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Council Planners have recently reviewed and revised the process for putting entries onto “The Local List”. In Coventry there are over 400 buildings that are listed as being of national Historic or Architectural Importance. These buildings receive national protection and cannot be altered or demolished without permission. In addition to the national list, the Council maintains a list of “Heritage Assets” of local importance. Although not receiving the same level of protection as those on the national list, the designation on the local list is an important factor to be considered when planning applications are determined. At the moment there are 280 buildings on the local list and the council are encouraging the public to put forward their own suggestions. There is more information and a nomination form on the Council website at: http://

The mural was painted in 1963 by German Jewish immigrant Hans Feibusch. The East window of the Church was destroyed by wartime bombing and the congregation could not afford to replace it. It was bricked up and in the early 1960’s it was decided to paint a mural instead. Hans Feibusch had won the German Grand State prize for painting in 1930, but was not welcomed by the Nazis who included his paintings in the Exhibition of Degenerate Art. He migrated to England in 1933 and was One of Coventry’s “At Risk” buildings later taken up by the Bishop of Chichester took a step nearer to safety this month. The Coventry Society is pleased to learn and painted murals in over 40 Churches that St. Mark’s Church, next to Swanswell around the country. The church closed in 1973 and had a Pool in Hillfields, is to re-open as a City number of uses including a local radio Centre Resource Church. St. Mark’s is a Grade II Listed Building that station and the Outpatients Department of Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital. was designed in the Early English Gothic This use ceased in 2006 when the new style by Paull and Robinson. It was Walsgrave Hospital opened. Since then constructed in Coventry red sandstone the church has been largely vacant, and consecrated in 1869. although the former Church Hall is still in In 2012 the Coventry Society was use as a doctor’s surgery and local charity concerned that the listing details did not Carriers of Hope has been storing clothes include the Feibusch mural, which is one and furniture in the building. of the most prominent features of the inside of the church. Following a review of Work has now started on clearing out the hospital interior of the Church and it is the listing Historic England agreed to hoped to open in September. There are revise it to include the mural.

April 2017

plans for a Heritage Lottery application to restore the building and secure the mural. The new Vicar is Rev. Dr Phil Atkinson. Phil is keen for people with stories about the church to contact him and he has created a facebook page where people can put their recollections. You can find it by searching @stmarkscoventry. St Mark’s and the mural featured in a recent Midlands Today broadcast, including Society member John Payne outlining the importance of the mural.


Plans for the Albany Theatre & Historic Buildings Decoded with Angus Kaye Meeting 7.30pm at the Shopfront Theatre, City Arcade Free for members. £2 for visitors

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The Coventry Society is delighted to learn that Coventry is featuring as a priority for Historic England through its Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) programme. The idea is to unleash the power in England's historic environments to create economic growth and improve quality of life in villages, towns and cities. Historic England’s ambition is to transform our city through heritage. A spokesperson said: “We will boost Coventry's image and prosperity by celebrating its outstanding heritage whilst promoting new investment and development in support of sustainable growth. Using the historic environment as a catalyst, we'll strengthen the city's economy and meet the social needs of our community. We'll transform Coventry through heritage.” Historic buildings that have deteriorated will be restored and put back into use; conservation areas improved to kick-start regeneration and renewal; and unsung places will be recognised and celebrated for their unique character and heritage, helping instil a sense of local pride. That’s the bold ambition to be delivered via a local partnership, which includes The Coventry Society. Actions will include: Conduct a Historic Area Assessment to define the heritage

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significance and potentially register the city centre as a conservation area. Largely made up of modern post-war architecture, it would be one of only a handful of the period nationally. Search for and uncover medieval fabric still existing within buildings in the city. Through area grant schemes improve the environment in Lady Herbert's Garden and The Burges conservation area for traders and visitors, removing it from the Heritage at Risk Register. This will involve refurbishing shops, including conserving the historic fabric of the shop-fronts and facades thereby providing employment opportunities. The improvements will bring abandoned upper floors back into use as housing and enhance the public realm and security to reduce anti-social behaviour. The conservation work will provide learning opportunities through traditional building and crafts apprenticeships. HAZ will work in tandem with several other initiatives in Coventry including a current Heritage Lottery Fund/Arts Council England Great Places application and City of Culture bid. An exciting prospect. The City Council is currently consulting on proposed modifications to the Local Plan and City Centre Area Action Plan. The plans were submitted to the Secretary of State in April 2016. Following submission, the Secretary of State appointed an independent Inspector to oversee the public examination of the Plans and their evidence base. This public examination took place in July, October and November 2016 and January 2017and the City Council has modified the Plan to take account of some of the issues raised. The Plans are now undergoing a final period of public consultation and this will run from 15 March 2017 until 28 April 2017. A number of “Drop in” sessions are taking place at the present time. There is more information about the plans and the consultation arrangements on the City Council’s website at:

Coventry Society Newsletter - April 2017  

The April 2017 edition of the Coventry Society (UK) newsletter.

Coventry Society Newsletter - April 2017  

The April 2017 edition of the Coventry Society (UK) newsletter.