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March/April 2015

All That Glitters


2015 World’s Greatest Horseman Corey Cushing PRF Spoonful Of Gold

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contents////// MaRCH/apRil 2015

Primo morales

VoluMe 20, nuMber 2

Features 44 2014 NRCHA World Champions

The World Champion race ended at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions.

64 2014 NRCHA National Champions

Meet the standout performers who won National Championships in 2014.

80 NRCHA Hackamore Classic Preview

Changes to the 2015 Hackamore Classic make it an event you won’t want to miss.

82 Meet Brad Barkemeyer

The newest member of the NRCHA Board of Directors wants to make a difference.

84 Through Your Lens

NRCHA members share some of their favorite photos.

in eVery issue 4 6 88 89 93 97 98 99 100 102 103 104

From The NRCHA Executive Director Q&A With The NRCHA President From The Judge’s Chair NRCHA Judges Directory Subscribed Stallion Program Membership Application Non-Pro Declaration NRCHA Committee Directory Top Rider List Affiliate List Suspended List NRCHA Approved Events


chris Dawson rode shiney nu annie to a composite score of 587 to win the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby open and $12,307.

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NRCHYA News Zane Davis Becomes Million Dollar Rider Snaffle Bit Futurity Deadlines Affiliate News Quotable NRCHA Board of Director Election Results Getting It Right National High School Rodeo Association

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World’s Greatest Horseman

Corey Cushing and PRF Spoonful Of Gold shined brightest in Fort Worth, Texas.

Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby

Shiney Nu Annie & Chris Dawson won the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby.

On the cover: The 2015 NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman Champions, Corey Cushing and PRF Spoonful Of Gold. Photo by Primo Morales.

2 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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///////// From The execuTive DirecTor

Volume 20, Number 2

Official Publication of the National Reined Cow Horse Association Published by Quarter Horse News


1017 North Hwy 377 | Pilot Point, TX 76258 Phone: 940-488-1500 | Fax: 940-488-1499 |

Nrcha oFFicers & DirecTors: President: Todd Bergen Vice President: Paul Bailey Secretary: Sandy Collier Treasurer: Jerry Peters NRCHYA Foundation: Ted Robinson

Nrcha sTaFF

Executive Director: Jay Winborn Senior Administrator: Carrie McBride Membership: Barbara Nahlik Shows: Allison Walker Website: Creative Ammo Trade Show: Nancy Shearer

Dear Nrcha members, Communication. It is something we learn as very young children. As we age, communication sometimes becomes more difficult. My role as the NRCHA Executive Director requires me to communicate with people in every facet of our association: board members, sponsors, staff, contractors, exhibitors, alliance partners from other organizations, the media, and more. In all these conversations, I strive to be as positive and effective as possible, while keeping the National Reined Cow Horse Association’s best interests at the forefront. Our reined cow horse community is full of deep roots and close relationships. It’s often described as a family, and rightly so. Family members love and support each other. From time to time, they also fail to communicate, and let each other down. It’s an inevitable part of human interaction, particularly within a tightly-knit family unit like the NRCHA. In March, we observe St. Patrick’s Day, so the words of Irish playwright George

reiNeD cow horse News Bernard Shaw on this topic seem quite fitting: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.” Who among us can’t smile and shake our head a little, knowing we have all experienced this? Although we are into the first quarter of 2015, past the New Year’s resolution stage, I am resolving anew to be the best communicator I can be during the year ahead. Can you imagine how quickly we could progress toward our enduring goals of growth and prosperity for the NRCHA if none of us, in any of our roles, had a misunderstanding for the rest of the year? And think how much we would enjoy interacting with each other, if all our communication was flawless. Such a thing may not be possible, but it’s certainly worth striving for.

All the best! Jay Winborn

Publisher: Patty Tiberg Editor: Stacy Pigott Communications Manager: Stephanie Duquette Contributing Writers: Kristin Burlingame, Stephanie Duquette, Deborah Gastelu, Bridget Kirkwood, Nolan Self Production Manager: Sherry Brown Art Director: Susan Sampson Graphic Designer: Candice Madrid Official NRCHA Photographer: Primo Morales Advertising Sales Breeders: Karen Barnhart, 620-951-4026 Commercial: Mary Jane Carpenter, 601-955-8489 Sales Customer Service Manager: Diana Buettner, 817-569-7114 Advertising Fax 817-737-9633 Reined Cow Horse News is published bi-monthly (six times a year). All contents are copyright of the National Reined Cow Horse Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without prior written permission from the NRCHA. Opinions expressed in articles and advertising in Reined Cow Horse News do not necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of the NRCHA or its officers and members. Accuracy of material is the sole responsibility of the authors. Unsolicited materials are submitted at the sender’s risk and the NRCHA accepts no responsibility for them. Please address all submissions to: Reined Cow Horse News, 1017 North Hwy 377, Pilot Point, Texas, 76258. Subscription rate is $18 a year. Periodical postage paid at Pilot Point, Texas, 76258 and additional mailing offices. USPS number, 024-906. POSTMASTeR: Send address changes to Reined Cow Horse News, 1017 North Hwy 377, Pilot Point, Texas, 76258.

4 march/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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///////// From the NrChA PresideNt

Q&A with NRCHA PResideNT Todd BeRgeN At its February meeting in Fort Worth, texas, the National reined Cow horse Association Board of directors selected one of the association’s top professionals, todd Bergen, as the new NrChA President. Reined Cow Horse News: What are some of your thoughts about the overall state of the association as you take office as President? Todd Bergen: I am excited about the direction the NRCHA has been going in recent years. It is a very positive trend. When you look at the progress we have made toward our continuing goal of overall growth, it is encouraging on all fronts. Our membership is expanding, thanks in part to the Free Ride program. We have welcomed some great new sponsors who bring incredible enthusiasm and financial support to our events. Our promotional program – through social media, our member magazine and production at our Premier Events – is continuing to evolve. All these things encourage more people to become a part of our sport. It is also exciting to note that last year, 2014, was the first year since 2007 that the NRCHA has made a financial profit. This is still more evidence that we are on the right track. I appreciate the opportunity to serve as President, and one of my primary goals is to continue advancing our current growth trend.

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RCHN: How are you feeling about our Premier Events in 2015? TB: Well, this issue of the magazine is going to come out right around the time the NRCHA Stakes is happening in Las Vegas. Our first show of the year, the Celebration of Champions and World’s Greatest Horseman, was in Fort Worth for the second year. I heard overwhelmingly positive feedback. Having that event in Texas, in the heart of the performance horse industry, gives us a perfect showcase in front of our counterparts on the cutting horse and reining horse sides. It’s a great opportunity to encourage riders from other disciplines to give us a try. Payouts at our Premier Events have increased for the past three years, which is always a positive. The Board is constantly looking at ways to make it more affordable and more rewarding

for people to show. We’ve moved to a single-entry fee system for all of our Open and Non Pro divisions at the limited-age events, which has helped us be able to offer bigger paychecks and smaller entry costs. We are also working toward growing our entries and welcoming newcomers to our sport by things like the new $1,000 Non Pro Limited class, which is designed for the true entry-level rider. The NRCHA has so many talented people involved on every level, from our Board to our sponsor base to our staff and general membership. I’m fortunate to be working with such a great group of people and I look forward to a successful year ahead.

Our new NRCHA President welcomes your feedback! He can be reached via email at

/////////ABout todd BergeN


ergen, eagle Point, oregon, has a history of service on the NrChA Board of directors. in his highly decorated show career, he has collected almost every major accolade in both the reined cow horse and reining arenas. he is a two-time NrChA snaffle Bit Futurity Champion and is on the brink of achieving two million dollar rider status. he will be only the second person in NrChA history to achieve that milestone; the first is Bergen’s predecessor, outgoing NrChA President todd Crawford.

3/20/15 5:11:36 PM

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news fRom tHe

NrchYa president Nolan Self


am Nolan Self and am very happy to have been elected the new National Reined Cow Horse Youth Association (NRCHYA) President during the Celebration of Champions held in Fort Worth, Texas. The youth attendance at this year’s World show was outstanding and is a true reflection of the significant growth towards interest in the reined cow horse sport. Another place we saw extremely high attendance was at the annual National Youth Meeting. Countless youth who attended the meeting were also showing throughout the week. One of the important pieces of business at the meeting was the election of new NRCHYA officers and directors. Beside myself as President, your 2015-2016 NRCHYA Officers are: Vice President - Elizabeth Clymer Secretary - Elizabeth Armstrong Treasurer - Kaylin Wheeler Reporter - Colleen Bridges

Although I have been riding competitively since the age of 5, I have only been showing cow horse for the past five years. I thoroughly enjoy the cow horse industry with all of the amazingly trained horses and the incredibly nice, helpful professionals. Our goals for this coming year are to increase youth participation at all levels of horse shows and to really continue to make the introduction of reined cow horse to high school rodeo a big success. The youth association is very grateful to all of the cow horse trainers, sponsors, and parents who worked so hard this last year to host the large number of free regional clinics. They were an overwhelming success! The NRCHYA Officers plan to continue these clinics and expand them this year, thanks to the continued generosity of so many of our industry’s supporters. Lastly, the youth organization would like to thank our outgoing president, Lisa Jordan, and her fellow officers for the outstanding leadership they showed in growing the youth association and introducing the cow horse event to the National High School Rodeo Association. Please keep up with the Youth of the National Reined Cow Horse Association by visiting our website and Facebook page. I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming horse shows and events throughout the year!

2015 OfficerS preSideNt Nolan Self - texas Vice preSideNt elizabeth clymer - texas SecretarY elizabeth armstrong - Montana treaSUrer Kaylin Wheeler - Montana repOrter colleen Bridges - texas caNada regiONal rep. Sonya distefano – alberta, canada NOrtheaSt regiONal rep. luke paulus - Ohio NOrth ceNtral regiONal rep. regan Wheatley - colorado NOrthWeSt regiONal rep. Jesse Spence - Oregon SOUth ceNtral regiONal rep. Jase grimshaw – louisiana SOUtheaSt regiONal rep. caleb Bailey - tennessee SOUthWeSt regiONal rep. georgia Smith - arizona

2015 adViSOr cONtact iNfOrMatiON Sarah clYMer Village Mills, tX

JiMMY SticKler San luis Obispo, ca

tOdd craWfOrd Blanchard, OK

alliSON WalKer Whitesboro, tX

liSa JOrdaN parker, cO

8 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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Stephanie Duquette

Zane davis aCHieves Million dollaR RideR Milestone

The newest Nrcha Million Dollar rider, Zane Davis, aboard reymanator, his 2009 Snaffle Bit Futurity champion, in the 2015 World’s Greatest horseman herd work preliminaries.


lackfoot, Idaho, professional Zane Davis’ earnings at the 2015 Celebration of Champions in Fort Worth, Texas, elevated his career NRCHA money past the seven-figure mark, making him the 12th person to achieve the association’s elite Million Dollar Rider status. The son of saddle bronc rider and rodeo producer Shawn Davis, Davis grew up around horses and cattle. While in high school, he dabbled in the racehorse world, breaking and exercising Thoroughbreds on the track, although he has said he doesn’t regret the teenage growth spurt which made him unsuited for a career as a jockey. Davis, 44, competed in rough stock events throughout high school and college and eventually turned pro, riding saddle bronc and bareback horses to multiple championship titles. The physical toll on his body was too heavy, though, and he left the rodeo world, stepping into the performance horse arena after meeting Florida real estate developer John “Sandy” Semanik.

Instead of the typical career path of a cow horse newcomer – assisting an established professional to learn and grow before going out on his own – Davis chose to be self-taught. The NRCHA recorded his first show earnings in 2004. Just five years later, Davis plucked the NRCHA’s richest fruit, winning the Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Championship on Semanik’s gritty gelding Reymanator (Dual Rey x Savannah Hickory x Doc’s Hickory). A career highlight for any competitor, winning the Futurity Open validated Davis’ career path in the performance horse industry. Early on, Davis set a goal to achieve Million Dollar Rider status within 10 years. “Last year, 2014, would have been the end of that 10 years, and I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it until the end of the year. I thought, ‘I’m going to check this out and see where I am.’ I saw I was really close. By the end of the year, I had come a few thousand dollars short of a million, so I didn’t make it

in 10 years. But I like to think that I made it in 10 years and one show,” he said. Besides the Snaffle Bit Futurity Championship, Davis has numerous other NRCHA Premier Event Championships and top placings on his impressive resume. Riding Rubys Radar (One Time Pepto x Ruby Bagonia x Peppy San Badger), Davis was the 2014 NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Champion and the 2014 Stakes Open Reserve Champion. He is a multiple World’s Greatest Horseman finalist, an American Quarter Horse Association Working Cow Horse World Championship finalist and a fixture in the Open finals at every NRCHA Premier Event. Davis operates his training business with the help and support of his wife, Holly. They have three children: Zayle, Dawson and Presley. More than the money that comprised his seven-figure NRCHA career over the last decade-plus, Davis values the relationships that have grown alongside his earnings record. “I’ve made a million-dollar’s worth of friends, and I’ve got a million-dollar family, and we’ve got a million-dollar’s worth of memories, and that’s more important than the million dollars itself,” he said. Davis will be formally recognized for his Million Dollar Rider status at the 2015 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity. His fellow Million Dollar and Two Million Dollar Riders are Todd Crawford, Todd Bergen, Ted Robinson, Anne M. Reynolds, Jon Roeser, Jake Telford, Corey Cushing, Doug Williamson, John Ward, Boyd Rice and Bob Avila.

10 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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FutuRity 411

erin Taormino and cuttin Wright Up won the level 1 limited Open at the 2014 Nrcha Snaffle Bit Futurity, and also made the Open, intermediate Open and limited Open Finals. riders such as Taormino benefit from the Open single-fee entry system, where one fee enters a rider in all of the levels for which they are eligible.


naffle Bit Futurity season is just around the corner, and some important deadlines deserve a place on your calendar. While the National Reined Cow Horse Association does not require that foals be pre-enrolled for the Snaffle Bit Futurity, a little planning ahead can help you make the most of your entry dollar. Reading the terms and conditions carefully is always encouraged. Open Entries: The Open division is a single-fee system. All Open riders pay the same amount to enter, and are automatically placed in every division for which they are eligible (Open, Cinch Intermediate Open, Limited Open, and Level 1 Limited Open). There are two types of entries. First, the slot entry, which can be sold to someone

else. The Open slot costs $3,050 and the payment schedule is as follows: March 16 $1,425/$700 late fee May 15 $1,425/$700 late fee August 13 $200/$100 late fee The Open progressive entry cannot be sold. The Open progressive entry costs $2,850 and the payment schedule is as follows: February 17 $200/$100 late fee March 16 $300/$150 late fee April 15 $400/$200 late fee May 15 $500/$250 late fee June 15 $600/$300 late fee July 15 $600/$300 late fee August 13 $250/$125 late fee The Non Pro divisions also follow the single-fee system; riders will be entered in one or more of the Non Pro, Intermediate

Non Pro and Novice Non Pro, based on their eligibility. The Non Pro slot entry costs $2,000 and the payment schedule is as follows: March 16 $900/$450 late fee May 15 $900/$450 late fee August 13 $200/$100 late fee The Non Pro progressive entry costs $1,800 and the payment schedule is as follows: February 17 $100/$50 late fee March 16 $200/$100 late fee April 15 $300/$150 late fee May 15 $300/$150 late fee June 15 $350/$175 late fee July 15 $350/$175 late fee August 13 $200/$100 late fee The Futurity Amateur and Futurity Non Pro Limited divisions are standalone divisions. An Amateur competitor may also enter the Non Pro divisions. The Amateur entry costs $1,000 and cannot be sold. The payment schedule is as follows: April 15 $200/$100 late fee May 15 $250/$125 late fee June 15 $250/$125 late fee July 15 $300/$150 late fee The Non Pro Limited entry costs $750 and cannot be sold. The payment schedule is as follows: April 15 $250/$125 late fee May 15 $250/$125 late fee June 15 $250/$125 late fee All additional fees (cattle fees, NRCHA fees, video fees, etc.) are due with a postmark on or before August 13. Complete details about the 2015 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity can be found on the NRCHA web site, www. > Events > 2015 Snaffle Bit Futurity.

12 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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PHoto And Video sAles HelP tHe nRCHA If you show at National Reined Cow Horse Association Premier Events, you already know about the great service and quality product from official photographer Primo Morales Photography and official videographer Equine Promotion. Did you also know that by purchasing your photos and videos, you are directly supporting the NRCHA? Primo Morales will be donating 5 percent of his Premier Event photo sale proceeds to the National Reined Cow Horse Youth Association (NRCHYA), from the 2015 Celebration of Champions up to the NRCHA Derby. Primo Morales Photography also supports the association by sponsoring a Youth buckle, the championship neck ribbons at the Celebration of Champions and Snaffle Bit Futurity, and a


second set of commemorative World’s Greatest Horseman back numbers. To view and order images from Primo Morales Photography, visit Eighty percent of the revenue from Equine Promotion’s video sales come back to the NRCHA, but only for purchases made within two weeks after the close of each Premier Event. Equine Promotion is a valued CR Morrison Trophy sponsor for the Celebration of Champions. Equine Promotion can take video orders over the phone at (903) 361-0489 or via email at Be sure to provide the name of the event, horse’s name and class.

new nRCHA offiCeRs At its February meeting, the NRCHA Board of Directors selected officers for the upcoming year, led by new President Todd Bergen. Here is the list of officers and board members. Three board members, Dave Allen, Diane Edwards, and Jimmy Stickler, were appointed by Bergen. A complete board directory with contact information can be found at www.

“it is an honor to compete in the World’s Greatest horseman, because even though i’ve been here at nearly every one of them and done well, every year it gets tougher and tougher. i love to show against these great horsemen.” —NRCHA Hall of Fame horseman, Million Dollar Rider and two-time Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion Doug Williamson. The 72-year-old Bakersfield, California, professional rode Moon Me Pepto (Peptoboonsmal x Lenas Sissy Moon x Doc O’Lena) to the 2015 World’s Greatest Horseman finals.

president: Vice president: Secretary: Treasurer: executive committee: executive committee: past president/Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Board Member: Nrch Foundation chair:

Todd Bergen paul Bailey Sandy collier Jerry peters amanda Gardiner Jake Telford Todd crawford Brad Barkemeyer Joe carter, DVM Dan roeser Jon roeser Bill Tointon Dave allen Diane edwards Jimmy Stickler Ted robinson

Term ends 2016 Term ends 2016 Term ends 2017 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2017 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2016 Term ends 2017 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2017 Term ends 2016 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2015 Term ends 2015

14 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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eined cow horse is alive and growing on the East Coast, as the Atlantic Reined Cow Horse Association (ARCHA) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2015. A number of members who attended the first affiliate meeting in 2005 are still active and competing today. The ARCHA was established when some of the founding members, Dick Rosell, Meg Rosell-Pursel, Tom Iannotti and Kelly Byler, were introduced to the sport of reined cow horse by trainer Rich Timmons. Fast-forward 10 years and, with gratitude to Peter Fuller, the ARCHA has found a home at beautiful Willow Brook Farms in Catasauqua, Penn., a premier reining horse facility. Many ARCHA members have found success in reined cow horse events across the country. The ARCHA is also known for its camaraderie and family environment. Members aged 13 to 82 can be found competing at the shows. ARCHA President Dominic Conicelli, is beloved and admired as a cow horse competitor, sponsor and supporter. At the 2015 NRCHA Celebration of Champions in Fort Worth, Texas, Conicelli’s trainer, Mark Sigler, won more than $10,300 in the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby aboard Conicelli’s Rockys Surprize CD. Conicelli himself has won many top awards, including the 2014 East Coast Reined Cow Horse Classic Non Pro Limited Spectacular Championship and 2012 NRCHA Non Pro Limited Reserve World Championship. He has also been

John hofmann

AffiliAte news fRom tHe AtlAntiC Reined Cow HoRse AssoCiAtion a three-time American Quarter Horse Association Select World Championship Show Finalist. The Rosell family, from Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, were already champions in the team penning world when they helped establish the ARCHA. Meg Rosell-Pursel was the first comatlantic reined cow horse association president Dom conicelli is also a sponsor and a competitor. petitor east of the Mississippi to compete at the AQHA World Championship Show in working cow ing your horses with a job in mind. I have horse. She serves on the NRCHA Non always enjoyed cutting and reining, and Pro Committee, and both she and her with reined cow horses, you do both.” dad, Dick Rosell, have major accolades The ARCHA shows offer NRCHA- and in the reined cow horse arena. AQHA-approved classes. Club-level classCurrent ARCHA Vice President Kirk es provide a place for new riders to learn. Druey, Adamstown, Md., was the 2012 The ARCHA also hosts clinics throughout NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Novice Non the year. Featured trainers have included Pro Champion and the 2013 NRCHA Jay Holmes, Todd Crawford, Mark Sigler, Snaffle Bit Futurity Non Pro Hackamore Joe Harper, Bonnie Miller, Jake Telford, Champion. Rebecca Lipka and Jeffrey Gettys. “The combination of finesse and horseThe ARCHA appreciates show secretary manship combined with a bit of rodeo Lashon Bussell, show facility coordinator is the reason I love reined cow horse Whip Hussman, announcer and judge’s events. There’s nothing like going down scribe Joanne Hatchen and cattle wranthe fence!” Druey said. gler Chris Walls. The ARCHA’s dedicatTom Iannotti, Monroeville, N.J., also ed sponsors are Conicelli Autoplex, The came to cow horse from team penning. Loff Group, Merrill Lynch, Tranquility He and his wife, Judy, are instrumental Veterinary Clinic, Rosell Trailer Sales, to the ARCHA, with Tom serving as the Anita Flick, Skyline Silversmiths, Mark Secretary/Treasurer and Judy tracking Sigler, John Ciurczak, Lia Savas, Lucky D points and year-end standings. At 69 Performance Horses, LLC, Liz Parsons, years young, Tom is still a successful Brenda Fessler, Tom & Judy Iannotti, competitor. Lyndra Bills, Willow Brook Farms, Edie Asked why he loves reined cow horse, Petaccio, NRCHA, Deb Gastelu and Tom Tom said, “It is one of the most exciting Balding Bits & Spurs. Western classes that exists. I really like For more information and a 2015 event working cattle with horses. You are rid- calendar, visit

16 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/22/15 3:04:39 PM

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3/23/15 3:20:22 PM

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GettinG it RiGHt In the January/February 2015 issue of Reined Cow Horse News, a story about the 2014 South Central Region Open Bridle Champions, Tom Neel and Zackly Right Time, contained erroneous information about the horse’s owner. The correct version of the story appears below. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

SoUth central region open Bridle chaMpion: Zackly right tiMe/toM neel

National Reined Cow Horse professional Tom Neel rode Zackly Right Time (Peptotime x Zacks Nu Star x Zack T Wood) to the top of the Open Bridle division in the Southwest Region. The 2006 gelding is owned by Rancho del Oso. Neel, Millsap, Texas, started riding Zackly Right Time in 2009. They won the 2011 NRCHA Derby Novice Horse Championship, a South Central Region

Open Hackamore Championship and were the American Quarter Horse Association Working Cow Horse Reserve World Champions. Neel has also shown the gelding in AQHA Ranch Pleasure, reaching the top 5 in that event at the AQHA World Championship Show. Zackly Right Time “has a big stop tom neel guided Zackly right time to the open Bridle championship in the South central region. Zackly right time is owned by rancho and loves to work cattle. He loves to del oso. control them, no matter how rough they get,” Neel said. “He’s a very consistent Zezes Pepto Cat (Zeze Gun Smoke x Boons horse and gets a check almost every time I Cat x Peptoboonsmal). Neel thanked several of his fellow show him.” Neel started showing cow horses in the professionals for their advice during the 1970s “just for the thrill of it!” He and his past show season, specifically National wife, Lorna, and daughter, Jennifer, both Reining Horse Association champion avid non pro NRCHA competitors, are horsemen Casey Deary and Clint Haverty, often seen in the winner’s circle mounted and cow horse specialists Don Murphy on homebred cow horses by their stallion, and Chris Dawson.

national HiGH sCHool Rodeo Spring is upon us, which means the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) and NRCHA show seasons are in full swing. The NRCHA offers free resources to assist with adding the new reined cow horse event to the high school rodeo lineup. • NRCHA Representatives: These are real people with real reined cow horse experience. Some of the leading professionals in our sport are very excited about working to bring the cow horse event to high school rodeo. They can provide advice in all areas – coaching, judging, rule interpretation, cattle and show logistics – and help resolve any misconceptions about the event. For example, some high school rodeo producers have asked whether fresh cattle

are necessary for the event. The answer is no; the cattle used for cutting can be re-used for reined cow horse. • Demo Video: This is an informative overview of the basics for the reined cow horse event, including equipment and a demonstration rein work and cow work run. It was produced by the NRCHA Official Videographer, Equine Promotion, and narrated by NRCHA Two Million Dollar Rider Todd Crawford, who is an enthusiastic advocate of the NHSRA/NRCHA partnership. • A list of NRCHA Representatives, the downloadable demo video and much more can be found on the NHSRA resource page on This section of the NRCHA web site contains everything necessary to get

an informative video that covers the basics of reined cow horse is available online to help high school rodeo competitors, coaches, judges, show producers and parents.

started with the cow horse event, from judges’ cards and equipment guidelines to event rules, patterns and more. Visit > Programs > NHSRA Cow Horse. As always, the NRCHA staff is available to assist high school rodeo event producers. Reach out to them at 940488-1500.

