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Liz Lake Associates : Heritage Landscapes Liz Lake Associates has been involved in heritage

or the proceeds of enabling development.

landscape projects for over twenty-five years and in that time recognition of the value and scope of

Whatever the source of funding, we can identify

work on heritage assets has grown considerably.

opportunities, reveal the significance of a heritage

Whether they are designed landscapes on the

asset and help move a heritage project forward

English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of

right through to implementation.

Historic Interest, Scheduled Ancient Monuments, local archaeological sites, public parks, historic towns and villages or landscape associated with

Liz Lake Associates work in the following areas:

a listed building these complex landscapes often encapsulate many layers of history, as

∞ Restoration and conservation

each generation leaves its own unique mark.

∞ Landscape/Townscape Assessments

Unraveling the key periods and significance

∞ Enabling development

of an individual site is becoming increasingly

∞ Individual houses in heritage landscapes


∞ Cultural heritage

While some private clients have funds for restoration, others rely on loattery funding, agri-environmental grants, inheritance tax exemption schemes

∞ Designing for Access for All ∞ Refurbishment and monitoring implementation ∞ Impact assessment ∞ Preparation of design guidance ∞ Policy development

Heritage Assests - Our Skills The Conservation Management Plan

We would also consult with stakeholders like

Our heritage landscape work has been carried out

English Heritage, the local authority, the Garden

in collaboration with a number of recognised

History Society, the County Gardens Trust, the

heritage specialists including archivists,

Wildlife Trust and local people who have an

archaeologists, audience development advisors,

interest in the site.

conservation architects, engineers, ecologists, hydrologists, lake experts and cultural heritage

The final report is a Conservation Management

specialists. Our task has been to interpret their

Plan or a shorter Conservation Statement which

research or survey findings and with their help to

would include the presentation of the archival

develop appropriate management and proposals

documents, a timeline, condition survey, analysis

for modern-day uses.

and Statement of Significance identifying what is of value and why. This is followed by policies and

Whatever the project, conservation of the heritage

proposals using plans and written text.

asset is a key objective. Common to all projects but to a degree appropriate to the budget and end

Enabling development

objective, we undertake archival research to

Enabling development is an English Heritage

understand the historical development of the

policy that allows for development associated with

landscape, review the planning context, assess the

heritage assets, provided certain criteria are met

ecological interest and undertake a condition

and the profits are used to restore the asset. It has

survey of the historic fabric including the water

helped many historic buildings and landscapes to

regime, vegetation, earthworks, hard surfaces,

have a secure future, but the capacity of a site to

buildings and structures. A preliminary cost

absorb development varies greatly.

estimate is usually prepared with an outline of future maintenance/management and likely costs.

Research at an early stage could make a

considerable difference to investment planning;


for a small budget we can organise a Historic

∞ Archival research

Landscape Appraisal to identify the key issues and highlight opportunities and constraints relating to the heritage asset. These need not

∞ Field work ∞ Historic tree surveys

be a limitation, as research often reveals

∞ Archaeological overview

opportunities for development.

∞ Public consultation

We can facilitate early discussions with


stakeholders to test their views. Only if the

∞ Statement of Significance

project is deemed financially viable will the

∞ Heritage and Conservation Statements

detailed survey and analysis take place but as the project will be subject to a planning application a comprehensive and convincing

∞ Historic Landscape Appraisals ∞ Conservation Management Plans ∞ Access for All plans

study will be required.

∞ Restoration strategies and plans Impact assessment

∞ Tree and Woodland Plans

If the setting of any kind of heritage asset is affected by development we can prepare an assessment of the effects. We consider whether key elements identified in the Statement of Significance are enhanced by the proposals and any adverse effects are adequately mitigated with appropriate solutions.

∞ Heritage planting plans ∞ Management and maintenance plans ∞ Funding advice

Individual houses in heritage landscapes Previously, policies in PPS7 were used by people wanting

applications affecting

to build an isolated house in the countryside. Clause 55

a heritage asset.

of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) now covers this issue. It states that local planning authorities

Access for All

should avoid new isolated homes in the countryside

Under the Equalities Act 2010 it has

unless there are special circumstances such as ‘where

been unlawful to treat disabled people

such development would represent the optimal viable

less favourably than other people for a reason

use of a heritage asset or would be appropriate enabling

related to their disability.

development to secure the future of heritage assets’. We

Liz Lake Associates can help provide

have been involved in several individual dwelling proposals

dignified access and a range of routes to suit

in the countryside and can provide practical, informed

different user groups without compromising a

advice on how to proceed.

landscape’s special interest.

