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LETTER from THE EDITOR Greeting Coveters, It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you all as the new ‘Editor in Chief’. I am very pleased to be on board combining my two loves- fashion and writing.

shot this Issues editorial in the streets of Hollywood, besides the warmer climate- the smoking Lucinda Macintosh is responsible for making this shoot look so damn hot!

We have pumped Issue 12 full of all sorts of goodies to wind up winter and welcome spring, and I feel like Issue 12 is our best one yet! (Not to toot my own horn.)

There is loads more to engulf yourself in so get comfy, grab a coffee and happy reading.

Rather than dwell on the chillier seasons grey weather and daily concoctions of coffee mixed with cold and flu, we opted to focus in on all the good stuff winter has to offer and lead you in to spring. Flip through articles on fur jackets, baking, celeb’s and grab tips and insight from some of Melbourne and Sydney’s most talented designers, stylists and bloggers. Local labels Rise of Dawn, Gwenadue and Bul will get you geared up and vamped for spring and funny guys Josh Lawson and Ash Williams both lighten the mood speaking with us about their experiences living in La La land. Speaking of LA, Covets very own Anthony Lucuria

I hope you enjoy my first Issue as editor and that my voice brings a new perspective and splash of fun. I look forward to bringing you more stories from all the fabulous labels and creative creatures that make this COVET life of ours oh so sweet! Can’t wait to get started on the summer instalment, can you smell the beach and coconut oil already? I can! Until next time, Toot toot Kate Xx What I am Coveting...

1. Zara Red Blazer. These Blazer has a bit of a Chanel thing going and would carry in to spring nicely. I would team this number with black jeans, leather tights or a floral mini for a Gossip Girl moment. 2. Stella McCartney Black Falabella Tote Bag. Stella can do no wrong. I could fit my entire day in this glittery dream of a bag, and its faux leather. What’s not to love? 3. Stella McCatrney outfit- from Winter 12 Collection. This entire outfit - well because look at it! Perfection It is all about the flared pant this season my friends- and just wait for spring! 4. WildFox Culture- American Heart Cardigan. I heart these LA based designers. Would throw this over a maxi skirt and tee or denim jeans. Would work with anything and make a dull day pop-I love their entire White Label collection. 5. Ellery Masonry Floral Pants. One of my facourite designs at the moment. These pants are bang on with the floral trend. Offering warm tones for winter I would pair with a white/black shirt or fitted knit. 8








JOSH By Danya Ferdman

LAWSON The hilarious and humble actor Josh Lawson chats to Covet journalist Danya Ferdman about how life in La la Land compares to back home. Keeping his cheeky sense of humour in tact, and his head on his shoulders, Lawson opens up about the turbulent nature of Hollywood and who makes better coffee!

Many readers will automatically affiliate you with the show “Thank God You’re Here,” your knack for making the audience laugh and witty improvisation skills affirms your position as a comedian? Do you agree with this? I was really lucky to be a part of that show. I consider myself lucky whenever I land a job on any show, but Thank God You’re Here was particularly special, for so many reasons. It’s how I first met the Working Dog team, who have remained my friends many years on. I got to improvise which is one of my favourite things to do, and I was a relatively unknown actor at that

stage. Because work often begets work, the success of Thank God gave me the opportunity to work on more projects in Australia. I understand you have worked alongside some very inspirational and respected actors (Dan Akroyd and Will Ferrell), who has been the most influential person you have worked with? It’s true I have had the privilege of working opposite Dan Ackroyd, Wil Ferrel, Zach Galifinakis, John Lithgow and others, but in terms of who has influenced me the most, I’d have to say Rob Sitch.



Nobody has been more generous with their time and energy than Rob. What did you learn from him? Damn, where do I start? He taught me about comedy, film making, writing, food, wine, being a good human being. You know… the basics. As an actor, what is your proudest achievement? That’s a good question, and a really hard one to answer. Hmmm…probably Any Questions For Ben. I just loved working on that film so much! In a way, I almost wish I hadn’t had such a great time, because a lot of stuff since then has paled in comparison. Like flying economy after you’ve flown business class. Its fine, but you know the wine is better up front. What have you found to be your most memorable/ interesting/disturbing experience in LA? I can’t boil LA down to just one experience. It has been a roller coaster. I have had some brilliant jobs over here for which I am extremely grateful for, but there have been just as many (probably more) tough times. For every job there are a thousand rejections. There is always that fear that nothing will last and you won’t be able to pay the rent next month. But actors are gamblers, and Los Angeles is a casino. We’re all here hoping our number will come up. Sometimes it does, but most of the time you find yourself at the ATM 12



withdrawing more than you can afford. Aside from the size, what are the major differences you have found between the Australian Entertainment industry and Hollywood? Well, I find Australians a lot more relaxed. I think they work as hard, if not harder, but there is a cultural ease that Hollywood doesn’t seem to have. But we’re basically the same. We all just want to make good stuff, stuff we can be proud of. Oh, but I think Aussies make better coffee and better bread! If you were asked, “What are your greatest acting skills,” how would you respond? I would say, “Mum, please stop asking me embarrassing questions in front of my friends!” What are you currently working on? I’m currently about to start Season 2 of ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime, with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. It’s been an amazing experience and I truly can’t wait to get back into it. My character Doug Guggenheim is a total loser, who is socially awkward and always puts his foot in his mouth. So, yeah, it’s a pretty good fit.


Mossman’s new range available in store and online




Gwen adue By MT Sagaria

Synonymous with femininity, playful and fun Gwenadue has already made its mark in Melbourne’s fashion scene. Featured in countless blogs, editorials and charity fashion shows, Gwenadue is a Melbourne based brand to keep your eye on. 15

Kelsey Menadue, the mastermind behind Gwenadue, is as vibrant and creative as her hand-made designs. Following the advice of a quote that soon became her life motto: ‘look which way the crowd is going and then go the opposite way’ her style is best described as an explosion of glitter, colour and pom poms. Kelsey embraces ‘being different and unique’ recognising ‘no two people are the same, so neither should ones style.’ When I asked her why she chose the name ‘Gwenadue’ as her brand name, her answer was simple. A beautiful collaboration of Kelsey’s French surname and a tribute to her late grandmother Gwendoline, her muse, and a woman she’ll always remember for her “constant support and irreplaceable fashion sense”. From modest beginnings, Kelsey began making clothes purely for her own enjoyment until she was constantly inundated as to where her clothes were from. A childhood dream soon became a reality, when she started up a Facebook page and began posting her own designs. An instant hit among friends to a now growing client-base, with personalized orders by Lakyn from ‘The Voice’ and more recently the one and only Lana Del Rey! Even though Gwenadue’s popularity is growing by the day, creative director Kelsey remains true to personalising every order with hand-written tags and thank-you notes- an intimate touch that separates Gwenadue from other designers. The A/W12 is divided by two distinct themes, celebrating the old and modern world, which has inspired her work. The Vintage Icon Collection embarks on a journey of style and sophistication, taking us back to the timeless chic of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe & Grace Kelly. The second part of the collection is holistically inspired by one of Kelsey’s favourite fashion designers: Mary Katrantzou. Using Mary K’s irresistible Italian fabric imported from Italy, Gwenadue has produced a resort-like line of clothing featuring skirts, corsets, rain jackets and her signature peplum tops. Kelsey is now stocked at Design A Space, Fitzroy & Melbourne based boutique Lady Petrova, with ambitions to eventually open up her own store. A true local gem to look out for. Find Gwenadue at: or www. Kristen Cleal shoes- in picture





by Kate Lanigan When one thinks of the ocean, instant calm comes to mind. A place for rejuvenation, to escape the noise, for romance, long walks, and flowing breathes between the waves and your sandy foot prints.

designing for Trovata.” Virginia looks back on that time with fondness “New York was massive… as soon as I got home I had the confidence to get stuck into starting the label with much more knowledge and contacts.”

Virginia Martin the ocean with all its novelties opened up the freest flowing playing field for her to explore while creating clothes for her brand. Think long floating fabrics, soft silks, pastille colour pallets of pink and apricot, cozy knits, and shirts that melt on the skin.

Upon her return to Melbourne, Martin hit the ground running and saw the launch of her first store open shop in May 2011, in non other than Fitzroy’s iconic Brunswick street. With a clear vision of what she wanted to create and the name already sorting itself out- the labels title búl is Virginia’s childhood nickname, “When we were little my brother couldn’t pronounce my name so he just called me búl (pronounced like mull in mulled wine.) “All my old friends and family still call me búl to this day, it just stuck.” In more recent times Virginia was granted a flattering opportunity in the fashion world when she was given the chance to launch a ‘pop up store’ at Melbourne’s fashion capital- the Holy Grail, Chadstone.

