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2013 KCA Convention & Joint Ag Industry Trade Show January 10-12, 2013 • Lexington, KY

Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group Thanks for your business!! Our best wishes for a great Convention!! Internet Lexington South 859-333-2378 859-255-7701 606-365-0665 Jim Gibson David Holt Michael Noe

Mt. Sterling 859-498-9625 Tim Gayheart

Campbellsville 270-465-4051 Ronnie Choate Our People Make the Difference

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Albany 606-387-0610 Bill Arnett

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A History of Service, Professionalism, Integrity & The HIGHEST Market for all classes of cattle! 2

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

Performance Feeds, LLC


“At the end of the day, Performance Pays.” 2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show



Sharing Our Success: 2013 KCA Convention


ere we are once again! It’s time for cattle producers all across the state to gather in Lexington for the 2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention and Trade Show. I would like to welcome the Burley Tobacco Growers Coop back as they host their annual convention as well as the joint Ag Industry Trade Show. The Lexington Convention Center gives all three groups plenty of room to spread out and get down to business. The Trade Show will feature 66,000 square feet of exhibits and plenty of educational sessions planned too, so make sure to attend as many as you can. The schedule will feature meetings organized by many industry organizations including: Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation, Kentucky Forage and Grasslands Council, Burley Tobacco Growers Coop, Kentucky Allied

Industry Council, Kentucky Junior Cattlemen’s Association, Kentucky Livestock Marketing Association, Kentucky Beef Council, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Beef Network, and the University of Kentucky. Your registration allows you to attend all meetings and educational sessions, including those offered by the Burley Tobacco Growers Coop. The KCA Trade Show provides attendees with the opportunity to see the most up to date products and services available to enhance efficiency and profitability on the farm. Over 100 companies from all three organizations will be present to display and inform you of these advances, all while networking with other farmers. In addition, many booths will feature giveaways, games and prize drawings. Whether you are looking for farm vehicles, fencing, feed supplies, animal health products or the

latest in technology, you will find it here under one roof at the 2013 KCA Trade Show. Check out the list of exhibitors on page 11. The agenda has many great opportunities in store this year with plenty to do on Thursday and Friday, then a closing session Saturday morning. Thursday offers industry sessions and the Opening General Session. The Trade Show Booths will open at 3PM and will keep you busy through the afternoon! For the second year, we will feature the KCA Ultimate Burger Contest on Thursday evening. Meetings and sessions will begin on Friday morning with several great speakers who can catch you up on industry issues. The rest of the day will feature many educational sessions including the Cattlemen’s College, the annual Forages at KCA program, followed up with the Evening Extravaganza featuring a steak dinner,

live Foundation Auction and the Priefert chute give-a-away. While staying right in the heart of Lexington you can take the opportunity to socialize with other Kentucky producers or go out and visit downtown Lexington. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing each of you there! Sincerely,

Charles Embry Charles Embry Convention Chairman

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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


Event Registration Fees




Number Attending 




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Includes Trade Show & Business Meetings



Includes Trade Show & Business Meetings



/BNFTBTUIFZTIPVMEBQQFBSPOCBEHFT%VFCZ%FDFNCFSt-BUF3FHJTUSBUJPO'FFJT Please only 1 family or individual per registration. /BNF T @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 



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.BJMUP,$"$POWFOUJPO3FHJTUSBUJPOt1BTBEFOB%SJWFt-FYJOHUPO ,: 'BY&NBJMDCSPXO!LZDBUUMFPSH 2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


Registration Information Hyatt Regency Lexington 401 West High Street Lexington, KY 40507 859-253-1234 fax 859-2547430 Lexington Convention Center 430 West Vine Street Lexington, KY 40507 859-233-4567 fax 859-2532718 Registration The KCA registration desk will be located in the Elkhorn Registration Booth in the Convention Center. Registration is required to attend the educational programs, business meetings, social events and the Trade Show. Student registrations are available with Student ID.

Registration Hours Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday 11:30 am - 6:00 pm Saturday 7:30 am - 10:00 am

On-Site Registration Prices The following services are offered in the registration area: • • • • • •

Pre-Registration On-Site Registration Trade Show Registration Event Ticket Sales KCA Information Delegate Sign-In

Listed below are the events/activities that are open and are included in your registration fees: KCA Feeder Calf Grading• Good Agricultural Practices • Opening General Session • Ag Industry Breakfast • KBC/KCA Ultimate Burger Contest • Ag Industry Breakfast • Regional Meetings • Forages Program •

KBC has teamed up with God’s Pantry to give back to the community by collecting nonperishable food. How can you help? Your county association can collect nonperishable items from members to bring to convention. The county association with the most pounds of food will win a $500 promotion grant for your county association. We will be collecting food during Tradeshow Hours on Friday, January 11. If you have questions, please contact Alison Smith at 859-285-0204.


