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Covered Edition 30



05 food & drink WILSDEN SUITE 16 Property MAtters CENTRE 22 Garden guru Established in 1984 by Mr Francis Brennan hair & beauty OU 2 Nicola, 5 YWilsden E A Suite R Centre H I S T26 O RFashion Y and R his wife remains a family run business 29 years later. 46 Advertising Directory DON’T MISS THE



Francis’ aim E has R alwaysR been simple. N O W OY N ! To S T E S T Y

EARSID’S ON THE SLITHER AND WE YEAR ensure that the furniture sold at Wilsden Suite Centre is the highest quality.


C H O I C E C H O I C DE ADE m om

Concentrating on selling UK made upholstery, A N T Y R A N T you can always be assured that when youY WANT HIM BACK! purchase a suite from Wilsden Suite Centre, it meets the highest possible standard.

Due to Sid not being included in the magazine last month (see Ed’s note) the prize fund has rolled over and this month’s prize is £200!

The tastefully laid out showroom shows a rington rrington mix of fabric and leather suites to sit on and try out. Other items in the showroom such

as tables, lamps, mirrors and pictures give S T E R Y S T E R Y

Find Sid in one of the adverts in Covered and you could win £200! Simply tell us which advert Sid is hiding in, along with your name, postcode and contact details. We will put all correct entrants into a draw to win £200. The closing date is 01/09/13. The editor’s decision is final.

EAR YEAR you a ‘real home feel’ and an idea of how the suite may actually look in your own home. Pass the remote….

Send your answers to:

Sid the Snake Covered Magazine Butonia House Clayton Wood Close Leeds LS16 6QE

A N T Y R A N T Y Knowledgeable, and with a keen eye for detail, Francis and the team pride themselves on offering a friendly and personal service - helping every customer find a suite which is perfect for individual requirements and budgets.




rington or email: rrington

re tre


Dealing with the majority of middle to top end upholstery manufacturers in the UK, means competitive prices, and a guarantee never to be beaten on price. Competitive quotes can be given even if the particular model is not on display.

(We will only accept entries via email or post)


Wilsden Suite Centre is situated in the picturesque village of Wilsden, with private car parking for customers, and easy wheelchair access if required.

The winner of last month’s competition to win a signed copy of Enhanced by Chris Tasker is Andrew Peel, LS18. Congratulations Andrew, Chris will be in touch to arrange to send your personlised copy. Prizes must be claimed by 01/09/13. Winners agree to details being published in Covered. The Editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Disclaimer The opinions expressed in Covered do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publisher or their agents. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included within this publication, the publisher takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in Covered Magazine.

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Covered Magazine Butonia House Clayton Wood Close Leeds LS16 6QE


Chris Barnham 01132 745639


01132 745639


Joseph Skelley


judith dunn Dawn Kilner Ivor Hughes vicky kulczycka Eric Wells

Hello and welcome to this month’s edition of Covered. WHOOPS! Apologies to readers who trawled through last month’s Covered looking for Sid the Snake and couldn’t find him. The slippery little devil slithered right out of the magazine last month so couldn’t be found anywhere. All who entered last month will be entered into this month’s draw and we’re rolling over the prize money so this month’s prize is £200! We have another great reader competition this month. If you’re fond of food then we’ve got a chance for you to win a meal for two at Audley Clevedon in Ben Rhydding – see P5. We popped along there recently and can definitely recommend it to readers. On the subject of food, we’re looking for nominations for places you think we should visit as we launch our monthly ‘Real Review’ see P12 for details. I’ve started to see adverts for the return of X-Factor to our screens. The one thing that signals for me is that I need to start planning for Christmas! We’ll kick things off next month with the first of our Countdown to Christmas features. If you have a community event or fundraiser planned for the festive season, let us know now and we’ll ensure you get plenty of free and favourable publicity. If your business is gearing up for Christmas then please get in touch, we are offering a limited amount of free supportive editorial space for advertisers in the year’s final editions, so book your space nice and early. Editorial and advertising deadline for the next edition is 01/09/13. Until next month,

Chris Barnham Editor

Ben Frost DipPFS Ben Frost offers specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Retirement Planning • Investment Management • Inheritance, Capital Gains & Income Tax Planning

Tel: 0113 2588796 Email: Web:

Local Matters


Fine dining in Ben Rhydding Audley Clevedon enjoys a spectacular position high above the Wharfe Valley. Its residents and leisure club members are well aware of the delights of its restaurant, but too many others are not. The new team of General Manager David Kanarens and Marketing Manager Richard Fox are keen to change all that. Now is an excellent time to sample the food, as new Chef Stuart Dixon has just launched his mouth-watering summer menu. So whether you want an al fresco light lunch or a dinner – maybe accompanied by excellent wine from Berry Brothers and Rudd – in beautiful surroundings, check it out. Stuart trained in Leeds and then worked for five years at Queen’s Hotel. Two years each spent training under award-winning chefs Paul Heathcote and Gary Rhodes honed his talent, which he then exercised as he worked his way to Head Chef in quality West Yorkshire restaurants. Notable among these was the Park at Walton, Wakefield, where he was awarded an AA rosette within six months, and the Fleece in Addingham. At Clevedon, he makes maximum use of fresh, local, seasonal produce and the results speak for themselves.

Angela pouring champagne for the guests


Food & Drink


d & Dr nk

B Whiteley Farmshop If there’s one place in our area which offers ideal growing conditions, it’s the Tong Cockersdale Valley. This green and fertile land has seen a market garden as far back as the early 1900’s. Now it’s home to B Whiteley Farmshop and Nursery, who are situated on Houghside Road in Pudsey, and grow a range of plants, trees, fruit and vegetables. In true farming style, it’s a family run business operated now by Bryn Whiteley and his wife Vicky, and the land has been owned by the family since the 1960’s. Bryn grew up working the farm, when it mainly produced rhubarb and brassicas, before going to horticultural college, which lead to experience of landscaping. Returning to the farm, the family focused on promoting the nursery side of the business whilst raising a young family. Demand for fruit and vegetables grew though as people began to favour locally grown produce over the

poorer quality and taste which the supermarkets had to offer, and now Whiteley’s is sustained by equal sales of plants and fruit and veg’. The variety of plants and trees produced here is extensive and ranges from ornamental trees, hedging and perennials through to a vast selection of herbs and edible plants. And, as you might expect, you can also buy your own fruit trees and veg’ plug plants, even seeds, if you fancy a go at growing your own. Equally impressive is the plethora

The farm is a family run business operated now by Bryn Whiteley and his wife Vicky.


Wiltshire Farm Foods allows you to enjoy tasty, nutrititious and convenient meals with minimum fuss - there’s no peeling, chopping or dirty pans to take care of, just delicious meals to tuck into.

Your local outlet: Wiltshire Farm Foods Topcliffe, Thirsk YO7 3SE


Food & Drink

of vegetables grown on site. Vicky enthusiastically talks me through them all “…9 varieties of potato, 6 varieties of squash, 5 types of courgette, 4 types of beetroot…” The list goes on and on. I never realised there was any more than 2 types of beetroot and the visit to Whiteley’s has left me feeling a little ignorant, but also keen to learn more. The great thing about the couple is that they’re keen to provide more information and it becomes quickly apparent that these people actually know what they’re talking about. Calling it a ‘farmshop’ doesn’t really cover it; these people are specialists, and they’re really passionate and proud about what they do. Keen also to share their knowledge, they’re happy for children to visit and discover where their food comes from and even pick their own pumpkin for Halloween or tree for Christmas from the fields. They also work with schools and have recently had some of their chicks hatched at nearby Raynville School. And all of their hard work seems to be paying of; These winners of the Yorkshire Post ‘Taste Awards’ also attend farmer’s markets in Horsforth, Headingley and Roundhay and well as selling wholesale and to local shops and restaurants, including 114 The Arch, Salts’ Catering and The Local Pantry. As if that wasn’t enough, they also keep their own ducks and hens,

“ Vicky is a keen and well respected bee keeper

produce their own jams and chutneys and Vicky is a keen and well respected bee keeper. So why not give the supermarket a miss next week and discover the flavours Whiteley’s have to offer? twitter @bwhiteleyfarm

Bryn grew up working the farm, when it mainly produced rhubarb and brassicas.