Since a young age Virginia had her eye on design, starting to make dresses as a ten year old and then going on in her 20’s to spend time in New York learning from and working with some accomplished American designers in the biz. She recounts how “I learnt so much while living and working in New York and California where I interned with Cynthia Rowley, Heatherette and Proenza Schouler, followed by a stint






Martin was thrilled at the opportunity “to be able to sit alongside some iconic designers is very exciting… we managed to open the store in five days!” Búl’s pop up store opening in March this year is going great guns, sitting in somewhat of a ‘fashion power zone’ with Zimmerman opposite, Gucci next door and new customers being introduced to the brand each day. Virginia tells “most shoppers had not heard of búl, but were blown away by the size of the range,” featuring shoes, leather dresses, bags, knits and silks. Many customers assumed búl was from overseas “and were chuffed to hear we were locals,” Martin tells. The creative side of things is all Virginia but she also has a small team of two who help her out now on the shop floor, with press, wholesale, the website, production and management. An avid surfer, Virginia makes sure to balance her work life with social activity too, with her days filling up and often demanding she says “I have to prioritize what is most important at that time, be it business, the creative mind, social or mathematical there is always room for all sides of the brain.” Virginia has a laid back sense of calm about her (perhaps it’s all the salt water) and this seems to be reflected in her collections. We got to talking about how damn cold Melbourne’s winter can get, but for Virginia this is simply a great excuse to take a trip somewhere warmer each year, to catch some waves and inspiration for the label. This subject of travel is often an important one for designers, and búl is no exception to the rule, “travel is imperative to designing my collections, each one is based on a different coast line or country,” she says. Just recently returning from Sri Lanka, which ticked all the right boxes for Martin “Sri Lanka has everything I love from culture, to good people, food, warm weather and beautiful ocean.” Her latest Spring 12 collection soon to hit stores and online is inspired by the sun drenched Namibian Desert. Images of golden grasses and long plains that stretch to the ocean ends express themselves through a blend of colours and textures. The range features linen tops with delicate silk backs, the bang ‘on trend’ arrival of beige and olive tones gracing catwalks worldwide, with splashes of jewel red and tribal inspired prints. Fans of búl have become accustomed to the sheer quality and timeless feel of garments designed by Virginia who prides herself on attention to detail “every piece has either noticeable or very intricate detailing setting it aside from everything else.” The labels pieces are designed to be worn passed one season with the “tailoring, fabric and workmanship of high quality to ensure customers years of wear.” The design process itself is a personal one for Virginia explaining how they “always reflected where I was at in my life at that point in time,” intrinsic and necessary for her as a whole “I will always do this, if I didn’t have búl I would be designing in some other capacity- its in my blood.” With passion like this I asked what she thinks are the five key factors to success in such a hard industry, to which she replied “experience, thick skin, patience, unique style and not believing the hype.” These traits all seem to have helped Martin get to where she is today, along with her clear talent, dedication and relaxed nature; I am almost convinced to go by a surf board! Búl generates attention in the media and on an international level too, appearing in the likes of Vogue, Grazia and Madison magazine. Celebrities have also been spotted in the young designers clothes, Virginia was rather excited about one in particular “I got a real buzz when New York musician Binki Shapiro a member of ‘Little Joy’ band, (along side boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti of ‘The Strokes,’) was snapped wearing búl .” As our conversation came to a close and after touching on so many of her career highlights, I had to ask what she was coveting, to which she run off a rather eclectic list… “A Patagonia Merino wool wetsuit, an old soft top jeep, a beard trimmer for my boyfriend (Alpha 60 owner) a studio over looking a Secret Beach in Costa Rica, and warm sand between my toes.” I hear you sister.





Photographer: Anthony Licuria - APL PHOTOGRAPHY 24



ASH . by Danya Ferdman

WILIAMS Funny Man Ash Williams chats to Covet about the natural transition from NOVA voice over presenter, to stand up comedian and actor, and we think he is just that, a natural.

Covet got the load down on his life in LA, handling the hecklers, his fellow ‘comedy buddies’ and celebrities spotting- through bursts of sarcasm and humor. He does make a living off joking after all. A born and bred city boy from Melbourne, Ash grew up in a family of medical experts, his mum is a nurse, while one of his brother’s and father are both doctors. This, ‘’makes me a doctor too’’ according to Ash. Williams is your classic blokey bloke, Aussie larrikin who quite simply, loves what he does. A stand up comic, actor and a CLEO magazine 2011 Bachelor of the Year nominee, Ash counts having almost 5000 Facebook friends as his “greatest achievement to date.” He wanted to grow up to be a number one professional tennis player and win Wimbledon, and if he could have any superpower in the world well, “that is a classic question that my brothers and I often discuss, and the answer is....”to have unlimited wishes.” So you can see how serious the flow of conversation was between Covet and Mr.Williams, much to our delight. So Ash’s journey into acting and stand up comedy started when he landed a job as apart of Nova radio station’s street team. It was around this time Ash was approached by someone higher up in the business that suggested he try his hand at voice over work, and from here on out his media career was born. From radio came stand up, and not long after- acting to followed suit. Ash has starred in small feature roles,

advertisements and at the beginning of the year filmed a new Australian comedy under the name BPS. ‘’ This is a good one.” Williams says, “it was shot in Melbourne and both written and directed by my mate Ed Kavalee.” With the release date pending Willams hints, “there’ll be more details revealed soon.” Not one to give away too much too soon, Ash did however tell COVET the film stars some familiar Aussie comedians including, Peter Hellier, Dave Hughes, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton. Like many aspiring Australian stars, Ash has made the move to L.A to further pursue his stand up and acting aspirations. So what has the move to ‘Tinseltown’ been like? Williams admits “ L.A is a great place, I don’t own a jumper.” He continues to let us in to his schedule a little, “a usual day for me is to get up, put on some really short shorts and go to the gym around 7:30AM with a mate, back home by 9am and into emails, reading scripts, auditions and working on my tan.” Stating that of course “Working on my tan takes priority!’’ With hardly any time to miss home Ash tells us how fortunate he has been, “I have a lot of mates here in L.A, and Skype with my mates back home.”



‘’There a great vibe here, L.A is also a lot like Melbourne, but with better weather.’’ We had to ask, what about encounters of the celebrity kind? ‘’ Yeah all the time,” he admits “always at the gym, supermarkets, driving... Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, they are everywhere!’’ Sigh.

“Screw you, you arrogant prick, you’re ugly,” to which he replied “who the hell brought the psycho?” This particular heckler came up to Ash afterwards “and was very upset that I called her a psycho.” The moral of the story, “if you are going to heckle at my shows, expect to be involved in some way!”

Since moving to L.A, Ash has become involved with U.C.B Comedy, where he writes and performs sketch comedies with others. When it comes to his own stand up shows the American audiences seem to fair in comparison with Australians, at times Americans can misunderstand our humour but Ash says “they are massively into it.” “Americans love stand up comedy, there is a stand up venue on every corner! ‘’ Williams feels that his is not your typical comedian “both on an attitude level or physically.” “So as soon as I get up there people are thinking ‘what’s this guy’s deal’? People are intrigued, “the main thing is to remove any Aussie slang terms and convert them into a U.S version,” Williams explains.

Before concluding our chat with Williams he reveals to us that his real name is actually ‘John Kapolatan,’ adding “no- that is a lie, and to any John Kapolatan’s reading this, you have a great name!” When we asked Ash (or should we say John), to reveal something about himself to our readers, he says “I live with three Americans in a nice house in West Hollywood, and we have a cat called “Mochi”. Ash also admitted his preference for “happy girls” and that he has a “penchant for blondes” but having a bad attitude is his pet hate.

Ash recounts one of his first gigs in the U.S “I had a few punch lines, revolving around the word root and bugger, all the people laughed but when I watched it back I remembered the word root in America means a completely different thing.” “I modify the stories and the jokes for the audiences I play to, and if it doesn’t work, well then I’ll have fun with that too...’’ Williams is not afraid to embrace the odd heckler’s either, telling us “I encourage them as on some level it brings everyone together and I enjoy the interaction with the crowd.” “Hecklers are fun, but sometimes they don’t expect you to have a go back at them.” During a stand-up show in Melbourne, Williams was telling a joke when a girl in the audience yelled out 26



As for advice for aspiring actors or comedians ‘’Pay me lots of money to be your mentor. I can maybe get you on “Masterchef”! Following this comment up with as he puts it (grown up advice) Ash tells it like it is. Quite simply, “ if you love it, get involved with it on any level and work from there.” “ Being around talented people who create things is a big motivation, my time at Nova radio was good for that, now I have my comedy buddies by my side. ‘’ If he was not an actor or comedian Williams thinks his other calling would have to be “a male Go-Go dancer, and a damn good one!’’ All jokes asides, we can say Williams has a great outlook on life, and is definitely the type to have you laughing all day. From humble begins at Nova, Williams has shown that if you just follow your path all the right doors will open for you.

Spring/SUMMER 27

Collection 2012


d a n ewing By Danya Ferdman

COVET takes a little moment out from all the fashion talk, to ask this Issues cover boy- Dan Ewing what made him change from athlete to actor, and touch on those other life essentials like love and dancing! Ewing opens up to COVET journalist 29 Dayna Ferdman about his character on Home and Away, crazy fans, and following his heart. Cue sighs...