Membership Workshop • Cutting Demonstration • Feeder Calf Sale • Closing General Session

Registration including Trade Show $75 Student Registration $5 Excludes KJCA members/KJCA Members have no fee Trade Show Only $10

Badges Convention badges are required for admittance to all convention events and the Trade Show. Hold on to your badge and be sure not to lose it.

Tickets You must purchase tickets to attend the following events:

Meals • Evening Extravaganza - $50 • Preferred Seating - $600 Includes table for 10 Tickets will be collected for all meal events. If you have lost or did not receive the tickets you requested,

please check with the staff at the KCA Registration desk.

Ladies Program - $17 (only 50 available) Participation is limited for all the ticketed events. Tickets will be sold on a space-available basis.

General Information Meeting Attire Attire for the meeting sessions and events is business casual.

Meeting Etiquette As a courtesy to our speakers and other attendees, please have your phone in either silent or vibrate mode while you are in the sessions. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Parking There is no official convention center parking but there are several Public parking lots located around the Convention center for a fee. If you are staying at the Hyatt they offer discounted rates in the Parking lot across the street. Please check with them when you arrive.

Ultimate t s e t n o C r e g Bur Plan to attend Thursday from 4:30 - 5:30 to see who can prepare the Ultimate Burger! Come cheer on your favorite team January 10th in the Trade Show! Teams will compete and be judged on: Taste • Visual Appeal Creativity • Presentation

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

The green area is Triangle Park. Red circles indicate gate entrances to Parking Lots.

Convention Layout

Smoking The Lexington Convention Center is a non-smoking facility.

Promotional Photography

1. Rupp Arena 2. Lexington Convention Center 3. Lexington Opera House A. Hyatt Regency Hotel B. Radisson Plaza Hotel P. Public Parking Lots

Accessible Parking is located across from the Box Office, in the area marked: The purple area between Rupp Arena and the Hyatt is the Shops at Lexington Center.

By participating in this event you acknowledge that promotional photographs may be taken at any spot in the Lexington Convention Center and/or in any scheduled functions a the hotels or off-property. Such photographs become the property of KCA when taken, and by registering and participating in the KCA Convention and Trade Show , you the attendee have granted permission for your photograph to be taken and used at the sole discretion of KCA, without further permission, compensation, or acknowledgement.

We give

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Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, ACA

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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


2013 KENTUCKY CATTLEMEN’S ASSOCIATION CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW AGENDA TENTATIVE 12/18/2012 BT - Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative KBC - Kentucky Beef Council KCA - Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association KJCA - Kentucky Junior Cattlemen’s Association KDDC -Kentucky Dairy Development Council

Thursday January 10, 2013 11:30-6:00 Registration Hours- Elkhorn Registration Booth 11:30 KCA- Allied Industry Lunch Meeting- Elkhorn A 1:00 KCA- KCA Executive Committee Meeting- Henry Clay 2:00-3:30 KCA- Feeder Calf Grading“A Cattle Buyer’s Perspective” Blue Grass Stockyards Panel of representatives from S&B, Barber’s, & Blue Grass Stockyards Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Certification Introduction- Don Knore, Pineland Farms 3:00 KCA- KCA Foundation Meeting- Henry Clay 3:00 Trade Show Opens- Heritage Hall 4:30-5:30 KBC/KCA Ultimate Burger Contest - Heritage Hall 5:00 KCA- County President’s Awards Night- (Invitation Only) 8

7:00-10:00 KCA- Allied Industry Game Night - Heritage Hall 10:00 Trade Show Closes

Friday January 11, 2013 The Kentucky Beef Council will be collecting non-perishable food during Trade Show hours at Heritage Hall Stage. 7:00-6:00 Registration HoursElkhorn Registration Booth 7:00 Trade Show Opens- Heritage Hall 7:00-9:00 Ag Industry BreakfastHeritage Hall 8:15 Mike Bach- Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Pat Raines- Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Maury Cox- Dairy Development Council 8:30 KCA- Silent Auction StartsHeritage Ballroom 1 8:30 KJCA- Load buses for Blue Grass Stockyards 9:00 KJCA- Demonstrations of Pregnancy Ultrasound, Proper Injection Sites, Blue Grass Stockyards & Body Condition Scoring by local DVM’s 9:00-10:00 KDDC- Executive Committee Meeting - Berea Room 9:00-11:00

