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Billet Grinding Machine

Technical data The technical data indicated below may be modified to adapt the machine to the customer´s requirements. The most relevant data is shown.

Billet lenght

Up to 16 m

Cross-sections Grinding-head power

Introduction C.M. Vascas, a manufacturer with a long tradition of manufacturing equipment for the rolling and iron and steel industries, now offers grinding machines for billets and ingots for conditioning or eliminating surface defects. We can supply complete processing lines including inspection and handling of billets.

Grinding-wheel pressure (adjustable)

15 kN

Peripheral speed of the grinding wheel

80 m/s

Wheel size

Ø 610 x 76 mm

Vertical excursion

450 mm

Horizontal excursion

650 mm

Wheel positions

90º y 45º

Transport-table speed Grinding possibilities


These machines consist essentially of two quite distinct parts: first, the transport table on which the billet is placed, allowing it to move longitudinally on a bearing bed. The second essential part of the machine is grinding head, which can move transversely across the transport table, and also vertically, this last movement being achieved by pivoting the grinding head on a shaft. In addition, the grinding wheel can be set perpendicularly (at 90º) to the longitudinal axis of the transport table, or at 45º with respect to that. The pressure of the grinding wheel against the surface being ground has step-less adjustment and monitoring, just like its peripheral rotation speed, these being aspects that allow high-quality results to be achieved.

132 ÷ 315 kw

10 ÷ 80 m/min Faces and Edges

Grinding methods

Total or local

Grinding-head sensors

Temperature Vibration

Ventilation and filter equipment

In VASCAS workshops


The machine is delivered with the following complementary elements included: The loading table The unloading table A sound-proofing housing A sound-proofed, air-conditioned operator´s cabin Ventilation and filter unit Electrical cabinet Hydraulic and pneumatic units Grinding head vibration and temperature sensors Grinding wheel pressure and peripheral speed sensors Grinding depth control Round grinding

Supplied in 1982 Currently in service


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