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Spring Term 2017


BITESIZE Coventry Adult Education Service

Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools



The Coventry Adult Education Service has hundreds of exciting courses at more than 20 centres across the city. To find the detailed information about each course go to our website


Aged 18-29 Living in CV1-CV6 Willing to work shifts Able to be punctual and attend regularly • Interested in working in the Adult Care sector


1. J oining our core offer (Maths, English, ICT,

Customer Service, Life Skills) for one day a week for four weeks

2. T hen progressing to take the Care Certificate.

This will be two weeks full time training, the Care Certificate is required to enable you to work in the care sector

3. T hen taking up work experience 3 days a week

for 6-8 weeks (shift work included) as well as continuing to attend our core offer one day a week

WHAT WILL THIS GIVE ME: • T  he Care Certificate • U  p to date work experience in the Care sector • Q  ualification in Customer Service

WHAT WILL THIS LEAD TO: • J ob opportunities in the Care sector • A  pprenticeship opportunities in the Care sector

INTERESTED: Call or email – Gill Wilson 07976 249918 or

Elaine Agnew 07976 333219

ACCOUNTING & BUSINESS Professional office skills are essential for any busy company so if you are looking to work in an office environment, we deliver Business and Administration and Customer Service courses. For more information please email

Accounting, Computerised Bookkeeping for Business Level 1 and Computerised Accounting for Business Level 2. NEW Computerised Payroll for Business Level 1 Introduction for Bookkeeping for Charities

Our bookkeeping and accounting qualifications will suit those who want to change career and those who wish to enhance their skills in Introduction to Bookkeeping, Introduction to

For all of the qualification courses above please book your appointment by visiting and click on “Go to Booking Bug” or call us on 024 7644 4702.


Courses available this spring:

Get Creative! This spring why not start the year by doing something creative? There are a variety of courses to choose from, whether you are a complete beginner, or want to update your current skills. If you have a desire to be creative, but not sure where to start – try our new Access to Art & Photography course, which will give you a taste of different arts and media skills. Check out our course information online this will help you choose the right course to suit your needs.

Botanical Art in Pencils, Drawing, Drawing & Painting, Drawing & Watercolour Painting, Illustration, Watercolour, Art & Mixed Media, Watercolour Painting, Access to Art & Photography, Digital Photography, Flash-Gun Photography, Landscape & Night-time Photography, Portrait Photography, Studio Photography. For further information please contact Susie Hutton on 024 7678 7504 or at or enrol online at

BAKING AND BREAD MAKING Our baking and bread making classes will help you learn new skills, improve existing skills and share new recipe ideas. Baking Basics is for people who have very little or no baking experience.  The course will cover basics including how to read a recipe, understanding cookery terms and how to line a cake tin.  Recipes will include a basic sponge cake using the creaming method and the all-in-one method, short crust pastry, scones and biscuits. Our Bread Making workshop is for people who are confident

BEAUTY A new year, a new you? Why not try one of our ever popular Hairstyling or Beauty courses to help put a spring in your step! You can learn how to create beautiful hairstyles for longer hair, how to apply make-up to enhance your features, or learn the intricate art of Mehndi in our new short course. The Bridal Hair & Make-up course is also back this spring as a 5 week programme, ideal for anyone

CHILDCARE New courses for Level 1 Caring for Children start in January 2017. Interviews will take place on Tuesday 10th January 2017 at the Muslim Resource Centre between 9.30am and 12.00pm and on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at Broad Street Centre between 9.30am and 12.00pm.

CRAFT & TEXTILES Get creative this spring and learn a new craft! We offer a variety of popular craft and textile courses, so if you love to play with paper, sculpt in sugar paste or fashion fabrics, we’ve got the perfect course for you to get you inspired. So what are you waiting for? Come along and join in the fun in one of our friendly, relaxed courses and learn new practical and fascinating skills.

in the basics of general cooking, who can follow a recipe and who have a good understanding of everyday cookery terms and cookery methods.  The course will offer the opportunity to make up to three bread products; ciabatta, flat bread and soda bread. Please note: learners will be sent recipes informing them of necessary ingredients. Ingredients are not provided. For more information on baking please contact Christine Bloomfield on 024 7678 6806 or at or enrol online at who is getting married, or if you want to look dazzling for a special occasion. Courses available this spring:

Beauty, Skincare & Nail Art, Bridal Hair & Make-up, Hairstyling & Threading, Mehndi For more information please contact Lynda Davies on 024 7665 8919 or at or enrol online at There will be a new Level 2 in The Children and Young People’s Workforce starting during the spring term (dates to be confirmed). Please book your interview online by visiting and click on “Go to Booking Bug” or call us on 024 7678 6806. For more information please contact Lesley Wall on 024 7642 6127 or at

Cardmaking & Papercrafts, Cardmaking, Papercrafts & Mixed Media, Crochet Creations, Dressmaking, Elegant Hand Embroidery, Exquisite Sugar Flowers, Machine Sewing, Parchment Craft Creations, Patchwork – Hand Techniques, Patchwork – Machine Techniques, Sensational Cake Toppers, Traditional Hand Embroidery, Vintage Clothes – update & re-fashion.