KCA- Opening General Session- Heritage Ballroom 2&3 Impact of the Agricultural Development Fund- Joel Neaveill, Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center: Research and Technology Development for the U.S. Beef Industry- Dr. Emil John Pollak, Meat Animal Research Center 9:30-10:30 BT- Tobacco Industry Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Program - Elkhorn B Bob Pearce, University of Kentucky 10:30-11:00 BT- Tobacco Outlook for 2013- Will Snell, University of Kentucky - Elkhorn B 10:30 KLMA- Kentucky Livestock Marketing Association Meeting & Invitation Only Lunch Kentucky Room 10:30-2:30 KDDC-Board Meeting Patterson Ballroom E 10:45 Telling Your StoryDaren Williams, NCBA 1:30 Scott George, NCBA 11:00-11:30 BT- Federal Crop Insurance Update- Cliff Parker, USDA Risk Management Agency Elkhorn B 11:00-12:30 KCA- Regional Meetings Region 1Patterson Ballroom B Region 2Patterson Ballroom D Region 3-

Patterson Ballroom A Region 4Patterson Ballroom G&F Region 5Patterson Ballroom C 12:00 KJCA- Load buses for University of Kentucky Farm Tour, Woodford County Farm 12:30-2:00 KCA- Ladies Program - “More beef for your buck” Bluegrass Pre-function 12:30 KJCA- UK Woodford County Farm Tour of Beef Unit by UK specialist Woodford County Farm 1:00 BT- Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association Annual Meeting - Elkhorn B 1:00-2:00 KCA- Membership WorkshopElkhorn C Kate Maher, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 1:00-4:00 KCA- Forages at KCAHeritage Ballroom 2&3 1:15- Welcome 1:30- Forages: ChangeChallenge-Opportunities- Dr. Garry Lacefield 2:00- Pasture Finishing Beef Opportunities in Kentucky- Dr. Greg Halich 2:30- Beef: The REAL Health Food- Dr. Peter Ballerstedt 3:15- Discussion 3:30- Adjourn 2:00-3:00 KCA- “Getting the most out of your Tru-Test Scales”- Bill Mills, Agri-Sales Elkhorn D 2:15-3:00 KBC- Beef Alternative

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

2013 KENTUCKY CATTLEMEN’S ASSOCIATION CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW AGENDA Merchandising (BAM)- Dr. Gregg Rentfrow Heritage Hall Stage 2:30-4:00 KCA- Kentucky Young Producer’s Council Membership Meeting - Elkhorn C 2:30- Membership Meeting 3:00 “Engaging Consumers in a Beef Conversation”- Daren Williams, NCBA 2:30 KJCA- Load buses for Lexington Convention Center 3:00 KJCA- Scavenger Hunt Heritage Hall 3:45 KJCA- KJCA Officer Elections- (2012 KJCA Officers & Directors Only) - Elkhorn A

4:00 KJCA- KJCA Director Elections - Elkhorn A 4:00-4:45 KCA- 2013 Market OutlookDr. Nevil Speer - Heritage Ballroom 2&3 4:00 KCA- Silent Auction Ends Heritage Ballroom 1 4:30 KJCA- KJCA Reception Elkhorn A 4:30-6:00 Internet Feeder Calf SaleHeritage Hall Stage 5:00-6:00 KCA- KCA Leadership Alumni & Past President’s Reception(Invitation Only) Hyatt High Topps Bar 6:30

Trade Show Closes 6:30 KCA- Evening BanquetBluegrass Ballroom, James Comer, Commissioner of Agriculture KCA & KBC Awards 2013 KCA Hall of Fame Inductions - Scott George, NCBA President Elect Foundation Auction

Saturday January 12, 2013 7:30 am - 10:00 Registration Hours- Elkhorn Registration Booth

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

8:00 KCA Closing SessionHeritage Ballroom 2&3 Dave Maples- Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Alison Smith- Kentucky Beef Council KCA Treasurer’s Report KCA Recruitment Awards

Visit www.kycattle. org for the most upto-date information on the convention. View the updated agendas or download additional forms!




e would like to thank all of the 2013 Platinum Sponsors. Thanks for supporting the cattle industry and the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Trade Show and Convention!

Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group

Locally owned and operated the Marketing Group now operates 7 livestock auction markets throughout Kentucky and its internet marketing system services customers in 10 states. The company prides itself in offering its customers the most options to market their livestock. These options come on many different levels including sales 6 days a week at the different locations but on a higher level as well. Blue Grass employees some of the best people in the industry to help their customers navigate the ever changing environment of value added marketing, risk manage-

ment and business planning.


he Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group carriers its heritage from the historic Blue Grass Stockyards in downtown Lexington into the new century with pride. The original Blue G r a s s Stockyards has been in continuous operation since the 1940’s and continues as an important point of price discovery for feeder cattle all over the United States.

