make The Coweta Shopper an interesting and effective advertising medium.

Page 4 H The Coweta Shopper H ­2011 H

offering a full line of quality nutritional supplements, essential oils, flower essences, snacks, coconut oil & services including Iridology / Sclerology readings.




Bio-Energetic Analysis with this coupon. Expires August 31, 2011. (assesses body’s nutritional needs using latest cutting edge technology)

Now Serving You In 2 Locations

The Herb Shop The Herb Shop 4 Dixon Street Newnan, GA 30263

20 Highland Drive Newnan, GA 30263

770-251-1125 770-502-8066 “Please mention you saw it in

The Coweta Shopper!” OR … please mention you would like to see it in

The Coweta Shopper!” OR … call 770-254-1421 to advertise in

The Coweta Shopper!”


LAW OFFICE Graylin Ward Attorney At Law • Bodily Injury / Wrongful Death • Auto & Truck Accidents • Criminal Defense & DUI

770-251-1289 27 East Broad Street Downtown Newnan

Further shaping the future of healthcare in Coweta County! Piedmont Physicians Group welcomes the PAPP Clinic! Primary Care Piedmont Physicians at Cavender Street 770.253.6616

Piedmont Physicians Obstetrics and Gynecology at Thomas Crossroads 770.502.2060

Piedmont Physicians at Hospital Road 770.251.5540

Piedmont Physicians Ophthalmology 770.253.6616

Piedmont Physicians at Senoia 678.723.0400

Piedmont Physicians Pulmonology 770.253.6616

Piedmont Physicians at Thomas Crossroads 770.502.2000

Piedmont Physicians Rheumatology at Newnan 770.502.2040

Piedmont Physicians Pediatrics at Cavender Street 770.253.6616

Piedmont Physicians Urology at Newnan 770.253.6616

Piedmont Physicians Pediatrics at Jefferson Parkway 770.304.2220 Piedmont Physicians Pediatrics at Thomas Crossroads 770.502.2020 Specialty Piedmont Physicians General Surgery at Cavender Street 770.253.6616

Southern Vein Care, A Piedmont Physicians Group Service 770.683.8346

For a complete list of Piedmont Physicians Group physicians and locations, visit

Piedmont Physicians Neurology 770.502.2070 Piedmont Physicians Obstetrics and Gynecology at Newnan 770.251.9631 © 2011 Piedmont Healthcare 01866-0711 H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 5

Center for Allergy and Asthma


Providing The Highest Quality and Most Comprehensive Care For Patients Of All Ages with Allergies, Asthma, and Related Illnesses

Cunanan Medical Clinic

Stay ON TOP of Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Excellent Services

Linda Corpuz Cunanan, M.D.

Romel Corpuz Cunanan, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Eugene S. hurwitz, M.D. Allergy & Asthma Specialist ~ Board Certified

Celebrating 30 Years of Community Medical Service

37 Calumet Parkway, Blvd. F, Suite 201,

We thank you for trusting us with your health care.

NEwNAN, GA 770-683-4050

Accepting New Patients

19 Eastbrook Bend,

PEAChtREE CIty, GA 770-487-2218

Accepting Most Insurances

109 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, GA 30263 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 - 12 and 1 - 5; Saturday 9 - 11.

770-251-4140 • 770-251-5990

Farmers Market - local farmers & home gardeners share their farm fresh produce as well as local honey, pickles, jams and jellies, flowers and fruit. Local artisans offer arts ‘n crafts items. Wednesdays & Saturdays from 9 to 1. ASA Powell Expo Center, Temple Ave. (near the Rec Center & Waffle House). Coweta County Extension 770-254-2620.


Thursday, August 4 … Phenomenal Women Conference 2nd Annual, through August 7. Thursday 7-8pm ‘Women of Faith Fellowship’; Friday 7-9pm ‘Let’s Get it Started’; Saturday 10am-2pm ‘Your Passion & Your Power’ Sunday, 10:30am ‘Daughters of Destiny’ (wear platinum if you have it). Live Performances, Drama, Spoken Word, Fashion, Jazzy Christian Rap, Money & Business, Sassy Singles, Navigating the Education System. Pastors Larry & Eva Warner, 55 Mayo Royal Ind. Blvd., Newnan 770-252-8422,


Saturday, August 13 …

Pickin’ on the Square! 11 a.m. until ? All musicians are invited

Coweta Writers Group To Discuss Book Marketing and Distribu-

to come down to Newnan’s Historic Courthouse Square and play. All music genres and skill levels are welcome. Acoustic only. Visit www. for more information

tion at Meeting. Swanee Ballman the Speaker and Discussion Leader is an author and the founder and owner of Jawbone Publishing Co. The meeting will be held from 10 AM through 12 Noon on August 13 at the Ashley Park Barnes and Noble. The public is invited.

~  Saturday, August 13 …

Wednesday, August 3 …


Saturday, August 6 …


Saturday, August 6 … Main Street Market Day 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The best home grown, home made or hand made products this side of Atlanta with over 60+ vendors! Stroll the streets of Downtown and discover the unique products. Visit for more information


Senoia Farmers Market 8 a.m. - 12 noon. City Hall Parking Lot. Fresh produce and tasty homemade items Please e-mail your event details to



CPR/AED and First Aid Class Adult, Child and Infant ~ at The American Red Cross Georgia Three Rivers Chapter Newnan Office. Learn to recognize and care for breathing, choking and cardiac emergencies in infants, children and adults, perform first aid for cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, bleeding, sprains and strains, recognize emergencies and take action, and understand the role of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the chain of survival. Class starts at 8:30 am at 770 Greison Trail, Suite G, Newnan. Individuals will receive certification for two years upon successful completion of the course. Cost is $110 and prepayment is required to reserve your slot. Questions? 770-253-2056.



Moreland Market Day 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Moreland Mill. Exhibit features antique tractors Please e-mail your event details to



~   Thursday, August 18 …


Meeting Rescheduled The Coweta County Board of Commissioners has rescheduled the regularly scheduled second meeting of the month for August 2011. The meeting originally was on Tuesday, August 16 at 6 p.m. and now will be on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 6 p.m. in the regular location at 37 Perry Street, Newnan, Georgia.



Saturday, August 20 … 17th Annual Turin Tractor Pull 10 a.m. to ? Visit Please e-mail your event details to



Saturday, September 17 … Genealogical Society Meet Coweta County Genealogical Society meets at 1:30 p.m. at the Old (Yellow) Historic Passenger Station in the middle of Grantville - by the railroad tracks. Guest speaker will be Tommy Ferrell, Tax Commissioner for Coweta County. He will discuss how tax information in the past can help in researching your family history. You do not have to be a member to attend. Everyone is welcome. Please e-mail your event details to

Page 6 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

Street Smart

an ad weeks, n u r n a for 3 You c ard … t ess c

r busin

f you e size o



g 49 reachin


ses … addres



When you have a State Farm® agent, you can rest easy knowing you have the protection you need – and that you’re not paying too much. Now that’s Smart! GET TO A BETTER STATE™. CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7.


e Deta

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4 70-25 Call 7 Stephanie Fagerstrom, Agent 28 Hospital Road Newnan, GA 30263 Bus: 770-683-3676

for jus

The next issue will be mailed to the A Zone ~

16,326 addresses in City of Newnan, Arbor Springs, Ashley Park, Avery Park, Country Club, Lake Hills, Lake Redwine, SummerGrove and surrounding areas - if you don’t receive a Shopper in the mail next week, check out the current issue on our web site


State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL


Wow! Don’t Miss This

Show & Shine Car Show Sat., August 13, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Big Sam’s BBQ Addicts, 625 Jefferson St., LaGrange. Rain or Shine. Open To All Vehicles ~ Cars, Trucks, Bikes. Of Any Age, Any Model ~ All Welcome. No charge for participants. Top 5 Award Winners, Door Prizes, 50/50 Raffle, Music and More. Info? Mary Davenport or 706-668-7731.

Truckload Sale! Huge Selection!

### Grantville’s Operation Benefit Car, Truck & Bike Show, Swap Meet, Flea Market, Arts & Craft ~ Aug. 20, 10 ~ 3 Will benefit local family of 11 year old Karmilya Hines who has Bells Palsy! Vendor Applications Now Being Accepted. Fun For All ~ Open Show For All Vehicles, Any Make, Model, Year. Top 25 Awards for Cars &Trucks, 3 Bikes, Best of Awards. Door Prizes, Dash Plaques, Goody Bags,50/50, Auction, Raffle, Live Band. Bear Radio will do a remote broadcast behind Grantville Package Store on Hwy 29 in Grantville. Great opportunity for your organization to have a booth and make $$$$. Donations appreciated. Contact Mary Davenport at or 706-668-7731### Wendy’s Cruise In Sat., August 27, 5 to 8 p.m. ~ rain or shine. Wendy’s in the Ingles Shopping Center, 1892 East Main St., Hogansville. Open to all vehicles - old and new cars, trucks and motorcycles. Cruiser of the Month Award, Door Prizes, Music, 50/50, Fun, Food and More. Mary Davenport or 706-668-7731.