Marni wear’s IXIAH Nightfall Throwover $379.00 Stella Nemiro Ring $125.00 Stella Nemiro Necklace $149.00

On your fan site you were asked to provide advice to aspiring actors, you stated “If you’re in it to be famous go do Big Brother, if you love your craft -work and the roles will come.” As a working actor, what are your thoughts regarding reality TV celebrities? I think it is hyper reality because they know they’re on camera, it will never truly be ‘reality’. If society is going to continue to give these shows a platform, well then society is to blame. If you were to be compared to another actor, who would it be and why? I would like to be compared to someone like Hugh Jackman for his work/life balance. As an actor, I also really admire Ryan Gosling and his ability to let the acting speak for it self and not over play things. Your character on Home and Away, Heath Braxton is quite the bad boy- what do you enjoy about playing this ill-tempered heartthrob? I’m really enjoying discovering more about Heath. Through his relationship with Bianca and his children we are now seeing a different side to him. It’s always more challenging to play someone who’s not quite in touch with his emotions because the audience gets to see him struggle with understanding what he’s feeling. What is your most memorable personal experience thus far on the set 31 of Home and Away? Working with the newborns cast to play Rocco’s character, definitely. You have quite a female fan-base, have you experienced

any unconventional or outright crazy-fan attention? Not really in person but unfortunately online. Of course I appreciate support but fake pages pretending to be myself or Marni (his fiance) are going a bit far. Then there’s the odd present or tackling in the street. You were an accomplished basketball player and athlete, even touring USA and Canada- what was the reason you decided to pursue acting instead? Because I’m only 6 feet / 183 cm tall! (laughs) Once I reached a certain level it stopped being fun for some reason. I think it’s because it takes up so much of your life. I virtually had no weekends for a few years, not to mention the training which I loved but as you get older you need to make tough choices and I chose acting because I simply loved it more! As a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars, it became apparent that you were not just an actor, but quite the mover too. What was the most challenging thing about this show for you? That’s a lie! I was horrible! (Laughing) I was proud at how far I came seeing as I was a brick before- but now let’s just say at least I’m not afraid of the dance floor. You proposed to fiancé, Marni Little, at a Basketball match as the game holds a personal meaning to you both- what advice do you have for our readers on how to recognise when they come across ‘the one.’ Don’t let society or even others close to you make up your mind. Follow your heart and the little voice deep down inside, that always gets things right even when you are not listening to it!

D y l a n George is California DreaminG by Catherine Ciccone The latest denim sensation to hit COVET’s fashion radar is Los Angeles based designer Dylan George. Having already sold out across the USA and Europe, the luxury-denim brand has recently made its debut into the Australian market to rave reviews. To mark the launch of the latest Fall 2012 collection aptly titled California Dreaming, Dylan George founder Danny Guez, enlisted his friend and codesigner of Abott + Main, Kellan Lutz and supermodel Kate Upton to star in the campaign. The images from California Dreaming capture what the current collection is all about. Cool, laid-back and stylish LA style. We’ll just let the images speak for themselves! Catering to both men and women, Dylan George is committed to providing the utmost in quality, cut and style. “For fall we continue to demonstrate our

commitment to achieving the perfect fit as well as introducing new, innovative washes and treatments,” said Danny Guez. He goes on to say that, “the broad range of colours, finishes, and fabrics we’re offering is unparalleled.” The Runway for women is a super-flattering cut, designed to sculpt and enhance the female shape. COVET’s pick is the Runway in Morning Dew. The Joseph is likely to be a hit amongst the guys, with it’s loose, relaxed cut in a variety of washes and finishes. Dylan George has become a favourite amongst celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie to name a few. For stockist enquiries please contact Joseph Borchan +613 9429 3412 |



Model: Laura Peric @ Chadwicks

Model wears: Rachel Gilbert Dexina Dress $649.00 Mossman Earrings $59.95 Location: The Apartment @ Crown Metropol -




Make up: Rene


ee Zanelli

Styling: Lana Wilkinson

Hair: Sash @ Biba Camberwell

Create Director: Deanna Depetaro



Bendon Corset $89.95 Mossman Adoration skirt $129.00 Supernova 8.05ct pink & white cut diamonds POA






Mossman dress Black $149.00 Supernova 18ct White gold ladies dress ring set with 8.50ct of pink & white round cut diamonds








By Karli Smith

LookBook CookBook is a website/blog where food meets fashion, and all treats sinfully delicious and sweet are showcased by models in fashion shoots. From chocolate banana smoothies, to cinnamon rolls, cookie dough truffles, ice-cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcakes and coconut cream, all recipes on this food/fashion blog are gluten free and vegan friendly. Enticing and offering a guilt free indulgence, because of the clean, thoughtful, chemical and refined sugar free ingredients at hand, well why wouldn’t you? If you are anything like many of us at COVET, we love a good bake up on the chilly weekends, to treat ourselves and friends alike. So who is the mastermind behind a concept that combines a girls two greatest ever loves and how did such an idea come about? Meet Jessica Milan, a vegan and self taught photographer from Toronto- Canada, who lives in Ibiza during the summer months (jealous us?) and is a ‘’total sucker for cupcakes, pancakes and chocolate.’’ Before turning her hand to photography, Jess spent several years in the fashion industry, modelling throughout Europe and Asia. ‘’ There was a few years gap between both modelling and photography,” she says, “but while modelling I always had a camera in hand.” Growing from a natural urge to capture the moment, initially what was “more so to take lifestyle photos” became a sparkling eye for fashion photography. Jessica revealed she has been coveting the Canon G12 camera. ‘’I just got it a few days ago, so I’m a happy girl now!” Along with her love for fashion and photography Jessica revealed she has always had a ‘’huge passion for vegan cooking’,” originally she wanted to create a normal food blog to showcase her recipes but as she was doing a lot of fashion shoots at the time, she thought it would be ‘’a fun twist ‘to have some of the girls pose with the food.” And how refreshing is it to see models actually eating desserts and enjoying themselves!? When asked how Jess goes about choosing the clothes and models for LookBook CookBook, she revealed that most of the models on the site are actually her friends or 42





girls she has previously worked with. ‘’I find shoots are much more fun and enjoyable that way.’’ The majority of JLBCB models style themselves or are otherwise snapped wearing a label called Naughty Mess Vintage by Chloe Wise, featured on Jessica likes the ease and familiarity that comes from shooting models that she already knows are capable as well as affirmed in the fashion stakes. Jess is however always on the look out for up and coming new talent and fresh faces- an email provided on the website allows models can apply for upcoming shoots. (If there are any hopeful COVET candidates who will be finding themselves in Toronto or Ibiza any time soon.)

a whole lot more taste testing going on in the kitchen. ‘’Several years ago I definitely didn’t know my way around a kitchen, so I’ve had plenty of cooking disasters in the past, but once you get the hang of the science behind baking though, creating new recipe ideas is a lot of fun,’’ she says.

In regards to her own style Jess adds ‘’right now I’m in Ibiza for the summer, so it’s a lot of short shorts, silver jewellery piled on and tank tops!’’

Jessica intends on branching out from her LBCB endeavours and is currently working on her own cookbook to go to print. ‘’I’m perfecting recipes that even the biggest meat eaters will love and enjoy!’’ she assures us.

With so many tantalising and creative recipes on the website, it’s hard to believe baking is a rather new hobby of Milan’s, but she informs us that there’s definitely a lot of trial and error and even 44



As mentioned-the recipes on the site are all vegan friendly, this is mostly due to the fact that Jessica has been a vegetarian for the majority of her life and only over the past few years has begun embracing veganism. ‘’I became a vegetarian simply because I never enjoyed the taste of meat,” she explains, “but of course now, I definitely appreciate the other benefits being a vegan provides for my body and the environment.’’

Jessica doesn’t spend time cooking only for herself- her family and friends certainly reap the rewards of having a

baker on hand who she loves to cook for at any chance she gets.

up again for me come fall, and I would also like to go to school and study holistic nutrition.’’

So what time during the year does Jessica enjoy baking the most? ‘’I definitely prefer baking in the winter,’’ (we hear that) but summer is also perfect for easy to make raw desserts plus lots of fruit dishes and smoothies,” she says.

While we await Jessica Milan‘s very own cookbook still untitled and yet to be released- we wish this clean hearted beauty much success in her future endeavours and hope the next instalment is every bit as good as the deliciousness that is LookBook

Gaining loads of fans in the media and internationally, many are catching on to the creative thinker-LookBook CookBook is definitely a space to watch. We think everyone should embrace the little baker within them and try their hand at some (or all) of the recipes on the website. Really who needs a special occasion to bake? Our own editor in chief, Kate gave the Gingerbread cupcakes a whirl and said they were “absolutely delish, and very addictive!” So what does the future hold for Jessica in terms of fashion photography and new projects? ‘’As far as fashion photography goes, I am mostly just focusing on LBCB with the occasional fun project on the side. At the moment I am in Spain for the summer, so things will pick

Happy Reading and Happy Baking!






Sydney Fashion Blogger: Fashion fit for a queen by Delima Shanti



With a name that takes after one of histories most extravagant and fashion-savvy women, it seems Sydney Fashion Blogger a.k.a. Antoinette Marie was destined to become a fashion icon in her own right.

The 28-year-old, born and bred in Sydney, is part of the growing clan of the blogging elite. Although she only started blogging a year and a half ago, her blog has garnered attention among local fashion enthusiasts and industry big wigs alike. In a way Antoinette’s style of blogging harks back to the early forms of fashion blogging, in the days before the glossier styles of The Sartorialist and Garance Dore. Antoinette’s leans toward the Lookbook side of the blogging spectrum, dominated outfit-of-theday photos. Judging by the 18,000 followers on her Facebook page and the hundreds of ‘likes’ each of her posts gets, however, grainy Instagram photos of the blogger’s covetable wardrobe content are exactly what fashion enthusiasts are eating up. Chatting with Antoinette about how and why she started blogging, she tells us how much the blogging scene has changed at a rapid pace since she started. “While working for an advertising agency I used to look for inspirational fashion pictures and send them to my boss at the time. Eventually she stopped reading my emails because she got way too busy so I started putting them on a blog and on my Facebook page,” Antoinette muses. From blogging as a means to communicate with her boss, Antoinette went on to joining the fashion cream of the crop at runway shows during Fashion Week. But it hasn’t always been easy for bloggers to join professional buyers and magazine editors at the front row. “Over the past year blogging has just gone to another level,” Antoinette adds. “I remember going to fashion week last year and checking in to the front counter. The lady who took my registration asked what I was there for-when I told her I was a blogger she asked me what that was.”




