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Liz Lake Associates : Residential & Mixed Use Public Realm Design With the continuous demand for new housing supply,

landscape design services from preparing public realm

Liz Lake Associates' specialist residential landscape

strategy frameworks and concept sketches through

design team works with a variety of house builders

to preparing detailed construction drawings and

to enhance the quality and desirability of schemes

monitoring implementation on site.

in East Anglian and the South East of England. We know from experience that property values are

Working as part of the professional design team, each

significantly enhanced by providing high-quality

project requires a unique approach that responds to

landscape design.

our client’s initial brief; the proposed design of the adjacent built form and surrounding context in order

As a leading chartered landscape architecture

to deliver meaningful & memorable spaces.

practice, we have a rapidly growing portfolio of residential development work from individual

Our objective is quite simply to design people-friendly

private developers through to well-known

spaces that enrich the public realm. These spaces

national house builders.

contribute towards creating aspirational places to live, thereby delivering an enhanced sales environment

In recent years, we've won numerous awards for

and increased sales values, whilst creating a long-term

our pocket parks within residential schemes.

legacy for local communities.

Liz Lake Associates Residential Design Team is at the forefront of public realm design for both residential and mixed-use schemes. We provide comprehensive

The following case studies show what is possible when a client has the vision to look beyond the norm.






Site Landscape Survey

Consultation with client, design team & local authority

Landscape strategy framework drawing

Full colour outline landscape proposals drawing

Detailed planting proposal drawings, plant schedules & specifications

Analysis of Landscape / Urban Context

Landscape design strategy & design coding

Landscape design report

Landscape / Urban Visual Appraisals

Photomontage if there are visual impact issues

Site tree survey & report to B.S.

Coordination drawing for tree planting, sight lines, services and street lighting

Ecological Phase1 Habitat survey & specialist ecological survey (if required) & recommendations for code for Sustainable Homes, Code Level 3 BRE

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Report. Lighting Impact Assessment Report Arboricultural implications report and open space protection drawing

Landscape & Nature conservation management plan, report to include strategy for protected species, ecological mitigation, compensation & monitoring

Code for Sustainable Homes Ecological Assessment Report with a view to obtain Code Level 3 Detailed Construction drawings package including proposed levels & setting out for key areas of public open space, pocket parks, roof gardens and Play Area’s and Natural Play Area’s


The Residential Landscape Design Team follows the core principals of urban design to prepare Landscape Strategy Frameworks for new developments. This process utilises the existing assets of the site as well as those of the surrounding context to maximise the ‘value’ of a scheme.


Harlow Gateway

Harlow Gateway


Colour rendered in Photoshop, these drawings show in outline all of the proposed surface treatments for the public realm, all boundary treatments, proposed tree planting and the layout design of areas of public open space. The key to materials can include photographic examples to give a clear indication of the Design style palette that is proposed.


On larger residential projects the coordination of tree planting, sightlines, street lighting and below ground services at detailed design stage is an essential part of the design process and becoming a planning requirement.


At Liz Lake Associates we have a growing reputation for the quality of our residential planting design. This can be an important factor in the kerb appeal and saleability of residential properties. Whether a budget scheme or instant impact is required, we provide bespoke contextually appropriate and robust planting schemes that provide year round interest.


Our landscape Manager / Ecologist specialise in undertaking Phase 1 Habitat Surveys & Landscape Management Plan Reports for residential developments. We also prepare code for Sustainable Homes Ecological Assessment Reports with the aim of achieving Code Level 3 BRE. This cross disciplinary approach lends to strongly integrated ecologically sensitive management plan proposals. The right approach to Arboricultural issues on residential sites is essential from planning proposals through to long term site management. We work with a select number of specialist Arboricultural Practices who have extensive experience of working on residential sites and who can successfully defend their recommendations at enquiry.


Analysis of Urban Context Where residential development is proposed within the existing built environment, a thorough analysis of the surrounding urban context can help to prove the case for proposed height and massing of development proposals. Analysing the connectivity and walkability of a site can help make the case for higher density.


