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Word From The Pastor

Like many, I am always looking for good investments. These might be financial investments, personal investments, spiritual investments, or a host of other things. But is it wise to invest in God? I have come to the conclusion that it is not! Many take such a view of our creator, they see Him as an investment and this generally leads to what we more commonly call works based religion. We start to believe that if we do things for God He will do things for us. Many attend worship services, tithe, help someone in need, or even witness to a friend because they view it as an investment. “If I do this for God, then I know God will do something for me…” is the thought behind much of what we practice as believers. We read verses like Proverbs 3:9–10 NIV 9 Honor the LORD with your wealth,

with the firstfruits of all your crops; 10 then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine and the investment mentality sets in. We start to think “All I have to do is give God my money and He will then turn around and give me more money…” God however, is not a stock, CD, or mutual fund. He is the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! We should not focus our lives on investing into God; rather we should focus instead on honoring our King. There is a great difference between investing and honoring; the main difference being that investing is focused on you, honoring is focused on something else. When we make investments the expectation is that there will one day be a pay off, reward, or other positive experience in store for us. However when honor is the goal, the focus is removed from ourselves. We honor our troops when they come home, our parents for 50 years of marriage, our children for making good grades, an employee that consistently goes above and beyond and the list could go on and on. When we do these things we are not focusing on ourselves but our attention, and adoration is all pointed at someone else. This is the way it should be with God as well. We should honor Him rather than invest into Him. When you stop investing in God and learn to instead simply start to concentrate on honoring Him, your life and the Kingdom itself will be blessed beyond measure. I dare you to try it! I hope to see you at church this weekend and I pray you come to honor then King rather than invest in Him. Pastor Pete

Covered Facility Update

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Great strides are taking place with the covered facility so we wanted to bring everyone up to date on what is going on. The dirt work will be done sometime late this week or the beginning of next week and then they will begin installing the piers, and anchor bolts. The actual building should arrive sometime between August 29th and September 2nd. As for Phase 2, for the month of July you all have donated $6,841.50. Thank you for your donations and for continuing to support this vision for Cowboy Fellowship! If you would like to make a donation to our building fund you may do so by clicking here:

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John 15:13

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. A letter from one of our heroes came in this week. HM3 Lawrence Battle writes: Dear Ms. Johnson, Thank you so much for the continuing support! We (my fellow shipmates and Marines) loved the care package and the letters. I’m very thankful to know people care and support the United States military. You already know my name, Lawrence Battle, I usually go by Larry or Lare. I am 21 years old and I’m a Californian. I really miss California! I joined the United States Navy in the summer of 2008 and soon after left to boot camp in November. After boot camp I went to Hospital Corpsman “A” school, and Dental Tech School and Field Medical Training Battalion. In October of 2009 I checked into 2nd Dental Battalion, Camp LeJeune, NC. In January of 2011 I became Fleet Marine Force qualified (I pretty much know the history and how the Marine Corps works). Since February of this year I have been in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom, and in May I was promoted to HM3 (Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class or E-4). I should be home in September. I would like to say thanks once again. Thank you for all the prayers, Larry Battle

Please continue to pray that all our service men and women will come home safely and soon. Love in His name, Sue Johnson ~ Ministry Assistant

Click the link below to send a letter to an American Hero

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The Acts Report

Matthew 25:35 Facebook Link (Must log in to access)

Jerusalem ~ Atascosa County Matthew


Summer is almost over and it's time to begin thinking about back to school. Cowboy Fellowship is asking it's friends and members to Help Stuff Our Bus With School Supplies. Our bus is located inside the foyer of the church and donations can be made anytime the church is open. All school supplies will be used to help less fortunate families ensure that their kids get off to school well supplied with the school supplies needed at the beginning of school. Last year Cowboy Fellowship was able to get all

the needed supplies for 16 local children who were referred to the church for assistance and we also provided CAM with several more large boxes of supplies for them to give out as well. If you can't do the shopping but you want to help then please make your contributions by writing STUFF THE BUS on your contribution envelope and drop it in one of our milk cans at the exist. Thank you and may God richly bless you. Please call Odis White at (210) 275-9800

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Samaria ~ United States & Mexico (cont on pg 7)

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The Family: First and foremost we want to say thank you so much to all of you who regularly battle for our family in prayer. Thank you specifically for praying for Jagen as he has been battling so many health problems. Although his progress seems to change regularly, today he is doing very well! After two doctors appointments this week regarding his severe acid reflux and refusal to eat, he is finding some relief from the pain and is eating more and more food. Praise Jesus! Kelli and I were blessed to have my parents in town for 3 and half weeks while our two mission teams were in Tacoma. It was such a blessing and a time of refreshment. Kelli was able to have more time to invest in her friends, we both got to be a part of the mission teams, my parents watched the kids so we could go camping at Mt. Rainier and Jagen & Ry got to know their grandparents! Through the ups and downs we are continually reminded that God very specifically created us for Tacoma. It is our home and we truly long to see our city... our neighbors... our friends...understand & put their faith in Jesus! The Pathway: Sending out an SOS! There are so many details I could share with you about what God is doing through The Pathway. However, I feel compelled to use this newsletter to send out an S.O.S to the church in the south. We need your help. We serve a “sending” God and I am still convinced that God is calling some of you to move your lives to Tacoma and help us plant the gospel here. We are in desperate need of leadership. We have more men than women involved in our church but we have a shortage of mature Christian men to disciple these new believers. We have prayed for God to bring families to be a part of The Pathway and he has. But we have realized that we need more mature families to disciple these new believers. Here is the SOS. If God is calling you, please come. We need you! Our city needs you! Thank you. Prayer: -Please pray for God to send more committed believers to be a part of The Pathway -Please pray for God to send someone with a heart to lead worship to serve with us. -Please pray for God to send someone with a passion for children and family ministry to serve with us. -Please pray for Tommy as he plants the Way in Seattle -Please pray for a new Community Group leader for Tom’s group -Pray for these families -The Browns -The Musicks -The Llufrios -Kevin & Annette -Nate & Sequoyia

