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Transform Transform light into light into beauty. beauty.

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Blue Hills Design 444 Academy Rd Winnipeg MB 204-487-1151

Ken’s Carpets & Urban Home Style Centre 730 Archibald St Winnipeg MB 204-233-0697

Blind Master 1743 Portage Ave Winnipeg MB 204-697-4857

Blind Appeal East St. Paul, MB 204-661-8017

Design Manitoba 101-326 Wardlaw Ave Winnipeg MB 204-453-2390

Marcel’s Drapery & Blinds 156 Sherbrook St Winnipeg MB 204-786-8585

Needle’s Eye Fabrics 436 Thompson Dr (Westwood Mall) Thompson MB 204-677-5970

ctive from May 1st to August 31st, 2015.

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6 CONTRIBUTORS  The great friends and talents we have met along the way who have given of themselves to make Covet.


Out and About — Local businesses we would love you to know about.

8 CAKE-OLOGY Shopping has never tasted this good!

10 ALT HOTEL WINNIPEG Winnipeg’s newest hotel makes a bold and mod style statement.

12 WE LOVE Items we have spotted here or there that we think you will love too.


A peek inside Manitoba homes and cottages completed by local design talent or design-savvy homeowners.

30 PLANTING ROOTS IN FORT RICHMOND A warm and modern renovation in the south end.

38 FUNCTION JUNCTION Smart storage solutions for a large and busy family come alive in this smart and stylish kitchen family room.

46 LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Bedroom makeovers that cross generation gaps and share the common thread of good style.

52 PAX PERSONALIZED IKEA’s powerhouse wardrobe is as customizable outside as it is inside.

Style defined — A design lesson. A period, style, or piece explained. AJ Batac

Don’t you know it’s a pity, that the days can’t be like the nights in the summer, in the city … ~John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian and Steve Boone



COLLECTIONS — Admittedly, we like stuff. Here we showcase people and their stuff, and their knowledge of their stuff.


12 WE LOVE Items we have spotted here or there that we think you will love too.

Get Crafty— We can get into good craft projects, and love the satisfaction creating something brings.


TERRIFIC TERRARIUMS Vintage-inspired, low-maintenance livable art in a bowl.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


! d e v o m e We’v : t a n e p o now am nj | be d r a v le u o b 2 5 -5 s cu r fi el d

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SUMMER 2015 AJ Batac

Bahia Taylor Editor in Chief Co-founder Leigh McKenzie Creative Director Co-founder Barbara Chabai Copy Editor

PROfile — Allow us to introduce you to the great local design talent available in Winnipeg for you to tap into.

LIVING WELL — Reviews, ideas, a little form and a little function.


RAILING REDO Turn the blah banister into a designer stairway to heaven.


Darren Grunerud Managing Editor


Jim Taylor Props Coordinator

TIPS O’ THE TRADES — Expert advice. You didn’t solicit it but we’re giving it to you anyway.




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COVET TALKS — Yup, we’re chatterboxes... and you’re gonna love who we chat up.


INSIDE OUT —Harwood Builders take us from client meeting to concept to completion.


24 BURNING DESIRE Local candle-makers Coal and Canary get campy!

CHOW — Food, glorious food and everything to go with it.

58 PICNIC PERFECT “Hey Boo Boo, let’s go get us a pic-anic basket!”

66 Meet your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

SUMMER READING In need of a good read (aside from Covet, of course)? Here’s what Winnipeg designers have their noses buried in.


70 OVER AND ABOVE In the Homestretch

Dig — Get outside and get gardening.






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Covet is free, and if you'd like to receive a copy visit to subscribe. You can view a digital version of this issue there, too. See you soon! UPCOMING EVENTS Rainbow Stage presents Les Misérables: the Musical Phenomenon A universal and uplifting journey of hope and salvation that spans generations, Les Misérables is the blockbuster hit musical combining an absolutely epic story with soaring, spine-tingling melodies and unforgettable lyrics. With a clear focus on storytelling and spectacular vocal performance, this incredible production will appear on our stage for the first time ever in July 2015. Kildonan Park, 2021 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB See website for show times between July 15th and 24th P: 204.989.0888 Downtown Farmers’ Market The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s popular farmers market, offers fresh baking, vinegars, jams, spices, meat, sauces, fruits, vegetables and preserves. 360 Portage Avenue See website for nine dates between July 15th and September 10th P: 204.958.4636 downtown-farmers-market

Winnipeg in the summer is a pretty magical place, with sunshine arriving in the very early hours and lingering late into the evenings. These long days are perfect for extending the weekend, unplugging to recharge, puttering around the house and yard or taking a plunge into a great summer read (see what the design and decorating community is reading on page 68). Pack a picnic and head out to one of our beautiful city or provincial parks. Our resident Food Editor Marisa Curatolo gives us a fresh, healthy take on what to put in your basket. Try the marvelous muffuletta (page 60). This classic New Orleans sandwich is super easy and convenient to make, and should feed more than one hungry teenager! Does your family need more storage solutions in the kitchen or bedroom? Find inspiration in this issue from one of the beautiful kitchen remodel features, or by using IKEA Pax wardrobe units like Editor Bahia did in her house. It's amazing how useful an extra cupboard or drawer proves to be when trying to tidy for some unexpected summer guests! If you find yourself lounging about on a deck or patio, why not add something cozy underfoot? Check out the beautiful outdoor carpets we love on page 12, and bring some indoor style to your outdoor space. Whether you're renovating or relaxing, we'd love to hear what you're up to, field some questions and even help you out in our Design Dilemma department. Send us a note or share some photos by tagging #covetmag on your Instagram feed. Until the leaves start to turn...

Jazz in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden Escape the noise and heat of the concrete jungle and enjoy the very best of jazz in Winnipeg, in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and amid blooming flowers, flowing fountains, and beautiful works of art. Assiniboine Park Drive See website for six dates between July 19th and August 30th P: 204 927 6000 Folklorama Come celebrate life and culture with world-class entertainment, delicious authentic food and beautiful cultural displays at Folklorama, the largest and longestrunning multicultural festival of its kind in the world. Explore one of the most vibrant arts and culture scenes found in the heart of the continent as Folklorama celebrates its 46th Festival in 2015. See website for fourteen dates between August 2nd and August 15th 204.982.6222

modern living with a pr airie t wist


out and about

CAKE-OLOGY text BARBARA CHABAI | photography CAKE-OLOGY FIND IT: 85 Arthur Street 204.612.9866 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm HISTORY: Cake-ology owner Pam Kirkpatrick credits Facebook with making her buttercream dreams of opening a bakery come true. “I was a restaurant chef for 15 years and although I had no formal training, I always enjoyed the baking aspect,” she recalls. “I made cakes for friends’ and family’s weddings, baby showers and birthdays just for practice. That was about 10 years ago when Facebook got really big, so the ability to share what we were doing was as easy as taking a picture, posting it and saying, ‘Look at this!’” Thanks to social media, word spread and business snowballed. “Luckily, baking and decorating cakes is very visual – it’s not like doing taxes or something.” THE SPACE: From the moment she first stepped through the French doors, it took Kirkpatrick less than two hours to sign the lease on what would become Cake-ology’s charming home in the historic Exchange District. “It’s really a niche business so I knew I wanted to be part of a neighbourhood cluster. I liked the idea of having a little shop with plenty of walk-up traffic.” Five years later, the pedestrian-friendly district’s cobblestone streets and




striking architecture are still the perfect spot for Cake-ology’s studio bakery. “I love the design of our space, the creative energy and the flow of the area, especially during festival season.” MENU: While their Imperial cookies have reached superstar status (crooner Michael Buble popped into the shop to decorate some with the staff on a recent tour stop in Winnipeg) and their cupcakes, cakettes and gluten-free offerings have rightfully earned a following, it’s their one-of-a-kind, custom cake creations that have catapulted Cake-ology as a destination bakery. “On average, we make 15 cakes per week, up to 40 during peak season,” she says. This spring, Kirkpatrick introduced frozen treats to the menu board, marrying ice cream with fresh-baked cookies and artisan waffle cones. WINNIPEG: Collaborative spirit thrives in this community, and Cake-ology is proud to be in the heart of it. While the bakery gives back by participating in fundraisers benefiting various local charities such as Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation and the Seven Oaks Hospital Foundation, it also does its part for economic development. In addition to supporting fellow entrepreneurs and artists, Kirkpatrick forged a win-win partnership with neighbouring restaurant Bodegoes that has expanded Cakeology’s reach and its retail footprint through a recently-completed shop renovation.


Summertime on the Prairies – a season to be spent outdoors enjoying the beautiful, warm rewards of too many dark months bundled up inside. For some, it’s a chance to escape by camping at the lake or heading out to old cabins in cottage country – unplugging from our hardwired lives and roughing it for a while, taking time for tasks like chopping wood for the campfire or boiling lake water for a morning cup of coffee brewed in an enamelled tin pot, not in a Keurig. Getting back to nature is full of experiences… including what can happen when nature calls. We’re speaking, of course, of the humble outhouse. But before making it the, uh, butt of any jokes, consider that it has for centuries served a major role in everyday human life, and its evolving design has reflected the huge variances between cultural and societal norms. That, and the fact that at some point everybody has stood in line silently praying to get into a port-opotty counterpart as quickly as possible, should earn it some respect. Essentially a utilitarian structure set apart from any surrounding buildings, an outhouse is a small building that sits above a hole dug into the ground into which biological human waste is introduced. It differs from a septic tank in that the pit is not usually lined with a container or filled with standing water, and is not connected to any plumbing. Over a period time, the pit under the outhouse will fill and a new pit will be created relatively nearby; the soil from the new pit is used to cover and cap off the old. The outhouse, as a single unit, is relocated to sit above the new pit. Let’s talk potty . In 18th-century England, prior to the advent of outhouses (known in the UK as bogs or biffies), industrious nightmen created a business out of peoples’ business by visiting city homes after dark and hauling the contents of their chamber pots into the countryside.

