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Lighthouse Light

HD camera kits

Simon Normanton - the Camera Man - HD and specialist equipment hire, director, director-cameraman, film production; wildlife and people, wild adventures

excellent HD kits - lowest prices clock for details

Sony 900r Cine Alta - all formats, with HD colour viewfinder Sony HD730 - 60i/50i, XDCam, EX3 Panasonic VariCam, ‘H’ series and 2700 P2 DigiBeta790, DVCam 450, SX90, Z7. A1e etc. lenses: HJ40x14, HJ18, HJ22, HA25, HJ11 etc. HD colour and b&w viewfinders, WEVI radio-linked HD monitors cache-boards and time-lapse, built-in radio mics., combined zoom and focus controls Image stabilisation, Infra-red, radio-linked sound kit, tripods, lights etc, etc

delivered and collected at no charge ring Simon anytime 07850 054 590

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