Urban Visual Impact Assessment Identifying the potential visual impacts of a proposed development and proving through photomontage that changes to townscape views are going to be positive can be essential element of a successful planning application. Working with the development team we ensure that potential visual impacts are (where possible) mitigated for these through appropriate design and landscape proposals.


Having completed a Landscape / Urban Visual Impact Assessment we can identify and agree with our client and the Local Authority the key viewpoints for the preparation of photomontage of the proposals. We then visit the site with a surveyor to obtain the necessary digital survey coordinates to enable photomontage to be prepared by our specialist 3D computer modeller to public enquiry standard.

Client Redrow Homes

Location Ebbsfleet, Kent

Architect Tetlow King

Ebbsfleet Valley Proposals

Liz Lake Associates was asked to prepare a landscape and visual impact assessment, and open space strategy report for a revised outline planning application for up to 950 dwellings in Dartford, Kent.

Proposal LAP / POS

Approach The site forms part of the Ebbsfleet Valley Strategic site, an area of land which has been subject to extensive quarrying and infrastructure works over the past years, which is now planned for strategic redevelopment including 10,000 new homes, employment uses and leisure facilities. The site itself is former National Grid land and includes a decommissioned substation as well as overhead power lines. The proposed development sought to transform the site into a new urban centre, enhancing the visual amenity of the site with a strong landscape strategy and removing substantial infrastructure from the site.

Photomontage (15 years)

Our work included a series of photomontages which were prepared from four key viewpoints agreed with the local authority. The photomontages illustrated the scheme at year 1 and year 15 and were submitted alongside the visual impact assessment as part of the environmental statement for the scheme. A cumulative landscape and visual assessment of the scheme was carried out together with the various surrounding planned Ebbsfleet Valley development applications. Outcome The Ebbsfleet Valley is now subject to a commitment by the Government as a new ‘Garden City’, which Chancellor George Osborne announced on Sunday, will deliver up to 15,000 new homes. Osborne said it would be a “proper garden city”, the first since Welwyn Garden City was founded in 1920.

N T GREE NT EBBSFLEE KE T, EE NORTHFL Our Landscape Masterplan sought to create a new Urban Centre supported by a strong landscape scheme, including SUDS, Allotments, POS and enhanced woodlands

Client Wainhomes

Location Bodmin

Architect Wainhomes

Public Open Space

Wainhomes is recognised as one of the UK’s leading

context. Strategic tree planting with species of local

house builders, this strategic green-field site within

provenance was design at the outset of the scheme

Cornwall had a number of challenging site issues

to ensure services would not affect future growth

not least the steep aspect of the site and relatively

potential, working closely with the client and

constrained position adjacent to primary road and

design team including service engineers, Liz Lake

ancient hedgerows. The site is to be developed into

Associates developed a scheme which had high

235 new homes with some retail provision, a new

quality public realm as well as year round interest.

high quality entrance square and a series of linked open spaces incorporating bespoke play facilities.

Outcome Phase 1 of the scheme has been submitted to

3D of entrance square


Cornwall Council with the remaining final phase

The planning process required an overall design

to be submitted in summer 2014.

code to help inform the overall masterplan, this design code highlighted the need for a series of linked ‘character zones’ and development parcels needed to create an informed and contextual appropriate masterplan. The intention was to create a development with a distinct sense of place and a legible high quality environment which would sit well within the local semi-rural

Entrance Square Sketch Proposal


BODMIN, CO This strategic green-field site within Cornwall had a number of challenging site issues not least the steep aspect of the site and relatively constrained position adjacent to primary road and ancient hedgerows

Client Gateway Housing

Location Bromley By Bow

Architect Ingleton Wood

East entrance

This important housing scheme for Gateway

care and diligence during the design process to

Housing sits in a relatively constrained site in

help create a scheme which achieved or exceeded

Bromley By Bow, East London within Tower

the clients aspirational aims whilst meeting

Hamlets Gateway Housing approached Liz

budgetary constraints. By locating the building

Lake Associates to develop a masterplan with

in an optimum position on site the development

architects Ingleton Wood which would respond

was enhanced with a large communal garden

to its immediate context and in part help unify a

to the south which helped block views from the

somewhat disfunctional area of predominantly

neighbouring underground and help filter noise

post-war social housing, 1970’s housing courts and

from the east along the A12. Full scheme plans

contemporary, high rise tower blocks.

were produced for planning application including detail hardscape and lighting design which helped

Rear gardens


enhanced the architectural façade and setting.