3745 put on includes mount and balance


We Carry A Large Inventory of Used Car and Truck Tires n

Used & New Parts n Engines n Transmissions n Accessories

n Don’t Cuss, Call Us 770-253-5770 n If we don’t carry it, we’ll find it!

Oliver Gentry

Gentry & Associates, Inc. Used Auto & Truck Parts 15 Mayo Royal Road, Newnan

just off Carrollton Hwy., 1/8 mile west of Bypass on left. Hours Monday - Friday 8 -5; Saturday 8 - 12.


toll free 866-454-7278

Junk Cars, Aluminum Wheels, We Buy & Recycle Appliances, Aluminum Cans, Copper, etc. H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 7

 Purchase or Rent To Own  Financing Available  Sheds/Portables  Carports  Steel Buildings  Gazebos  Greenhouses

The Coweta Shopper Questions & Answers…

Q. A.

Q. A.

I like The Shopper, but don’t receive it every week. Why not? The Coweta Shopper is delivered by the U.S. Post Office to 16,300+ addresses each week. We’ve divided the county into 3 different mailing zones: A Zone includes the city of Newnan, Arbor Springs, Ashley Park, Avery Park, Country Club, Lake Hills, Lake Redwine, SummerGrove and some rural routes ~ 16,328 addresses; B Zone is 16,557 addresses east of I-85 including White Oak, Thomas Crossroads, Sharpsburg and some rural routes in that area; C Zone includes the Roscoe area, Sargent, Senoia, Grantville, Moreland and some rural routes ~ 16,413 addresses. You should receive your copy every third week. What should I do if I don’t receive The Coweta Shopper at my address when my zone is mailed? Call the post office. We are paying to have The Coweta Shopper, mailed to every address in the county, (P O boxes not included). They usually do a very good job but they want to know if you are missed. Please call, fax, mail or e-mail questions regarding The Coweta Shopper 770-254-1421 770-254-8283 P O Box 757, Newnan, GA 30264

Call for more info

770-502-7007 28 Bullsboro Drive, across from Newnan Utilities Water Tower.

Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce Make Connections!

Build Your Business! Three Powerful Events!

Labor Day Weekend September 4, 5, 6, 2011 Sign up to sell tickets at the front gate and greet guests! Complimentary entrance for Festival volunteers!

Contact the Chamber to volunteer at or call 770-253.2270. For more information about Powers visit

Give us a call, we’ll be glad to assist you in joining the Chamber—770.253.2270



Page 8 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

***** Welcome to our new Grantville Library Manager ~ Mrs. Jan Maycock Cooks. She is Grantville’s liason with the Library System and updates the City Council from time to time

The latest buzz from the

Grantville Mosquito ☛ Basic Computer Classes from 6-8 on Tuesday’s continues at the Clements/Malcolm Recreation Center on Griffin St. Please come and gain additional insight about the technology world. e-mail for additional information. Cost for the class $10.00

***** Downtown Development Authority is looking for volunteers … Mrs. Judy Renshaw is Chairman of the “Welcome To Grantville” Committee. Contact Grantville Mosquito if you can help. *****

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☛ Grantville’s Animal Shelter needs part-time volunteers. You must be 18 to apply. Application forms are located at the Police Dept. ***** ☛ all events submitted by e-mail via Grantville-Mosquito@ *****

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☛ Can you volunteer with logistics for “The Wall That Heals”? This is the travelling Vietnam Wall event coming to Coweta County Fair Grounds Oct. 20-23. Call Veterans Affairs member, Malcolm Jackson at 678-948-8387


On eligible items. Excludes Alaska.



IMPORTANT DEFERRED INTEREST DETAILS (WHEN OFFERED): Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period or if you make a late payment. With credit approval, for qualifying purchases made on a Sears card (Sears Commercial One® accounts excluded) Sears Home Improvement AccountSM, valid on installed sales only. Offer is only valid for consumer accounts in good standing and is subject to change without notice. May not be combined with any other promotional offer. SEARS CARDS: As of 5/2/11, APR for purchases: VARIABLE 7.24%-27.24 or NON-VARIABLE 14.00%-29.99%. MINIMUM INTEREST CHARGE: UP TO $2. An Annual Membership Fee of up to $59 may apply. See card agreement for details. Sears cards are issued by Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. Sears Solutions cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Exclusions apply. See Sears Return Policy for more details. APPLIANCE OFFER: **No interest offer applies to appliances over $399 after discounts and coupons when you use a qualifying Sears card and account is kept in good standing. Excludes Outlet Stores. Offer good thru 8/6/11. ***Free standard local delivery on any appliance over $499 in participating stores after discounts and coupons. Standard delivery includes delivery within the local delivery area Monday through Friday and delivery not requiring additional services or time. Retail value $79.99. Customer pays an additional charge for non-standard delivery. Local areas and non-standard delivery charges vary. Excludes all built-in refrigeration. Free delivery on Home Appliance products is not available on items purchased using the Sears Monthly Payment Plan. See store for details. Not valid in Outlet Stores. Offer good thru 8/6/11. †† 5%, 10% savings when you use or apply for a Sears card. Savings will be automatically deducted from the purchase price. Savings off regular, sale and clearance priced merchandise only (excludes Sears Commercial One® card and Sears Home Improvement AccountSM card). Excludes total electronics purchases under $799, video game hardware, Bose, Onkyo, prepaid calling cards, iTunes, iPod®, Sony® DSLR, lenses, converter boxes, computers, Samsung®, Sony, Panasonic® and LG® electronics. Electronics offer cannot be combined with other electronics Sears card offers. Not valid on Everyday Great Price items, closeout or Introductory Offers, Special Purchases, Fab Finds, Insane Deals, Levi’s® jeans, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Electrolux, Jenn-Air®, Dacor, Fisher & Paykel, air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water heaters, countertop microwaves, sewing machines, fitness accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, baby gear, nursery furniture, red tag items, fine jewelry Price Drop items, vacuum bags, belts and filters, floor care chemicals and accessories, converter boxes, Weber®, propane tanks and exchanges, snow throwers, Serta® Audrey, Gazelle, Mojave Rose; Sealy® Legato, Union, Kamela; Sears-O-Pedic Treasures, Nickelodeon mattresses; pharmacy, beer and wine,,,, Sears Auctions on eBay®, Outlet Store purchases, Parts and Repair Centers, catalog orders, automotive services, Sears licensed businesses, installed home improvements and repair service, Gift Cards, money orders, wire transfers and protection agreements. Sears card issued by Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. Offer good 8/5 and 8/6/11.

We sincerely apologize.

VEHICLES 2004 GMC K1500 gold, 23,311 miles, $17,991. Dennis cell 404702-1413 1998 GMC C1500 blue, 172,913 miles, $6,991. Dennis cell 404-702-1413 2000 FORD F150 gold, 150,160 miles, $7,991. Dennis cell 404702-1413

1127A Hwy. 34number (next to Texas Roadhouse) • 770-683-7327 Owned and Operated by NameBullsboro • Store addressDrive, • Store hours • Phone Owned and Operated by Name • Store address hours •- Phone number9am - 7pm; Sunday 1pm STORE Hours:• Store Monday Saturday - 6pm. NAME Come By And Meet Store Owner: BRAD JACKSON

typOs happen.

2005 FORD FREESTYLE black, 129,422 miles, $8,991. Dennis cell 404-702-1413 1997 MERCURY COUGAR red, 52,921, $4,991. Dennis cell 404-702-1413 2001 MERCURY SALBE black, 78,773 miles. $6,991. Dennis cell 404-702-1413 JA#108C018_101 H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 9


10% DISCOUNT on all repairs Must present coupon between July 20, 2011 through September 30, 2011.

Please mention you saw it in

The Coweta Shopper Encouraging Words

Don’t Ask Us…

“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.” ~ Eddie Rickenbacker


“First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst.” ~ Dale Carnegie


“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.” ~ Epictetus


“Life is not waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!” ~ Vivian Greene


Q Think About It!

Ask Our Customers! 150 HWY 27 • I-20 EXIT 11 • BREMEN SALES HOURS: M-F 8:30AM-8PM • SAT 8:30AM-6PM SERVICE HOURS: M-F 7:30AM-6PM • SAT 7:30AM-4PM



“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you or forsake you.” ~ Deuteronomy: 31:6





up to


41 MPG 41


New 2011 Ford

up to



up to





up to





Crew Cab

F-150 XLT


New 2011 Ford

up to



with Approved Credit from FMCC.

New 2011 Ford

Off M SRP !






See New 2011 Ford Ranger Super Cab below

up to


plus N O M O N EY D OW N!

Example: new 2011 Ford Ranger Regular Cab - MSRP $19,700 - $283 per mo./60 mos./with lower Factory Rebate and no money down.

New 2011 Ford


per mo. 72 mos.

