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Join us on December 15, at 10:00 a.m. as we celebrate the season with “The Heart of Christmas.” All are invited to stay after the Cantata to enjoy brunch and browse our Alternative Gift Market. (No Children’s Church at this service)

Hannah’s Treasure Chest Christmas Angels are due back by Dec. 2. Make sure you wrap your gifts and place the angel on the outside. Thank you!

Purchase a poinsettia in memory or honor of a loved one. The sign up sheet is on the table in the Worship Center. Please write legibly as the names will appear in the Dec. 24 bulletin. Thank you!

On December 29, we will have one service at 10:00 a.m. We hope you’ll come worship with us on this last Sunday of 2013.

Growing in Grace

will meet again on December 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the library. Pastor Lee is leading us in a study about the Bible; it’s history, translations, etc. in order to help us with our use, understanding and actions. Please join us and bring a friend with you!

Amicae Circle Join us on December 10, as we continue our new study, “An Abiding Hope, the Presence of God in Exodus & Deuteronomy.” We’ll meet here at 1:00 p.m. See Barb Richards for more information.

It’s time to bring in personal care items for the Warren County Abuse Shelter. The women and children served by the shelter arrive with only the clothes on their backs. Needed items include shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, lotion, pjs, and children’s socks and underwear. Used cell phones are also useful as they can be set for the clients to call 911 at no charge. A basket will be available at the rear of the worship center to receive the donations. Thank you!

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS CPW would like to invite all women of the church and their friends to lunch at Panera Bread (by the Dayton Mall on 725). Join us on December 19 at noon as we celebrate the season!

The Prayer Shawl Ministry will hold their next meeting on December 2 at 6:30 p.m. Bring your needles and yarn and join us in the library (small room next to Lee’s office.) Want to learn how to knit or crochet? Come, and we’ll teach you! See Louise Winheim for any questions you might have.

Traditional Usher/Greeter (Carole Hepp) Carole Hepp, Jim Hepp, and Theda Christopher will usher the month of December.

Contemporary Usher/Greeter (Debbie Shear) Ken & Debbie Shear will usher the month of December.

Counters (Debbie Shear) 01 Bill Ilg & Tom Sebastian 08 Debbie Shear & Mary White 15 Dave Payne & Flossie Power 22 Debbie Shear & Dave Siegler 24 Tim Knoth & Debbie Shear 29 Ken Shear & Le’Anne Leahy

Fellowship (Deacons) 01 Jim & Carole Hepp 08 Jack & Charlotte McCarthy 15 Brunch after Cantata 22 Phil & Willa Fershee 29 Kerin Campbell

Traditional Pre/K (Yvonne Craycraft) 01 Stephanie Butler 08 Stephanie Butler 15 NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH 22 Karyn Catrine 29 Karyn Catrine (one svc)

Contemporary Pre/K 01 08 15 22 29

Frank Catrine Frank Catrine NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH Yvonne Craycraft Yvonne Craycraft (one svc)

Traditional 1-6 (Becky Hegwood) 01 Loretta Sebastian 08 Loretta Sebastian 15 NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH 22 Loretta Sebastian 29 (one svc)

Contemporary 1-6 (Becky Hegwood) 01 Becky Hegwood 08 Becky Hegwood 15 NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH 22 Becky Hegwood 29 Becky Hegwood (one svc)

Gift Idea for the Season of Advent Here is a gift idea for the season of Advent – why not give Jesus a bit more of your time in 2014 and commit to Him to spend just a small part of each day reading and studying his word? Beginning Sunday January 5th – you will be able to partake in an all church bible reading challenge called the E-100 (The E stands for Essential.) The E100 Challenge is a Bible reading program built around 100 carefully selected Bible passages – 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. It is designed to help you get the big picture of God’s word and in the process develop a daily Bible reading habit. Each day for the 100 days leading up to Easter, you will be asked to read a short passage from the Bible (usually just one or two chapters) that can be easily read in 10 minutes or less. The E100 Challenge takes you through all the different types of Biblical writing including Historical books, Poetry and Wisdom Literature, the Prophets, the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles and Revelations. You will be given the list of the Essential 100 readings as well as a punch card to help you keep track of your progress. It can be done alone or as a family and each week Lee will use one of that week’s readings as the basis for his sermon on Sunday. Look for more details on how to get your E100 reading list and punch cards during the coming weeks of Advent – and plan now to give Jesus the gift of your commitment to read his word through the coming winter months and into the season of Lent.

The Alternative Gift Market will be held December 8 and 15 in the Youth Room. This is a wonderful opportunity to give a gift that impacts the lives of others. There are 30 projects to select from and something that will fit with any holiday budget. For example, you can help the hungry and homeless, empower students in Kenya, harvest water for schools or wheelchairs for the disabled. The Alternative Market is an easy way to shop for the holidays and at the same time impact change in other parts of the world. If you would like to learn more about the projects prior to Covenant’s Market days, please visit the website Desks & Chairs for Rural Students - China

Backpacks Full of Healthcare - Burma

Warmth & Comfort for the Sick - North Korea

Safe Homes for Orphans - Mexico

Birthdays and Anniversaries are published with your permission only. In an effort to update our list, please notify the office of your family’s special dates, especially if you are new to our fellowship. We want to include you!