By attending regular meetings and consultations with London Legacy Development Corporation


the site was seen as critical to the setting and

The scheme is currently awaiting planning approval

further enhancement of Bromley By Bow and

with construction due on site in autumn 2014.

Tower Hamlets. By developing sketch designs in close association with the architect the building position was critical in defining the surrounding streetscape and in creating a visually interesting yet high quality public realm. The scheme required

West entrance


We helped to develop a masterplan which would respond to its immediate context and in part help unify a somewhat disfunctional area of predominantly post-war social housing

Client Location Bellway Homes Essex Limited (Essex)

Architect RMA Architects

Planning Savills

Engineer Ardent Consulting Engineers

Pleached trees in the Entrance Piazza

Bellway Homes (Essex) is building an exciting new mixed-use quarter in the heart of Chelmsford City Centre. A design-led scheme for 437 new apartments and houses as well as a range of flexible commercial uses are proposed on the derelict Marconi Site which was the world’s first purpose built radio factory and site of the first transatlantic radio transmission.

Commercial Square

Approach A broad framework for the public realm was defined by Chelmsford City Council and RMA Architects. Liz Lake Associates’ role was to design a vibrant, legible and inclusive public realm creating a series of distinct spaces each with its own function and character. The proposed scheme will provide a new direct pedestrian and cycle route through the site linking the train station in the south west with Anglia Ruskin University and New Street to the north east. This route delivers a key design objective

New Street trees on Marconi Road

in improving permeability in this part of the City Centre. A key element of the Landscape Strategy has been to ensure that the new link is clearly legible; the design solution has been to delineate the route with curvilinear lines of blue block paving with changes in direction at key movement nodes defined by radiating splashes of blue block paving. A new urban garden featuring Italian Cypress will form the principal communal amenity space in the heart of the development. A dynamic triangular shaped piazza will provide a commercial focus for the scheme in the south western part of the site and feature active commercial frontages and opportunities for tables and chairs to spill out onto the south facing side of the piazza. Outcome The planning committee unanimously approved the proposals and the project is progressing to implementation on site.


A New Urban Garden in the heart of the development

Client L&Q Housing Association

Location Walthamstow, London

Architect Conran & Partners

River Ching enhancements

Opened in 1933 by William Chandler this iconic

pedestrian/cycle friendly trails are intended to

stadium eventually closed in August 2008. Having

give the scheme a unique sense of place with the

been featured in the Blur album Parklife and in

provision of specific leisure and play facilities.

the film Snatch the site is to be transformed into a stunning development of approximately 300


flats and houses by L&Q. Set within the London

The completed design respects the character and

Borough of Walthamstow the development is

unique heritage of the site whilst incorporating

intended to be an exemplar for the Borough

bespoke leisure facilities catering for all age groups

and a catalyst for redevelopment in the area.

and fitness levels. The proposed de-culverted River Ching and other ecological improvements

The famous sign


will create important green links throughout the

Working closely with the client, design team

site and within the local area.

and Waltham Forest Council, the scheme was developed around the retained and to be restored Tote buildings. The scheme was developed to incorporate a series of open spaces linked by a hierarchy of activity circuits and trim trials both within the site and the surrounding area. These

Proposed allotments

M STAD, LOIU W O T S ON M D N A H OW WALT WALTHAMST Bespoke play areas, public spaces all set within a hierarchy of pedestrian friendly routeways will transform this once iconic stadium

Client Taylor Wimpey

Location South Wales

Architect Focus

Memorial park within site

This strategic site in South Wales was once home to the Llanelli Scarlets Rugby Football Club and was where Wales famously beat the All Blacks 9-3 in October 1972. The last game was played in October 2008 and, after a lengthy planning process, planning was finally approved in January 2012.