Food & Drink


Covered Starter

3 varieties of lettuce - Mohican, Ashbrook and Oakleaf 1 Passandra Cucumber, cubed Handful of cherry tomatoes quartered 4 Spring Onions finely chopped 2 Stalks of celery finely chopped 1 pack of Halloumi cheese sliced into 8 slices 3 tablespoons Olive Oil 3 Tablespoons Pomegranate & Balsamic Vinegar Salt & Pepper


Serves 4 Wash and chop salad ingredients then combine. Heat a heavy griddle pan, add halloumi and grill on both sides until lightly chargrilled (only a couple of minutes on each side.) Meanwhile whisk the olive oil and vinegar together along with a little salt and pepper in a large bowl then add the salad ingredients to the dressing (never the other way around) Toss lightly, covering all. Plate up the salad and add Halloumi if there is any dressing left in the bottom drizzle over and serve.


8oz plain f lour 4oz plain wholemeal f lour 6oz butter, diced 4oz walnuts, roughly chopped 3 eggs plus 2 yolks 200ml double cream Small broccoli f lorets 6 asparagus spears, chopped Fresh peas 6 sliced mushrooms Fresh mint, finely chopped 5oz mature cheddar

Griddled Halloumi Summer Salad Vegetable Flan To make the pastry, blend the flours with half tsp salt and 150g diced butter. Pulse until no lumps before adding the walnuts. Mix egg yolks with 3 tbsp cold water before adding to mixture and mixing until mixture comes together. On a floured surface, bring mixture into a ball before rolling out lightly, then lining a greased flan tin. Chill for an hour before blind baking at 180c. Next make the filling by melting the remaining butter and adding the mushrooms to cook gently. Saute the broccoli, peas, mint and asparagus in a little water in the microwave before draining and adding to the mushrooms. Mix the eggs with the cream in a jug, season with salt and pepper and add to the vegetable mix. Grate in the cheese before pouring into the flan case. Sprinkle a little grated cheese and chopped mint on top before baking on the middle shelf for around 20 minutes. Serve with a green salad and new potatoes.



100g Dark muscovado sugar 175g self raising f lour 1 egg 125ml milk 1/4 vanilla pod seeds or 1tsp vanilla extract 50g unsalted melted butter 400g chopped forced rhubarb For the sauce 200g dark muscavado sugar 25g unsalted butter cut into chunks 400ml boiling water

Rhubarb Sticky Toffee Pudding Preheat oven to 190c then butter a one and a half litre pudding bowl or a large casserole dish. Mix together 100g sugar and flour in a large bowl. Add milk to a jug then beat in egg, vanilla seeds/extract and 50g melted butter. Add to the flour mixture and stir. Fold in half of the rhubarb. Add the remaining rhubarb to the bottom of your pudding dish then place your cake mixture on top. Finally sprinkle the remaining 200g sugar and 25g of butter chunks and pour over your boiling water. Bake on the middle shelf for 45-55 minutes.

10 Food & Drink

Ingredients: Buy Local

up a couple of smoothies – try blending a handful of strawberries, milk, Greek-style yoghurt and ice together – ideal for a sweet summer treat.

Raspberries, Blackberries, Plums, Cherries, and Strawberries – take your pick – soft fruits are in season! Now is the time to take advantage and buy local. Don’t worry about overstocking either, soft fruits freeze well. Or, make jams and chutneys - always a good addition to the larder. If you do overstock on soft fruit then whiz

If you’re looking for quality ingredients pop along to your local farm shop or farmers’ market. You’ll find the produce will have traveled less and will taste all the better for it. What’s more, you’ll get plenty of genuine good service, value and advice from independent traders who have a passion for produce, not for profit.

FARMERS MARKETS Horsforth Farmers Market

1st Saturday of every month. 9am-12:30pm St Margaret's Primary, Town Street, Horsforth. LS18 5BL.

Bramhope Farmers Market 2nd Saturday of every month, 10am-1pm Robert Craven Memorial Hall, Old Lane Bramhope LS16 9AZ

Otley Farmers Market Last Sunday of every month 9am-1pm Market Square, Otley. LS21 3AQ

Kirkstall Deli Market

Last Saturday of every month 12pm-3pm Kirkstall Abbey, LS5 3EH.

Briggate Farmers & Craft Market

Oakwood Farmers Market

1st & 3rd Sunday of every month 10am16.00pm. Briggate, Leeds City Centre

3rd Saturday of every month 9.30am-12.30pm Around the Oakwood clock (At the junction of Roundhay Road / Oakwood Lane / Prince's Avenue / Wetherby Road)

Headingley Farmers Market

Guiseley Farmers Market

2nd Saturday of every month 9am-12.30pm Rose Garden, North Lane. LS6 3JJ

Chapel Allerton Farmers Market Last Sunday of every month 9am-1pm The Three Hulats Pub, 13 Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3NB

Inaugural Market on 21st July 2013 then every third Sunday of the month thereafter. 9am-1.30pm The Station Pub, 70 Otley Road, Guiseley .LS20 8BH

Grassington Farmers Market

3rd Sunday of every Month Grassington Village Centre, North Yorkshire. BD23 5LB

FARM SHOPS Crag House Farm

The Local Pantry

Elmsley’s Farm Shop

Tomlinson’s Farm Shop

Otley Old Road, Cookridge, LS16 7NH. TEL: 0113 2303600 Greenside Farm, Warm Lane, Yeadon, LS19 7DW TEL: 0113 250 3060

Lane End Farm Shop

Tong Lane, Bradford, BD4 0SF TEL: 01274 684300

None Go Bye Farm Shop Otley Old Rd, Horsforth LS18 5HZ. TEL:0113 284 2206

Harrogate Rd, Otley, LS21 2PS. TEL: 0113 203 7361

89 Roker Lane, Pudsey. LS28 9AS. TEL: 0113 255 2625

B. Whiteley Farm Shop & Nursery Houghside Lane, Pudsey. LS28 9JJ. TEL: 07981 211016


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ered ov



12 Food & Drink

Re vie w Regular readers will know that Covered reports things as we find them – honestly and without hyperbole - our monthly ‘Real Review’ is penned with the same ethos. I emphasise the point ‘real’ as (believe it or not!) many reviews featured in magazines or newspapers are really paid-for adverts. The Editor bobs along, wines and dines gratis and then regardless of the experience, reports back that it was ‘Five Star!’ If you happen across a place that has won several awards, or ‘Restaurant of the Year’ then you might find that it’s more a case of ‘Advertiser of the Year’. With that in mind, all Covered reviews will be a genuine opinion based on my experience that day.

Speriamo meglio la prossima volta Literally translated as ‘hopefully better next time’ - my first planned visit was to an Italian eaterie on New Road Side, Horsforth. I found it to be so lacking in every department that I’ve declined to review it, not wanting to kick things off on such a negative vibe. I’ll revisit at some point with fingers firmly crossed that it’s improved... a lot.

The Devonshire Brassiere & Bar Like many of you, I head for the countryside when I can and nowhere is more glorious in summer than Bolton Abbey. History, scenery, water – what more could one ask for? The day my partner and I went, it was heaving with people so we were worried that we wouldn’t get a seat at The Devonshire Brassiere & Bar - just a couple of minutes away from the Abbey’s car park. On arrival we immediately snaffled a table outside. Good quality tables (no wobbles!), and with a magnificent view over the estate. It took a while for our servers to arrive – we took note that some staff were rather young and perhaps lacked the training that some of the older staff had clearly received. Not too much of an issue, given the setting and the weather at that time but it might have been an issue were we waiting in different circumstances. Given the heat we ordered a couple of Cokes before ordering (£2.74ea). The menu wasn’t vast and we considered the mains more suitable for the usual Yorkshire climate, rather than the great day we had. Lishmans Cumberland Sausage, Mashed Potatoes & Onion Jus (£13.95) or Char Grilled Rib eye Steak, Fat Chips, Field Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Watercress, Peppercorn Sauce (£23.95) for example, would, regardless of the quality of the ingredients or skills of the chef, have been unimaginable on such a warm day. Looking for a light lunch and unconventional as usual, we opted for two starters each, rather than order a main. We we’re glad we did! We both chose Bacon, Black Pudding & Soft-Boiled Egg Salad with Wholegrain Mustard Dressing (£6.75). The dish arrived swiftly, on a piece of slate, as is

What we had:

2 cokes 2 x Bacon & Black Pudding Salad 1 x Chicken Liver Parfait 1 x Sweet Pepper 1 x Green Beans Total: £37.90 + Optional 12% service charge of £4.74

Where is it?

The Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel & Spa Bolton Abbey Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 6AJ TEL: 01756 710710

Opening Hours?

kids Menu?

Yes…. 1 Course £6.50 2 Courses £8.25

Monday-Saturday 12-2.30pm/ 6-9.30pm Sunday 12-4pm/ 6-9pm

Dogs Welcome?


Yes, in the outside seating area

the vogue these days. I can’t compliment it enough and have cooked it myself at home since, swapping the bacon for pancetta. Well prepared, well presented and thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. The black pud was particularly moist and flavoursome. My second course was Chicken Liver Parfait, Wholegrain Mustard, Red Onion Marmalade & Melba Toast (£6.95). The generous portion of parfait was smooth, delicate in flavour and complemented well by the red onion marmalade. I found the melba toast to be a little thin, brittle and dry. We had several slices of a good quality Petit Parisian (or similar) on the table though, which made a far better partner for the parfait. My partner opted for Roasted Sweet Pepper with Aubergine Puree, Marinated Mozzarella and a Sunblushed Tomato & Olive Dressing (£6.25). The aubergine puree got a little lost on the plate but otherwise, the quality of the ingredients held it all together nicely. A side of green beans (£2.95) didn’t really bring much to the party but that was personal taste, opposed to a poor quality side dish. We did bob inside to use the facilities and there was nothing about the interior that would put us off returning in less clement weather. Although the menu wasn’t wildly adventurous there was something on there to suit most tastes and for pudding lovers, there was a good selection of desserts, Strawberry & Creme Brulée, Strawberry Compot & Shortbread (£5.95) being the star. Cheese boards, dessert wines and a good selection of beverages were also available so if you wanted to enjoy more than just a quick lunchtime bite you’d have plenty of options. All in all this was an entirely pleasant visit with reasonably priced, well prepared and presented food in the most delightful of settings. We’d definitely return.

editor’s note Is there a restaurant, brasserie or cafe you think we shaould review in Covered? Let us know by emailing:

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14 Diary Dates

Pencil It In! Diary Dates


Town Street, Rawdon LS19 6QL. Please join us for a Pet Service. Sunday 13 October, 2.00pm All welcome (with or without pets). Companion animals welcomed into church for a blessing within the Service. Remembered in prayer will be animals suffering commercial and social exploitation. Also guide dogs, hearing dogs etc.

Aireborough Camera Club

Guiseley Theatre, The Green, Guiseley Wednesdays 7:45pm from September to May A small friendly camera club with a varied programmme of talks and competitions - new members are always welcome. The new season starts on Wednesday 4th September - for further information please see our website: www."

Chippendale’s Indoor Market

The Old Grammar School Manor Square Otley LS21 3AY 09:00am - 3:00pm every last Sunday of the month Chippendale's Indoor market is a market run inside the gallery on the last Sunday of each month. With over 15 traders selling anything from jams, pickles, chilled meats and crafts its well worth visiting.


Church House, Church Street. Ilkley LS29 9DS 2nd Thursday each month at 7.45pm. New members and guests are welcome to enjoy the speaker of the month and a cup of tea. Enquiries: Shirley 01943 609997 or Rose 01943 817827


The Clarke Foley Centre, Cuncliff Road, Ilkley. Tuesdays from 7.30 p.m. There is a full and varied programme and membership is now open. For more information please contact Paul Shaw on 07771754605 or paul@


The Clarke Foley Centre, Cuncliff Road, Ilkley,Tuesdays 7.30 p.m. There is a full and varied programme and membership is now open. The club is now on summer recess and re-opens Sept 3rd. For more information please contact Paul Shaw on 07771 754605 or paul@

Menston Art Club

Kirklands Community Centre Menston LS29 6HT Enquiries: Sue Brearly – 0113 2501096

Menston Parish Church Scottish Dancing Group

St John’s Church Menston LS29 6EU Enquiries: 01943 872022 Traditional Scottish dancing in a friendly and relaxed social group. Open to all, no experience is necessary. Parish Church Room. 2nd & 4th Thursdays (except July & August) 19.45 - 21.30.

Burley Art Club

Parish Centre 43 Station Rd Burley in Wharfedale LS29 7JL Enquiries: Greg Learmouth – 01943 864924 The group meets on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30pm at either the Red Lion or St Mary’s Parish Centre.

Burley Wildlife Group

Sun Lane Nature Reserve Burley in Wharfedale Enquires: Peter Riley 01943 862916 New members please call ahead, meeting 1st Sunday of every month 10am-1pm Aims to promote the conservation and management of wildlife areas in the village and also to provide advice on wildlife issues

Good Neighbours

Burley in Wharfedale Enquiries: Gail Boole – 01943 862388 For those in need of transport (to get to hospital or clinic, for example). If anyone can offer help with providing transport to hospitals and clinics please let Gail know. Drivers are called upon about once every 4 months, and are reimbursed for their journeys and parking. Please call Gail if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Burley-in-Wharfedale residents only.

Ladies Group

Burley in Wharfedale Enquires: Linda Nelson – 01943 863715 Members enjoy a mix of speakers, demonstrations, outings and social events. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evening of most months, usually in the Parish Centre at 8.00pm. Visitors and new members are always welcome.

Diary Dates

Wharfedale & District Aeromodeller’s Club

Salem Hall Main Street Burley in Wharfedale Enquiries: Chairman John Horton 01943 863438 Meeting place: Salem Hall: first Friday of each month 8pm Control-line flying each Sunday. Juniors and beginners welcome

Guiseley Chatterbooks

Guiseley Library Otley Road LS20 8AH Enquiries: 01943 872675 Monthly book group for children aged 7 to 10 years old, 3:45 – 4:45 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. All welcome. Free

Ilkley Choral Society/Otley Choral Society St Margaret’s Church Queens Road Ilkley LS29 9QL Enquiries: Sirje - 079 303 29847

Ilkley Badminton Club

Mondays Gyhll Royd School Ilkley Road Burley-in-Wharfedale LS29 7HW. Thursdays St. Mary’s Menston Menston LS29 6AE Enquiries: Ian Campbell, Club Secretary - 07721 978143 We do not cater for beginners or offer coaching but are pleased to develop people who meet minimum playing standards. Friendly and competitive matches

Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza

Sun. 8 September. 10:00am - 4:00pm. Location: 6 Pearson's Buildings, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3BQ Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza attracts over 500 vehicles, with everything from large steam engines to push bikes. It also features entertainment, children’s attractions and trade stands. All profits from the Extravaganza go to the Otley Town Mayor’s 20 x 20 Charity Appeal, raising money for 20 local charities and organisations. ADMISSION: ADULT £3.00 CONCESSIONS: £2.50 CHILDREN UNDER 14 FREE IF ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT Contact: (01943) 463467 or visit www. otleyvintagetransportextravaganza. for more info.


Horsforth Antiques and Collectibles Fair

Sat. 21 September. 10:00am - 4:00pm. Location: St. Margaret's Hall, Church Lane, Horsforth, LS18 5LQ Here you will find decorative and functional antiques & collectables! Varying from occasional furniture to china and glass, jewellery and accessories to collectable toys & memorabilia, all at prices to suit every pocket. ADMISSION: Adults £1.50. Accompanied children free! Contact: Venue: 01132 555211

DSH ng Roofi W



ith Di s Th co is un Ad t ve rt

The Loft Conversion Specialist


TEL: 07581 622852 E:

16 Property Matters


This will protect your money – and safeguard your concerns. And you can be assured of the highest customer service.

In the short time it takes you to read this month´s column, the chances are that someone, somewhere in the Wharfe Valley is choosing their new home to rent.

At the moment anyone can set up in business as a letting agent – as many tenants and landlords have found out to their cost. It’s been a long-standing anomaly that letting agents, who routinely handle large sums of money, are not regulated in the same way as their estate agent counterparts who do not handle money at all.

