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The Family, Events, and Ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Springboro

VBS is coming to Covenant! Shipwrecked - Rescued by Jesus! Mark your calendars for July 30 - August 3. Register today at our website on the home page:

Young at Heart is heading to Chili’s for lunch. July 14 at noon. Anyone 50+ is welcome! Sign up today! Hearts & Hands Mission following worship on July 8th. Please stay after the service and help make crafts for our upcoming VBS, Shipwrecked! Interested in a summer camp this year? Peace & Praise Camp at Kirkmont Center Campamento Paz y Alabanza For youth of all ethnicities, races, backgrounds – English or Spanish Dates: July 15th through July 20th Eligible Youth: 5th Grade (completed) up to 12th Grade $360 for the week. Camperships are available. Register online: Also seeking bilingual adults to volunteer as a translator or counselor for one or more days. If interested, contact Kirkmont at or call 937-593-2141 CPC Colombia Trip 2019 We had a wonderful Skype meeting with our sister church in Pital, Colombia nailing down dates and making plans. Our team will depart on Wednesday, May 29th and return on Thursday, June 6th, 2019. During our time in Colombia, we will be assisting with the outreach ministries of our sister church, worshiping with them, learning about their culture, possibly working on some small construction projects, and making some improvements to the church's children's library. If you are interested in joining our Colombia team, the deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 4. A $300 deposit is required. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Stewart or Pastor Sarah.

If you would like to have your concern lifted to the Lord through the Prayer Chain, contact Charlotte McCarthy at Please pray for: Tim Knoth, Ben Knoth, Dave Siegler, Frank Hess, Charlotte McCarthy and all of our military men & women and their families.

CPW and Amicae Circle are currently on vacation. CPW will resume on August 28 and Amicae will meet again on Sept. 25. All women of Covenant are welcome to attend either or both!

PRAYER SHAWL will meet on 7/12 at 3:30 p.m.

Don’t forget! The deadline for cookbook entries is July 8! P lease see Charlotte McCarthy if you have any questions. The cost of the books will be $10. (These will make a great gift for the Young at Heart Christmas party!) Ladies, it’s not too late to join in the book discussion of “The Armor of God”, by Priscilla Shirer. Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 10 from 9:30-10:45 a.m. Child care is provided!

Youth/Young Adult Happenings Sunday, July 8 If you want to par ticipate in leading wor ship on any Sunday, (call to wor ship, pr ayer of confession, reading scripture) text Pastor Sarah • Hearts and Hands for VBS after Sunday morning worship (stick around after church to help Erica with putting together crafts for VBS) • Youth Group (6:00-7:30 at the church, if the weather is good, we will walk to the K for ice cream. Bring $$) • Young Adult Group (7:45-9:00 at Sarah and Jono’s house) Sunday, July 15 • Youth Group (6:00-7:30 at the church) Young Adult Group (7:45-9:00 at Sarah and Jono’s house) Sunday, July 22 • Worship at 10AM (Colombian Youth Praise Team MAJUP will be leading us in worship!) CHURCH PICNIC TO FOLLOW • Young Adult Group (7:30-9:00 at Sarah and Jono’s house) Sunday, July 22 – Saturday, July 27 WV MISSION TRIP Sunday, July 29 • VBS Setup and Youth VOLUNTEER Training – Stick around after worship to help decorate, then lunch and training until 2pm • Young Adult Group (7:30-9:00 at Sarah and Jono’s house) Monday, July 30 – Friday, August 3 SHIPWRECKED VBS fr om 9-11:30am

Nursery Ernie Schmolinsky & Tim Knoth

01 08 15 22 29


Grades 1-6


01 08 15 22 29

Jack McCarthy & Gordon Neumann Bill Ilg & Tom Sebastian Loretta Sebastian & Mary White Jay White & Dave Siegler Vera Escott & Don Caiarelli

01 08 15 22 29

Erica Hicks Mary White Yvonne Craycraft Erica Hicks Kristy Catrine

Pre/K Volunteers 01 08 15 22 29

Erica Hicks Susan/Pam Yvonne Craycraft Erica Hicks Susan/Pam


01 Jami Madewell Maryann & Kristy C. 08 15 M. Lehman/W. Lawson Jami Madewell 22 Becky or Jackie 29 CPW Jen Knoth

Birthdays and Anniversaries are published with your permission only. In an effort to update our list, please notify the office of your family’s special dates, especially if you are new to our fellowship. We want to include you! Please email any updates and articles to the secretary at: or call me at (937) 748-0272.