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Sponsors PLATINUM Blue Grass Stockyards Performance Feeds GOLD Central KY Ag Credit Farm Credit Services of Mid-America Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment SILVER Alltech Boehringer Ingelheim Cargill Cowherd Equipment Hinton Mills Kentucky Department of Agriculture Paris Stockyard BRONZE Caudill Seed, Inc. Ellegood Farm Products H&R Agri Power McBurney’s Livestock Equipment United Producers, Inc. Whayne Supply

ELLEGOOD FARM PRODUCTS 1183 Martini Road Bedford, KY 40006 Call 502-532-7573 and mention this ad for pricing. Offering a complete line of equipment including Headgates, Squeeze Chutes, Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes, Crowding Tubs, Alleyways, Calf Tables, Tip Chutes, Corral Panels and Gates, and Tru-Test Scales.

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

2013 AG INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW BOOTHS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

ABS Global ADM Alliance Nutrition AFLAC Air Evac Lifeteam Allflex Alltech Ameri Ag LLC Bagdad Roller Mills Bayer Animal Health Best Livestock Equipment Bevins Motor Co. Inc/ACI Distributer Bevins Motor/Kuhn BioZyme Inc. Blue Grass Stockyards Livestock Marketing Group Boehringer Ingelheim Breeders Supply Burkmann Feed Callicrate Banders Cargill Animal Nutrition Caudill Seed Co. Caverndale Farms Central Equipment Company

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Central Kentucky Angus Association Central KY Ag Credit Central States Testing Century Livestock Feeders, Inc. CowCo, Inc. Cowherd Equipment CPC Livestock Nutrition DuPont Ellegood Farm Products Farmers Feed Mill Gallagher North America Gold Standard Labs Governor’s Office of Ag Policy Graham’s Boot, Work & Western Wear Gro-Tec, Inc. Harvest Fuel Inc. DBA Hinton Mills Hy Plains Feedyard IMMVAC Inc. John Deere Kent Nutrition Group/Kent

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Feeds Kentucky 4-H Foundation Kentucky Beef Council Kentucky Beef Network Kentucky Department of Agriculture Kentucky Farm Bureau Kentucky Hereford Association Kentucky Junior Cattlemen’s KY & TN Red Angus Association KY Agribility KY FFA Foundation Mass Mutual Financial Group McBurney Livestock Equipment Mix 30-Agridyne National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Norbrook, Inc. Paris Stockyard Performance Feeds Pineland Farms Natural

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meats Purina Animal Nutrition Ragland Mills Inc. Ridley, Inc. Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. Select Sires Mid America Silver Stream Shelters Southern States Stoll Trailers Sweet Pro Feeds The Cattle Range The Farmers Pride The Hartford- Livestock Department Tru-Test UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory United Producers Inc. USDA- ARS, MSA-AWMRU Westway Feeds Whayne Supply Co. Youth Ministry International Y-Tex Turner Seed Inc.


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Kentucky Beef Council

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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

Funded by the Beef Checkoff.

Women’s Program More Beef for Your Buck

“Put food on the table. It’s what I’ll do.”


ave you ever wanted to start couponing but don’t know where to start? Have you watched coupon television shows and wanted that to be you and your family? Join us for a session on Crazy for Coupons: Surviving an Economic Crunch Using Coupons Creatively. Sara Talbott, Fayette County’s Family and Consumer Sciences Agent will teach the basics of couponing such as finding, clipping, and organizing your coupons and many other tips. You will be sure to leave with helpful tips to get the New Year started right.

It’s what we do that makes it more profitable As the son of a beef farmer, Jim knows that hard work and care for his farm today will ensure that it will be there for tomorrow. He also knows that a helping hand can make it more profitable. For more than thirty years, Alltech has been working with farmers around the world to ensure their feed produces the best results. Alltech knows that providing the correct diet for Jim’s cattle can bring him closer to his goal of 25 extra pounds of carcass weight. The all new Alltech On-Farm program is designed to help him along the way.

HURRY!: Space is limited to only 50 tickets!!! Send in your KCA registration packet today! Or call the KCA office 859-278-0899!

Photography: Paul Mobley

Along with couponing, saving money on beef can allow for more luxuries next year – like steak! Dr. Gregg Rentfro from the University of Kentucky Meat Science Department will be covering important points in the Beef Checkoff ’s brochure Slice ‘n Save. This session will provide participants with the knowledge needed to buy boneless middle meat subprimals and cut the meat at home into steaks and roasts. Dr. Rentfro will use a cutting demonstration to show participants the tips and tricks to creating the perfect cut. Learn how to trim costs and keep beef on your dinner menu in 2013!

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show




Wishing You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Owners & Staff! Farmers Livestock Market

Paris Stockyard

3031 New Bowling Green Rd. Glasgow, KY 42141 270-678-2118

1120 Millersburg Rd. Paris, KY 40361 859-987-1977

Lake Cumberland Livestock Market

Russell County Stockyard

95 Bodie Rd. Somerset, KY 42503 606-679-4664

211 Loy Bros Rd. Russell Springs, Ky 42642 270-866-3930

We’d like to give a sincere appreciation for your business in the past and we look forward to serving you in the future.

