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Meet at 6. 0p outside the Lite T ee i Wa E ds at 8p i B oadgate F ee fo e e s; ÂŁ fo isito s

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August 2015

With an ever increasing number of student beds being provided across the city by private companies and landlords, this subject has clearly become emotive and controversial. Yet ÂŁ40 million investment into the city is not to be sniffed at with the latest proposal, a development for 600 flats at Belgrade Plaza. We asked Matthew Ayres from London and Manchester firm of architects, Simpson, Haugh and Partners, who are designers of the scheme, to explain it in detail. In our one-to-one meeting he made the important observation that student flats reduce the pressure to turn family residential areas into student use, and Coventry University is expecting a big increase in student numbers over the next decade or so. Essentially the 600 beds are contained at the Belgrade Theatre end of the site in a 21-storey high block and two lower blocks. This enables the part of the site nearest the listed buildings in Hill Street to be just three-storeys high with outline proposals for two blocks. While some may question the height of buildings in this location, the architects see Leigh Mills Car Park as a very dominant building and the three new high rise buildings have been designed and positioned to overcome this. Materials proposed for the historic Hill Street end are brick, while coloured and natural terra cotta cladding is proposed for the student blocks. This is of good quality, though we queried the use of one colour for each building. We suggested filling in the notches in the upper storeys so the same number of flats can be built with one less storey overall, and asked for the roofline be broken up in other ways such as castellating the top of the building, possibly by varying the colours. The architect was willing to reconsider this element and hopefully submit revised plans. We approve of the several retail units planned for the passageway where existing eating places are well established. We asked whether the roofs next to Bonds Hospital could be pitched rather than flat as shown. But grassed roofs with wild flowers have been built into the scheme so they will absorb rain, preventing more The ie f o Belg ade S ua e sho i g the discharge into the sewers in storm conditions. o t asi g t eat e t of the stude t lat o ple . We also asked why the phase 1 (full planning app) and 2 (outline The e isi g Plaza estau a ts a e to the ight. planning app) abut leaving the buildings windowless where they meet, even though phase 2 may not be built as planned. The architect said this will enable the phase 2 blocks to be set back allowing views of the Ryley Street/Hill Street historic cottages. They plan to fill the space between the pavement and the buildings with trees. On Bond Street itself we approve of the building sited onto the pavement edge itself. On the question of the loss of mature trees on Ryley Street it was explained that replacements with compact roots were seen as essential for the location. The overall impression was of a quality building by an architect and a family-business client experienced in this work. The development is a significant investment in Coventry and likely to be very successful.

A model of the Bond Street scheme showing the outline proposals at the Hill Street end of the site

The ie f o Hill St eet sho i g the do i a t stepped Leigh Mills Ca Pa k ith the high ise stude t lat o ple e o d.

On the day we met with Matthew Ayres, London developers Barberry announced its plans for an 850 bed student complex on the former Royal Mail sorting office site at Bishopgate. We shall be requesting a meeting to discuss their latest proposal.

The idea of a Frie ds of “her our e ‘i er as u eiled duri g last ear s Ci i Da at Charterhouse a d oi iall lau hed at this ear s Godi a Fesi al last o th. Paul Maddo ks produ ed a irst lass tript h ro hure for the e Frie ds group. It harts the ourse of the ri er a d des ri es so e of the features of the ater ourse. Paul said: Not a people k o of Co e tr s ‘i er “her our e as ost of it is o ered or uilt o er as it lo s through the it e tre. Yet it is a forgote ge as it lo s through Allesle , “po E d, Far Gosford “treet, the Charterhouse ields a d to Whitle here it joi s the ‘i er “o e. Be eits des ri ed i the ro hure i lude: eei g like- i ded people ho share a lo e of the ri er, the possi ilit of e o i g i ol ed i a paig s a d proje ts a d ha i g our ie s heard. The ro hure i ites ou to joi e aili g Paul o : paul_ addo ks@ ahoo.

A sig ii a t o e for ard to se ure the future of our histori uildi gs a d re-use the to help rege erate Co e tr as a ou ed last o th. The harit , Histori Co e tr elie es that taki g the ste ardship of the uildi gs i to the ha ds of a o u it trust ill ope up e a e ues of fu di g ot urre tl a aila le to lo al authoriies. It should also pro ide the reai e a age e t a d ate io to detail our heritage uildi gs deser e that is urre tl ot possi le ith the i a ial o strai ts ithi the Cou il. Ia Harra i , ho helped set-up the trust elie es it ill tur pro le uildi gs i to assets that ill e ha e the ulture ofer a d oost the lo al isitor e o o . I iial properies u der o sideraio to e i luded are: ►The re ai der of the Charterhouse estate – its oa h house, garde s a d parkla d hi h ill for part of the Heritage Park atra io . ►Whitefriars Gate – that ould e o e La d ark Trust-st le isitor a o odaio ith so e e uildi gs alo gside to help ross su sidise the restoraio . ►Prior ‘o , L hgate Cotages – o erlooki g Hol Tri it a d the rui s of Godi a s Cathedral ould e o e a ho olate o pla e to sta i the er heart of the it . ►No -Co for ist Chapel i Lo do ‘oad Ce eter – a lassi al te ple desig ed Pa to a d his so -i la George “tokes ut guted ire. The uildi g ould e tur ed i to oi es li ked to the te h olog park. ►A other possi le proje t is Whitefriars Mo aster here the trust is looki g at opio s ith the U i ersit a d Culture Co e tr for restoraio , ope i g up the assi e hall at irst loor le el for possi le pu li a d U i ersit use. We look for ard to heari g of posii e progress i this i porta t ield. U i oi es? The No -Co for ist Chapel i Lo do ‘oad Ce eter

Follo i g the su ess of our Christ as ards our o itee de ided to press ahead ith a e series of Greei gs Cards depi i g so e of the ost i teresi g uildi gs i the it . Ea h is illustrated elo : Co e tr s 20th Ce tur Cathedral; Broadgate; T o parishes Chur hes; Co e tr s edie al uildi gs. The are o sale o at 50p ea h fro Coli Walker a d also at arious outlets i the it e tre.

With sad ess e report the death of Ho ard Nelso ho e a e a e er of the “o iet last ear. As a ill re all he as the fou der e er of the Co e tr Tita i Trust. Contacts Postal address: 77 Craven Street, Coventry CV5 8DT Chairman’s tel: 024 7640 2030 Email: If Twitter is your thing, you can follow us at!/CovSoc We also have our own page on Facebook. You can also follow us there at CoventrySociety

54 august 2015  

The August 2015 edition of the Coventry Society newsletter.

54 august 2015  

The August 2015 edition of the Coventry Society newsletter.