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Word from the Pastor Can You Really Change The World?

What can you do to change the world? Frequently in the church we speak about changing the world. We say things like, “God can use you to change the world!” But can you really do it? And if you can change the world it’s probably going to be really difficult right? After all, our world has over seven billion people living on its surface at any one time. The circumference of the earth is almost 25,000 miles. And if you put the world on a scale it would weigh about 13,169,533,693,875,800,000,000,000 pounds. The world is a big place, with lots of people, and lots of space so how can you change the world? Believe it or not I think it is possible for you to change the world and it may not be as hard as you think. Let me give you a few quick things you can do to change the world.

1. Read and memorize scripture every day. Changing the world is impossible if you try to do it without God’s help. However if you stay in the word of God daily and commit as much of it to memory as possible, you will be able to stay in the will of God and that is very important if you want to change the world. 2. Pray every day. And don’t just pray for what you want or what you are thankful for. Talk to God like you would a friend. Prayer is not your avenue to get what you want, it’s God’s avenue to direct you to what He wants. When you get that put in the right perspective your prayer life will become amazing and you will be on your way to changing the world. 3. Share the gospel every day. Changing the world requires that we reach the world one life at a time. You may never have a chance to address all seven billion people on earth with the good news of Jesus but in your lifetime it is plausible to think that you could influence tens or hundreds of thousands of people with the Gospel if you will only share the good news. 4. Pursue your passion every day- God frequently causes people to be passionate about the areas in which he has gifted them to serve. Pursue that passion you possess in your heart, and allow God to use it as a platform for worldwide change. Your passion seems small in your eyes but God often uses the smallest things and people to make the biggest impact. 5. Leave a legacy every day. Disciple your children and grandchildren. Make sure they read and memorize scripture, pray, share the gospel, and pursue their passions. This is not only Biblical, but it also multiplies your effort in changing the world. And if the task is not completed before you depart and go to be with Jesus at least the mission for change will continue long after you are gone. Changing the world is a huge task, but it is not impossible. If every believer practiced the five things mentioned above imagine the impact that the world would experience by the end of this year, end of this decade, or end of the century. I can’t do your part to change the world but I am committed to doing mine. Will you join me? Pastor Pete

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Schedule Of Events The following are reoccurring events that take place each week/month at the same time unless otherwise denoted.

 

Discipleship class have moved to Sunday morning before Church. Classes start on Sunday Sept. 8th at 9am Church Services - Sunday @ 10:45 AM Children’s Play Group Every Tuesday from 10am - 11:30am. Men’s Fellowship Breakfast 3rd Sat. 8-9 Call Bob Byrd for info at: 210-896-5525

CFY - Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Pre-Teen Ministry Every Wednesday @ 6:30pm—8 Bldg D

 

2nd Sat. Clean Up 8 am –10 am GriefShare starts on Sept. 15th at 1:30 for 13 weeks. Please Go To Our Website For Times And More Information!





1 10a-11:30a Play Group at Kids Nation in Jourdanton

2 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth

7 6:30p Financial Freedom Class

8 10a-11:30a Play Group

9 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth

13 9a Discipleship 10:45a Sun. Morning Worship Serv. 12-2p Leadership and Lay Pastor Mtg. 1:30p GriefShare

14 6:30p Financial Freedom Class

15 10a-11:30a Play Group

20 9a Discipleship 10:45am Sun. Morning Worship Serv. 10:30a –11:45a Saddle Up 1:30pm GriefShare




6:30 p Financial Freedom Class

10a-11:30 Play Group

6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth

27 9 am Discipleship 10:45am Sun. Morning Worship Serv. 12pm-1 Elders mtg. 1:30 pm GriefShare

28 6:30 pm Financial Freedom Class


6 9a Discipleship 10:45 a Sun Morning Worship Serv. Baptism


6:30p-8p CFY

6:30p-8p CFY

16 6:30p-8p 5th & 6th Grade Youth 6:30p-8p CFY 7p-9p Adult Riding Group

6:30p-8p CFY





3 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30p –8p Judo



10 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30 p–8p Judo


12 8:00a–10a 2nd Sat Clean Up 10a-12 Ladies Riding Group

17 10:30a—12 Helping Hands 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30pm– 8 Judo



24 6:30p-9p CF band practice 6:30pm - 8 Judo


8a-9a Men’s Fellowship Breakfast


31 Fall Festival

Matthew 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.””