“Farmers doing business with farmers” 521

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

53 1

MEMBERSHIP MADNESS AWARDS Kentucky’s Largest County Cattlemen’s Association (Big Bull Award) Winner: Barren County – 448 Members

Top County in Numerical Membership Increase ($500 Cash Prize) Division 1 – Breckinridge County– 45 Member Increase Division 2 – Mercer County – 35 Member Increase Division 3 – Jackson County – 97 Member Increase

Top County in Percentage Membership Increase ($500 Cash Prize) (must have 20 members at the beginning of the membership year to be eligible) Division 1 – Breckinridge County– 25% Member Increase Division 2 – Harrison County – 39% Member Increase Division 3 – Casey County – 85% Member Increase

Top Three Recruiters Overall (Cash Prize) 1) Hart County Cattlemen’s Association – 113 Members Recruited ($1,000) 2) Barren County Cattlemen’s Association – 100 Members Recruited ($300) 3) Ron Ray - Jessamine County – 96 Members Recruited ($200)

Top Ten Recruiters Overall (KCA Blue Jacket Award) 1) Hart County Cattlemen’s Association – 113 Members Recruited 2) Barren County Cattlemen’s Association – 100 Members Recruited 3) Ron Ray - Jessamine County – 96 Members Recruited 4) Bobby Shilts – Breckinridge 16

County – 93 Members Recruited 5) Steve Downs – Marion County – 74 Members Recruited 6) Doug Marshall – Jessamine County – 49 Members Recruited 7) Todd Harne – Casey County – 37 Members Recruited 8) Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association – 24 Members Recruited 9) Charlie Hunt – Fleming County – 23 Members Recruited 10) Jerrell Beliles – Muhlenberg County – 17 Members Recruited 10)Doris Hamilton – Mercer County – 19 Members Recruited

96 Members Recruited 4) Bobby Shilts – Breckinridge County – 93 Members Recruited 5) Steve Downs – Marion County – 74 Members Recruited

Counties with a 10 or More Membership Gain Based on the Previous Membership Year (County President Award / Red Jacket) ––>

Recruiters who Recruited 10 or More Members (KCA Shirt Award) Hart County Cattlemen’s Association, Barren County Cattlemen’s Association, Inc., Ronald W. Ray, Bobby Shilts, Steve Downs, Doug Marshall, Todd Harne, Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association, Charlie Hunt, Doris Hamilton, David L Rings, Rondal Dawson, Madison County Beef Cattle Association, Terry Ishmael, Kelly Flanders, Nancy Adam Kloentrup, Jana Scott, Steve Dunning, David Tapp, Marty Lile, Randy Buckner, Wayne Hawkins

Top Five Recruiters Overall (KCA Plaque) 1) Hart County Cattlemen’s Association – 113 Members Recruited 2) Barren County Cattlemen’s Association – 100 Members Recruited 3) Ron Ray - Jessamine County –

County Presidents who Exceeded County Membership Numbers from the Previous Year (KCA Coffee Mug Award) Jimmy Wells (Jackson), Todd Harne (Casey), Bobby Shilts (Breckinridge), Gene Lanham (Marion), Adam Chunglo (Mercer), Mike Malone (Harrison), Paul Hall (Lincoln), Dave Rings (Russell), Casey Shaff (Warren), Freddy Polson (Metcalfe), Keith Phillips (Mason), Justin Atchison (Henry), Tim Dietrich (Anderson), Kevin Stith (Meade), Michael Amburgy (Bath), Carol Hendrix (Crittenden), Ken Adams (Hardin), John Ellegood (Trimble), Jeff Pettit (Webster), John Tudor (Madison), Devon Trammel (Allen), David Tucker (Fayette), Darwin Adams (Laurel), John Kessler (Taylor), Jim Lacey (Mountain), Jim Bush (Owen), John Reid (Bullitt), Ron McCormick (Campbell), Byron Amburgey (Montgomery), Rob McClanahan (Pendleton), Darrell Johnson (Boyle), Leo P Fultz (Northern Kentucky), Don Laster (Todd), John Ballard (Estill), Stephen Smith (Scott), Johnny Oliver (Caldwell/Lyon), Thomas Hyden (Clay), Steve Pedicord (Twin Lakes), Martin Hayden (Daviess), Royce Vincent (Edmonson), Shadrick Seals (Trigg), Russell Givens (Butler), Charles Willis (Knox), Mark Bates (Carroll). 2) Shelby – 269 Members