• 4.0L V-6 Engine • Automatic • Power Locks & Windows • 15” Aluminum Wheels

$ y

16,995 onl

MSRP............................$24,685 Gene Evans Disc.............$2,210 Factory Rebate................$4,500 Ford Trade Assist Rebate $1,000



• 2.3L I4 Engine • Automatic • Air Conditioning • Anti-Lock Brakes

Super Cab XLT




MSRP............................$19,700 Gene Evans Disc.............$1,705 Factory Rebate................$3,000 Ford Trade Assist Rebate $1,000

per mo. 72 mos.


Regular Cab

New 2011 Ford




to Buy a New Ford Ranger!

Ford and Lincoln GENE EVANS TEAM Best Time Ever Page 10 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

MSRP.......................................$24,230 Gene Evans Discount................$1,550 Factory Rebate...........................$2,500 Ford Trade Assist Rebate..............$500

• 4 Cylinder • Power Locks/Windows • AM/FM/CD • Tilt Wheel/Cruise Control • Air Conditioning

MSRP.......................................$28,290 Gene Evans Disc.......................$2,295 Factory Rebate...........................$2,000

• Automatic • Tilt Wheel • Air Conditioning • Cruise Control • Power Locks/Windows • AM/FM/CD

MSRP.......................................$33,470 Gene Evans Disc.......................$3,495 Factory Rebate...........................$4,000

• Automatic • Power Locks & Windows • AM/FM/CD • 17” Aluminum Wheels • Air Conditioning • Cloth Captains Chairs • Tilt Wheel

per mo./72 mos.

per mo./72 mos.

per mo./72 mos.

per mo./72 mos.




#8LJ02225, Black, Leather, 3rd Seat

#8BB42991, Leather, Roof, White




#9FA78988, White, Leather, Crew Cab




#8FA23993, Red 4x4, Leather, Crew Cab




#AFA86867, Super Cab, Silver

‘10 FORD F-150 STX

with Approved Credit from FMCC

21,991or $395






#AFA93564, Red, Crew Cab, Nav., Roof




#AKD04840, Silver, Leather, Roof


17,991or $323 $

#8KJ50670, Premier, Blue




#9FA68505, Silver, Nav., Roof, Crew Cab

‘09 FORD F-150 FX-4



#A5104558, Red, Leather, Auto


18,991or $341 $

#9PA67250, Silver Super Cab, 4 Door


om •1-866-203-6314 4355 Jonesboro Road I-85 S. at Hwy. 138 in Union City

SALES DEPT. Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Sat. 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m . • 1-866-344-1011 •1-866-203-6314

SERVICE DEPT. Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Sat. 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m


All pre-owned vehicles are plus tax and title and are subject to prior sale. Payments are based on $ 0 Down at 2.9% APR for 60 Months and must have approved credit.



#A5135096, Convertible, Silver, Leather, Auto, 18K






#75218866, Convertible, Black, Leather, Auto

#7R620771, Silver, Leather, Roof


16,991or $305


#8GA19298, Black



#7KA35887, Black, Leather, Roof



• 6-Year/100,00-Mile Warranty Coverage • 169-Point Inspection by Factory-trained Technicians

Over 400 Pre-Owned Vehicles to Choose From!

Prices are in lieu of factory rebate plus tax and title. All payments are for 72 months at 3.99% APR with no money down and approved credit from FMCC. $1,000 Ford Trade-Assist Rebate is for customers that trade in or have a lease expire on a 1995 or newer Ford/LM/Competitive vehicle and purchase a new 2011 Ford Ranger. *Actual mileage will vary. Mid size class per R. L. Polk & Co. Photos for illustration only. See Dealer for details. Offer expires 8/5/11.


18,975 or $296 $19,675 or $306 $23,995 or $374 $25,975 or $399

MSRP.......................................$21,575 Gene Evans Disc.......................$1,620 Factory Rebate...........................$1,000

• Automatic • Power Locks/Windows • AM/FM/CD/MP3 • Tilt Wheel/Cruise Control • 60/40 Rear Seat • 16” Aluminum Wheels H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 11

Page 12 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

Need Commercial Business Insurance?

Need Back To School Money?

It doesn’t matter whether you are two electricians who work together or a multimillion dollar corporation. Our trusted associates will work with you to develop a customized, cost-effective plan that helps you manage risk and exposure, covers a full range of business assets and employment benefits, and protects current and future business performance. For A Free Quote

770-683-2462 Lindsey Webb Ace Financial Group, Inc. 23 Old Atlanta Hwy., Suite 120, Newnan, GA 30263

Delicious, refreshing, and cold shaved ice snow cones in 36 flavors and several “fun” flavors such as Barbie, Cactus Juice, Cinderella, Shrek, and Nemo. Hwy 54 & 154 just north of the Post Office in Sharpsburg Look for the red trailer with the colorful frog & snow cone decals.

We Have The Cash You Need For School Expenses & More.

Look for us on Facebook ~ The Frigid Frog of Georgia

One HOur LOan apprOvaL

OPeN daiLy 2 tO 8

Buy 1 Snow Cone, Get 1


Starts August 8th Other Important School Dates …

With this ad. Valid through 8/15/11.

(across from William L Bonnel), Newnan

May 25 … Last Day of School

January 16 … MLK Jr. Holiday

May 29-31 … Teacher Work Day

March 16 … Holiday

Please forgive typos that appeared in recent issues.

May 28 … Memorial Day

January 5 … 2nd Semester Begins

November 21-25 … Thanksgiving Break

February 20-24 … Mid Winter Break

December 22-January 3 … Christmas/Winter Break

April 2-6 … Spring Break

December 21 … Students Last Day First Semester

159 Temple Ave., Suite E

January 4 … Teacher Work Day

September 5 … Labor Day October 10-11 … Holidays

Security Finance 770-251-5010

Reasons To Consider C&C Furniture

678-326-4000 Fall Enrollment ~ Last Week of July. Free Registration. After School Programs. Pick Up From Poplar Rd. & Willis Rd. Elementary Tutoring Available. Age Appropriate 8-2:30 Educational Curriculum Infants 6 weeks -12 months, Ones, Twos, Threes.

1. Small Building Out Of Town Means Low Overhead ~ Lower Prices To You 2. Over 10,000 Items Available with a Week’s Delivery 3. Immediate Delivery on In-Stock 4. Free Delivery in Most Cases 5. Assembly on All Merchandise Requiring Assembly 6. You Deal with The Owner

A Small Store With Big Savings 1002 Hwy. 16 West (Carrollton Hwy.), Newnan, 770-253-6060

“Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper!” Now Enrolling All 3 Locations! Connie’s Education Station Hwy. 16, across from Arnco Sargent School NEWNAN, GA



Connie’s Education Station II 1/2 Mile off Bypass on Roscoe Road NEWNAN, GA


1/2 Off 1st Week’s Tuition For New Students with This Ad!

Little Loves Off Hwy. 27 FRANKLIN,GA


Pick Up At Arnco Sargent, Western, Ruth Hill, Broooks, Elm Street, Atkinson, Jefferson Parkway, and Northside * 6 weeks to 12 years old * Academic curriculum for all ages * Before and After School * All Staff CPR and First Aid Certified * Closed Circuit Monitoring * Multi-Child Discounts H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 13





Yogli Mogli has just opened its most recent location next to the movie theater in Ashley Park. With 13 locations opened and several under construction, we are on a mission to revolutionize the dessert market by offering a healthy product within a fun, clean, inviting atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to bring your family, friends (or even just treat yourself) to the variety of 16 different yogurt flavors and over 40 toppings. We offer non-fat, low-fat, no sugar added, and sorbet yogurt flavors, along with toppings ranging from fresh cut fruit, nuts, candies, syrups, and more! We don’t think of ourselves as a trend but merely a healthy solution to everyday life. Our yogurt contains calcium, potassium, Riboflavin, and B12, and also proudly wears the seal for Live and Active Cultures from the National Yogurt Association. Yogli Mogli is more than just a yogurt shop! In addition to offering our customers a great experience, we also enjoy partnering with our surrounding communities. We proudly sponsor Northgate, East Coweta, and Newnan High School along with Heritage Christian School. We are excited to be a part of the Newnan community. To introduce our product, we are offering readers of The Coweta Shopper a special $1.00 off coupon available in this week’s paper.

Please Don’t forget to tell them you saw it in The Coweta Shopper”.