In common with our European neighbours – for whom letting has been a way of life for generations – renting has never been more popular. The private rental sector is growing rapidly - there are now 3.84m households privately renting in England, compared with 1.9m in 2001. And the figure is increasing. Whether it is because of the flexibility it offers, or because people are still finding it difficult to buy or sell their home, the market has never been more buoyant. But thereby hangs a warning. Neither has it been so dangerous and open to rogue operators with whom tenants and landlords alike trust their money. For ultimate peace of mind, only work with those agents who have met the strict standards needed to become members of ARLA (the Association of Residential Letting Agents) and have signed up to the SAFEagent kitemark scheme.

Many reputable and accredited agents now want the law to go further - deterring some operators from providing unacceptable services and engaging in unlawful practices, behaviour which tarnishes the sector as a whole. Many reputable agents have voluntarily joined industry accreditation schemes, giving clients peace of mind that their money is safeguarded. But as many as 40 per cent of agents have not. Nobody books a holiday with a travel agent who is not properly accredited and registered – but, as ever-increasing numbers of tenants are finding to their cost, this isn’t always the case in the rental market where the stakes are far higher.

editor’s note Thanks to Paul Bridgeman, Branch Manager, Linley & Simpson, Brook Street, Ilkley

We urgently require... 2, 3 and 4 bed houses £700 to £1100 pcm. Whether you’re an experienced landlord, new to lettings or looking to buy an investment property, we can offer a variety of services to help make letting easy.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our current landlords are saying… “We value the fact that they have a very acute understanding of the demands of the letting market in each of the areas in which they operate”

“Linley and Simpson epitomise professionalism. I have always found them to be extremely helpful and polite” Mr G, Wakefield

Mrs J, Harrogate

30 Brook Street, Ilkley LS29 8DE. 01943 816888

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On production of this leaflet we will give you 10% off the cost of the labour charges

Air Conditioning Servicing



Based in Yeadon our experienced team will only be too happy in helping you with any problems you have with your car. We have heavily invested in the latest diagnostic equipment and so whether you are after an MOT or service, or your car has a running problem, then come and see us. All of our work comes with a guarantee and we are very competitive on our prices.

Silver Lane Garage,Off Suffolk Court Silver Lane, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7JN

T: 0113 250 4955 F: 0113 252 0494 E:

18 Property Matters

TAKE TO THE FLOOR We walk on them every day and quite often in bare feet so floors, or rather flooring, is important to us all. Gone are the days when the options halted at Lino or Axminster – there’s great variety in flooring out there now so why not opt for something different? TIMBER

If you’ve the patience to strip and sand floorboards then you can apply many finishes

If you’ve the patience to strip and sand floorboards then you can apply many finishes – varnish, stain, paint, wax, even limewash. A cheaper alternative is laminate, which is versatile, easy to fit and comes in many finishes. Because laminate has a melamine resin layer it is deals with moisture better and is suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, you can even install it in the cellar if you have one. RUBBER Cool and stylish, rubber flooring is great in bathrooms. This flooring comes in tiles or sheets and can be solid coloured, patterned, smooth or studded.

Cool and stylish, rubber flooring is great in bathrooms.

399a Otley Old Road Cookridge LS16 7DF

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“We used Creative Installations to knock through our kitchen and dining room into one room and install a new kitchen. David and his team designed us a bespoke kitchen that showed he had listened to what we had wanted. His team arrived on time, kept us informed, were very tidy and delivered a new kitchen we have loved ever since. David is honest and does what he says he will do at a good price and with excellent work ethics. I have no problem recommending Creative Installations and David Crossley.� Michael J Clarke, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

TEL: 0113 200 8767


20 Property Matters

One of the best wearing floor finishes available, rubber is still soft underfoot but it’s vulcanised finish ensures that it is virtually impossible to wear through. BAMBOO If you’ve got the environment in mind then Bamboo could be for you. It’s rapid growth ensures that the eco-impact is not as telling as real wood, bamboo is actually a grass. It can be harvested every 3-5 years, unlike wood, which takes 15 – 25 years. It’s exceptionally hard wearing and comes in many different styles to compliment most interiors.

If you’ve got the environment in mind then Bamboo could be for you.

CONCRETE Not ideal for the living room as it’s cold and hard but perfect for high-traffic areas such as the hallway and even the bathroom. Decorative concrete finishes have been used in commercial buildings for years. The concrete can be polished, painted or finished with a design of your choice – ideal for those wanting to express some individuality.




Not ideal for the living room as it’s cold and hard but perfect for high-traffic areas such as the hallway and even the bathroom.

0845 519 2122

7 days a week 8am - 8pm • Broken Cables & Spring Repairs • Locks Replaced • Remote Controls Fitted & Repaired • New Doors Fitted

all areas covered NO CALL OUT CHARGE


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I Will BEAT Any Like For Like Quote Call Jamie: 07548 082 565

As seen on BBC1 Crime Scene Rescue

Tel: 01132 502626


Tuesdays from 5:30

Viewing Mon: 10am - 4pm Tues: 11am - 5:30pm House clearances undertaken Gold & silver items wanted

Stamps, Fine China, Antiques, Militaria, Silverware, Jewellery & Furniture Valuations - call Mark: 07593 824 357

Gordon Mills, Netherfield Road, Guiseley LS20 9PD

For f of £5 te o u Q red’ ve o C ‘

22 4 Garden Guru

This is a good time to carry out work on the edges of your garden, starting with your hedges, Give them a good trim

cuttings of pinks for next year, or order new plants for delivery in the autumn. In the vegetable garden, harvest everything as it matures, freezing where possible any excess including all the soft fruits. Plant up strawberry runners, in order to replace the main bed every three This is a good time to carry out work on the edges to four years. of your garden, starting with your hedges, Give them a good trim, slightly lower than normal, as Look out for the local flower shows in Adel, this will allow new growth to harden off before Bramhope and Cookridge, join in and take part it is the winter arrives. Then look at the fences, it’s a a fun way of extending your gardening knowledge. good time to paint or spray them to restore their good looks while they are dry – including fixing The Horsforth Allotment Shed on Featherbank any loose panels. Lane, Horsforth is open every Friday night from Continue to dead head your roses and hardy 7pm-8pm. Call in for quality gardening products perennials, at the same time deciding if you would and friendly advice. For further information like to order new plants and shrubs to enhance your please visit: borders. The best way is to make a list now, ready for ordering later in the year. Some plants will be your favourites, and it is worth while saving some seeds from these items to grow extra plants for yourself and your friends. HAGA Trading Hut Lawns have grown sparsely this last month, which means different areas have grown at different rates. Keep mowing with the cut slightly raised, and continue to eradicate weeds as they appear. Dahlias and sweet peas are flowering magnificently, feed them on a regular basis with a liquid fertilizer, and continue to cut the blooms to extend the flowering season. Layer or take

Potting compost with no added green waste Wide range of fertilizers Insecticides and fungicides Garden tools Pots, trays and many other accessories Free advice - just ask! Open: 7pm - 8pm Every Friday and Saturday 10:30am - 12pm Featherbank Lane, Horsforth.



Gavin Scott BDS LDSRCS MFGDP(UK) MBA JP has nearly 30 year’s experience as a General Dental Practitioner and is giving free initial implant consultations call the practice on 0113 258 3349 for more information.

new patients: register your children free until april 2014!

A Family Practice

open late til 7pm

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Ivory Dental offer a comfortable, relaxed environment for you and your family. Anxious children are very welcome and we’ll soon make them feel at ease - most kids find visits to us fun!

dy alreaered? t s regi ing offer e we’r benefits new all our to ! u18’s

the Benefits of child registration: • free visits to the Hygienist (where needed) • free preventative measures such as Fissure Sealants and Flouride Varnish. There’s no rush at Ivory - we take our time and beleive that every patient counts.

Call us today to discuss your family dental care needs t: 0113 258 3349

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24 Health & Wellbeing

Brownberrie Lane, Leeds, LS18 5HD

10 Tips a Gym When Choosing

According to experts, those who join gyms at the end of summer are much more likely to make it part of a regular routine.

There are plenty of gyms to choose from in North/North West Leeds, so here are our top ten tips to help you choose.


Try Before you Buy

Many gyms will offer day passes ‘free’ in return for your contact details. Alternatively see if they offer a ‘pay as you go’ rate for the gym or if you can pay to sample a fitness class.


Right Package

Think carefully about the facilities you will use. Is it worth paying a premium for a swimming pool or is it better to pay separately to swim elsewhere? If you take part in classes is it cheaper to get a membership than pay each week?