Landscape masterplan

Because of its experience and expertise in residential landscape design, Taylor Wimpey engaged Liz Lake Associates to develop a scheme that encompasses a former culverted water-course within a wildlife area which future residents could also enjoy. The site will eventually contain over 300 houses and flats many with views over open space or pocket parks making this a particularly attractive development. Approach Developing a cohesive landscape design was paramount in the design approach for the site. Working closely with the design team, a robust, spatially aware masterplan was developed based

Pocket park proposals link to heritage

around a framework of open spaces and green route-ways. As part of the residential landscape architecture, the new watercourse is of particular importance creating an attractive setting to the new housing units and will become a haven for wildlife. Liz Lake Associates has also developed a detailed management proposal so the scheme will continue be kept in an appropriate manner, ensuring the site will be used by local residents and to develop as a sustainable landscape. Outcome The landscape proposals were worked up to detailed design stage and construction began in 2012 with completion expected in 2014/15. Liz Lake Associates has also developed a detailed management proposal so the scheme will continue to be kept in an appropriate manner, ensuring the site will be used by local residents and to develop as a sustainable landscape.


This former historic stadium is to be transformed into a contemporary development with strategic planting and bespoke waterside park befitting this historic site

Client Barratt Homes

Location Cambridge

Architect Saunders Partnership

Mature planting retained where possible

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned to prepare

The public space and individual plot landscapes

the detailed landscape plans for the Trumpington

include a combination of native plants and semi-

Meadows residential development of 350 houses on

native species, many of which are bee-friendly,

the southern outskirts of Cambridge. The proposals

with hedgerows and large trees (oak, lime) and

include a diverse mix of housing types and range of

smaller flowering trees such as wild cherry,

community facilities set within a village framework

Callery pear var. and rowan adding to the village

of public open space, green corridors and streets,

character. Further to planning approval of the

with community parks and sustainable urban

detailed planting scheme, Liz Lake Associates have

drainage features.

continued to oversee the landscape implementation within the construction phase of the development.

Planting to streetscape

Approach A strong landscape framework was established


within the overarching development vision and

The majority of the residential properties have now

objectives identified within the existing Design

been completed and the landscape framework is

Code. The village quarter character area was further

being implemented concurrently. The scheme, as

defined with distinctive tree and shrub planting

it matures, will establish a rich and diverse setting

palettes focused about community open space

within which this new community can live, work

areas, streetscape, local play areas and individual

and play.

plot landscape.

Communal garden planting

S N MEADMOBRW O T G IN GE P ID M U TR ON, CA TRUMPINGT A strong landscape framework was established within the overarching development vision and objectives identified within the existing Design Code

Client C & M Homes

Location South Essex

Architect C & M Homes

Landscape masterplan

This prestige residential development of 465 homes

land during preparations for the development. This

at the former Garrison site in Shoeburyness is a

provides a focal point and is surrounded by circular

mixed-use development that includes restoration


and conversion of the former Garrison buildings as well as a substantial element of new build. Liz Lake


Associates was invited to produce proposals for a

The pocket park designed by Liz Lake Associates

pocket park within the centre of the development.

will create new, excellent quality, green open space in the public realm for the inhabitants of Gunnery

Circular benches help provide a focal point


Hill and adjacent areas. The landscape design

Landscape architects Liz Lake Associates designed

principles have respected the heritage of the site

a pocket park and green that will form the centre

and the natural biodiversity of the surrounding

piece of a high-quality public realm within the new


residential development.