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CFY So July has been extremely busy for the Cowboy Fellowship Youth. We left for summer camp on July 11th, taking 53 people total. The students and sponsors had an awesome week, listening to the messages from the camp pastor Wes Hamilton, praising and worshiping with the Aaron Wagner Band, who was leading us for the week, and even got to have a late night concert with the band Kutless. 4 students gave there lives to Christ throughout the week from our group, and 7 took steps to rededicate themselves to the Lord. It was truly an awesome week, and even more awesome to watch the work that God was doing in our youth. After getting back home from camp on Friday, we barely had 2 days to rest and then a group of 16 youth and sponsors left for Waco, Texas where we had our summer mission trip. It was extremely hot, with the temperature being over 100 everyday of the week, but that didn't stop us, as well as the rest of the over 200 other students that participated in the World Changers project. 4 houses got repainted and 16 houses got re-shingled, all in a weeks time. Not only that, but the students got to take opportunities to minister to the community by sharing the gospel with a few individuals that came up throughout the week, curious as to why all these students were laboring in such heat. God worked this week in a mighty way, and taught all of our students the true meaning of what it is to be a servant. Thanks for all the prayer support and financial support that everyone gave to make these events happen. Check out the link below to watch a video of summer camp and the Waco mission trip.

CFY Summer Video Farewell To Our Interns! Well summer is coming to a close, the kids are going back to school soon, and our interns are returning to college. The staff took them all out to lunch on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, and everyone really enjoyed the fellowship and lunch. Y’all be sure to catch them this Sunday or one day next week and let them know how much their hard work this summer has been appreciated! We have thoroughly been blessed to have them with us and pray that whatever path God leads them down, they are open and receptive to follow Him. God speed Seth, Bethany, and Michael!

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August 2011 SUN




Schedule Of Events *The following are reoccurring events that take place each week/month at the same time unless otherwise denoted:



Living Hope 7:00

7 Services 10:45 AM Baptisms Potluck

8 1st John Bible Study



Play Group 10:00 AM

CFY 7:00 PM

11 Living Hope 7:00

Family Game Night 6:30 PM

12 CFY Youth Girls Lock In


Children’s Play Group Every Tuesday from 10 - 11:30. CFY R.E.A.L.M. - Every Wednesday @ 7:00 unless otherwise noted. Living Hope - Every Thursday @ 7 PM Call Paul @ 830-570-4301 for more info. 2nd Saturday Clean Up @ 8:00 Breakfast Provided Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Every 3rd Saturday @ Stage Stop - 8:00 AM Please Go To Our Website For Times And More Information!




Services 10:45

1st John Bible Study

Saddle Up After the service!


21 Services 10:45 Children’s Promotion Sunday

28 Services 10:45 Children’s

Play Group 10:00 AM


22 1st John Bible Study

Play Group 10:00 AM

17 CFY 7:00 PM

24 CFY 7:00 PM




2nd Saturday Clean Up 8 AM


20 Men’s Fellowship Breakfast



Living Hope 7:00

25 Living Hope 7:00 Helping Hands 10:30 AM


1st John Bible Study 6:00—7:00


Children’s Splashtown 10 AM—4 PM

Church Services - Saturday Night @ 7:00 PM (discontinued until the Fall) ; Sunday: @ 10:45 AM Discipleship Classes - Every Monday - 6:30 PM


31 CFY 7:00 PM

Recognition Sunday


As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:5

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Many Thanks To You For All That You Have Done I would like to thank Pastor Pete, the staff of Cowboy Fellowship, and members of the congregation for all of your love, compassion, prayers, help, and support during my beloved wife Sandy’s illness and her passing. It would have been so much harder without you all. I have been overwhelmed at the amount of love and caring you all have shown for us both. I have missed you all the past couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you at church soon. Sincerely, Brad Bradshaw

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 8

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Page 14 Summer Blast went GREAT this year! We had one student make a first-time decision to trust God with her life, and several make steps to a closer walk with their Savior. 130+ students walked through our doors and learned how they are: Accepted, Protected, Saved by, and Forgiven by Jesus and, how to Live for Him. The children enjoyed silly games, creative crafts, fun worship, and great Bible study. The students also participated in a “Boys vs. Girls” penny collection offering for five missionaries in Asia. After a long week and many giving hearts, the girls came out victorious, resulting in a pie to the face for the boys’ leader, Mr. Mike Vasquez. Fortunately, we serve an amazing God, so there really were no losers. The children combined to raise $1,110.28 towards Gospel for Asia. Thank you for all your prayers and support to make this week a success. If you missed seeing our intern get pied, or if you saw him get pied and want to see it again, here is the link: Click to See the Video of Mr. Mike’s Pie in the Face!

Children’s Events in August Family Fun Night Saturday, August 6 6:30pm—8:00pm Cowboy Fellowship Saturday, August 13

Come join us for an


evening of non-stop fun as families compete in challenges that only last a minute!

Children Ages 4 and Up will Move to Their New Classes Come Meet Your Child’s New Teachers At The End Of The Service!

Meet at the Waterpark

Cowboy Fellowship P.O. Box 68 Pleasanton, TX 78064

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