Couples membership

If joining at the same time as a friend, ask about couples membership as these often no longer just apply to those in a relationship. Gyms know that if you exercise with a partner you’re more likely to keep coming, meaning good business for them and a better chance of you achieving your goals.


Convenient Location & Parking

Think when you are likely to use the gym. Is it close to your home or easy to get to on the way back from work? Make sure there’s plenty of parking if you intend on coming at peak times.


Exercise Classes

Check to see when classes are on. Ask to have a look at the area used for classes, how many people take part per class and how easy it is to book on.


Other Customers

Pick a gym in which you feel comfortable. You won’t want to exercise if you feel you’re the odd one out, so when choosing have a look at the other customers and ask yourself if they are people like you.


Cancellation Fees and Policy

Check on the minimum cancellation period. Some gyms require 6 months or more notice of cancellation, even on rolling monthly contracts, which might sound ok but can prove difficult when that house or job move comes through in the future.

Covered Feature


Too Busy To Exercise? How many times do you hear “I am too busy to exercise”? Recent research indicates that undertaking exercise in small chunks is just as beneficial as doing an hour flat out. So if your life is busy consider breaking your exercise up into 10 minute slots. 10 Minutes in the Morning Go for a brisk walk especially in the lovely summer sunshine. Try and get slightly out of breath and if you feel energetic give yourself a goal like walking faster from one tree to another or one house to another. 10 Minutes at Lunchtime If you work from home go up and down the steps several times until you get out of breath. Put some music on and do this to a tune that motivates you. Follow this with some Squats to work your bottom and thighs.

10 Minutes in the Evening Brisk walk around the block or get off the bus/train a stop earlier and walk home. Follow this with some Press Ups to work your chest and back of arms. On your hands and knees, arms wide and under elbows, lower to the floor and return. Knees further away from your hands makes it harder. No excuses now! Thanks to Christine Minchella BSc, Cert Ed, Specialist Personal Trainer, Pilates Practioner

Get your business


Quality of Equipment

Does it look as if the facility continuing to invest in new equipment and ensuring that existing fitness equipment is well maintained? Ask what new pieces of equipment there are and look to see if there are any machines out of order.


Fitness Instructors and Programmes


45,000 copies every month! (The area’s highest door to door distribution)

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0113 2745639

Ask what specialist fitness instructor support is inclusive to the membership and what has to be paid for separately.


Fitness Challenges

Finally, you plan on going for a while so what fitness challenges are up and around the gym to keep people like you motivated? Sponsored by Trinity Fitness Sports Centre Tel: 0113 283 7155,

F I T N E SS | P I L AT E S | T H E R A P Y

Exclusive Pilates & Fitness Studio in Menston • Friendly experts • One to one • Small group classes • Backcare • Older adults

• Pregnancy • Post-natal • Rehabilitation • Weight loss • General fitness Call 01943 879816 9a Cleasby Road, Menston, Ilkley, LS29 6JE


Fashion, Hair And Beauty

SUMMER C Forgotten your brolly? If so, it’s likely your hair is going to look a frizzled mess by the end of the day, what with the inconsistent Yorkshire climate. Is it going to be baking hot and therefore you want it scraped back off your face or are you expecting colder weather where you’ll get away a more glamorous style? One thing’s for sure – you’ll find healthy hair easier to cope with – look after your hair and scalp and you’ll find that, whatever the weather, you’ll still be able to pull off a fab ‘do’!

Here are Covered’s 5 top tips for summer hair and scalp care.

1 I’m sure most of you do but for those that don’t – wash your hair every day!! It’s the best way to keep hair and scalp healthy. Think about the dirt of the day that you wash from your hands and face, the same dirt is engrained on your hair and scalp. Your scalp perspires too, and produces oils so keep it clean.

Fashion, Hair And Beauty

CARE FOR SCALP & HAIR 2 Eat well. A healthy diet won’t do your hair any harm whatsoever. Keep your locks strong and shiny by getting plenty of Omega 3 in your diet. Sardines, salmon, walnuts, beans and wild rice are all good sources. If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen then there are plenty of supplements on the shelves. 3 Protect your hair, especially if you’re planning on taking a dip in the pool or the sea. Use conditioner to slick back your hair – conditioner provides a barrier to chlorine, salt water and sunlight. If you do get caught out in the rain let your hair dry naturally, simply scrape back and let nature take its course. Too much blow-drying won’t do your hair or scalp any favours.

5 Go au-naturel! The majority of permanent colour processes use hydrogen peroxide to develop colour. If you have dark hair which you’re trying to lighten then the formula will be stronger and may cause damage, particularly if you’re styling, using products or blowdrying often. Frequent dyeing may cause a dry, itchy scalp too. Once hair has been severely damaged there’s no going back – you can only minimise the appearance of the damage. As always, the best advice will come from your local independent salon.

4 Go easy on the products. Sprays, gels and mousses are chemical based in general. Ingredients such as ethanol and alcohol can be damaging to hair and scalp, especially in strong sunlight. If you need to use a product to style then look for one containing natural ingredients, there are more and more on the shelves as consumers look for more environmentally friendly lines.

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45,000 copies every month! (The area’s highest door to door distribution)

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0113 2745639

+ New, quality, handmade, classic sofas and chairs made to measure for your room that do not cost the Earth.

Carr Bridge Avenue, Cookridge, LS16 7JZ


28 Fashion, Hair And Beauty

Vintage Weddings There are vintage clothes at Wedding Fairs and wedding dresses at Vintage Fairs. The two were brought together for the very first time in a Vintage Wedding Fair in Harrogate on Valentine’s Day, 2010. It was a runaway success 28 exhibitors and 650 visitors on the day.

Beautiful shoes, hats and accessories – all these with price tickets around £10 to £30.

Why vintage?

The attractions of vintage clothes in general and wedding clothes in particular are not hard to see. First, the individual look. No two vintage-themed weddings are going to look alike, so slim are the chances of identical dresses turning up. Then there are considerations of cost and quality. These clothes and accessories have price tickets mostly in two or maybe three figures, unlike their modern equivalents. The dresses are so beautifully made, in exquisite fabrics. There is also the “green” aspect. Recycling is good. Allied to all that is the romantic aura of clothes and accessories with a history. Who wore them and when?

VW Beetles are popular for the getting the bride to the church and Camper Vans for honeymoons.

The look

As with all vintage clothes, the wearer’s body shape is crucial. Some periods fit one person better than others and it is important to take advice from specialist dealers. In the 1940s and 1950s, food shortages and rationing meant that people were generally a lot thinner. The “flapper” look – straight up and down back and front – of the 20s and 30s is altogether kinder, certainly for the guests. For the total look, you need a specialist hair stylist and make-up artist. Flowers need to be in keeping with the period as well. For the reception, you could go for 1950s food on vintage tableware. For later, the photos in sepia tones in traditional albums. All this and more should be found under the one roof at vintage wedding fairs. The next Vintage Wedding Fair in Harrogate is on 22 September from 11 until 4 at Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road and is an excellent opportunity to connect with specialist vintage clothing dealers, make-up artists, transport specialists, caterers, florists, stationers and musicians.

Local Matters


Anyone for tennis? Come to Ilkley! Seeing the yellow signs for the International Tennis Tournament in Ilkley in summer, you may well wonder how a town with a population of 14 000 can host such an event. But when you head down to the Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in Stourton Road, it seems entirely appropriate. The setting is beautiful – lush green fields near the Wharfe – and the venue is impressive. There are five indoor courts, six floodlit outdoor courts (three acrylic and three artificial grass) and no fewer than fourteen grass courts.

Club President Brian Bouttell flanked by tournament organiser Caroline Buncall and Alison Gray from Kirbys Solicitors, sponsors of the International Men’s Tournament.

The club has a team of 10 coaches offering lessons on an individual and group basis for all ages and abilities, including one of the largest junior coaching programmes in the country, with over 500 children taking part in regular lessons. There is a natural progression from each level to the next and it incorporates the LTA mini-tennis scheme. This requires participants to sign up to a “Be friendly and respectful” charter, including not throwing my racket, passing my opponent the balls and not speaking to my parents until after the match! Little ones are catered for too, with sponge-ball tennis for 4/5-year-olds. Social tennis is a feature of club life, with weekday rotas, box leagues, club nights and social tournaments. It is organised so that players can enjoy play on a planned basis with a regular partner or sometimes just turn up and join in. Most summer social activities are free; those that run in the winter attract a small charge – and need to be booked.