Top Five Counties Overall (KCA Plaque) 1) Barren – 448 Members

3) Marion – 264 Members 4) Logan – 263 Members 5) Jessamine – 251 Members

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show




arry is a native of McHenry, K e n t u c k y (Ohio County) and grew up on a croplivestock farm in the Western Kentucky Coal Field Area. After Dr. Garry Lacefield graduation from Centertown High School, he entered the U.S. Army and served 2.5 years in Germany. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Western Kentucky University with a major in Agriculture and Biology. He received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri in 1974. Dr. Lacefield joined the University of Kentucky staff in 1974 as Extension Forage Specialist. He has authored and co-authored over 300 extension publications, papers, articles and book chapters. He is co-author of the book “Southern Forages”. He developed and is senior author of a monthly newsletter and writes a monthly column for the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association magazine. Dr. Lacefield has emphasized the team approach in his forage extension program. As evidenced by his list of publications, he has worked harmoniously with other agronomists in a complementary and unified program for the benefit of Kentucky’s foragelivestock industry. In addition to working closely with other agronomists, Dr. Lacefield has served in the leadership role in developing programs to meet the ever changing needs of the forage-livestock industry of the state. He organized the Kentucky Alfalfa Conference in 1980 18

and has served as Chairman each year. Dr. Lacefield is a member of many professional organizations including ASA, CSSA, CAST and AFGC. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Oregon Tall Fescue Commission and Oregon Clover Commission. He is secretary of the Forage and Grassland Foundation. He received the Merit Certificate and Medallion Award from the American Forage and Grassland Council, Public Service to Forage Award from the Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council and the U.K. Outstanding Extension Specialist award. He is a “Fellow” in the American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America. He was selected 1989 Alumnus of the Year by the College of Agriculture, Western Kentucky University. He received the 1991 Alfalfa Extension Award from the Certified Alfalfa Seed Council. In 1992, he received the American Society of Agronomy Agronomic Extension Education Award. He was selected as Progressive Farmer’s “1993 Man of the Year in Agriculture”. He was inducted into the Western Kentucky University “Hall of Distinguished Alumni” in October 1995. The Certified Alfalfa Seed Council honored him in 2001 with their Distinguished Service Award. In recognition of his leadership in the Kentucky Alfalfa Program, the Public Service to Alfalfa Award was named in his honor in 2000 by the Kentucky Forage & Grassland Council. Dr. Lacefield was inducted as an Honorary Member of the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference in 2002 making the third Extension Forage Specialist ever inducted. The CSREES/ USDA presented him with the 2008 Regional Award for Excellence in Extension on November 9, 2008. Dr. Lacefield serves on a number of state and National boards and committees and is Past President of the American Forage and Grassland Council. Dr. Lacefield has traveled and lectured throughout the U.S. and abroad. In the last decade, he has traveled and


lectured in Japan, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, England, Germany, Mexico, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Norway and Russia. In addition to professional responsibility, he is in demand as a banquet speaker. Garry is married to the former Cheryl Cavender and has two sons, two granddaughters, and two grandsons.

Daren R. Williams



or more than twenty-five years, Daren W i l l i a m s has helped Amer ic an agriculture promote and defend the world’s safest and most Daren R. Williams a b u n d a n t food supply. As executive director of communications at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, he helps develop and deliver the story of modern beef production to media, consumers and policymakers. Williams also is “Dean of Students” of the beef checkoff Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program, a nationwide grassroots advocacy network. In this role, Daren conducts hands-on grassroots advocacy training workshops for farmers, ranchers, and other beef industry advocates. Prior to joining NCBA in July 2006, Daren was a senior vice president in the Kansas City office of FleishmanHillard, one of the world’s largest public relations firms. In ten years at FH, he handled food safety, environmental,

labor relations and other communications challenges for major food and agribusiness clients such as Applebee’s, Dairy Farmers of America, Omaha Steaks, Ocean Spray and Welch’s. Throughout his career, Daren has trained thousands of spokespeople— including farmers and ranchers, chefs, dieticians, university experts and food company executives—to talk to consumers about food production, nutrition, food safety and environmental stewardship. Working with the beef industry, he has helped meat processing companies and livestock producers communicate about issues ranging from animal rights activists and foreign animal disease outbreaks to e.coli-related ground beef recalls and other food safety concerns. Daren spent the first ten years of his career in Washington, D.C., representing food and agribusiness clients on Capitol Hill and in the halls of USDA, FDA and EPA. A native Kansan, he began his career on the staff of Bob Dole’s 1988 presidential campaign. Daren received a degree in English from Ottawa University in 1986 where he met and married his wife, Leslie. Daren and Leslie live with their two girls, Shelby and Haley, in Castle Rock, Colorado.



r. Pollak w a s appointed as Center Director of USMARC in January 2010. He received his B.S. degree in Animal Science from Cornell University and John Pollak

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

CONVENTION SPEAKER his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Animal Breeding from Iowa State University in 1973 and 1975, respectively. Dr. Pollak started his career in 1975 as an Assistant Professor in the Animal Science Department at the University of California in Davis, California. He then completed a 29+ year career at Cornell University holding the rank of professor in the Animal Science Department where he served as division leader of the animal breeding group. Dr. Pollak served as Director of the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC) where he led the development of programs and projects, fostered interactions among researchers, organized multidisciplinary research teams, built coalitions with industry partners, and conducted research. Dr. Pollak has also served on the international committee of the World Congress on Genetics as Applied to Livestock Production for two terms (eight years) and as that organization’s president in the last term.