“This year was a totally different story. Fashion week was all about the bloggers. Blogging equals power.” Granted, the Australian fashion blogosphere is still dwarfed by internationally acclaimed bloggers the likes of Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, Hanneli Mustaparta and wunderkinder Tavi Gevinson, but Antoinette predicts Australian fashion blogs are going in the direction of international blogs, where bloggers have become a relatively influential and powerful source of media in the fashion industry. Coming at fashion from two different perspectives, editorial and blogging, earns Antoinette a unique outlook to fashion. She considers the blogger’s voice as a particularly influential because in a way bloggers bridge the gap between the fashion industry and consumers, they are the trend setters too. Even so, not every blogger gets close to 20,000 followers like Antoinette, who stresses the importance of “keeping it real” and engaging with audiences. “Being personable and engaging with your audience is part of what makes a blog successful.” “I try my best to inspire my fans with things that bring me joy,” she adds. “I want to show them that you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks.” No matter what side of the fashion coin you’re on, it is probably safe to assume that without an exciting fashion scene to back it up, neither bloggers nor magazines would have very much to say. Antoinette tells us she is confident the Australian fashion scene is going places, and despite our out-of-sync seasons, the trans-seasonal styles coming out of our studios and fashion houses are grabbing attention overseas.!/sydney. fashionblogger



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LP33.3 The boys behind the letters and numbers. by Catherine Ciccone LP33.3 is one of Australia’s most promising new labels. Luke Hosking and Paul del Giglio make up the Sydney based duo- committed to producing modern yet classic designs in only the most exquisite fabrics. Hosking and Del Giglio speak exclusively with COVET about their upcoming Spring/Summer 2012/13 Collection. There is an interesting concept behind the name LP33.3. Can you tell our readers a little bit about that?

off-shore. We want to keep the physicality intimate but the concept global.

LP33.3 is an acronym of our names (Luke and Paul) and the infinite loop (33.3), which is the creative theory where evolution, revolution, and destruction all come to passrepresenting the cyclical collaborative process.

You both have extensive experience working with other brands in Australia and abroad. What did you learn from these opportunities?

How did you both meet?

With every collection we strive for that unattainable perfection, so I guess we have learned that you can always do better, and keep reaching for that rainbow, so to speak. In some respects, we have learned what not to do with the design process and the way we run our own business. Working overseas has given us a global perspective, not an insular one.

Somewhere between Xanadu and Emerald City… When did you decide that it was the right moment to create your own label and why? We had gone as far as we could possibly go working for other labels, and believe we have a different point of view and aesthetic to offer. We are passionate about the artisan hands-on quality of creating clothes, which is sadly dying in Australia- as there is a trend for mass-producing

If you had three words to describe the aesthetic of LP33.3, what would they be? Contemporary, meticulous and seductive.



How do you go about the process of selecting the fabrics for your garments? We source fabrics from around the globe, finding what is new and innovative, and discovering something that has a unique character that we can enhance or manipulate texture combinations in the design process. It’s also really important that they fit into our vision or theme for the season. What was your inspiration behind the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection? We always begin our collections with a strong theme, and for SS12 we were inspired by the Greek mythological Sirens depicted in the illustrations of John Flaxman in The Odyssey. The Sirens were dangerous creatures, portrayed as seductresses who lured sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck onto the rocky coast of their island. We like the dark flipside of this beauty and strength, and the way Flaxman’s drawings capture the draping with delicate suspension as if it were floating underwater and movement almost beckoning the viewer to the dangers that lurk beneath. Are you influenced by international trends when putting together your collections? We always keep true to the LP33.3 aesthetic, which doesn’t scream to be noticed, but at the same time we are part of the wider international creative community and thus influenced by similar things whether that be film, music, art or international fashion. We do not build our collections around trends, but we do need to be aware of them and what’s going on overseas to stay relevant. What are your top five style tips for women? 1. Confidence- strength comes from within 2. Rules – are meant to be broken 3. Simplicity – doesn’t mean boring 4. Irony – the perfect accessory to sophistication 5. Fantasy – fashion should be fun! What advice do you have for emerging designers? Above all, learn the fundamentals on how to make clothes, after which you will have the knowledge to deconstruct them or be as creative as you like. It’s also important to have some business sense, so this coupled with creativity and passion is paramount. Lastly, don’t be a designer simply because you love shopping! Where do you hope to see LP33.3 in the future? We want to be expanding and diversifying our product range, as well as taking the brand to a global stage. What are you coveting right now? A holiday!!!





DOWN TOWN L.A. Photographer: ANTHONY LICURIA - APL PHOTOGRAPHY Photography Assistant: Byron Atienza Model: Lucy McIntosh @ Photogenics / Chadwicks Styling: Juliet Vo Hair & Make up: Linda Chiriac




Star Maxi Dress: Naven Cropped Top: Finders Keepers Pants: Brian Lichtenberg Collar Necklace and Cuff: Nissa Jewelry Earrings: Tarina Tarantino Shoes: Blonde Ambition



Jacket: Finders Keepers Bodysuit: Brian Lichtenberg Shorts: Cameo Boots: Alejandra G. Graffiti Sunglasses: Brian Lichtenberg Earrings: Nashelle Necklaces: Danielle Stevens Gold ring: Nissa Jewelry Boots: Alejandra G.






Jacket and shorts: Finders Keepers Yellow bra: One Teaspoon Necklaces: Tarina Tarantino Bracelets: Nissa Jewelry 60





Jacket: Cameo Maxi dress: Finders Keepers Earrings: Tarina Tarantino Necklace and Ring: Nissa Jewelry Boots: Blonde Ambition












Godwin Charli By Snjezana Bobic

From The Beatles, to Fred Astaire…. the list of inspiration is long and diverse for one very clever designer. Godwin Hili talks to COVET’s Snjezana Bobic about the timeless feel and wearability of a well tailored suit. Hats off to you good sir….






Godwin Charli has built a reputation as a brand of choice - sort after by our leading Australians for major film premiers and events, with recent red carpet appearances including The Oscars, Canne Film Festival, The Brownlow Medal, TV Week Logie Awards, and The AFI Awards. Setting the benchmark locally in tailored fashion, it’s no wonder Godwin Charli has become the go-to-fashion label for leading men and women in the Film and Television. Names include Sullivan Stapleton, Charlie Pickering, Matt Le Nevez, Dan Ewing, and Adam Hills. Most notably has been Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson and Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth. Godwin Charli is also the Official Style Partner for AFL super club The Geelong Cats and Carlton Blues, providing all the off-the field men’s and women’s attire for uniform and official events. The same can be said for Tennis Australia’s Fed Cup and Davis Cup teams. The Australian Team uniform has proudly been designed by Godwin Charli for all local and international representation. Household names include champion Sam Stosur, Lleyton Hewitt and team Capitan Patrick Rafter. Director/Designer Godwin Hili, launched the brand in 2007 following careers in Accounting, Marketing and Advertising. Godwin can thank his training workshops for becoming renowned for excellence in quality, sharp silhouettes, superb fits, refined features. The brand focuses on strong customer service skills to get the right fit for all. “We have a strong heritage in tailoring but I also believe it’s our attention to detail, not only in each and every garment but toward the customer’s needs. We care how you look- our staff wants you to look your absolute best,” Godwin says. Inheriting his family’s history of creating beautiful tailored clothing, Hili remains committed to preserving the traditions and the experience the brand holds today, “primarily stemmed from observing the precision and elegance of the French,” he says, “The tradition of the British and the flare and romance of the Italians.”

the way the garment seemingly holds you that make all the difference.” When it comes to choosing the fabric, he mentions that cotton is the most used fibre for the Australian Market and best suited- because it allows for the clothing to breathe and it’s comfortable to wear. “ You’ll find cotton everywhere throughout my collections, sourced from Italy, Egypt and Japan,” while he admits that there’s been a resurgence in cotton trousers and jackets, which will be seen in his collections. But for the warmer months, Godwin suggests men should stick to a well –fitted shirt, which you can take from the workplace into the night, “pairing it up with either cotton pants or shorts to get that more relaxed looked.” As for the ladies- a tailored pair of Capri trousers teamed with flat shoes, or to get a sexier feel, dress them up with a pair of your favourite heels. And with spring/summer next on the agenda, it seems that a burst of colour is on the horizon for Godwin’s 2012/2013 collection, “in particular greens, blues, reds and yellows across both collections,” Godwin says. However the one thing Godwin is most adamant about every man (and omen) having, is a well tailored suit adding, “even if you don’t wear one for a living, the correct fit makes for the ultimate statement piece.” Godwin suggests a blazer for the ladies, “every woman should have that perfect little blazer to be worn with jeans, over that cute summer skirt or prepped-up on a pair of shorts.” So what does the future hold for the brand? “I see Godwin Charli staying true to our heritage, offering the highest quality on-trend garments, and an exceptional, personable in- store shopping experience.” With three boutiques in Melbourne, Lt Collins St, Chapel St and Bridge Rd and their online store, the simplicity of elegance, style and tradition is accessible to all.