A Heritage Statement

Design guidance and policy development

The NPPF asks local planning authorities to develop

Our extensive experience with heritage landscapes

positive strategies for the historic environment and in

has enabled us to prepare guidance and advice on

assessing applications to take into account the desirability

policy related issues. We have prepared guidance

of sustaining and enhancing the significance of heritage

for the War Memorials Trust and provided training

assets and putting them to viable uses consistent with

sessions for English Heritage landscape officers. Liz

their conservation; the wider social, cultural, economic

Lake regularly lectures on the Landscape Architecture

and environmental benefits that conservation of the

courses at Writtle School of Design and we have also

historic environment can bring; the desirability of new

presented workshops on Landscape and Visual Impact

development making a positive contribution to local

Assessment for landscape architects and planning

character and distinctiveness; and opportunities to draw on

officers. Please contact us if you have an idea for a

the contribution made by the historic environment to the

publication or a training need.

character of a place. To illustrate this we can help prepare a Heritage Statement which is required for all planning

Client Shuttleworth Trust

Location Old Warden, Bedfordshire

Architect Christopher Garrand Consultancy

Hydrology OHES Environmental

HLF Project Manager Ruby Tiger

Ornamental ponds to be dredged

The delightful Swiss Garden was created in the

visitor experience whilst retaining the intimate

1820’s by Lord Ongley. It covers approximately

sense of a private garden that the historic design

3.7 hectares and is open to the public through the

encompasses. Working with Debois Landscape

Shuttleworth Trust. The design was renovated

Survey Group & Haydens Arboricultural

and added to by Joseph Shuttleworth in the 1870’s

Consultants, Liz Lake Associates undertook

and it was saved from dereliction by Bedfordshire

archival work, a full survey of the trees and other

County Council in the 1970’s and 80’s. Liz Lake

planting and prepared proposals for restoration,

Associates was appointed to prepare the current

access for all paths, a new education facility and

set of renovation plans for landscape elements to


form part of applications for planning permission Rhododendrons to be cut back on the Broad Walk

and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Outcome In 2012 planning permission was obtained for the


restoration proposals and a Heritage Lottery Fund

The Garden is full of raised earthworks, mounds

grant for £2.8 million was awarded to the trust.

and hollows, ponds and islands. These are

Implementation work is planned to start in 2013.

complemented by thirteen listed buildings and structures and a large collection of mature trees, rhododendrons and interesting shrubs. It was important that the proposals improved the

Shrubberies cut back to reclaim lawns

DEN SWISWSardeGn,ABR edfordshire Old

The Swiss Cottage is one of 13 structures that complement the earthworks, ponds and mature planting that make the Garden magical

Client Essex County Council

Location Brentwood, Essex

Historic Landscape Debois

Long views across the park

Weald Country Park is 220 hectares of mixed

there was record for the future. A documentary

woodland and grassland, two lakes and a number

and field survey were carried out which included

of ponds. Originally a 12th-century deer park, it

earthworks and trees. The analysis was presented

developed over the years to reach a peak in the

both chronologically and by character areas.

18th and 19th centuries with an immense formal

Trees help tell the history of the landscape

landscape of water, avenues and a Belvidere –


a tower built on rising ground at the south end

The report is both a good reference of the

of the Park. Essex County Council acquired

Park’s history and a useful starting point for the

the estate in 1953, but by this time many of the

Conservation Management Plan. Each character

buildings had been lost from the Park. Liz Lake

area is provided with an assessment of the

Associates was commissioned to produce a

current condition and an outline approach to its

Historic Landscape Survey and Assessment Report

management for the future. Weald Country Park

that could be used to inform the development

is open to the public and close to the M25 and M11,

of a Conservation Management Plan.

but you would never guess it if you were to walk around the delightful, serene and tranquil large


open spaces and historic trees that make up the

It was important to establish what had been in


the Park throughout its history, not necessarily so that it could be replaced or restored, but so that

The lake

TRY PldA, EsRseKx

N WEALD COU The history of the park was unfurled with the help of field survey work; the information was shared with those who care for it by a guided walk.