Terrie Promis medical assistant for Neurologist, Qing Ni at Papp Clinic’s Thomas Crossroads location Sometimes employees seem to have a talent, as well as a passion, for doing more than is expected when it comes to doing their job well. Recently, our staff was made aware of just such a person Terrie Promis, medical assistant for Neurologist, Qing Ni at Papp Clinic’s Thomas Crossroads location. Amna Handley, Senior Account Executive with Gentiva Health services, had this to say about Terrie: “Terrie Promis is the medical assistant for Dr. Qing Ni of Papp Clinic in Newnan, Georgia. I have known her for 4 years, professionally, as a caregiver, and as a patient myself. Terri has consistently demonstrated outstanding customer service for every patient that she cares for. She acts as a patient advocate, always calling to follow up to make sure things get done. When there are any barriers to care due to insurance coverage, etc…Terrie challenges the healthcare system to get what her patients need. She consistently goes above and beyond in making sure that her patients are making progress, and if they are not, she offers to help. Terrie is very passionate about making sure that her patients understand their

treatment plans and if they don’t, she finds a way to get them the help they need to improve their overall care. She is a tireless caregiver that acts as a patient advocate and demonstrates genuine caring in everything she does. It is rare to find individuals like her in healthcare. Often times patients need an advocate in their time of need and Terrie Promis is most definitely an outstanding caregiver”. Terrie, who has been a neurology nurse for 25 years, has worked with Dr. Ni for about 5 years. She has recently been certified as a Phlebotomist and EKG tech, and is trained to perform ambulatory EEG’s as well as neurology Psychology testing. She and her husband have a 19 year old son who is working on a psychology degree in college, minoring in criminal justice. Terrie enjoys being with family, working with the elderly and disabled, and making hair accessories and crafts. Terrie says, “I love my job and like facing challenges and working with patients and staff - going that extra step in helping others”.

“Thanks Terrie” If you don’t receive a Shopper in the mail next week, check out the current issue on our web site

Page 14 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

Preparing Your Vacant House To Sell Experts agree, home buying is an emotional decision and a vacant house doesn’t ignite the same emotion as a furnished home. Online photos are the teasers that will get a buyer interested in your property. They need something to connect too on an emotional level in order to get them excited about a house and photos of vacant rooms don’t do it for them. If a buyer doesn’t have amazing photos to view, your listing could be eliminated from their must see list. Vacant properties must be merchandised and marketed just like any other product. Here are a few tips to help get you started. Curb Appeal - Make sure you have it! If you have relocated to another property, chances are, your vacant house is showing some signs of neglect. The lawn still needs regular trimming, flower beds need the weeds pulled, driveway, walkways and porches need to be swept regularly. A potential buyer may drive past the house before scheduling an appointment to see the inside. If the outside looks shabby, they’ll never even ask your realtor for the opportunity to visit. Eliminate Odors & Pests - Make sure the carpets are clean and odor free and that you haven’t left behind some unwanted critters for potential buyers. If you have removed a family pet, be sure to have the vacant property treated for fleas. Once pets are removed, fleas will continue to multiply and will attack the next warm body they find. You want buyers to remember your house in a good way. You don’t want them to remember your property as “the house with the fleas”. Make the Interior Welcoming - Replace burned out light bulbs and let in as much natural light as possible. Clean all the windows (inside and outside) and clean dust and cobwebs from permanent fixtures. Leave a few lamps on a timer to go on and off through-out the day. Furnish & Accessorize the Key Rooms - The hardest part about staging a home that is vacant is making it look interesting. With no furniture, the buyers have no sense of size and proportion of your rooms. They rush right through your house since there’s nothing to slow down their pace and no place to sit down. Make arrangements with a home staging consultant to work with a few pieces of furniture and accessories that you are willing to leave behind until the house sells. Or have them arrange furniture and accessory rentals until you sell. Furnishing and accessorizing a home properly can have a huge impact on your potential to sell. You have the option of hiring a professional stager or doing the work yourself. Either way, the home needs to look as wonderful as possible or it may never sell. Do The Math - Studies show that homes that vacant homes that are staged before they go on the market sell, on average within 45 days. Homes that were NOT staged prior to going on the market were unsold, on average for 277 days. Use this simple formula to determine how much you will save by staging your home or listing before putting it on the market:

Spring Special

18’x20’x7’ Steel Building ~ 8’x7’ Rollup Door, 36” Walk Door, with Slab ... only



“Financing Available”

770-502-7007 28 Bullsboro Drive, across from Newnan Utilities Water Tower “In business since 1969.”

Huge Leather Sale

Leather Italia USA Sofa and Loveseat “York” Sale $1,890

Juliana’s Galleries 50 Amlajack Blvd., Newnan 770-251-2500

Beautiful Living … Affordably Priced. Come see our 27,000 Square Feet of Showrooms

Monday-Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-5. Mortgage + Expenses (utilities, etc.) = Monthly Expenses Monthly Expenses x 9 Months = Cost To List House Un-staged (Average Time Un-staged) Savings: Expenses x 7 Months - Staging Fee = (Average Time on Market Reduced)

SAVINGS If You Stage Your House First!

Note: if you have a price reduction you can also add that into the loss you are taking by listing a property un-staged.

Windows! • Windows! • Windows! Simonton Windows Made in America by Americans • Double Strength 7/8” Insulated Glass • Sashes Tilt-In For Easy Cleaning

As a challenge, go online to one of the many property searching sites and take a look at the online photos. Now compare the vacant properties to the professionally staged properties. There’s a big difference, isn’t there?

• SOLARBANGO® Low-E Tint Glass

Buyers need to have the spaces identified for them and you want them to walk into a space and “try it on for size” and it is difficult to get a “good feeling” in a vacant room. Buying a new home is an emotional experience and you want your prospective buyers to have that “good feeling” in your vacant property.

• Decorative Grids

For more information about preparing a vacant house to sell....

Nan Johnston, Southern. Staging & Redesign,

• Argon Gas Filled

Free Estimates • Local Financing H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 15

This Week's

Mortgage Rates 15 Year Fixed …


Last week 3.64% “Serving All of Newnan and Coweta County for Over 60 Years”

30 Year Fixed …



14 Jackson Street, Newnan, GA 30263

Above rates are based on overnight averages according to on August 1, 2011. Rates may vary and are subject to change without notice. Please check with your local lender for current, actual rates.



GREAT BUY! Bring your fishing pole, canoe or kayak and play on the Beautiful Tallapoosa River! Great Get Away! Cabin with 2.5 Acres, 215 ft water frontage, $89,900 For more information call 334-436-0237.

Wonderful home in Stony Oak, Traditional 2 story with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths located close to Ashley Park . Great Neighborhood, private yard with no grass cutting. Call Kim Ivery 770-560-6008 or, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors.

4 sided Brick Ranch on 5 acres! Home features geothermal heat pump for low utilities year-round. Steele const, gated with fruit trees, close to shopping and the interstate. Call Kim Ivery 770-560-6008 or kimi@lindseysrealtors. com, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors. FISH AND SWIM in this neighborhood’s lakes! Easy to relax in this beautiful home. Comfortable living areas, large patio & private wooded yard, open kitchen with granite countertops, 4 bedrooms - one is big enough to have pool table, 3.5 baths, sunroom. $235,900. Julie Jones 770-328-8422 – now with Keller Williams Realty. Full Brick Colonial on 26 acres, located near interstate. Private 5 acre lake fully stocked, large rooms with 18 ft ceiling, balcony overlooking den. New roof, circular drive. Call Kim Ivery 770-560-6008 or, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors. BREATHTAKING SCENERY! Charming 3 BR home overlooks wide stream on 18.9 wooded acres. Full, unfinished basement, maintenance free exterior, 30x40 shop with loft. Charm to spare. Tenant Occupied. Call for appointment. Julie Jones 770-328-8422 and Alice Kirby 770-301-9456 – now with Keller Williams Realty.


Last week 4.51%

LAND/LOTS 10 acres of land for sale. 10K per acre. Private off road, 2 branches of water, both wooded and cleared, For more information call Eddie 770-502-4090. 8.10 Two acre wooded lot on Dean Rd. between Luthersville & Greenville. $9,500. Nice mobile Ok. Possible financing available. 770-301-3949 Lot for sale: Two acre lot on Allie Rd. in Meriwether County. Possible financing. Call 770-301-3949 For sale on Bohannan Rd.: 2.8 acre lot on private gravel drive serving one other home. $24,900. Joe Williams at 770-251-4655 Lot 27-A, Spring Water Coves, Lake Wedowee, Alabama The lot has 110+ water frontage which has a completed 4 foot concrete seawall. There is an additional 15 feet (approximately) of water frontage that would be included. With proper placement of the home this lot has big water views, and also offers the privacy of a low traffic area for the dock. The asking price is $225,000. 770-328-9535 ‘