With two older sisters in the performing arts, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, James Dean, Bettie Davis, Dorris Day, and The Beatles have all been inspiration towards creating the classic, elegant and romantic styles we see today. “The love affair of those who graced the stage and screen of the 1940s, 1950s and the 1960s was and still is a heavy influence,” he says. With a strong sense of detail in his designs Godwin remains adamant that attention must be paid in order to create new and surprising pieces, while pushing the limits, but always maintaining a piece that is noticeable and most of all- wearable. “I’m a strong believer in wowing people with the unexpected. It could be the thread, a button, or even



Max Markson By Nesrene Barakat

This man hardly needs an introduction. That being said, these days Lara Bingle has him to thank for her rise to fame. You may know him from Celebrity Apprentice, but agent-to-the-stars, Max Markson has been around a lot longer than that. In his 30 years in the Public Relations industry, Max has most definitely secured his spot as one of the best in the biz- rubbing shoulders and working with some of the industries most elite, from Nelson Mandela to Kim Kardashian! Markson has made a successful name and life for himself- by being just that. From childhood, to Radio and Nightclub gigs- and eventually the creation of Markson Sparks!-we dig a little deeper. Asking the man who represents countless celebrities and supported many charities what he thinks it means to be famous, the power of positive thinking and the mobile phone! 70





What were you like as a child - what did you love to do and what did you dream of for the future? How have those experiences shaped you today? I can’t remember!! At one stage I wanted to be a chartered accountant. But I failed my A levels. They’re English for HSC’s. I did enjoy helping my dad in his Aqua show. That’s like an ice show but in water with a team of synchronised swimmers and high divers. I used to swim in the show at times and was a little fish with a torch in my mouth during the ultra violet lit scenes! I think because my father was a promoter that’s influenced me in my work as a publicist and promoter. You have been in the public relations game for over 30 years. What were you doing prior to this? When I was 15 my dad died and I left boarding school to go home to live with my mum in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. I started being the spotlight operator in a local nightclub, then went on to hire the club and prompted pop groups and BBC Radio 1 DJ’s. I came to Australia in 1977 when I was 21 and worked for an importer promoting biorhythm calculators, negative ion generators and various products before opening a night club at Kings Cross called ‘The Zoo’. I was the Head Zookeeper! 72



We’d have different stars as guest DJ’s each week. Brooke Shields, Evel Knevel, George Hamilton, Dennis Lillee , Belinda Green. Every week was a different celebrity. Then I worked as promotions manager at a radio station 2WS before starting Markson Sparks in 1982. I’m 30 years old now! Well, the business is. How do you define “celebrity”? Celebrities are people who are celebrated. Famous for their achievements. Extraordinary people. News is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and extraordinary people doing ordinary things. So if Madonna takes her kids for a ride in the park. That’s a double page spread. News. If a couple of guys get stuck underground down a mine shaft for 12 days. That’s news. What was it that drew you to the world of celebrity representation? Admiration, inspiration, and interesting people.

finals but unfortunately I was in the US working so couldn’t get back for it. Who have you represented over the years that you have most admired, or has influenced you the most? I’ve admired all the guest speakers I have worked with. Nelson Mandela, President Clinton, President Bush Snr, Rudy Giuliani , Al Gore, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tony Blair. I think President Clinton, Carson Kressley and Chubby Checker have influenced me most. It’s all about people. Communicating with people, acknowledging them and treating everyone with respect- this is very important. Everyone has an ego. No matter what their position in life and it is very important to respect people. Is there someone still on your wish list to represent? Of course! Mike Tyson , President Obama , Secretary of State Hilary Clinton , Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie , Oprah Winfrey… to name a few.

I love people! How lucky am I to have been able to work with President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Al Gore and so many more. What qualities do you have that set you apart from other people in your industry? Why do celebrities choose to work with you?

Quick thinking when responding to crises is crucial for you – how do you stay on top of your game? I exercise 5 days out of 7 for an hour on the treadmill and walk and jog 6 to 8km an hour.

I think my passion, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ – positive attitude. I do believe I can do anything. Never say die.

Read the papers , watch TV, listen to radio, talk to people. At the end of the day when it comes to reacting to crisis situations it’s a combination of common sense and gut feeling.

We saw you raising money for charity on Celebrity Apprentice, and charity fundraising makes up part of your work. How do you decide which charities you will be involved with?

We know what you do in your professional life, but what else are you passionate about? What do you do to escape, particularly when your work revolves around people in the spotlight?

I’ve been very fortunate with the fundraising I’ve done. From over 200 events we’ve given over $40 million to charity. If a charity approaches me and I think I can make money for them then I say yes and go and do it.

I love eating chocolate and ice cream and desserts!

In joining Celebrity Apprentice, what were your goals? What did you hope to achieve, other than possibly becoming the eventual winner?

Also any excuse to go on a boat on Sydney harbour is always fun.

I enjoy listening to music and singing karaoke- and dancing.

Holidays and travel turn me on too. Definitely to raise money for charity. That was the main goal. Also to have fun! I really enjoyed filming the show, it was great fun. Thoroughly enjoyable.

What are you coveting right now?

Do you feel you portrayed yourself in a realistic way? Did the show take any poetic licence in how they portrayed you?

White Toblerone chocolate mousse, a little more sleep and that great value dessert from Woolworths called OMG! The double choc mousse soufflé is to die for. I think I’ll go and have one now! Thanks for having me. I’ve got to go.....

What you see is what you get! It’s all me. Warts and allliterally! I’m passionate and try hard. Have fun. And make lots of phone calls. All the time! I loved doing the show and was very happy with how I was portrayed. They invited me back for the final after I was fired. That was fun too. I was also invited back for The Series 2

It was our pleasure Max, we too, now need to go out and buy some chocolate. YUM!



By Helen Reizer

RIDER COSMETICS Hitch a ride to beautified COVET chats with Damien Rider, founder of Australian beauty and cosmetics range that uses the latest cutting edge innovative cosmetic technology - to produce accessible and achievable alternatives to cosmetic surgery. What inspired you to create the Rider. range? I have long recognised the importance of selfconfidence and its effect on both men and women alike. I genuinely believe that it is the essence of success and happiness. Having been quite conscious of my own appearance throughout my life, particularly whilst working in film and television, I have used products from muscle builders to Botox to help shape a desirable appearance. All too often I was left disappointed with the results. So fourteen years ago, I set out to create my first product -- an amino based formula to rapidly aid muscle recovery. From my research into the body and its systems, I continued to hunt for proven body and skin enhancers that can help men and women achieve beauty confidence, as well as fresher, younger and healthier skin without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. From there- Rider. was born. Tell us a bit about your background? I grew up riding the waves of Gold Coast, QLD and I’ve always had an active lifestyle and an interest in human health and well-being. From a young age I was exposed to the entertainment industry, which seems to thrive on the desire to look younger and feel great about one’s physical appearance. I have made it my life’s work to create Rider.’s range of natural enhancement cosmetics and have tasked leading scientists to creatively seek out the best natural 74



ingredients to help men and women exude beauty and confidence in a safe and healthy way. What are the ingredients and how do they work? In a sense, it is the beauty benefit of each product that determines the active ingredients used. So long as the ingredients are natural, healthy and deliver the benefits we aspire to achieve, then they are not off limits. The naturally derived ingredients are clinically and scientifically tested to prove that you can achieve your beauty desires without the risk of dangerous, surgical procedures. In some of our latest products, we have used carefully tested ingredients such as Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to aid rapid skin recovery as well as replenishment within the skin cells. I am thrilled to know that this product is helping men and women across Australia achieve beauty confidence. I’m very proud of Rider.’s latest new products- The Instant Wrinkle Eraser and Lip Plumper proving instantaneous results. The ‘Multipeptide Serum Moisturiser’ and ‘Lash Enhancer’ providing natural beauty and confidence after just a few weeks use, and finally the much anticipated ‘Rider. Breast Enhancer’, one of the only safe and natural proven bust enhancement products on the market. Where can people purchase Rider. products? Rider.’s full cosmetic range is available for purchase at:


Achieve your beauty confidence Authentic skincare that offers a genuine alternative to cosmetic surgery, with safe, natural & scientifically proven results every time


Buy now at or call 1300RIDER1 Also available at Pharmacy Online


Breast Enhancer helps fill, firm & uplift look a cup size fuller in less than 2 weeks* a safe & natural alternative to surgery

See for yourself why everyone’s talking about Rider. Breast Enhancer. Clinically and scientifically proven to enhance the look of the bust. Women can discover and enjoy the volume that they never had before. Rider. makes beauty confidence achievable by offering genuine alternatives to cosmetic surgery, through a range of beauty products that marries the latest in cutting edge cosmetic innovation, with visible real results. *Individual results may vary

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The Two Unknowns of Elwood By JC

It may be one of Melbourne’s most iconic suburbs to visit for the beach, parks, and café and restaurant culture. However Elwood can now call itself a screen star too- taking on the name in short film by Louis Mandylor. This is not a documentary about the trend setters that pound the pavement of Melbourne’s green and gorgeous neighbourhood- quite the opposite- this is a fantasy-fiction short film, and Elwood has Hollywood intrigued. A semi-CGI film based in a world where cats, dogs and humans are all considered equal. Sounds adventurous however this plot with its mixed cast of names and unknowns has created quite a stir in the world of cinema.