18 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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SHNMG_150300_019-037.indd 19

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3/23/15 3:24:06 PM

///////// World’s Greatest horseMan

Primo morales


olid gold

By Stephanie Duquette

nrcha Million dollar rider corey cushing, riding prF spoonful of Gold, becomes the 2015 World’s Greatest horseman.


hen National Reined Cow Horse Association Million Dollar Rider Corey Cushing arrived at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions in Fort Worth, Texas, his memory of winning the last NRCHA Premier Event Championship - the 2014 Snaffle Bit Futurity - was scarcely four months old. The Scottsdale, Arizona, professional rode that streak into the new 2015 show season, claiming his first World’s Greatest Horseman title Feb. 21 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas, on Cathy Corrigan Frank’s PRF Spoonful Of Gold. “I’m on top of the world - again! Just like we talked about back in September,” Cushing exclaimed, referring to last fall’s interview about the Futurity win on Lynne Wurzer’s Good Time (One Time Pepto x Dual Nurse x Dual Pep). The fancy, flaxen-haired PRF Spoonful Of Gold (Hes A Peptospoonful x Sons Miss Sprat x Sons Rushette), known around the barn as “Rock Star,” lived up to his nickname as he turned in exem-

corey cushing and prF spoonful of Gold won the World’s Greatest horseman finals rein work go-round by a nine-point margin, scoring a huge 226 on their way to the overall championship in Fort Worth, texas, Feb. 21.

plary performances in all four grueling World’s Greatest Horseman events. He earned the $25,000 grand prize with a composite score of 889 (222 herd/226 rein/222 steer stopping/219 cow), winning the championship by a three point margin. “What’s so special about him, is there’s not one event that he can’t do. He can be

great in the cutting, the reining, and the steer-stopping - if I do my job. He’s definitely going to do the best he can when it comes time to go down the fence,” Cushing said. PRF Spoonful Of Gold was bred by Michael Schraeder of Tomball, Texas. His World’s Greatest Horseman victory was even more impressive because the four

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3/20/15 11:59:39 PM

event all-around contest in Fort Worth was the 7-year-old stallion’s NRCHA Premier Event debut in the bridle. The first-year bridle horse was competing in a deep pool of seasoned older horses, including two-time World’s Greatest Horseman horse Olena Oak (Smart Chic Olena x Fritzs Oak E Doakie x Doc’s Oak), shown by Ron Emmons; and the defending 2014 World’s Greatest Horseman team of Oh Cay N Short (Oh Cay Quixote x Bit Of Shorty x Shorty Lena) and NRCHA Million Dollar Rider Boyd Rice. “I knew this horse was capable of being good in all four events, and something like this [the World’s Greatest Horseman] sure fits him. He’s better when he has a lot of stuff to think about. I just made sure I came here really prepared,” Cushing said. In the preliminaries, Cushing and PRF Spoonful Of Gold finished second with an 872.5 composite (213 herd/220.5 rein/223 steer stopping/216 cow), just a half-point behind the preliminary leaders, Genuine And Stylish (Playin Stylish x Genuine Cross Tie x Genuine Doc), shown by Brad Lund. In the clean-slate finals, Cushing guided the flashy stallion to four more consistent performances.

From the first event, the herd work, Cushing and Rock Star posed a serious threat, scoring a 222 for second place, a point and a half behind Rice and Oh Cay N Short, who won the round with a 223.5. Next, in the rein work, PRF Spoonful Of Gold laid down an untouchable 226 run to win that round by nine points and take the composite lead after two events. From there, Cushing and Rock Star never looked back. They maintained their hold on first place throughout the rest of the finals, in spite of a gaspprovoking moment in the roping when Cushing’s loop nearly slipped off the steer’s head. “Yeah - it made my heart stop for a minute,” Cushing said, grinning. “Me not being the best roper out there, I knew how to handle that situation: let it lay and hope it pays!” Thanks to Cushing’s timing and finesse, the rope settled in place, allowing him to dally and finish the run which earned a 222 from the judges. Cushing and PRF Spoonful Of Gold sailed into the final event, the cow work, still leading the composite. Their 219 fence score cemented the win.

An emotional Cushing thanked PRF Spoonful Of Gold’s owner, Cathy Corrigan Frank. “This horse has been so great to me. I had a lot of success with him when he was younger. Cathy Frank was my first customer. She’s believed in me and my program from the very beginning,” he said, through tears. Frank purchased “Rock Star” as a 4-year-old, at Cushing’s recommendation. In 2012, their first year together, Cushing guided the stallion to a Top Ten finish in the NRCHA Stakes Open, and was also the Novice Horse Reserve Champion. As their partnership solidified, Cushing and PRF Spoonful of Gold worked their way to numerous top placings, including the 2013 NRCHA Derby Open Reserve Championship. They arrived in Fort Worth with nearly $60,000 in NRCHA money together, and the World’s Greatest Horseman title elevated that number past the $86,000 mark. Besides the $25,000 paycheck, Cushing received a Bob’s Custom Saddle and Gist buckle from the World’s Greatest Horseman title sponsor, Kalpowar Quarter Horses; a C.R. Morrison Trophy sponsored by NRCHA Official

Primo morales Primo morales

Primo morales

The reserve World’s Greatest horseman was phillip ralls, paso robles, calif., who rode christian larson’s gelding Dom Dualuise to a $17,000 payday.

cushing and prF Spoonful Of Gold had the second-high herd work score of the finals, a 222. Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

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///////// World’s Greatest horseMan

Videographer Equine Promotion; a prize packet from Farnam, a pair of custom ostrich boots from Rios of Mercedes, a gift card from Santa Cruz Animal Health and a monogrammed saddle pad from Classic Equine. It was yet another career pinnacle for Cushing, who celebrated his 35th birthday Feb. 14, during the NRCHA Celebration of Champions. In recent years, he has achieved milestones of which many of his older peers can still only dream. In 2012, at age 32, Cushing became the NRCHA’s youngest Million Dollar Rider and won his first Snaffle Bit Futurity Championship, riding the San Juan Ranch bred and -owned stallion CD Diamond (CD Olena x Shiners Diamond

a 219 in the cow work sealed the World’s Greatest horseman title, the first in cushing’s career.

Girl x Shining Spark). He repeated his Futurity Championship in 2014 with Lynne Wurzer’s gelding Good Time, and now has earned the cow horse industry’s other most coveted title, the all-around World’s Greatest Horseman accolade. Cushing began his Western performance horse career in the reining arena. In 1999, as a newly-minted 19-year-old assistant trainer, Corey piloted Twice As Shiney (Shining Spark x Shine A Mite x Doc O Dynamite), owned by J & W Quarter Horses, to the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity Intermediate Open Championship and a berth in the Open Finals. The combined paychecks totaled $22,972, more than double his entire career earnings to that

///////// World’s Greatest horseMan preliMinary Winner Stephanie Duquette


fter modest scores of 210 in the herd work and 213 in the rein work, Brad lund, lacygne, Kansas, and Genuine and stylish (playin stylish x Genuine cross tie x Genuine doc) came roaring back to win the World’s Greatest horseman preliminary composite with an 873. they won the steer-stopping go-round with a huge 227 in the prelims and followed that with a big 223 down the fence. in the clean-slate finals, lund and the mare, owned by Melissa ann Miller, finished in 5th place, taking home a $7,000 check. lund has trained the mare for her whole career, guiding her to two american Quarter horse association World championships in Junior heading and senior heading, and approximately $40,000 in reined cow horse money.

primo moraleS

Stephanie Duquette

after a heart-stopping moment where the rope almost slipped off the steer’s head, cushing dallied for a 222 in the roping.

point. At the time, Cushing was working for the late champion trainer John Slack in Arizona. The following year, 2000, brought Cushing another big NRHA Futurity paycheck. He guided Dewayne and Kathy Copus’ gelding, Diablonic (Reminic x Lenas Lacy Moon x Doc O’Lena), to 7th place in the Futurity Open, earning $32,319. Diablonic also banked another $6,209 for being the second high-scoring gelding at the Futurity. Although he started as a reining specialist, Cushing soon became fascinated with the adrenalin-spiked challenge of reined cow horses. He banked his first cow horse money, $1,523, in 2000, when he rode Bueno Starlight into the top 5 in Junior Working Cow Horse at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show, and then in 2001, he made his first of many NRCHA Futurity Finals appearances, finishing 4th in the Limited Open aboard Rainin Cash (PT) (Nu Cash x Rain Chex [PT] x Sugar Rain [PT]), owned by Michel Ann Dahlstrom. From 2006 on, Cushing never earned less than six figures in the reining and cow horse arenas, according to Equi-stat, and has taken at least one horse to the AQHA World Show Finals in reining or working cow horse every year since 2000.

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///////// World’s Greatest horseMan As he celebrated his first World’s Greatest Horseman win, Cushing thanked his wife, Kristen, along with the rest of his family, his sponsors, and his fellow competitors. He appreciated the NRCHA’s unique environment, where rival riders are also close friends who help and encourage each other as they battle for the same top prize. “All these guys right here,” Cushing said, indicating the nine other finalists,

“if they haven’t been where I am already, they’re going to be. They’re all part of the World’s Greatest, that’s for sure. We are one big family. Yeah, we’re riding against each other, but we’re also cheering for each other at the same time. We all have ups and downs, but I guess it was just my turn. It’s something pretty special.” The Reserve World’s Greatest Horseman was Phillip Ralls, Paso Robles, California, who rode the stalwart Dom Dualuise



stePhanie Duquette

steer stoppinG

in the cow work, a pair of 227 scores were the highest of the finals. one came from first-time World’s Greatest horseman competitor Matt koch, riding sdp Blue Blood (laredo Blue x sdp i Got Good Genes x dual rey) for the Blue Blood partners.

coW Work stePhanie Duquette

stePhanie Duquette

Primo morales

no other horse and rider came close to prF spoonful of Gold and corey cushing in the rein work. they scored a 226 to win that event by a nine point margin.

coW Work stePhanie Duquette

two riders roped to the tune of a 225 in the World’s Greatest finals. one was the reserve champion, phillip ralls, riding dom dualuise.

Primo morales

rein Work

the high scoring runs of the World’s Greatest horseman Finals.

steer stoppinG

herd Work

the top score of the herd work, a 223.5, belonged to the 2014 World’s Greatest horseman team, Boyd rice and oh cay n short (oh cay Quixote x Bit of shorty x shorty lena). they finished in third place overall, earning $11,000.

(Dual Rey x Smart Little XX x Smart Little Lena), a 2007 gelding owned by Christian Larson. Ralls and “Hef” were three points behind Cushing with a composite 886 score, earning $17,000 and taking home a Gist buckle sponsored by Kalpowar Quarter Horses, gift packages from Farnam, Platinum Performance and Santa Cruz Animal Health, and a monogrammed pad from Classic Equine.

two-time World’s Greatest horseman champion pair ron emmons and olena oak (smart chic olena x Fritz oak e doakie x doc’s oak) also earned a 225 in the steerstopping, the high score of the round.

also marking a 227 down the fence was Jake Gorrell and smooth n cash (smooth as a cat x dox Gavacash x Miss n cash), owned by roloff ranch.

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///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby


t’s a sHiney

nu yeaR

shiney nu annie & chris Dawson won the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby.

By Bridget Kirkwood Photos by Primo Morales


ow do you add even more action to a reined cow horse show? You ask the top riders to take their best 4- and 5-year-old horses down the fence again. That was the formula for the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Derby at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions, where a fence-work only finals score was added to the three-event composite from the preliminaries to determine the overall champion. Sitting on a 437 from the prelims, Chris Dawson and Shiney Nu Annie were seven points behind leaders Robert Chown and A Lil Dab Will Do (Cat Man Do x Dainty Little Step x Wimpys Little Step) going in to the finals. 150 points later and with a composite score of 587, Shiney Nu Annie, the 2014 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Reserve Champion, had claimed her first major aged event win and added $12,307 to her impressive pre-show earnings of $82,735. “Every time you go in the fence work there’s always pressure,” Dawson said. “That’s the hard, hard deal of horse

shiney nu annie marked 150 points in the fence-work finals to win the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby under chris Dawson.

shows in general is trying to work that cow for what it is. You can’t go try to be a big score; I’ve tried a lot but it doesn’t work. I told those guys out the back before we went, ‘Shoot, the way these cows have worked I’d take me a 140 today and throw my hat in the air.’”

While Dawson didn’t have to settle for a 140, he did have to use his brain to make the 150-point run that put him ahead of All That Boon and Nicolas Barthelemy’s combined 584. “The fence work is her best event, so I was excited to show her here with the

30 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_030_AaronRanch1.indd 30

3/24/15 5:10:03 PM

fence-work only finals and it paid off for us. She got burned a little yesterday with a 143, which is OK but it didn’t showcase what she can do on the cattle,” Dawson said of their prelim cow work. “She took it personal, I think, because today she was like, ‘No, no, we’re not having that again.’ Today she just went on with it. It felt like she had him all the way and she knew where she was going; I just tried to stay out of the way and let her do her thing. I was glad to see that Hereford had a lot of feel when it came out. It didn’t really want to drive when I got ready to go so, we kind of had to open up the whole door and cut that corner off. That’s not really how I like to go around that corner but it worked out.” Bred by Carol Rose, Shiney Nu Annie (Shining Spark x Annies Nu Lena x Nu Cash) was purchased by Wagonhound Land and Livestock of Douglas, Wyoming. Their resident trainer, Matt Kelly, started the mare before she transferred to Dawson’s Burneyville, Okla., ranch a year before the Snaffle Bit Futurity. “We gelled right off the bat; we haven’t had many bad days,” Dawson said of Shiney Nu Annie. “Her mind and guts - that’s the best thing about her as far as I’m concerned. It’s her intangibles. It’s her willingness to go horse show and her grit at crunch time. She’s a good solid horse all day every day, she comes and does her job and when the (horse show) lights hit her, she comes to the party a little more.” While Dawson raves about how good the mare is down the fence, she’s solid in the rein work, as well. She finished in a four-way tie to top the rein work prelims with a 149.5, while her 147 split third and fourth in the herd work, which was won with a 149 by Sumkinda Maverick (Dual Rey x Sumkinda Pinkcadilac x Peptoboonsmal) and Boyd Rice. “She’s really good-minded and she’s always there when it’s time to show. She never shirks a task,” Dawson said.

“It’s real exciting for us to have a good horse.” This is the second time that Dawson has won the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby. To prepare for this year’s show, he changed his game plan. After giving Shiney Nu Annie time off after the Snaffle Bit Futurity, he took her to the Arizona Sun Circuit AQHA horse show. “[The Celebration of Champions] is such a hard horse show because it’s really soon after Reno. It doesn’t seem soon until after you give them a little time off and try to let them be easy for a while. Then next thing you know it’s on you and you haven’t horse showed since Reno,” said Dawson, who was happy he’d given Shiney Nu Annie that extra show ring experience. “I knew when I left home that she was a good horse and that she was ready, it was just a matter of how things were going to play out.”

interMediate Open Talk to Nicholas Barthelemy about his 4-year-old stallion All That Boon and he’ll tell you that the name fits the horse, that he really is all that – and more. With a composite score of 584 at the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, All That Boon claimed the Intermediate Open Championship to win a check worth

$2,699 and another for $9,068 as the Open Reserve Champion. “I was really happy with him. He tried his hardest and gave me everything he’s got,” said Barthelemy who had 434 points going in to the fence-work finals, where they marked a 150. “He read that cow really good. I was just trying to keep up with the horse. He was so good that I was trying keep out of his way and not screw up because he knew what he was doing. Once the whistle blew I was like, ‘I don’t know if that was good, but it sure was fun!’” Owned by Sheri Jamieson, All That Boon (Peptoboonsmal x All That N Cat x High Brow Cat) came from the Jackson Land & Cattle Co as a long yearling. His dam, All That N Cat, won $50,265 in cutting as a 4-year-old. Since his earliest days of training, Barthelemy has seen great potential in All That Boon. “He was always really talented and a really good horse. It was pretty easy to get him going and get him trained. Then about halfway through his 3-year-old year he started to come into his own and become more mature.” That maturity encouraged Barthelemy to enter All That Boon in two reining futurities. At Reining By The Bay, he was a top-10 finalist in the Levels 3 and

ridden by nicholas Barthelemy, all that Boon started his career in the reining pen before showing off his cow horse talent at the aaron ranch cow horse classic derby, where he was the Open reserve champion and intermediate Open champion. Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_030_AaronRanch1.indd 31


3/24/15 5:10:20 PM

///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby 2 Open. At The Challenge Futurity in Burbank, California, he won both classes. By the end of November, All That Boon had also earned more than $2,000 in NRCHA events. The $15,028 he won at the Aaron Ranch Derby increased his lifetime Equi-Stat record to $22,245. “This year he’s really come into his own; I’m very proud of him,” said Barthelemy, who is in his third year of training on his own after spending five years working for Yvonne Matthews. “He doesn’t have a weakness. You go in the pen and see what happens with him because he’s so strong everywhere; he can be strong out of the herd, in the reining or down the fence. He’s a very consistent horse.” That consistency makes All That Boon a good horse to watch. “Everybody really loves watching a good run and that horse is really pretty about what he does. He has style and presence in the pen and most of the time you come out of the show pen on him and you get compliments about him. It’s exciting when a guy comes and congratulates you on how good of a horse he is, but he’s pretty natural about it so I can’t take much of it for what I’ve done. He has a lot of presence and makes

Dom conicelli wasn’t supposed to buy rockys surprize cD at the nrcha snaffle bit Futurity sales, but he did, and has since watched trainer Mark sigler guide the mare to an equi-stat record of $14,740.

everything looks easy even when it’s hard.” In addition to his ability, All That Boon’s personality makes him an easy horse to be around despite the fact that he’s a young stallion. “He’s not studdy at all. He goes out there and does his job. He’s really good minded; there’s not a bad bone in him. That’s the kind of horse you want; you want to feel like you’re a partner with him and fill your barn with them,” Barthelemy said. “I want to thank Sheri for letting me have him and show him, because you don’t find horses like these easy so I’m very grateful for that.”

liMiteD open briDle Very, very pleased. Those are the words that Mark Sigler used to describe Rockys Suprize CD after the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby finals. Accumulating a composite of 577 points, the pair cashed checks totaling $10,262 after winning the Limited Open, finishing third in the Intermediate Open and placing seventh in the Open. “I couldn’t ask her to be any better. She was good,” Sigler said of the 4-year-old mare. “She’s pretty tiny, but she’s got a

lot of grit to her. I think she’ll get better and better as she gets stronger.” Owned by Dominic Conicelli of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Rockys Suprize CD was a surprise addition to Sigler’s program. Wanting to browse through the trade show at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity, Sigler left Conicelli sitting alone at the horse sale with instructions not to buy anything. By the time Sigler got back, Conicelli had bought Rockys Suprize CD (That CD Rocks x Tangys Been Sunkist x Tangys Classy Peppy). “Usually when I buy a horse I check the x-rays and all that, but this horse came in and kind of did a little thing in front of a cow so I bought her,” Conicelli said of his impulse buy. “She’s really worked out to be wonderful and Mark’s done a super-wonderful job with her. She’s got a lot of heart; she wants to do right and she wants to please you. She’s a special mare.” Rockys Surprize CD has become one of Sigler’s favorite horses too, even though she didn’t perform up to expectations in Reno last year due to body soreness from the 42-hour journey from Collegeville, Pennsylvania to Nevada. Despite that, Rockys Surprize CD still finished her futurity year with $4,478 in earnings. At 24 hours, the trip to Fort Worth was short by comparison and the mare proved she is an Open-caliber horse. “There’s really nothing that I wish was better about her. In the reining she’s easy to lope around, she’s easy to change leads, she gets that stop and she’s easy to turn around. In the herd work she does it pretty and everyone seems to like it,” Sigler said. “The fence work – she enjoys it! It doesn’t matter what kind of cow comes out she’s going to do that deal down the fence. In Fort Worth I was disappointed that I didn’t get my second cow worked in the finals like I would have liked to; I had a miss and went

32 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/24/15 5:10:37 PM

SHNMG_150300_019-037.indd 33

3/23/15 3:26:55 PM

///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby down the side that the judges were on so I didn’t have that good a run, but they marked her a 143 so I can’t complain.” Sigler first got the opportunity to train for Conicelli two years ago. “I was looking for a trainer and he was working for Jay Holmes in Florida. Jay felt like he was ready to go on. That was super for him to do that – to be willing to let his help go because he thought he was ready to advance,” Conicelli said. Sigler is pleased that Holmes recommended him for the job. “I’m very blessed to get to be here and to ride for somebody who wants me to do as good as I want to do,” Sigler added. “Dom is full of confidence in me and backs me on everything. He allows me to ride some of the best stock that there is.”

level 1 liMiteD open They say that good things happen to those who wait. While Tucker Clark hated having to wait out most of CD Chic Rule’s 4-year-old year to enter up on the mare, the wait was certainly worth it. At the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, Clark claimed the first aged event win of his career aboard CD Chic Rule when they accumulated a 419 composite in the preliminaries to win the Level 1 Limited Open.

cD chic rule sat out most of her 4-year-old year before making the top 10 at the aQha world show, then winning the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby level 1 limited open at 5 with tucker clark.

“It meant a lot,” said the 28-year-old rider, who also placed fourth in the Limited Open on CD Chic Rule. “I was extremely happy and proud, because this is a horse that I’ve done everything with.” Owned by Don and Suzanne Rogers of NRCHA Breeder Sponsor Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch, CD Chic Rule (CD Lights x Truckin Chics Rule x NMSU Truckin Chex) has been in Clark’s barn since she was a 2-year-old. “She’s always been a great horse. I showed her at the [Snaffle Bit] Futurity two years ago and then she hurt herself and that’s why I haven’t been able to show her much until now. Once she got better and I was able to start taking her, she’s been awesome,” Clark said. “She’s extremely agile and extremely fast. It does not matter how fast a cow you get she can handle it. She’s cat-like and can handle as tough a cow as you can get.” Clark and CD Chic Rule won the herd work with a 142, had a 137 in reining for seventh and a 140 down the fence that placed second. “I wasn’t surprised that she won the herd work, but I was very happy because we’d started off a little slow in the reining. When we were going down the fence everyone was nervous because the cows

were pretty tough, but after her first turn I knew she had it; that there was going to be no problem. She did really good down the fence, she was consistent throughout the whole run,” Clark said. “Cow work is her strong point. She is extremely talented on a cow which makes it easy and fun.” The pair made the top 10 in Junior Working Cow Horse at the AQHA World Show prior to the Aaron Ranch Derby. Clark, Tucson, Arizona, grew up team roping. After finishing junior college, he got a job with Kevin Stallings where he worked for eight years and he fell in love with reined cow horses. He has been on his own for two-and-a-half years and is the resident trainer for Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch.

open novice horse The Open Novice Horse division was established for horses with less than $5,000 in limited-age event money to have an opportunity to earn a nice paycheck. That was exactly what happened at the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, when Very Bright (Very Smart Remedy x Shiners Miss Hickory x Shining Spark) earned $2,214 for winning the division under NRCHA Million Dollar Rider Corey Cushing. Very Bright had NRCHA earnings of $4,075 in 2014. He started the year owned by his breeder, Annie Reynolds, whose son, Wilder Jones, showed the 2010 stallion to win the NRCHA Stakes Amateur. Jack and Beverly Vaughn of Durango, Colorado, bought Very Bright after that show, and watched her new charge finish second in the Hackamore Limited Open at the NRCHA Derby with Erika Roberts, who added nearly $3,000 to the horse’s record last year. Cushing stepped aboard at the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, where the preliminary scores determined the winner, and guided Very Bright to a total

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3/24/15 5:10:54 PM

SHNMG_150300_019-037.indd 35

3/23/15 3:27:18 PM

///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby corey cushing rode very bright to the open novice horse championship at the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby. elizabeth Kania credits Uno what time it Flo for making her a better rider and taking her to one of her biggest wins in the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby.

