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We asked designers: What are your favourite ways to bring nature inside?

d e s i g n i n g s pac e s m b Wanda G. Vuignier The beauty of spring is the freshness of colour. Start by changing out that warm furry throw for a cream coloured, lightweight weave that will give a lighter feel to your space. Add toss cushions in spring colors as well as, depending on your colour palette, white or off-white pillows with a butterfly, dragonfly or bird motif. Accessorize with colored glass in grass green or sunny yellow, a fresh or silk floral arrangement of tulips or pussy willows and branches in a tall vase. Even changing artwork to a brighter colour palette will bring in an outdoorsy feel. Look around for items and colours that reflect the feel of spring, and open your draperies wide to let the sunshine in. Spring is on the way! Ph: 204.990.1135

t r e n dy lo o ks Carolyn Krawetz My favourite way to bring nature inside is to decorate with twigs, rocks and of course, flowers. I like to fill a corner of the room with a beautiful ceramic pot filled with sticks and twigs. In the winter, I use white sticks and decorate them at Christmas with silver balls. At Easter, I hang a few decorated Easter eggs on my branches to brighten up the corner. And finally, I change it up in the spring and use budding pussy willows and a few white flowers to give that fresh, springlike feel.  I also like to add small river stones to a vase with fresh cut flowers on my dining table. The smell of fresh cut flowers can brighten up any home!  Ph: 204.799.7181

m i l n e w e l l d r e ss e d h o m e s Monique Milne Spring and summer are so short in Manitoba that I like to surround myself with natural objects year round. Nature offers endless inspiration for interior decorating and hunting for the items is half the fun!   Arrange willowy branches in a pretty container. Paint them for an extra pop of colour. Fill trays with a collection of natureinspired objects for a coffee table display. Feathers or shells presented in a frame is a simple but beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. A collection of small glass terrariums provides the perfect place to display pebbles, moss and air plants. Add a battery-operated tealight and watch them sparkle.  And, don’t forget to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Ph: 294.792.4867

ca ro l sta n d i l co lo u r & d e s i g n Carol Standil Colour is one of my favourite ways to bring nature indoors. Painting a ceiling a soft, slightly grayed blue or turquoise can open up a room and evoke the feeling of sky, while yellow walls can work magic to bring the feel of sunlight into a gloomy space. Every spring I am especially hungry for green, and I love the way greens work so harmoniously together in a landscape. Layering different shades of green in your home is a great way to bring that freshness and beauty inside to enjoy all year! Nature is so multi-dimensional. I also like to bring in texture with wicker baskets, woven wood shades and sisal or sisal-like rugs under foot. Ph: 204.226.1533

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