Written and directed by Louis Mandylor the film brings a wealth of his knowledge from the pen to behind the camera and on screen. Mandylor has been on all sides of the industry which makes his cast selection one to watch. He is best known for starring in movies such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Quest and In the Eyes of a Killer. This 40 minute foray into social commentary and equality could well catapult Elwood into the arms of the dream-makers in the TV and movie game.   Elwood took a trip to San Diego recently to feature in the Comic Con Festival and is about to embark on the cinema circuit including Cannes, Sundance, Venice, Toronto and NYC. Already becoming talk of the town, COVET spoke with Maya Stojan and Marco De Rango about the roles they played whilst challenging society’s expectations.    Maya Stojan calls Los Angeles home and as an actress on the rise she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Feeling the buzz off the back of filming this soon-to-be hitElwood, Stojan has all the signs of a star with more than just a foot in the spotlight.   Stating that Elwood has “by far been my most loved project”, she lapped up the role of Angelica, a sexy, solid yet loving character with strong morals in a shaky world. Starring opposite Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), Stojan’s dreams are unfolding fast even though the plot of the film takes viewers to a new world that is challenging to comprehend.   Her Swiss roots are still firmly entwined, wrapped round the ankles keeping her grounded after relocating to L.A to chase the dream. The Hollywood bug bit her some years ago making her certain of her calling to grace the silver screen. A number of roles in film and TV including stints on Entourage, short Indi-films and even a sci-fi horror flick, The Frankenstein Syndrome shows-off her repertoire and keeps her trotting the red carpet regularly.

Elwood could well be the film that flings Stojan’s career into overdrive.   Marco De Rango is based here in our very own Melbourne town and seems to have an endless source of drive and creativity. He speaks with an infectious-anything-is-possible tone and considering he just co-produced and starred in Elwood opposite Perlman & Academy award nominee Bruce Davison “X-Men” it seems to be working. De Rango plays District Attorney Trumble and loved every moment of this experience on and off camera. Pinching himself as he was on set at CBS Studio’s in Studio City with cast and crew he felt his aspirations turning to reality. So what is De Rango’s world like when he is not shooting on location in Hollywood? ‘Henry and the Fox’ is his other pride and joy which he co-owns with hospitality industry legend, Paul Mathers. Henry and the Fox Restaurant lives in that busy street of Melbourne’s city, also known as Little Collins St. De Rango also is planning on tapping into Singapore & its ragging coffee scene later this year, with his first espresso bar opening there in November. Marco’s passion is obvious and calls Melbourne home, however after spending most of last year in Los Angeles doing what any Actor with a dream would do. The major one would consist of networking & putting himself out there. In future he would like to call Los Angeles home and maybe Elwood can make that happen.









by Kate Lanigan Alana Pallister is one half of Melbourne label, Rise of Dawn- which true it’s the name, is defiantly on the rise to becoming a global successful. Creating designs for the ‘festival girl’, fun loving by nature and sharing loads in common (including the same style icon) chatting with Alana was a breeze. Alana has that kind of buzz about her, when she walks into a room, you gravitate. With her white blonde hair, and bronze polished skincovered in ink, she carries this parody of beauty in that it appears obvious but is actually quite mysterious. Owner too of successful boutique Tigermist, whose popularity has seen it turn into an online store. Since scoring a flare and talent for fashion, Alana pursued her dream of creating her very own label, with sister Stevie Pallister in tow. Bursting with excited energy and a spirituality that goes beyond just reiterating quotes, Alana holds her own in what is both a confident and approachable manner.

kind of hippy chic- meets rock/glam vibe. The sisters designs are a festival girl’s dream (think Coachella) and with that being the original intention behind the brand, they got it down pat Twisting the ever famous and fabulous Harley Davidson image into their own to create loose cut midi tops, and a ton of short and fitted dresses, girls can gush for days over these sexy, bad ass creations that can take you from day to night. With the string of festivals now behind us and winter set in, Rise of Dawn is proving to be more than just ‘Festival appropriate’ clothing- with plans to launch a Leather line featuring bags and jackets. Despite some emotional set backs due to personal family matters, Alana maintains her sense of stamina and grace and shows tremendous strength and love for both her family and her business. Here is my one on one with Alana Pallister.

Rise of Dawn, very much meets the Melbournian dress code, but transcends through to a Soho, Greenwich



Tell us how Rise of Dawn got started? Stevie and I had wanted to do a brand for ages, we saw what was selling well in our store(Tigermist) but we couldn’t find what we like from anywhere else, so we both sat down one day and said ‘Right lets do it,’ and we booked a trip and off we went to Bali. We had a year worth of designs between us and we saw there were cheap flights to Bali one day and we were off! We just took the designs with us and made it up there, it all happened very quickly though. That was about two and half years ago now.

When you are at work-on the town- and on a day off (or at home) you wear? Work- A pair of biker boots, jeans, baggy t shirt and a cool jacket or shirt over the top. On the Town- Usually a pair of boots, or crazy patterned shoes, I have this one pair that I love that I got it Bali! I wore them out on the town for ages, with a leather skirt or cape, or some form of shorts and a shirt. Home- Ugg boots, trackies and a big baggy jumper- within 5 minutes of walking through the door. What do you love most about your job?

A day in the life of Alana involves… A lot of things! (Laughs) It is a crazy day- I am out the door at 8am, running around like a headless chook. I am in and out of the shop, out buying, organising things for the brand and our agent. I try and squeeze in the gym before home, and then it’s T.V, couch and bed. I am buggered by the end of the day. I work with my agent Maximum agency a lot during the week, they help us with all our shoots and planning, we have just recently moved, so it’s on to new things! What is the biggest inspiration behind your label? Our label is based on the Festival Girl. So we really aim to please the party girl, all our inspiration comes from party goers, album covers, and festivals all over the world. Our last range was based on ‘global festivals’ so Coachella and Birmingham were both strong elements of inspiration. Style icon? Erin Wasson. Erin is my favourite I love her! (Here is where I took over the conversation.) Alana now back… There is a picture of her in this gold dress somewhere, I don’t know anyone else that could pull it off they way she does- she looks like a sexy boy if that makes sense? Which celebrity would you be the most stoked to see wearing Rise of Dawn?

Everything that I am doing in my job I love. I love fashion! Even when I am working on the floor in the stores I love conversing with people and the brand. Rise of Dawn is our baby, so that is the best feeling! What I was sitting at home thinking about I am now out there living out our dream! Where do you see yourself in 5 years time from now? I would love to have a little fashion label empire, a couple of brands under my belt, but they take a lot of work! You have a great vibrant energy about you, is that something you hope does transcend through your label? That is lovely thank you. For Stevie and I- yes we want the brand to be out there, and fun. We want a girl to go in to shop and buy something that makes her happy and feel good when she leaves and takes it out on the town. You are a bit of a quotes girl. What is your mantra right now? It is so funny actually it could be the worst quote someone might hear, but it is my absolute favourite! “Life is a garden, just dig it.” One of my mates says it, and every time I am having a bad day I just think ‘you know what this is happening so just go with it!’

Erin Wasson! (No surprises there) Where do you source your fabrics and have your garments made? We go to Bali for our manufactures, sometimes we take fabric from Australia, but all our cotton comes from Bali. We do all the patterns in Melbourne- we have a team of girls that help us out. What is the story behind the name, Rise of Dawn? It has two meanings.We originally decided we wanted something about the crazy, wild party girl. The out on the town girl, who is up until dawn, but our mums name is also Dawn and she really helped us start our business. So yeah, we can thank Mamma for that one! 84



Describe your latest range, ‘Night Cat’ in 5 words… Galaxy, loud, wild, colourful, and biker-chick. You are pretty covered in ink. How many tattoos have you got now and what’s your latest addition? Yes it’s a slight obsession! (While counting) hmm let me see, I have got nine. I got two recently! One is half a moon with ‘the man in the moon’ face in it and the other is a little Indian headpiece of a girl, which is actually a piece by my favourite artist Charmaine Olivia. I had the piece turned into a tattoo. You have to look her up she is unreal!!/riseofdawnlable




THE CR Photographer: ANTHONY LICURIA - APL PHOTOGRAPHY Model: Amber Greasley Make up: Renee Zanelli Styling: Lana Wilkinson Hair: Sash @ Biba Camberwell 88




Zara print blazer $129.00 Ixiah Establishment Tank Chartreuse $99.00 Museum Luxe leather shorts $240.00 Peeptoe necklace $119.00 Betts Silhouette citrus clutch $59.99 Stella Nemiro ring $125.00 Voodoo pantyhose $14.95



Witchery Pom Pom Aztec Scarf $59.95 Topshop Peplum blouse $29.00 Stella Nemiro ring $125.00 90





Witchery Pom Pom Aztec Scarf $59.95 Topshop Peplum blouse $29.00 Friends & Lovers zip pants $129 Betts Silhouette fushia clutch $59.99 Stella Nemiro ring $125.00 Peeptoe cuff & bracelet $79.00 each 92




Ixiah Boundaries Coat $449.00 Portmans Calypso Printed Denim jean $79.95 Yves Saint Laurent ring $190.81 at Peeptoe Miss Symphony pumps $229.00 Earrings Stylists own



Steele By Melinda Pane COVET journalist Melinda Pane stole a moment with Jessica Pryzwara the head designer of Melbourne label Steele creating fun, feminine, and on trend clothing for women who want to express their free spirited yet sophisticated side.

Every fashion savvy girl at one time or another comes head-to-head with the dilemma of not being able to find exactly what she is looking for. We all get that certain and stubborn picture in our minds (determined by our own taste) and know how frustrating it is when we just can’t find it. Many of us however our not blessed with the talent or means to create them ourselves, but then some of us our. Cue Jessica Pryzwara and Margie Woods- two Melbourne girls making it happen with there label Steele. The design collaboration between these two stylish Melbourne women is a perfect pairing – Margie’s Ying of business and marketing expertise is the Yang to Jessica’s creative flare as head designer. 94



Jessica saw a “gap in the market for something both feminine and contemporary,” deciding to draw on her natural nicole-richie-esque style that most of us would die for. The result saw Steele bring to life those wardrobe items that many of us have spent hours wishing into existence. Jessica is inspired by what she sees around her “the gorgeous women we work with everyday in our industry,” along with 20 years experience between the two designers is what Jess feels gives them “a thorough handle on the industry.” Like the mix that makes the perfect cocktail, Steele brings together all of those elements to create their latest collection ‘The Elusive Now’. Some of their key looks for the season feature embroidery cut work, silk bomber jackets, peplum

designs, mixed with bright, fresh colors and graphic and leather prints. Their winter 12 collection titled ‘Theatric’ hints perfectly at what the designers want you to do when it comes to buying clothes- be playful, and have fun!