By the middle of the century, however, several wealthy parishes had ordered the construction of new permanent outbuildings; called ‘necessaries,’ these new brick buildings were equipped with cleanout portals by which the nightmen continued their trade. From these relatively fancy outbuildings was borne the concept of the simple outhouse that was to become common in North America. But there were no regulations about where to put latrines in relation to sources for drinking water. Not coincidentally, two-thirds of the deaths in the U.S Civil war were from disease, not battle. Consequently, the design, placement and maintenance of outhouses became a very important issue in regards to public health. The siting of an outhouse became a major consideration – far enough away from the house to prevent detection on summer days when the windows were open, yet close enough for use during frigid winter temperatures. It became common to discreetly locate them 50 to 150 feet from a dwelling and away from freshwater wells and underground water tables. Fast forward to the 20th century: by the time Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration was realized, over 2.3 million ”Sanitary Privies” had been constructed or rebuilt across the U.S. to nationally recognized standards by federally trained and funded specialists. Typically square or rectangular in shape, outhouses generally feature four walls and a roof atop a strong wooden floor ranging from ten to 30 square feet in size. Most outhouses are windowless, but allow for venting and some natural light through a small cutout near the top of the door - one of the most recognizable and iconic being a sliver of a moon. While in Eastern societies outhouses generally feature a hole in the floor over which a user crouches, Western outhouses

typically have a wooden seat with one or two holes – the smaller hole to prevent children using the biffy from taking a nasty fall into the pit. And while most are extremely spare when it comes to design and decorative details, there are many examples of opulent privies throughout New England: octagonal brick buildings with eight seats, carved mantlepieces and over-the-top trims and stonework so impractical and ostentatious that they spawned the derogatory "built like a brick s#!thouse" description. As one might expect, the passing of time brought changes in styles and advancements in architectural techniques. A double-decker outhouse in Michigan was constructed, only to be outdone by a four-storey, eight-hole-per-level tower in Boston connected by walkways of the neighbouring hotel. Although each level was offset from the one above it, the novelty never really caught on, and single-level outhouses remained the norm. While one might believe that outhouses are now outdated relics relegated to the annals of design history, that’s not the case. Outhouses remain a viable and well-used option for hikers and mountain climbers throughout the world, though the expense of maintaining and emptying them is prohibitive (many mountaintop outhouses rely on large sewage drums that must be removed via helicopter, a dangerous and costly affair). Technological advancements have also brought about new variations of the outhouse: solar powered toilets, electric and waterless composting toilets, and even propane/battery powered incinerator toilets that turn waste into ash. For as long as there are people visiting places not reached by sewer lines, there will be a need for a version of the simple outhouse – and a magazine article to read while using it.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


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ALT HOTEL WINNIPEG text BARBARA CHABAI | photography ALT HOTEL FIND IT: 310 Donald Street (corner of Donald and Portage across from MTS Centre) 431-800-4279 HISTORY: Opened in April, Alt Hotel Winnipeg is the first highrise hotel to be built downtown in decades, and its chic design and eco-friendly features verify that it has been worth the wait. Located just steps from the MTS Centre, this innovative, 20-storey hotel has quickly become the affordable alternative to conventional hotels as a staycation destination, perfect for hometown tourists taking in a concert, hockey game or simply enjoying the local attractions and night life. Alt Hotel Winnipeg is part of the Groupe Germain Hotels group. THE SPACE: With intelligent design that plays up right angles (even the ice bucket is a cube), the rooms are modern but minimalistic so that there is nothing travellers do not require, yet nothing they need and do not have. Floor to ceiling thermal windows and rainfall glass shower stalls welcome in natural light while exposed concrete walls keep the aesthetic cool. Despite the no-frills décor, no detail has been overlooked – including works




of art by Canadian artist Cliff Eyland, and a unique corner chair with foldable arms that transforms from a loveseat to a work station. Nearly everything in the room is available for online purchase too – from the bendy chair to the bedsheets. MENU: The essentials enrich the experience here, and second only to guests’ comfort is the need to be eco-friendly. Alt Hotel uses geothermal heating and cooling, as well as heat recovery from indoor air that is vented outside and from the water used in commercial washers. Energy-saving features in each of the 160 guest rooms include automated lights that turn on with a key card and turn off within minutes upon exiting. Even the bathrooms have gone green, with dual-flush toilets to conserve water and refillable toiletries in pump bottles. WINNIPEG: Altexpo, a riveting photo installation in the lobby of the hotel, is an interactive, mural-sized love letter to Winnipeg. Featuring a colourful mosaic of 2,500 photographs by local artist and blogger Bryan Scott that frame the city’s familiar vistas and obscure vantage points, Altexpo invites guests to participate in its changing gallery of images. Pictures uploaded to Instagram with the hash tag #Altexpo will be displayed on the LCD screens within the mural in real time.


co l l ect i o n s

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL MUSEUM VISIT WITH CHILDREN Unless you are visiting a children’scentered museum, let's face it, museums and galleries are not the most childfriendly spaces. However, there are lots of ways to make sure your visit is successful and fun with a little pre-planning. If you are traveling and visiting a large institution during peak season, make sure to see if you can pre-buy your admission tickets to avoid lineups. There is nothing that reduces patience quicker than a long wait in line! Large museums and galleries often have several shows on at once. A combination of traveling shows and collection, based shows is standard. When planning a visit be sure to be strategic about which gallery to visit first, based on your interest in the show, and work your way down from there. Even the most seasoned museum visitor gets “museum feet” after too many exhibits and it is impossible to see everything, so stick with favourites. One way to keep children interested

longer is to break up the visit. Go for lunch halfway through in the museum cafe, or, if you are allowed to leave and come back, have a picnic at a nearby green space. Large institutions are good about providing food services. I once left my museum-weary husband at a mid-gallery cocktail lounge at the Met in New York. He still talks about that museum visit! When visiting museums and galleries with young mobile children, it saves your sanity to contain them. I suggest using a child carrier instead of a stroller so the child can actually see the work and not stare at the wall just below the painting. Older children should be pre-informed about the lack of tactility in museums as there is nothing more stressful than having a security guard watching you at all times. In all my years of working in museums, I have actually found children are much more respectful of the “no touching” rules than adults. As long as they are prepared for this, children tend to be great about it.

Interacting with the artifacts is key to creating meaning for all audiences. For children, such strategies as scavenger hunts or sketch books to draw favorite works are a great way to keep interest and make meaning within the space. Museums and galleries should be fun spaces in which to learn in, not just look. Starting children young with exposure to art and history will help them be lifelong lovers of museums and galleries which, in my opinion, makes for amazing grown-ups. Our collections specialist Stephanie Middagh has spent the past 12 years being inspired by museum collections while working as a curator for various museums and galleries. Concurrent to her curatorial work, she took this inspiration to her sessional positions at the University of Manitoba where she continues to teach Introduction to Art and the History of Textiles.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


w e lov e

Area rugs are one of the easiest ways to freshen the look, colour and style of an outdoor living space. Designed to dry quickly, resist fading and clean easily, outdoor rugs generally require little




Cozy Underfoot

maintenance. Constructed to withstand the outdoor elements, these versatile floor coverings are also ideal for high-traffic, spill-prone areas like kitchens entryways and mudrooms.

Available in a range of styles, colours, sizes and shapes – from simple solids and bold geometrics to florals and classicdesigns – there’s sure to be one out there with your name on it!

Interior or exterior renovations, over and above your expectations. Over & Above Custom Homes can help with your next renovation project.

Call us for your free estimate


get crafty

Terrariums have found a place in homes for decades, and this glass globe, housing a succulent garden, provides a showstopping centerpiece for any ledge or table. s h o p p i n g l i st : • glass globe vase, we found ours at HomeSense • cactus soil • pebbles • sphagnum moss • a variety of succulent plants (available at most garden supply stores) Layer pebbles on the bottom of the vase for drainage, then add a layer of moss so that the soil won't filter down into the pebbles. Next add 3 inches of soil and then plant the succulents. Ours required a bit of a polish with some glass cleaner once all was said and done but other than that it was a 15-minute project that turned out beautifully.




204.255.4204 942 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba



The Gallagher Group agents take the stress out of buying or selling your property.

Helping You Every Step Of The Way Gallagher group for Remax Performance Realty

p ro f i l e From: Subject: Date: To:

TARA SPENCER-NAIRN pic November 24, 2014 at 4:26 PM

PROfile is a chance to meet and get to know a local Winnipeg talent.

Covet has partnered with CDECA (Canadian Decorators' Association) to bring you the inside scoop on one of their members from the Central Prairie Chapter. To learn more about CDECA or for a list of CDECA decorators in your area, visit them at Tara graduated with a Diploma as an Educational Assistant and worked in the school system for four years before meeting her husband and starting her family. She moved to Moose Jaw, SK with her family. She was a stay-at-home mom and enjoyed every minute of it. For the two years that she lived there, she loved going for walks and taking in all the beauty of the historical downtown. She returned to Manitoba in 2002, had her second child and stayed home until 2004. Tara spent a couple of years working at the Garden Room on Academy. She really enjoyed working with customers and helping them bring beauty to their homes. She worked there until her third child was born. Tara decided to start working part




-time at Envy Paint & Design. She worked there for two years, and while working received her Diploma of Interior design and Decorating through Sheffield School of Interior Design and became a member of CDECA. Between Tara’s work schedule, her husband's shift work and her kids' schedules, Tara decided that she needed to make a change and started her own interior design and decorating business, Style Within. Her personal style is on the contemporary side: she loves clean lines and clutter-free spaces with pops of colour. When she works with her clients, she really focuses on her clients' “style within.” She looks at each individual as a new and exciting palette, choosing things according to each client’s lifestyle, likes and wants. Tara provides consultations for residential interior decorating and design. She is happy to help with any project, whether it's picking paint colours, designing your kitchen or redoing your entire space. WHAT IS INSPIRING YOU FOR SUMMER DECORATING? My inspirations for summer decorating are the pretty pops of colour. Our winters are so long so I love cheery blues, greens, and yellows with lots of pattern. WHAT THREE THINGS ARE ON YOUR DESIGN BUCKET LIST FOR YOUR OWN HOME THESE DAYS? The three things on my design bucket list for my own home these days are: my master ensuite and closet because we had a flood and they are currently gutted; my office because I need more storage; and I would love to change my kitchen because I like it but have never loved it! IF YOU WERE PAINTING YOUR FRONT DOOR THIS SUMMER WHAT COLOUR WOULD IT BE? If I was painting my front door this summer I would change it to a deep rich blue. WE HEAR A BIG PART OF YOUR PRACTICE IS KITCHEN DESIGN. WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY BEGIN TO PLAN A NEW KITCHEN? The thing that clients should know before they start planning a new kitchen is budget. I can help with everything from the look, their wants and needs and

functionality, but their budget plays a huge factor in all those details. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MIXING CABINETRY IN KITCHEN PLANS. I.E. UPPERS DIFFERENT THAN LOWERS AND ISLANDS DIFFERENT THAN THE PERIMETER CABINETS? Mixing cabinetry is pretty common but it’s not for everyone. It really depends on each client's likes. I personally like the look of changing things up, even if it is something simple. It can really add personality to the space. AND WHERE DO YOU STAND ON DIFFERENT COUNTER TOPS IN THE SAME KITCHEN? Having different countertops in the kitchen is something that can add a lot of impact as far as looks but can also be for functionality. Example: butcher block countertops are gorgeous and I get lots of requests for them, but they are not necessarily a good idea for all work spaces. Adding them to eating areas or less-used surfaces of the kitchen gives the desired look, and a solid surface can be installed everywhere else for less maintenance. ARE YOU A WHITE KITCHEN FANATIC OR DO YOU PREFER A WOOD LOOK? I love white cabinet. They are timeless and give an open airy feel to the space. But I am not opposed to stained cabinets. IF YOU COULD SPEND ONE WHOLE DAY WITH ANY DESIGNER IN THE WORLD WHO WOULD YOU SELECT? If I could spend an entire day with any designer in the world it would be Jillian Harris. She’s young, fun, gorgeous, and I love her ideas and energy. She is really down to earth and I think we would get along great! WHAT THREE QUALITIES DO YOU FEEL YOUR DESIGN BUSINESS EXEMPLIFIES? The three qualities that my design business exemplifies are creativity, passion and working collaboratively with my clients to meet their design wants and needs. To get in touch with Tara email or visit her website