Courses available this spring:

For more information please contact Lynda Davies on 024 7665 8919 or at or enrol online at


various types of writing without pressure.

Creative Writing is a course for people who have an interest in creative writing and published forms of writing such as novels, short stories, poetry and plays. The course is designed to look at these aspects of creative writing in a constructive and imaginative way in order to gain insight into how specific creative writing forms and effects are achieved. The many facets of creative writing explored will help you to appreciate and make judgements about your own writing and reading. The course is also intended to raise your confidence by giving you a chance to experiment with, and produce,

Creative Writing classes are for beginners with little or no experience and with an English Entry Level 3 qualification, and Creative Writing – advanced is for people who have a GCSE A-C grade and have completed two years on a Creative Writing course with the Adult Education Service or another establishment.


health and is a great way to learn and develop new skills.

Inspired by Strictly? We have exciting courses in a variety of dance styles to learn a range of rhythmical routines! If learning set routines as part of a dance troupe appeals, we have specialised courses that will motivate and inspire you! If you struggle to lose weight and would like to increase your confidence and fitness through dance then Dance, Diet & Wellbeing is a new course to help keep you on track. Dance can help to improve coordination and physical and mental

Courses available this Spring:

For more information please contact Christine Bloomfield on 024 7678 6806 or at or enrol online at

Ballet Basics, Ballet Stretch & Tone, Dance, Diet & Wellbeing, Dance to Musicals, Line Dancing, Lyrical Dance, Salsa, Tap Dancing, Zumba, Zumba Gold For more information please contact Annie Maurik on 024 7650 7820 or at or enrol online at

ENGLISH Can you speak English but need help improving your reading and writing? If so, these courses are for you! You can also gain a qualification that could help you get a job; or just help your children with their English skills. Our English classes are for everybody: from beginners to Level 2. Your tutor will help you decide what you want to learn, and provide the work you need to develop your confidence and ability in reading, writing and speaking & listening.

ESOL (ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES) To go on a waiting list for the next ESOL assessment sessions please call 024 7678 7978. We will then contact you if and when spaces become available.

FAMILY LEARNING Family Learning courses are fun and free! If you have a child aged 0 - 11 years, our courses will help you to help them learn and develop in the right way. Some courses are just for parents, others are for parents and preschool children to enjoy together.

The Functional Skills qualification focuses on using English in real-life situations. The skills learned will help you in the workplace too. We also offer Braille and English classes for learners with visual impairment. To join an English class, you need to attend an assessment session at which we will answer your questions and help find the right course for you. To book an assessment, please call 024 7678 7978. Please tell us if you are claiming Job Seekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group) as a limited number of spaces are available in more intensive classes. There are lots of exciting new courses starting in the spring term at a school, Children’s Centre or Adult Education Learning Centre near you! Ring or email Dorothy or Steve for more information and to book a place: Dorothy: 024 7678 7907 Steve: 024 7678 7904

FIRST AID, COUNSELLING AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT If you have any First Aid, Counselling and Personal

FITNESS AND WELL-BEING The New Year is a great time to start a new fitness and well-being programme! We all know that a healthy lifestyle and taking part in regular exercise are good for your health and make you feel happier! Learning about improving health and well-being and maintaining such lifestyle choices can be helped by enrolling on one of a range of courses. Enrolling on an Adult Education course can help to keep you on track by providing you with the structure, motivation and support needed to achieve your goals.

FLORISTRY & GARDENING Love flowers? Then why not learn how to design and grow a beautiful display for your garden in our Seasonal Container Gardening course – learn how to make the most of a small space, container and hanging basket design and of course, how to grow your own vegetables. Our Flower Arranging & Floral Design and Introduction to Floristry courses will take you through a magical journey of

FAMILY HISTORY & HISTORY Learn about Coventry from its beginnings to the period of the Reformation, including its prehistory and the origins of the name Coventry. Early Coventry industries, including wool, pigs and textiles, are studied, as are the manorial families of Coventry, the Earls and people of power and wealth. Or learn how to research your family tree. Family History classes are for all levels of learners. The beginners’ course will introduce you to research techniques and is for people with no or little experience of Family History research, but who are competent using a computer.