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October Church Events 

 

    

Oct. 1st Play Group at Kids Nation Sports in Jourdanton 10a –11:30a Oct. 6th Baptism , Play Day Oct. 6th, 13th, 20th 27th Discipleship classes 9:00am before church service Oct. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Financial Freedom Class 6:30pm Bldg. B Oct. 12th 2nd Saturday Clean up. Oct. 17th Helping Hands Oct. 20th Saddle-up 10:30 during church service. Oct. 31st Fall Festival 6pm –8pm at Jourdanton City Park

The Arena Ministry 

Adult Riding Group 2nd Wednesday of every month 7pm - 9pm Contact Liz Powell 830-426-9391

Youth Riding Clinic 4th Wednesday of the month 7pm-9pm Contact Liz Powell 830-426-9391

Ladies Riding Group 2nd Sat. of the month 10am-12 noon Contact info.: Marian Knowlton phone 210-831-6079 email

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On September 15th family and friends joined Adam Shelburne at Cowboy Fellowship to celebrate his ordination.

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Cloverleaf barrels

Cloverleaf Barrels

Cloverleaf Barrels




Golf Ball Race

Golf Ball Race

Pole Bending

Age Groups: Pee Wee (2 – 5) Intermediate (6 – 9) Juniors (10 – 14)

Age Groups: Open

Golf Ball Age Groups: 8 & Under 9 – 13 14 - 18

No Stick horse no problem you can use one from the Cowboy Fellowship corral

19 & over

Lead line horses available. Ride at your own risk.

Attendance at Cowboy Church service and a current negative coggins are required to participate in the Play Day Join us for potluck before the play day. Play Day Begins at 12:30 PM. For More Information contact Tracy Bellamy 830 480 8374

Awards 1st – 6th place & participation

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Food for Thought

by Pastor Scotty

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The 1st Annual Cowboy Fellowship Picnic was a great success. The food was delicious and the festivities after the meal were awesome. The washer pitch was a popular event.


Wow what a great time we had Over 20 teams from 10 year olds to 80’s We saw some double ringers, some come from behind come backs, some molasses games (1 point of a time), Mom & Daughter teams, and some just random “hey we got stuck together and almost won teams”


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The Fall Festival is fast approaching. It is only a month away and we have started our candy drive. We need lots and lots of candy about 3000 lbs . There will be bins around the church for the candy donations. We request that you only donate hard candy or candies that are individually wrapped. Due to the amount of candy to be stored until the Festival we ask that you not donate chocolate candy. It gets hot and melts and also gets crushed under the weight of the other candies. We are looking forward to a great turn out this year.

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The annual Cowboy Fellowship Fall Festival will be held at the Jourdanton City Park starting at 6:00 – 8:00 on October 31st. Everyone is welcome, so come out and join us, bring your family and friends and enjoy all of the fun, games and fellowship. Here are some of the booths that will be open for your enjoyment : Toilet paper toss/Putt Putt, Horseshoe Peg-board Toss, Dunking Booths, Plinko, Bean Bag Toss, Trash Can Toss, Spinners, Water gun-ping pong shoot, Can Wham, Bucket Toss, Fishing Booth, Photo Booth, Strong Man Bell, Egg Carry Obstacle Course, Egg Race, Money Wheel, Boom Blaster, Football Toss, Soccer Kick, Ring Toss and Tin Can Smash. To end the evening with a bang there will be a professional fireworks display.

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The Helping Hands Ministry met at Cowboy Fellowship on Sept. 19th to restock the supply of Bible bags on the tables around the sanctuary. After they finished restocking the tables with the Bible bags they headed to CafĂŠ Chris for some great food and fellowship. Pastor Scotty joined them for lunch. This year at the Fall Festival the ministry will have the spinners again. The kids seemed to enjoy spinning the wheel and winning candy. Be sure to stop by their booth and say hi.