December Birthdays 2 Mallory Ann Behm 4 Lauren Tibbits 5 Jennifer Knoth 7 Andy Stewart 8 Kristy Catrine 13 Sara Denney 14 Wade Goins 17 Tom Sebastian 21 Emma Montague 30 Rich Robison

December Anniversaries 4 Wade & Pam Goins 18 James & Letha Stewart 26 Paul & Amy Cimprich

Please email any updates and articles to the secretary at: or call me at 937 748-0272.






9:30 AM Traditional Worship & Children’s Church 11:00 AM Cont. Worship & Children’s Church 6:30 PM Ignite Youth

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 6:30 PM Prayer Shawl Ministry

7:00 AM Men 6:15 PM Cad 7:00 PM Out




9:30 AM Traditional Worship & Children’s Church 10:30 AM Alternative Market 11:00 AM Cont. Worship & Children’s Church 6:30 PM Ignite Youth

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Youth Ministry

7:00 AM Men 1:00 PM Ami 6:30 PM Adm 6:30 PM Dais




10:00 AM Christmas Cantata 11:00 AM Brunch & Alternative Market

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 6:30 PM Growing in Grace

7:00 AM Men 6:15 PM Cad 6:30 PM Ses




9:30 AM Traditional Worship & Children’s Church 11:00 AM Cont. Worship & Children’s Church 6-8 PM Ignite Party

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers 7:00 PM Deacons

7:00 AM Men 7:00 PM Chr




10:00 AM Worship & Children’s Church

5-7:30 PM Weight Watchers

7:00 AM Men


n at McDonalds dette Troop #40913 treach

n at McDonalds icae Circle ministration sy Troop #35230

n at McDonalds dette Troop #40913 ssion





6:30 PM Amplify Kids 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

9:30-11:30 AM Weight Watchers 6:30 PM GS Troop #32539



Fri 6

Sat 7 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers 12:30 PM Young at Heart Lunch


14 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM Amplify Kids 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band



10:00 AM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM Amplify Party 6:45 PM Choir Practice 8:00 PM Praise Band

Noon CPW Christmas Luncheon




21 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers


28 8-9:30 AM Weight Watchers

n at McDonalds ristmas Eve Service

n at McDonalds

12/1 BAND 5-6:15 PM 12/1 CHOIR 6:30-7:45PM 12/7 ALL 11A-1PM

12/11 CHOIR 6:30-8PM 12/14 ALL 10:30A-12:30PM 12/15 ALL 8:30A

Financial Info Operating Receipts 2013 Expenditures 2013 Net Receipts (Expenditures)

October $10,395 $11,706 -$1,311

Year-to-date $182,433 $122,189 $6,244

Thank you for your gifts and continued support! Mortgage Reduction Beg. Balance Receipts 2013 Mortgage Payments Balance End of Month

October -$495 $1,950 $2,100 -$645

Year-to-date $234 $20,121 $21,000 -$645

We need your help! Please turn in your pledge cards so we can budget for next year.

2014 PER CAPITA - $26.77

It’s Time for an Upgrade! The Church office is in need of purchasing new computers. The Church currently has two PCs in the office and a laptop in the Worship area. The manufacturing dates range from 2001 to 2004. Over the years we have been very fortunate to have used computers donated to the Church by our members. If you have a computer that still has some life left in it and would consider donating to the Church, please contact the Church office. We will have someone get in touch with you to review your offering. If you will be upgrading any of your home computers over the coming holidays this may be a way to recycle your equipment. Our target date to upgrade is by the end of the 1st quarter, 2014. You can also talk to Gordon Neumann or Jay White. Thank you!

If you would like to have your concern lifted to the Lord through the Prayer Chain, contact Debbie Shear at or 748-2809. Please pray for: Karen Ritzinger as she continues chemo. Margy Dunn Mike & Ella Wentzel All of our men and women in the military and their families.

December Services December 01 - “Waiting for God” Isaiah 2:1-5 & Mark 1:1-8 Pastor Karen Cassedy will be our guest speaker. December 08 - “Finding Our Way” Luke 2:4-19 December 15 - “The Heart of Christmas” Our annual Cantata will be at 10:00 a.m. (one service) followed by brunch. December 22 - “Where Light Itself is Born” Matthew 5:13-16 December 24 - Christmas Eve Service at 7:00 p.m.

Office Hours The Pastor is in the office Mon-Wed. mornings. He is available other times by appointment by calling the office. Our secretary is generally in the office Tuesday through Friday from 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. Phone: (937) 748-0272 & (937) 748-4734 Fax: (937) 748-4734

Church Staff Dr. Lee Dorsey Alysia Fuchs Janet Wayne Kim Denney Susan Pfeiffer Vera Escott Debbie Shear Cam’s Cleaning Svc.