tips o' the trades

LIGHT IT UP 360 International Sales is a Manitoba based company that provides designers and contractors with unique and hard -to-find solutions for the new build and renovation industry. Owner Jamie Furutani takes pride in bringing innovative solutions to the Manitoba market. With his hand on the pulse of manufacturing and the latest introductions to the lighting industry through foreign markets he consistently brings ‘the next best thing.’ He says, “Most of our calls begin with ‘I am doing a project and can’t seem to find this product to implement this idea that I have, can you help me?’ and usually we stock it or can source it quickly. We enjoy focusing on non-traditional products.” Covet asked Jamie to dispel some of the mystery surrounding LED technology, to help us see the light if you will. ARE INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULBS DEAD AND GONE? The incandescent bulb is being phased out after close to 150 years in the global marketplace. Over the past several years governments around the world have been introducing new legislation that effectively bans the production or importation of the incandescent. While they may always be some specialty use lamp available, the major retail markets are looking to new and more efficient technology as a replacement. Within the next year, the incandescent bulb will be extremely hard to find. AREN’T LEDS EXPENSIVE? The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is not a new technology, but rather one that has not been available to the mass markets, for residential lighting. This was mainly due to the fact that incandescents were inexpensive and available everywhere. The price of the LED was initially expensive due to lack of sales volume and therefore higher production costs. As the manufacturers embraced the governments’ recommendation to convert to more efficient lighting technology, the economies of scale drove prices down quickly. We have already seen the price of a standard LED lamp fall from $48 down to below $10 in a period of four years. As with all technologies as they become more accepted the price will drop based upon volumes purchased. WILL I MISS MY BULB’S WARM GLOW? The incandescent light that we are used to has a beautiful warm hue that resembles a fire or sunset, especially when dimmed. This refers to the colour temperature of the incandescent. Colour temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and ranges from 1500K to 8000K. The lower the number the warmer the temperature and the higher the number the colder. Humans naturally find a candle at 1750K appealing as well as the sunset at 2700K to 3000K. This falls in the range very similar to an incandescent lamp. The LED technology can produce the colour temperature but the technology is not quite there yet on CRI or colour rendering index. CRI refers to how effectively the lamp




illuminates an object to appear close to its original appearance under normal daylight. As the incandescent is close to 100 in CRI the LED is closer to 80 or 90. As the CRI of LED bulbs gets better through development the warmth of the object lit by LED will increase to the human eye. THESE BULBS DIM, RIGHT? Almost all LEDs are dimmable these days as the manufacturing companies are beginning to understand that is something the consumer is used to. In the early days there were some challenges as most traditional dimmers were designed for heavier lighting loads and the LED would not dim the same, they might only dim 40% then turn right off or might not dim at all. Companies like Lutron have actually come out with posted schedules of what LED lamps will work with each one of their dimmer systems. This ensures you are getting the most out of your LEDs and that they dim correctly. OKAY, NOW IMPRESS ME... The LED has been around since the early 1960s but was mainly used for indicator lights in electronics. Today the efficacy (or lumens per watt) is increasing every day, which means that they are using less energy to create the same amount of light. LEDs are in use everywhere and are solving lighting problems around the world. They perform especially well versus incandescents in high vibration areas and versus fluorescents in colder temperatures. They can be cycled (turned on and off ) without degrading the lamp life. Manufacturers are constantly improving technology and architects, designers and clients will benefit from this transition. We recently introduced a new version of our LED panel light that designers are using extensively to replace 4-inch pot lights in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Not only does the new LED panel have a great sleek finish which is painted aluminum for heat dissipation it uses only 8 watts versus the 50-70 of old technology. They are loved by contractors for the minimal time it takes to install as they snap in place and only need a few inches of clearance. These are great for low clearance situations when there is no room for a pot light can in the ceiling. They are available in 4, 6 and 8-inch diameters. While the LED is relatively new to the mass market newer versions of the technology will further enhance the lighting experience. Curved OLED (Organic LED) are now being made into panels for ceiling tiles where the ceiling will move while emitting light. These will be great for applications in boardrooms and conference rooms. Even though the OLED technology may still be a few years away, it is something exciting to look forward to. If you have a project you are working on or have any questions please feel free to call the 360 International team at 204-8990360 or email them at

cov e t ta l ks The good folk at Sansin offer tent events across the country at select locations throughout the year. Their mission is to educate customers and to offer first-hand demonstrations of their class-leading wood-stain products. They recently rolled through Manitoba, making stops in both Winnipeg and Winkler. The Covet team caught up with them to get you the nitty-gritty on their products and what you should know before tackling an exterior deck-staining project. WHAT SETS THE SANSIN LINE OF STAINS APART FROM OTHER STAINS ON THE MARKET? Sansin’s approach to wood protection is based on wood science – what wood “needs.” Wood needs to breathe; hence, our proprietary waterborne formula. Natural oils are modified to be carried by water deep into the wood cellulose. This is in stark contrast to water-based products, which can result in a potential film-build finish that can crack, chip and peel – due to limited breathability. Moreover, the resulting penetration of Sansin’s DEC, SDF and Classic products not only achieve breathability; the benefits also include dimensional stability and water hold-out. Increased dimensional stability can help mitigate warped and cupped boards. Water hold-out helps maintain acclimatized moisture content, which minimizes the potential of rot. DOES THE NAME SANSIN MEAN ANYTHING? SANS ( French means “no” or “without”) / SIN ( biblical context): “NO-SIN.” Our low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and soap+water clean-up are environmentally conscientious. Sansin is proof positive that “going green” doesn’t mean you’re having to choose between performance or the environment. WHERE ARE THE PRODUCTS MADE?

IF I HAVE A NEW DECK AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT A YEAR OR TWO BEFORE I STAIN IT? This is a typical misnomer based on the available technologies of yesteryear: most products were oil/petroleum-based, and not capable of being applied on wood with moisture content higher than ~14%. Sansin, having pioneered waterborne technology, is capable of applications up to 25% M.C. (using our DEC product). This allows for applications on what’s considered by some to be ‘green’ wood – i.e. pressure-treated lumber. The benefit of applying a coating on wood sooner is that you no longer expose the wood to harmful UV radiation for the course of a year – which results in grey wood fibres that ultimately need to be sanded down. IF MY DECK IS OLD, AND IT HAS SOME STAIN ON IT THAT’S FADED AND PEELING, DO I NEED TO SAND OR REMOVE THAT BEFORE I PUT SANSIN STAIN OVER TOP? Sansin’s deep penetrating products need to bite into clean fresh wood fibre. A previously-applied product, albeit worn, will limit even penetration. DO I BRUSH IT ON OR ROLL IT ON? We recommend a flood coat application for DEC, SDF and Classic. This means applying the product to the point of rejection using a brush or sprayer (a regular garden or weed sprayer is excellent and cost effective!). After spraying, back-brush the excess product, spreading it evenly Where most applications go wrong is in applying the product in the heat of the day in full sun, or in applying too thin a coat. Both of these situations will result in a finish that will flash-dry, not allowing for the necessary penetration to take place. The finish may fail prematurely by peeling or flaking.

Sansin manufactures in Strathroy, Ontario, just outside of London. We’re proud to be Made in Canada. This is also important because we understand and conduct real-world tests in the Canadian climate.




For example: • Southwest exposure will yield more UV exposure vs. Northeast. • Large overhangs will protect surfaces underneath. • The heartwood of cedar contains natural preservatives vs. pine, resulting in longer service life and better decay resistance. • A deck low to the ground will potentially deal with more degradation and moisture issues. • A saturated colour contains higher pigment load, which in-turn offers more UV performance. On the other hand, natural colours may have more aesthetic appeal, but less pigment loading. • All things considered, expect to service most horizontal surfaces every 2-4 years and vertical surfaces every 3-6 years.

We highly recommend using 60-80 grit paper. This allows for better penetration, plus even colour dispersion. Keep in mind that even a freshly sanded surface can oxide and tighten up in as little as two weeks, making it difficult for a product to penetrate.

Sansin is available in Manitoba at Janzen’s Paint and Decorating in Winkler, Steinbach and Brandon, and at Envy Paint and Design in Winnipeg.

Sansin unique blend of modified Natural Alkyds offers the best of both worlds: the deep penetration of an oil, plus the soap & water clean-up of a waterborne. THE WEATHER NEVER SEEMS TO COOPERATE; HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT AFTER RAINFALL TO STAIN MY DECK? We usually recommend waiting until the surface is dry to the touch – which usually means waiting a day. Having said that, Sansin’s DEC product, for example, can be applied on wood with up to 25% moisture content.




This is the great question because the answer depends on multiple variables: exposure, construction parameters, wood species, moisture content, preparation, application and colour!

Photos from homes marketed by The David DeLeeuw Team Photos from homes marketed by The David DeLeeuw Team

inside out Harwood Design Builders’ mission is to fulfill clients’ residential construction and renovation dreams with unparalleled quality and workmanship. They promise the highest level of professionalism and build trust through commitment, fulfillment and integrity. Geneviève Joyal is a big part of the team with her creativity and love for design. Clients praise Gen’s ability to coordinate styles, textures, colours and finishes, and her keen eye keeps her designs unique and fresh. Read on to see how working with Gen and the Harwood Team begins with a wish list, grows into conceptual drawings and is realised by the expert team! It’s no secret that most clients who choose to renovate are adamant about open concept, natural light, functional layouts and updated finishes. While achieving this basic wish list is essential, considering the clients' style preferences is what makes each project unique. Magazine clippings and pictures from websites such as are highly encouraged as they are a great way to hone in on smaller details.

Detailed 3D renderings help clients visualize their project from the tiles on the floor and paint on the walls to lighting, cabinets and more. This visually-important service is part of the package when working with Harwood Design Builders.




“We really, truly love the entire design and function of our new home! It is bright, open and so beautiful; from fixtures, finishing (love that crown moulding and baseboards) flooring, cabinets, countertop, doggie door - you name it! Having quality in every aspect is something Harwood should be proud of.”

~Jacquie & Gilles

In this project Harwood Design Builders designed a cabinet with rollouts, tailored to fit under the staircase to maximize storage and accessibility. With three dogs in their home, this couple needed durable flooring and also requested a custom “doggie-door” to separate the kitchen and mud room. It had to be see-through, half-height, and we opted for a pocket mechanism as it takes up virtually no room when open. By introducing unconventional features, the space takes on a personality and look of its own. Once the general layout is confirmed, the products selected follow a certain hierarchy based on coverage and cost. In Chief Architect, the rendering program used, it’s easy to swap out different finishes as they’re being chosen to coordinate with each other. Everything from crown moulding, hardware, light fixtures and furniture suggestions can be specified. Throughout the process, the client is walked through the 3D rendering and made aware of the changes taking place; a tremendously helpful tool in avoiding surprises with regards to the end result. The most creative outcomes are often attained by skillfully guiding clients out of their comfort zone but also knowing when to embrace their inclinations. “We appreciated that (Geneviève) was always accommodating and accessible. “She had great ideas, and respected ours. We like that she’d drop off samples for us with her recommendations, and was flexible to meet up with us with her trusty laptop.”

get this lo o k 3.


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1. Counter - Caesarstone Atlantic Salt 2. Flooring - Ultimo Dakota Wood 24962 3. Tile - Daltile Beveled subway 0190 arctic white 4. Latch - Lee Valley Highland Ridge Suite in Antique Pewter 02A18.33 5. Pendant - Elk Lighting Schoolhouse 69023-1 6. Faucet - Kohler Bellera Geneviève Joyal from Harwood Design Builders at 204.338.3151.