Dear Cry Cameroon and Harvest Children’s Home supporters, thank you so much for all of your prayers, donations and encouragement! There are 54 children at HCH and others who have graduated, whose lives are VERY different because you care to be involved. You are truly vessels of God’s grace toward the weak and vulnerable. I am writing you today to inform you of an opportunity to bring a very beneficial project to Harvest Children’s Home. Our friends and partners at Orphans to Ambassadors (O2A) would like to return to HCH early in 2014 to extend our Rain Water Harvest System and install a greatly needed solar lighting system. The current Rain Water Harvest System is already proving useful and reducing our utility expenses, and the solar power will provide more stable electricity for our orphans security and improve their ability to study in the evenings. I am attaching the project outline from O2A for more information. (See page 13) We have agreed to partner with them by providing $1000.00 USD toward these projects which will benefit our kids for years to come. The deadline to fulfill our commitment is November 1st, so we are asking all of you to pray and see how the Lord would have you help. In addition, I would like to pass on that our operating funds have dropped to a concerning level. School has just begun and we cannot pay for all the school needs at this time, and while we will be able to meet all of October’s day to day needs, we will only have small amount remaining afterwards. Please prayerfully consider going to our website: and giving your best donation today or send your donation by check to the following address: Cry Cameroon Ministries, USA 2885 Pinole Valley Rd Pinole, California 94564. Please earmark funds for the solar project as such. Thanks for allowing me to share our needs, and for the privilege of serving these children with you! God’s best, Mark Dunn Vice President of Operations Cry Cameroon Ministries USA

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Going Back


It's almost time. The days are running out. Literally. We have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get all of our last minute things done. Things like spending hours lounging in the sun at the beach, staying up late listening to friends play the guitar, night swimming and hot tubing, learning to surf, you know, only the important stuff. I feel like I should have had plenty of time to finish all of these "important" things, but I know there are still a million and one things I would have loved to do during our 3 1/2 months stateside and people I haven't seen and places I haven't gone. It's been an amazing trip, full of good conversation, good connections, good refreshment, and good encouragement. I hope we have blessed others as much as we have been blessed, but part of me feels like that's impossible. We have just been so incredibly blessed. We go back with difficulty as well. Leaving the friends and family that we love is never easy, even if it seems like we move from place to place so effortlessly. There are always tears at night from little ones (and big ones) who love their friends dearly and hate to leave them again. But He is faithful. We have so much to look forward to in the next year. Two new teammates will be coming to join us in Kaceri (hopefully three before the end of the year!) to help with the many projects and outreach activities we are involved in. We have team after team after team lined up, some, good friends coming to see where we live and work, others, almost-strangers that God has put in our paths who have a similar heart and vision to reach the Karimojong with the gospel. We are so excited to get back to our home and our people! During our time here we lost a very special lady that we loved dearly in Karamoja. Her story is one that has shaped my understanding of God in ways I can't even express in words. You may have read her story here. Losing her reminded me again that our next year needs to be intentional. Not that we aren't, but it's so easy to let other good things push out time for the most important thing, sharing the good news and making disciples. I am so thankful that she heard the gospel, through words and actions, and believed in God's goodness and love for her. I pray that Jesus Himself welcomed her into paradise. For those of you who are praying, please remember us in the next few weeks as we pack, fly, and resettle back into our home in Karamoja. Our kids are VERY excited about going back, but transition can also be tough on the little guys. Us big guys also tend to stress just a wee bit as it gets down to the last minute, and we need prayer for even tempers and stable moods :) God has blessed us beyond words with the friends and family that we have. If you have helped to host our family or feed us or clothe us or just took the time to listen to our stories, we are so grateful for you. During this whole trip we have felt God's hand on our lives in a remarkable way through our community here in the US. Thank you for going out of your way to love on our family. You have truly been to us the hands and feet of Christ. I'll write again soon from Karamoja! (If you are not on our newsletter list but would like to be, please fill out the contact form on this website. We are hoping to send out monthly newsletter updates from Uganda as well as updating this blog as often as possible, but internet is a bit slower in Karamoja land!)



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