Client The Highclere Estate

Location Highclere, Hampshire

Historic Landscape Debois

Taxonomist Lear Associates

Archaeology Wessex Archaeology

Forester Wessex Woodland

Jackdaw’s Castle, one of the stunning follies in the Park

Highclere Park is a stunning Capability Brown

topography, land ownership, planning policy,

landscape, overlying archaeologically rich

current land uses, access, recreation and future

parkland. As part of a HMRC tax exemption

management. We prepared all the plans for the

scheme, Liz Lake Associates was appointed with

final document, contributed to the creation of

the Debois Landscape Survey Group to coordinate

policies for the Park and edited the Conservation

and edit the production of a Landscape and

Management Plan.

Conservation Management Plan. This complex

Highclere Castle, better known as Downton Abbey

project included input from archaeologists, a

The proposed development sites were individually

conservation architect, an ecologist, forester and

evaluated as to their capacity to absorb change,

taxonomist. As a second part of the work we were

the likely visibility of proposals and any possible

asked to assess over twenty potential development

impact on the historic landscape.

sites for an enabling development project. Outcome Approach

The final Conservation Management Plan

Debois undertook the archival work, historic tree

became part of the Heritage Management Plan

survey and field archaeology; the taxonomist was

that contributed to a successful Inheritance Tax

needed to identify the numerous rhododendron

Exemption application. The enabling development

hybrids that the first Lord Carnarvon created; he

proposals were not pursued by the estate and since

was the first person to import rhododendrons and

the study Highclere has achieved even greater

these plantings form a very significant collection.

significance as the setting for the TV series

Our role was to pull all the work together and to

Downton Abbey.

address the core landscape issues of geology,

One of the many vistas in the Park

HIGHCLNEewRbuE ry A stunning Capability Brown landscape

Client Uttlesford District Council & English Heritage

Location Saffron Walden, Essex

Historic Landscape Debois

Summerhouse with decorated ceiling

Originally designed as a private Victorian garden,

£150,000 from other bodies. We have subsequently

Bridge End Garden is now a popular and well-

prepared proposals for the walled garden which

used public park close to the historic centre of

has also received a grant from the Heritage Lottery

Saffron Walden. When Uttlesford District Council


and English Heritage planned to restore the garden and address the problems of neglect and vandalism, they invited Liz Lake Associates to help. Approach We were employed to prepare a full historic landscape survey and a costed conservation New planting to complement the scheme

management plan. Our findings contributed to a submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Outcome This work contributed to the council’s successful submission for significant external funding with a grant of £387,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund and

Topiary regenerated over a number of years

GARDEN BRIDGE ENSaDffron Walden, Essex A restored Victorian gem voted as best picnic spot in East Anglia

Client VSM Estates

Location Stanmore, London

Architect ADAM Architects

Engineer Halcrow Yolles

Planning Consultant GVA Grimley LLP

Statues in the Italian garden

Liz Lake Associates was part of a comprehensive

landscape-related documents and plans for

design team including ADAM Architects,

submission to the Local Planning Authority.

GVA Grimley and Halcrow Yolles to achieve a successful planning consent for major


redevelopment of the historic RAF site.

Following extensive consultations, the planning committee of the London Borough of Harrow


approved the application prepared by Liz Lake

As Bentley Priory is part of a major picturesque

Associates and the rest of the design team.

landscape with a Victorian-era Italian garden,

A reminder of the past

we played a key role in locating new buildings

The site has been sold to developers and the next

and infrastructure on this landscape-led project.

stage of detailed design has

Proposals for the restoration and long-term management of the historic landscape were prepared as a setting for the proposed residential development and the new use of the listed mansion as a museum. Liz Lake Associates was responsible for the preparation of a Landscape Conservation Management Plan and all

