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Advantages of Shade sails, curtainsiders and awnings canopies

Among several outdoor coverings, these three shades are the most common types that are in demand these days. They offer ample of benefits that make them cost-effective outdoor cover in just amount of small investment. Advantages of Sail Coverings: 1. Versatility. These shades are available in various sizes and shapes and can be personalized to suit any required application. They provide aesthetic improvement to any space and still provide practical benefits including protection against extreme sunrays. They can be used in cafĂŠ, school, courtyard, entrance, BBQ area, driveway, veranda, play ground, pool, patio, sandpit, car park, preschool, sports club, amphitheater, rotunda, golf club, etc.

2. Protection from UV rays. They are made from fabrics that offer approximately 98% protection from the harmful UV rays.

3. Protection from Rain. Majority of the shades are made from non-permeable fabrics that can keep your surrounding dry during rainy season with its water resistance feature.

4. Varieties of Colors. They come in huge assortment of colors that provide you an opportunity to match with your premises. Depending on your needs, you can choose the color that will fit your applications.

5. Ventilation. Some of these covers are made from mesh type fabrics that permit airflow. You can enjoy a fresh surrounding even under extreme hot temperature.

6. Easy to assemble and removed. If you want to detach them, these coverings are easy to install and to remove. No need to worry of calling a technician who can remove them when a storm is coming in your area.

7. Cost effective. As they are very affordable compared with other covers, you can get ample of benefits at only small investment.

8. Adds value to your premises. Shade Sails can add an extra space to your residences. When attach to your veranda, they can add extra value and a more elegant look.

Advantages of Curtainsiders: 1. Promotes efficiency. Your trailer can now be unloaded with the three-way access. You can unload in both sides and in the rear.

2. Promotes savings. As your trailer can accommodate more loading space, it actually saves your fuel cost to load and unload many times.

3. Flexibility. It can suit any cargos and can be customized with various features such as truckhydraulic lift gates, scuff liners and mounted forklifts.

4. Fully accessible. There are no seams so it’s easily accessible and makes loading and unloading a breeze.

5. Low maintenance. These are made with high quality components that can reduce maintenance cost and increase its life.

Advantages of Awnings Canopies: 1. Saves energy. As these outdoor covers offer an easy way to have cooler interior settings, they actually reduced the need of air conditioning units and fans during hot season thus lowering energy consumption.

2. Protection from harsh weather condition. With their installation, they can protect furniture, draperies, windows and doors from the harmful effects of sun and rain.


Promotes beauty to any space. There is no doubt that they can beautify the surroundings to where they are attached.

4. Easy to maintain. After installation, there is no need to maintain them as they are fade resistant, water resistant and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of Shade sails, curtainsiders and awnings canopies  

Shade Sails can add an extra space to your residences. When attach to your veranda, they can add extra value and a more elegant look.

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