435.5 (143.5 herd/146 rein/146 cow) for the championship.

non pro/interMeDiate non pro/ novice non pro While her preliminary cow work run might have been the emotional highlight of Elizabeth Kania’s trip to the NRCHA Celebration of Champions, the economical high of winning the Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro and Novice Non Pro for a check totaling $4,233 was indisputable. Kania got off to a great start at the Aaron Ranch Derby when she was fourth in the herd work, split third and fourth in the reining and then had a 148 down the fence for second to advance to the finals in second place. While she didn’t get through the corner of her finals fencework run the way she would have liked, marking a 136, she did enough to have the top combined score of the night – a 571.5. “That first turn I think she stepped on herself or something,” Kania said. “We didn’t get out of it quick enough so we had to loop it, but we had a good second turn and circling up.

“I’m happy,” Kania added. “I’m extremely lucky. She’s my mom’s future broodmare. I’m just the jockey.” Uno What Time It Flo (Uno What Time It Is x Dew It Flo x Mr Peponita Flo) was purchased by Kania’s mother, Renee Dubois, from Julie Gibbons. She had been shown by Todd Crawford to a sixth-place finish in the Snaffle Bit Futurity Open and earnings of $31,076. Kania started showing the mare as a 4-year-old and won $9,661 in 2014. “Last year was just me trying to figure her out. We had some minor successes last year but a lot of it was making mistakes and learning from them so it’s fun to put it all together,” Kania said. Kania’s biggest hang up has been learning how to do the fence work on Uno What Time It Flo. “I’m getting there,” Kania said of her progression. “She handles too good sometimes. My other horses just took me down the fence and she waits on me a bit more. I’m more able to maneuver her and steer her and put her where I want her to be whereas my other horses wouldn’t let me so much. Now there’s more responsibility on my part. It’s mak-

ing me a better rider, but it’s taken a while to figure out.” To that end, she has spent a lot of time working cows under the tutelage of trainer Jim Spence, who lives just 20 minutes from her home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Kania, 23, has been showing for six years, but still finds that things can get “pretty intense.” She tries to adhere to Spence’s advice to “ride smart” and keep a cool head before she enters the show pen. So she didn’t allow herself to think about the possibility of making a clean sweep of the Non Pro classes at the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby. “When I’m competing I try to only worry about my own stuff until I’ve gone. I like to deal with what’s happening at the time.” Her biggest accomplishment prior to Fort Worth was winning the 2013 NRCHA Derby Novice Non Pro on Truckin Smart. She is saddened by the prospect that this could be her last year to show. “I have a bachelor’s degree and I’m going to start school to become a physical therapist, so I might not get to show until after I finish that.”

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3/24/15 5:11:14 PM

SHNMG_150300_019-037.indd 37

3/23/15 3:27:40 PM

///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby Dave Ferguson and 2010 gelding smart shiney pistol (smart chic olena x shiners lil pistol x shining spark) took the non pro reserve championship with a composite score of 564.5.

non pro liMiteD When Erin Russell’s world champion gelding Bonnies Fancy Twist (Freckles Fancy Twist x Bonnie San Tari x Sarta Tari) died a few years ago, the banker from Fort Worth, Texas, thought she’d never find another one like him. With three shows on the record books with her new horse Under Lights, aka “Buddy,” Russell knows that she’s found her next best friend. At the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, the pair marked a 431 to win the Non Pro Limited. “I came in to the show a little nervous and I think I was riding a little tight. That’s why my reining score was a little lower. My horse still did his job and that makes me feel really, really good because I wasn’t perfect. He’s just a young 4-yearold, but he can still take me through these classes when I’m not my best and that shows how good of a horse he is,” said Russell, who marked a 143 to finish second in the rein work, won the herd work with a 144 and placed third in the cow work with another 144. Russell also shows cutting horses at aged events with trainer Ronnie Rice. She feels like that experience has helped her be successful in the NRCHA.

“I’m confident working out of the herd and as long as we can get them cut, Buddy can hold them,” Russell said. “I think getting good, fresh cattle made all the difference [at the Aaron Ranch Derby]. I had excellent help – Chris Dawson picked my cows and was in one corner and Phillip Ralls was in the other. My trainer Steve Metcalf and Todd Crawford were turning back for me.”

There was one cow that Dawson told her not to cut. While she avoided it in the herd work, Russell had no choice but to face it in the cow work. “It was the first cow that came out when I went to box. I just did my best and, sure enough, it ran me over, but luckily I got a new cow and it was a nice one and honored the horse so we were able to get a good score on that,” Russell said.

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38 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_030_AaronRanch1.indd 38

3/24/15 5:11:33 PM

erin russell showed under lights at the Snaffle Bit Futurity as well as the Nrha Futurity in 2014, then returned to the cow horse arena to win aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby Non pro limited.

Bought out of Carol Rose’s dispersal sale, Under Lights (CD Lights x Shiners Missy Jay x Shining Spark) was a horse that Russell just had to have. The pair won the Non Pro Limited at the Snaffle Bit Futurity and then on the advice Metcalf, entered the NRHA Futurity. There, they made the finals of the Levels 2 and 1 Non Pro, where they finished 10th and fifth, respectively. The Celebration of Champions marked their return to the cow horse arena.

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NON prO reServe chaMpiON

“I’m so happy with how consistent he’s been,” Russell said. “Between October and all the way through the first part of December he didn’t work a cow, so for him to come back and be so good on them was exceptional. “We moved him into the bridle to do the reining futurity and then we moved him into the hackamore (in Fort Worth) and he was really good. That just shows how trainable and easy he is. He’s a great horse. It’s hard to find one like him.”

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aMateur For the past five years, reined cow horses have given Danny Rumph the high that he loves. At the Aaron Ranch Cow Horse Classic Derby, his homebred gelding CD Shining Lights took him even higher when together they won Rumph’s first aged event – the Amateur. “This is the biggest deal I’ve won thus far. He was born at my place,” said Rumph who bought CD Shining Lights’ dam, Miss Smart N Sweet, an earner of $8,771, from Carol Rose and then showed her at AQHA shows. “Chris Dawson showed the mare in the Open. She went to the [Snaffle Bit] Futurity in Reno and she’s 15 now. This is the first baby out of her so I’m really proud that she’s got a baby that’s doing pretty darned good.” CD Shining Lights (CD Lights x Miss Smart N Sweet x Smart Shiner) and Rumph didn’t have a great start to their career. At the Snaffle Bit Futurity, horse and rider were out of sync. “It was definitely more of a rider issue than a horse problem,” Rumph said. “We had a pretty good reining score, but didn’t have good herd work and fence work. We didn’t make the finals but the horse did good.”

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Monogrammed Jacket sponsored by Aaron Ranch Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_030_AaronRanch1.indd 39


3/24/15 5:11:52 PM

///////// aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby Danny rumph won his first major aged event title with cD shining lights in the aaron ranch cow horse classic Derby amateur.

The pair quickly turned their fortunes around when CD Shining Lights won the Limited Open at a NRCHA club show in Stephenville last October. In preparation for Fort Worth, Rumph took the gelding to a double-judged AQHA reining show, where they won the first day and were second the next.

“The nrcha is the biggest thrill ever. it’s a blast. There’s not a better sport.”–Danny Rumph “We had a couple of penalties in the reining, a few minus half in the spins so that wasn’t as good as it should have been,” Rumph said of the 135.5 that placed them fifth in the rein work during the Aaron Ranch Derby prelims. “Our herd work was good (with 136 points that placed sixth) but then I cost us a couple of points there. Our fence work was really good; we won it with a 140

and that brought us way up in the cumulative.” Rumph, Hempstead, Texas, knew his fence work had potential from the moment they started working the cow. As he rounded the corner to go down the fence, the feeling intensified. “Sometimes it seems like it’s a half a mile long, but my horse was doing really good; he was rating that cow perfect and then we got to the end and he just drug his butt and came around. That first turn on the fence felt really good. I thought, ‘This is all looking good!’ We did two more turns on the fence and everything fell right in place. It was working.” As long as their runs continue to work, Rumph and CD Shining Lights will continue to enter more shows. “The NRCHA is the biggest thrill ever. It’s a blast. There’s not a better sport; I like reining, I like cutting but boy that fence-work can get your adrenaline pumping.”

40 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_030_AaronRanch1.indd 40

3/27/15 12:12:02 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 41

3/23/15 3:29:03 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 42

3/23/15 3:29:31 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 43

3/23/15 3:29:53 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs


oRld Class winneRs

By Bridget Kirkwood Photos by Primo Morales

The 2014 show season came to a climactic finish at the celebration of champions, Feb. 13-21 in Fort Worth, Texas, where horses and riders vied for World titles in 14 different divisions.

Maximum Echo and John swales. 44 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 44

3/24/15 5:17:56 PM

Open Bridle It was the highest fence-work score of John Swales’ career and the crowd, like Swales, loved every move Maximum Echo put on the cow as they worked their way to 232 points. Coupled with a 220 from the reining, Swales and Maximum Echo were crowned the 2014 Open Bridle World Champions and earned $7,912. “It felt fantastic,” Swales said of his cow work. “I couldn’t believe it when they announced his score. I was blessed with a very, very good cow and that sure helped. This is pretty exciting, it means a lot to me.” Swales hauled Maximum Echo 30 hours from his home in Millarville, Alberta, Canada, to contest the World Championship. Despite having such huge scores, he wasn’t certain that he’d won until the end of the set. “There were some really, really good horses in there. Quite a few of them could have done that,” he said. Owned by Flo Houlton and bred by Twisted L Ranch of Greenville, Texas, Maximum Echo (Playboys Remedy x Dry Sans Echo x Dry San) took a less-thanconventional route to World Champion status. “I’ve often wondered if that made him better in the end,” said Swales. “I got him in the fall of his 4-year-old year. He’d just been rode around and was really easy. They hadn’t done a bunch of training on him; he was nice enough to ride around but he hadn’t worked cows or anything like that. I was able to get him ready for the derbies as a 5-year-old. I’ve had him at home ever since and he’s never left.” In 2009, Maximum Echo, aka “Max,” made $13,462, which included winning the Cowtown. Each year since he’s made good money and in 2012 he and Swales made the finals of the World’s Greatest Horseman. “He’s been really good to me,” Swales said of the 2004 stallion. “He’s very

aggressive; everything he does he tries 110 percent all the time. He’s easy to show, especially for as much as he’s been shown.” The aggressiveness only extends to the show pen, though. “He’s laid back; he’s lazy, lazy, lazy but super feely. It’s a weird combination,” said Swales, adding that Maximum Echo is an excellent stopper and he’s quick with his front end. It’s those attributes that Swales believes allowed him to deliver that 232 in the fence-work. “Both his left and right turns; when the cow hit him, he shut it down right away. I had a great cow; he rated really good and we got a long run both ways,” Swales said. “Then the biggest thing in the rein

work is to make sure he runs because he’ll get pretty tight. In the circles I tried to run him as hard as I could and he slowed down really good for me and stopped as good as he can stop.”

liMited Open Bridle Smartys Lil Diablo may be Matt Budge’s hobby horse, but at the Celebration of Champions the gelding carried him to a World Championship in the Limited Open Bridle. With scores of 212 in the reining and 219 in the herd work, Budge had nothing but admiration for “Snoopy.” “I’m really, really tickled. My horse was excellent. I have to thank Corey Cushing, Jay McLaughlin and Shawn Hays – they helped me get my reining smoothed up,”

Smartys lil diablo and Matt Budge.

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 45


3/24/15 5:18:14 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs Budge said. “Corey really helped me with my cow work; in the preliminaries I left the end too soon so they told me to stay down there a lot longer today.” Budge is a million-dollar trainer in the National Cutting Horse Association, but prior to the Celebration of Champions he had less than $5,000 in NRCHA earnings. He and Smartys Lil Diablo added $3,846 to that for this win and another $5,000 for finishing fifth in the World’s Greatest Horseman. “This is a lot of work; I really respect these guys (who train cow horses) and everything they have to do. It’s awesome to be able to come and compete against them and show here,” Budge said. “I want to keep coming back and one day go to the Snaffle Bit [Futurity].” Budge, who trains about 35 head of cutting horses, credits an admiration for California bridle horses as to why he decided to try cow horse. He refers to working Smartys Lil Diablo (Smart Lil Scoot x Diablos Verdadera x Real Diablo) as his fun. “It challenges me. The hardest thing for me doing this has been the reining – slowing down and being smooth. I have to slow down and make myself do the maneuvers one at a time. It’s such a refined sport that it’s hard for me because I’m all about the cowboy events; I like to cut, I like to rope and I like to go down the fence, and they’re all a little quicker paced. I’ve reined a lot more this year myself and it’s helped me as much as the horse.” Budge received unexpected but welcome advice from cow horse great Ron Ralls when competing at a club show. “I was having trouble getting him to run to a stop,” recalled Budge. “One afternoon in Graham [Texas] at a cow horse show, he told me to let this horse hit the bridle and run in to the bridle a little bit more like an old time bridle horse would rather than try to make him run really bridled up like a reiner.

It’s something that I continually remind myself of with this horse.” Snoopy was originally trained as a cutter by Bubba Matlock and Ty Brown. “I saw him at a cutting in Waurika [Oklahoma] and thought he looked like a bridle horse so I bought him. My wife, Betsy, shows him in the cuttings still and my little girl, Taylor, rides him. He’s just a pretty special horse to have.” Budge has had several people ask him why he hasn’t done the usual trainer thing and sold his horse. His reason is simple – he needs a hobby, and he doesn’t have a boat.

NoN pro Bridle Already in her fourth year of going down the fence, 18-year-old Alexa Beaty and her gelding Star Dustn Wrangler proved that they’re ready for the big leagues when they posted a combined

sore of 432 in the Non Pro Bridle to become the 2014 World Champions. “I’m so happy. I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Beaty said of her $4,060 payday. “It’s something that I’ve really been working for and something I wanted to accomplish and I did.” Beaty posted a 215 in the reining but then faced a difficult cow that the judges excused before completing her run with a 217 in the fence-work. “To get a new cow was cool,” said Beaty who listened to advice from trainers Steve and Carol Metcalf while waiting for her second cow. “Steve said, ‘You need to sit on your butt.’ I was like, ‘OK, got it.’” Overwhelmed with emotion, this World title meant just as much to her as the three she’s collected previously. Two of them – the 2012 Non Pro Hackamore and the 2013 Youth Bridle – were also on

alexa Beaty and star dustn Wrangler.

46 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 46

3/24/15 5:18:33 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 47

3/30/15 12:34:04 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs Star Dustn Wranger, while the 2010 Youth Limited was aboard Mad About Chics (Smart Chic Olena x Echolettes Freckle x Doc Jewel Bars). “It’s a class that I haven’t shown in before so I’m really happy that I was able to accomplish it,” Beaty said. Beaty purchased Star Dustn Wrangler (Starlights Wrangler x Pines Dusty Modle x Dusty Dude), aka “Cinch,” when he was a 4-year-old and progressed through the hackamore, two rein and bridle with him. “There’s always talk of ‘I don’t know if she should be going down the fence yet?’ and ‘Are you sure the hackamore is safe?’ or ‘You’re going to put her in with the non pros?’ When people tell me I can’t do something I like to prove them wrong,” Beaty said of why she challenges herself to compete outside of the youth classes. “Really just because I’ve had success, makes me want to do it more.” Beaty, Aubrey, Texas, considers the members of the NRCHA her family, especially her fellow youth competitors. “The youth makes me more nervous because I know who I’m showing against and I know how they ride. In [the Non Pro], I don’t have time to think about who’s who,” Beaty said. “The competition is a bit stronger just because they’ve had more experience for the most part.” Regardless of the competition, Beaty is confident about what she and Star Dustn Wrangler can achieve. “He’s my all-time favorite. When I got him we weren’t really looking for a horse. I picked him out and we meshed. I’ve done so much on him. He has a good personality, he’s simple-minded. If you stick to your guns he sticks to his,” she said. “We are the team. We’re a power couple.” Beaty will begin studying sociology in the fall at Oklahoma State University, where she will also compete on the equestrian team.

sareece Brown and Very smart playmate.

iNterMediate NoN pro Bridle Three years ago, Sareece Brown was looking for a horse that would take her to the next level. The only problem was the horse she found, 2010 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Non Pro Champion Very Smart Playmate, wasn’t for sale. Fortunately for her, Garth and Amanda Gardiner decided to let go of the mare and Brown is glad that they did. “I am forever thankful to them for selling her to me,” Brown said after winning the 2014 Intermediate Non Pro Bridle World Championship on Very Smart Playmate by marking a 215.5 in the rein work and a 224 in the cow work. “She has been such a dream for me to have. We’ve had our bad times but she’s such a gritty, hardy trusty mare and as long as you tell her what to do she’ll do it every time.” One of the things that Very Smart Playmate (Very Smart Remedy x Gunna

Be Mine x Gunna Smoke) has helped Brown do is learn how to ride the stop. “I have always had a hard time sitting stops. My other horse was a good stopper who stopped really, really deep but it didn’t feel very good. She’s so easy to stop; it’s like you’re sliding on grass or ice,” Brown said. Brown has made the finals twice in her five visits to the Celebration of Champions but she never before had nabbed the top spot. This win was worth $3,017. “After that run I’ll be back as many times as I can. That is what we shoot for; that’s the addictive feeling and the thrill that we love to get,” she said. “This is by far my biggest accomplishment.” After competing in boxing classes for more than five years, Brown started going down the fence three years ago. It was a crazy move, she said, that for some reason occurred after she’d had her

48 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 48

3/24/15 5:18:52 PM

daughter, Bella. Ever since then, she’s dreamed of having the perfect run. “It was very enjoyable,” Brown said of her Celebration of Champions run. “It was like, ‘Am I dreaming?’ and then, ‘No, I’m really riding and I need to continue to ride this horse and get up around the cow’s head!’” Brown is thankful for the support of her husband, Raiford, her parents and her best friend, Diana Albert Miller, who flew in from Florida to watch her compete. “There’s no way I could do this without my husband. He drives me all across the country and puts up with me and is my biggest cheerleader; he’s incredible. Also the Hayses – Shawn and Tammy Jo – not only are they amazing, incredible friends, but they’ve put us in a position to really enjoy ourselves and the horses that we have.” The Browns live in Franklin, Tenn., but leave Very Smart Playmate at Hays’ facility in Nocona, Texas. “She’s a good mare for a non pro like me to be able to jump on her and show her,” Brown said. “She’s got the greatest personality; she’s a sweet, sweet mare. Hopefully one day my daughter will want to show her.”

Celebration of Champions. Wanting to continue her list of firsts, she approached the show pen with a different mindset than usual. “I was incredibly nervous,” Anderson said. “I’ve had my few bobbles showing and I thought this time I just want to try and go do my best and enjoy every second of it. I wanted that while I was loping around – to be thinking, ‘Cool I’m out here with my horse and this is awesome just as it is.’” The attitude adjustment worked and Anderson had a great time. “What I was happy about was my second fence turn, normally if I have to go get it and it’s not on the wall then I chicken out and do a long pass turn. I’m not comfortable circling up either, so the end part of it when I got that turn, and circled up both ways, I felt like, ‘We got this!’” Anderson bought Signed Prescription (High Sign Nugget [AP] x Ima Docs

Dolly [AP] x Ima Doc O’Lena [AP]), aka “Sadie,” as a 2-year-old two from Cayley Wilson. She wanted the mare because she had liked her full sister, Absolutely High (AP), whom Wilson had shown years before. Absolutely High (AP) earned $10,585 in cow horse from 2006-2010. Two other full siblings, Ike Ant Be High (AP) and High Suspence (AP), are also money-earning cow horses. “I went over there to buy a horse that I could have at home to ride and mess around with and maybe sell and I saw Sadie. She was started when I bought her.” Anderson and Sadie buddied up so much that she used her as a turn back horse every time she went to a cutting show. Three years later, Anderson’s cutter got injured so she decided to start showing Sadie in hackamore classes instead. “I showed her that season and it went pretty well. The next year I trail rode and rode her around the same way and

Novice NoN pro Bridle For Deb Anderson, Signed Prescription (AP) is that special horse that only comes along once in a lifetime. The bond between woman and horse made winning the Novice Non Pro Bridle World Championship have all the more meaning to her. “I try not to be emotional but this horse is very important to me. I’ll never, ever sell her. Kids can ride her and she [wins a World Championship]; this is a oncein-a-lifetime horse,” Anderson said of the 10-year-old Appaloosa mare. This is Anderson’s first World title and it was her first time to compete at the

deb anderson and Signed prescription. Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 49


3/24/15 5:19:11 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs then I thought that if I was actually going to make her a bridle horse that I’d better send her to a trainer,” Anderson recalled. “I sent her to John Swales and he showed her for that season in the two rein and he won the Alberta Cow Horse Open Two Rein on her and the Canadian region.” In 2013, Anderson, Langley, British Columbia, Canada, went back to trail riding, but then made the decision to go show in 2014. “I ride with Travis Rempel and I said, ‘This year let’s try to show. I want to learn how to do this,” Anderson said. “Our goal at the beginning of the year was to qualify for the World show and to come here.” Rempel and Sadie tied for the Limited Open Bridle Reserve Championship with scores of 220.5 in the rein work and 206 in the cow work.

high Brow shiner and doug Williamson.

opeN hackaMore Born in the year of the horse, Doug Williamson claims that he’s part horse. Even if he’s not, the 72-year-old trainer’s affinity with them was evident at the Celebration of Champions. After marking a 216.5 in the rein work, he and High Brow Shiner posted a monster 229 down the fence to become the 2014 Open Hackamore World Champions. “He locked on that cow as soon as he came out of the gate. When I came around the corner I knew I had him; I just had to make sure I had a long run, because these cows wanted to sit on the fence. But I know if there’s an open field turn horse in the world, it’s him. So I showed them how to do it,” Williamson said. While turns like that bother some people, Williamson likes to use them to showcase High Brow Shiner’s ability. “If I can get one like that every day then I’ll do it because they’ve got to pay you for that because of that degree of difficulty. I don’t think there’s a horse alive

who can circle the cows as good as this horse can. He’s awesome.” Owned by Susan and Richard Carlson’s Belle Meade Ranch, High Brow Shiner (Shining Lil Nic x High Brow Meow x High Brow Cat) takes very little work in the warm up pen. He kicked off his career with a $50,000 fourth-place Open finish at the Snaffle Bit Futurity. The following month he made another $11,448 when he won the Idaho Reined Cow Horse Association Futurity, and then added a top-10 finish at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show in Junior Working Cow Horse. The big checks, like this World Championship one worth $9,062, have continued to roll in, and Williamson says it’s all to do with the horse’s try. “He’s got heart,” Williamson said. “I develop that a little, but he’s good-minded; he lets me train him and when I walk in that pen he says, ‘This is where I really

want to be today,’ so I just go along for the ride. Heart is developed by not pushing the horse too hard. Developing heart in a horse is really special to me because that’s what you’ve got to have. If you manipulate them so much all the time then they won’t be as aggressive as you need them to be when you really need them.” Known as “Pretty Sampson” in the barn, High Brow Shiner is a horse Williamson believes is nothing short of awesome. “I’ve had some awful good ones but in all reality he’s as good as any of them. He’s made finals everywhere we’ve been except two and that was the jockey’s fault,” Williamson said. “He’s my friend – if I turned him loose right now he’d follow me back to the house.”

liMited opeN hackaMore A composite score of 436 gave W.T. Waggoner Estate’s My Boots Are Tuff

50 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 50

3/24/15 5:19:30 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 51

3/23/15 3:30:12 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs Baldus made the move from showing reiners to cow horses when he entered My Boots Are Tuff at a club show in 2013, but says that he will continue to rein as well. “This is very fun. It fits the horses that have some cow and some speed. It’s a great fit for us as a ranch,” Baldus said. “Waggoners have been really great letting me show their horses and letting me train there. I thank God for giving me the work ethic, ability and desire to do it, and the Waggoner Ranch for furnishing the horses, the time and the facility to do it. From the industry, Todd Crawford, Boyd Rice, Chris Dawson, Bozo Rogers and a whole slew of other guys have been very encouraging. We haven’t been in this long and they’ve been very, very helpful.” My Boots are Tuff and Ben Baldus.

and trainer Ben Baldus the 2014 Limited Open Hackamore World Championship and a check worth $3,342. “It’s very exciting. It’s the first World Championship I’ve won in the cow horse,” Baldus said. “This mare has been really, really good. She’s a big stopper with lots of turn. She shows great and gives me 100 percent every time I show her. She’s focused on her job, she’s focused on listening to me. She doesn’t get ahead of me and she’s always waiting for me and she’s really good in the show pen.” After marking a 217 in the rein work, My Boots Are Tuff went on to score a 219 in the cow work during her championship run. “The cow came out and she boxed really clean,” Baldus said. “Went down the fence for a big, first turn and a big, second turn. I got a little hung up in my third turn before I went and circled, but she circled really clean and really pure. I was really happy with her. She’s been such a good mare.”