BIRTHDAYS 13 Barbara Mourouzis

28 Andrew Kerr







10:00 AM Worship

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

7:00 AM Men at McD




9:00 AM Coffee & Convo 10:00 AM Worship 11:30 AM Hearts & Hands 6-7:30 PM Youth Group 7:30-9 PM Young Adult Group

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

7:00 AM Men at McD 9:30-10:45 AM Wom 6:30 PM Admin/Pers




9:00 AM Coffee & Convo 10:00 AM Worship 11:45 AM Third Thirty 6:00 PM Youth Group 7:30-9 PM Young Adult Group

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

7:00 AM Men at McD 9:30-10:45 AM Wom 6:30 PM Session




9:00 AM Coffee & Convo 10:00 AM Colombian Worship 7:30-9 PM Young Adult Group

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Deacons

7:00 AM Men at McD 9:30-10:45 AM Wom 5:00 PM Say Soccer




9:00 AM Coffee & Convo 10:00 AM Worship 6:00 PM Youth Group 7:30-9 PM Young Adult Group

9:00 - 11:30 AM VBS 5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

7:00 AM Men at McD 9:00 - 11:30 AM VBS 6:00 PM Adult Minist

Cookbook deadline!

ANNIVERSARIES 2 12 23 25 31

Jim & Carole Hepp Steve & Becky Hegwood Jonathan & Sarah Sparks-Franklin John & Amy Lehman Ken & Yvonne Craycraft

Mission Trip leaves for WV



Wed 4

Donalds men’s Study

Donalds men’s Study r Meeting

Donalds S try


Fri 6



6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study 3:30 PM Prayer Shawl 6:30 PM Clearcreek GS



6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM Brownies #35238 6:30 PM Pub Theology



6:45 PM Choir Practice 7:00 PM Youth Ministry 8:00 PM Praise Band

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study

Sat 7

6:00 PM Brownies #35238


Donalds men’s Study sonnel


8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers


14 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers 10:00 AM Cub Scout Bike Rodeo 12 PM Young at Heart at Chili’s


21 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers


28 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

Financial Info Operating Fund Receipts Expenditures Net Receipts (Expenditures)

Month of

Month of

Apr 2018

Apr 2017

Year to date Apr 2018

Year to date Apr 2017

$15,293 $17,451 $51,652 $49,449 $10,816 $10,653 $43,351 $41,217 $4,477 $6,798 $6,301 $8,232 ================================

Cash Flow Beginning Cash Cash Used (received): Operating Fund Other Designated Funds Payroll taxes/FSA Prepaid Pledges Mortgage Payments Principal Total Cash (Used) Received Ending Cash Balance



$4,477 $3,283 -$211 -$1,706 -$1,009 $4,834 $67,170

$6,301 $5,434 -$736 -$6,824 -$4,013 $162 $67,170

Don’t forget! You can now pay online. Go to the church website: and click the button for online giving. See Vera Escott if you need help. Also, making a direct payment from your checking account saves the church credit card fees.

As I have mentioned before, our Thursday morning group study has been working through Richard Rohr's book, "Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life." In conjunction with our learnings from Rohr's book, on June 10, I had the opportunity to facilitate the Third Thirty group discussion on spirituality in the "Third Thirty" of life. This has been a wonderful yet challenging experience, particularly because I am not currently living in my "Third Thirty", in fact, I'm only at the beginning of my "Second Thirty." However, I'd like to express thanks to all of our participants for your openness and willingness to share your reflections and wisdom with me. In conclusion, I stumbled across this quote from David G. Benner, author of the book "Spirituality and the Awakening Self", that I found to be quite thought provoking:

