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A social history of working men’s clubs in Coventry presented by Dr Ruth Cherrington on Monday, October 9 at 7.30

NOTE VENUE: Royal Warwicks Club, Tower Street Refreshments tea/coffee

admission £2 for visitors

October 2017 The works of Mary Ann Evans who wrote under the pen name George Eliot are known around the world. She came to Coventry with her father in 1841 after he had been land agent to the Newdegate family at Arbury Hall. It was here at the family home, Bird Grove, she met well-known radical thinkers and activists - people like newspaper proprietor Charles Bray and writer Charles Hennell. In the Victorian society these figures brought new ideas to industrial and social planning, and to religious thinking. Currently Bird Grove in George Eliot Road is empty awaiting a new lease of life having been the Bangladeshi Community Centre for some years. The building is Listed which means that its owner has legal responsibilities for it. John Burton, Chairman of the George Eliot Fellowship sees it as a golden opportunity to create a literary centre. He said: “I think it could be converted into a centre for literary studies, or European studies (George Eliot was above all a European writer and she travelled extensively all over the continent), or women’s studies, or extended learning, or arts group workshops. “There is a long list of things it could become which could help to boost the cultural diversity of Foleshill and of the City. “We in the George Eliot Fellowship believe the building is of international importance for its literary associations; English Heritage clearly think it of national importance since they listed it, even though the authorities appear to have sanctioned plastic window frames!” The Society couldn’t agree more. The City has little or nothing to celebrate the life and works of this great author and Bird Grove would make a perfect site as our city takes great strides to be City of Culture in 2021. ►Her first novel was 'Adam Bede', published in 1859. Other novels include 'The Mill on the Floss' (1860), 'Silas Marner' (1861), 'Romola' (1863), 'Middlemarch' (1872) generally said to use Coventry references in its text, and there are many who think it is the finest work of fiction in English, and lastly 'Daniel Deronda' (1876). At last we have a sense of enclosure on Hales Street and Millennium Square as the scheme by Complex Development Projects is completed. Several previous attempts to secure a landmark development faltered, with the site remaining empty after the Smithfield Hotel was demolished. Each of the three buildings provide us with contrasting front elevations. Any observations or views on this long -awaited development?

At the September monthly meeting the truth behind the current High Speed railway was explained by Colin Elliffe BSc CEng MICE. As Engineering Principal of HSUK, the presentation described how his alternative to HS2 could provide a joined up rail system that would reach every major town in the heartland of the UK. It seems our fears are justified as HS2 was clearly shown to have failed to meet most of its own objectives. Read more overpage in Colin Walker’s report.

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Coventry Society Newsletter October 2017  

The October 2017 edition of the Coventry Society (UK) newsletter.

Coventry Society Newsletter October 2017  

The October 2017 edition of the Coventry Society (UK) newsletter.