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SCOTS Parents/Boosters/Alumni/Fans Are you a Booster?

A booster is an individual that:


• Promotes Covenant athletics program. • Makes a financial contribution to Covenant athletics or its booster organizations. • Assists in the recruitment of prospects for Covenant. • Provides benefits (e.g., jobs, occasional meals) to enrolled student-athletes. Once a booster.....Always a booster. It is important to remember that once an individual has been identified as a booster, he or she retains that status forever. If you have questions whether you are considered a booster of Covenant Athletics or if you have questions about what you may or may not do as a booster, please feel free to contact the Compliance Office at tim. What is an extra benefit? Fans and boosters may not provide anything to prospects or currently enrolled student-athletes (or their families) without prior approval from the Compliance Office. If a student-athlete and/or his or her family accepts any benefits of special consideration (e.g., transportation, clothing, money, meals, etc.) based on his or her athletic skill, the student-athlete will lose his or her eligibility and Covenant will be subject to NCAA penalties. Extra benefits can include, but, are not limited to: • Money, gifts, clothing, tickets for entertainment, haircut, and use of a car. • Free or reduced-cost room or board anywhere. • Free or reduced-cost merchandise or services. • Use of Athletics Department copy/fax machines, long distance telephone services or free use of a cell phone. • Typing or editing reports, papers, letters, etc. for a student-athlete. • A loan of money or the consigning of a note to arrange a loan. • The sale or trade of complimentary admissions for merchandise, services or debt repayment. • The sale or trade of ANY items a student-athlete has received for his or her participation in athletics (e.g., gear, clothing, awards). This list is not exhaustive. Please refrain from offering prospects and/or current student-athletes and their families and friends anything that is not available to all students or the general public. Any questions or concerns should be directed to: Tim Sceggel Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Operations Email: or phone: 706.419.1517




Covenant College Tennis Guide 2014  
Covenant College Tennis Guide 2014  

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