Hope to see you in one of our classes or gatherings soon,


The month of July and the beginning of August brings some exciting things for the life of our faith community! In a few short weeks, our church will be transforming into an island complete with palm trees, fish, and a shipwrecked boat as we ramp up for this year’s Vacation Bible School! July 30-August 3 from 9:00-11:30, children, teens, and their parents from all over the surrounding community will be walking through our doors to experience the love of God through all five senses as we sing songs, play games. study the bible, and engage in hands-on learning and creativity. I have shared this story before, but one of my favorite moments from last year’s VBS was observing a group of 5th grade boys go from standing with their hands in their pockets in the back of the room during praise and worship time on Monday, to jumping up and down, dancing to the music, and yelling the lyrics at the top of their lungs on Friday. What joy! What a transformation! What a testament to the way that God uses this ministry to reach the hearts of our kids! In addition to our Vacation Bible School July 30-August 3, on Sunday, July 22, our church will also be praying over and sending out a team of 16 youth and young adults to McDowell County, West Virginia for a week of service, mission, and building relationships. Please keep the team in your prayers as they step outside of the comfort zones to share God’s love and serve alongside the good people doing great work in West Virginia. Not only will we be sending out our West Virginia mission team on July 22, we will also be welcoming MAJUP, a worship team of young adults from our sister Presbytery in Colombia. They will be leading us in the contemporary portion of worship, and we will have the opportunity to hear about the amazing things that God is doing through their ministry in South America! Immediately following worship, we will be having our annual church-wide picnic. I hope you’ll be able to join us on this special day. On Tuesday mornings from 9:30-10:45 at church throughout the summer, a group of wonderful women of all ages have been meeting together to work through Priscilla Shirer’s “Armor of God” bible study. Special thanks to Becky Hegwood, Jackie Myers, and others who have graciously offered to provide kid’s programming during this time as well, so that our participants with little ones are able to join us. Thursday mornings at 10am, our study group has been going through Richard Rohr’s book, “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life” facilitated by Jono. If you’re looking for an opportunity to deepen faith and ask some tough questions, come and check it out. If you’re a youth or young adult, there are opportunities for you to get connected too! Youth group continues to meet throughout the summer, (check our this month’s schedule of events in the Courier), and our Young Adult summer study group is working through the book “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne. Shane challenges readers to follow the radical example of Jesus Christ by finding new ways to live out their faith. LASTLY, there are so many ways to get involved with serving others here at CPC. Our Outreach, Youth, Administrative, and Adult/Worship Committees meet on a monthly basis. We are ALWAYS looking for new folks with unique gifts and refreshing perspectives to join us as we seek God’s direction and guidance to continue our mission of being called and connected by Christ, partners in our community, and committed to serving others! So very thankful to be here with you all on the journey, In Christ, Pastor Sarah

Worship Guide Deadline By 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday before the Sunday Session you would like it to appear in the worship guide. Session will meet on July 17 at 6:30 p.m.

Courier Newsletter Deadline

Prayer Partners

We have a vital prayer ministry here at Covenant. We have an electronic prayer chain for those who would prefer to be notified of needs as they arise via email. To get connected in prayer through the internet, contact Charlotte Men’s Fellowship McCarthy at 937-558-2120 or Men meet weekly at McDonalds every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. Contact John Ritzinger (748-1437) if you have any questions. If you’ve Outreach Ministry never joined us, we would greatly welcome you! will not meet this month. Contact Amy Lehman for questions. (937-885-2122) July 23, 9:00 a.m. for the August edition. You may leave articles on the office desk or e-mail them to

Administration/Personnel Ministry Admin/Personnel will meet on July 10 at 6:30 p.m. Contact John Ritzinger (937-748-1437) or Frank Catrine (937-748-3610) for questions.

Adult Ministries meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Contact Alex Bowers at 252-908-4848 or Loretta Sebastian at 937-238-9629 for questions.

Covenant Presbyterian Church 415 N. Main St. Springboro, OH 45066

Youth Ministry meets the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact Dave Siegler for questions at 937-272-4799.

Church Staff Sarah Sparks-Franklin Pastor Janet Wayne Church Secretary Kim Ritzinger Music/Choir Director Susan Pfeiffer Pianist/Organist Vera Escott Treasurer Tom Sebastian Financial Secretary

Worship Service: 10:00 a. m. Coffee & Conversation with Jono at 9:00 a.m. Toddlers and children through 6th grade have age appropriate learning opportunities. Nursery - provided for ages 2 and under.

Office Hours The Pastor is in the office Monday-Thursday. Our secretary is generally in the office Tuesday through Friday from 9AM-Noon. Phone: (937) 748-0272

CPC - Called and Connected by Christ, Partners in Our Community, Committed to Serve


Covenant Presbyterian Church July 2018 Newsletter


Covenant Presbyterian Church July 2018 Newsletter