The design process for the Steele girls is loosely based around a feeling for each season which naturally leads them into finding a name “that usually becomes obvious to us once we get to work.”

Seasonal collections of all major fashion houses are based around a concept, feeling and of course, a muse. Think Olivia Palermo, Poppy Delevingne and Australia’s favorite import, Miranda Kerr when thinking of Steele. The juxtaposition of these fashionable leading ladies from their natural style mixed with their confident dressing is the kind of empowered woman this brands stands to create for.

At the core of the brands collections are the everyday ‘must have items’, but they’ve been given an injection of fun and frivolity for modern day women.

Jessica understands the importance of progressing when it comes to fashion “our eyes are always looking for what’s next- you have to keeping moving,” she says.

To shop the collection,

The dresses are bright, the tops are breezy, the designers are sassy and the leather pants are worth missing out on those concert tickets you have been eyeing off! (Wear them to the next one.) please






Level 10, 187 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia +61 (3) 8199 3734




THE V FILES Freelance stylist Vass Arvanitis - Taking on the fashion world in sky heels By Kate Lanigan As I sat with Vass Arvanitis over lattes and macaroons, conversation flowed as fluently as her lush hair. With a serious eye for capturing beauty and serious determination, this styling queen is open, honest, humble and as she puts it completely “obsessed and addicted” to her job. Bonding over our mutual love of 90’s movie Clueless, we talk all things fashion, and all things life. As Vass unravels memorable moments from Gucci house parties to childhood idiosyncrasies, I found myself wrapped up in the warmth of this talented and determined woman, who sheds a tear when recounting how it all began. While other kids her age were out buying candy Vass was buying Vogue, manifesting as a little girl what she was destined to be a part of today. Can you explain to us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a fashion stylist? As a young girl (around 8 or 9) I would save up all my money and go to the milk bar or Newsagent pretty much every day to buy every magazine I could find. I wouldn’t buy clothes just magazines. I was a bit of a loner so I would spend a lot of time in my room with my magazines just staring at the editorials. Back then too styling wasn’t a well known job but I knew I wanted to be in the industry- I just didn’t know what it was exactly that I wanted to do. Later I became a head dresser and had my own salon in Richmond, where I provided a personal styling service, advising my clients on what to wear from head to toe. About five years ago I decided I wanted to be apart of the ‘mad’ world, the magazines and photography… I woke up one morning and decided that this is what I want to do, and I did it! Within a year of working for free and just meeting the right people I set myself up. I was so determined and all I needed was for one person to say “You can’t do this what are you talking about!” to put the fire in me, and I remember thinking I am going to be so grateful you said that one day. Which of course today I am, so thankyou very much to that certain someone! With so many different shoots and client needs to be met how do you keep up to date with sourcing? Do you have a particular system? I use to do it all myself but I don’t anymore. I have an assistant in Sydney named Eva who sources for me

when I am back to back or have a really big job. Eva will send me look books or usually it is done through PR agencies and directed to the designers. Sourcing is the most important part, it is crucial. A lot of my clients give me free reign but the end result is not purely the styling it is about team work, if one person doesn’t bring it, it’s not going to be right. I always take in pictures to help get my creative ideas across to those who are a little hesitant, people like visuals and usually after two references they say to me “you know what do what you want!” That is the best part of it all for me, when I walk away from a job knowing that it went really, really well! I love that. How do you keep your style in a league of its own? What makes people recognize “that work is by Vass do you think”? I try not to look at other stylist’s work because it can become too distracting. I think it is just really important for anyone wanting to be a stylist to distinguish what they like, and what is them. When you first start out its hard because you are working on test shoots and looking through magazines, but for me I realised my best work only happened when it came from within or when it came from inspiration. For me my biggest influence is vintage movies! Old films with Sophie Lauren, and this is going to sound really funny, but Bewitched, I love! The real glmour, Stepford wife look! I am a James Bond kind of girl too. I want the models I am dressing to always look really beautiful, I don’t style edgy and street, my style is pretty, more elegant and glam. You recently returned from a job in India. Besides the belly bug you all caught, how was that experience? India was amazing! The people were so beautiful and humble. I worked with a great crew including Caroline Poiner from ‘PDC creative’ who is the most incredible art director, and has joined forces with the Artisans of Fashion Initiative. Caro is the boom digity! Basically our creative team shoot two campaigns for The Strand Arcade, a shopping centre in George St Sydney, who has now become a big sponsor for the Artisans Initiative. These Artisans are amazingly talented people in India who hand craft and make beautiful art work on silks, and most Australian designers within the Strand Arcade go to India to source their fabrics- embroidery, beading



you name it. Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Akira, Sass and Bide… The artisans are really struggling within their community in Rajasthan and the basis of the project is to raise funds and awareness to support them. We were there to create something beautiful but at the same time to be apart of the bigger picture. I want to do more for charity campaigns I just get so much out of it. It is amazing when you want to do something like that, how all the right people just come into your life, so I have a few more things in the works.

What has been your biggest splurge of late? (Fashion wise) Just recently on my way to India we stopped at Singapore airport, and let me say I love lingerie! It is very hard to have to wait three hours at Singapore airport too surrounded by my favourite designers like Hermes. I was going to go in and buy a scarf but decided to visit La Perla instead. I bought the most amazing red skirt and I didn’t even try it on or look at the price. I cannot say how much I paid I am too embarrassed! (Giggling)

Yes the crew all got sick, luckily for me I can go a long time without food. They were all dropping like flies. I was living on muesli bars, naan bread and bottled water filled with hydralite, that’s it! I did get sick on the way home though.

What is the best part about your job? I love the people I am surrounded by- I actually don’t think I have ever had a really bad experience. Everyone’s beautiful, there are a handful of people who have really helped me grow- James Pipino, a wonderful photographer is one of them. He and I share the same sense of style, he is really great. We just worked together in India actually, creating our own ‘Bond girl’ looks. Having supportive people around me is really important, my agent Wendy Lilley goes above and beyond for me and I just couldn’t do it all without her!

You get to see and meet amazing people and places. What is one of your career highlights? I was flown to Milan to do a shoot for Playboy last year and hang out with an amazing team. After all the hard work was over the editor at Playboy Enrico Barbieri, who was so lovely and accommodating invited us to Switzerland for the day and paid for us as his guests, it was the weekend at this stage so we were invited to a ‘laid back’ lunch. We get to this house in St Moritz, it was snowing and the drive itself was breath taking. When we arrived Enrico greeted us and introduced us to his fiancé, Allegra Gucci! So yes we were in the GUCCI household!! It was an amazing day the people were so awesome, there were models, dj’s, everyone had come from all over Europe- it was very picturesque and I had to pinch myself a number of times. We all ended up playing Sing Star and Wei, the guests were so open and beautiful to us, at the end of the day we were strangers to them, so it just felt so nice to be welcomed and a part of such a gorgeous day. Gucci darling!! You attended the star studded Marque club opening in Sydney recently. Tell us do you take a lot of time getting ready, and thought planning outfits? I really don’t think about what I am going to wear. I guess I just throw on whatever works, I have a HUGE wardrobe though with some amazing clothes. I am very lucky. I lend out loads of clothes to my friends and my sister, I defiantly spread the love. Is it true you ALWAYS wear heel? Your feet must be killer strong! Some people can’t go out the door without their lipstick, for me I need that height. I just feel much better about myself with my heels on. I always choose my most comfortable ones for work, and save the others for when I know I am only going short distances and can sit down. I love Victoria Beckham too! So I guess I channel her a little. Our readers may not believe us when we tell them you have a 10 year old son! Does he have an eye for fashion already? Yes Anton definitely has his own style and he loves shopping and dressing up! 100



Is there anything you would say to the younger you just starting out? Ahhhh (grabbing at her heart.) Don’t let people step all over you (pausing) or be so gullible more like it. Oh I am going to get emotional. To sum it up I would say to her ‘do what makes you HAPPY’! The nature of your job can involve long hours, late nights, airports, and running around with loads to lug. How do you find a sense of balance in what can be an extremely chaotic environment? I try to live in the moment and really take it day by day and enjoy whatever the universe throughs at me! Travelling in and out of airports is part of my lifestyle so I have to make the best of it. I like to enjoy the moment that I am in at that particular time be it at home, or work, or an airport you know? Drinking hot chocolate on the couch with my son, sourcing clothes, having dinner with friends, or lugging around big suitcases, I just try and really BE in it all.