Baldus started My Boots Are Tuff (Woody Be Tuff x Smoke My Boots x Doc O Boots) as a 2-year-old. He has enjoyed training her since those early days and moving her up through the aged event classes. “I liked her a lot; she’s a good mare. Being a mare she can be a little quirky sometimes but every time we go show she really does give me 100 percent,” Baldus said. “The hackamore is a challenge, but it’s a great transition. This mare has been good in it. She has a very soft nose and she’s good whether you’re riding her in a halter, this or nothing.” Baldus has been with the Waggoner Ranch in Electra, Texas, for nine years, and spent five of them working under National Reining Horse Association Hall of Famer Doug Milholland. “He gave me my foundation for horse training. He was very instrumental in forming me as a horseman and teaching me all the reining maneuvers,” Baldus said.

NoN pro hackaMore The hunt for another World title came to an end for Amy Bailey when she won the Non Pro Hackamore World Championship and $3,342 aboard Callme Mister Mister at the Celebration of Champions. Bailey enjoyed her entire run and it showed in her scores of 218 (rein) and 216 (cow). “I have struggled for the last three or four years to make the finals and I made the finals and I was relaxed today,” Bailey said. “He was soft in the reining, he was soft on the cow. He was supple in my hands today.” Bailey, Sparta, Tenn., won the Novice Non Pro Bridle World Championship on Genuine Cross Tie (Smart Retsina x Genuality x Genuine Doc) in 2005 and the Non Pro Two Rein on SS Scat Cat (Sailing Smart x Double R Cocoa x Double R Doc) in 2010. In 2009, she and SS Scat Cat were Reserve Champions the Non Pro Hackamore. “This means a lot because last time I was reserve and my husband got first, so I needed to win this class so I could say that I could keep up with him,” Bailey

52 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 52

3/24/15 5:19:49 PM

amy Bailey and callme Mister Mister.

said. “My ultimate goal is to win five World championships.” Bailey is the daughter of a horse trainer and got her start showing horses in AQHA roping. While she has competed in many equestrian sports, she loves reined cow horse the best. She purchased Callme Mister Mister in November 2013 through Chris Dawson, who made the finals of the Snaffle Bit Futurity Open and the NRHA Futurity Level 3 Open with him. She credits her trainer, Robert Chown, for transitioning the gelding into a non pro horse. “He put on some extra buttons for me; Chris and Robert both ride with a lot of feel and I don’t ride with a lot of feel! Robert showed him a lot this year; he let me show him enough to get qualified for the AQHA World and this show and let me learn to ride him, but he kept me off of him so that he could get him finished.” Her favorite thing about Callme Mister Mister (Mister Dual Pep x Travelin With Sass x Travalena) is his speed. “You are not going to get outrun on a cow. He is so cowy on the end moving back and forth but when you turn that

corner you better be ready to go because he will get you there and turn. You need to sit down and put the seatbelt on.” Bailey loves the family aspect of the NRCHA. She was glad that a snowstorm in Tennessee shut down the airport and prevented Paul from returning home to his duties in the family trucking business and as a state Senator. “I’ve got to thank my husband Paul,” Amy said. “If I didn’t have my husband here and [son] Caleb here it wouldn’t be so much fun.”

Open TwO rein The crowd showed a lot of love during the Open Two Rein at the Celebration of Champions when Shawn Hays and the sorrel stallion Thecrowdlovesme posted a composite of 440.5 to win $4,927 and the World Championship. “It is exciting,” said Hays. “He was really good all the way through, it’s a really good win. He’s a really good fence horse, a big stopper, and he never gets hot or uptight in the pen, so you can run him as hard as you want and he always comes back to you. He’s just a good little

horse; he’s a show horse. Some of these horses get smart in the reining and get a bit chargy and on the muscle, but he always just goes in there and makes the same run every time.” Thecrowdlovesme (Smart Chic Olena x Shine Smartly x Shining Spark) has a good attitude outside of the show pen as well. “He doesn’t take a lot of preparation; he’s the type of horse that you just warm his muscles up for about 30 minutes and go in,” said Hays. “His mom was totally opposite, you had to lope her for about two hours before we showed her.” While it’s great that Thecrowdlovesme is such an easy horse, Hays said it sometimes takes a mental toll on him. “It’s hard to watch everyone else be out there schooling their horses, loping and getting them ready when I’m just sitting there,” he said. ‘I’ll be thinking that I need to be doing something, but know that I don’t. I just get him warmed up and go in.” Hays and his wife, Tammy Jo, own Shine Smartly, the dam of Thecrowdlovesme. Shine Smartly is a two-time AQHA World Champion and was the Reserve Champion in World’s Greatest Horseman. Thecrowdlovesme was sold as an embryo to trainer and clinician Clinton Anderson. Anderson trained Thecrowdlovesme and won money on him at reining futurities, but asked Hays to catch-ride the stallion at the Snaffle Bit Futurity, where they finished fifth in the Intermediate Open. Sareece and Raiford Brown, of Yellow Creek Ranch, then bought Thecrowdlovesme and sent him home with Hays. Since then, Thecrowdlovesme has won his own AQHA World title in Junior Working Cow Horse. This was his first year to compete in the bridle classes and he made the Open finals at the Snaffle Bit Futurity, AQHA World Show and Celebration of Champions. Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 53


3/24/15 5:20:06 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs “We’ve made the finals everywhere we’ve went so far in the bridle. Our plans next year are to put him in the World’s Greatest,” Hays said. “I want to thank the owners for giving me the opportunity to show him and thank my wife, Tammy Jo, and Cody Patterson for helping me.”

NoN pro TWo reiN

Thecrowdlovesme and shawn hays. erin heim and Merada shine.

It took two turns on the fence for Erin Heim to know that she and Merada Shine had a good run going in the Non Pro Two Rein, and that feeling lasted all the way to the whistle when it was announced that she had a cow score of 217 for a total of 429 and the World championship. “I had a couple of rough prelim runs and the cows really didn’t go my way so it felt awesome to have a run come together and have the cow work out nice for me,” said Heim, who took home $1,672 for the win. “She’s tough; she’s tough on a cow and she’s aggressive and it takes a lot of schooling to get her there, but Monty [Bruce] helps me out quite a bit with that and keeps her in this kind of shape.” That toughness helps Merada Shine excel at her job, too. “Going down the fence she’s just gritty and tough; she loves ending that fence run and circling them up and shutting that cow down,” said Heim, who enjoys Merada Shine’s innate talent. “She wants to stop, she loves the cows she loves going down the fence and she’s a lot of fun to ride.” Heim got Merada Shine (Self Shine x Meradas Joy Elissa x Meradas Money Talks), bred by Solum & Solum LLC, of Lamar, Missouri, before the Snaffle Bit Futurity in 2011. She has only been showing cow horses for four years, and started showing the mare herself two years ago. “This means everything to me,” said Heim, who has twice made the Amateur top 10 at the AQHA World Show on Merada Shine. “Starting out with her as

54 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 54

3/24/15 5:20:31 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 55

3/23/15 3:30:29 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs a futurity horse, we didn’t really know where our future was going and it feels great to have success with her; getting this win really tops it off.” Heim, Luxemburg, Wisconsin, lives six hours from Bruce, her trainer. During the show season, she visits Bruce’s barn and “Thelma” at least once a month. “When she got in to the barn there was another mare who looked a lot like her and they got the nicknames Thelma and Louise,” explained Heim. “We don’t know where Louise is anymore, but Thelma stuck.” Bruce’s words of encouragement stuck with Heim during her run. “The last thing he said was, ‘Make sure you really sit back going down the fence and be ready for that turn,” Heim said. Heim’s first trip to the Celebration of Champions was everything she’d thought it could be and she vows that she’ll be back again. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Heim who is a registered dietitian and works as a food service director for a school district, “and we’re enjoying the weather because it’s been minus ten up there. I really like the big shows. Club shows are fun and have taught us a lot about how to prepare horses but these big shows are fun.”

Learning how to relax has been the hardest thing Hester has had to conquer in the show pen. She knows if she stays relaxed, it allows the horse to move freely and do his job. To that end, she sings to herself in her head. “It’s the chorus part of I’ll Fly Away and that seems to work,” said Hester who sings a church hymn over and over in her head while warming up in an attempt to calm down. With her preshow nerves under control, Hester who won $2,490, tried to focus and take it all in during her run. “When you’re out there everything goes really fast. I was trying to think about every maneuver and all the little things that I needed to remember; things that my trainers the Metcalfs have drilled in my head. They’ve been a big help this week.”

Hester has only owned CD Smart Brat (Nasty CD x Shesa Smart Brat x Smart Chic Olena), who was raised by Steve and Carol Metcalf, for a year. “It was time for me to take a step up and now I’m trying to catch up to him,” said Hester. After her Fort Worth run, she plans on going down the fence with him soon. “He made some huge stops and that was something that I knew he had in him we just hadn’t gotten to that point; we made big improvements in the past week. On the cow it’s all him; I just pretty much sit back and enjoy the ride and let him do his own thing because he just goes with the cow.” Hester, Dallas, Texas, has been showing in the NRCHA for four years. She grew up competing in Western and English pleasure and all-around events, and was a

NoN pro liMited Shaleah Hester had to borrow a saddle off her trainer Carter Metcalf to compete in the Non Pro Limited, but that’s something she’ll never have to do again. Amassing a composite 431 aboard CD Smart Brat, aka “Red,” Hester was presented with a World Championship trophy saddle after she made her winning run. “This is my first time ever to make the finals here. I’m over the moon. It’s taken a lot of work to work up to this,” said Hester. “Every time I ride, I ride for my brother Shady Hester, he passed away about nine years ago, so I did this for him.”

shaleah hester and cd smart Brat.

56 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 56

3/24/15 5:20:51 PM

member of the women’s equestrian team at Texas A&M University. Going fast is her favorite thing about cow horse. “The big stops and spins are of course exciting, but the cow work is addicting. To be on a horse and feel them connect with a cow is pretty exciting.” Hester works in medical sales and trains doctors on how to use the daVinci Surgical Robot. She shuttled back and forth to work in between runs at the Celebration of Champions.

5,000 NoN pro liMited For 11-year-old Cutter McLaughlin, working the cow on CD Dee Vee Dee was the best part of his 443-point run that earned him the 2014 $5,000 Non Pro Limited World Championship. “He works a cow really well. I put my hand down and he just worked it,” said McLaughlin who earned a check worth $2,420 for the win. “He stayed hooked to the cow.”

McLaughlin is no stranger to the Celebration of Champions. He has been showing in Fort Worth since he was 6 years old. This win means a lot to him, though, because it’s his first World Championship. He did it in style by marking a 220 in the rein work, where he nailed his favorite maneuver, the stop, and a 223 in the boxing. “My mom and dad [trainer Jay and Wendy McLaughlin] bought him for me last winter and I started showing him. He’s a really nice horse. He can stop really far,” said Cutter who could hear his dad’s words of encouragement during his run and adhered to his advice to “get across there” in the boxing. “I thought he did great,” said Jay. “He showed his horse like a pro. What people don’t know is that he also won the prelims of the Youth this morning before this. We talked it over about how he was going to show his horse in the rein work in that class and how he was going to

show in the rein work in this class, and he did all that. Now, I’ve got to try to beat that in the Open Bridle on him.” McLaughlin finished third in the Youth Limited, while his dad made the Open Bridle finals on CD Dee Vee Dee (CD Lights x Shiners Missy Jay x Shining Spark). The horse was bred by Carol Rose and trained by McLaughlin before being sold to Shannon and Hershel Reid at the end of his 4-year-old year. The McLaughlins bought him in 2014. McLaughlin saddles and warms up his own horse at home and at the shows. “I come out here and get on him and trot around for a little while, run circles and stop,” he said. “I really like him a lot.” “It meant a ton for him to do this,” Jay said. “He’s worked hard for this. He ended up winning the nation in the AQHA, World in the AQHA, nation in the $5,000 [Limited Non Pro], the Youth and he won the World in the $5,000 [Limited Non Pro]. He’s done awesome this year. I made a deal with him that if he won the World that he could go down the fence and I guess we’re going to do that now.” To date, McLaughlin has only been down the fence at home and he loves it.

Youth Bridle

cutter Mclaughlin and cd dee Vee dee.

Kelly Valdez loves anything that gets her adrenaline pumping and her 437point World championship run in the Youth Bridle on MH Bold Intentions did just that. “We were going fast,” Valdez said of the open field turn that helped her score 223 points in the cow work. “He pretty much did it himself. My first turn was my favorite; my cow was really running and my horse always runs up there and turns hard. He would go as fast as he could if I didn’t hold him back a little bit; he loves working the cow. He pretty much makes the same run every time; Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 57


3/24/15 5:21:09 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs he’s pretty easy to ride. He just does a good job every time.” Valdez started showing MH Bold Intentions (Bodee Boonsmal x Freckles Docs Oak x Docs Oak), who is owned by her parents, Robert and Betty Lou, four years ago. Betty Lou does most of the work with the gelding. “She shows him in the bridle and rides him for me and I just show him,” Kelly said. The 16-year-old from La Junta, Colo., has been showing since she was 8. Prior to this title, she had won two World Championships, both on a mare named Smart Tic Tack (Smart Mate x Tic Tackatoo x Freckles Playboy) who has since been sold. “It means a lot to be able to come back on a different horse and be able to do it,” Valdez said. “The Youth is always very tough here; it means a lot to win it. Some of the scores in the Youth were

Kelly Valdez and Mh Bold intentions.

Breeder spoNsors

58 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 58

3/24/15 5:21:57 PM

as high as some of the scores in the Open.” Watching from the sidelines, Betty Lou was excited to see her daughter compete. “It’s really exciting when your children participate in something like this and can go out and be successful,” Betty Lou said. “She has far surpassed my abilities on a horse especially going down a fence on a cow. She’s gritty and daring and it doesn’t matter what you put her on she’s going to kick them down there and ride them through the turn.” When Valdez decided to start going down the fence, her mother made sure that she did it right by putting her with a trainer. “I took her straight to Don Murphy and he instilled that confidence and taught her all the right things,” Betty Lou said. “He instilled the desire to do it right and the ability to do it right and even though she hasn’t been out there to ride with him

for a year and a half, as soon as she hears his voice, she clicks in.” Murphy made sure he too was on the sidelines to help Valdez through her run. “I’d never really won anything in the cow horse until I started riding with Don,” Valdez said. “He always helps me at the shows even when I haven’t been riding with him. Keith Vogel helped me a little bit before the show and Kyle Trahern, who trained him, always helps me with him but it’s mostly my mom; she rides him when I’m at school, keeps him tuned up and does a good job.”

Youth liMited Madelyn Gosselin has always loved horses, so when her grandfather Peter Reimer bought her a pony when she was a small child, she thought that life was as good as it could get. That was until she won the Youth Limited World Championship. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” said

Gosselin who marked a 216 in the rein work and a 215.5 in the boxing for the win. “When I came out, I didn’t wish I could redo my run because I was happy with my horse. I just wanted to get him through it so I went fast and I went hard and it seemed to work. This is definitely awesome.” Shiners Little Peppy (Shining Spark x Little Jalapeppy x Peppy San Badger) started his career as a reiner and didn’t win any cow horse money until he was 5 years old. Gosselin purchased him from Tom Wilkinson three years ago. “He taught me how to rein and everything; I didn’t know how to show before I got him,” Gosselin said. “I just love him.” While she rides five days a week, Gosselin hadn’t spent much time on Shiners Little Peppy leading up to the Celebration of Champions due to him spending eight months out in the pasture after an injury.

Nrcha & FuturitY SpoNSorS

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_044_WChamps.indd 59


3/24/15 5:22:38 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha World chaMpioNs

Madelyn Gosselin and shiners little peppy.

“We gave him a bunch of time off and then it was last minute that I was going to take him here so we got him in and he was sound so we got him in shape,” Gosselin said. “We probably only got him in four weeks ago.”

The 17-year-old from Abbotsford, British Columbia is in the 11th grade. This was her first trip to Fort Worth and is her biggest win to date. “It’s incredible. I owe it to all the people that helped me get here; my parents, my

family, my coach [Travis Rempel] especially, all these people support me and are behind me so I owe it all to them.” Her grandfather was in Fort Worth to see the win that he’s been expecting since Gosselin was a little girl. “She was a year and a half old and she’d come to our place and she’d say, ‘Papa, Nana, can you put on the Man From Snowy River? So we’d put it on and she’d get her Nana to put her hair in a ponytail and she’d gallop around the coffee table. She had horses on the brain right from the time she was the littlest thing and because of that I bought a little, black Shetland pony; that started this whole thing off,” Reimer said. “I’m very proud. She’s definitely got a talent and a destiny for this. It’s very amazing.” Gosselin won $1,050 for the championship and already has her sights set on going down the fence.

60 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/24/15 5:23:06 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 61

3/23/15 3:33:24 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 62

3/23/15 3:35:38 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 63

3/23/15 3:35:58 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs




the 2014 Nrcha National champions often traveled many miles to multiple shows to earn the points needed to win year-end honors. By Bridget Kirkwood Stephanie Duquette

Zackly right time and tom Neel turned in some of their best performances of 2014 at the Nrcha hackamore classic.

opeN Bridle Zackly Right Time/Tom Neel Nine-year-old Zackly Right Time, owned by Rancho Del Oso and ridden by Tom Neel, claimed the Open Bridle National Championship.

At the start of the 2014 point year, Neel’s main goal was to get the 2006 gelding qualified for the major shows like the NRCHA Celebration of Champions and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Championship Show.

Along the way, they won the Open Bridle at the NRCHA Hackamore Classic and finished second in the Bridle Spectacular at the same show. “Things just continued on and pretty soon we realized where he was in

64 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 64

3/24/15 5:25:26 PM

O’Lena [AP]), aka “Sadie,” ended the year with 172 points. “We went to a bunch of shows,” said Rempel who also won the Canadian Region and the Northwest Region Limited Open Bridle on Signed Prescription. “It was lots of fun, but it was one of those things where we started going and someone said that we needed to check out the standings.” As the year rolled on, Rempel’s team of clients encouraged each other to keep going. A highlight of the season came about at the Alberta Snaffle Bit Futurity and Derby. “I won the Limited Open Bridle there and marked a 151 down the fence. It was the high fence score of the weekend and it was pretty cool,” said Rempel, Abbotsford, British Columbia. “She was super consistent. She’s pretty easy.” Rempel rode Sadie a bit as a 2-year-old and then watched John Swales show her in the Two Rein. “John got her to do everything. I was sure impressed with what a horse she’d

made, so when Deb asked me to show her I was pleased. When I got her, I just tried to stay out of her way, keep her honest and straight in the bridle, but really, I didn’t have to do a whole lot to keep her where she had to be.”

nOn prO Bridle & interMediate nOn prO Bridle Meryl Reber/Ima Chic Please Winning National Championships in the Non Pro Bridle and Intermediate Non Pro Bridle aboard Ima Chic Please was nothing short of a dream come true for Meryl Reber. “It’s something that I’ve dreamed about being able to do. It means a lot,” said Reber, who was unable to attend the NRCHA Celebration of Champions because her first grandbaby was born the week the show was going on. Though she was in the lead when the Celebration of Champions started, Reber didn’t think her position would hold. In the end, though, it did. She won the Non Pro Bridle with 192 points and the Primo morales

the standings. We didn’t haul him to too many extra shows,” said Neal, who started riding Zackly Right Time as a 3-year-old. “It’s really an honor any time you win something nationally due to the quality of horses and the quality of trainers. It’s an awesome deal and is very gratifying.” Zackly Right Time (Peptotime x Zacks Nu Star x Zack T Wood) finished the year with 195 points. Neel believes Zackly Right Time’s combination of mental and physical ability helps the gelding excel. “He’s been a very good, consistent horse and he’s very easy to show,” said Neel, of Millsap, Texas. “He’s got a lot of stop and a lot of determination with a cow down the fence. He’s really good at getting hold of a cow and he can handle some bad cattle because he’s got a lot of desire to control a cow. He’s a very attractive horse to look at and is a pretty moving horse. He’s got a few quirks, but he’s got a lot of personality. He used to be a little bit on the broncy side, but we’ve got all that toughness directed the right way, so it’s a big asset.”

liMited Open Bridle Signed Prescription/Travis Rempel Signed Prescription (AP) may have started life off slowly, riding the trails and watching from the sidelines as a cutting turnback horse, but her career hit the fast track in 2014. Ridden by Travis Rempel, Signed Prescription, owned by Deb Anderson, captured the NRCHA Limited Open Bridle National Championship. “It means a lot to me because I’m a young trainer, but mostly it means a lot because that horse deserves that title,” Rempel said. “She’s one of the best bridle horses in the Northwest. I wouldn’t say she’s one of the most crazy-talented ones, but she is one of the most consistent, so she deserves that.” Signed Prescription (High Sign Nugget [AP] x Ima Docs Dolly [AP] x Ima Doc

Signed prescription (ap) won two regional championships and the national championship in the limited Open Bridle with travis rempel. Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 65


3/24/15 5:25:45 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs Intermediate Non Pro Bridle with 163 points. “That says a lot for this horse. I showed him probably once a month, but I don’t think I ever scored anything less than a 72. He’s a phenomenal horse,” Reber said. “This horse doesn’t cease to amaze me about what he can do.” The National titles came a result of Reber’s preparation for and desire to win an AQHA World championship. “I won the NRCHA World Non Pro Bridle in 2013. For 2014, I wanted to see if I could go to the AQHA show and win that World, which I did,” Reber said. “I went to a lot of shows and the fallout of that was I ended up accumulating a lot of points.” With roots in the hunter/jumper industry, Reber transitioned to cow horses five years ago when she purchased Ima Chic Please (Chic Please x Smokums Chex Mint x Smokin Oak). “He was the first cow horse I ever bought,” Reber said of the 2003 gelding.

“I really had nothing to compare him to, but I hit the jackpot with him. He’s a phenomenal horse. “He stays home with me; he’s not ever with a trainer and I rarely let anyone else even ride him,” Reber added. “He knows his job and makes it easy for me because he’s so good at it. I never really have to school him; there’s nothing to do. I just keep him in shape. He’s taught me how to do it.” Nicknamed “Bullet” for his speed, Reber thinks it’s only natural for Ima Chic Please to be super in the cow work. “He’s fast as a bullet,” she said. “He’s hard to contain in the rein work – it’s like containing a rocket ship – but once we get through that it’s like releasing the beast. He is great in the cow work; he’s fast and accurate and knows his job.” Ima Chic Please was originally trained by Sandy Collier. While the horse doesn’t stay with a trainer these days, Dean McCann helps Reber with her showing skills.

Primo morales

Meryl reber and ima chic please missed the celebration of champions, but had enough of a lead to take National titles in the Non-pro Bridle and intermediate Non-pro Bridle.

“He’s been a phenomenal coach for me. Dean gave me the confidence that I needed to compete,” said Reber, Kent, Wash., who has no plans to sell Bullet. “I’ve had many offers to buy him but he’s not getting sold. He has a lot of character and he has a constant supply of carrots. He’s quirky and doesn’t like being alone so he has some pony and donkey friends to keep him company.”