The mansion has become a museum

IORY EY PR ore, London

RAF BENTL One of the most stunning sites in London is opened up for public use


Client Barratt North London

Location Stanmore, London

Architect Clague

Engineer Halcrow Yolles

Planting to the new areas of the site

Private spaces are created within the park

The historic landscape of Bentley Priory is

at the previous RAF Bentley Priory site on behalf

registered Grade 2 on English Heritage’s Register

of Barratt North London. The detailed planting

of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest

designs reflect and reinforce the historic setting

in England. The Bentley Priory parkland forms

whilst providing valuable, useable green space

part of a major picturesque landscape influenced

for modern living. We have produced detailed

by Uvedale Price. Liz Lake Associates led the

landscape designs and planting plans for the show

landscape team that produced the Landscape

home, sales office, walled garden podium terraces

Conservation Management Plan and all

as well as the individual gardens and the wider

landscape-related documents and plans that

parkland. We have also produced a landscape

formed part of the planning permission granted

management plan for the public spaces and BRE

in July 2008 on behalf of RAF Bentley Priory.

homes assessment.

The RAF have now vacated the site and it has been purchased by two developers.

Outcome The landscape works are currently being


implemented and residential units are open

Liz Lake Associates is part of a comprehensive

for viewing and purchase.

detailed design team including Structa and Clague implementing the planning permission for the residential aspects of this major redevelopment

Houses on Clarence Park Crescent

IORY BENTLEYStanPmR ore, London This historic park will form part of the landscape around new homes and once more be enjoyed by many

Client Private

Location St Osyth, Essex

Architect Brewster Bye / City & Country

The Rose Garden

St Osyth Priory is one of the most important

have been undertaken and reviewed over the

collections of historic buildings in East Anglia

last ten years. The proposals are based upon

but is in a poor state of repair after years of

the protection, conservation and restoration of

neglect. Our client’s aim is to find a sustainable

remaining historic features complimented by new

future for a Scheduled Ancient Monument, 22

proposals to improve the financial and ecological

listed buildings and 154 hectares of land which

long-term sustainability of the estate.

includes 93 hectares designated as Grade II

Darcy House

on the English Heritage Register of Parks and


Gardens of Special Historic Interest where at least

In spring 2011 seven planning applications

a third of the park had been ravaged by mineral

were submitted to Tendring District Council for

extraction. As part of a multidisciplinary team

new residential development, the rebuilding of

Liz Lake Associates role was to contribute to

follies and lodges, a visitor centre and function

proposals for enabling development that would

room and the restoration of the park. The

help to fund the restoration of the buildings and

application included a statement of significance,

the parkland.

a comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for both the park and the Priory precinct, extensive


ecological and tree surveys, a Landscape and

The project was landscape led with early

Visual Impact Assessment that formed part of the

involvement in the siting of new residential

Environmental Statement and landscape proposals

development and replacement buildings in the

for each area of development. The outcome of the

park. This was informed by extensive ecological

applications is expected in autumn 2011.

surveys and historic landscape studies which

The Chapel and the Ruins

RIORY ST OSYTH StPOsyth, Essex The new proposals are aimed at ensuring development which will help to fund the restoration of these unique historic buildings and surrounding parkland

Client Private

Location Hungerford Park, Berkshire

Architect Fitzroy Robinson

Planning Savills

Historic Landscape Debois

Archaeologist Kirkdale Archaeology

Landscape masterplan

Woodland had obscured a designed Elizabethen landscape

Liz Lake Associates formed part of a

handful of grand new houses to achieve planning

multidisciplinary team invited to prepare a

permission without going to appeal. Our work for

planning application for a new country house in

this project, carried out with Fitzroy Robinson, was

a sensitive Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

exhibited at an exhibition of PPG7 houses at the

on the edge of Hungerford.

Royal Institute of British Architects.


PPG7 is now superseded by the National Planning

Working with the historic landscape advisors and

Policy Framework but this allows for isolated

archaeologists, Liz Lake Associates was able to

houses in the countryside to be considered where

show that the proposed site of the house and the

it would represent the optimal viable use of a

surrounding area was a neglected Elizabethan

heritage asset or would be appropriate enabling

park and garden with a bowling green and deer

development to secure the future of heritage

race. We argued that restoring the house would re-

assets. Houses of contemporary design need to

establish the meaning of the designed landscape

be truly outstanding or innovative, helping to

and create a new focal point.

raise standards of design more generally in rural areas, reflect the highest standards in architecture,

The historic entrance was reinstalled


significantly enhance its immediate setting and

Planning permission was granted under the PPG7

be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the

planning policy and this house is one of only a

local area.