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COVET CARAVAN … coa l a n d ca n a ry


Candle lovers are waxing poetic over the quality artisan products of Coal and Canary Photography by BRITTANY MAHOOD PHOTOGRAPHY Written by BARBARA CHABAI




modern living with a pr airie t wist


COVET CARAVAN … n a rc i ss e




To ignite, a flame needs heat, fuel and oxygen – and so, coincidentally, does a successful candle-making company. As an extension of his furniture refinishing business, Tom Jansen began making candles for sale at local farmers’ markets and craft shows. After experiencing a degree of success, Tom knew his idea had some heat but needed more fuel – otherwise known as the graphic design skills and marketing expertise of his friend Amanda Buhse. “When Tom first asked me to collaborate with him, I thought it would be a great excuse to hang out more often,” Amanda recalls. “We’re both pretty busy

with our own jobs, but I thought it would be fun even if we only sold a total of 10 candles to our friends.” Born over a glass of wine, the Coal and Canary Candle Company (the alliterative name, Tom says, is a balance of the masculine/feminine and intentionally reminiscent of the canary in a coal mine story) caters to hip, modern professionals who have been overlooked in the market. “We based our brand on what we like because we make candles for people like us – young, creative individuals who are aesthetically-focused, design conscious and who want luxurious items in their lives.”

The duo’s market research showed few candles were geared to their demographic. “Those we found were cheap, like buy three for $20,” Amanda adds. “Just because young people don’t tend to make a lot of money doesn’t mean we don’t deserve nice things.” Wanting to make a product that stood out as both unique and personal, they set out making hand-poured candles using the highest quality soy and vegetable wax blend and true-to-scent fragrance oils. In addition to natural ingredients, each candle holds a wide wooden wick that burns clean, free of smoke and soot and produces a gentle crackle reminiscent of a fireplace.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


As they finished a small batch, Tom and Amanda posted photos of their creations on social networking sites like Instagram. Boom! Coal and Canary found its oxygen. “Instagram has been our number-one selling tool, which makes sense because it’s huge with our customers,” Amanda says. “We’re basically selling an image and it’s attracted the right buyers and the right retailers. Every day, we receive emails from people we’ve never met saying, ‘We’re obsessed with your product and need to have it.’” Online sales of candles, such as the coffee-scented That Hot Barista and a salted-caramel-and-maple concoction called Good Beats and Eatin’ Sweets, immediately rocketed. Coal and Canary is now sold by more than 40 “really cool and unique” retailers across the country, including 13 shops in Winnipeg.


While discussing long-term business goals, Tom and Amanda toyed with getting Coal and Canary into gift bags at homegrown events like the Junos and the Toronto International Film Festival. “And then Amanda, who always reaches for the sky, sourced out the person who does gift bags for the Oscar nominees and at the Grammy Awards. She sent an email introducing us and asking what the process would be to apply to be a participant sometime down the road,” Tom says.




“…it never hurts to ask,” Amanda adds. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Not expecting a response, the pair was floored when they received a reply in less than two weeks. “They said they loved our candles and that we would be a great fit. They asked us to be the exclusive home décor supplier for the gift bags,” Tom recalls. “And then we went pretty much from zero to 100 overnight.” For the high-profile awards, Coal and Canary designed a custom box of votives, each branded with a play on red carpet life: Swag Bag & Jet Lag; Fake Lashes & Camera Flashes; and Party Hopping & Selfie Swapping. The candles were such a hit (even landing a spot on Good Morning America), the pair was recently asked to contribute to a Mother’s Day gift bag for celebrity moms.

“We’ve been in fast-forward mode ever since,” laughs Amanda, who recently quit her day job to focus on Coal and Canary full time. “Where we imagined we’d be in five years has suddenly happened to us in less than a year. Everyone’s response and support has been incredible and we’re so grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given.” Coal and Canary currently have three seasonally-inspired collections containing a trio of scents related to a theme. Their latest is Glamping (“glamourous camping”), that ranges from woodsy, hiking-trail balsam to sunscreeninspired coconut. Visit Coal and Canary at or view on Instagram:

modern living with a pr airie t wist



PLANTING ROOTS IN FORT RICHMOND Creating visual interest helps to avoid predictability amidst a cohesive design design and interior development by RENOVATIONS PLUS photography SCOTT ZIELKE text by TWILA DRIEDGER




The open kitchen features a spectacular mix of colours and grains from a mix of exotic hardwoods; the repeated curves of the seating, counter and lighting at one end of the island soften the rectilinear details of the custom millwork.

modern living with a pr airie t wist



Nestled amongst the trees on Kilkenny Drive sits a home so harmonious with Mother Nature, you don’t know where the exterior ends and the interior begins. When the homeowners, a family of three, purchased the house five years ago, they loved the original layout and structure, but had mighty visions for a forest-like facelift. “We weren’t actively looking for a house, but it’s hard to find a yard like this,” the homeowner explains. “Sure, it was dated, but we knew that in time we would do some upgrades.” The homeowner had passed the property plenty of times, as the lush landscaped area tucked in Winnipeg’s Fort Richmond neighbourhood was on her regular running route. And it was the property that provided the inspiration for the renovation. “We wanted to bring the outside in,” she describes. “We wanted to make it look like a treehouse.” To tackle the transformation, they enlisted the all-inone help of Roger Brodeur and the team from Renovations Plus. The general contractor worked hand-in-hand with the homeowners to make the space more functional and to fit their professional lifestyle. This page: The base cabinets feature smart storage solutions including an abundance of easily accessible drawers, eliminating need for upper cabinetry; a prep sink with built-in cutting board and a dedicated faucet for filling pots at the gas cooktop allow for easy mingling with guests while cooking. Opposite: A substantial table, mixed seating and mass of pendant lighting delineate the dining area just off the kitchen




modern living with a pr airie t wist


“Right from the get-go we hit it off really well,” says Brodeur. “My concerns were design and timelines to getting decisions made, but we never had a problem.” The homeowner agrees. “(Renovations Plus) was very helpful in giving us some insights into what some of the newer places look like now, and guiding us along the way.” Built in 1981, the 2,600-square foot, two-storey home had the original oak cabinets, trim and baseboards, and lacked the sunlight the homeowners wanted to see stream into the space.




“We wanted to make sure you could see the outside from anywhere you were.” To achieve the open concept on the main floor, additional windows were installed, including an 8.5-foot-wide window above the kitchen sink. The upper cabinets in the kitchen were removed, and the wall that separated the kitchen and dining area was demolished. Furthermore, the stunning focal point staircase – a contemporary combination of wood and glass – was redesigned to echo the home’s updated elements and allow for panoramic views.

“My husband loves to cook and we like to entertain,” she adds, explaining that a complete kitchen reconfiguration was in order to maximize function for cooking and hosting, and to bring the space into the modern era. This included installing acacia engineered hardwood floors throughout the main living area, which helped ground the kitchen’s light-coloured elm cabinets, designing a curved quartz countertop with a distinctive round wood island top, and creating a custom-made second sink and cutting board that make cleaning up easy. In the dining area, the homeowners repurposed the cantilevered alcove, originally constructed to house the traditional buffet and hutch, into a custom chic wall feature and storage unit that hides clutter and the pull-out pantry. The transition from kitchen to dining to living room is seamless, except for a small step down into the front sitting room. “The thought was to have more of a lounge area rather than a formal living room, and to be able to sit and enjoy a drink before dinner while still being part of the conversation,” the homeowner explains. The result is a room that suits a classy cocktail party as much as a comfortable Christmas dinner. Opposite: The massive steam shower in the principal ensuite is a showstopper it features multiple water sources and built-in bench and ledges. This page: the luxurious lounge area is a perfect spot to relax; the sculptural bathtub is extra-deep for long, serious soaks.

“We wanted to bring the outside in. We wanted to make it look like a treehouse.” ~ The Homeowner

modern living with a pr airie t wist



The natural elements are carried up to the second floor and into the master bath with a bold brown variegated tile used in both the shower and on the wall beside the 800-pound quartz soaker tub. “We actually reinforced the floor underneath to hold the weight, and then we used the electric winch and six guys to get it up here,” Brodeur says of his team’s heroics. Their efforts were well worth it, as the room is now the homeowner’s favourite. “We had a pretty big master bath to begin with, and then we blew out the wall between this room and the room beside,” she recalls.




Once a den, the now spa-like space is furnished with a flat screen TV, swanky chaise, and coffee bar. “This room is unique in that it is kind of like a living space.” The family’s personality is evident in the art and lighting fixtures that are both elegant and quirky. A white rhino head from a local shopping excursion is mirrored with animal bust towel hooks on the opposite wall, and an airplane ceiling light in the upstairs bathroom all make the home uniquely theirs. With the indoors looking more like the outdoors, it was time to blend the home’s exterior with its natural surroundings. Cedar-look aluminum siding, black soffits and fascia, and freshly painted stucco add to the curb appeal, and a rebuilt composite deck with aluminum railing and glass panels is large enough for outside entertaining. “Once we doubled the kitchen window, we had to rebuild the deck,” the homeowner explains. “It was one of those projects that just kept growing and growing and growing,” adds Brodeur. Last on the list – for now – is completing the four season sunroom with pine-clad walls and hot tub. “Every little element is included,” Brodeur says. Naturally. The open staircase is a beautiful balance of solidity and transparency: substantial treads command a strong presence, while still allowing light to flow through the open risers and panelled-glass ‘railing’; a small powder room on the main level features a simple vessel sink.

GE T T H I S LO O K Begin and End Your Day Beautifully Organized




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1. Elk Lighting Danica 6 Light Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze 46024/6RC - Available at Superlite 2. Chasten Collection semi flush/pendant 5 light 65403 - Available at Superlite 3. Lousanne 4819 in Oil Rubbed Bronze - Emtek 4. Legacy Exoctics 3-1/2� Tropical Walnut LAULETW350NIR - Laurentian 5. Tile KAA1624 KALAHARI 16X24 in almond - glazed porcelain - Ames Tile 6. Benjamin Moore Maryville Brown HC-75 7. Benjamin Moore Seattle Gray 2130-70

The Store for Organized Living Proudly Celebrating 25 Years in Business home office | bookshelf/wallbed | floor mat Exclusive to For Space Sake

1824 Grant Avenue | 204.488.2633

modern living with a pr airie t wist




As practical as it is pretty, this eat-in kitchen is designed with built-in storage solutions.


A mix of luxurious but hard-wearing finishes deliver style and substance in this hard working family kitchen




modern living with a pr airie t wist



Breakfast time is often a blur of brewing coffee, rustling papers, packing lunches, brushing hair, spilling cereal, jangling keys and fraying nerves. But for one family, the morning rush hour just got a little less harried, thanks to this multifunctional eat-in kitchen area in the heart of their Kildonans-neighbourhood home. “The homeowners wanted to update their kitchen and dining space and asked for more useable storage. They have a family of their own plus they raise foster children, so they needed a bigger pantry and a functional space that could accommodate their busy lifestyle,” says designer Tara Spencer-Nairn. The 14’ by 21.5’ kitchen was built in the early '90s when oak cabinetry and dark cherry stain was on trend. “It was outdated and dark, and she was ready for a change to something that felt airy and lighter,” Spencer-Nairn recalls. “We took our inspiration from the practical and the pretty.” To open up the space without reducing any of its personal warmth, some existing oak railing was removed to create a Top: A view through the dining area and into the adjoining family room highlights the abundance of cabinetry and storage options the family now enjoys. Left: A substantial six-burner slide-in gas range is surrounded by multiple prep areas and a dedicated pot filler faucet. Opposite top: Set back upper cabinetry descends all the way down the wall to rest on the chiselled-edge quartz countertops; banks of lower drawers provide a perfect home for a variety of kitchen accessories.