Novice NoN pro Carrie Whisler/Sheza Haillion At the start of the 2014 point year, Carrie Whisler didn’t think she had a shot at winning the Novice Non Pro National Championship but by June, she’d changed her mind. Come February, it was declared Whisler and Sheza Haillion had narrowly won the title with a year-end points tally of 157. “It was a tough group of competitors, so I really didn’t think it was achievable,” said Whisler, who claimed the same title at the club and regional levels. “I’m very lucky. It’s an honor. There was a lot of very tough competition out there.” Sheza Haillion (Shine Like Hail x Sheza Playgun Too x Playgun) and Whisler have been together for four years. She gets help from her mom, Jennifer Whisler, a non pro cutting rider, and trainer Dean McCann. “It’s been a very good year. I have a lot of support from the club and have made some very good friends. I look forward to going to the shows just to see everybody and have a good time.” One of her most memorable wins came at the Northwestern Reined Cow Horse Association Summer Showdown in Powell Butte, Oregon. “I had to go down after work,” said Whisler, who is a commercial banker at Community Bank in Olympia, Washington. “As I was coming down through the mountains, there were brush fires on both sides of the road. It was

66 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 66

3/24/15 5:26:03 PM

SHNMG_150300_041-067.indd 67

3/23/15 3:36:29 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs

carrie Whisler and sheza haillion parlayed a win in the paul Dice Memorial Bridle spectacular into a Novice Non pro National championship. Stephanie Duquette

crazy when I think about it; getting there in the middle of the night, settling my horse in and then getting up four hours later to show. “It was a gamble, but it was worth it and we ended up winning the Bridle Spectacular and that was super cool,” Whisler added. “We won the Non Pro Paul Dice Memorial bronze. I’ve always been in awe of the competitors who’ve won that award. It was a thrill of a ride; it felt really good and we clicked.” Whisler is excited to continue learning more about reined cow horses. “I’m very proud of all the hard work and how far I’ve come. We understand each other,” she added, referring to Sheza Haillion. “She has so much talent that it’s so much fun to ride a horse at that level. She’s a neat animal. She’s the coolest animal I’ve ever ridden.”

opeN hackaMore Blind Sided/Jay McLaughlin Jay McLaughlin didn’t veer off his usual show schedule route on his way to claiming his first National Championship on the Aaron Ranch-owned Blind Sided, but he’s glad that he did enough for the stallion to get the recognition he deserves. “It means a lot to win that. He showed against a lot of good horses and he stayed pure the whole time. That’s a big deal,” McLaughlin said. Blind Sided (Peptoboonsmal x Lil Miss Shiny Chex x Shining Spark) was the 2013 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Reserve Champion. In 2014, he added to his success with a third-place finish in the NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open, 11th-place finish in the NRCHA Derby Open and multiple club show wins. “Other than those big shows, I just showed him around Texas and Oklahoma until the World Show put us over the top,” McLaughlin said. “I don’t want to

Blind sided and Jay Mclaughlin were strong contenders at every show they attended in 2014.

trailer race these horses because I think it takes a lot out of them. I had it on my mind a little, but I was trying to block it out.” The plan paid off. McLaughlin and Blind Sided won the prelims at the Celebration of Champions with a 297.5 total on two. He finished fifth in the

finals, and ended the show season with 234 points for the Open Hackamore National Championship. “He’s never had a bad day and never will,” McLaughlin said of the stallion’s behavior during training, in the show pen and around the barn. “He’s one of those that likes to go. He loves a crowd

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SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 68

3/24/15 5:26:32 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 69

3/27/15 2:35:03 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs Primo morales

Primo morales

limited open hackamore champion dual chip is the first cow horse austin Johnson has trained and put in the hackamore.

and he loves to show off, but he’s a quiet horse. He’s the kind of good horse that you don’t even know he’s there unless you look.” McLaughlin remembers thinking Blind Sided was going to be a great horse from his earliest rides. “If you show it to him, you better show it to him the correct way that you want him to do it, because that’s the way he does it,” McLaughlin said.

liMited opeN hackaMore Dual Chip/Austin Johnson When Austin Johnson moved to Bobby Lewis’ Overbrook, Okla., ranch to learn how to train cow horses, he didn’t know the first one he’d try would carry him to a National Championship. Dual Chip (Dual Spark x Zans Leo Girl x Zans Diamond Sun), a gelding raised and owned by Lewis, was that horse and with Johnson, he earned 128 points to become the Limited Open Hackamore National Champion. “It was a lot of late nights and driving and having people help me out, and lots

tara Matsler and soula Boon were Non pro hackamore circuit champions at the Nrcha hackamore classic.

of hours and time learning everything,” Johnson said. “Growing up in rodeo and roping, I didn’t have the knowledge of training horses. He’s the first colt I ever trained, the first one I took to take the to the Snaffle Bit [Futurity] and the first one I put in the hackamore, so this is a pretty big accomplishment for me. He stayed real consistent and pretty soft the whole way through. Don Murphy and Bobby Lewis helped me a lot with teaching me how to use the hackamore.” Johnson and Dual Chip’s journey to a National title began when Lewis recommended to Johnson they go to some Southwest Reined Cow Horse Association club shows. “It seemed like we got along real well at every one that we took him to, but it was a long while before we even knew that we were leading the deal,” Johnson said. They also made the trip to Reno to show in the Snaffle Bit Futurity, where they finished second in the Limited Open Hackamore. Johnson counts that show as their most memorable of the year.

“He’s really smart on a cow and really wants to stop and he’s got a pretty stop, too,” Johnson said. “He’s a nice horse. Whatever you wanted to do on him, he usually said, ‘Yes sir.’”

NoN pro hackaMore Tara Matsler/Soula Boon Winning the Non Pro Hackamore National Championship was a family affair for Tara Matsler and Soula Boon, and it’s one the rider will never forget. “It’s a testament to a year’s worth of hard work and consistency,” Matsler said. “I’ve won an AQHA World Championship [on a different horse], and that was very special to me, but winning a year-end title brings back the memories of all the highlights throughout the year.” Soula Boon (Soula Jule Star X Blues Nu Boon x Peptoboonsmal) earned 105 points in 2014. The 2009 mare is the second generation of horses bred by Matsler’s parents, Terry and Annette Christiansen. Matsler had been showing Blues Nu Boon, but sent her back to her parents’

70 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 70

3/24/15 5:26:59 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 71

3/23/15 3:44:04 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs ranch in Washington so she could ride Soula Boon. “It’s been nice to have gone from showing the dam to being able to show her baby,” said Matsler, who is a digital editor for the AQHA. “I learned so much from the mother that I can apply to showing the daughter.” Soula Boon was trained by Jim Spence. Matsler did well on her as a 4-year-old, but set higher goals for her last year in the limited-age events. The first one was to go to the NRCHA Hackamore Classic in Pueblo, Colorado. “We were lucky enough that we won all four divisions of the Non Pro up there and the Non Pro Hackamore Circuit,” Matsler said. “That was the first major limited-age event that I’d been to, so it was very special to have done so well, especially on a horse that my family had raised.” The pair also attended several shows put on by the Panhandle Reined Cow Horse Association. Through it all, Matsler was impressed with the mare’s consistency.

“I’m really lucky I have good coaches in Don Murphy, Zeb Corvin, who lives here in Canyon, Texas, and Jim Spence. When I go to shows I’ll practice with them, but for the most part I do it by myself.”

opeN two reiN Nics Chica Lena/Dan Roeser Dan Roeser always gets a feel for how his season is going to pan out at the early spring shows put on by the Northwest Reined Cow Horse Association. In 2014, he felt that the 6-year-old mare Nics Chica Lena was going to have a good year when she won her first two shows, and he was right. That early success kickstarted the mare’s campaign to become the Open Two Rein National Champion. “If you get off to a good start, then you think about it a little more,” Roeser said of winning a National title. “By June, I think she was in a real good position in the standings.” Roeser, who raised and trained Nics Chica Lena, believes it’s the mare’s cow smarts that make her so tough.

“She’s really good on a cow. I showed her sire and won the Open Bridle on him at the Snaffle Bit Futurity, so I knew how good her bloodlines could be,” Roeser said, adding, “And, she’s had several successful brothers and sisters.” Roeser was unable to attend the Celebration of Champions, but the 142 points Nics Chica Lena earned in the season was enough to ward off all challengers. “It was a good thing I did really well in the last few shows of the regular season, because at the time we had no idea that we were going to have to miss the World Show,” Roeser said. “She’s been a very consistent horse; probably 70 percent or 80 percent of the times that she was shown she was in the money.” Rhonda Denney’s JC Paint Ranch bought Nics Chica Lena in September 2014. Last year, Roeser won the Open Two Rein National Championship on another horse owned by Denney. Next year, Denney will use Nics Chica Lena as her Non Pro Bridle horse.

Scootem-N-Shootem PhotograPhy

NoN pro two reiN

Dan roeser and Nics chica lena started 2014 on a winning note and carried that success to a year-end title in the open two rein.

Randy Gamble/This Cats Smart Too After tying to win the Non Pro Two Rein National Championship, Randy Gamble is getting closer to realizing his dreams for This Cats Smart Too. That dream is to have good wins in the hackamore, two rein and the bridle. Last year, the pair won the Northwest Region in the Non Pro Hackamore and finished third in the National standings. “I thought it would be really cool to win something in all three stages,” Gamble said. “I really like the traditional, Spanish way of bringing the horses up through the stages to make a bridle horse. The Two Rein is steeped in tradition and it’s a step that not too many horses get to do any more and I think it’s an important one. I have a nice collection of old silver bits that I really enjoy using,

72 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/24/15 5:27:14 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 73

3/23/15 3:44:23 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs Scootem-N-Shootem PhotograPhy

Just Plain Doin It), aka “Whip,” two years ago at the end of his 4-year-old year. “Every day on him is a blast. He’s just a fun horse to go show,” said Gamble, a garlic farmer from Prineville, Oregon, who trains his own horses. “There are a lot of nice trainers up here who give a lot of good advice and are very, very helpful. I want to thank them and the people in the Pacific Northwest.”

NoN pro two reiN

randy Gamble and this cats smart too followed up a regional championship with the Non pro two rein National co-championship. Primo moraleS

college student Mary tamme and “cow bully” im Bratman shared the Non pro two rein National championship.

so with the Two Rein I get to use all of them. “I didn’t know if [winning the Non Pro Two Rein National Championship] was possible or not,” Gamble added. “I didn’t know if I could compete with the young

ones. I’ve dabbled with horses all my life, but I’ve never been that serious or had really good livestock.” After taking 10 years off from competition, Gamble, 60, bought This Cats Smart Too (WR This Cats Smart x Doin It Too x

Mary Tamme/Im Bratman It wasn’t until halfway though the year that Mary Tamme realized she and her gelding, Im Bratman, were sitting on top of the standings in the Non Pro Two Rein. After competing at the last show of the season, the Celebration Of Champions, Tamme became the Non Pro Two Rein National Co-Champion. “We had a really good year,” Tamme said. “It proves that my horse has done well and that we’ve come a long way.” Her best memories from the season come from the NRCHA Derby and the World Show where she placed first and second, respectively. “At the NRCHA Derby, we had really good cow work. When he circled the cows he did that little rollback thing in the circle and hopped over,” Tamme said. “At the World Show we didn’t have the cow we needed to win it, but he did so good that I was really happy.” Tamme purchased Im Bratman (Im Chairman x Brata Tat Tat x Paid By Chic), aka “Bart,” from Corey Cushing after the trainer had shown him at the Snaffle Bit Futurity in 2011. “We’d seen him before [the Snaffle Bit Futurity] and knew we wanted him back then,” said Tamme, who trains with Mike Berg. “He loves cows and we joke about it because he’s a little bit of a cow bully. He’s a small horse, but he’ll get up there and push them around.”

74 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_064_NatChamps.indd 74

3/24/15 5:27:38 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 75

3/23/15 3:44:42 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs Primo morales

While Im Bratman might be tough on cows, he’s a sweet horse around people. “He’s awesome. In the barn he’s the world’s laziest horse. You can put anyone on him, even if they’ve never ridden before, and he’ll just trot around, but then he can also be shown in the Open. He’s just got one of those personalities that’s really mellow and then when you put him to work he wakes up.” Tamme, 23, studies at the University of California-San Diego, where she is double majoring in math and physics. She’ll start graduate school in the fall to study mechanical engineering.

$5,000 NoN pro liMited & Youth liMited Cutter McLaughlin/CD Dee Vee Dee Work ethic. That’s the reason that Wendy and Jay McLaughlin bought their son, Cutter McLaughlin, the gelding CD Dee Vee Dee, and it’s the reason the 11-year-old won two National Championships in 2014. “He’s always had a huge love of horses. He’s been the kid who’d rather be with a horse than with a bunch of other kids,” said Wendy. “He loves ‘DVD’ and he knows that he has to respect his horse and look after his horse. That’s the only reason he got DVD.” Cutter, Commerce, Texas, is humble about his achievements. The only thing the young horseman had to say about his wins was that they were ‘really good.’ “He never takes anything for granted and he doesn’t brag or gloat about what he does; we do, but he doesn’t,” Wendy said. In the Youth Limited, 168 points gave Cutter the title. In the $5,000 Non Pro Limited, Cutter and CD Dee Vee Dee (CD Lights X Shiners Missy Jay x Shining Spark) accumulated 310 points. Cutter and CD Dee Vee Dee also claimed the 2014 $5,000 Non Pro Limited World Championship.

cutter Mclaughlin earned the right to ride cd dee Vee dee, and repaid his parents’ confidence with two National championships.

“He wants to win, but he knows how hard it is to put the work in to win and, winning is a lot of work,” Jay said of his son. “That’s why Cutter is as good as he is – he puts a lot of hours in. If he’s not riding DVD, then he’s roping or running cows up to me or doing something on a horse.” Cutter showed his parents very early on that he was dedicated to his horses. “Even as a younger child, at 7 and 8 years old, when Jay was working in the summer, he would get up on his own accord at 5 o’clock in the morning and ride his bike down to the barn so he could ride,” said Wendy. “When he was in public school he’d get up and go ride before he started his day.”

NoN pro liMited Mattie Neal/Instantee If there’s one thing that Mattie Neal is thankful for, it’s her 2005 gelding Instantee. On Instantee, Neal found a love of riding and nabbed the Non Pro Limited National Championship in the process. “It’s amazing. I never thought when I started this that I would accomplish it

so quickly or even accomplish it at all,” Neal said. “I’m very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given. I couldn’t have asked for a better horse, trainer or parents who fund me.” As a child, Neal showed halter horses extensively, going to as many as 100 shows a year. A bad experience with a horse that got spooked when she was catching it in the pasture made her walk away from horses until her sophomore year in college. That’s when she decided she wanted to ride. She did reining for a year, then met Jay McLaughlin, who talked her into trying cow horses and found Instantee (Tejons Peppy Doc X Suddenly Shiney x Shining Spark), aka “Tyson,” for her. “I’m very attached to [Tyson] because I’ve learned everything I know on him,” Neal said. “He’s stuck with me through all of it and when I was learning. I’d make mistake after mistake after mistake and he would always do it right, even if I did it wrong.” Neal, Pilot Point, Texas, began showing reined cow horses three years ago and thinks that Instantee has been the perfect horse for her.

76 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/24/15 5:27:55 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 77

3/23/15 3:45:27 PM

///////// 2014 Nrcha NatioNal chaMpioNs Primo morales

“He’s very honest. Whenever I go in the pen I know exactly what to expect,” Neal said. “He’s like a person. If I don’t give him a treat before I ride him he’s not very nice to me. He’s like a little kid.” Riding and competing has been Neal’s fun away from her day job as a speech therapist. In 2015, she plans on going down the fence. “I’m very competitive, so when I go show I go out there to win,” Neal said. “I knew this was my last year in the boxing, so I wanted Tyson to go out with a bang. This was a great note to end on.” Instantee and Neal finished the year with 344 points.

Youth Bridle

Mattie Neal and instantee ended their final year in the Non pro limited with a National championship. Primo morales

alexa Beaty ended her final year as a youth competitor with a National championship aboard star dustn Wrangler.

Alexa Beaty/Star Dustn Wrangler Alexa Beaty didn’t start the year out trying to win the Youth Bridle National Championship, but she’s happy that she ended with 106 points and the win. “It means a lot because it’s my last year as a youth,” Beaty said. “I have put in a lot of hard work for it so I was thankful for that.” Beaty, Aubrey, Texas, added a few more shows to her usual 10-show schedule for 2014. “I showed at a few weekend shows, the World shows and went to the Snaffle Bit in Reno. Reno was fun because I’d never done it before. We were on that day,” Beaty said of their Youth Bridle win in Reno. “We connected really well. It was a fun experience to go down there and have the excitement of being at the Futurity.” This is Beaty’s third year showing Star Dustn Wrangler (Starlights Wrangler X Pines Dusty Modle x Pines Dusty Dude), a 7-year-old gelding. “He’s amazing; he’s always on. It just comes down to if my head is straight,” Beaty said. “He always wants to do his best for me and always tries to do what I ask of him.”

78 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 79

3/30/15 12:30:44 PM

///////// Nrcha hackaMore classic


ew TwisT on

A ClAssiC


he NRCHA’s signature event for hackamore horses, the Hackamore Classic, returns to the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, Colo., April 29-May 3. While the third NRCHA Premier Event of the year is designed, as always, to spotlight 4- and 5-yearold cow horses and the traditional bitless headgear, the 2015 edition of the Hackamore Classic offers much more. This year’s show also includes a second Derby, in which 4- and 5-yearolds can show in a snaffle, separately from the three-event Hackamore division. Hackamore Classic entries may enter the second Derby concurrently. The Hackamore Classic also offers two full slates of horse show classes and an exhibitor’s dinner and party. Complete information and entry materials are available at

Derby Details

the 2014 hackamore classic open champion, rubys radar (one time pepto x ruby bagonia x peppy san badger), shown by Zane Davis and owned by billie Filippini.

Stephanie Duquette

Riders with 4- and 5-year-old Derby horses who only want to show in the snaffle now have another great reason to come to Pueblo, or to come with more than just hackamore horses. The Hackamore Classic entries compete in a triathlon of herd work, rein work and fence work, with a fencework-only finals. After the first three preliminary events, the top finishers in the Open, Intermediate Open, Limited

Open, Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro and Novice Non Pro will advance to the finals, where their fence work score will be added to their preliminary composite to determine the winners. There are no finals in the Open Novice Horse, Level 1 Limited Open, Amateur and Non Pro Limited divisions; those champions will be crowned based on the preliminary scores. The Open Hackamore Classic divisions have $30,000 added and the Open Novice Horse has $2,500 in added money. There is $8,000 added in the Non Pro divisions. The Non Pro Limited (herd/rein/boxing) division has $1,000 added, and the Amateur

the Nrcha hackamore classic features some exciting changes for 2015.

Hackamore Classic pot is boosted by $1,000. The ancillary Derby is also three events – herd work, rein work and cow work – and 4- or 5-year old horses may be shown

80 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_080_HackamoreClassic.indd 80

3/24/15 5:29:34 PM

///////// nrcha hackaMore claSSic april 29-May 3 Wednesday, april 29

rein Work: open/int. open/ltd. open/ level one ltd. open/nov. horse hackamore classic & derby rein Work: non pro/int. non pro/nov. non pro/ amateur hackamore classic & derby rein Work: non pro ltd. hackamore classic & derby

thursday, april 30

herd Work: non pro/int. non pro/nov. non pro/ amateur hackamore classic & derby herd Work: non pro ltd. hackamore classic & derby herd Work: open/int. open/ltd. open/ level one ltd. open/nov. horse hackamore classic & derby herd Work: non pro/nov. non pro Bridle Spectacular herd Work: non pro ltd. Spectacular herd Work: open Bridle Spectacular

Friday, May 1

cow Work: non pro/int. non pro/nov. non pro amateur hackamore classic & derby cow Work: non pro ltd. hackamore classic & derby cow Work: open/int. open/ltd. open/ level one ltd. open/nov. horse hackamore classic & derby horse Show #1: $1k non pro ltd./aQha Boxing horse Show #1: open Bridle Spectacular rein & cow Work/open Bridle/ltd. open Bridle/aQha Sr. Wch

Saturday, May 2

horse Show #1: non pro ltd. Spectacular rein & cow work/$5k non pro limited/non pro limited/aQha amateur Boxing horse Show #1: youth limited/aQha youth Boxing

in either the snaffle or the hackamore in accordance with NRCHA rules. Ancillary Derby divisions are Open/Intermediate Open/Limited Open/Level 1 Limited Open with $15,000 added; Non Pro/ Intermediate Non Pro/Novice Non Pro with $4,000 added; a $250 added Amateur and $500 added Non Pro Limited. Champions in the Ancillary Derby will be determined by the preliminary scores – no finals will be held. Hackamore Classic entries may enter the Ancillary Derby concurrently.

horse Show #1: youth Bridle/aQha youth Wch horse Show #1: non pro Bridle Spectacular rein & cow work/non pro Bridle/ int. non pro Bridle/nov. non pro Bridle/aQha amateur Wch horse Show #1: non pro hackamore* horse Show #1: open/ltd. open hackamore* horse Show #1: non pro two rein horse Show #1: open two rein horse Show #1: aQha ranch riding—open horse Show #1: aQha ranch riding—amateur horse Show #1: aQha ranch riding—youth horse Show #1: run to reno Fence only Finals: non pro/int. non pro/nov. non pro hackamore classic Fence only Finals: open/int. open/limited open hackamore classic 6pm exhibitor’s dinner

Shining lil nic Bridle Spectacular

Sunday, May 3

horse Show #2: $1k non pro limited/aQha Boxing horse Show #2: youth limited/aQha youth Boxing horse Show #2: non pro limited/$5k non pro limited/aQha Boxing horse Show #2: non pro hackamore/ aQha amateur Wch horse Show #2: open/limited open hackamore/aQha Jr. Wch horse Show #2: non pro/int. non pro/nov. non pro Bridle aQha amateur Wch horse Show #2: open/ltd. open Bridle/aQha Sr. Wch horse Show #2: youth Bridle/aQha youth Wch horse Show #2: non pro two rein/aQha am. Wch horse Show #2: open two rein/aQha Sr. Wch horse Show #2: aQha ranch riding—open horse Show #2: aQha ranch riding—amateur horse Show #2: aQha ranch riding—youth

Stephanie Duquette

A three-event Bridle Spectacular – herd work, rein work and cow work – is offered at the Hackamore Classic. For the third consecutive year, this event will be named for Shining Lil Nic (Smart Shiner x Dig A Lil Nic x Diggers Rest), a 2003 stallion owned by Bill and Janiejill Tointon. Shining Lil Nic is an earner of more than $100,000. His show record also includes 134 American Quarter Horse Association performance points in cutting, reining and working cow horse; an AQHA Performance Register of Merit and Superior Working Cow Horse award; and his NRCHA Supreme Reined Cow Horse designation. In 2009, as a 6-yearold, “Nic” became the only horse to win both the Open Bridle and Open Two Rein Championship in the same year at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity. This versatile stallion enjoys life at the Tointons’ Longmont, Colo., Diamond Double T Ranch. There, he is often seen with Janiejill aboard as she saddles and ground works 2-year-old prospects he sired. Shining Lil Nic’s first foals came of show age in 2012, and have already accumulated earnings of nearly $160,000. He has sired two NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Finalists and the 2014 Futurity Limited Open Reserve Champion.

