Coven Magazine Issue 5

Page 32


Back in May I’d booked flights to Barcelona for the X Games, excited to check out the city of skate and the first-ever European stop of the games. Not only was it the first in Europe, it was also to be the first to feature women’s park on the schedule. There was no way I was going to miss this so close to home. I could see the opportunity to spectate, photograph and chat with skaters confirmed to be attending, such as Mimi Knoop, Alana Smith, Leiticia Buffoni and... Elissa Steamer? It surely couldn’t be, first-ever female pro skater, Steamer back to compete 2013 style? But it was true, she did appear in front of my eyes and drop into the park in Barcelona, shredding away next to modern day newbies and the new pros of the scene. After the comp I decided to take my chance and approach her for an interview. When would life ever present such an opportunity? It’s a surreal moment walking up to a legend such as Elissa, nervously muttering that it was amazing to meet her and although she couldn’t chat at the time she gave me her email address. Her real email address! I returned home with that safely stored in my pocket and on my mind... Flash-forward a month or so and I’m yet to call upon her. I‘ve never felt so nervous compiling questions for an interview than for this; it’s Elissa Steamer! I have a ton of things I want to ask her: some of them obvious, some of them hopefully insightful and different. Where to begin? As a skater, a girl and a human being, I decide to just ask her what I want to know.

WORDS Hannah Bailey ILLUSTRATIONS Julie Gough