FRANk BARRON, Broker 770-231-9535

JESS BARRON Associate Broker 678-857-9350


LOg HOmE ON 5 AcRES on Crawford Rd. $89,900. 7.47 AcRES ON ROckAwAy RD. near Senoia. Only $80,000. 83 wOODED AcRES NEAR FAiRBuRN on Short Road. Plan for 167 lots. Bank Owned. $5,500/ac 5.8 AND 6 AcRE wOODED TRAcTS off Summers McKoy Road, $30,000 per tract. 58 AcRES, FENcED HORSE pASTuRE just off Hwy 54 and Bear Creek Road with stream. $12,500 per acre. 10 wOODED BuiLDiNg LOTS in Chandlers Run - $22,500 per lot VAcANT BuiLDiNg LOT on Derring Circle. Just $3000. 509 AcRES ON Hwy 29 iN gRANTViLLE, part zoned industrial, long road and rail frontage. $12,500 per acre (Owner/Agent) 255 AcRES ON i-85 NORTH OF NEwNAN at proposed site for new exit and access roads. $60,000/Ac. (Owner/Agent) 21.6494 OpEN & wOODED AcRES on Hwy 16 with long frontage on White Oak Creek, old baseball field. Ideal for church, recreation or homesite. New price: $150,000. 93 HEAViLy wOODED AcRES near Warm Springs, Good Hunting, Joins Lake Meriwether. $3,500/Ac. SiX – 18 TO 22 AcRE miNi HORSE FARmS near Hogansville. Gated entrance with paved road. Protective convenants. Only $6500 per acre. 36.8474 HEAViLy wOODED AcRES on Corinth Road with 2 streams and lake sites. Possible owner financing. $7900 per acre. 110 AcRES NEAR HARALSON, 14 acre stocked pond, 15 acre Coastal Bermuda field, 43 acres of 20 year old planted pines, barn, gorgeous homesites. $1,100,000. 6 gORgEOuS BuiLDiNg LOTS in Quig Young’s Place. Just $19,900 per lot. 195 wOODED AcRES NEAR cORiNTH, long road frontage on Miller Rd. 29-yr old planted pines, great hunting. $1,950 per acre. (owner/agent) 61 wOODED AcRES, near Moreland, 9 acre stocked lake, 1 acre pond, park like setting in area of horse farms. $6995/ac.

#02700843 LONE OAk FARm, Country Home on 25 mostly open fenced pasture overlooking pool & pond, 3BR/3BA, LR, DR, huge gourmet kitchen, full basement. See at $495,000.


#02986246 SpAciOuS BRick RANcH w/full finished bsmt has GR w/fireplace & wood stove, LR/DR combo, fully equipped kitchen, 5BR, 3BA, den w/fireplace & kitchen in basement. Reduced to $139,900.


#02932262 BRick & FRAmE RANcH ON Hwy 34w. Already has a long term tenant paying $550 per month. 3 Bedrooms, 1 ½ Baths, central air, Living-Dining Combo. Yours for $58,000.

SmOkEy ROAD BRick RANcH w/full basement on 7.4 acres w/stocked pond has LR, dining area, den, updated kitchen, 3BR/2BA & Rec. Room w/wood stove. See at $179,900.

#03031099 cANNONgATE TRAcE Delightful Cape Cod near Exit 56 has Greatroom w/fp, 3BR/2.5BA, Kitchen w/breakfast area, Formal DR, New Hardwood Floors, Full Bsmt. & Double Garage. $244,900.

ATTRAcTiVE RANcH on corner lot has Living Room w/fpl, Formal Dining Room, Fully equipped Kitchen, 3BR/2BA, Family Room & Sunroom. Possible Owner Financing. New price $99,900.

#02922456 BRAND NEw 1½ story craftsman home on 8.177 hardwood acres has vaulted GR w/fireplace, formal DR, kitchen w/breakfast nook, laundry room, 5BR, 3BA & double garage. Reduced to $249,900.

#02930196 HugE ViNyL cApE cOD w/full bsmt 3.46 acres off Smokey Rd., private pond, inground pool, FR w/fplc, formal DR, fully equipped kit. w/breakfast area, 4BR, 4½ BA, sunroom, gameroom w/fplc, in-law kit. & huge detached shop. See to appreciate at $450,000.

#03059970 gORgEOuS EuROpEAN STuccO Home on 3 acres in Brooks in cul-de-sac, vaulted greatroom w/fp, open kitchen w/dining cOmmERciAL 6.54 AcRES ON i-85, Hwy 16 & Gordon Rd. area, 4BR/3BA, sunroom, bonus room & double garage. A great buy at $274,900. Zoned Commercial $950,000.

#03073544 cLASSic wiLLiAmSBuRg TRADiTiONAL, on the Golf Course, 4BR/3.5BA, LR w/fpl, Huge Formal DR, Open Kitchen w/Keeping Room, 18x36’ in-ground pool, much more. ONLY $319,900.

SpAciOuS SpLiT BEDROOm RANcH ON 5.665 AcRES on Gordon Rd has GR w/fireplace, Kitchen w/breakfast Area, 3BR, 2BA & Detached Double Garage & Shop. Just $159,900.

gABLE’S – stone and metal building, 20,000 Sq. Ft., $1,250,000. 4.29 AcRES adjoining Medical Clinic on Hwy 34 East - $99,000/ac 6.85 AcRES Zoned Commercial on Temple Ave. a/k/a Hwy 16/27/34 - $495,000 cORNER cOmmERciAL LOT on Hwy 29S & Beavers St. 2 Houses - $150,000 3.6 AcRES ZONED O & i on Hwy 16 at Senoia - $259,900 12,500 Sq. FT. BRick AND mETAL BuiLDiNg on 4 fenced acres on Hwy. 16 East $650,000.

SmOkEy ROAD HORSE FARm – 35.61 Acres, 4BR Main House, 1BR Guest House, 1 ½ acre stocked pond, approx. 12 acres new pasture, area of estate homes. $495,000.

DELigHTFuL EuROpEAN STuccO & ViNyL HOmE In East Coweta, conv. to everything! Upgraded fully equipped kit. w/ granite c-tops & new cabinet facing & hrdwd flr, full finish bsmt w/2nd kit, 2 story foyer, GR w/fp & 5BR/3.5BA. $229,900.


#03058382 15 miNuTES FROm AiRpORT, 4BR/4BA Home, 10 acres pasture, pond, easy access to I-85, LR, DR, Den w/fp, huge open kitchen. A must see at $389,900.



#02944830 195 AcRES NEAR cORiNTH, 60 acres 29 year old planted pines, 2 planted food plots, duck swamp. Cheapest land in Coweta at $1950 per acre. Frank (owner/ agent).

Classified Ads Page 16 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H





Shekinah Glory Ministry 103 Temple Ave (corner of Temple & Dixon), Newnan. Pastor/Teacher: Jewish Christian Avi Porat who is fluent in Hebrew. He teaches the Bible from the Hebrew perspective. Service time: Sunday at 9:00 am and potluck lunch follows. Church Store: Shekinah Store: Queen Esther Treasure Chest; All Jewelry $2, Accessories, Cosmetics, Lots of selection, Thursday-Saturday 11-6. Contact Tel # (678) 913-3745

SCRAPBOOK - MEMORY BOOK CLASSES. Become a ‘scrap artist’. Beginners / Intermediate classes August 8; Advanced classes August 4. Fun, multi-media art techniques. 10% discount for early registration. Limited space. One on one classes offered by appointment at your convenience. Other classes available: paper bag mini-albums, any occasion mini-albums, greeting cards, altered books and more. Call 770251-0294 or 770-328-7407 8.3

OFFICE FURNITURE “Christopher Lloyd Set” computer hutch with desk, bookcase and side desk. Office chairs. Pictures. Brown wood desks. Living room furniture: beige sofa with matching high back chairs, accent tables. Contact Teri Hancock 770-630-1362 8.17

ADVANCED FENCING SOLUTIONS ~ Where Experience Counts. Residential, Commercial. Vinyl, Chain Link, Wood, Trellises, Decorative Metal, Custom Gates, Arbors. Free estimates. Financing available. 7131 Hwy. 78, Suite G, Winston, GA 770-942-9770 www. advancedfencingsolutions. com

TUCKER HARDWARE Now Open. The 1 Stop All Hardware Store. 770-253-4950 ‘ DOOR2DOOR TECHNOLOGIES -now in new location 19A Bullsboro Drive, Suite A (Farm Bureau Bldg) 770-683-3238 ‘ McGUIRE BUILDINGS now open ~ family owned since 1969. Purchase or rent to own. 28 Bullsboro Drive across from Newnan Utilities blue water tank. 770-502-7007 Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

ANTIQUE, GIFT, THRIFT SHOPS GENTLY USED FURNITURE & APPLIANCES and New and Used Bargains. Refurbished appliances / warranties. Furniture - new and used. Household items, clothing and lots more. Come see our new inventory! 154 Temple Ave., Newnan 770-252-9905 Mention this ad! 8.31 Upscale Resale Shoppe is a unique thrift boutique offering high quality merchandise. Items include clothing for the entire family/accessories, and household items. Formal and Bridal gowns in a variety of sizes. 31 Market Square Road, Newnan 770-253-4702. Mention this ad! All proceeds benefit Southwest Christian Care.

Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

MEETINGS NA MEETS at Newnan Club, 9 Perry St. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 6 p.m.; Fridays 7 p.m.; Saturdays 7:30 p.m. Al-Anon FamilyGroups (for families and friends of alcoholics). Mondays, 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m, at the Community Christian Church on Hwy 134, just south of Lower Fayetteville Road. 1717 Hwy 154, Sharpsburg, GA 30277. MASTER GARDENERS’ BACKYARD ASSOCIATION provides free gardening sessions for the general public the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The sessions last approximately one hour, and Master Gardeners are available before and after the session to help with gardening questions. Call 770-254-2620 or see website coweta/news.html for more info NATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY meets monthly the first Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Heatherwood Baptist Church, 721 Shenandoah Blvd., Newnan. Info? Dorinda 770-502-1984

ROLL TOP DESK & BOOK CASE great for school children $120 for both. 770-301-6410 HUGE MAHOGANY BAR, with shelves and pop up TV unit, with stools. Harbour Imports, worth $5,000, asking $2,500. 770-617-1015 8.3 OFF LAY-A-WAY from the Marianne Collection. 5 piece bedroom ~ sold for $698, paid $100, balance $598. C and C Manufacturers Outlet, 770-2536060 ‘ MARY KAY OPEN HOUSE $10 off initial purchase of $40 or more. Cyndi Vandine, Independent Beauty Consultant, 770-873-4463, cvandine@ Shop online: WHEAT STRAW HAY ideal for planting grass. Only $3.50 per bale. Frank Barron 770-2319535 CRAFTMATIC adjustable beds with massager, like new, 2 available, $500 each. 770-3017512 New Entertainment Center for 60” TV, lighted towers and bridge, $750. First Act Drum set, slightly used, $125. Call 803-553-0265 ‘ CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue.

–AFFORDABLE HEALTH COVERAGE Individual. Group. Medicare supplemental. Rates from all major carriers. 678-877-5150, e-mail karen@gahealthcoverage. com Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!

Franklin Road Flea Market

423 Franklin Road, Hwy. 34 West, Newnan We are getting ready to open for Labor Day Weekend which will be 1 Sept. to 5 Sept. 2011, 5 days for $45. We are open Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Outside tables are $6 a day.

Contact George Lenning for more information at 770-253-0643. We welcome all. We sell dolls, socks of all kinds, asst. of tools along with fishing supplies and fruits and vegetables. The Scotts’ have a lot of pens, belts, dresses, hats. Lots of used jewelry. This starts our Christmas off. Come see us. Manager George Lenning 770-253-0643 Owner Doris Freeman



2005 SUZUKI GSXR 600 black, $3,991. Terrell 404-8400399

4 sided Brick Ranch on 5 acres! Geothermal heat pump for low utilities yearround. Steel const, gated w/ fruit trees, close to shopping and interstate. Kim Ivery 770560-6008,, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors.

Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

2005 FORD FREESTYLE black, $8,800. James cell 404790-5299

CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!

2004 NISSAN QUEST gold, $6,850. James cell 404-7905299

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 17 Foot R-POD CAMPER, 2010, air, heat, micro/convection, 2 burner stove, refrigerator / freezer, zip-on screen room, used 2 times, $15,000 new, asking $9,000. 678-378-6740 8.10 2005 KAWASAKI 1600 VULCAN, low mileage, $6,495. Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop 770304-8224 ‘ 2007 XTREME Pit Bike $799.95. Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop 770-304-8224 ‘ 2008 YAMAHA Y Zinger 80. $799.95. Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop 770-304-8224 ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!

2004 SATURN VUE blue, $5,800. James cell 404-7905299 2001 MERC. GRAND MARQUIS silver, gray, $7,700. James cell 404-790-5299 2004 FORD LARIAT 65,000 miles, fully loaded, one owner, $18,900 obo. 770-253-5447 ‘ 1999 mercury grand MARQUIS tilt wheel, cruise control, cold air, V8, power windows, 4 wheel disc brakes, 115,000 miles, $4,500 obo 770253-6060 ‘ 1955 CHEVY 4 door sedan, 265, 4 barrel, excellent condition, runs great. Price Slashed! $8,000 obo. 678-472-4871 ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!


2000 CHEV SILVERADO silver, gray, $9,800. James cell 404-790-5299

GREAT BUY! Bring your fishing pole, canoe or kayak and play on the Beautiful Tallapoosa River! Great Get Away! Cabin with 2.5 Acres, 215 ft water frontage, $89,900 For more information call 334-436-0237.

2004 FORD ESCAPE blue, $9,990. Art 770-468-0293

Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper



The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising that is considered objectionable in wording, character, appearance or for any reason deemed unacceptable. The publisher assumes no liability if it becomes necessary to omit any advertising. Liability for error is limited to a correction in the next issue. Publication is not an endorsement, nor guarantee of services, products or jobs offered. Please call 770-254-1421 before 3 p.m. Friday for info on advertising in the next The Coweta Shopper.

2005 FORD FREESTYLE black, $8,991. Brian Lamb 678877-9126 2001 GRAND MARQUIS silver, gray, $7,994. Art 770-4680293 2001 FORD ESCAPE blue, $4,991. Brian Lamb 678-8779126

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more info call: Tom Leiby 770-301-7519; Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384; Elena Dickerson 404-379-1206. Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors, 14 Jackson St., Newnan. 770-253-6990 FISH AND SWIM in this neighborhood’s lakes! Easy to relax in this beautiful home. Comfortable living areas, large patio & private wooded yard, open kitchen with granite countertops, 4BR - one is big enough to have pool table, 3.5 BA, sunroom. $235,900. Julie Jones 770-328-8422 – now with Keller Williams Realty. Full Brick Colonial on 26 acres, near interstate. Private 5 acre lake fully stocked, large rooms with 18 ft ceiling, balcony overlooking den. New roof, circular drive. Kim Ivery 770-560-6008 or, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors. BREATHTAKING SCENERY! Charming 3 BR home overlooks wide stream on 18.9 wooded acres. Full, unfinished basement, maintenance free exterior, 30x40 shop with loft. Charm to spare. Tenant Occupied. Call for appointment. Julie Jones 770-328-8422 and Alice Kirby 770-301-9456 – now with Keller Williams Realty. Wonderful home in Stony Oak, Traditional 2 story w/3BR, 2.5BA close to Ashley Park. Great Neighborhood, private yard w/no grass cutting. Kim Ivery 770-5606008 or, Lindsey’s Inc. Realtors.

HUD HOMES FOR SALE For more information call: Tom Leiby 770-301-7519 Angie Hogsed 678-472-8384 Elena Dickerson 404-379-1206 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street, Newnan, Ga. 30263 770-253-6990 H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 17

Classified Ads FOR RENT


2 BEDROOM mobile home for rent. Call 770-253-8581 after 6pm 8.17

10 acres of land for sale. 10K per acre. Private off road, 2 branches of water, both wooded and cleared, For more information call Eddie 770-502-4090. 8.10

$1,200 1 bedroom executive suite, all utilities included. 1,000 square feet. Living room, dining room, kitchen, large bath. Designer furnished. Large yard. Best neighborhood in Newnan. Please call for pictures 843-822-5501 8.17 4BR./3B HOME master on main, large yard. $1,400 month. Other rentals available. Andy CB Bullard Realty 404-8319532

Two acre wooded lot on Dean Road between Luthersville and Greenville. $9500.00 Nice mobile Ok. Possible financing available. Call 770301-3949 Lot for sale: Two acre lot on Allie Rd. in Meriwether County. Possible financing. Call 770-301-3949


24 Maple Dr. Recently renovated 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. $695/month $500/security deposit. Elm Street School District 770-301-4786 ‘ $1,000 MONTH Northgate school district. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, split bedroom plan, large master bath with garden tub and separate walk-in shower, 2,000+ square feet, 1 mile from I-85, between Peachtree City and Newnan. References required. 770-253-7884 8.3 BEAUTIFUL 2/3 BEDROOM, 2 bath home on small fishing lake with private dock, near Newnan. Large eat-in kitchen and sun room, many extras. Perfect for retired couple or small family. Furnished or unfurnished. $975 per month. Call 770-251-2805 8.3 2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH brick house, fenced in yard, with barn, close to interstate, near Moreland exit. $650 month, $500 deposit. Call 770-2316807 ‘ 4 BEDROOM, 3 BATH home for rent. 3 Mauro Ct., Newnan. Newly renovated. Corner lot. $1,000 deposit. $895 rent. No smoking. No pets. 678-4638359 agent ‘ FOR RENT $600 A MONTH 1 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home. Call 770-251-5603, 770328-3599 8.10 WHY RENT? when there are homes available with ZERO $0 down. Call Dot at Country Realty Corp., 770-251-9791 ‘ carpet your rental house cheap! Free estimate. Open 9-6. 770-254-1011 ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next issue.