The International Tournament enjoyed fabulous weather throughout.

Tournaments are clearly the high-profile events at ILTSC. July saw the Men’s International Aegon GB Pro-Series (sponsors Kirby’s Solicitors) and the Aegon Summer County Ladies’ Cup. Then came the Open Tournament (sponsors Dacre, Son and Hartley), with men’s, ladies’ and mixed singles and double events, plus junior, handicap and veteran trophies. Truly something for everyone! And the future looks good. Club President Brian Bouttell told Covered: “ILTSC is one of the best clubs in the north of England. We need to move forward to maintain our reputation and this involves attracting new members as well as developing and improving facilities to support our players – notably a better gym. Funding permitting, we expect to invest a few million over the next ten years.”

The Ilkley Open has categories for juniors and seniors

Then there is the clubhouse – bar/ bistro open to the public and for events. Check it all out on the web

30 Local Matters

Airport Parking Remains a Fiasco It’s over eighteen months since Covered interviewed Cllr Barry Anderson about his constituents’ allegations that LBA was deliberately corralling them into paying areas by moving the free pick up zone – and by failing to sign it properly. In November 2011 we reported that Leeds City Council had not been aware the changes at the time they licensed LBA to act on their behalf and were keeping the matter under review.

Facing LBA on a Friday lunchtime early in June – the never ending game of cat and mouse between travellers and law enforcement officers can only get worse now that the holiday season is upon us.

These photographs were taken last month. Things can only get worse now that we are entering the second summer holiday season since LCC’s “review” was undertaken. A drive along the airport road is frequently peppered with cars and pedestrians playing a game of cat and mouse with double yellow lines, traffic cones, LBA’s own traffic wardens and the local police. If you were anywhere else you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for streetwalkers, ticket touts, pimps or drug dealers. We hope to be able to report LBA’s and LCC’s responses in the next issue. In the meantime, we’d like to hear of any readers’ experiences.

The free pick up and drop off area was entirely empty that lunchtime – unmarked as such, hardly anyone knows it’s there.

Otley Lions Help FareShare FareShare, in partnership with Tesco and the Trussell trust recently organised “the biggest ever food collection in the UK.” FareShare volunteers greeted Tesco customers throughout the country and encouraged them to buy an additional item of food and donate it to FareShare. In December 2012 they mounted a similar event and gathered food for two million meals. This was distributed to food banks, homeless shelters, day centres and children’s breakfast clubs. The Otley Lions were eager to help with the latest initiative. Therefore, in July some Lions and friends descended on Tescos and bought and donated £120 worth of food. Tescos will supplement this by 30%, making a total of £156.

Lion, Mary Ratcliffe, and Patrick and Gillian McCauley with their huge trolley load of food.

Local Matters



Bedford Court is owned and managed by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT), a charity which has specialised in housing and support services for many years. JRHT has a relationship approach to care provision and is committed to maintaining the Bedford Court is an integrated care community highest standards, which means you can be confident aimed at enabling older people to maintain their that you or your loved one is in safe hands. independence and live full and active lives. It is suitable for individuals who require care and For more information or to arrange a visit telephone support, as well as those who wish to plan ahead 0113 2593800 or email for the future. The accommodation includes a registered care home, with a choice of room type and 10 cottages. The buildings are spacious and modern, with a light and airy feel. Situated in the centre of Horsforth – next door to the local GP practice – Bedford Court is within a short walk of local shops and amenities. There are also lots of opportunities to take part in social activities and events, with on-site facilities that include a conservatory (equipped for art and crafts), hair salon and large dining room with panoramic views across Horsforth and the surrounding countryside.

32 Local Matters

inGuiseley Community Networking First Evening Meeting inGuisely Community Networking is the brainchild of, and run by, Subway Guiseley’s owner, Ian Dawes. Meetings to date had been early morning – power breakfasts, as they were known in the nineties and, according to The Economist, given a new lease of life in 2009. Well, not everyone can attend business meetings long before dawn in the winter, or not that long after dawn in the summertime. Nor does everyone want to. So, Ian held the first and less formal inGuiseley evening meeting at 6pm (as opposed to am) on 19 July at Cooper’s in Guiseley. The heat wave did deter some from attending – perhaps after a long day in a hot office. But those who turned up were able to take advantage of the nicely shaded garden to the rear. Less structured and formal than the early morning meetings, discussions were spontaneous and

inGuiseley’s first evening meeting - Clare Roberts, Susan Wright (Whitaker Firth Solicitors), Julie North (North Designs), Simon Duncan (Successability) and Ian Dawes (Subway and inGuiseley)

remarkably wide ranging and included cheap rail fares to London, the surprisingly low cost of running off large picture prints in bulk, where best to look for Americana such as Chevrolet body shells and juke boxes and the value – or otherwise – of social media. Ian has set the next evening meetings for 12 September and 14 November, again 6pm at Cooper’s. While keeping the agenda informal, he would appreciate notice from anyone likely to attend and suggestions of topics., @inguiseley and 07787 568560.

Pepper Stars - Maia’s latest album Tom Clegg from Burley in Wharfedale is the writing force behind the Huddersfield four-piece acoustic band Maia – the self proclaimed inventors of sci-fi folk. He wrote the words and music for all fourteen tracks on Pepper Stars, their second and latest album released in November. The extracts of performance reviews posted on the band’s website make good descriptions of their latest offering; “youthful, spirited, richly atmospheric and intelligently off-centre alt.folk pop” (Time Out), “Their songs deny genre boundaries” (Supajam), “Eclectic with surprising twists and turns throughout” (Acoustic Magazine). Eclectic is spot on. Other reviews describe them as “a bit of Beirut, some Deliverance-style banjo, a Mariachi band, some falsetto harmonies, Durangone-folk, like a harder brasher Mumford & Sons fused with Wild Beasts.” Curious, that. All reviewers attended similar performances but none heard quite the same thing.

Nor me. For what it’s worth, I heard a bit of George Harrison’s off-centre sitar stuff and Johnny Cash’s Tex-Mex country. If you can’t believe any or all of us then do visit and listen for yourself. As for the lyrics? Futile trying to guess exactly what some mean, but often very witty. In a tribute to Jupiter’s fifth moon (track 5); Dear Io … Reading your bio … Maia tour nationally and appeared at Glastonbury 2013. Their next Leeds gig is on 22 August at Wharf Chambers.

Local Matters


The Village Green Fair comes to Burley The Village Green fair exists to support local enterprise and green businesses with fun, family events at local level. Burley-in-Wharfedale couldn’t have had a better day for it on 13 July and the setting was idyllic. There were 20 or so stalls in Salem Hall and in a marquee on the Green, displaying handmade craftwork, design, vintage and recycled wares and books and music. Maia, a 4-piece alternative acoustic band from Huddersfield, entertained the crowd with a mix of disco, sci-fi, folk and pop played on a variety of instruments. Recently returned from Glastonbury, they received great applause. In the Roundhouse, Leeds artist Rachel Hinds set up an exhibition of her work – an amazing variety considering it had all come with her on the train. In Salem Hall the Timble Tea ladies were doing a roaring trade in luscious cakes, set out on vintage tableware from Rose Pink Vintage, while under a shady tree balloons were being twisted into all sorts of shapes for delighted children. In total, 400 visitors generated 10 times as much business for stallholders.

Local artist Rachel Hinds

Organisers Emma Straw and Aileen Brindle with special guest

Acoustic band Maia. They met in Huddersfield, but Tom Clegg (left) is Burley’s own

Goodies from Fancy That, Wharfedale

34 Local Matters

Running and riding for Cancer Research Are you ready to take on cancer? So read the banner floating over East Holmes Field, Ilkley, on 14 July and the answer from over 1300 women and girls was YES! Dressed in anything bright pink – from traditional running gear to frothy tutus – they took to the course with energy and enthusiasm. Tesco supported the event and entry fees covered costs, but the aim was to raise £90 000 in sponsorship. Contributions of goods to sell were invited from the public and a generous 68 bags duly arrived, to the organisers’ delight. Earlier that morning, 39 women had set off from JD Cycles in Ilkley to ride to Settle and back in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. This ride began a decade or so ago, initiated by JD, and was resurrected three years ago by Claire Macina. With her sister, Claire aimed to get 100 women to ride 100 miles, sponsored all the way, in support of the hospice which had cared for her mother. Riders paid a £20 registration fee – all going to the charity – and also raised funds which are still coming in.