RK ORD PBA hire ks HUNGERFHun er d, or gerf Permission for a unique isolated house in the countryside

Client Colchester Borough Council

Location Colchester, Essex

Engineers ISG Jackson Ltd

Norman ruins

As part of a programme of public realm

to paths and dark and overhanging vegetation was

improvements Colchester Borough Council

removed to bring light into the church yard.

appointed Liz Lake Associates to help prepare proposals to make the grounds of St Botolph’s


Priory more welcoming by improving access for

The work was tendered and we monitored the

all and enhancing the setting of the Norman ruins,

implementation by ISG Jackson Ltd. The project

which are a Scheduled Ancient Monument and the

was opened to the public in June 2011 with a

Georgian Grade 2 listed St Botolph’s church.

rededication of the war memorial in August. The site is now one of the links in the Colchester

New Quadrangle

New path from the Quadrangle to St Julian Grove


Heritage Trail. Councillor Lyn Barton, Portfolio

We helped organise a public consultation exercise

Holder for Planning and Sustainability said: ‘The

canvassing and interviewing local people about

work which has been completed at St. Botolph’s

how they used the area and what changes they

has included restoring the war memorial to its

would like to see. The major change was the

former glory and the place looks fantastic. The

relocation of a war memorial to provide a more

improvement works to the Churchyard and Priory

usable space by the church that is a setting for

grounds have rejuvenated the area and increased

local theatrical groups to stage productions

accessibility for all. We hope this will encourage

and concerts, small markets, church events and

more people to come and enjoy the area, which is

community activities. Improvements were made

a highlight of Colchester’s rich heritage.’

'S PRIORY ST BOTOLPH Colchester, Essex The new paths improve the connectivity with Colchester town centre and it’s historic trail; making this wonderful architecture more accessible to the general public

Client War Memorials Trust

Location Various

Plymouth Devon

The War Memorials Trust works for the

Society, Tim Moya Associates (arboriculturists),

protection and conservation of war memorials

Susan Deakin Ecology in conjunction with the

in the UK. They provide advice and information

War Memorials Trust who edited the guidance. Liz

and run grant schemes for the repair and

Lake Associates managed the project, structuring

conservation of war memorials. In the lead up

and writing the guidance and bringing all of the

to and during the centenary of World War I, War

text and images together with graphic design

Memorials Trust anticipates that the landscapes


and planting around memorial structures will

Philips Memorial Godalming

be prime candidates for local projects. Liz Lake


Associates was delighted to be asked to prepare

The ‘Conservation and management of war

landscape guidance to inform projects and give

memorial landscapes’ helpsheet was introduced

suggestions for best practice. The guidance is

at the War Memorials Trust AGM in the summer

available from the War Memorials Trust website.

of 2012 and is available as a free download on their website: publications/359.pdf

Approach The project included specialist advisors; English Heritage, Historic Scotland, The Garden History

Duxford Cambridgeshire

ST LS TRU London

RIA WAR MEMO We hope that conservation and management of war memorial landscapes will be raised in the public’s conscious as we draw towards 2014 and the 100th anniversary of World War I.

Client Saffron Walden Town Council

Location Saffron Walden

Garden is enclosed by beautiful historic wall

Close Garden is located adjacent to the historic

resurfaced and historically sensitive ramps

centre of Saffron Walden and the Town Council

created, but the garden itself needed to have

wanted it to be accessible to all. However there

a greater presence in the town. Existing over

were significant challenges as a result of marked

mature vegetation hid it from passers by and

changes in levels between the garden and the

made it unwelcoming to potential visitors.

surrounding footways. Moreover the garden

Seating and planting refurbished

is enclosed by Listed walls and is within the


setting of a Grade 1 Listed church. The brief

The design solution was to open up Close Garden

was to devise a solution that would meet DDA

both physically and visually. As well as providing

regulations, make the gardens more welcoming

access to the garden itself the improvements have

to visitors and at the same time be sensitive to

created a new, attractive and accessible route

the historic setting. Naturally all this needed to

to the Church. Existing materials were reused

be achieved within a tight budget.