For sale on Bohannan Rd.: 2.8 acre lot on private gravel drive serving one other home. $24,900. Call Joe Williams at 770-251-4655 Lot 27-A, Spring Water Coves, Lake Wedowee, Alabama The lot has 110+ water frontage which has a completed 4 foot concrete seawall. There is an additional 15 feet (approximately) of water frontage that would be included. With proper placement of the home this lot has big water views, and also offers the privacy of a low traffic area for the dock. The asking price is $225,000. 770-328-9535 ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

VACATION PROPERTY PARKER BAYOU at Panama City rental or sale. One bedroom townhouse with deep water slip for sail or power boat. Easy access to St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Owner 404-314-6163 8.10 SUMMER SPECIAL Portside, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhouse across street from beach. Panama City, FL. Call for August, September specials. This includes all fees, pet friendly, 4 night minimum. 404-473-9000 ‘ SUMMER special Emerald Isle ~ 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo on beach, Panama City, Call for August, September specials. Minimum 4 nights, this includes all fees, beach chairs (2) and umbrella included. 404473-9000 ‘ SUMMER SPECIAL Splash. 1 bedroom, 2 bunk sleeper sofa, Panama City, FL. Call for August, September specials. 4 night minimum. This includes all fees, also beach chairs (2) and umbrella. 404-473-9000 ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper


SUMMER SPECIAL Portside, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhouse across street from beach. Panama City, FL. Call for August, September specials. This includes all fees, pet friendly, 4 night minimum. 404-473-9000 ‘

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY COMMERCIAL HOUSE in downtown Newnan, behind the post office, has offices for rent from $325 - $425 a month, utilities included. Contact Joe at 678-485-3552 ‘ CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!

SERVICES Publication is not a guarantee of services, products, or jobs offered. Please carefully consider each ad before spending money, or disclosing personal info KAREN’S THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - deep tissue or stress relief. 13 years experience. Call 770-328-9689 8.17 HAPPY HANDS GROOMING Val Shoemaker is offering a calm, loving home environment. No cages. No cage dryers. No spending all day. Personal appointments focusing on your pet’s individual needs. 770-3019173 8.10 HOUSEKEEPER available, excellent references, own transportation, trustworthy, responsible and reliable. 20 plus years experience. Please call 678-8501912 8.3 MAIN STREET LAUNDRY SERVICE ~ FREE Pick Up and Delivery. Wash - Dry - Fold or Put On Hangers. Comforters S $10; Q $15; K $20. Great Prices and Great Service. 404925-2993 8.31 ROOFING - local roofer, quality work, free estimates, call Donald 678-739-7806 8.31


THREADING EYEBROWS (arching) & Individual & Strip Eyelashes. FREE eyebrow arch with a set of eyelashes. Threading classes offered every week. Try our new celebrity eyebrow enhancer. You will receive 100 times more attention. Call Pretty Eyes by Lisa at 678-340-9874 8.10 MOVING HELP ~ loading, packing, driving, etc. Across town or across the country. 8 years experience. Call Charles 770-328-4002 ‘ WARD LAW OFFICE bodily injury/wrongful death, auto & truck accidents, criminal defense/DUI. Graylin Ward, Attorney at Law, 770-251-1289 27 East Broad Street, Newnan ‘ ROSSI BOBCAT SERVICE grading your washed out driveway or clearing underbrush for your next yard project. Quality work. Satisfaction guaranteed! Free estimates! $45 per hour with 4 hour minimum. For heavy track machine - $55 per hour. Mike 678-378-8197 8.3* HANDYMAN SERVICES. Large or small jobs done, no need to worry. Paint, Plumbing, Electrical, Doors, Windows, Roofing, Flooring, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, Air Conditioner repair, etc. Michael Thomas 678-409-8600 Quality work for a reasonable price. 8.3* Ragan Construction State Licensed & Insured, New Home Construction, Room additions, Garages, Basement build outs, Sunrooms, Porches, Roofs, Paint, Siding, Gutters. Please call Rick for free estimate. 678-758-3558 8.3* ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS ceiling fans, 220 volt outlets, security lighting, additions, remodeling, new homes, commercial work. Licensed and insured. For electrical needs 770-502-7774, 404-271-3937 ‘ PARTY ON THE LAWN yard decorations to celebrate special occasions. Check out our website 678-877-5150

RATTAN OR CANE CHAIR BOTTOMS average cost $50 per chair. Also local honey for sale. Contact Craig Exner at the Newnan Florist. 8.3

FIRE HOUSE LAWN CARE ~ we answer the call! Residential & Commercial Accounts. Mowing, Edging, Weed Eating and Blowing. Start enjoying your summer off. Call Chad Hardage for a free estimate. 404-667-0969 ‘

WE BUY Junk Cars, Aluminum Wheels, Appliances, Aluminum Cans, Copper, etc. We carry a large inventory of used car & truck tires. Gentry’s, 15 Mayo Royal Rd., just off Carrollton Hwy., 770-253-5770 ‘

CALL 770-254-1421 to place your ad here before Friday at 3 p.m. for the next Wednesday’s issue. $9.50 for 30 words or less ~ per issue. Pay for 2 weeks, get 3rd week free!

Call 770-254-1421, Fax 770-254-8283, or e-mail By 3 p.m. Friday To Place Your Ad In The Next Issue!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED CWH ~ Community Welcome House Safe Haven and Thrift Stores. For information on how you can be part of change in the life of a mother and child e-mail or 770-304-0966 x 1 ask for volunteer information. HUMANE SOCIETY Newnan Coweta Humane Society needs volunteers. www.nchsrescue. org or call 770-253-4694 A Lifelong Ripple Effect: From new friendship to meaningful moments that words cannot describe, the enriching benefits of volunteering with VistaCare Hospice are limitless. Touching a life, easing someone’s pain, the personal fulfillment of knowing you made a difference – can be life changing. Working together with our staff, volunteers reach out to patients and families providing valuable support, companionship, and comfort. For more information please call Lynn Yeager at 770-251-1367

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Coweta Pregnancy Services is a non-profit organization serving women and men with an unplanned pregnancy by providing material, emotional and spiritual support. If you feel you would like to volunteer at CPS, the Hope Boutique or the Earn While You Learn Program please call Vicki Hale at 770-251-7158 or Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

WANTED COINS / CURRENCY WANTED - all types, individual and sets, foreign and domestic. Free appraisals. ANA member. 770-252-3743 9.28 CHILI COOKERS accepting Contestant Applications for The Great Bowl Of Fire Chili Cook Off -Oct 29. More info at 770583-9013, 770-583-9900 TOP DOLLAR for gold and silver, silver dollars. Newnan Plaza Pawn Shop, 770-3048224. In business for 19 years. 167 Greenville Street ‘ Please mention you saw it in The Coweta Shopper

WANTED vendors and MORE The Grantville Festival Committee is accepting vendor applications and also Musicians, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country for The Grantville Day Crosstie Festival that takes place Sept 24. info? 770583-9013, 770-583-9900

HELP WANTED PLEASE NOTE: Publication of advertisement is not an endorsement, nor guarantee of services, products or jobs offered. Please carefully consider before spending money or disclosing personal info. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising that is considered objectionable in wording, character, appearance or for any reason deemed unacceptable. The publisher assumes no liability if it becomes necessary to omit any advertising. Liability for error is limited to a correction in the next issue. Please call 770-254-1421 before 3 p.m. Friday for more information on advertising in The Coweta Shopper.

HELP WANTED FINANCIAL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE willing to educate. Get paid to help others. Part time or full time. Call Tommy 770-251-7774 8.17 Bag Machine Operators Winpak Films, a plastics manufacturer, has openings for Bag Machine Operators. 12 hour day and night shifts. 3 & 4 day work weeks with every other weekend off. 2-3 years of manufacturing experience and good technical skills required. Experience with plastic and/ or making bags is a plus. Skillbased compensation program & excellent benefits; starting rate based on experience. Winpak Films Inc., 219 Andrews Parkway, Senoia, GA 30276. Fax: (678) 329-2065. Equal Opportunity Employer 8.10 Insurance agency seeking professional, dependable, and hard working individual who enjoys people and a challenging, fast paced and rewarding work environment. Must possess a current Georgia Property and Casualty Insurance license. Please e-mail or fax resume. Full-time position including benefits and paid time off. You will work with a great team of associates and clients! Fax resume to 770-251-7812 or e-mail to barbaranordin@

Deadline 3p.m. Friday

Page 18 H The Coweta Shopper H August 3, 2011 H

Classified Ads HELP WANTED



SEEKING AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN with 5 years minimum experience required with ASE certifications. Must be able to make accurate diagnostics and then perform repairs. Must be proficient in alignment, front end, brakes, air conditioning, and on board diagnostics repairs. Must have own tools, be computer literate, have the ability to use scan tools as well as online databanks (Mitchell & Identifix). Candidates must have verifiable references, clean driving record, a valid GA driver’s license, and a positive attitude. Excellent pay package, hourly plus commission. Strong communication skills and leadership qualities required. Crybabies need not apply. Apply at

Seeking a full-time customer service representative for a very busy insurance agency. We are looking for individuals who are motivated, well organized, technology oriented, able to multi task, computer literate and have solid administrative skills. Fax resume to 770251-7812 or email to

GEORGIA HEARTLAND HUMANE SOCIETY for photos of foster care animals lost and found database www. Adoptions Saturday 12 to 4 at Newnan PetSmart and every Sunday 1 to 5 Fayetteville PetSmart.


