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The Fairfax Street Baths and ‘The Elephant’ were back in the news last month when the 20th Century Society named the complex as one of the best examples of 20th Century architecture in the UK. Director, Catherine Croft said: "[They] should enrich our lives and those of future generations."

One of the oldest parts of our city centre will be centre stage when we set up shop at the Old Grammar School on Civic Day in June. We shall be in the heart of the The Burges and Lady Herbert’s Garden Conservation Area recently the subject of a management plan. It’s also the 50th anniversary of the Civic Amenities Act that introduced the concept of conservation areas and our display will be mounted in the Old Grammar School itself. The public will be invited to join guided walks in The Burges, Hales Street and Lady Herbert’s Garden areas. To a large extent ignored as a significant heritage asset, we intend Civic Day to publicise this interesting area. This Conservation Area was originally designated in August 1969 and comprised the grade 2 listed established garden, 1-19 Chauntrey Place and the Coventry Theatre. Then in April 1977 it was extended to the landscaped areas known as The Garden of International Friendship. A recent document supporting a further extension proposed the boundary to include The Burges, Palmer Lane, The Transport Museum and parts of Hales Street including the Old Fire Station and the Old Grammar School. We shall require several members to mug up on the history so that they can provide a guiding service from the Old Grammar

February 2017

School. Please let John Payne know if you can help.

Coventry Conservation Areas: •Allesley Village 1968, extended 1994 Civic Day: Saturday, June 17 •Kenilworth Road 1968, extended 1978 and 2004 •Stoke Green 1968, extended 2004 •Greyfriar’s Green 1969, extended 1977 •Hill Top 1969, adjustments 2004 & 2014 •Lady Herbert’s Garden and The Burges 1969, extended 1977, 2004 & 2014 •Spon Street 1969, extension 2004 •Hawkesbury Junction 1976. •Chapelfields 1976 •London Road 1977, Cemetery now on the Heritage England Parks and Gardens Register. •High Street 1982, contiguous with the Hill Top Conservation Area. •Ivy Farm Lane (Canley Hamlet) 1989 adjustments 2004. Medieval: Properties to be restored on •Far Gosford Street 1992. the east side of The Burges •Naul’s Mill 2003. •Spon End 2003. •Coventry Canal 2012. Conservation area designation essentially controls the demolition of unlisted buildings over a certain size and works to protect trees, restricts permitted development rights on dwelling houses and tightens regulations on advertising. It also places a statutory duty on local planning authorities to pay special attention to preserving or enhancing the character or Glass Bridge: over the lawns at Lady appearance of conservation areas while Herbert’s Garden with almshouses beyond undertaking their planning duties.


Peter James Knight will talk about his project ‘Coventry Rebuilt’ depicting the central areas before they were destroyed. In addition there will be an update on Mark Webb’s project with Warwick University students to depict in 3D, versions of Coventry’s medieval past. Also Luke Bryan will introduce us to his work on Coventry’s gatehouses and his ‘All Along the Watchtower’ project.

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Coventry Society Newsletter - February 2017  

The February 2017 newsletter of the Coventry Society (UK).

Coventry Society Newsletter - February 2017  

The February 2017 newsletter of the Coventry Society (UK).