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2013 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo 2012 PRCA Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo 2012 PRCA Bullfighter of the Year nominee 2012 American Bucking Bull, Inc. finals bullfighter (Las Vegas) 2012 Salinas, California Rodeo freestyle bullfight champion American Freestyle Bullfighting Reserve Champion 2011 Salinas California Rodeo freestyle bullfight champion 2011 IFR bull fighter 2009-2010 Texas Cowboy Rodeo Association finals 2009 World Championship Rodeo bullfight world champion 2008-2009 IFR champion

Determination is something you learn by example. In my tens of thousands of miles traveled I have got to meet some amazing young people through my visits to rodeos for special needs children, hospitals, meet and greets with schools, autograph sessions and even parades. In these fans I have seen first hand their “try” and commitment. Many young people have what it takes to be something in the world but might not have the encouragement needed to get after it. I feel it is my job to instill in them the western way of life. Many of them look up to me as a role model and I take that seriously. I have had the opportunity to know about hard work and commitment to a goal or a cause. It’s the way of the cowboy and the American west, and I find it fulfilling to share my experiences in the hope that they might make an impression on a young person - encouraging them to focus on a goal and follow a dream. My hope is to empower these young people to realize that there are no limits, that they can be whatever they choose to be and to be resilient and have a vision.

Cody Webster P.O. Box 152 Wayne, OK 73095 405-760-0645

Goals Like most people with determination and try, I have a goal and that goal is to make it to the national finals rodeo and professional bull riders world finals during my career. I work hard, I practice hard and I am dedicated and because of that I believe that one day I will be known as one of the best in the bull fighting business.

Sponsorship Goal My goal is to proudly wear your advertisement while gaining exposure for your business, bull fighting and the sport of rodeo. I have worked very hard to get where I am today in the bull fighting business, my hope is to travel the united states and not only gain recognition of your label but of myself as well. Cody Webster and your business can go hand in hand when rodeo enthusiasts think of bull fighting. I can take it to the next level; all I need is a bit of assistance through your generous sponsorship. Together we can make a difference!

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Jan. 3-5 Jan. 11-12 Jan. 17-18 Jan. 25-26 Feb. 1-2 Feb. 8-10 Feb. 21-23 March 1-2 March 8-9 April 4-6 May 24-27 June 7-8 June 12-15 June 20-23 July 4-6 July 9-14 July 18-21 July 25-27 July 28-29 Aug. 2-3 Aug. 7-10 Aug. 13-17 Aug. 29-31 Sep. 2-3

Rainsville, AL Pueblo, Co Tampa, FL St. Paul MN Gillete, WY San Antonio, TX Ft. Pierce, FL Arcadia, FL Oklahoma City, OK Eagle Mountain, UT Ada, OK Cleburne, TX WY Belle Fourche, SD Estes Park, CO Salinas, CA Rock Springs, WY Riverton, WY Heber City, UT Sikeston, MO Caldwell, ID Plains, MT Blackfoot, ID

P.R.C.A Texas circuit finals rodeo P.B.R Worlds Toughest Cowboy event Worlds Toughest Cowboy event Pro rodeo Sticks how and Rodeo & Extreme Bulls tour (televised) Rodeo Rodeo Ram National Circuit Finals (televised) Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo High School Finals Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo (televised) Rodeo Rodeo Rodeo

Still have many dates pending! Cody Webster P.O. Box 152 Wayne, OK 73095 405-760-0645

1st level • $3000 sponsorship Includes your company's name/logo patch on all bullfighting shirts. These shirts are worn inside the rodeo arena at all times. 2nd level • $5000 sponsorship Includes your company's name/logo patch on all bullfighting shirts and shorts, as well as placement on an embroidered shirt worn outside of the rodeo arena for television exposure, radio interviews, and all promotional and autograph signings. 3rd level • $10,000 sponsorship Includes all the advertising benefits of 1st and 2nd level sponsorships, your company's name/logo on Cody’s truck and camper. These serve as moving billboards and are seen by millions of people that see Cody traveling during his hectic year of rodeoing. In addition, choose to visit one of Cody’s stops and receive free admission to that specific rodeo!

Please contact: Cody Webster, P.O. Box 152, Wayne, OK 73095 405-760-0645

Cody Webster P.O. Box 152 Wayne, OK 73095 405-760-0645

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