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Good news from Copsewood. Les Fawcett writes: “Restoration of the Grange and the Lodge is progressing slowly. New floor joists are being inserted into the Grange and the roof trusses are due next week. Brickwork for the extension to the Lodge is also due next week. So there will be something to see for the months of demolition and repair work. After a shaky history, the future of this historic site is assured at last.

The concerns about HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy and developments in the main for a growing student population) continue to be a dominant issue across the UK. So no apologies for another lead article that continues the dialogue started last month in our newsletter. Letters followed from two members. But first, an interesting piece of legislation that came to light through the National HMO Lobby: Quote: ‘Statutory Instrument 1990 No.162 The Standard Community Charge and Non-Domestic Rating (Definition of Domestic Property) Order states: “Property is not domestic property if it is wholly or mainly used in the course of business for the provision of short-stay accommodation, that is to say accommodation which is provided for short periods to individuals whose sole or main residence is elsewhere…” which surely applies to HMOs. The solution to this thorny problem appears to be clear, reclassify HMOs as businesses because they clearly are. Domination by Multiple Occupancy Paul Maddocks, who lives in the heart of an area already dominated by HMOs writes: Through Coventry Action for Neighbourhoods we were promised that the City Council would keep an eye on the number of houses in certain areas being changed into Houses of Multiple Occupancy. They said that they would monitor the situation alongside the city’s new Local Plan and considered the situation would be better in the future. However the evidence in areas like Stoke, Earlsdon, Chapelfields and now Cannon Park indicates an ever increasing number of applications (and often retrospect applications) to create multiple occupancy. We do have a housing problem and changing family homes into HMOs will not help. Until Article 4 Direction is part of Coventry's planning law nothing will change. Already over 50 other councils up and down the country have Article 4 Direction including Leamington Spa. It's a simple process that sets a maximum percentage of multiple occupancy in a given area. Target an older age of occupant George Riches also writes: “I read that the current "free for all" has led to the conversion of many houses into multiple household buildings (sometimes with shared facilities). Many people believe this is all about student accommodation. When so much of Coventry was built, in the late Victorian and inter-war years, the average household size was a lot higher than it is today. For decades, there's been a trend to smaller households across all age groups. Marriages break up and many over 65's live in housing which is unnecessarily large. So shouldn't we be thinking less of trying to restrict conversions and more about encouraging the conversions to be targeted at an older age of occupant? While the regulations changed in 2010 requiring HMO’s to apply for planning permission, there’s still a need to preserve communities from destabilisation. Property not domestic property really should be reclassified and an Article 4 Direction would also help communities enormously.

September 2017

Colin Elliff, BSc CEng MICE, is the creator of High Speed UK (HSUK) and is its Civil Engineering Principal. HSUK is a fully designed alternative scheme to HS2 which is £21billion cheaper than HS2 with many advantages and few disadvantages. Colin will be describing the exciting proposals HSUK has made for the development of the rail network in the West Midlands including Coventry.

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Coventry Society Newsletter - September 2017  

The September 2017 edition of the Coventry Society (UK) newsletter.

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