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Vascas in brief

June 2006

The automotive industry also sees the advantages of advanced high-strength steel

The world iron and steel sector continues to be characterised by a process of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions where companies are trying to expand and become world leaders

Those in charge of various areas of the automotive sector have been emphasising that the future of car building forecasts the use of advanced high-strength steel. This type of material will offer various advantages such as lighter weight, reduced consumption and the lower final cost of cars.

China continues to be the world leader in steel production According to the International Iron and Steel Institute, the production of steel increased in 2005 by 5.9%, reaching a total of 1.129 billion metric tonnes. The greatest increase in production occurred in China (24.6%) to represent 30.9% of the total world steel production.

The manufacture of steel bars in Asia is increasing in price

According to the International Stainless Steel Forum, the world raw stainless steel production volume was 24.6 million metric tonnes in 2005. This represents a drop of 1% compared to 2004. Asia is the main producer of stainless steel and the only one in which production increased. In this region, China is at the top (34% increase in production) followed by India (11% increase in production).

because our

C U T - O F F

Thanks to this philosophy we gain credibility, prestige and trust

Customer service: an investment

The production of stainless steel dropped by 1% in 2005


AITOR GARCÍA / Managing Director

An upward trend in billet prices in Asia is pushing up the prices of steel bars used in the construction sector.


promise is to offer a quality service

In the issue of the Vascas Bulletin published in February we ended by referring to customer service as being our main raison d’être. As company philosophy, it is based on the idea that our customers’ problems are our problems. For us, this concept requires a relatively significant economic undertaking. However, this economic expense does not go unrewarded. It is actually an important investment. We are aware that when we get involved in our customers’ problems we are investing in closer ties with the customer, which is good for both of us. We gain credibility, as does our brand prestige, not to mention our customer’s trust. The customer, in turn, has a technological supplier he can trust who he knows will not let him down. Finally, the challenge of continuous improvement in the end steel quality is one we meet together.

Our customers have already been able to see for themselves how our team immediately sets to action when a problem is detected. All of the above provides us with increased knowledge of the

peculiarities of our customers’ processes which, in turn, allows us to propose customised solutions and flexible offers taking their needs into account. They are always on our mind. Contact us at this email address


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Vascas technology

Vascas news

Billet Grinding The quality requirements of iron and steel products are increasingly demanding. Furthermore, we are faced with the challenge of continuously striving to reduce our manufacturing costs. As a result, we have to expand our quality demands to the very roots of the processes since the detection and removal of defects where they originally arise helps to prevent their reoccurrence in subsequent processes. A typical example can be seen in one of the semi-finished products in the iron and steel industry. These are billets, whether with a square or round section, which are used as the base for obtaining long products with different sections by rolling. During the continuous casting processes from which the aforementioned billets are obtained, surface defects and fissures occur which, if not eliminated, may cause significant product rejects during the subsequent rolling processes, thus leading to increased production costs. A preliminary inspection of the billets followed by grinding removes such flaws. VASCAS manufactures billet grinding machines for surface cleaning, whether for square or round sections. These grinders are incorporated in lines with a flexible level of automation depending on customer requirements, with high productivity at a low cost being achievable. This is possible by adapting the grinding process to real needs at all times. To do so, the grinders can work ad hoc on

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We have delivered a large rack for a drive bench for tube rolling In March we delivered a rack measuring 46 metres long to Tubos Reunidos. The construction of this type of rack has traditionally been viewed as a speciality given the knowledge developed in the manufacture of this type of equipment.


Technical Director, C. M. Vascas

VASCAS manufactures billet grinding machines for surface cleaning, whether for square or round sections

specific defects or over the entire surface of the billet; the edges can also be processed or even omitted as desired. In the case of round billets, the total grinding of the surface is performed in spiral. The process is carried out using high pressure and high speed wheels with these parameters being constantly monitored to achieve a high quality finish. VA S C A S , i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n with the engineering company PROCOME, can offer complete lines for the inspection and cleaning of billets, including tables with automatic loading and unloading as well as the necessary control and inspection elements such as magnetisation equipment for inspection by particles or any other system requested by the client.

Vascas is penetrating the Chinese market with the sale of a straightener At the begining of the next year, Vascas will deliver a two rolls straightening machine for black bars. The agreement, signed with a renowned Chinese company, is a gateway to the Chinese market and predicts a promising future in the Asian market.

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