Peter Ballerstedt, PhD


onventional wisdom, when it comes to human nutrition, tells us that we should be eating a low-fat diet, with restricted consumption of red meat. This advice became Peter Ballerstedt the official recommendation of the United States government in the late 1970’s. Peter Ballerstedt will introduce evidence that the fat-is-bad hypothesis was wrong, and the impact the growing awareness of this can have on small farms in Oregon. Peter has an extensive background in forage production, utilization, and

forage-based livestock production systems. He received his doctorate from the University of Kentucky in 1986. He was the forage extension specialist at Oregon State University from 1986 until 1992. He is Barenbrug USA’s Forage Product Manager. His recent personal experiences led him to study human diet and health. What he’s learned doesn’t agree with advice we’ve been given for the past 30 years or more. This new understanding, combined with his forage background, has given him an interest in local, sustainable food production systems. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and speaking style will provide an entertaining and informative presentation.

Sara Talbott


ara Talbott is currently the Family and Consumer Sciences Agent in Fayette Sara Talbott C o u n t y . Sara started her career in Extension by interning two summers before graduating. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with a dietetics degree she decided that she wanted to be an Extension Agent. She has previously worked in Jessamine and Anderson County. Most of her work is done with adults and children on health and nutrition in the community. She also does programming with the Health Department, Community Action, and Farmer’s Market. Sara is currently working on her Master’s in Adult Education from Western Kentucky University. When not working or studying, Sara enjoys reading, crafting, and cooking!




ames R. Comer, a native of Tompkinsville, was elected Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture on November 8, 2011, and was sworn in on January 2, 2012. Comer’s passion for agriculture is reflected in his vast amount of experience in the areas James R. Comer of agriculture and business. He is the founder and owner of James Comer, Jr. Farms, a 950-acre beef cattle, timber and hay farming operation located in Monroe County. He also co-owns Comer Land & Cattle Co., a family farming operation which includes his father and brother. Comer was a director of South Central Bank for 12 years. He was the 1999-2000 Monroe County Chamber of Commerce President. Comer is a Western Kentucky University graduate with a degree in Agriculture. While at WKU, he received the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Scholarship and was the Kentucky Future Farmers of America State President (1990-1991). As your Agriculture Commissioner... Comer wants to expand markets for Kentucky agriculture products, enhance rural economic development, add transparency to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and promote the Kentucky Proud Program. Elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 2000, at just 27 years old, Comer hit the ground running, passing a record of five bills into law-the most for a freshman member of the Republican caucus in Frankfort. Recognized for his work on behalf of hard-working Kentuckians, Comer was named Guardian of Small Business and Kentucky Jaycees Outstanding

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

Young Kentuckian in subsequent years of his tenure in the House. Comer is married to Tamara Jo (T.J.). They have three children, Reagan, Harlan and Aniston.

Nevil Speer, PhD, MBA


evil Speer currently serves as Professor of Animal Science at Western Kentucky University. His responsibilities include teaching, applied research and industry outreach. Additionally, he is responsible for overseeing the university’s beef unit and works in ongoing Nevil Speer collaboration with USDA:ARS. University duties also involve acting as program director for a multidisciplinary graduate program. Speer’s beef industry involvement is comprehensive and has allowed him to work on a variety of national projects. He writes the “Monthly Market Profile” now in its eighth year of publication; the column covers current market events while also providing insight into agriculture industry and beef sector trends and issues. Simultaneously, he serves as a contributing editor for CALF News in which his column “Beef Biz” appears. He serves as a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist Bowling Green district. His wife Sandra works as an Account Specialist for Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed; they have one daughter, Lydia Grace.




cott George is a second generation dairy farmer from Cody, Wyoming. Scott’s parents homesteaded in Cody in 1947 and established the George Dairy in 1954. A l t h o u g h primarily devoted to the dairy industry, Scott and Scott George brothers Arley and Lynn are also involved in cow/calf production. He and his brothers also have the American Breeders Service dealership in Cody. Together they conduct custom AI programs, breeding several thousand beef cattle each year. The Georges are also forage producers, raising all of the corn silage and earlage and the majority of hay required to feed their beef and dairy herds. Scott attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah as a student in the school’s nationally acclaimed dairy program. He also completed a two-year mission for the LDS church traveling northern Texas before returning to the dairy where he has worked full time since 1977. Locally, he has been an active member of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation where he served as chairman of the General Issues Committee. In addition, he has been involved with the Wyoming Beef Council, both as a Council member and national director to the Federation of State Beef Councils since 1991. Scott is a recent past chairman of the Federation’s Youth Education and Information Subcommittee and was the Federation’s Region V Vice President in 2008. He has also served on the Beef Promotion Operating Committee and the Audit Committee. He has served as the Federation Division ViceChairman and Chairman. Scott has been an influential supporter of the beef checkoff program. 20