Development enquiries please contact Kathy Green on 024 7678 5804 or at or enrol online at There are classes for you whether you are just starting to include exercise in your life, wishing to improve your fitness, ready for a new challenge or wanting to try something new. We also have a range of Yoga, meditation and relaxation classes that will introduce you to relaxation techniques to help your general mental well-being. For more information on Fitness and Well-being please contact Michael Robinson on 024 7678 7654 or at or Lain Griffin on 024 7678 6806 or at or enrol online at how to create exquisite arrangements for your home and gifts. Are you or anyone you know getting married? Then come along to our friendly one day workshop on Bridal Flowers and learn some of the basic techniques of creating the perfect floral designs for that special day! For more information please contact Lynda Davies on 024 7665 8919 or email or enrol online at The improvers’ course - for those who have completed an Adult Education Service family history beginners’ course or who have a least two years’ experience of researching family history - will help you gain more knowledge of your ancestors’ lives. The advanced course is for people who have completed an improvers’ course, or for those who have been invited by their tutor to join. For more information on Family History or History please contact Christine Bloomfield on 024 7678 6806 or at or enrol online at

ICT Whether you have never used a computer before or need to up-skill for work we have a computer course to suit you, from an absolute beginners’ course to a Level 2 qualification in ICT. Please book your appointment for ITQ Level 2 (Fast Track – one day per week for 15 weeks) and Computer Skills for Beginners qualifications by visiting and clicking on “Go to Booking Bug” or call us on 024 7678 6806. If you are interested in doing a Level 1 ITQ qualification please email We also have courses that allow you to gain an understanding of your own iPad, laptop with Windows 8 or 10, and, new this term, Android tablet. We also offer digital imagery and one day workshops in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. For more information contact Sandra Smith on 024 7678 6806 or at or enrol online at

LANGUAGES Two brand new language courses are on offer for the spring term: Beginners’ Holiday French (15 weeks) – Thurs 7-9pm at City College. Starts 26th Jan Italian Beginners Plus Intensive (20 weeks) – Fri 10-12 at Harp Place. Starts 27th Jan

MATHS – GCSE From January 2017 we are offering an Intensive GCSE Maths course for 16 weeks leading to exams in May/ June. To be accepted you must sit and pass an assessment.

MATHS – FAST TRACK FUNCTIONAL SKILLS Fast Track Functional Skills Maths will be running from January 2017. It is an intensive 10 week course leading to a Level 1/ Level 2 Functional Skills qualification. For further details and to book an assessment contact Denis Lennon on 024 7661 1878 or at

MUSIC We’ve a fantastic programme of music courses to get you started or help extend your existing skills. Learn your favourite songs, play/sing along with your music collection, or entertain others. Two new courses are available to take your playing to a new level. If you have ever considered being part of a band, then we have a course to suit you. Ideal for players of keyboard, bass and guitar, you will work with others to create and perform song arrangements. Ever wondered about open or alternate tunings for guitar,

SUPPORTING TEACHING & LEARNING IN SCHOOLS There will be new courses starting spring term for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Levels 2 and 3 (dates to be confirmed). Please contact Lucy Jones on 024 7642 6127 or at

In addition to these, there are a few spaces on existing courses in Arabic, French, German and Spanish which you may be able to join if you have the appropriate prior language knowledge. For more information, please contact Farah Mahmood on 024 7678 7508 or at or Karen Williams on 024 7678 7906 or at or enrol online at The assessment date is Thursday 5th January 2017 6.00pm until 8.00pm. For more details and to book an assessment contact Suzanne Gray on 024 7678 7505 or at We continue to offer our normal maths classes leading to Functional Skills qualifications from Entry 1 to Level 2 at venues across the city. (Venues are listed on Contact any of our centres for details of assessment sessions.

but didn’t know who to ask? Our new Open Tunings guitar class will help demystify this for you, and provide you with new tunes to play. Courses available this spring:

Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Community Orchestra, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Guitar – Band Skills, Guitar – Play Open Tunings, Piano/Keyboard, Singing – coaching for performance, Singing For more information please contact Michael Melbourne on 024 7661 1878 or at or enrol online at Interviews for the above Level 2 and 3 courses will take place on Monday 16th January 9.30am - 3.00pm at Bell Green Library and on Thursday 19th January 5.30-8.00pm at Hereward College. Please book your interview online by visiting and click on “Go to Booking Bug” or call us on 024 7678 6806.


Coventry Adult Education Service Website: Telephone: 024 7678 7978 e-mail:

SPRING TERM DATES: MATHS, ENGLISH AND ESOL Monday 9 January Friday 7 April (12 weeks) COMMUNITY LEARNING Monday 23 January Friday 7 April (10 weeks) FAMILY LEARNING Monday 16 January Friday 31 March (10 weeks)

HALF TERM Monday 20 February Friday 24 February EASTER HOLIDAY Monday 10 April Friday 21 April

Spring term enrolments for Community Learning classes start on Wednesday 4 January 2017 Enrol online by going to Enrol by telephone by calling 024 7678 7978

Enrol in person on Wednesday 4 January between 9.00am and 11.00 am at the following venues Cheylesmore Community Centre Harp Place Muslim Resource Centre Tile Hill Library And between 6-7pm City College

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Choice bitesize magazine 2017  
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