The green is orientated to look out towards the sea. It features a restored cannon that was found on the

The green is orientated to look out towards the sea


The green is orientated to look out towards the sea. It features a restored cannon that was found on the land during preparations for the development

Client Private

Location Jersey

Architect Roberts Limbrick

3D proposed view from the balcony

This bespoke, multi-million pound development


located on a prominent headland surrounding St

Currently at detailed tender stage, Liz Lake

Aubin’s Bay in Jersey consists of nine apartments,

Associates is working closely with the client and

designed around a central pedestrian courtyard

architect to create a contextually appropriate

containing bespoke artwork by the renowned

scheme befitting this prominent location.

international artist, Lucy Unwin. The scheme recently gained planning permission

Sketch of courtyard proposals


and work has begun on site with completion

The planting scheme relates to the architectural

expected in 2014. Liz Lake are working with the

layout and is both low maintenance whilst of

client to ensure the planting scheme is befitting

local provenance making this a sensitive yet

this iconic scheme.

contemporary scheme befitting this unique site. Landscape embankments facing the coast are planted with salt tolerant herbaceous and shrub species which give year round colour and interest.

Courtyard including public art

RTMENTSESY JERSEY ASTPA , JER AUBINS BAY This visually stunning development sets a new benchmark in luxury living in Jersey

Client Linden Homes

Location Essex

Architect Galliford Try PLC

Tree lined open space

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned to


develop landscape plans for the conversion of a

The scheme encompasses a series of restored open

site comprising the former Highwood and Little

spaces which link into the original urban analysis

Highwood Hospital complex. The eastern half of

study. Liz Lake Associates drew on its experience

the site lies within a Conservation Area and the

in landscape restoration and conversion to develop

site covers an area of approximately eight hectares

the formal and informal areas complement the

and a planning application for 205 new homes was

restored architectural heritage, ensuring the

submitted to Brentwood Council.

scheme will be used for generations to come.

Approach Landscape masterplan, strategic green space

Liz Lake Associates is highly experienced in conversion projects within Conservation Areas. Working closely with the client design team and Brentwood Council, the scheme has evolved to respond to the immediate context, whilst having its own bespoke character, linking the site and contextual heritage with the new build units and open space.

Organic play area

HOSPITAL HIGHWOO—DBRENTWOOD, ESSEX Liz Lake Associates is highly experienced in conversion projects within Conservation Areas

Client St. Modwen Homes

Location Worcester

Architect Roberts Limbrick

Showhome garden

Strategic masterplan

Located within the outskirts of Worcester Town

these green corridors will link the scheme with

Centre and situated in a prominent position on

surrounding planting. Strategic views have been

the banks of the Worcester and Birmingham

created through strategic planning of roads and

Canal the site gains strategic views across the city.

housing towards the canal-side and beyond.

Formerly the Worcester Patent Brick works the site

A bespoke POS has been created adjacent to the

is to be developed into a high quality residential

canal encapsulating the former brick workings,

development and brings much needed employment

planted with indigenous species and a linked

opportunities. The reserved matters application for

network of signage and information boards the

the first phase of development has recently been

project will be pivotal in the regeneration of the

approved with the consent forming part of a larger

area and Worcester as a whole.

170 dwelling masterplan. Outcome

Views of the River Severn


The masterplan is based upon a sustainable model

By creating a series of linked open spaces utilising

with close links to the city centre, local schools

the existing landscape resource a masterplan

and surrounding footpaths and by-ways. Now

evolved which unified the site and responded to its

complete with detailed Phase 1 planting submitted

immediate context. Central spine roads are planted

for planning with construction started in 2013.

with native trees within wide verges under planted

Subsequent phases will follow upon planning

with spring flowering bulbs, once established


BANK GREGORY'SWORCESTER The masterplan is based upon a sustainable model with close links to the city centre, local schools and surrounding footpaths and by-ways

Client St. Modwen Homes

Location Birmingham

Architect Roberts Limbrick

Visualisation of retaining wall

Sketch landscape proposals

Longbridge is part of a ÂŁ1bn, 468 acre mixed regeneration site for which St. Modwen Homes is the developer and joint landowner, with the Homes and Communities Agency (the national housing and regeneration agency) also owning 34 acres. The overall scheme will create over 3,000 jobs through construction and permanent employment opportunities.

previous phase and local distinctiveness. Residential and regeneration landscape developments require both imagination and sensitivity to local surroundings. Groups of native, semi-native and ornamental planting were designed for separate character areas which would help unify the overall scheme but also give local character where required.