Shining lil nic and owner/rider Janiejill tointon Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_080_HackamoreClassic.indd 81


3/24/15 5:29:49 PM

///////// horseMan spotlight

A well-Rounded HoRsemAn Brad Barkemeyer is the newest member of the nrcha board of directors.


he recently elected Board of Directors for the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) has many familiar faces, along with one new one. American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Professional Horseman Brad Barkemeyer of Scottsdale, Ariz., is the only new member on the board this year. Barkemeyer recorded his first NRCHA earnings in 2006. “My favorite horse is Dulce Smart Boomer [Dulces Smart Lena x Boomerita x Boomernic],” Barkemeyer said. “He was a fun horse to show, and he brought me my first big NRCHA win in the [2010 Derby] Limited Open.” Another horse that has already had a heavy impact on Barkemeyer’s career is Smartee (Smart Little Lena x Starlight Playgirl x Grays Starlight), owned by Lucava Farms Inc. Barkemeyer and the gelding won the 2011 NRCHA Primo morales

Brad Barkemeyer and smartee in 2011

Hackamore Classic Open, as well as three other Open divisions. In 2013, Barkemeyer finished as the NRCHA Derby Intermediate Open Reserve Champion aboard Nic It Starlight (Nic It In The Bud x Okie Starbella x Grays Starlight) and was sixth in the 2013 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Intermediate Open aboard Reygulator (Dual Rey x MH Bodees Starlena x Bodee Boonsmal). Barkemeyer’s direct involvement in and love of the cow horse industry led him to seek a position on the board. “I feel like it’s a constantly changing industry. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, and I want to be involved and try to help make positive changes as we grow,” Barkemeyer said. “Obviously we can’t please everyone, but if we shoot for that as a goal, the positive changes that are made will hopefully benefit everyone from youth through non-pro to open and include breeders and sponsors—everyone directly or indirectly involved with the sport.” Barkemeyer started training horses for money when he was 14 years old by riding the neighboring horses and starting colts on his family’s ranch in Bozeman, Montana. “I was very unfamiliar with the horse show industry until I went to college,” said Barkemeyer. At the end of his freshman year at Montana State University,

By Kristin Burlingame

where he completed a bachelor’s degree in agriculture operations technology, Barkemeyer started working as AQHA judge David Avery’s assistant trainer, dealing primarily with roping horses. During that time, Barkemeyer learned he could potentially make a living doing something that he loved. “When I finished my apprenticeship with Dave, I went to work with Al [Dunning], because I wanted to do more than just rope horses,” Barkemeyer said. “It intrigued me to be a well-rounded horseman and be able to train horses in multiple disciplines. “Being involved with both of those guys exposed me to a whole new world of resources,” Barkemeyer added. “What impressed me is that in the cow horse industry, most of the guys are very willing to help and will answer your questions. I always felt like there were no personal agendas behind their help, they genuinely wanted to try to help you improve.” Today, Barkemeyer trains out of the same facility as professionals Corey Cushing and Shadd Parkinson. They work together on a daily basis, he said, and have a good relationship that allows them to help each other out regularly. One day, Barkemeyer hopes to be able to return the favor and help other young, up-and-coming trainers get their start in the industry. His desire to remain a horseman of diversity presents itself through his operation, which focuses on cow horse, cutting, reining and team roping.

82 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_082_HS.indd 82

3/24/15 5:30:40 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 83

3/30/15 12:29:29 PM

THRougH YouR Lens Nrcha MeMber photos Send your NRCHA member photos to Images must be at least 1MB in size for publication.

seeing spots? that’s how they like it at thunderstruck ranch in Delburne, alberta, canada, where Jim Dobler and heather Mclevin raise appaloosa reined cow horses. photo submitted by heather Mclevin.

triple threat! the ladies of the Nrcha: show coordinator allison Walker, senior administrator carrie Mcbride, and show secretary Kelley hartranft in a rare moment out of the office at the 2015 celebration of champions.

National reining horse association Futurity champion and first-time World’s Greatest horseman competitor casey Deary received his back number at the reception. left to right: larry bell, of Kalpowar Quarter horses/parks bell ranches, and his granddaughters, connally and emily Kate bell; casey Deary; and lorna and tom Neel, owners of Deary’s World’s Greatest horseman mount, Zezes pepto cat.

champion cow horse coloradoboonsmal (peptoboonsmal x Miss playboys Josie x Freckles playboy) rocks some Nrcha logo wear as he relaxes in his stall at the celebration of champions in Fort Worth. he is owned by ted and cheryl swanson.

people can wear the Nrcha apparel, too! amanda Gardiner sent us this selfie with son Gage on a chilly February day at home in ashland, Kansas.

84 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_084_TYL.indd 84

3/21/15 12:21:40 AM

Scarlet O Mae (all Starlight x alisos red Mae x lobo lena Quixote), a 2012 Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Finalist trained and shown by Zane Davis, welcomes her first foal. “Zane suggested the breeding of ‘Scarlet’ to One Time pepto, and on Valentine’s Day 2015, our future cow horse was born!” reports Judy Trevor. Judy owns the mare with the OMae Syndicate.

a cardinal takes flight against a snowy landscape at the Weatherford, Texas, facility of Nrcha Breeder Sponsor and Event Sponsor holy cow performance horses. The talented lens of phil hall captured this moment.

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

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3/30/15 12:01:35 PM

national reined cow horse association

corporate partners

Platinum Performance is the Official Nutritional Supplement of the NRCHA! Platinum Performance, Inc. is the manufacturer of Platinum Performance Equine Wellness and Performance Formula, a comprehensive supplement rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, bioavailable trace minerals, amino acids and joint protective anti-inflammatory nutrients. This formula is designed to support the immune system, joints, bones, muscles, and provide sustained energy and enhanced performance. It is excellent for performance horses of all ages, broodmares, stallions and foals. Platinum Performance nutritional supplements were originally developed to decrease rehabilitation time after orthopedic surgeries, to speed bone growth and tissue healing, and reduce swelling complications. For more information, visit Platinum Performance at our web site at www.

Smart Boons (Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Easter x Smart Little Lena), a 2005 AQHA red roan stallion and earner of nearly $193,000, counts the 2009 National Reined Cow Horse Association Open Derby Championship among his many accolades. He has been trained and shown for most of his career by NRCHA Million Dollar Rider Corey Cushing. Smart Boons is proudly owned by Eric and Wendy Dunn, and they invite you to share their passion! Learn more at or contact Oswood Stallion Station at 817-559-4560 for breeding information.

As the official equine insurance company for the NRCHA, Markel has provided uninterrupted coverage for horses and horserelated risks for over four decades. Sharing your passion for horses and committed to the horse industry, Markel is an experienced company whose associates are horse people first and insurance people second. Their insurance products focus on protecting your horses, home, barn, tack and equipment. Whether you have one horse or an entire stable, board or train horses, Markel can fully protect you. Visit for more information on Markel’s products.

PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs. Everything we do is for the love of dogs. As the world’s largest dog food brand, our passion is to make the world a better place for dogs. We champion causes to help dogs find loving homes, and we are dedicated to understanding dogs’ needs to make sure every dog is fed well, because every dog deserves great nutrition. PEDIGREE® products include a wide variety of treats including DENTASTIX®, MARROBONE®, and JUMBONE®. PEDIGREE® brand is proud to be a corporate partner of the National Reined Cow Horse Association. To find out more about PEDIGREE® brand visit

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is located in the heart of Reno/Tahoe USA. Guests have access to over 40 championship golf courses, 18 legendary ski resorts, hiking, biking and equestrian trails, fishing, boating and guided tours to Tahoe, Carson and Virginia City. GSR is northern Nevada’s largest resort destination with 1,990 guest rooms, 850 of them luxury suites. The property offers a wide variety of accommodations for the everyday business traveler to the complete family vacation with amenities that include 200,000 square feet of meeting and convention space, branded retail shopping, headliner entertainment, a movie theater, a 50-lane championship bowling center, outdoor thrill rides, aqua golf driving range, the largest casino north of Las Vegas, plus much more.

Nutrena® provides one of the world’s most comprehensive lines of equine nutritional products, including SafeChoice®, Vitality®, Life Design®, Empower® and XTN®. As part of the world’s largest equine nutrition company, Nutrena® offers advanced nutrition research, technology, unmatched resources and decades of experience to its customers. Since 1921, Nutrena® has been providing premier products and services to consumers throughout North America and is proud to be the Official Equine Feed of AQHA, an AAEP Educational Partner as well as the Official Feed of the NRCHA.

Team up with Classic Equine and PLAY TO WIN! Classic Equine is fast becoming standard equipment of performance champions. Just ask the professionals. Serious competitors care about their horse’s health and soundness. Classic Equine offers a variety of innovative and protective products including saddle pads, cinches, support boots and bell boots. All products are manufactured to the highest standards for quality and value. After all, the creation of a product line that satisfies the serious competitor’s high expectations of performance is what Classic Equine is all about. With input from many of today’s leading riders, each product is designed and tested for function, fit, durability and value. That is why when it comes to the horse’s protection and comfort for training and competition, champions prefer Classic Equine. For more information visit our web site at www. or call 1-800-654-7864. San Juan Ranch, a Division of Santa Cruz Animal Health is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the distribution and development of Veterinary and Animal Health Care Products. The Company offers a wide range of products for the optimal care of performance horses, livestock and companion animals. The Animal Health product line includes a comprehensive, high-quality, affordable line of UltraCruz™ Animal Health Supplements for horses, dogs and cats. Veterinary Prescription Drugs for a broad range of clinical applications, including antibiotics, anti-fungals, critical care, reproduction and neonatal products, are also available. San Juan Ranch is a top breeder of Performance Horses and Gelbvieh Cattle. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., the parent company, is a world leader in the development of products for the biomedical research market. Over the past twenty years, the company has focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies, biochemicals, labware and has recently expanded into animal health care products. Rios of Mercedes, the official boot of the NRCHA, is a perfect fit for the horsemen and horsewomen of the National Reined Cow Horse Association. A company that creates highend custom cowboy boots that celebrate the tradition of the west, Rios of Mercedes is known for quality, authenticity and value. For information, visit

86 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

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3/21/15 12:23:19 AM

The Silver Legacy is a National Reined Cow Horse Association Host Hotel. The Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada, combines Nevada’s turn-of-thecentury silver mining heritage with state-of-theart architecture and unrivaled entertainment theming. Encompassing over two blocks in the heart of downtown Reno, Silver Legacy features 1,720 guest rooms and suites. With dark woods, marble floors and rich, vibrant carpeting, the elegant and refined Resort Casino has six uniquely themed restaurants. Silver Legacy showcases the world’s largest composite dome, measuring 180 feet in diameter. The interior of the dome, an astounding 75,000 square feet, reflects the dramatic skies of Reno, and depicts an entire day from sunrise to sunset. The indoor sky is one of the largest indoor murals ever painted. For information, visit or call (800) 687-7733.

The Nutro Company is a leading manufacturer of natural pet food products sold exclusively at pet specialty stores. The company has been making premium pet food for more than 80 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition offering healthful formulas for every pet’s life stage, activity level and size. The Nutro Company’s family of brands includes MAX® dog and cat food, NATURAL CHOICE® dog and cat food, and ULTRA™ food for dogs in addition to the GREENIES® brands, which include the #1 veterinary-recommended pet specialty dental chews, and PILL POCKETS® and JOINT CARE® treats. For more information, please visit www. and Bloomer Trailers and Schwalbe Trucks, presented by Great West Trailers is an NRCHA Corporate Partner and Bloomer is the “Official Horse Trailer” of the NRCHA. Bloomer Trailers has raised the bar in the horse trailer industry. “If you can dream it, we can build it,” is the company slogan. Bloomer offers the highest quality standards of any trailer manufacturer and backs it up with a 10 year structural warranty. For information, see your local Bloomer Trailer dealer or visit www.

Clinton Anderson is a clinician, horse trainer and competitor. He’s dedicated his life to helping others realize their horsemanship dreams and keeping them inspired to achieve their goals. The Downunder Horsemanship method of horse training is based on mutual respect and understanding and gives horse owners the knowledge needed to become skilled horsemen and train their horses to be consistent and willing partners. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces an award-winning television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible.

Bob’s Custom Saddles of Scottsdale, Arizona, is the Official Saddle Maker of the NRCHA. Bob’s Custom Saddles makes stock and custom saddles for every discipline in the western industry. Bob’s trophy saddles have been a big part of the National Reined Cow Horse Association for many years and are endorsed by NRCHA top trainers.

Gist Silversmiths: Crafting a Legend Piece by Piece Gist Silversmiths is proud of its partnership with the NRCHA as its “Official Silversmith”. For 40 years, Gist has been considered the industry leader in customized trophy and award buckles for champions of all disciplines. Gist Silversmiths believes there is no substitute for the finest in quality, superior craftsmanship and reliable service. Attention to detail is evident in each of their finely sculpted motifs and logos; quality enhanced by unique buckle designs. An award buckle is presented to commemorate a significant achievement and each recipient should be honored with a buckle reflecting the pride of a Champion. For more information, visit the Gist Silversmiths web site at

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Wear Cinch to Win! It’s the Official Clothing of the NRCHA! Lead...don’t follow and wear the choice of champions - Cinch jeans and shirts. When performance counts, the members of the NRCHA turn to Cinch jeans. Cinch is the brand of choice for some of the world’s best horse trainers like Bob Avila, Teddy Robinson and Todd Bergen. Why? Because Cinch jeans offer the kind of fit and comfort that allow riders to focus on the work at hand. Plus Cinch jeans and shirts always look good. You’ll find Cinch jeans and shirts at your favorite Western store or catalog. Or log onto to find the retailer nearest you. “Cinch up” with Cinch jeans and shirts. Wear the choice of champions.

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

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3/21/15 12:23:53 AM

///////// froM the judge’s chair

Good, BeTTeR, BesT Nrcha director of judges Bill enk explains the factors a judge considers when scoring a run a 70. Primo morales


he National Reining Horse Association defines a zero maneuver score as correct with little or no degree of difficulty. If all the maneuvers in the pattern meet the criteria, the exhibitor would earn a score of 70. Translated to our cow horse discipline, a zero maneuver means good form without a lot of speed or degree of difficulty. In reality, the score of 70 is one of the most challenging scores for the judges to mark. It comes in multiple ways in our three events. We will start by analyzing it in the herd work. In the herd work, the score of 70 usually has these characteristics: the rider has a average cut, the horse maintains proper position on the cow, has some eye appeal, and does not require excessive handling by the rider. The animal being worked does not display a great deal of movement or desire to return to the herd. The degree of difficulty is, at best, average. The judge theoretically could assign some credit for eye appeal or control, but it would be negated by the lack of degree of difficulty. This scenario on the two or three cows worked would very likely end up with a score in the 69 through 71 range. The scores of 69, 70, and 71, represent works from the low end of average (69) to the high end of average (71). This allows for the judge to have an opinion on whether he/she was able to find anything positive or negative on this basic 70, or average, work.

this is a great moment in the cow work by a lil dab Will do (cat Man do x dainty little step x Wimpys little step), shown by robert chown and owned by larry and Kathy Barker. if some things also went wrong during the run, a judge could arrive at a score of 70. a lil dab Will do was the 2015 aaron ranch cow horse classic derby intermediate open reserve champion and tied for 3rd in the open.

The key is to use the score sheet to help justify and document the final score. If documented properly and the final score resulted in a 70, the judge has set a precedent for what he/she considers an average work. The benefit of recognizing a true 70 work is that it gives the judge a barometer to score the better works higher and the poorer works lower. The next question the judge should ask when differentiating an above-average work from a below-average one is how much better or worse than average is the work? Is it one point better or worse? More? Recognizing the differ-

ences in the quality of works allows some spacing between scores and helps separate horses. In summary, the score of 70 usually evolves from works that have some good things and some not so good things happen. The challenge is to weigh the good against the not so good and come up with a score that takes both into consideration. In many situations, the answer is the score of 70. Until next time, Bill Enk NRCHA Director of Judges

88 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_088_FTJ.indd 88

3/20/15 11:57:59 PM

Judges List as of March 9, 2015

name Susan S. Abel Andy B. Adams Andy L. Adams John Aipperspach Randall D. Alderson Blue R. Allen Jeff Allen Mark A. Anderson Ron K. Anderson Lyn Anderson Karen R. Arlin Billy Arthur Lavert Avent David Avery Bob C. Avila Jane Bagley Lance A. Baker Margo Lea Ball Maik Bartmann Gary A. Baumer Jaime C. Beamer Michael W. Bednarek Chris C. Benedict Jack A. Bingham Allison C. Blevins Ron Bluett Dean E. Bogart Mario Boisjoli Jan Boogaerts Ricky Bordignon John W. Boudreaux Sarah A. Bradley Aaron C. Brookshire Stephen F. Brown Skip R. Brown Cyndi L. Brown Tom B. Buckingham Mark E. Buckley Rod L. Burr Brandon C. Buttars Antonino Cancellieri Christie L. Capik Marvin “Butch” Carse Joe A. Carter Dolly R. Chayer Rick Chayer Justin K. Cherry Ian A. Chisholm Berry Clanton Bonnie Jo Clay Billy Cochrane Sandra M. Collier Jill L. Cook Dawn Coons Cal Cooper

City Lamoille Gerber Happy Springfield Sharpsville Alamosa Gretna Granbury Calgary Madera Escalon Okeechobee Watrous Amarillo Temecula Dimmitt Canyon Fort Collins D-67574 Osthofen Chowchilla Lipan Jamesville Weatherford Petaluma Templeton Crawfordsville Del Ray Beach Gig Harbor 2260 Westerlo I-36100 Vicenza VI Abbeville Richmond Simi Valley Findlay Eagle Point Gainesville Bruneau Mead Turlock Snowville San Nattaro Sesia Orland Davenport Saint George Sperry Sperry New Plymouth Weatherford Bakersfield Tioga Sanger Los Alamos Erie Cat Spring Phoenix



CANADA 559-304-0930 209-602-4987 910-290-3426


Phone 775-753-3120 530-200-2229 806-240-0889 417-207-4094 765-432-9586 719-221-6098 402-657-6585 254-396-5104


806-679-0722 503-784-2513 806-647-8303 806-683-4145 970-227-8233 491726248016 530-276-7345 940-902-5755 315-243-4387 682-333-4999 707-495-4989 805-286-1102 765-376-7670 805-217-4506 32497589940 398483806646 337-356-6206 765-969-9901 805-975-7190 419-429-9359 541-826-9094 940-727-9757 208-599-3611 303-775-0505 209-648-2596 435-279-0772 003933987206 530-517-1000 863-207-1240 519-732-0219 918-625-8337 918-706-1043 817-304-0289 760-937-2734 940-367-3245 559-286-5600 805-350-1869 303-709-0276 979-942-0131 602-625-1643


Level Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 3A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 3A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_089_JudgesList.indd 89


3/23/15 11:41:06 AM

Debbie P. Cooper Zeb A. Corvin David B. Costello Camille H. Courtney Frank E. Craighead Todd Crawford Tom E. Crowley Michael C. Damianos Chris C. Dawson Augusto DeFazio Laurel Walker Denton Russell A. Dilday David J. Dillman Nicholas S. Dowers Frederick M. Drayer Janette M. Dublin Jim Dudley Al Dunning Ron E. Emmons Bill Enk Terry L. Erickson Kathie Ferrante Buddy B. Fisher Tony M. Fisher Juli Fitch Todd D. Fitch Jack Forsberg Leo W. Fourre Lyle T. Frederickson Lorraine S. Gilchrist Taylor C. Gillespie David W. Glaser Mona Goransson Jake D. Gorrell Benny R. Guitron Mark E. Guynn Debbie M. Hall Derek Hanscome Tracey A. Hatakeyama Susanne Haug Philipp M. Haug Terrill Heaton Robin L. Henrichs Jay G. Henson James F. Hitt Linda K. Hitt Geoff M. Hoar Jay Holmes Wayne Holt Jan Hoskin Hay Doug Huls Doug R. Ingersoll Bobby C. Ingersoll Mary K. Ingwerson Lyle A. Jackson Chris D. Jeter Sandy L. Campbell Jirkovsky Lance B. Johnston Lukas J. Jones Ann Judge W Michael Jung Robbin Jung Bob J. Kail

Cave Creek Canyon Paso Robles Franktown Weatherford Blanchard Kellogg Oak View Burneyville Rivarolo Canaves 10086 Skull Valley Wynnewood Calhan Dyer Le Grand San Angelo Columbia Scottsdale Ione Paso Robles Rigby Somis Abilene Marsing Arbon Arbon Garland Edina Alto Asquith Watkins Parma 681 91 Kristinehamn Hanford Merced Berthoud Cocoa New Glasgow Atascadero Trochtelfingen 08626 Gettengruen Las Vegas McCook Hugoton Elizabeth Elizabeth Red Deer County Sarasota Argyle Pinnacle Anthem Lincoln Reno Weeping Water Cochrane Stephenville Kearney Lindsay Allerton Bennett Farmington Farmington Scottsdale


480-363-3047 806-517-1205 559-333-1470 720-390-8434 817-565-5375 405-229-6053 651-380-9194 805-701-0338 940-902-4242 393388860657 559-359-2637 505-660-7054 775-813-0241 209-761-1134 817-776-7129 602-361-8803 209-418-8080 805-610-2462 208-569-7798 805-276-4892 325-669-0055 208-550-1733 208-251-6737 208-251-2171 435-230-3560 612-501-3456 616-885-8206

CANADA 719-439-3505 208-989-5404 SWEDEN





559-679-5014 209-602-2514 303-907-1007 321-863-0456 902-759-4533 805-801-9100 491717195692 702-281-2868 402-649-2342 620-544-6919 303-917-4119 303-917-4121 403-588-4630 941-232-4617 940-391-7330 940-391-6327 916-812-7056 775-225-9719 402-616-1118 403-542-6913 817-247-7013 308-440-9627 805-550-8387 641-870-0090 303-907-4782 801-647-1059 801-231-6343 209-327-3251

Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 3A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 3A Judge: 2A Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A

90 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_089_JudgesList.indd 90

3/23/15 11:41:19 AM

Emil Karlsson Larry H. Kasten Rod Kelley Brad W. Kelsall Tony S. Kennedy Donna H. King Jeremy S. Knoles Ramona J. Koch Brigitte Kuenzel Jan Larsen Eugenio Latorre Teresa J. Lauth Fredy Laval Patrice A. Lee Alex F. Long Jaton L. Lord Mike W. Lund Morgan R. Lybbert Lisa D. Macauley Gary J. Martinez Filippo Masi Mark P. Matson Rick D. Maxson Dan E. Mayer Robert Cody McArthur Shaun T. McBride Carl McCuistion Karen McCuistion Chele A. McGauly Kathleen L. McPhaul Jeremy Meador Alessandro Meconi Darren L. Miller Bonnie Miller Mike E. Miller Allen R. Mitchels Jacky Molliex-Donjon Alessandro Monaldi James L. Montgomery Peter A. Morgan Tom E. Neel Ricky Nicolazzi Connie C. O’Brien Jamie L. Olson Gay Lynn Owens Bradley A. Pagh John R. Pascoe Jason M. Patrick Dema M. Paul Jim H. Paul, Sr. Bret J. Paulick Will E. Pennebaker Jamie L. Peters Marilyn G. Peters Jerry Peters Laurie S. Petkus John L. Pipkin Kenda G. Pipkin Samuele Poli Billy Prather Smoky Pritchett Kenny E. Pugh, Sr. Gary W. Putman

Tidaholm River Falls Millsap Ocala Tuppers Plains Brea North Platte Paicines Hosenruck Gilroy Caatellbell i El vilar Eyota St Laurent de Vaux Erie Mariposa Camp Verde Atascadero Valley View Oakdale Longmont 53014 Monteroni D’Arbia Temecula Monkey Island Ephraim Strathmore Mount Sterling Wilson Wilson Elm Grove Golden Star Castel Gandolfo Rome Watkins Morrisville Collinston Michigan City 38280 Villette d’Anthon Corciano Bountiful Reddick Millsap Grass Valley Winnemucca Bloomfield Creston Ocala Irvine Steamboat Springs Cave Creek Cave Creek Erda Wilton Edmond Edmond Kiowa Carmel Valley Canyon Canyon Sarzana La Spezia Camden Red Bluff Milton Freewater Gainesville




46722437518 715-441-9549 817-771-8755 352-598-1509 740-516-1985 562-743-4681 806-330-1701 831-801-7212 41719471760 408-691-1601 34 629023988 507-269-7454 671943497 303-801-7287 209-765-7714 831-801-1703 805-801-7166 940-727-4089 209-765-1676 303-881-2815 393356549873 951-852-5250 918-688-8483 435-979-3059

CANADA 614-519-5969 580-220-1181 580-220-7755 318-347-3317 970-371-7199 208-850-3456 ITALY



303-601-5483 315-573-4030 435-770-6668 219-898-5010 33617452636 801-721-0001 352-302-1618 940-859-6585 530-615-7755 775-761-7876 402-640-2824 641-202-5004 352-361-4723 714-745-9725 970-846-5455 602-740-2950 602-750-4155 435-496-0641 805-801-0769 405-833-8853 405-620-7039 303-621-9625 831-224-3604 806-433-3729 806-570-1534

ITALY 803-669-1325 530-200-0560 713-503-9676 940-465-7844

Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 2A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 3A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_089_JudgesList.indd 91


