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Nikon D850 and Nikkor 200-400mm lens

With a huge, full-frame sensor and a fast 400mm reach, this body and lens capture the crisp details of salmon bits clinging to a bald eagle’s talons as he soars overhead. Serious resolution and pro glass make the pores on a bear’s nose at 100 yards look like potholes. Though the lens is grizzly-sized, I can handhold it in most situations, which gives me a chance to work on getting toned biceps like J.Lo.

Mack’s Sound Asleep Soft Foam Earplugs

I suffer from ADD, easily distracted by interesting sounds and moving objects—sort of like a golden retriever tied out in a squirrel sanctuary. These comfy earplugs dampen sound, without making me completely unaware of my environment, which means they’re perfect for airplanes and hotels. Bonus: They block out the wind or chatty companions when you want to immerse yourself in the solitude of wild places.

ThinkTANK Airport Takeoff

A Good Book

I always pack a good book, along with a few indulgent magazine reads. I’m a print gal, not an e-reader—old school, I guess. I spend too many hours in front of a screen, so I like to get lost in the cracked spine and pulpy scents of a page-turning novel. Right now, I’m starting The River, by Peter Heller—sort of a wilderness survival thriller set on a river in northern Canada. Heller is a master at delivering a rugged and remote landscape as a fully rendered character in his stories, which is what I need when I’m en route to an adventure of my own.

If you’re one of those folks who wouldn’t dream of packing and checking your expensive camera into the dark underbelly of a 747, you’ll appreciate this carry-on bag. The Takeoff has wheels and backpack straps and fits in most overhead bins. It holds two camera bodies, three lenses, and my laptop in the outside pocket. I typically manage to squeeze in a few snacks, hand-sanitizer, my glasses, and other sundries too. Most camera bags don’t have wheels, and most camera equipment is heavy—this bag saves your back and protects your precious cargo. Plus, it’s as formidable as the terrain I’ve traversed, holding up mile after mile across the globe.


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Alaska Magazine July 2019  

Alaska Magazine July 2019

Alaska Magazine July 2019  

Alaska Magazine July 2019