As the fierce fashionista that you are, what are three keys trends for winter that you think we should all invest in? A FAUX fur jacket, I am not into real fur, faux leather pants and a really good cape or cardigan. Three pieces you can splurge on a little and they will last you a few years. What are you coveting right now? Oh the whole Scanlan and Theodore collection that’s what I want. Full stop! (Laughs)

1 2 9 F itzroy S t st K I L D A V I C 3 1 8 2 (03) 9533 0000 101

www . mockingbirdbar . com . au

The Roo By JC

are you svelte

Intimidation is definitely not the intention however lifetime memories will be made beforechecking out from the darling of the sunset strip. Those prompted to take a trip to Los Angeles have a clear list of must see and must do. Top of the list is undoubtedly, Hollywood and all that it represents. Tinsel town chimes with celebrity sensation peddling a chance to feed your voyeuristic yearning of how the other half live. Like a classic Hollywood flick, The Roosevelt is the Director and you are the star. Let the cameras roll and the games begin. The Roosevelt is designed and fuelled by a saying which has been working in favour since itsestablishment in the 1920’s, “treat ordinary people like stars and stars like ordinary people.” A mantra that makes sense and is the driving force behind the parallel universe this hotel creates and this… this is where the magic happens. Whether it is a love affair in the Marilyn Monroe suite, an elixir in Teddy’s bar or being by the pool that has created quite a splash – The Roosevelt is always - ON. Old-school Hollywood luminaries created The

Roosevelt for movie-makers which in turn attracted the stars and today it is the Thompson Group that runs the show bringing their A-Game and attracting the A-List. The Thompson Groups compendium of hotels is as impressive as Deniro’s filmography taking different shapes and locations but always delivering an outstanding performance. Located along the Boulevard, central to all that sparkles, it is literally the epicenter of everything. Anyone Hollywood bound will aspire to be a part of this experience. Studded with stars signatures, the award-winning visitor’s book shows names that almost seem too enigmatic to have once stayed in such accessible surrounds. From Chaplin to Timberlake,Bojangles to Bruce Willis and Monroe to Mendes, this is a mix of names not many can say have stayed in their suites. Renovations offered a reincarnation for The Roosevelt however the fabled past means the walls are soaked in memories that could cut a sizzle reel bound to break box office records. Guests have to admire and acknowledge the difference when walking into a lobby of a history-rich hotel such as The Roosevelt. Compare it with the coveted yet cloned


elte enough? Hiltons and Hyatts of California and no monopoly or big brand will match the remarkable past of this landmark love-in. By day you could well be sipping on your soy latte whilst watching Cameron Diaz order her Benedict for breakfast only to be reminded of the potential by the pool as the Cali sunshine spills forward lighting up the lounges. Enriched with everything that entails Hollywood even the Gable Lomard Penthouse is dedicated to the Sidney J. Furie film about the romance and subsequent marriage of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. The hotel isn’t just a place for you to hang your hat; it is about the empirical extravagance. Stay for a night or stay for the season so you can dine like epicures, lounge like lizards and mingle with magnates. Due to the central location your feet can trot the Walk of Fame and take you all the way back to the staunch celeb spot, Teddy’s where you might see those very stars 103 in the flesh. Teddy’s tips towards the bad-boy end of the party scene and the guest list has ticked off the like of Jay-Z and Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Piven, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, and Orlando Bloom. The bar is unmarked and

your name must be marked on the guest list if you want in. It is this very iconoclastic approach that entices inhabitants from the suitable section ofsociety. You won’t see a group of cruise-liner folk porting for the week ordering a shake ‘n dog. Like attracts like here at this presidential palace. Guests are going to book this because they are of a certain ilk. This can mean celebrity status, chic courtship or solar levels of sexiness. It’s not necessarily about the cash however you can see the coinage cascading around this chateau. The Roosevelt has a loyal following adding yet another layer of love. The guests you will meet have often been before and don’t be surprised if you are on first name basis with the bartenders by noon. The team knows their hotel, their city and most of all they want to know you and make your stay superior. Design, food, music and décor become one package but nothing looks the same… The space is described by Roosevelt staff as an ‘inherent democracy’ which could make you stop, pause and think.. This is not a phrase I would usually apply to a hotel but in this case, it is perfect – much like a stay at The Roosevelt.

Concert Audio Visual YOUR VENUE...

Isn’t it time it looked and sounded the way its supposed to???? What we do; Supply PA and Audio Systems for venues and events of all sizes Installation of all Audio and Lighting Hires and Sales Supply Technical Advice for venues with Audio or Lighting issues Service and Maintenance for existing systems Repairs of all Audio and Visual Equipment One off event hire Sound and Lighting Technician services 24 HOUR Callout Service


For an expert analysis of your venues audio and lighting requirements, call one of our installation experts on 9318 1234 or 0422 804 670.

Covet gets to pick Nova's savvy News rep o rters brain. How could we resist such a pun?

by Melinda Pane Lauren Brain is Melbourne’s Nova 100 Breakfast journalist and newsreader. Lauren has become as well known off air for her fashion credibility as she is on-air for her personality, wit and humour. Lauren’s relationship with fashion has blossomed in the past three years due to her involvement with L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. In 2010 Lauren hosted the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Partners Celebration, in 2011, she hosted LMFF TV - interviewing guests, designers and models for the Festival highlight videos. In 2012, Lauren was ‘friend of the festival’. Lauren chats to Covet journalist Melinda Pane about winter essentials, fashion faux paus, dressing for a date and how she landed just about the coolest job in radio! 106



What is the best thing about being the Nova News Reporter? It has to be the crazy environment. When I wake up in the morning I never know how the day ahead will shape up, in terms of both news, or behind the scenes with Hughesy and Kate. It’s also been an amazing chance to become so involved in fashion - an opportunity I probably wouldn’t have had in other journo roles. How did you score your amazing job? I studied journalism at Uni and have worked in radio for close to seven years now. I was working for another network when the Nova job to replace Carrie Bickmore came up, and it was a case of right place, right time. I was approached to take over the role and started soon after. You have built yourself an image of being one of the industry’s trendiest journalists, and along with your journalism degree, you are also self-taught at the school of Vogue. If you had to recount three, what would be your fashion careers highlights so far? Numbers one, two AND three, without a doubt would be being selected as an Ambassador and Face of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) this year! It’s amazing to think my style has made an impression on the LMFF team, because for me it’s never about impressing anyone, just having fun. I had so many highlights through that process, including shooting the campaign and TVC, attending the openings, meeting the stunning L’Oreal ambassadors, and getting the best seats in the house for the amazing runway shows – that I think it will be hard to top! You get up at a really early hour, how long does it take you to get ready and do you have a routine down-pat – can you get ready with one eye open? I’ve been doing these crazy hours for years (too many!) So now I definitely have a very solid routine. I choose and lay out my outfits before bed each night, so I don’t waste precious sleep minutes deciding what to wear! And because it is radio, I don’t have to worry about how my hair/make up is looking, which also saves time. You were recently an Ambassador for a fashion fundraiser and stated “events like this prove fashion can be about more than just the material.” In what ways do you think we can all treat fashion as more than just the material and give back to the industry? Anyone who loves fashion will realise as well as great design and inspirational Creations, it’s largely about consumption. We shop, lust for, and covet new shoes, it bags and beautiful frocks to add to our ever-growing wardrobes. It’s nice to be involved in another side of fashion and give back somehow. I helped Very Special Kids raise awareness for their annual clothing sale, which raised tens of thousands of dollars for the sick children they care for. We all layer in winter, but this can sometimes create a bulky look. How will you maintain warmth in layering this winter without looking like you’re hiding a small child under your coat? I think we need to consider silhouettes more in winter than summer. If I’m wearing a bulky knit, I’ll team it with

skinny jeans and vice versa- a tighter jumper with wide leg pants. I’m much more of a summer girl though, the novelty of coats and boots and scarves wears off on me by around mid-June. You’re always dressing for your body shape and not just following trends. What pieces in your wardrobe can you always rely on to make you feel and look good? I love the casual look of denim cut-offs with a great tee, boots, or jacket. Other favourites are onesies, bold prints and cute little dresses - anything simple that’s easy to accessorise with. I also wear a lot of layered jewellery, hats and scarves to compliment an outfit, and while I’m happy in a mini, I tend to avoid anything too tight or low-cut. I find that all girls come into their own fashion identity at a certain age, generally in their teens, and look back on the fashion disasters they wore along the way and cringe! (I used to wear different coloured socks – one pink, one blue – and thought I was the epitome of cool!) What was your fashion faux moment? I’ve always loved fashion but didn’t necessarily have great style growing up. Who did? Among my horror items: the most ridiculous pair of flared jeans, white capris, and a pair of pink faux-croc kitten heels. Shudder. Nova always seems to be pimping you out to get a date, is it hard to maintain a social life with the early hours you keep? (Laughing)Yes, there was a stage before I met my boyfriend that they took every opportunity to set me up on random dates, thankfully that’s now stopped! I do have to be very responsible on ‘school nights’ though, I’m always leaving early to get home to bed, and catching up on sleep in the afternoons. It’s doable though, because I don’t work on weekends so I still have time to play What is something our readers would be surprised to know about Lauren Brain? The main question I get about my job is “who writes your news?” A lot of people are not aware that we research, write, edit, order and do all the interviews for our news bulletins. Also, I speak a little French. I wish it was more though! I spent a few months living in Paris but horrifyingly, couldn’t afford much shopping because all my money was going towards my 18th arrondissement rent. What is your ideal first date outfit and why? It depends on the occasion and season of course, but I would wear something that shows a little of my personality, instead of playing it too safe, and something flattering, obviously. What are you coveting right now? Some new Karen Walker sunglasses, I have about three pairs but I really have to commit to new ones, because I get them made in my prescription. Anything by Mania Mania, I love the heavy-duty feel and solid matte finishes. A pair of YSL Tribute heels, and prints, prints, prints. Oh, and an edgy short and sharp bob, I’m just working up the courage to chop my hair!




7:30am till 10pm Monday - Friday


(03) 9614 3277



2012 Runner-Up



{Head Chef Michael Fox}



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