Pastor Youth Director Church Secretary Music/Choir Director Pianist/Organist Treasurer Financial Secretary Custodian

Covenant’s Email Addresses

December 29 - “After the Christmas Rush” Matthew 2:13-15 (One service at 10AM)

Special Dates December 01 - First Sunday of Advent December 08 - Second Sunday of Advent December 15 - Third Sunday of Advent December 21 - First day of winter December 22 - Fourth Sunday of Advent December 24 - Christmas Eve December 25 - Christmas Day December 31 - New Year’s Eve

My arrival two months ago occurred in the midst of much activity. So much to do and to learn: names and faces, customs and quirks, rules of conduct (both written and unwritten), expectations, assumptions and boundaries. All of it very uniquely yours, all of it so very human. So far, I think we have handled our coming together with grace, forgiveness, and a healthy sense of humor. There are also some other things happening without our being fully aware of them. They are embedded in our life together and in intentional work such as, mission studies and strategic reviews. In many ways, we’re going through the five developmental tasks that churches face when they are between pastors. These five tasks were first identified by Loren Mead in The Developmental Tasks of the Parish in Search of a Pastor. Here’s what they look like. Mead called the first task coming to terms with history. This is a time to explore where we have been and how we got to be who we are. What are the things from our past that have strengthened us and inspired us? What are the underlying issues from our past that have weakened our church? Are there old hurts we need to face so that we can seek God’s healing, let go, and move on? What are the stories from the past that will renew us? The second task is discovering a new identity. This is a time to gain a fresh view of who we are in relation to our community, develop renewed hopes and dreams for the future, and explore how we can best serve Jesus Christ in this time and place. What is unique about this congregation? What gifts has God given us to bear Christ’s love to our neighborhood? Who are we now with all the changes we’ve experienced? And what is God calling us to be and do? The third task is shifts of power. This is a natural time for leaders in the church to look at their involvement. Some may become more involved, and some may decide to let go so that others can step forward. It is also a time when potential new leaders often respond to Christ’s call and take on new responsibilities. Sometimes those who have been leaders for many years feel left out. Sometimes they feel a sense of relief! How can we make good use of the leadership abilities in our church? Mead called the fourth task rethinking denominational linkages. This is a good time to rediscover and use the resources of our presbytery and our denomination. We are blessed with a representative form of church government which can free us to do great things for God. Over the next few months we will work in partnership with our presbytery’s staff and committees as we explore our future and prepare for a new pastor. We’ve had the benefit of our members who have served on presbytery committees and brought back the knowledge and experience they have gained. How can we strengthen our partnerships with a larger church? The fifth task is commitment to new leadership and to a new future. We need to open ourselves to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and make room in our hearts for a new pastoral relationship. We need to minister to one another as partners in Christ. How can we commit ourselves to this time of change, and trust God to be our guide as we move forward into the future? Sometimes these tasks are invisible, or hidden in the background of our programs and activities. Sometimes these tasks are confusing, especially since they all happen at once, and since each of us handles them in our own way and at our own pace. Some of us are more ready than others to make room in our hearts for a new pastor. Most of us need this to be a time when we encourage one another, be more forgiving, and stand together in God’s grace. This is a time to depend on God’s strength more than ever, and to look for the new adventures God is giving us. I hope that this kind of information is helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions and of other ways that I can be encouraging to you. As always, thanks for sharing the journey. Grace and Peace, Lee

Worship Guide Deadline

Adult Ministries

By 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday before the Sunday you would like it to appear in the worship guide.

meets on various dates each month. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Hegwood at (937) 885-1031.

Courier Newsletter Deadline


Dec. 18 9:00 a.m. for the January edition. You may leave articles on the office desk or e-mail them to

Session will meet on Dec. 17, at 6:30 p.m.

Prayer Partners

Men’s Fellowship Men meet weekly at McDonalds every Tuesday morning from 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Contact John Ritzinger (748-1437) if you have any questions. If you’ve never joined us, we would greatly welcome you!

We have a vital prayer ministry here at Covenant. We have an electronic prayer chain for those who would prefer to be notified of needs as they arise via email. To get connected in prayer through the internet, email Debbie Shear (

Outreach Ministry meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact Susan Stewart for questions. (937-746-3343)

Administration Ministry Administration will meet on Dec. 10, at 6:30 p.m. Contact David Payne for questions. (513-836-3464)

Youth Ministry

Personnel Ministry The next meeting will be on an “as needed” basis. Contact George Mourouzis, (748-3049) for questions.

meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Contact Erica Hicks for questions. (937-748-6352)

Covenant Presbyterian Church 415 N. Main St. Springboro, OH 45066 address correction requested Worship Service: 9:30 a.m. Traditional Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Contemporary Worship Service One service at 10:00 a.m. on 12/15 & 12/29 Toddlers and children through 6th grade have age appropriate learning opportunities. Nursery - provided for ages 2 and under. Covenant Presbyterian Church is called by God to construct and cultivate a community of God's people who celebrate and communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Covenant Presbyterian December 2013 newsletter