3/23/15 11:41:25 AM

John J. Quinlan Vicki K. Radtke Aaron T. Ralston Marilyn K. Randall Wade J. Reaney Guillermo Recio Trigg C. Rentfro Anne M. Reynolds Roy A. Rich Enrico Righetti Dan S. Roeser Fielding (Bozo) H. Rogers Troy A. Rogers Sam M. Rose Pam R. Rose Rusty R. Ruby Cynthia R. Rucker Bill J. Sanguinetti Debby M. Sanguinetti Thomas Santini Lance R. Scheffel Markus Schopfer Zeph P. Schulz Pamela Scott Roy Sharpe Dennis H. Sigler Andrea J. Simons Karl D. Smith Robert J. Smith, III John S. Snyder Jim W. Spence Brandon T. Staebler Gary S. Stark Shane L. Steffen Harvey D. Stevens Timothy W. Stewart Mauro Taccia Carol L. Telford Jake A. Telford R David Terrell Becky A. Terrell Les M. Timmons Kyle Trahern John C. Tuckey Betsy Tuckey Tim Unzicker Jeffry J. Veitch T.E. Vinci Carlo Volpi Allen R. Walton Lori L. Walton Brady E. Weaver Gary W. Webb Wayne W. Whitehead Doug Williamson Todd D. Williamson Maryann Willoughby Betty O. Wilson Cayley R. Wilson Richard W. Winters Deb S. Witty Ken L. Wold Debra J. Wright Nancie K. Wright H. Fain Yearty

Holyoke Syracuse Silt Bridger Rupert Petaluma Krum King Hill Temecula I-37010 Costermano VR Marsing Rhome Belen Pilot Point Pilot Point Grantsville Cumming Farmington Farmington I-60013 Corinaldo Ancona Rice Lake Ivrea Coalville Clermont Goldthwaite Bryan Aubrey Jerome Wimarma Wellington Yamhill Klamath Falls Caldwell Powell Butte Indian River Paso Robles I-33041 Aiello del Friuli UD 00010 Lunghezza Caldwell Millington Sanger Saskatoon Walsh Liberty Liberty Roundup Montrose Covington Torre De Picenardi Bluff Dale Stanley Enterprise Ash Grove Mansfield Bakersfield Eagle Hugoton Pampa Abbotsford Reno Ellensburg Wilton Plainville Penrose Holt


402-616-0908 970-270-6274 406-425-1547 208-431-4703 707-776-4999 817-487-8079 208-599-7733 951-529-6258 393392025507 208-841-2052 254-631-1201 505-269-7318 940-367-5748 435-830-0356 770-844-7275 209-403-4799 209-403-0191







393355300543 801-637-0047 407-716-2087 325-938-5206 940-372-0209 940-367-3053 208-308-2676 580-238-8400 806-422-0495 503-550-6739 559-679-7138 208-850-2772 605-840-1518 937-631-3851 805-550-8515 339-250-3433 208-890-1205 901-481-4456 940-390-5532 639-471-3073 719-529-0091 804-683-4037 804-647-9358 406-320-1309 970-497-0077 985-778-3042 393381891136 254-592-2320 214-491-9069 435-668-9831 417-459-8741 419-566-4167 661-303-6015 208-250-1000 620-544-6301 806-663-9695 360-951-4883 805-504-5480 206-999-0121 916-802-6668 770-548-3674 719-250-6465 309-397-9996

Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 3A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 1A Judge: 2A Judge: 1A Judge: 3A-AQHA-CH Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A-AQHA Judge: 1A-AQHA

92 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_089_JudgesList.indd 92

3/23/15 11:41:32 AM

sHow sCHedule as of March 10, 2015

AE = Aged Event, HS = Horse Show, SE = Special Event, BS = Bridle Spectacular, AA = All Around Mar 14th - 15th Mar 14th - 15th Mar 20th - 22nd

Pot O’ Gold Horse Show Spring Fling Horse Shows Colorado RCA Mar Madness Derby, Horse Shows, and Bridle Spectacular Mar 22nd California CHA Mar Horse Show Mar 20th - 21st WOW Cow Horse & DDJ Welding Classic Horse Shows Mar 27th - 28th Jasmine Jubilee Horse Show Mar 29th - Apr 1st NRCHA Stallion Stakes Apr 4th - 5th Eastein Show Hagenbeck Stables Apr 10th - 12th Colorado RCA Cowhorse Classic Warm-Up Horse Shows Apr 11th - 12th Southwest RCHA Apr Horse Shows Apr 11th Santa Ynez Valley Cow Horse Series #1 Apr 11 - 12th Columbus Cowhorse Classic Derby & Horse Shows Apr 24th - 25th California CHA Apr Derby, Horse Show, & Bridle Spectacular Apr 24th - 25th Cowgirl Classic Horse Shows Apr 25th - 26th Dust Off the Saddle Horse Shows Apr 29th - May 2nd NRCHA Hackamore Classic May 1st - 2nd Sinsheim Open Pre-Derby May 8th - 10th Twisted Wire Derby, Bridle Spectacular & Horse Shows May 15th - 17th Spring Spectacular Horse Shows, Derby, & Bridle Spectacular May 15th - 17th Sherri Gilkerson Memorial & Wine Country Classic Horse Show May 16th - 17th Windy City Warm Up Horse Shows May 22nd - 24th Idaho RCHA Classic Horse Show & Derby May 22nd - 24th Rancharrah Cow Horse Classic Horse Show & Derby May 23rd Santa Ynez Valley Cow Horse Series #2 May 22nd - 23rd May Shindig Derby, Horse Shows May 30th - 31st California CHA May Horse Shows Jun 6th & 7th Guns Up Ride N Slide Horse Show Jun 13th - 14th Summer Series Horse Show #1 Jun 15th - 20th NRCHA Derby Jun 20th - 21st Father’s Day Weekend Horse Shows Jun 20th - 21st Miles City Spirit of the West Derby & Horse Shows Jun 27th California CHA Jun Horse Show Jul 11th Santa Ynez Valley Cow Horse Series #3 Jul 11th - 12th Red Dirt Rendezvous Horse Shows Jul 18th - 19th Cottonwood Bonanza Futurity, Derby & Horse Shows Jul 24th - 26th Summer Cow Horse Roundup Hose Shows Aug 1st - 2nd Summer Series Horse Show #2 Aug 15th - 16th End of Summer Send Off Horse Shows Aug 21st - 23rd Central Montana RCHA Futurity, Derby & Horse Shows Sep 6th California CHA Sep Horse Show Sep 11th - 13th Summer Series Horse Show #3 Sept. 21st - Oct. 3rd NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Oct 16th - 18th Saddle Shoot Out & Cut for a Cause Horse Show Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st Last Chance Halloween Classic Futurity, Derby, Bridle Spec, & Horse Shows

HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1 & 2

Temecula, CA Lubbock, TX Castle Rock, CO

Southern California RCHA Panhandle RCHA Colorado RCA

Kelley Hartranft Misty Hobbs Jerry Peters

714-255-7488 806-683-0466 303-621-9625

HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1

Bakersfield, CA Eugene, OR

California CHA Northwest RCHA

Kelley Hartranft Keri Croft

714-255-7488 503-701-3305

HS cat. 1 HS/LAE/ cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1 HS cat. 1

Clemson, SC Las Vegas, NV Wijnandsrade, Holland Castle Rock, CO

The Carolinas RCHA NRCHA N/A Colorado RCA

Susan Daniels Allison Walker Sylvia Bate Jerry Peters

919-894-2973 940-488-1500 49-160-844-4813 303-621-9625

HS cat. 1 & 2 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1

Ardmore, OK Santa Ynez, CA Columbus, MT

Southwest RCHA N/A Central Montana RCHA

Renee Burks Carol Sutton Dan Weiss

405-818-7556 805-260-4535 406-852-3142

HS/LAE/ cat. 1

Bakersfield, CA

California CHA

Kelley Hartranft


HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 & 2 HS/LAE cat. 1 & 2 HS/LAE cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1

Lynden, WA North Branch, MN Pueblo, CO Sinsheim, Germany Livingston, MT

Northwest RCHA North Central RCHA NRCHA N/A Central Montana RCHA

Keri Croft Deb Matko Allison Walker Sylvia Bate Dan Weiss

503-701-3305 612-860-6371 940-488-1500 49-160-844-4813 406-852-3142

HS/LAE cat. 1 & 2

Cannon Falls, MN

North Central RCHA

Deb Matko


HS cat. 1

Temecula, CA

Southern California RCHA

Kelley Hartranft


HS cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1

Amarillo, TX Nampa, ID Reno, NV

Panhandle RCHA Idaho RCHA Nevada RCCHA

Misty Hobbs Shirley Buekelman Jennifer Roemmich

806-683-0466 208-250-5200 775-397-2769

HS cat. 1 HS/LAE/cat. 1 & 2 HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE/ cat. 1 HS cat. 1 & 2 HS/LAE cat. 1

Santa Ynez, CA Graham, TX Bakersfield, CA Lubbock, TX Temecula, CA Paso Robles, CA Cannon Falls, MN Miles City, MT

N/A Southwest RCHA California CHA Panhandle RCHA Southern California RCHA NRCHA North Central RCHA Central Montana RCHA

Carol Sutton Renee Burks Kelley Hartranft Misty Hobbs Kelley Hartranft Allison Walker Deb Matko Dan Weiss

805-260-4535 405-818-7556 714-255-7488 806-683-0466 714-255-7488 940-488-1500 612-860-6371 406-852-3142

HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1

Bakersfield, CA Santa Ynez, CA Lubbock, TX Joliet, MT

California CHA N/A Panhandle RCHA Central Montana RCHA

Kelley Hartranft Carol Sutton Misty Hobbs Dan Weiss

714-255-7488 805-260-4535 806-683-0466 406-852-3142

HS cat. 1 & 2 HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 & 2 HS/LAE cat. 1

Cannon Falls, MN Temecula, CA North Branch, MN Livingston, MT

North Central RCHA Southern California RCHA North Central RCHA Central Montana RCHA

Deb Matko Kelley Hartranft Deb Matko Dan Weiss

612-860-6371 714-255-7488 612-860-6371 406-852-3142

HS cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE/ cat. 1 HS cat. 1 HS/LAE cat. 1 & 2

Bakersfield, CA Temecula, CA Reno, NV Temecula, CA Cannon Falls, MN

California CHA Southern California RCHA NRCHA Southern California RCHA North Central RCHA

Kelley Hartranft Kelley Hartranft Allison Walker Kelley Hartranft Deb Matko

714-255-7488 714-255-7488 940-488-1500 714-255-7488 612-860-6371

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104 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_104_ShowScheduleAdlist.indd 104

3/23/15 11:54:06 AM

subsCRibed stallions stallion

Contact Phone

A Shiner Named Sioux All Reddy Smart ARC Moonstruckrey ARC Sparkin Chics Auspicious Cat Autumn Acre Backdoor Cat Bet Hesa Cat Bet On Me 498 Bets Smart Lena Big Bucks To Cash Blue One Time Bobs Freckle Bobs Hickory Rio Boonlight Dancer Briscoe Cat Cat Ichi Cats Merada Cats Moonshine Cats Quixote Jack Catty Hawk CD Diamond CD Lights CD Olena CD Survivor Cee Mr Hickory Chic Please Chics Magic Potion Chics Renegade Cinnabars Lil Lena CJ Sugar Lena Doc At Night Docs Soula Drag And Fly Dry N Play Dual R Smokin Dual Rey Easy Move Whiskey First Fletch Freckled Leo Lena Funny B Bluemuchamon Gallo Del Cielo Genuine Masterpiece Genuine Rednic Gotta Go Get It Gunnatrashya Hallmarked Playboy Halreycious Heart Of A Fox Hes A Peptospoonful

(972) 977-6581 (406) 434-5724 (405) 659-7394 (661) 303-6015 903-564-3200 (940) 682-7471 (805) 756-5469 (806) 596-4424 (940) 682-7409 (940) 365-2690 (817) 596-9009 (817) 279-8275 (806) 373-0535 (580) 276-4830 (806) 206-2336 (972) 342-6841 (940) 464-0783 (940) 641-1261 (817) 594-9232 (580) 220-1281 (817) 599-4560 (817) 599-0522 (903) 564-3200 (805) 688-4241 (805) 550-8387 (931) 625-9881 (951) 375-6682 (435) 655-8857 (719) 749-2585 (661) 835-7533 (951) 375-6682 (541) 977-5274 (940)231-0370 (817) 313-2946 (303) 956-1887 (208) 841-2052 (806) 596-4424 (936) 870-8561 (903) 886-8836 (580) 276-4830 (307) 358-5439 x 1 (775) 423-4765 (817) 559-4560 (406) 434-5724 (800) 278-0785 (661) 301-9537 (817) 546-3630

Foal Crop: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 X






















































Contact Phone

Hes Wright On Hesa Smart Chic Heza Diamond Spark Hick Chicaroo Hickorys Indian Pep High Brow CD High Sign Nugget Highlightcat Hottish Hydrive Cat Ill Be Smart Im A Tuff Bueno Im Countin Checks Ima Smoking Mister Imacockadoodledude Jasons Peptolena Juan Bad Cat Judge Boon Junior Starlight Just Like Starlight Laredo Blue Lena Inthe Starlight Lena Peptolena Lena Spark Lenas Chex N Smart Lil Time To Smoke Little Blue Lynx Little Cielo Lotta Stuff To Shine Matt Dillon Dun It Meradas Blue Sue Meradas Money Talks Metallic Cat Mister Smart Remedy Moms Stilish Cat Moon Me Pepto Movin On Hickory Mr Boonsmal To You Mr Playinstylish Muchacho Dually Nabisco Roan Nic It In The Bud Nics Black Diamond NMSU Truckin Chex No Guns Please Oh Cay Quixote Olena Oak Olenas Holey Sox Once A Von A Time One Smart Response

(620) 635-5632 (406) 799-4426 (805) 693-1012 (817) 546-3630 (337)584-2866 (403) 749-2777 (817) 560-0038 (817) 560-0038 (530) 865-1525 (541) 977-5274 (817) 594-9232 (940) 686-0820 (831) 335-1216 (903) 227-0462 (817) 594-9232 (208) 861-0760 (916) 686-5967 (618) 473-2339 (817) 530-0038 (306) 544-2421 (901) 826-7297 (940) 668-6469 (702) 491-7200 (559) 268-1115 (859) 221-2724 (559) 999-8146 (559) 665-2908 (541) 317-4170 (817) 560-0038 (941) 234-7660 (806) 622-9787 (559) 897-8616 (208) 866-8598 (661)303-6015 (918)774-9199 940-682-4370 (806) 596-4424 (406) 223-3690 (805) 688-4241 (480) 563-1966 (805)688-3673 (520) 906-4852 (903) 816-3495 (217) 377-2258 (805) 610-8320 (530) 713-6134 (805) 688-4241 208-841-2052

Foal Crop: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 X X













































































Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_093_SubscribedStallions.indd 93


3/26/15 2:13:34 PM

subsCRibed stallions stallion

Contact Phone

One Time Pepto One Time Royalty Paddys Irish Whiskey Peppinic Peptoboonsmal Peptos Boon Shadow Peptos Duke Peptos Stylish Oak PG Dry Fire PG Gunpowder Play Dual Rey Playboys Buck Fever Playdox Playgun Playin Attraction Presidente Shiner Pretty Boy Boon Quejanaisalena RC Fancy Step Real Gun Reed N Reminic Reminic N Dunit Reminics Smokin Pep Rey Dual Reys Dual Badger Rockin W Roo Star Roosters Wrangler Royal Fletch Scootin Boon SDP Blue Blood SDP Joker Self Shine Seven From Heaven Shady Lil Starlight Shine By The Bay Shine Chic Shine Shine Like Hail Shiners Lena Doc Shiners Nickle Shiners Suduko Shinin Joe Shining Lil Nic Shining Spark Short And Smart Silver Gun Sixes Pick Skeets Peppy Smart And Shiney Smart Blackbird

(910) 596-2183 (817) 599-4560 (806) 596-4424 (951) 218-8306

Foal Crop: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

(940) 389-3093 (406) 434-5724 (817) 279-8275 (208) 454-5557 (806) 596-4424 (940) 637-2536 (307) 276-3748 (903) 816-3495 (580) 276-9397 (806) 596-4424 (417) 682-6373 (208) 939-8648 (817) 328-4477 (817) 560-0038 (580) 228-3272 (541) 977-5274
































X (559) 392-3408 (800) 278-0785 (806)596-4424 (254) 947-1292 (417) 682-6373 (806) 596-4424 (318) 995-7184 (303) 618-0749 (530) 200-0560 (940) 637-2536 (806) 596-4424 (805) 688-4241 (502) 722-8626 (940) 637-2536 (360) 474-8313 (940) 665-9304 (210) 381-3132 (405) 659-7394 (940) 391-7620 (303) 915-6444 (940) 665-9304 (661) 303-6015 (559) 897-8616 (806) 596-4424 (417) 883-8286 (940) 437-2470 (519) 913-1233





































Contact Phone

Smart Boons Smart Chic Olena Smart Like Juice Smart Lil Highbrow Smart Lil Scoot Smart Little Brady Smart Little Pepinic Smart Peppy Doc Smart Santana Smart Spook Smart Steady Date Smart Sugar Badger Smart Zanolena Smokeelan Smokums Prize Smooth As A Cat Solano Cat Son Shining Rooster Sophisticated Catt Soula Jule Star Special Dual Pep Spooks Bluestem Spots Hot Starlight Shiner Starlighting Starlights Wrangler Stressolena Stylin Beau Stylish Rey Surely A Pepto Sweet Lil Pepto Tangys Classy Peppy That CD Rocks That Sly Cat The Boon The Love Man There Comes A Time Tomcat Chex Topsails Rien Maker TR Dual Rey Uno What Time It Is Very Smart Remedy Waresthecat Widows Freckles Wild Thing DNA Willy B Gun Smart Woody Be Tuff WR This Cats Smart Yellow Roan Of Texas

(817) 599-4560 (940) 665-7961 (217) 377-2258 (559) 897-8616 (318) 995-7184 (406) 775-6226 (559) 897-8616 (559) 897-8616 (541) 504-8155 (940) 368-6999 (559) 897-8616 (352) 303-2151 (541) 419-4417 (480) 215-6577 (940) 686-2246 (940) 686-0820 (806) 584-9275 (940) 665-7557 (580) 276-4830 (307) 276-3748 (406) 265-1424 (580) 490-6188 (208) 454-5557 (541) 977-5274 (940) 437-5157 (307) 358-5439 x 1 (970) 759-9471 (303) 956-1887 (903) 816-3495 (214) 594-6900 (209) 759-3323 (559) 897-8616 (940) 682-4370 (817) 599-4648 (918) 272-5041 (208) 896-4005 (707) 678-8686 (209) 966-6793 (817) 560-0038 (405) 344-6692 (208) 366-2971 (806) 596-4424 (817) 546-3630 (480) 229-3064 (406) 777-2664 (903) 536-3286 (307) 358-5439 (209) 748-2254

Foal Crop: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 X X X X






























































94 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_093_SubscribedStallions.indd 94

3/26/15 2:13:45 PM

STALLION SUBSCRIPTION RULES 1. By nomination of a foal crop, offspring of a subscribed stallion from the nominated foal crop are eligible to show in the NRCHA Stakes both as 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds. Offspring from a nominated foal crop of a subscribed stallion are also eligible for consideration for the NRCHA Select Yearling and Select 2-Year-Old Sales. Broodmares in foal to stallions subscribed for the current breeding year (next year’s foal crop) are eligible for consideration for the NRCHA Select Broodmare Sale. 2. Any stallion of any breed may be subscribed to the NRCHA Stakes program, subject to provisions as set forth in these rules and stipulated on the entry form. 3. Nominations must be postmarked and paid by February 1 of the following year for each calendar year to avoid paying the higher fee of the following year. However, to make yearlings, 2-year-olds, and/or bred mares eligible for consideration for the NRCHA Select Sales, those stallions must be subscribed by June 1 of that particular sale year. 4. Nomination fees will be as follows: a. Paid during the breeding year (the next year’s foal crop) - $750 (or $2,500 for current breeding year and next four consecutive breeding years) b. Weanling year - $1,000 c. Yearling year - $1,250 d. 2-year-old year - $1,500 e. 3-year-old year - $1,750   5.   4-year-old year: Nominations received between February 1 of the 4-year-old year and the final entry deadline for that NRCHA  Stakes event will be accepted at the rate of $2,500. 5-year-old foal crops that have not been previously subscribed may also be paid in for $2,500. 6. All nominators of stallions must be members in good standing of the NRCHA. 7. Nominators may be persons other than the owner or syndicate manager of the stallion in the event the stallion owner or syndicate manager chooses not to enroll the stallion. In the event that the nominator is someone other than the owner or syndicate manager of the stallion, the nominator represents that they are authorized to nominate the stallion. 8. All subscription fees will be made payable to the NRCHA in US funds or its equivalent. 9. The added purse for the NRCHA Stakes will consist of not less than the total stallion nomination fees received less 20% for NRCHA administration. The remaining 80% will be divided between the Open and Non Pro divisions in accordance with NRCHA Board policy. The NRCHA shall have the right to supplement the added-money purse for the event, but shall be under no obligation to do so. A minimum of 5% of the total purse will be used for the Stallion Nominator Award as described below. 10. There shall be no refunds of the nomination fee paid for any reason, and the fee (less 20% for NRCHA administration as set forth above) will become part of the purse for the NRCHA Stakes. 11. In the event a subscribed stallion changes ownership, any previously paid foal crops will remain eligible under the new owner. Nominator Awards will be paid to the original nominator unless otherwise specified in writing to the NRCHA and signed by  both the original nominator and the new owner. 12. Stallion Nominator Award: The nominator of the stallion siring the winners of the NRCHA Stakes will receive a monetary award as set by the NRCHA Board of Directors. 13. A list of subscribed stallions nominated to this program and their eligible foal crops will be posted on the NRCHA website, and will be available upon request from the NRCHA. 14. These rules are subject to change at any time by the NRCHA Board of Directors.

NOMINATION FEES Nominated in 2014 Foal Crop...................................................Fee 2009.....................................................$2,500 2010.....................................................$2,500 2011.....................................................$1,750 2012......................................................$1,500 2013.....................................................$1,250 2014.....................................................$1,000 2015........................................................$750 (or $2,500 for 2015-2019)

Nominated in 2015 Foal Crop...................................................Fee 2010.....................................................$2,500 2011.....................................................$2,500 2012......................................................$1,750 2013.....................................................$1,500 2014.....................................................$1,250 2015.....................................................$1,000 2016........................................................$750 (or $2,500 for 2016-2020) Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_095_StallionSubscriptionRules.indd 95


3/23/15 12:19:05 PM

STALLION SUBSCRIPTION CONTRACT Nominations must be postmarked by February 1. Stallions must be nominated annually.**

Discount for early enrollment of stallions into Stakes Program!

Pay $750 in the breeding year to subscribe your stallion to the NRCHA Stallion Stakes. STALLION ELIGIBILITY

Any stallion of any breed may be subscribed to the NRCHA Stakes program. Offspring of subscribed stallions are eligible to compete in the NRCHA Stakes—both as a 4-year-old and 5-year-old. All nominations are subject to stallion subscription rules on reverse side of this form. Acceptance of payment by the NRCHA is not to be considered approval of a nomination until contract is complete and all rules are complied with. Should a stallion die or become unsound for breeding while he is currently subscribed, all previous offspring will remain eligible as long as the nomination fee is paid.


Advertisement—All subscribed stallions and contact information are listed on the NRCHA website. Opportunities—All offspring of subscribed stallions are eligible to enter and show in the NRCHA Stallion Stakes both as a 4-year-old and as a 5-year-old. Offspring of subscribed stallions are also eligible for consideration for the NRCHA Select Yearling and/or 2-Year-Old Sale. Regulations—There are no refunds for any reason. The NRCHA reserves the right to cancel the NRCHA Stakes without notice at any time prior to the contest without liability. However, in the case of cancellation of the NRCHA Stakes, the NRCHA shall return all current year stallion fees to subscribers and all current year entry fees to exhibitors.

Nominations must be postmarked by February 1 • Stallions must be nominated annually.** Return to: NRCHA • 1017 N Highway 377 • Pilot Point, TX 76258 • TEL 940-488-1500 • FAX 940-488-1499

** Unless the 5-year plan is selected

Enclosed is $_____________ Nomination Fee for _______________________ foal year(s). See the NRCHA Stakes Stallion Subscription Rules for a complete schedule of foal years and payments. Check one:

o Check/Money Order

o Visa/MasterCard* Credit Card #: ______________________________________________________________

Exp. Date: _______________ CVC: ____________ Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________________ Payment is made to NRCHA in full on receipt of same by the nominator no later than February 1. Acceptance of payment by NRCHA is not to be considered approval of nomination until contract is complete and all rules are complied with. *Traditional payment methods accepted are cash and check. 3.5% convenience fee for credit cards.