Team Dale Eddison raced for life. L-R Tracy Wardman, Denise Marshall-Beck and Henrietta Wilman. In support – and in the pink – partner William Eddison Lesley Hole rode the 100 miles to Settle and back in 7 hours 25 minutes. Pictured with Adam Evans of JD Cycles, event sponsor.

The next Ilkley based fundraiser, for Yorkshire Cancer Research, is on 1 September. The Dales Rider has two levels, the 26-mile Challenge and the 65-mile Gear-grinder.

Ghyll Royd School Art Festival Ghyll Royd School Art Festival was founded in 2011 by Bob Prosser, three of whose nine grandchildren have been or are pupils at the school. His aim was to encourage children to appreciate and create art in various media by contact and interaction with practising artists. The Festival’s third manifestation, a three-day event in late June, made it abundantly clear just how successful the initiative has been. On show was the work of over twenty of the top artists in West Yorkshire, including Nigel Overton, Jeremy Taylor, David Starley and Denise Ledgerwood, alongside a wealth of creative endeavour on the part of the under-10s. Atmospheric paintings of wildlife under a tropical sky were especially impressive. As well as the support of the artists and Mr Prosser, the show has benefited from generous

Bob Prosser with paintings by David Starley. Impasto technique gives depth to these studies, allowing the surface to respond subtly to variations in light.

sponsorship by Premier Farnell, a Leeds-based global electronics distributor. The next show, again inviting competition entries from primary schools, is scheduled for June 2014 to coincide with Ghyll Royd School’s summer fête.

Local Matters


From teaching to tea parties - you can change your life! F e e l i n g unfulf illed? Needing more flexibility? Hit on a brilliant business idea? Most people consider a career change at some point, but many never take the plunge. One who did, wanting more time than teaching gave her to support growing children and ageing Sara – fulfilled as a career change coach parents, was Jackie Davison. Ideas for her new venture crystallised around a pretty green and white Royal Doulton tea set, already old when her grandmother gave it to Jackie for her 21st birthday. The perfect starting point for a vintage china collection! Scouring antique and charity shops, vintage fairs and auctions brought a wealth of trios, cake stands, teapots, linen and other props, now in regular use at weddings, afternoon teas and vintage parties all over the area. And if you need support in a career change, professional help is available. Sara Harrison jumped off a “treadmill” as an IT Project Manager and retrained as a coach. Among her clients are

Jackie and props at a village fête

“professionals who hate Mondays”, redundant employees needing a second chance, retirees not ready to slow down and mums returning to work. Jackie and Sara took a bold step, but both told Covered how interesting and rewarding it is to work for themselves and see their businesses prosper and their clients happy. Check out Jackie’s website, and Sara’s,

36 Local Matters


I’d like to make a plea to drivers. I have ridden for 25 years. Over the years I have stabled horses on Scotland Lane, Horsforth, near Roundhay Park, also in Morley and across the Aire Valley. I returned to Scotland Lane last year where I now keep one horse; Ellie, we have been together over 10 years.

Fulfilling your passion for horses

Hit your brakes......

In the first half of 2013 I have had four incidents involving vehicles on Scotland Lane between my stables and the bridle way which is on a 60mph country road used as short cut to Leeds and Bradford Airport. One incident was so serious it was reported to the police – a taxi struck my leg whilst passing far too close and fast on a blind bend. I am currently working with Cllr Dawn Collins (Horsforth) and many local residents to put pressure on the department of transport to look at preventative safety measures on Scotland Lane to keep horse riders, cyclists and walkers safe on this stretch of road – some drivers treat it like a race track. Sadly, there is a lack of protection for riders across the entire city but because riders do not use their horses to commute to work I feel that we do not matter to the transport departments. Drivers, please bare in mind that horses are free thinking ‘flight’ animals - pass horses wide and slow, and if a rider asks you to slow down or stop they are doing it for their and your safety! Listen to them please. There is no legal requirement for riders to have insurance on the roads so if you hit a


......not my horse

horse with your car, you will have to take care of the repairs. The horse, often a person’s best fried, will likely find a collision fatal. Horse riders have no legal right to use public foot paths or to go across private land and therefore use the roads to exercise horses. I would also ask riders where possible to be courteous to other road users I know it is not always possible to take your hands off the reins but to nod as a thank you is better than nothing. We all have a right to use the roads so let’s all treat each other with respect and dignity that we would all want. I would urge all riders to report any incident no matter how minor on the British Horse Society website

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Local Matters


So, What is Kumon? Kumon is an educational programme which was invented in Japan over 50 years ago. Since then, it has enjoyed worldwide success. Students of Kumon work through a set of worksheets every day in maths and/or English. By studying daily for a short period, progress swiftly builds over the weeks and months. Kumon can help if your child has fallen behind their class. Or it works equally well for those whose schoolwork isn’t sufficiently challenging. As the programme is tailored for each individual by the instructor, the rate at which each child studies should be just right for them. Students visit their local centre once/twice a week, depending on preference. They drop off their homework, pick up their new work, and receive guidance and advice on their studies. After a few months of Kumon, you should see a pronounced improvement not only in the subject

being studied, but also in confidence, self-discipline and study skills. These are obviously invaluable attributes for all aspects of life. If you are interested in Kumon, and would like to arrange a free assessment in English and/or maths, just give us a call: Morven Simpson, Guiseley 01943 876719 Sara Muir, Ilkley 01756 996553

38 Local Matters

Menston Arts Club Menston Arts Club was founded in September 1966, its aim being to promote and encourage the arts. Richard Bayer was the first President and other founder members were Charles Marchinton and Lesley and Audrey Swann, who kept a DIY shop in the village. Demonstrations have always been a feature of the programme. Percy Monkman, described as a wonderful "Bradford character” and a leading water-colourist of the day, gave one of his many demonstrations at the club's first session in November 1966. The first exhibition of members’ work was held in 1967 at the Menston Arms Hotel. Subsequent exhibitions took place at Kirklands Community Centre, moving to the new Centre when it opened in the mid 1970s. These now take place twice a year – in May and November – and demonstrate the very high standard achieved by the Club, whose reputation is increasingly good. Other activities include occasional outings and an annual painting weekend.

A Touch of Frost – Buckden by Ian Hobson

Behind the scenes is a team of officials who arrange the programme, organise exhibitions and work quietly as secretaries and treasurers. A number of them have given many years service in various capacities. The club enjoys the company of many interesting people as members, speakers, critics and demonstrators. Coming up for the new season in September are a workshop led by Tracy Krupianka and a demonstration of clay sculpture by Chris Wormald. Full details, membership information and a gallery of members’ work on

O.V.T.E ROLLS INTO TOWN Sunday 8th September 2013 will see the 16th Otley Vintage Transport Extravaganza take place at Knotford Nook, Pool Road, Otley, from 10.00am till 4.00pm. The event has been held every year since 1996, except when it had to be cancelled one year because of foot and mouth and on another occasion because of a waterlogged field. The show has grown from strength to strength, from almost 100 vehicles in 1996 to over 500 vehicles in 2013. Along with the vehicles, there are many attractions to make this a great family day out. For the youngsters there are fairground rides, Punch and Judy, face painting and magic. For the not so young there are stalls, brass bands, mountain dogs and an

accordion band. New for this year are a couple of ‘surprise attractions’ and ‘birds of prey’. Anyone who would like more information can either contact Coun Nigel Francis on 01943 463467, or email: Stall forms and vehicles forms can be downloaded at: The profit from the event goes to the charity, ‘Hang on to a Dream’ which raises money for terminally ill and serious ill children to make their Dreams come true.