“I think the pantry wall is one of my favourite features. It's a practical, useful space for a busy family that needs a lot of storage.” ~ Tara Spencer-Nairn

flow from the kitchen to the sunken living room on the other side of the eating area. The next step was convincing the homeowners to replace their beloved dining room set with something more contemporary. “The large table they had in there crowded the kitchen island’s work space, so instead, I introduced them to the idea of having a built-in table with storage underneath. The table now looks consistent with the island and is surrounded by modern, counter-height chairs that are practical, easy to clean and not too bulky to move around. They just love it.” The main focal point of the dining and living area is the floor-to-ceiling wall pantry and cabinet storage units. The custom-milled cabinets were done in Benjamin Moore’s earthy but timeless Edgecomb Gray, which became the springboard of the eat-in kitchen’s soft and stylish toneon-tone colour palette. “I think the pantry wall is one of my favourite features,” Spencer-Nairn says. “It’s such a practical, useful space for a busy family that needs a lot of storage. The homeowner’s passion is cooking for her family, so I was able to incorporate pullouts for all of her cookbooks too.” To avoid the hardwood cabinetry consuming too much of the space, Spencer-Nairn suggested installing illuminated glass fronts in several of the cabinets “to bring in a different feel and luminescence. There is

modern living with a pr airie t wist






Customized to surround the existing fireplace, the new millwork in the family room offers plenty of closed storage for audio/visual components and keeps the space looking neat and clean; lit units with glass-fronted doors break up the wall and provide soft light at night.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


already ample storage so to bring in more pretty, softer elements for balance works well.” The glass sparkles in the daytime, reflecting the natural light streaming through the window over the sink and from the patio doors. Texture adds depth to the design, with quartz countertops and a bright Ames tile backsplash. “The natural stone gives the kitchen a very clean and crisp look, complemented by the cool metal fixtures we chose.” As a designer, Spencer-Nairn says she is really loving kitchen design projects that make a huge difference to the family living in the home. And as these homeowners discovered, finding creative ways to blend beauty and practicality can be very rewarding. “The kitchen is the most-used space in the house, so it’s important to invest not only in the look but the function,” she advises. “If you want a brand new kitchen, go through photos and inspiration shots that will help bring your dream kitchen into focus. Then, instead of taking short cuts, wait until you can afford to do it right and take the time to get exactly what you want. It will be worth it.” A mix of pot lights, pendants, under cabinet lighting and large windows keep the large space bathed in light; counter-height stools in the dining area offer a comfortable seat during meals.





1. 2.





8. 7.


9. 1. ARTCRAFT Scandia SC784 Robinson Lighting 2. Tech Lighting Sara Pendant 3. Edimax ceramiche Materia Forte Bronzea 4. Ames NATURAL STONE Flow Stone White Marble Random Sticks on 12x12 sheet FWSTW 5. Cambria Countertops in Darlington 6. H  ansgrohe 04218800 Talis C Pot Filler Wall Mounted, Steel Optik 7. Benjamin Moore Castle Gate CSP-75 8. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173 9. Benjamin Moore Old Sole CSP-65

444 Academy Road t: 204.487.1151 |

modern living with a pr airie t wist



L I K E M OT H E R , L I K E DAU G H T E R Great style crosses the generational divide design by ENVY PAINT AND DESIGN photography RACHAEL KING JOHNSON text by ARTHUR LIFFMANN




“While we’ve created individual spaces that reflect the personalities of different members of the family, these rooms still relate to each other and to the overall design of the home they share,� says the designer.

A layered mix of finishes, patterns and textures delivers chic comfort in this revamped principal bedroom

modern living with a pr airie t wist


abode There’s an old fashion law that states, “If you remember wearing it the first time around, you’re too old to wear it the next time it comes around.” Whether it’s a rule still worth abiding by, or if it’s been tossed aside like the law against wearing white pants after Labour Day, is a debate best left to the fashionistas. But when it came to revamping and mixing a few oldies but goodies into a fresh decorating scheme, the owners of this home shrewdly brought in a champion decorista. Having recently relocated their family from a beautifullyrenovated bungalow into a substantially larger two-story house, the homeowners face a common dilemma: how to take a wellmaintained but somewhat dated home and put their own stamp on it. Designer Bahia Taylor of Envy Paint & Design, who had overseen the complete redevelopment of the previous home, knew that all the renovations they hoped to undertake would best be accomplished over a few phases. First on the list would be an overhaul of the existing second-floor principal bedroom, and the creation of a brand new lower-level bedroom for one of their teenage daughters. While two floors and a generation separate the two spaces, Taylor employed her trademark design approach to bridge the gap. “While we’ve created individual spaces that reflect the personalities of different members of the family, these rooms still relate to each other and to the overall design of the home they share,” says the designer. In the spacious principal bedroom, Taylor began by revamping the existing walk-in closet and supplementing it with additional storage space. Working with IKEA Pax wardrobe units, the designer was able to substantially increase the closet space without significantly compromising the footprint of the space. “The Pax system offers a multitude of design options that really make it easy to customize the units. We were able to neaten up the existing walk-in which came pretty ill-equipped with only a bar that went all the way around the closet and a single shelf on top. By installing a smart combination of shelves and hanging storage and using every inch of available space, the walk-in is now an organized and efficient place. Divided into his and hers, and no, not equally, there’s truly a place for everything and most of the time everything is in its place,” says the designer. Adding even more Pax units outside of the walk-in meant that shoes and jewelry are within easy proximity and that the massive room also received some substantial furnishings to bring things in a little and balance the king-size bed. Finished in a clean warm white that matches the room’s trims and complements the neutral wall colour, the units are the perfect background against which Taylor then began layering her signature mix of pattern and colour. Inspired by the custom-made embroidered linen draperies, the palette of red, blue and gold is fresh and vibrant; layering it with charcoal linen and rustic wood finishes keeps the space from feeling cold. Many of the furnishings were repurposed from the couples’ previous home. “Working with existing family pieces immediately gives a sense of history and patina that can’t be replicated in a space full of new things,” notes Taylor. Pulled from obscurity, a vintage dresser was treated to new hardware and a coat of luscious red chalk paint; it now anchors a stunning vignette of antique art, vintage mirrors and part of the homeowner’s jewelry collection. The other side of the room is




anchored by a graceful tufted bed that boasts a beautiful view through the adjacent glass balcony door down to the backyard. Two floors down, Taylor turned her attention to the daughter’s new room, centred upon a large window looking up to the same backyard. Embracing a more urban vibe, the space feels like a soft loft: exposed joists above mimic ceiling beams, and a painted concrete slab floor feels raw and modern. By wrapping the entire Opposite top: A charming mix of family treasures and vintage finds create an arresting vignette. Bottom: A mix of modern lamps and lacquered busts atop distressed bedside tables create visual tension: This page clockwise from top right: A black closet door adds deep drama in one corner of the principal bedroom; fully outfitted IKEA wardrobe units maximize storage and look fabulous to boot; no need to get out of bed when it’s dressed in luxurious linens.

modern living with a pr airie t wist



Clockwise from top right: Pretty floral textiles soften the rough industrial edges of the lower level teenage retreat; a fun feature wall provides depth and texture in the simple space; a sculptural vintage glass lamp injects a pop of mod.

envelope in a warm creamy finish, the designer kept the room light and airy; leggy furniture and soft floral prints keep things young and feminine, while dark hardware and raw wood nod to a rustic industrial trend. Here, the same Pax wardrobes as used upstairs butt up against an übercool DIY feature wall created from wood planks and designer wallpaper samples. Rather than jewelry, thin frames flanking the bed instead display collections of photos, knick-knacks and nail polish. And instead of contemplating her view, the daughter practices riffs on her guitar.




With the completion of the first remodelling phase planned for the house, the homeowners and their family are thrilled with the results and are looking forward to embarking on the next portion of renovations. “Seeing the common threads linking two of the most disparate spaces in the house is exciting,” says the mom, “…and we’re definitely looking forward to having these completed spaces to retreat to during the next phase!” Her teenager smiles and nods in agreement: like mother, like daughter.

If your room looked this good, you’d be strumming a happy tune too: Aubrey relaxes in her new digs

modern living with a pr airie t wist




PERSONALIZED There are very few wardrobe systems that can hold a candle to IKEA's Pax range for interior organization and price. The basic wardrobe system comes with myriad options for doors, and even more for customizing the storage configuration inside the wardrobe. In addition, there are endless design possibilities on IKEA hack sites and on Pinterest for the decorista who wants to take it a step further and put a personal stamp.

A vibrant paint colour like this gutsy green Emerald Isle by Benjamin Moore will have everyone wondering where you got your unique wardrobe.

Affixing custom, cut mirror to the fronts of the Bergsbo door is a touch that "reflects" great style!

Benjamin Moore/Emerald Isle/2039-20




Adding moulding to the top of the wardrobe will give it a built-in look with the cachet of custom.

Large handles will add substance to the unit.

A door like the Bergsbo has perfect inset panels within which to install the mirrors.

The flat, smooth surface of the Ballstad door is perfect for upholstering, wallpapering, etc. It would also be a great place for a magnetic and/or chalkboard paint application!

Joanne Fabrics/Ferri/43J6811; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd.

For an ultrafeminine look, soften the units by upholstering them with lightweight batting and a beautiful floral fabric. This also makes for a great solution to pin a few special pieces of jewelry; or if the inside door is upholstered, one could keep a lot more jewlery at their fingertips.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


abode With wallpaper on the rise in recent years, the selection of prints for DIY projects has never been so plentiful. Priming and painting the flat panel doors first will ensure the wallpaper adheres and can still be easily removed to change up the pattern.

Adding legs to the unit can make them feel a bit lighter and more like furniture.

Cole and Sons/Punchinello/103/2006; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd.




The Komplement series of wardrobe fittings leaves no shortage of options for the serious fashionista to manage all her accessories. From baskets to trays to sliding drawers, shelves and more, the collection does not disappoint!






5. 1 .LH Imports/Carmen headboard in grey/ CMB01K-G; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. 2. Brunelli Bedding/Carmen coverlet in blue; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. 3. Surya/Etching area rug/ETC-4984; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. 4. Uttermost/Cranston Document Chest/24319; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. 5. Alendel/Unity/Indigo; available at Envy Paint and Design Ltd. 6. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 7. Benjamin Moore Simply White 2143-70 8. Benjamin Moore Black 2132-10










This lovely two-story, new to its owners (none other than our Editor in Chief Bahia Taylor and her family), boasted floors, doors, vanities, kitchen cupboards, baseboards, staircase, trim and so on all in the ubiquitous golden oak of the 1980s and 1990s. While oak is definitely making a comeback these days in roughcut and naturally, oiled incarnations, this house was saddled with far too much of a good thing. Check out how Taylor turned the blah banister into a designer stairway to heaven. STEP ONE: Taylor chose to paint out the banister, newel posts, stringers, risers and spindles; leaving the treads of the stairs in the golden oak finish to reference the floors throughout the rest of the home – but feel free to do as little or as much golden-oakextermination as you wish. She used a classic combination of black and white in Sansin ENS ultra saturated stain – which has the added bonus of being sticky enough to apply right to the golden oak with only some minor sanding. Yes, you heard right… no priming required! *Just remember if painting your treads to paint yourself up and into bed so your coating can cure overnight while you are up there sleeping, or to only paint every second stair in rotation.