The initial client briefing for landscape development was essentially simple, to design a scheme which encapsulated the positive aspects of phase 1 and aim to improve this within subsequent phases to ensure the overall scheme was of the highest possible standard given the strict budget.

A significant part of the landscape design needed to embrace a large retaining structure. Liz Lake Associates designed this as a feature on arrival into the scheme and as an attractive outlook for the proposed blocks of apartments.

Approach Park View was the first St. Modwen Homes development, built on the former MG Rover site, started in 2011 and home already to over 100 families. Working closely with the architect and client, Liz Lake Associates helped to develop a comprehensive planting plan which related to the

MG Rover part of Longbridge's car heritage

Outcome Liz Lake Associates has now completed detailed designs for Phase 2 with approval now achieved with Birmingham City Council. The next phase of development which encapsulates leisure and retail facilities and over 300 houses and flats is being worked up to complete this sustainable scheme.


LICKEY ROA Working closely with the architect and client a strong planting palette was created which related to the previous phase and local distinctiveness

Client Bovis Homes

Location Essex

Architect KLH Architects

The north gate

The approach from Butt Road

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned to design the public realm for four key areas within the former Ministry of Defence Garrison Site in Colchester, which lies within a Conservation Area and includes the archaeological remains of Britain’s only Roman circus as well as the walls of a former abbey, both of which are scheduled ancient monuments.

elements in the scheme complement each other in order to reinforce sense of place.

Approach Liz Lake Associates combined its heritage and residential expertise by working closely with the project team and the Local Authority and their consultants to achieve a diverse and interesting public realm over four sites, sensitive to the local context and the conservation and archaeological constraints of the sites.

The park has been designed to achieve a comfortable buffer from the surrounding homes, in the event of anti-social behaviour. The number of properties directly overlooking the park has been maximised both to provide an attractive outlook and to ensure adequate surveillance.

Drawing on our extensive experience in this area, this pocket park follows the key design principles for successful pocket park - that the design style and choice of materials for the park and the built

Looking west across the centre of the pocket park

The park forms a green ‘oasis’ as one of a number of open spaces, linked by high-quality public realm. Other spaces in the neighbourhood provide formal play and sports provision as well as semi-natural green space.

Outcome Planning permission was granted for all four sites and these have progressed to the next stage of development. This pocket park designed by Liz Lake Associates was built by Bovis Homes and is now a well used and appreciated facility.

ISON R GARR E T S E H C , ESSEX L R O TE C COLCHES In an increasingly fragmented society, facing the challenge of providing spaces that can strengthen social cohesion is a worthwhile aim

Client London & Quadrant

Location Greater London

Architect Formation

Entrance proposals

Trim Trail Proposals

Cat Hill Campus is located in Enfield, close to


Cockfosters and is a former campus for Middlesex

Once approved, the design will retain and

University. It is a unique site located on the

incorporate the existing woodland and trees

boundary of Chase Side and Cat Hill, containing

of particular significance and also feature a re-

a variety of veteran oak trees and woodland belts

modelled pond and a smaller receptor pond on

on the periphery of the site as well as two ponds.

the site boundary. It is anticipated that this site

The client proposal was to demolish the existing

will link with the adjacent woodlands and park,

buildings and create a bespoke housing scheme

creating a species-rich environment with enhanced

befitting this strategic site.



The layout also respects the tree protection zones

Working closely with the client and design team,

outlined by the arboriculturalist, helping to ensure

a landscape masterplan was developed to create

the longevity and health of these retained trees

a robust yet sensitive scheme responding to its

within the site.

immediate context and respecting the site’s natural existing features. The design features an integrated “trim trail� activity route, which links the site play areas with a pedestrian woodland walk

Shared 'community' spaces


We developed a landscape masterplan to create a robust yet sensitive scheme responding to its immediate context