Local Matters


Five centuries of sacred choral music: St Peter’s Singers come to Ilkley St Peter’s Singers can be traced back to foundation thirty-five years ago by Leeds Parish Church lay clerk Harry Fearnley. They are very much involved in worship at what is now Leeds Minster and number some forty voices – many from north Leeds and the Wharfe Valley. They are directed by Dr Simon Lindley and have an enviable reputation for performing standard baroque choral repertoire. They are equally at home with Renaissance music and more recent works of Dvořák and Elgar. They undertake tours abroad, notably a very successful visit to Brittany in 2011, and are planning to revisit Mallorca in October this year. In Ilkley on 21 September they will be performing a recital covering five hundred years of sacred choral music in the delightful setting of All Saints’ Parish Church. It will include settings by Monteverdi, William Byrd, William Boyce, Benjamin Britten

A section of the choir at Leeds Minster

and John Tavener, among others less well-known. At intervals will be organ solos by David Houlder, principal organist and repetiteur to the group. Directing the Singers on the day will be Alan Horsey – well known to Ilkley audiences. Tickets are £8, £6 concessions and are free to students and children. They are available from Ilkley Tourist Office, Grove Bookshop and by phone on 07966 274152

40 Local Matters

Tony Robinson OBE, Jo Stuart of Banners & Mash and Tina Boden

Enterprise Rockers in Guiseley Covered magazine were delighted to receive an invite to an imaginative event aimed at helping independent traders recently.

Tina Boden Brings

Home the Bacon at Local banner and flag suppliers, Banners & Mash Tony Woods Butchers ( gave us a shout to let us know that Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE, co-founders of Enterprise Rockers, were popping As part of the 36-hour challenge Kath & Tina grabbed into their HQ for a brew and a cream bun – we a photo at each business. They had to rely on the couldn’t resist joining them! hospitality of business owners for food and shelter too.

Tina’s goal was to travel through Yorkshire visiting as many independent businesses as possible, encouraging people to sign a pledge to support ‘indies’. In competition was, Kath Turner (Chair of the North Yorkshire East Coast Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses), the two spent 36 hours touring Yorkshire on different routes. Tina estimates that she has done 97% of her shopping with smaller retailers since first making a pledge to ‘shop indie’ in January 2012.

Kath was named the eventual winner and was awarded a trophy after notching up over 200 visits. Despite the excitement of the expedition, the significance of the challenge was crystal clear – local independent businesses are suffering due to the stranglehold of supermarkets and large online retailers.

So, don’t leave it up to Tina and Kath to shop indie - show your support for local businesses by popping in and spending a pound to ensure the continued Tina and Tony dropped in on Banners & Mash, survival of your local high street. Chris Wallbank Hairdressing and Tony Woods To find out more visit: Butchers in Guiseley.

Local Matters


Troutbeck Care Home If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your later years, this striking Victorian residence located in the tranquil Wharfedale Valley on the edge of Ilkley Moor provides luxurious accommodation for up to 54 residents. The home provides nursing, day care, residential/personal care, palliative care and respite care. Their ethos is ‘To be the best quality, most highly regarded care provider in the United Kingdom’ Troutbeck’s beautiful Victorian features are complemented by contemporary furnishings and modern facilities designed to make life easier and more comfortable for residents. A purpose-built extension was completed in 2007, creating an additional 16-bed en-suite wing, overlooking the grounds. The main dining room and lounge, which features a baby grand piano, both offer stunning views of the Wharfedale Valley and the other dining room has a stunning, stained glass ceiling. Two additional lounges and a patio area overlook beautiful landscaped gardens and Ilkley

Moor. Informal seating areas throughout the home help to create a social environment, including the fully licensed bar area, where residents often meet for a glass of sherry. Why not call in for a coffee and a chat and meet Care Manager, Bryony Kirby and her team. Troutbeck Care Home, Crossbeck Road, Ilkley LS29 9JP Tel: 01943 489724

TROUTBECK CARE HOME WITH NURSING Crossbeck Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 9JP

“To be the best quality, most highly regarded care provider in the United Kingdom”

Providing the highest standards of care within a beautiful environment and the magnificent views of the moors. SERVICE AVAILABLE: Nursing Additional Services:

Troutbeck Care Home with Nursing

We believe that moving into a care home should be a change of life, not life changing

Palliative Disability Residential Day Care Respite Care Why not come along for a coffee and a chat or call us to discuss your care requirements. TEL: 01943 602755 email:

42 Local Matters

NEWS FROM SAFE HAVEN The archer aims his arrow at a very specific target; God’s aim is to reach those who need him and only those. If the arrow fails to reach the target it is spent and lost. If the trail it leaves behind is unseen who will know the way forward as the land is farfetched and unnerving. You know an arrow by its point but the point is do you know from where it comes, it has no story to tell except that it was sent. To whom/by whom? The question arises would you go if you were sent or would you sit idly by and watch the out of control train hit the speed barrier at 90mph and kill everyone in its wake? The process of elimination leaves us surprised at just who is left to help those in need. Does a breadbasket fill itself or does the task lie with us? Safe haven has decided to go all the way

to alleviate poverty and neglect, we will carry the can, we’ll fill it and we’ll pass it on to those who need it. Will you in your plenty give to those who have nothing or will you wait for the kingfisher to swoop down and steal it from under your noses, it does happen, you know? The necessary gifts have been given for you to choose one of them and decide on a course of action. Choose to give, be kind, give generously, understand that it was never yours to keep, but to share generously with your neighbour and your friend. They are as close as that! Till next time God Bless


Opening Times Mon-Thurs 8-6pm, Fri 8-4pm, Sat/Sun 10-4pm HELP US TO HELP MORE FAMILIES Deli veri es from only


Donate unwanted furniture:

0113 345 1218 07910 545569 Purchase Good Quality 2nd Hand Furniture

Visit our warehouse

We will collect/deliver in the Safe Haven Van

Whack House Lane, Yeadon, LS19 7LX

Local Matters

Otley Lions Support the Chernobyl Children’s Project On Thursday 1st August the Otley Lions helped to support the splendid work of the Leeds Support Group for the Chernobyl Children’s Project. Following the notorious nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, two-thirds of the ensuing radioactive matter settled in neighbouring Belarus. The land, and therefore food, was contaminated and there was a huge rise in childhood leukemia. The Chernobyl Children’s Project is an international organisation supporting the victims of the disaster. Every year the Leeds Support Group hosts a group of children from the affected part of Belarus for a month-long holiday in Yorkshire. They stay with local families who devote two weeks of their annual holiday to hosting them. This period away from Belarus, enjoying clean air and fresh food, dramatically improves their state of health and their life-expectancy.


The Otley Lions were delighted to accept the invitation to organise one of the excursions for the children. It was decided to take them to Scarborough. Belarus being a land-locked country, none of them had ever seen the sea. Members and friends of the Otley Lions accompanied the Belarus children, some of their hosts and members of the Leeds Support Group to the seaside for the day. As is often the case for the Lions, there was cooperation from fellow Lions in Scarborough. The Otley Lions financed the coach transport from Otley to Scarborough and the Scarborough Lions paid for the children’s traditional fish and chips lunch. The children enjoyed their day – a trip on the funicular railway, fish and chips, ice cream, boating in the park; but the highlight was jumping into the sea. As a totally new experience, they approached the sea with some understandable trepidation; but they were soon into the spirit things - paddling and (of course) splashing each other. It was a delight to see them enjoying it. Anyone interested in the Chernobyl Children’s Project can visit their website:

44 Animal Matters

Here’s Doug The Pug! Owners Andy and Rachel told us: “Doug is 18 months old, he loves bananas, ice lollies and cheese.


Angie Mills of Rodley sent us this snap of Sox, telling us “He’s nearly a year old now, he likes fish for tea and gets very vocal at teatime. He loves playing with his toys, his favourite is a Mouse, he also likes sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by & hoping to catch a glimpse of the female cat from next door that’s he’s taken a liking to!


He must have his breakfast at 5am or he’ll sit on your head as a reminder! His favourite hobby is watching the news on TV until an animal appears and he’ll try to box it off the screen with his paws!



This athletic fella is 3 year old Billy the Boxer, sent in by Maureen & Dave from Ilkley. “He’s always bounding around” Maureen told us. “He loves walks on the moor where he’s find of sniffing out other dogs to play with. Some play, some run!”. His favourite treat is apparently a bubble bath followed by a tipple of Black Sheep Beer and a well deserved snooze in front of the log-burner.

If you think your four legged or feathered friend should be our Pick of the Paws next month, send a snap along with a short description to: or post to the usual address.

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