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It occurred to me that I regularly write about maintaining a balance point but I have yet to describe what that is. I also thought about the idea that many people who are far from their balance points are unaware of their situation and that they may have never experienced what a balanced life feels like, so I thought that I would dedicate this column to a better understanding of what balance is and is not. First of all I want to state that I am not a perfectly balanced human being and that I don't aspire to that level of perfectionism, but I do have a sphere of balance that I like to live my life within because it feels better than living in chaos. Sometimes I must learn to ride the wild horse of chaos as I shift to a new balance point, but harmony is my preferred state of being. As I try to explain how balance manifests itself in one's life, I will start with describing what balance isn't. Some Signs That You May Be Out of Balance Physical - sleep disorders - appetite imbalances - indigestion - extra weight in localized areas of the body - no lifestyle plan (nutrition, exercise etc.) in place Mental - fear & insecurity - anxiety & worry - hostility & frustration - unrealistic goals & expectations Emotional - frequently impulsive - always feeling in a hurry - uncontrollable expression of emotions - stuck in a predominant single emotion - small problems seem insurmountable - addictions Spiritual - feeling lost or disconnected - unable to remember dreams - frequent nightmares

- overly self-centered - lack of at least one spiritual practice - addictions And here is a peek into what balanced living is like. Some Signs of Being in Balance: Physical - regular sleep patterns - appetite correlates to physical activity level - evenly distributed body weight - efficient metabolism & digestive system - aware of lifestyle needs to maintain balance Mental - Calmness of mind - A relaxed outlook on life - Self-confidence - A good, healthy perspective on life - Understanding of life and ourselves - Being happy and comfortable with ourselves Emotional - able to feel & express a full range of emotions - evenly paced - problems approached as challenges and opportunities for growth - emotions perceived as guidelines for balanced living - self directed Spiritual - feeling supported & purposeful - being in the right place at the right time - self awareness - understanding the connectedness of all life - regular synchronicities - resiliency These are general markers for balance or imbalance, and everyone has idiosyncrasies that may need to be a part of their balanced life, even when no one else understands that need. A state of balance is ever changing and fluid, like the weather. The four categories, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, are listed separately but they are inseparable. They are like the four legs of a chair, without one of them the chair is unstable and cannot fulfill its purpose. Juggling these four aspects of ourselves is a full time, life-long job. Our parents demonstrate some of the ways to live as we are growing, but as an adult, it becomes our responsibility to learn how to care for ourselves in a healthy way. So where do we begin to discern what works for us? Follow your interests and instincts. There is a reason that you are interested in something - it is calling to you. Perhaps you will learn that it is something that adds great dimension to your life, or that it offers only empty promises, but

you have still learned something by giving yourself the opportunity to explore it. Every once in a while ask yourself if you are following your inner clues to build a balanced life or if you are operating on auto pilot following the cultural norm or running away from opportunities for growth that may be challenging. You can talk to respected friends and family members for lifestyle advice, but you are your best guide because you live with yourself and you are the one to experience the outcome of your decisions. Healing and growth processes often involve stepping out of, sliding off of, or crashing out of your familiar balance state to enable you to experience life fully and then make new choices for yourself. A perpetual, unchanging state of balance, which I personally call a rut, can maintain status quo for quite a while, especially if you are someone who does not like change, but if it is not in line with your life purpose some part of your life will unravel to make room for the change to grow. Some people are gypsies and have no fixed address by choice, others are home bodies who know every nuance of their home and land because they have lived there for their entire life. Others fall somewhere in between these extremes, and these are all good life choices if they are in line with the individual's soul purpose. My point is that life balance is an individual recipe that cannot be copied or borrowed from another. Spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga assist one to develop their self awareness and clear away confusion. They help to balance the energies in all four sectors of life. Jin Shin Jyutsu(R) is another practice that ramps up the self-awareness factor - translated directly into English Jin Shin Jyutsu(R) is "divine expression of a compassionate, aware human". Jin Shin Jyutsu(R) offers a self-healing component that can help you to stay in touch with your personal lifestyle needs and maintain your interconnectedness to all of life. To try a little Jin Shin Jyutsu(R) for yourself to clarify what your lifestyle ingredients are, you may want to keep your Safety Energy Lock 14's open. The Safety Energy Lock (SEL) 14's assist us to understand how to live life fully and balanced as a human being. The SEL 14's are found on each side of the body, on the front of the torso, just below the curve of the ribcage. By holding these SELs gently with your fingertips for five minutes 3 to 4 times a day you will activate them and help your lifestyle light bulbs to turn on. You might find a renewed sense of motivation to stick to a healthy regime, you may become aware of choices that don't fit you anymore and you may find yourself trying new things that you have never dared try before. What have you got to lose? A little time away from the key board, remote control or game controller might start a new adventure for you.

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==== ==== How jin shin jyutsu can help YOU. ==== ====

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