Client St. Modwen Homes

Location North Somerset

Architect Roberts Limbrick

Central POS with swale

This former RAF site is surrounded by mature

with the second phase currently awaiting planning

woodlands and is located approximately fifteen


minutes from Weston-Super-Mare. Outcome Recently recognised in the What House Awards

Named as one of the top three developments in the

as one of the top three developments in the UK,

UK at What House Awards, Liz Lake Associates are

this ÂŁ400 million mixed-use scheme will provide

continuing to work closely with St. Modwen Homes

a range of community facilities including retail

to ensure the project maintains the high standards

space, library and school all within walking distance

of the design.

of the new homes. Phase 1 is now completed with all homes built to

Pocket Park


CfSH Level 4. The scheme has a unique character,

Working closely with the design team and client,

with landscape as the unifying element. It is

Liz Lake Associates developed a hierarchical

envisaged that the next phases will integrate with

approach to layout, drainage and access as part of

and further enhance the first phase of development

the landscape architecture. This long term project

and continue to maintain the high quality approach

will bring many benefits to the local community.

to this unique scheme and its landscape design.

The first phase of development has been completed

Primary Street



Recently recognised in the What House Awards as one of the top three developments in the UK

Client Taylor Wimpey

Location Newport, South Wales

Architect Roberts Limbrick

Strategic masterplan

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned by Taylor


Wimpey to redesign this strategic site on the banks

Working closely with the Welsh Assembly, Newport

of the River Usk for high-quality apartments.

Planning Authority and Newport Regeneration

The site is a landmark site in Newport which has

Company, a scheme was designed which satisfies

received significant funding in the past decade with

all stakeholders aspirations as well as achieving a

major redevelopment and improvement works.

landmark scheme for Newport.

Approach The landscape architecture team at Liz Lake Urban plaza

Associates designed a tree-lined boulevard link which connects the site to the proposed Rodney Parade development to the rear. Adjacent to a footbridge landing, a new plaza was designed which creates an exciting urban environment with bars and restaurants and a variety of dwelling types.

Sketch of phase one 'green spaces'


LLA was commissioned by Taylor Wimpey to redesign this strategic site on the banks of the River Usk

Client Taylor Wimpey East London

Location East London

Architect Biscoe & Stanton

Balcony view

Taylor Wimpey East London is building 948 houses

The informality of the design contrasts with and

and apartments on the former site of the University

complements the strong lines of the adjacent

of East London. All 13 apartment buildings will

architecture. A serpentine path meanders along the

have a green roof and the public realm includes

central axis of the space. Open areas can be used for

a number of innovative areas of public open

picnics and barbecues by residents, while sunken,

space, including ’the spine’ landscape, which runs

more intimate spaces will provide communal

through the development. Liz Lake Associates was

meeting spaces suitable for quiet sitting on the low

commissioned to prepare a detailed landscape

elliptical-shaped granite benches.

design scheme for this spine area. Shallow grass mounding to the back of these The 'Spine'


meeting areas and elsewhere along the length

The so-called 'spine' on the site is a north-south

of the spine will create raised lawns, thereby

aligned linear amenity space which provides a

increasing opportunities for informal passive

green link from Mayesbrook Park to the south, into

recreation and imaginative play. Swathes of

the heart of the development.

wildflower grassland and indigenous species of trees and hedgerows will also help to promote

Drawing on its experience of landscape design in


residential areas, Liz Lake Associates developed a scheme which has a harmonious fluid informality


and can be seen as a piece of modern art when

Construction of the apartments and landscape is

viewed from the upper floor balconies.

well underway and the spine landscape should be completed by mid 2015.

Elliptical granite bench set within grass mounding

L Y CENTLORNADON ACADEM ST BARKING, EA An informal serpentine path meanders along the central axis of this linear space

ents i l c r s. r ou ntie o f Cou n n r e st t Ea rrat e wo v r Ba a o f – s ard n’ . ory ties esig ateg e Aw we h

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Bristol Office: Kestrel Court | Harbour Road Portishead | Bristol | BS20 7AN T: +44 (0)1275 390425



































Residential Brochure  

Newly designed brochure focusing on the residential design key service.

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