STEP TWO: In place of a costly custom runner Taylor, used three economical (and fabulous) hallway runners. Starting at the top of the staircase, the runner was measured and centred across the width and simply stapled to the riser tight under the first nosing. The Taylors used an air stapler, but an electric stapler will do the trick, as will a manual stapler plus some elbow grease. The runner had a pattern all the way to the end and the rolled edge was barely noticeable. If the edge of the runner were more distinct, it could be cut off and folded under so the pattern would look seamless, instead of having an obvious border at the top. Pulling tight and keeping things even, the installation carried on down each stair by stapling at the top of each riser as well as at the bottom. The decision was made to not staple on the tread in case the designer ever wanted to remove the runner and go back to naked treads. With the multi-coloured runner that Taylor chose, some staples disappeared and some were more visible than others. She solved this by clouring some of the staples darker with a permanent marker beforehand to camouflage. When coming to the end of a length of runner, it was carefully cut to end just after stapling it down under the edge of a tread. That way, the next runner could begin by overlapping it; the cut edge is hidden and the beginning of the new runner is invisible as well. At the bottom of the stair run, the carpet was again trimmed, folded under and stapled down. BAHIA’S STAIR RUNNER SHOPPING LIST: • 3 Surya FT549-268 • 1 gallon Sansin ENS Saturated stain in black • 1 gallon Sansin ENS Saturated stain in black • Staple gun and staples • Carpet knife • Tape measure • Brushes, rollers and Frog Tape

modern living with a pr airie t wist


c h ow

Picnic Perfect recipes and food styling MARISA CURATOLO photography CORY ARONEC

From spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn to extended family potlucks in the park, how can you go wrong sitting in nature, enjoying great company and a plate full of delicious food?




The perfect summer day is spent in the fresh air of your favourite outdoor spot by the river, on a boat or in your own backyard. Relax, soak up the sun and enjoy a lovely meal. Picnic Essentials: - a basket to carry your food - a large blanket  - plates and bowls  - glassware - cutting boards - metal bucket for ice - cloth napkins

modern living with a pr airie t wist


c h ow


2 cups shredded cabbage 1 cup sliced snow peas 2 green onions, sliced Dressing: ¼ cup Japanese mayonnaise 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon light soy sauce 1 teaspoon sriracha sauce ½ teaspoon ground coriander Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste For dressing, combine all ingredients in medium bowl; set aside.In large bowl, combine cabbage, snow peas and green onions. Pour dressing over cabbage mixture and toss well. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and chill 1 hour. Serves 6. A muffuletta is a large, round, and somewhat flattened loaf with a sturdy texture. The sandwich is the perfect picnic food as it travels extremely well and the longer it sits in a cooler the better the flavours will be. You may use any cold cuts you wish, but the Italian trio below is a true and delicious classic.


There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp crunch of a great slaw.

1 (6-inch) round French or sourdough loaf ½ cup pesto 1 cup roasted red peppers (recipe below) 4 ounces sliced provolone 4 ounces sliced spicy capicolla 4 ounces sliced mortadella 4 ounces sliced Genoa salami 6 ounces fresh mozzarella, sliced


2 red peppers 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste For roasted red peppers, use tongs to turn the peppers over gas burner until blackened all over and skin is blistered. Place in brown paper bag and let steam 10 to 15 minutes. Peel charred skin and discard seeds. Cut into strips. Place in small bowl and add oil, garlic and parsley. Toss gently and season with salt and pepper; set aside.

This hearty and comforting skillet with beef, black beans and potatoes is perfect for game day or those evenings when you just need breakfast for dinner! recipe on page 80




For sandwich, slice bread in half horizontally and hollow some bread from bottom and top. Spread pesto on bottom of loaf. Place pepper on bottom crust. Layer with provolone, capicolla, mortadella, Genoa salami and mozzarella. Cover with top half of bread and press down. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill 30 minutes. Cut into 6 wedges. Serves 6. 

The marvelous muffuletta, a classic New Orleans sandwich, is super easy and convenient to make. It also happens to be hearty and uber satisfying... sure to please even Dagwood himself! Nothing beats fresh from the garden vegetables at a picnic or otherwise. If you aren’t a green thumb, check out the homegrown fare at the city’s farmers' markets this summer.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


c h ow

Glorious platters of fresh fruit are definite crowdpleasers and perfect for grazing on pre-picnic in lieu of heavy appetizers, as well as post-picnic for those who can resist dessert temptations. Keep things fresh and cool with a few ice cubes.





(from page 59) 5 cups cubed seeded watermelon 2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced 2 cups simple syrup (recipe below) ¼ cup fresh lemon juice In blender, combine watermelon and strawberries. Cover and blend until smooth. Pour into large container. Add simple syrup and lemon juice. Stir and chill until ready to serve. Transfer to glass bottles if desired. Serves 4 to 6.

SIMPLE SYRUP ½ cup water ¼ cup sugar

In small saucepan, combine water and sugar; bring to boil, then lower heat to simmer. Stir until sugar is dissolved, about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let syrup cool to room temperature. Recycled French lemonade bottles create a pretty carrier for this delicious drink. A vintage enamel bucket packed with ice to keeps drinks cool and attractive looking. 


(from page 61) ½ cup extra virgin olive oil ⅓ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons grainy Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon finely chopped shallot 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, plus more for garnish ½ lb fresh green beans, trimmed 10 baby potatoes 1 cup cherry tomatoes

cool. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Toss potatoes, beans and tomatoes with dressing. Arrange on serving platter and garnish with fresh thyme. Serves 6. 


These no-bake treats are a summertime childhood classic. This grown-up take gets an update from the addition of flaked oats, chopped peanuts and dried cherries. A dash of food colouring paste gives the dish a pink colour. ½ cup butter ½ cup 35% cream 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup peanut butter 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/8 tsp teaspoon red colour paste (optional) 1 cup large flaked rolled oats 2 cups Corn Flakes ½ cup chopped dried cherries 1 cup chopped peanuts 1 cup mini marshmallows Line 8-inch metal square pan with parchment paper. Set aside. In medium saucepan, melt butter with cream. Add sugar and bring mixture to boil; reduce to low. Stir in peanut butter; add vanilla and red paste; remove from heat. In large bowl, combine oats, cornflakes, cherries, peanuts and marshmallows. Pour sugar mixture over oats mixture; toss to coat. Pat mixture into prepared pan. Cover and chill 2 hours or up to 3 days. Cut into squares. Serves 10 to 12.

In medium bowl, whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, shallot and thyme. Set aside. In large saucepan of boiling salted water, cook beans for 5 minutes. Drain and refresh under ice water; drain well. Pat dry. Place potatoes in a large pot and cover with cold waterspelt and salt. Bringwith to boil Homemade crackers a hint of dill anddeliver reduceato simmer,satisfying cook untilcrunch, fork and pair savoury, tender; about 8with minutes. Drain and Spread. beautifully our Herb Cheese

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Manitoba is home to dozens of lush urban forests, parks and green spaces. Get out the picnic blanket and basket and experience somewhere new for a change of scenery: • • • • • • • • • • •

Assiniboine Park Lyric Theatre La Barriere Park Grand Beach St. Malo Kildonan Park St.Vital Park Bird’s Hill Provincial Park The Old Pinawa Dam The Forks Lower Fort Garry

Marisa Curatolo is a Paris-trained chef, food stylist and culinary instructor. She inspires cooks with her simple, easy recipes that are beautifully presented.

modern living with a pr airie t wist



FILLING 1 pouch gelatin ½ cup water 2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened ½ cup sugar ½ cup 35% cream, cold Crust: ¼ cup sugar 2 cups graham crumbs ½ cup butter, melted ½ cup strawberry jam For crust, in medium bowl, mix together sugar and graham crumbs. Stir in melted butter and blend well. Press crust into bottom of six (6 oz) jars. Add 1 tablespoon of jam to each jar. Chill 30 minutes. For filling, pour gelatin over ¼ cup cold water. Add ¼ cup boiling water and stir until dissolved; set aside. Beat cream cheese with sugar, scraping sides and bottom of bowl. Beat in lemon juice and gelatin mixture. In medium bowl, whisk cream until medium-stiff peak forms. Fold into cream cheese mixture. Divide filling over six jars. Gently tap bottom of jars to release air bubbles. Cover and chill 4 hours or overnight. Serves 6. Easy make-ahead dessert jars are a simple way to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. For a second indulgence, marshmallows and chocolate is sure to fill the bill. A casual picnic is the perfect setting in which to utilize any vintage dishware, glasses and serving pieces; we also think serving sinful sweets in a dainty and pretty metal scalloped pan reduces the caloric impression tenfold!




pa i r i n g s

Summer wine selections. Try one or try them all!


An example of "everyday wine," succulent aromas of pear and tropical fruit, nervous and expressive on the palate, clean finish and well-defined. Intelligent, vibrant, easy to drink


A different sparkling wine, unique and without comparison, made from a selection of 100%Monastrell grapes. It has a small bubbles, lightweight and fast, which makes a different and refreshing sparkling wine.


Getting tired of Pinot Noir? The surprising fruitiness of a MencĂ­a aged for four months in oak barrels. Perfect fruity balance with a good backbone of oak tannins. The ideal all-purpose wine for your cellar!


Light, lemony and fresh with natural fruit sweetness, it features a wonderful mix of citrus, gin and tonic botanicals and light, sweet Turkish delight. Highlighted by the slight spritz that lifts the wine and enhances the crisp refreshing finish. Simply delicious!


Grapes known for their characteristic apple and pear aromas and flavours, which create an elegant counterpart to fresh fruit with tones of spicy vanilla and nutmeg on the palate.

The Winehouse, located in Kenaston Common, puts together Covet's pairings. Their attention to detail and genuine interest will exceed your expectations. Pop in to try something special.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


b r u s h st ro k e s

Meet Your Local Benjamin Moore Retailer

JANZEN’S PAINT AND DECORATING 600 Centennial Street, Winkler

Since 1992, Janzen’s Paint and Decorating in Winkler has been turning inspiration into creation. “People bring us their ideas and it’s our job to understand the project, offer advice and decipher the product that will give them the best outcome,” explains owner Doug Janzen. This expertise was acknowledged by the Winkler and District Chamber of Commerce with its award for Excellence in Customer Service. “It’s always nice to receive some recognition for what we do and it goes to show that our customers appreciate that we go the extra mile for them.” Now with three retail locations, including two in Steinbach and Brandon, Janzen’s Paint and Decorating offers a total of 22,000 square feet of residential, commercial and industrial paint and decor solutions. Along with Benjamin Moore products, Janzen’s specializes in wood finishing supplies, including custom stains, lacquers and clear coats. Business has flourished over the years by diversifying to include window coverings, cabinet hardware, wallpaper and fabrics, as well as vacuum systems and in-store hobby shops. UNMATCHED EXPERTISE: “We want to provide the proper expertise with each project so that the customer goes home confident and ready to do their project,” Doug says. “We




take the time to listen and understand what they want to do. Essentially, their project becomes our project.” WHY CUSTOMERS KEEP COMING BACK: People find reassurance in the depth of knowledge their local Benjamin Moore retailer provides. “If they’ve never painted before or are about to start a major new project, it can be a little scary. But because they know they can come to us for pointers, call with questions or show us photos and ask ‘Does this look right? Is this normal?’ that makes them feel better.” BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW: Janzen’s takes pride in their custom matching “to the point that word gets out in the community that if people want the best match, they need to come here,” Doug says. “We take the time to do proper colour matching even if it means going to their home or place of business to figure out what they need.” WHAT A BENJAMIN MOORE RETAILER HAS OVER THE BIG BOX STORES: It’s about so much more than ringing up sales. “We have a top-notch product and an in-depth line of painting and decorating accessories, but along with promoting quality and selection, we lend people our expertise. We don’t just dabble in home decor; our staff is knowledgeable and genuinely excited about what they do.”