where possible; the project tendered and brought in within budget. The results have been greatly

Approach Working closely with the town council and with the local Access Officer Liz Lake Associates identified that not only did paths need to be

New paths improve access for all

appreciated by local people and the Town Council

EN CLOSE GSaAffrRonDWalden This public green oasis in the centre of Saffron Walden has been revitalised

With 11.7m disabled people in the UK Access for All is vital

In 2012 Liz Lake was part of the initiative to

defined the aims as the creation of a range of

encourage organisations to participate in the

routes to suit different user groups providing

celebration of the tercentenary of Capability

dignified access for all without compromising a

Brown’s birth in 2016. In June over 150 delegates

landscape’s special interest. Advice was provided

visited the Brown landscape at Ampthill Park

on parking, types of visitor routes, what people

in Bedfordshire and the purpose of the day was

value, identifying barriers and creating accessible

to look at the practical issues that might face

routes for all kinds of disabilities.

owners opening their Brown landscapes for varying periods of time.

Outcome The advice sheet was very well received by both

Pushchair users need consideration too


owners with existing arrangements in place and

On behalf of the Landscape Design Trust our

those with no experience seeking to open for a

contribution to the day was to prepare an advice

short period of time. The advice sheet can be

sheet on Access for All. Since 1996 it has been

downloaded from

unlawful to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability. Previously called DDA, compliance is now required with the Equalities Act 2010. We

Disability takes many forms

ACCESS FOR The Capability Brown legacy should be enjoyed by everyone


ents i l c r s. r ou ntie o f Cou n tern o s a tE rrat ve w ’ r Ba a – s fo h d y r r a n . o ties esig ateg e Aw we

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rd in ego –Y scap Awa ign cat ry W n raph and ego ster rden st L es eleg a e D T Cat . G B s e y tt Ea l – ie es ap Dai arra ard om unt B dsc o w H r n C A o a The f n ew ilt rds ’ est L ster –N er G Awa sign ties for B rratt Ea Silv . ress nt e De ner zine oun ties a e Exp p a n B i a y m g l r c i a p s o rn C n Coun f o e l d M dw t Da r s e n s e a v a a r rd e m w L E e a t t o D A t s w t s H d Ea eA arra ew rban r ‘Be Gol ratt ous for B ur N er fo ed U Bar at H inn – Yo nt scap Awards ing for Wh W e d h y n p m r a ra rn ego st L den scap ove eleg Cat Gar r Be land ly T al G rd fo Homes Dai ard ies. . Loc a t h e e n w h y h l ties t T ou ilt A ain oun New y of nC er G rn C for m ategor ster ss – e a e d t Silv r E r s p t c a t x e w tt Ea ly E arra pac en al A arra Dai for B al Gard an S tion for B rds Urb I Na s n a es L e d u r w h A m A B om of t Awa om ign aH ner Des rden erse est C t a B M e Win e G e r e r o ry h ap es s St ds f ego dsc om for t ent g. war New pm ’ cat ard ivin wH /Lan lace ral A velo re L den r Aw ss – Ne e P u r o e l t a f D v c p l o x te lG ld Si nse xpre rchi for E ownfie una ly E e ‘Se AA g. rds r mm Dai RIB –B ivin of th Awa t Co L & e r s n e p e e 0 e r a n B 2 d o c l r r n 0 s i p a 2 o d f x W es G ster Lan ner for E che Win Hom Garden rds Col ard ew t Awa w s N e n A – e B d r ss ard Gol er fo xpre es G inn ly E Hom Dai rd W w a e w N dA ss – Gol xpre ly E Dai Liz Lake Associates Stansted Office: Western House | Chapel Hill | Stansted Mountfitchet Essex | CM24 8AG T: +44 (0)1279 647044


Bristol Office: Kestrel Court | Harbour Road Portishead | Bristol | BS20 7AN T: +44 (0)1275 390425


































Heritage Brochure  

Brochure to showcase the Heritage expertise sector of Liz Lake Associates.

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