SEEKING AUTOMOTIVE TIRE & LUBE TECH with 1 year minimum experience. Candidates must have verifiable references, clean driving record, a valid Georgia driver’s license, and a positive attitude. Must be familiar with oil light reset procedures and TPMS systems. Crybabies need not apply. Apply at newnanautotechjob@ 8.17 NOW HIRING: Infant Teacher, Afterschool Teacher, Asst. Director, Cook/Bus Driver & Maintenance Worker. Call Mrs Tanya 770-253-6709. 8.17 Hiring 20 new sales reps - Local fund raising company is seeking telemarketers to work from home scheduling fund raisers. No cost to you or the organization. Interested applicants should possess a computer/internet and unlimited long distance. Contact Mary at 770.855.4817 or e-mail 8.17 HANDYMAN wanted. clean windows, buff awnings, clear gutters, electrical work, painting projects, light plumbing, edging, yard work, plantings, & home maintenance. Pays $8-$10 hr. Call Jason 404590-7981 8.3 HR Coordinator Temp to perm position for local company. Req: min 2 yrs. in HR assistant role, proficient in MS Word and Excel, excellent organization & oral / written communication skills, exp. with hourly timekeeping systems, ADP payroll, HRIS, & report-writing. AA or BA degree preferred. Resp: assisting w/ benefits, recruiting, & new hire activities, updating hourly attendance records, & serving as payroll backup. HR Position, P.O. Box 281, Moreland, GA 30259 EOE 8.3

Deadline 3p.m. Friday Call 770-254-1421

Life Insurance Producer needed. Cotton States Insurance Co., Summer Grove, Newnan, is looking for a self motivated Life/Long Term Care/Disability Income sale person. Must have a current life/health license with the State of GA. Work from home, 100% commissions, quarterly bonus available. Cotton States is rated A+, and we need the right person to help sell these products. Please contact the office at 678423-6265 to set up an interview or to drop off a resume.

Please Call 770-254-1421 Before 3p.m. Friday Deadline

Low Cost/High Quality Spay Neuter for cats and dogs - at or below prices of mobile vets, with the quality and care of a full service clinic. HELP Spay Neuter Clinic in Newnan, GA. Surgery by appointment Mon. thru Fri. Call today 770-304-7911. \ANIMAL CONTROL of Grantville needs volunteers to walk and feed the shelter dogs and also to help clean. Contact Linda at 770-583-3006 ‘ NEWNAN COWETA HUMANE SOCIETY. check out for list of animals at local animal control facility and foster care animals. NCHS needs volunteers. Call 770-253-4694

Dogs … under 50 pounds ~ spay $70; neuter $60 … 51-99 pounds ~ spay $75; neuter $65 … over 100 pounds ~ spay $80; neuter $70 Cats … spay $55; neuter $45 All vaccines are $10 each. No extra charge for in-heat or pregnant Rabies vaccine required. 770-304-7911 or 12 The Crescent (in Avery Park across from the new Food Lion) Newnan, GA 30263 Monday through Friday - 7:30am to 5:00pm, Saturday, Sunday Closed. Surgeries by appointment only.

LIVESTOCK MINIATURE HORSES for sale, various colors and sizes, approx. 20 to 30 from $200 to $300. Great therapy. Please call Claudia 770-583-3811 8.3

Community Welcome House Needs and Information Leaving in a hurry, our residents leave some very essential items behind

Essential Voice, Data & Video Solutions for Business.

Under garments for our ladies: small, medium, large and extra large. Because they often need Bras, gift cards would be gratefully appreciated for this particular item. Diapers: size 4 and 5. Outside lawn and leaf trash bags. Kitchen trash bags. Bathroom trash bags. Pajama pants. T-shirts for women: small, medium, large, extra large, and xx large. Foil for kitchen use. Gallon freezer bags. Seasonings for cooking: garlic, onion, seasoned salt, salt, pepper. Oil for cooking. Cream rinse for hair; hair spray. Canned fruit. Lysol type spray. Neosporin for children’s cuts and scrapes. Gift cards are wonderful for getting perishable items as they are needed . Bathroom cleaner. Swiffer for laminate floors. Self starting briquettes for BBQ. Community Welcome House has many needs. We continue to see a rise in the number of individuals who have questions about domestic violence. We hope that each of you that can, will support our ministry.

We believe the cycle of abuse can be ended one family at a time. or 770-304-0966

Please Call 770-254-1421 Before 3p.m. Friday Deadline

PROPack 9


$ • • • • •


/mo. for 3 months w/ 2 year contract*

9 Mbps Internet Service 1 Digital Phone Line 20 Essential Cable Channels Dedicated Business Sales Team Dedicated Technical Support


*Offer subject to expire without notice. Offer good for new commercial customers in NuLink serviceable area only. Standard monthly rates apply at the end of the promotional period. High-speed internet product speeds may vary depending on various factors. Installation and activation fees may apply. Monthly equipment fees, franchise fees, and taxes are in addition to the promotional rate.

Call 770-254-1421, Fax 770-254-8283, or e-mail by 3 p.m. Friday To Place Your Classified Word Ad In The Next Issue! The cost is $9.50 for 30 words or less. Pay $19 for 2 weeks and

we’ll run an additional week FREE! H August 3, 2011 H The Coweta Shopper H Page 19

The Armchair Gardener

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Plants For Fall Color


School has started and we begin to think of football, fall festivals, Powers Crossroads, the County Fair, and a fresh look for our gardens. There are a host of plants — trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and vines that show wonderful blooms or foliages or berries from September to November. August is a good time to take stock and decide what to add in our gardens. Visit plant nurseries and public gardens to see plants in their Fall splendor. Trees with lovely fall color include: Dogwood, Japanese Maple, Ginkgo, Service Berry, Redbud, Crepe Myrtle, Sassafras, and Sumac and Crab Apple. Shrubs with beautiful foliage and hips or berries are: Oakleaf Hydrangea, Viburnum, Callicarpa, Nandina, and Ninebark, Pyracantha, Japanese Barberry and Forsythia and Rosa Rugosa.


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Legal Briefs: Bill Stemberger Throughout my practice of law I have been asked by more than one person “what is a tort”? As defined by Black’s Legal Dictionary, a tort is “a private or civil wrong or injury, other than breach of contract, for which the court will provide a remedy in the form of an action for damages”.

Vines to use for fall color such as Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Bittersweet, Sweet Autumn Clematis, and Silver Lace Vine add a nice vertical touch as does Climbing Hydrangea.

Three elements of every tort action are the existence of a legal dutyfrom the defendant to the plaintiff, breach of the duty, and damages as a proximate result.

Perennials offer so many choices for fall gardens: Sedum, Rudbeckia, Swamp Sunflowers, Goldenrod, Artemesia, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Asters, Blue Salvia, Russian Sage, Crocus, Spider Lilly, Joe-Pyeweed, Yarrow, Queen Anne’s Lace, Toad Lilly, Japanese Anemone and Blackeyed Susans and the Confederate Rose.

The purpose of tort law is to compensate the plaintiff for any loss sustained and not to unreasonably burden the defendant beyond the point of compensating the plaintiff. Torts in Georgia are broken down into different categories. The first are the intentional torts which examples include assault and battery, sexual harassment, trespass, and conversion of property. Negligence is the next area of defined torts. This would include actions due to negligence of drivers, premises liability issues such as slip & fall and negligent security, and malpractice cases.

Ornamental grasses look wonderful now too.

Other tort causes of action include product liability, public or private nuisance, defamation, wrongful death actions, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation.

Annuals to add to fall designs include: Castorbean, Ornamental Kale, Ornamental Cabbage, Pansies, Celosia, Violas, and Snapdragons, and lettuces and parsley. Produce offers a chance to decorate in our fall gardens, on porches and decks and steps. Pumpkins of all sizes and in several colors are available. Gourds and squashes come in many interesting shapes and colors. Corn stalks, okra pods, cattails, and colorful berries and foliages can add color, texture and contrast. The possibilities are endless!

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Once the injured party raises the issue of a tort, the at fault party will review possible defenses. These defenses include contributory negligence by the injured party, statute of limitation issues, assumption of the risk of the danger, and immunity issues. Other general defenses would include acts of God, justification, and sudden emergency. If you or your family member are in need of a tort or trial attorney please call Stemberger & Cummins for your free consultation. Stemberger & Cummins, Attorneys at Law — with over 50 years combined experience helping the injured and the innocent. Call today for your consultation. Bill Stemberger & Scott Cummins STemBerGer & CummINS, P.C. Attorneys At Law 45 Spring Street, P O Box 1175, Newnan GA 30264 770-253-0913 website: Stemberger & Cummins, P.C. is a Newnan law firm specializing in auto and truck accidents, wrongful death & injury claims and criminal & DuI defense.

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