12, 2015 September 14–December AGES 2 TO 6 PRESCHOOL ART FOR 6 SCHOOL AGE ART 6-1

nching point Using art histor y as our lau tful Owl for a studio practice the Ar making fun. inspires creativity and art art Ho ot hoot, love T: 204.487.2012 16-1700 Corydon Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 0K5



Trust. Workmanship. Excellence. Integrity.


Interior Painting

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Interior Renovations

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ask a designer

Horton & Co. Designers

SUMMER READING None of the team at Covet need an excuse to cozy up with a good book and get lost for a while. Interesting stories can broaden your understanding of the world, give your imagination a work-out and create experiences that you may never have the real-life opportunity to enjoy. Research indicates that book-worms have been known to have more finely-tuned brains, broader vocabulary, stronger attention spans and are generally smarter than those who don’t read. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” Reading makes you interesting and attractive, they say. Studies show it reduces stress and improves memory. In his book ‘How to Read and Why,’ Harold Bloom notes that we should 'read slowly, with love, openness, and with our inner ear cocked.' He explains that we should read to increase our sense of intimacy–in short, our entire consciousness–and also to heal our pain. There’s also the entertainment value. Reading can be enthralling, exciting, scary, fun, romantic, suspenseful and so much more – even all at the same time. There are all sorts of places to enjoy reading too.




It can pass the time if you commute by public transit, if you are in line or in a waiting room, getting your hair coloured or having a pedicure. A paperback is uber portable – having one will serve you well on a plane or in the airport. People who are serious about reading will often devote entire spaces for the activity in their home. Some serious readers have fancy private libraries complete with a rolling ladder, some have a reading nook or a daybed or even a den sans television. Those who like to read vertically have a reading chair which is sometimes a recliner and for those who prefer the treat of reading horizontally the bed or sprawled out on the couch is just right. There are even special trays designed to hang over the edge of the bath tub for those who like to read avec wine and bubbles. Summer reading can be especially nice outdoors: pool-side, at the beach or on the porch. Whichever your preferred perch, putting aside some me-time with a page-turner this summer is a must. Download a hot summer read to your e-reader from the Winnipeg Public Library or pick up a bestseller at the store – everyone knows books are always better.

We asked designers: “What are you burying your noses in these days?” There are heroes and villains - classic good vs. evil - I can’t wait to see how it ends! I just started watching the series on television (a little behind - I know!) and find, as always, I love the books more as TV just can’t capture all of the author’s detail. Tiffany Johnson-Sheldon t i f fa n y s h e l d o n design

Bushcraft 101: A field guide to the art of wilderness survival by Dave Canterbury. Spencer Tymchak graphic co m m u n i cat i o n leader, ikea

Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs… naturally because it starts with a renovation! It’s a great mystery “Who Dunnit?” with intertwined fact and fiction authored by the ‘real’ Bones. Alex Todd a l e x to d d d e s i g n I'm an eighth of the way through ‘The Time Traveler's Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger. I started reading it when I was at my friend's cabin on a rainy afternoon. Donna Welz ro b i n s o n l i g h t i n g lt d . Any book by Lisa Genova is heart wrenching and amazing. She is able to spin a tale that takes you into some of the darkest moments of people`s lives but with humor and humility. Check out ‘Inside the O’Briens’. Ryan Sudom b lu e h i l l s d e s i g n I have been reading the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. I am currently on the second book of the series , ‘Clash of Kings’. The books are full of adventure, romance, violence and deception.

I’m currently reading ‘Central Park’ by Guillaume Musso and recently finished ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Some favourites are ‘Fall on Your Knees’ by AnnMarie MacDonald and ‘I Know This Much is True’ by Wally Lamb. Geneviève Joyal, B.Env.D. h a rwo o d d e s i g n builders

I'm reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan at the moment – saw him on The Social and had to pick this up. I'm also going back through Kelly Hoppen's Design Master Class because I never get tired of her fabulousness! Crispin Butterfield u r b a n t h eo ry interior design My summer read is Dance Upon the Air’ by Nora Roberts. It’s perfect for summer as it’s set on an island with beaches, sunsets and beautiful landscapes. There is also a secret that needs to be hid and a romance that is brewing. A great story, perfect for a day at the beach! Carolyn Krawetz t r e n dy lo o ks

I recommend a couple of books about unexpected journeys and the journeys we can reflect back on as we age. ‘The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’ by Jonas Jonasson , about a who man escapes the nursing home on his 100th birthday. His journey snowballs through a series of unexpected and hilarious events. In ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ by Rachel Joyce a man receives a letter from a dying friend. As he walks his mail

response to the mailbox he realizes that his journey to see her has just begun. Oksana Ulisko ikea I just finished ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins...Was hard to put it down! Lesli Trottier a b s o lu t e d eco r ‘How to be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran…… I relate to this woman and a lot of her observations/experiences….. all women and MEN need to become “strident feminists”! pretty funny. ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ by Francois Lelord…… funny, easy afternoon read. Simple lessons. Nadine Francois interior design co - wo r k e r i k e a

‘Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You: A Lively Tour Through the Dark Side of the Natural World’, by Daniel Riskin is a hilarious science book for the layperson who wants to learn about the world they’re living in! Nicole Smigelski interior design co - wo r k e r i k e a

modern living with a pr airie t wist


a simple guide to selecting the right e xt e r i o r pa i n t

A new coat of Benjamin Moore paint or stain will add beauty and protection to your home’s exterior.

But you may be wondering.... • Which exterior paint or stain should I use? • Do I need a primer? • What’s the right finish for my project? • How do I find a painting contractor?

The experts at your local Benjamin Moore store can answer your questions. You can also hire a professional painting contractor to help you achieve outstanding results. From properly preparing the surface to applying a smooth and even coat of paint, a professional painter understands that success begins and ends with attention to details. Your Benjamin Moore store

Walls: Guilford Green, HC-166 in Regal Select Matte finish; Trim: Chantilly Lace, OC-65 in Advance Satin finish




can help you locate a professional painting contractor in your area.

Benjamin MooreÂŽ Paints & Stains

Get lasting colour and durability with Gennex

Benjamin Moore paints and stains are tinted with proprietary Gen

While other colorants weaken paint, Gennex colorants fortify the paint, so it maintains i

and delivers better coverage and fade resistance. And Gennex colorants are ec

they contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For beautiful, lasting

choose exterior paints tinted with Benjamin Moore’s Gennex colorant

modern living with a pr airie t wist



Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to adhere to exterior


what matters

surfaces, and resist cracking and peeling caused by weathering, sunlight and abrasion.

with exterior paints that . . . Smooth Application last,paints addthat beauty & enhance the va what matters ... ith exterior paints that . . . with exterior last, add & enhance the value of your home. t, add beauty & enhance thebeauty value Hide of your home. Protect

With virtually no spattering, Benjamin Moore paints are designed for easy application and outstanding, flawless results.

Benjamin Moore paints are made from the highest quality

so they deliver superior hide, completely covering any Choosing the right fini What to Look for in an Exteriormaterials, Paint

stain or previous colourthe on your home’s Choosing right fiexterior nish surface. What to Look for in an Exterior Paint Durability  Flat creates a smooth, non-reflect Choosing the right finish erior Paint

Durability  Flat creates a smooth, non-reflective finish that hides Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to adhere to exterior imperfections while delivering an u Colour Retention Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to adhere to exterior

ere to

imperfections while delivering an ultra-smooth appearance. finishes are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. surfaces, and cracking peeling caused by Exterior weathering,  resist creates aand smooth, non-refl ective finish that hides surfaces, and resist cracking and peeling caused by weathering,  reflective and smooth is asheen lightly  to our proprietaryisGennex® a lightly thatreflectiv Thanks colorant technology, our sunlight and abrasion. exteriorsunlight and imperfections while delivering an ultra-smooth appearance. abrasion. offersand a rich appearance. offstains ers a rich appearance. paints and are able to resist fading maintain their


sed by weathering,

Low Lustre

Low Lustre

original inthat the darkest shades. Low Lustre is a lightly reflective and smooth  colour—even Satinsheen is a very versatile nish, giving you a subtle  fiSatin is a very versatile finish, giv

SmoothSmooth Application offers a rich appearance. Application

shine that can be used anywhere.

shine that can be used anywhere. Mildew Resistance  Soft Gloss is a shiny, durable finish that is great for windows, With virtually no spattering, Benjamin Moore paints are designed isflaawless very results. versatile finish, giving you a subtle for easy application andoutstanding,  trim is a shiny, durable fin Mildew isshutters, prevalent in moist, andwork. warm climates. doors, and humid, other for easy application and outstanding, flawless results. shine that can be used anywhere. shutters, and other trim wor Benjamin Moore paints are formulated to resistdoors, the growth  Semi-Gloss has a lustrous shine, making it a great paints are designed Hide of mould and mildew for a freshly painted look that lasts.  is a shiny, durable finish that is option great for forareas windows, that you  want to highlight. has a lustrous shine results. Benjamin Moore paints are made from the highest quality shutters, doors, and other trim work. option for areas that you want to h materials, so they deliver superior hide, completely covering any Benjamin Moore paints are made from the highest quality stain or previous colouron your home’s exterior surface. has a lustrous shine, making it a great materials, so they deliver superior hide, completely covering any option for areas that you want to highlight. stain or previous colour on your home’s exterior surface. ghest quality 14-11736_ DIY Brochure updates and re-print for Canada_Exterior_CE.indd 1 With virtually no spattering, Benjamin Moore paints are designed



Soft Gloss

Soft Gloss



Colour Retention

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Aura® Exterior Thanks to our proprietary Gennex® colorant technology, our product Colour Retention

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REGAL® Select Exterior High-Build

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Exterior finishes are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays.

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Your best choice when... want a reliable Benjamin Moore exterior paint that’s available at a great value

Mildew Resistance

Mildew is prevalent in moist, humid, and warm climates. Proprietary Colour Lock™ to resist theHigh-build Benjamin Moore paints are formulated growth formula for technology for superior

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of mould and mildew a freshly painted look that lasts. m11736_ climates. fade for resistance DIY Brochure updates and re-print for Canada_Exterior_CE.indd 1

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Easy application for a rich, smooth finish

Excellent flow and levelling for easy application

Easy application with dependable performance Good coverage and durability Mildew and fade resistant

Mildew and fade resistant

Outstanding durability prolongs the life of the paint Mould and mildew resistant

14-11736_ DIY Brochure updates and re-print for Canada_Exterior_CE.indd 1

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uty & enhance the value of your home. Choosing the right finish 

Flat creates a smooth, non-reflective finish that hides

imperfections while delivering an ultra-smooth appearance.

Low Lustre is a lightly reflective and smooth sheen that

offers a rich appearance. 

Satin is a very versatile finish, giving you a subtle

shine that can be used anywhere. 

Soft Gloss is a shiny, durable finish that is great for windows, shutters, doors, and other trim work.

Semi-Gloss has a lustrous shine, making it a great option for areas that you want to highlight.