In Wyoming, he has traveled the state speaking to hundreds of beef producers about the accomplishments of the beef checkoff. Scott is committed to sharing his belief that the beef checkoff program is a crucial entity that all segments of the industry should rally around because the program benefits each and every producer. Scott and wife Debra have nine children between them, including the youngest, Jillian, who still lives at home.

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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


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Sale average: $2,367! Look for our consignments to the Kentucky Sweepstakes held during the Kentucky Beef Expo. Bulls will be for sale this spring at the farm.

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Convention Agenda: Friday, January 11, 2013 2:30-4:00 Kentucky Young Producer’s Council Membership Meeting Elkhorn C 2:30


YPC Membership Meeting

3:00 “Engaging Consumers in a Beef Conversation”- Daren Williams

2013 Regional Directors Region 1 - Daniel Hayden & Jake Marksberry Daniel: Jake: Region 2 - Casey Shaff Region 3 - Ryan Miller Region 4 - Cody Rakes & Angela Lyvers Cody: Angela: Region 5 - Carly & Spencer Guinn Carly: Spencer: More additional information about the YPC, contact the appropriate Regional Director or find the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association – Young Producer Council on Facebook.


Livestock Nutrition


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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

Kentucky Beef Network, LLC Let KBN share in your 2013 success! 2013 Resolutions

KBN Solutions

1.) Adding value & determining quality of calves

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3.) Improve best management practices

- Cattle Handling & Well Being, Beef Quality Assurance, Professional Cattlemen

4.) Improve Genetics

- MAG-60

5.) Infuse youth into the beef industry

Young Cattlemen Programs Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium

7R¿QGRXWPRUHYLVLWWKH.%1%RRWK DWWKH.&$&RQYHQWLRQ $J,QGXVWU\7UDGHVKRZ 2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


KENTUCKY CATTLEMEN’S FOUNDATION Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation Scholarships


he 2012 KCF Youth Scholarship recipients received their award during the Commodity Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair in August. Each recipient received a 1,000 scholarship towards their college education. The Region 1 winner was Renee Laurent from Princeton, a graduate from Caldwell County High School. Laurent is attending the University of Kentucky majoring in Agriculture Economics. The Region 2 winner was Brian Chism from Brandenburg, a graduate from Meade County High School. Chism is attending Western Kentucky University majoring in Agriculture. The Region 3 winner was Andrew Sharp from Lockport, a graduate from Henry County High School. Sharp is attending the University of Kentucky majoring in Animal Science. The Region 4 winner was Lydia Trimble from Maysville, a graduate from Mason County High School. Trimble is attending Morehead State University majoring in Pre-Veterinary Science. The Region 5 winner was Matthew Hamilton from Harrodsburg, a graduate from Mercer County High School. Hamilton is attending the University of Kentucky majoring in Bio-systems and Agriculture Engineering. The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation would like to thank all the participants who applied for the Foundation Scholarship this year and would like to congratulate the 2012 Foundation Scholarship winners.

2012 KCF Scholarship Winners From left to right: Governor Steve Beshear; Matthew Hamilton, Mercer County; Lydia Trimble, Mason County; Andrew Sharp, Henry County; Brian Chism, Meade County; Renee Laurent, Caldwell County; James Comer, Commissioner of Agriculture; David Sparrow, KCF Chairman; Nikki Whitaker, KCA Membership Coordinator.

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation would like to thank all of the 2012 donors. • A Little Taste of Texas • Bath County Cattlemen’s Association • Deer Creek Farm - William H Shannon • Farm Credit Services Mid America • Farmers Feed Mill • Logan County Cattlemen’s Association • Marion County Cattlemen’s Association • McBurney Livestock Equipment • Old Landing Farm, LLC Timothy Wolfe

• Perkins Limousin - T Scott Perkins • Sherwood Acres, LLC – Jon Bednarski • Walnut Ridge Farm – Jim Shaw • Warren County Cattlemen’s Association • Washington County Cattlemen’s Association - Lee Hood • Byron Amburgy • Craig Astor • Mike Bach • Arthur Baetzel • Maurice Bakke

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KCA would like to thank all of the 2013 Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show Sponsors and Speakers. This event would not be possible without your dedication to the agriculture industry.

2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show


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2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show



2013 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association Convention & Ag Industry Trade Show

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The Cow Country News is a monthly publication of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association highlighting the latest cattle news, sale information,...