I accept this offer to make the below-named stallion eligible to participate in the NRCHA Subscribed Stallion Program and agree to be bound by the conditions printed on this document. I enclose $___________________ for enrolling the stallion listed below as an NRCHA Subscribed Stallion. Nominator Signature _______________________________________________________________ Printed Name __________________________________________________________

o Check here if you would like to donate a breeding for the NRCHA Stallion Service Silent Auction. A separate contract will be sent to you. Stallion Name:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sire: _________________________________________________ Reg #: __________________________ Dam: ____________________________________________ Reg #: __________________________ Breed:__________________________________________________________ Color:__________________________________________ Year Foaled:_________________ Year of First Foal Crop:________________ Standing at:_________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________________________ Website:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Owner Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ Phone (Home): ___________________________________________ Phone (Work): ___________________________________________ Phone (Cell): ___________________________________________ Fax:________________________________________________________ E-mail:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Information to be published on NRCHA website:

o Location where Stallion is Standing

o Owner

o Other (please fill out below)

Contact Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________________________






Cell Phone: ___________________________________________________






Cell Phone: ___________________________________________________

E-mail:__________________________________________________________________________________ Website:________________________________________________________________________________________ Please attach a copy of stallion’s registration papers, a biography (250 words or less - including show record, lifetime earnings, offspring’s show earnings and any other pertinent information) and a high-resolution photo.

96 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_096_StallionSubscriptionContract.indd 96

3/23/15 12:19:52 PM

2015 Membership Application 2015 Membership Application Valid from Nov. 16, 2014 - Nov 15, 2015 Name:



Renew #


Other name(s) shown under:

New Member:

Ranch Name:

Date of Birth:


Home Phone:

City, State, Zip:

Cell Phone:



Required for Youth

type of MeMbership Memberships that include subscription to Reined Cow Horse News

Memberships that do not include subscription to Reined Cow Horse News

o Regular Membership - $75 ($65 before Jan 1) o 3 Yr Reg. Membership - $210 ($180 before Jan 1) o Associate Membership - $35 o Youth Membership - $40 o Youth w/Non Pro Membership - $75

o International Membership - $75   o Add Reined Cow Horse News to International- $85 o Lifetime Membership - $750 ($650 before Jan 1)   o Add Reined Cow Horse News to Lifetime - $18/year Lifetime members must call annually to renew Reined Cow Horse News

o Canadian Membership - $85

o Check here if you are an OwNER ONLY and do not compete o Check here if you are a TRAINER and want to be listed as such in the online NRCHA Directory Do you wish to donate to the National Reined Cow Horse Foundation? (501C3 Donation)    

o $50 Donation Apply Donation to

Total charges:

o $10 Donation o Crisis Fund


o $5 Donation o Youth Fund

o $ Other_________ o $ Other_________


Reined Cow Horse News is optional for Lifetime or International.

Reined Cow Horse News (optional) __________________


Donation (optional)




o Check Enclosed

o Visa

It is automatically included in all other memberships.

o MasterCard

o Card #________________________________________________________

3.5% convenience fee for credit cards

Billing Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Exp Date: ____________________ CVC: _______________

All MeMbers Must sign here I, the undersigned, have read and understand the National Reined Cow Horse Association membership eligibility category definitions. I understand that the full responsibility concerning my eligibility rests solely on me. NRCHA, its officers, directors, employees are not held responsible for the burden of proof for my eligibility. Should I be found not eligible for said division after competing, all money, prizes, and points shall be forfeited and returned to the NRCHA office upon notification to me.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

non pro AppliCAtion - Non Pro riders must sign this section and o Non Pro Renewal

Date: _______________________

complete a Non Pro Declaration every year

o New Non Pro

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the National Reined Cow Horse Association Non Pro definitions and rules and will abide by them. I also understand that if there is a change in my status or eligibility that I must inform the National Reined Cow Horse Association within 30 days of that change. I understand that my Non Pro application will be reviewed by the Non Pro Committee and may be reviewed by the NRCHA Board of Directors and their decision shall be final.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

return to: NRCHA • 1017 N Hwy 377 • Pilot Point, TX 76258 | Fax 940-488-1499 | Phone 940-488-1500 | Email: Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_097_MembershipForm.indd 97


3/23/15 12:40:14 PM

NON PRO DECLARATION Applicant Name (please print):


This form must be completed prior to entering applicant’s first NRCHA Non Pro class. In the case of a youth, the legal custodian must complete the declaration. Before submitting your application, please carefully read and answer the following statements, as well as read and sign the Non Pro Code of Conduct and Ethics. NOTE: If the following statements are not answered or it is not signed, your declaration will not be accepted and will be returned to you for completion. Non Pro status is extended on a temporary basis and is subject to revocation pending approval by the Non Pro Committee. Non Pro status will be null and void if it is determined that you do not qualify under NRCHA Non Pro conditions, as defined in the NRCHA Rulebook. A Non Pro Card will not be issued until all requirements are satisfied. 1) Have you earned more than $750 in earnings down the fence? (for eligibility)

m Yes

m No

2) Within the past 5 years, have you given lessons for remuneration?

m Yes

m No

3) Within the past 5 years, have you shown, trained, or assisted in the training of a horse not owned by you or an immediate family member for remuneration?

m Yes

m No

4) Within the past 5 years, have you accepted payment of entry fees and/or expenses for horse(s) that you have ridden that was not owned by you or an immediate family member?

m Yes

m No

5) Do you reside on, work for, are publicly identified with or derive monetary remuneration, directly or indirectly, from a horse training facility or equine science program?

m Yes

m No

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please explain below with specific dates as to when you started and/or stopped any of the above. Please use a separate sheet of paper if necessary. A. Relationship to operation of a horse training facility: B. Explanation of any statements answered “yes” above:


I, the undersigned, agree to act with the utmost of integrity while participating in the sport of Cow Horse and NRCHA events. I understand that an NRCHA Non Pro Card is a privilege and not a right, and that I may be required to submit my card for review of applicability at any time. Furthermore, I understand that so long as I hold a Non Pro card, it is my responsibility to be aware of and abide by the most current Non Pro Conditions set forth in the NRCHA Rulebook. By signing this agreement, I specifically agree to: • Understand and be bound by all rules of the NRCHA as set forth in the annual NRCHA Rulebook. • Abide by the show conditions set forth at all NRCHA approved shows. • Act with honesty and transparency when purchasing horses as well as competing at NRCHA events. • Ensure the welfare of the horses I show and treat those horses humanely, and with dignity and compassion. • Refrain from violating the Non Pro Conditions as set forth in the annual NRCHA Rulebook. • Represent the NRCHA by refraining from any action that discredits the sport, or the association. • Accept the decisions set forth by the NRCHA Board of Directors. By signing below, I ACCEPT the rules and regulations relating to Non Pro membership in the NRCHA, and affirm the truth of all statements above. I also affirm that I have read and agree to abide by the Non Pro Code of Conduct and Ethics. Signature:


Return to: NRCHA | 1017 N Hwy 377 | Pilot Point, TX 76258 | Fax 940-488-1499 | Phone 940-488-1500 |

SHNMG_150300_098_NonPro_Declaration.indd 98

3/23/15 12:40:53 PM

Committee diReCtoRy AffiliAtes



Chairperson: Jerry Peters

Chairperson: Jimmy Stickler • 805-431-4083 Director of Judges: Bill Enk

Chairperson: Brad Barkemeyer • 303-621-9625 Jimmy Flores • Tia Harari •

Carl Gould • 480-620-4759


Sam Rose •

Chairperson: Dan Roeser

Terri Holowath •

Sandy Collier • • 208-841-2052

Carrie McBride •

Dan Roeser •

Jerry Peters •


nRCHA foundAtion


Chairperson: Dr. Joe Carter, DVM

Chairperson: Ted Robinson 805-649-9028

Steve Mattson • • 405-288-6460

etHiCs Chairperson: Bill Tointon • 303-530-2443


nominAting Chairperson: TBD

non PRo

Chairperson: Paul Bailey

Chairperson: Diane Edwards • 931-260-3909


Todd Crawford • Sandy Collier •

Chairperson: Jake Telford • 208-890-1205

sPonsoRsHiP Chairperson: Jay Winborn • 214-797-0030 Amanda Gardiner •

stAllion seRviCe AuCtion Chairperson: Garth Gardiner

Stephanie Duquette • • 620-635-5632

Kelli Caves • Kelli.Caves@FLHOSP.ORG

stRAtegiC PlAnning

Garth Gardiner •

Chairperson: Jerry Peters

Jerry Peters •

Meg Rosell-Pursel •

Jake Telford •

Rory Livingston •

Amanda Gardiner •

Rhonda Holmes •

Chairperson: Amanda Gardiner

Tammy Jo Hays • • 620-635-2361

HAll of fAme • 303-621-9625

Chairperson: Smoky Pritchett

Nelle Murphy •

Bill Tointon •

Bart Holowath •

Darren Miller •

Paul Bailey • Debbie Sanguinetti •

Dan Roeser •

530-200-0560 Jon Roeser •

Loretta Showalter •


Dan Weiss •

Chairperson: Sarah Clymer

Robin Flournoy • • 719-330-1932

Jim Vangelos •

Allison Walker •

HoRse sAles

Tish Wilhite •

Todd Crawford •

Chairperson: Sandy Collier


Jimmy Stickler • • 805-688-1084

Chairperson: TBD

Lisa Jordan •

Bobby Ingersoll • Ted Robinson•

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_099_CommitteeDirectory.indd 99


3/26/15 12:45:54 PM

Top riders for Open laE Eligibility in 2015 Riders listed in the Top 20 (above the line) are NOT eligible for the Intermediate Open LAE in 2015.


rider Name




Sum of Earnings

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Corey D. Cushing Zane P. Davis Chris C. Dawson Todd A. Bergen Todd Crawford Phillip J. Ralls Jake A. Telford Doug Williamson Kelby L. Phillips Boyd J. Rice Jay McLaughlin Nicholas S. Dowers Anne M. Reynolds Lukas J. Jones Jake D. Gorrell Brandon C. Buttars Brad L. Lund John C. Swales Matt J. Koch Tucker J. Robinson

$260,662.50 $130,330.62 $76,372.77 $133,175.34 $118,803.60 $96,976.10 $80,183.52 $115,203.26 $5,525.13 $43,999.88 $19,061.35 $264.00 $75,300.75 $34,676.87 $18,048.05 $37,583.85 $66,557.51 $26,857.40 $26,958.65 $27,255.28

$147,072.86 $101,200.07 $164,158.32 $69,531.63 $69,249.64 $31,722.96 $88,329.01 $47,499.92 $121,318.28 $40,137.28 $90,108.01 $114,282.40 $66,059.02 $41,707.94 $69,343.51 $45,654.04 $25,161.86 $19,889.50 $56,772.86 $17,003.17

$196,711.18 $160,919.17 $112,386.45 $140,899.97 $64,098.14 $100,055.27 $51,265.82 $40,654.88 $63,460.63 $88,442.41 $46,870.82 $40,827.00 $9,655.25 $38,819.88 $27,745.33 $27,032.36 $18,125.79 $57,603.16 $20,366.20 $53,973.74

$604,446.54 $392,449.86 $352,917.54 $343,606.94 $252,151.38 $228,754.33 $219,778.35 $203,358.06 $190,304.04 $172,579.57 $156,040.18 $155,373.40 $151,015.02 $115,204.69 $115,136.89 $110,270.25 $109,845.16 $104,350.06 $104,097.71 $98,232.19

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Shawn D. Hays Clayton M. Edsall Ken L. Wold Justin T. Wright Ron E. Emmons Erin L. Taormino Justin E. Lawrence Jon Roeser John Ward Monica J. Caetano Dan S. Roeser Monty L. Bruce Ted Robinson Shane L. Steffen Robbie D. Boyce Lance B. Johnston Jay Holmes Robert Chown Dale E. Clearwater Wade J. Reaney Ricky Nicolazzi Markus Schopfer Jim W. Spence Smoky Pritchett Mark A. Luis Nicolas Barthelemy Robert C. Forst Blue R. Allen Travis J. Young Bobby E. Lewis

$69,291.20 $46,299.56 $19,601.75 $9,305.28 $16,455.85 $4,549.40 $19,909.06 $36,880.56 $32,546.25 $9,855.90 $34,207.36 $15,129.80 $22,413.83 $31,000.00 $47,369.73 $13,992.20 $19,568.54 $10,121.91 $19,867.50 $5,396.40 $11,405.75 $19,606.14 $32,664.90 $28,020.70 $8,959.89 $20,389.04 $8,572.00 $13,548.65 $6,488.67 $2,152.00

$9,441.14 $24,043.10 $32,522.61 $32,122.96 $14,214.04 $7,177.80 $25,978.22 $5,746.78 $15,779.93 $11,825.00 $4,452.53 $20,611.15 $17,850.00 $13,493.05 $5,231.75 $14,175.33 $21,069.01 $12,753.84 $17,473.20 $16,259.85 $8,724.65 $13,276.33 $4,772.03 $12,282.77 $7,852.60 $5,504.63 $9,347.47 $15,858.33 $8,050.65 $8,500.00

$13,639.28 $16,382.87 $29,553.04 $30,972.84 $40,859.52 $58,638.85 $24,219.63 $23,544.69 $15,908.28 $40,989.44 $18,056.48 $20,639.82 $14,903.88 $8,839.78

$92,371.62 $86,725.53 $81,677.40 $72,401.08 $71,529.41 $70,366.05 $70,106.91 $66,172.03 $64,234.46 $62,670.34 $56,716.37 $56,380.77 $55,167.71 $53,332.83 $52,601.48 $52,510.49 $46,881.64 $44,987.02 $44,068.16 $44,058.78 $41,962.42 $41,144.76 $41,122.58 $40,303.47 $38,936.33 $36,563.42 $36,011.06 $34,970.31 $33,867.84 $33,694.53

$24,342.96 $6,244.09 $22,111.27 $6,727.46 $22,402.53 $21,832.02 $8,262.29 $3,685.65 $0.00 $22,123.84 $10,669.75 $18,091.59 $5,563.33 $19,328.52 $23,042.53

100 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_100_TopRiders.indd 100

3/23/15 12:22:42 PM

Top riders for Non pro laE Eligibility in 2015 Riders listed in the TOP 12 (above the first line) are NOT eligible for the Intermediate Non Pro LAE in 2015.


rider Name




Sum of Earnings

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Tammy Jo Hays Jayson J. Fisher Laurie Ward Stuart C. Bozeman Toni M. Hagen Heath Molly Russell Parke S. Greeson Shannon M. McCarty John P. Murphy Dave A. Ferguson Bart F. Holowath Jay Dee Gerard

$24,930.83 $117.00 $20,265.75 $2,711.00 $17,238.05 $14,817.30 $0.00 $0.00 $25,038.07 $5,579.40 $5,390.00 $22,397.95

$32,284.40 $38,962.19 $23,842.29 $35,643.22 $5,086.24 $1,150.50 $4,767.57 $3,225.44 $5,182.00 $18,984.18 $8,220.91 $5,566.00

$47,797.50 $19,000.36 $10,096.90 $5,847.35 $18,104.42 $18,490.16 $28,919.55 $29,002.32 $68.40 $5,412.16 $16,280.74 $1,687.80

$105,012.73 $58,079.55 $54,204.94 $44,201.57 $40,428.71 $34,457.96 $33,687.12 $32,227.76 $30,288.47 $29,975.74 $29,891.65 $29,651.75

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Grant F. Lindaman II Robert M. Miller Amanda E. Gardiner Garth H. Gardiner Elizabeth G. Kania Debby M. Sanguinetti Kathy L. Wilson Karey E. Franz Bubba M. Petty Gene A. Armstrong Kirk M. Druey Brent W. Ratliff Tish R. Wilhite Jennifer A. Neel Eric M. Freitas Wilder Jones Bret J. Paulick Jessie Telford

$4,269.60 $2,921.75 $10,019.51 $21,781.75 $6,310.99 $10,626.86 $977.50 $1,567.80 $0.00 $15,472.77 $15,847.60 $2,239.45 $5,954.22 $437.00 $1,492.96 $0.00 $12,141.20 $16,630.75

$18,233.03 $0.00 $8,896.18 $4,295.28 $11,328.76 $9,438.39 $8,474.71 $10,545.55 $10,679.99 $7,711.96 $1,256.78 $10,496.75 $11,073.00 $14,512.47 $5,520.98 $810.00 $0.00 $0.00

$6,838.80 $26,382.08 $9,121.11 $54.40 $8,179.21 $5,577.05 $15,873.68 $13,095.38 $13,719.26 $0.00 $5,893.70 $9,156.15 $2,154.89 $3,708.32 $11,344.85 $17,444.56 $5,669.14 $0.00

$29,341.43 $29,303.83 $28,036.80 $26,131.43 $25,818.96 $25,642.30 $25,325.89 $25,208.73 $24,399.25 $23,184.73 $22,998.08 $21,892.35 $19,182.11 $18,657.79 $18,358.79 $18,254.56 $17,810.34 $16,630.75

Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_100_TopRiders.indd 101


3/23/15 12:23:21 PM

AFFiliAte listinG Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association

european Reined Cow Horse Association

new York Reined Cow Horse Association

Terri Holowath Box 6 Site 1 RR 1 Cayley, Alberta T0L 0P0 Canada Phone: 403-395-3339 Fax: 403-395-3339 Email: Website:

Laura Ruffino-Vercellino Via Ghiardi 1 San Martino Canavese, 10010 Italy Phone: +39 3471104168 Email: Website:

Lauren Partridge 996 Flickner Rd Arkport, NY 14807 Email: Website:

Gem state stock Horse Association

north Central Reined Cow Horse Association

Nola Krahn 275 Wildwood Street Fernley, NV 89408 Phone: 208-935-0709 Email:

Steve Mattson 24155 Wood Ln Rogers, MN 55374 Phone: 612-685-5190 Email: Website:

Arizona Reined Cow Horse Association Tia Harari 27308 N 152nd Street Scottsdale, AZ 85262 Phone: 619-813-4672 Email: Website:

Atlantic Reined Cow Horse Association Tom Iannotti 263 Friendship Rd Monroeville, NJ 08343 Phone: 609-605-7448 Email: Website:

Central idaho Reined Cow Horse Association Charlotte Robertson PO Box 514 Arco, ID 83213 Phone: 208-527-3986 Email:

Central Montana Reined Cow Horse Association Jill Roberts 1521 Parr Creek Ln Lewistown, MT 59457 Phone: 406-538-7564 Email:

Colorado Reined Cow Horse Association Jerry Peters PO Box 535 Kiowa, CO 80117 Phone: 303-621-9625 Email: Website:

idaho Reined Cow Horse Association Jerry & Shirley Beukelman 3398 Can Ada Rd Nampa, ID 83687 Phone: 208-250-5200 Email: Website:

Magic Valley Reined Cow Horse Association Mike Zebarth PO Box 5956 Twin Falls, ID 83303 Phone: 208-423-9055 Email: Website:

Montana Reined Cow Horse Futurity, inc. Lisa Anderson PO Box 160031 Big Sky, MT 59716 Phone: 406-995-4802 Email: Website:

northern California Reined Cow Horse Association Christie Capik 18270 Stenberg Drive Red Bluff, CA 96080 Phone: 530-517-1000 Email: Website:

northwest Reined Cow Horse Association Diane Edwards 15409 203rd Ave SE Renton, WA 98059 Phone: 425-226-6376 Email: Website:

ohio Reined Cow Horse Association Paula Burnett Phone: 513-594-8332 Email: Website:

Midwest Reined Cow Horse Association

oregon Reined Cow Horse Association

Susan Tullock 5000 W 175th St. Stilwell, KS 66085 Phone: 913-515-4683 EMail:

Jerry Brewer Phone: 541- 571-7297 Fax: 530-823-6653 Website:

nevada Reined Cow Horse Association Jason Terrell 6315 Whispering Sands Las Vegas, NV 89131 Phone: 702-205-2908 Email: Website:

102 March/april 2015 | Reined Cow HoRse news

SHNMG_150300_102_AffiliateList.indd 102

3/23/15 12:12:52 PM

AffiliATe lisTing Panhandle Reined Cow Horse Association

southwest Reined Cow Horse Association

Utah Reined Cow Horse Association

Zeb Corvin PO Box 1053 Canyon, TX 79015 Phone: 806-517-1205 Email: Website:

Gay Lenz 11587 Hunt Lane Guthrie, OK 73044 Phone: 405-818-7556 Fax: 405-282-4006 Email: Website:

Lindsay Richards 365 W 9200 S Paradise, UT 94328 Phone: 435-881-3566 Email:

south dakota Reined Cow Horse Association

Valley Cow Horse Association

Deb Brown PO Box 655 Buffalo, SD 57720 Phone: 605-797-4514 Email: Website:

swedish Reined Cow Horse Association Joakim Pettersson Astorp Gunnars Garden 6 Falkoping 52196, Sweden Email: Website:

Cynthia Bias PO Box 541 Edison, CA 93220 Phone: 661-301-0122 Fax: 661-366-6103 Email: Website:

southern California Reined Cow Horse Association

The Carolinas Reined Cow Horse Association

wyoming Reined Cow Horse Association

Crystal Ward-Taylor 130 Haigler Rd Lenoir, NC 28645 Phone: 828-312-2705 Email:

Cheri Carter 219 Hoe Creek Rd, Unit A Gillett, WY 82718 Phone: 307-682-5062 Email: Website:

Laura Edwards PO Box 313 Winchester, CA 92596 Phone: 951-551-9505 Fax: 951-302-3510 Email: Website:

NRCHA Suspended List NRCHA membership privileges will be suspended for the second offense of bad checks, per rule and for non payment of debt to NRCHA Show Management or NRCHA Approved Show Management. Additionally, all amounts for advertising in the NRCHA publication, Reined Cow Horse News, are due and payable within 30 days of receipt. Ag Foundation, Clovis, CA Alice Scheer, Grand Island, NE Aneka Schelbeck, Cottonwood, CA Ashley Talbert, Kuna, ID Babcock Qtr Horses, Inc, Valley View, TX Boyd S. Roundy, Parowan, UT Brandon Johnson, Nebraska City, NE Brian/Cynthia Holthouse, San Juan Bautista, CA Bridgette Lanham, Eastover, SC Dave Belson, Cave Creek, AZ

David Gilliam, Hickman, CA Dennis & Terri Corcoran, Livermore, CA Desert Spring Ranch, Queen Creek, AZ Don & Ashley Stockman, Dayton, TX Donnie R. Boyd, Sarasota, FL Dream Cross, Placida, FL Elizabeth Winkle, Sarasota, FL Gene Mays, Midland, TX Glen Evans, Millsap, TX Jack/Debbie Kaser, Murrieta, CA

A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will be added to all past due amounts. Membership privileges shall be suspended on accounts greater than 90 days past due and this information will be published in Reined Cow Horse News. There will be a membership reinstatement fee of $65. Current as of March 9, 2015 Jill Serena, Castaic, CA Johnnie/Carol Ann McCain, Perris, CA Keetch Ranch, Inc, Waddell, AZ Laura Delfino, Martinez, CA Marcy Campbel, Creston, CA Oasis QH/Marilyn Bowling, Herald, CA Pat Faitz, Polk City, FL Pompeo Capezzone, Castrocielo, Italy Riccardo Capezzone, Castrocielo, Italy Rick Steed, Okeechobee, FL

Roberta Stone, Cave Creek, AZ Robyn Bush, Visalia, CA Roy W Hockensmith, Frankfort, KY Shad DeGiorgis, El Dorado Hills, CA Shawn Deal, Caldwell, ID Terry Malarkey, Star, ID Thera Myers, Tehachapi, CA Toni Steed, Okeechobee, FL Trevor Steed, Okeechobee, FL Vern Smith, Santa Maria, CA Reined Cow HoRse news | March/april 2015

SHNMG_150300_102_AffiliateList.indd 103


3/23/15 12:13:00 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 3

3/23/15 3:46:19 PM

SHNMG_150300_069-0c4.indd 4

3/23/15 3:46:36 PM

Reined Cow Horse  

March/April 2015 Published by Quarter Horse News

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