Fresh Start® Premium Primers

Fresh Start® Premium Primers need a specialty primer for an need a specialty exterior project primer for an exterior project

Excellent adhesion Easy application Excellent adhesion Excellent hide, so it Easy application covers dark colours and Excellent hide, so it imperfections

covers dark colours and

Penetrate and seal problem imperfections surfaces for a smooth, Penetrate and seal problem durable top-coat surfaces for a smooth, durable top-coat

ARBORCOAT® Waterborne Stain

ARBORCOAT® Waterborne Stain need the best exterior stain protection need best available in thethe widest exterior stain protection variety of colours available in the widest variety of colours

Formulated with next-generation waterborne and oil-based Formulated with next-generation technology waterborne and oil-based

Superior UV protection technology

Resistant to stains, Superior UV protection scuffs and mildew Resistant to stains,

scuffsin and Available sixmildew opacities fromAvailable clear to in solid six opacities from clear to solid

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ov e r a n d a b ov e ov e r b oa r d

In the Homestretch

After 11 months of extensive exterior and interior renovations, the Nickol family is now only weeks away from moving in to the 100-year-old Fort Garry home they purchased last fall. The transformation process during the 2,400-square-foot remodel has been chronicled in Covet in recent issues, and the excitement is palpable as the finishing touches are completed. “It will be nice to finally move in and not have to work on it every day,” admits homeowner Jayson Nickol, principal of Over and Above Custom Homes and Renovations. A general contractor, Jayson devotes his daytime hours to clients and has been spending four to five hours every evening working on his own house. He and his wife Stacey, along with their three-yearold daughter and six-month old son, have been staying with in-laws in the interim. With the home’s interior completely gutted, the roof removed and replaced, a double-attached garage with a cabover design added (creating an additional 700 square feet for a spacious master bedroom), and sealed “weather proof and watertight” with new insulation and windows, the focus is now on aesthetics, both inside and out. The exterior, a traditional Craftsman design, features durable James Hardie concrete board siding and a stunning stone veneer on the garage and side of the house, complementing the elegant Roman Holland pavers on the driveway leading up to the front door.




At press time, painting is well underway inside the airy, open-concept main level with flooring to follow. The Nickols have chosen natural, easy to maintain cork laminate for the higher traffic areas, and the comfort and warmth of carpet for the upstairs bedrooms. Among the home’s other personalized touches are the coffered ceiling in the living room, adding structural and visual appeal, and a generouslysized fireplace with a flat-screen TV above the mantel. LED recessed lighting and load-bearing LVL beams located over the dining room form a tray ceiling for contemporary architectural interest. Now in the home stretch of the 11-month project, which they originally hoped to complete in February, Jayson sounds both exhausted and exhilarated. That’s not surprising, given the enormous investment of time and resources that has gone into transforming this century-old property into his family’s dream home. “Hopefully, we will be moving in at the beginning of August,” he says, fingers crossed that all goes well with the kitchen installation. After surviving the house’s down-to-barebones demolition (and all the glorious surprises that come along with it) and overseeing its reconstruction, this is one homeowner who knows all too well that it’s best not to call the moving van too early.


100-2415 MAIN STREET T: 204.336.8187

• Certified Specialist in Orthodontics • Braces & invisalign™ for children and adults







modern living with a pr airie t wist




Mulch. How can such a wonderful thing cause so much anguish and be such a pain in my installing-gardens neck when it’s done wrong? First off, no, it doesn’t blow away, and second, no, it’s not magic. That doesn’t mean you can neglect all plant maintenance duties just because you barely sprinkled some down once before a garden tour or visit from a certain dignitary, either.




I could write you a book on the ecological and time-saving virtues of mulching, with a whole chapter on how it’s been done so badly I wanted to cry and say bad words. For purposes here, let’s keep it to basics: a little what and how people get the whole mulch thing a little bass-ackwards!


Mulch’s main purpose is to cover the mineral soil and prevent many “weeds” adapted to it from germinating and getting in the way of the plants we do want (aka less weeding). Mulch needs to be 4-6 inches deep, not sprinkled like fairy dust, otherwise it just gets in the way of weeding and prevents nothing! NOTHING!

TIP: If you have a shady garden, you’ll actually be increasing woodland weeds—but they’re easy to pull when rooted in the mulch and not the soil. Mulch's second purpose is to conserve soil moisture; a depth of 4-6 inches works for this too.

TIP: Once mulched, sprinklers and hoses don’t blast soil

around, and you can walk on the garden even after the rain. The third purpose is to improve soil which is going to break down anyway, and it’s supposed to, so might as well enjoy it. Add more mulch every 2-5 years to keep a constant depth of 4-6". Adding it in the spring between plants is normally sufficient—but remember that covering perennials with thick mulch will smother them too—so no smothering the good guys.


Mulch breaks down (even coloured mulch just develops a new layer of soil) so if you add matting it just makes a hot mess in the garden. If you want to use mat with rock, go for it. Remember though that you’ll be pulling leaves off the rock especially if you have deciduous trees.


GRASSY GOODNESS So flowy, so green, so hard to figure out “which one’s the one I planted again?” Yikes! Simplest way to spot the good grasses from the bad grasses is to start with the gorgeous ones that are easier to identify without a master's in botany. If you love grasses, you’ll have to learn to love looking at ligules… and auricles… and sheaths. MY FAVE 4 GRASSES FOR PLAYING NICELY WITH FLOWERS AND WEED-ABILITY FOR ALIKE:

KARL FOERSTER (Calamagrostis acutiflora) • not native, cool season (comes up early summer) • reaches about 150cm (if you count the flowers… yes, grasses have flowers. The hard part is telling who from who without them). • long ligule (the thingy that pokes out from the axil of the leaf blade and where it wraps the stem) Trait: Really consistent growth form, and pairs well with native grasses to keep the formal structure of a garden intact). BIG BLUE STEM (Andropogon gerardi) • warm season (comes up when the nights get warm) native of the Prairies. • 100cm to 250cm (around here anyway; highest in cushy flower beds with lots of water and heat). • the blade and often the sheath of the leaf is hairy – you can’t miss it! The ligule is long too. Another great distinguisher from other grasses is that it’s flattened and you can feel it when you roll the stem in your fingers. Trait: Beautiful behaved grass with deep purple stems and leaves in the fall. Plus the flower looks like a turkey foot… and everyone loves turkey in the fall!

watch out for this

“ bad ”

LITTLE BLUE STEM (Schizachyrium scoparium) • Warm season native (cultivars available) • 60cm to 100cm (same deal as the big brother version—gets bigger in the garden than we see it on natural prairie). • Has a flat stem which is odd in the grass family around here, but makes for some quick identifying—it doesn’t roll in the fingers at all. Sometimes it’s a little hairy, but it’s dependably flat, and a nice bluegreen hue almost out of the seed. Trait: Lovely in clusters with other grasses, and kind of like the bushier, thicker growing little brother and a very lovely silvery blue colour change. SWITCH GRASS (Panicum virgatum) • warm season native (cultivars available) • 80cm to 120cm of huge, lacy-flowered awesomeness. • teeny little ligule but a cool conspicuous collar with a couple of hairs where the leaf hits the stem, and it rolls in your fingers. Trait: Cultivars range from green to steel blue and purple ( just stick with zone 3). Flowers are fantastic for feeding birds as well as looking gorgeous in the fall and winter through the snow.

grass in the spring — quack grass . medicinally , it ’ s

cool , but it will trash your native grass patch in a pinch . look for a little clasping auricles around the stem where the sheath of the leaf hits . fyi : if you have shoots popping amongst your warm grasses one ’ s up before anything else ) just search and destroy !




( this

PETER PIPER PICKED SOME PANSIES?! HEY, WAIT A SEC! Just when you thought your blooms were safe from the bunnies, a small grandchild walks up to your planters and starts chowing down on your favourite annuals! Nope. I’m not sure if it’s enough to cut down on the grocery bill, but it’s fun and makes for good conversation when you not only grow your own edibles, but toss some hippy-esque flowers on a salad, a summer flan or just mess with relatives when out and about in people’s gardens. FYI, don’t clasp your throat and drop to the ground after eating the first flower… that can make people grumpy and not eat your lovely salad!

Try this easy-peasy mix to brighten up your leafy greens: A citrusy combo of Viola, lettuces and Nasturtium! Other common edibles: Snapdragon, Marigold, day lilies, carnation, rose, primrose, salvia, peas, cornflower and dahlia, to name a few. Samantha Braun is a landscape ecologist and designer with over 15 years experience in the horticultural industry. Her company, Ecotones, specializes in creating Habitat in Harmony with Design.

We sell wine from all over the world. Cottage cases, private seminars, exclusive wines! We provide excellent customer service. Come visit us. We love wine.

110 -1600 Columbia Drive (Kenaston Commons) 204 275 6660 | Mondays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

modern living with a pr airie t wist


w h e r e to f i n d

wh i tespace. grid. repetition. al i gnment. yo u notice d esign everyw here. we do too. Hinge is a strategic branding and interactive design agency. We are passionate about culture, and how we can create conversations between our clients and their target audiences. We believe that style reflects who you are and what you do; and in

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today’s competitive marketplace, having a distinct style is an advantage that will help you stand apart from the crowd. A meaningful style is a powerful way to define your purpose, represent your values and effectively communicate your brand to customers. Design thinking is crucial when approaching and solving business problems in a culture full of change. We’re honest, approachable, down to earth and would like to help.

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modern living with a pr airie t wist


design dilemma Dear Lucy, This was a bit of a tricky one design-wise. You have a great big window right where we’d normally put all the “wow” factor in order to bring your eye to the front door. Structurally, the spot to layer some height and texture is on the other side of the front of the house. This area faces west thus sun-loving things should be happy to do their thing here.



4 3


2 6

Here are my suggestions: • Paint that front door (which admittedly I can’t see from this shot—if it’s already red, green, yellow or something equally lovely then go with that) an eye-catching hue that you adore every single time you walk up those steps. • Pop a hanging basket of showy annuals right off that metalwork post… and another nice tall and showy tub of annuals on the steps to draw the eye to the entrance (given the plants I have here for the perennial bed, chartreuse potato vines, some cannas and purple, pink or blues will do the trick). Keep the colour palette consistent with the pop from the door, and it will be gorgeous! • For the bed—we’ll keep the main focus on the steps and the rest a nice clean backdrop of green to take the edge off that slab of wall flanking the window. It will move the eye back to the welcoming entrance.

PLANTS: Hello Covet Magazine, I am hoping you may be willing to help us tackle a landscaping project. We repainted the outside of our house and two years ago we put in a new beautiful sidewalk. Everything looks great. The last piece to finish the front is to design and put in plants and shrubs to showcase the house in the new flower bed along the front window. I want to do it but I feel lost and intimidated by the size of that flower bed and don't know where to start! I have a blank canvas with so much potential, I would love to see this space pop with your help to give it the wow factor! Lucy

1. K  arl Foerester and or switchgrass for more habitat value. 2. Sun power hosta. 3. Purple cone flower (go for the old varieties or pow-wow for height and rigidity). 4. Giant Hyssop (Agastache—the chartreuse cultivar is lovely if you want more bright). 5. Either grape (for low-key and a source for cooking leaves), or Clematis Jackmanii for a climbing flowery version of green.

Do you have a design dilemma? Send us your questions and some photographs to for your opportunity to receive free design advice from the talented design team at Covet!




6. L amnium (chartreuse or lemon colour varieties pop all season). 7. Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia— goldstrum is a great one, and again stick with the taller incarnations for more impact).

Colour Lock technology matters. TM

With it’s incredible scrub and fade resistance, no paint is more enduring or endearing. Only Benjamin Moore offers Colour Lock Technology, for truer, richer colours that are extremely fade resistant and washable. And with a Benjamin Moore store in your neighbourhood, it’s incredibly convenient too. Visit

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Covet summer 2015  

Covet is a design and lifestyle publication from Winnipeg, Canada. Our mission is to provide inspired, beautiful design and amazing local ta...

Covet summer 2015  

Covet is a design and lifestyle publication from Winnipeg, Canada. Our mission is to provide inspired, beautiful design and amazing local ta...