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OUR MISSION Matthew 25’s mission is to support, educate and treat those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. We  recognize that HIV/AIDS is a real disease affecting real people.

WHO WE ARE Real(istic) prevention and treatment is the only way to fight the continuing spread of HIV. Through holistic  care and support services, Matthew 25 strives to reduce the number of new HIV infections and improve  the quality of life for those already fighting HIV/AIDS. Through our medical case management efforts  which span twenty­five (25) counties in Western Kentucky, we are able to offer our clients supportive  services that can help with insurance premiums, housing and utility assistance, transportation, nutritional  supplements and groceries, medication assistance, and mental health, dental and vision services. This  coupled with excellent specialized medical care greatly improves their chances to enjoy full productive  lives for many years. A diagnosis of HIV/AIDS is not the death sentence it once was years ago. While  there have been many advances in the treatment of HIV, many still battle stigma and barriers to  education and safer risk behaviors. We, at Matthew 25 AIDS Services, strive to give our clients the tools  they need to make better life choices, while medically treating their disease in the most supportive and  dignified atmosphere possible. Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. is one of only two comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services clinics in Southern  Indiana and Western Kentucky (the other one is in Paducah, KY, two (2) hours away from our Henderson  clinic). Matthew 25 AIDS Services operates medical clinic locations in both Indiana and Kentucky,  providing early intervention specialty HIV/AIDS medical care, medication adherence programs, food  pantry, transportation, indigent medication program, referral services, counseling and testing services,  education and information in Vanderburgh County, IN, Henderson County, KY and Daviess County, KY.  In Kentucky counties only, we additionally provide support services such as support groups, several  housing programs and care coordination services provided by medical case managers covering 25  counties. In Southern Indiana, we provide clinical services to 9 counties. We have become a leader in the  Tri­State in HIV counseling and testing, partner counseling, and resource linking and treatment.  Dedicated to holistic care, we treat the whole person, not just the disease.”

OUR ROOTS Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. began as a volunteer organization in 1996 developed through Zion  United Church of Christ in Henderson, KY, which was struggling with how to make a difference in the lives of those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS from within their own congregation. By 1999, Matthew 25 AIDS Services was incorporated and moving forward to offer more services to our  clients served in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. In 1999, we were granted 501(c)(3) status,  which allowed us to seek funding to enlarge our organization with full­time paid staff. In 2000, Matthew 25 was awarded a Ryan White Planning Grant to evaluate the need for clinical services  in the area, as well as a HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS) grant to assist with  housing needs. In 2001, we were awarded a Ryan White Part C Grant for Early Intervention Services to  open our medical clinic.

Cyndee Burton, our administrator, is one of the founders of the organization.

What we do Our mission is lived out in many ways. From the very beginning, Matthew 25’s commitment to treatment has been based on the philosophy that HIV/AIDS care must be high quality, comprehensive, and holistic. Imagine a wooden stagecoach wheel. The patient is the  center of that wheel, the very HUB. Surrounding the center are spokes. In our world at Matthew 25, each  of the spokes represents a critical connection, and step, for the success of the patient as well as the  organization. The treatment services spokes represent many of the disciplines we provide to each patient  receiving care.

TREATMENT SPOKE 1 The first spoke is the HIV Specialist Provider, in collaboration with an infectious disease physician,  making an assessment of each patient’s disease process by critical examination of the patient, laboratory  data that is obtained on­site at our facilities, past history, medication history, and an array of other factors. Based on the assessment, a treatment plan is established, a medication regimen is selected if indicated,  and future visits and laboratory tests are determined.

TREATMENT SPOKE 2 The second spoke, the Retention Nurse, works with patients to educate them about the disease, their  medications and safety information. The Retention Nurse then follows them for assertive side effect  management and to help them adhere to their medications and appointments.

TREATMENT SPOKE 3 Matthew 25 AIDS Services feels that mental health plays a huge role in how the patient learns to cope  with the chronic disease state of HIV/AIDS; therefore we add the third spoke. We ask that each patient  meet with our Mental Health Counselors for an assessment of any mental health problems that may need  assistance such as depression, substance abuse or anxiety. Another important spoke, the Medical Case Manager, works with each client to ensure access to  entitlements such as insurance, disability, and any state programs.

TREATMENT SPOKE 4 The fourth spoke, the clinic nurse ensures that the patient’s immunizations and nutrition needs are  evaluated. Finally the last care issue is explored by one of our Comprehensive Risk Counseling and  Services Prevention staff members who help look at any barriers that might prevent the patient from  dealing with their diagnosis and interaction with others. Such things as disclosure issues and protecting  their partner from transmission of the HIV virus in a non­judgmental way, eases the stress and strain this  may be causing the patient.

Why? HIV is a chronic condition rather than a death sentence. If people that have been diagnosed with HIV have access to care and medications, they won’t die from AIDS. There are many barriers that keep people from being able to get the care they need. Cost, transportation, associated stigma, lack of resources in their area are just a few of those things. We try to do whatever it takes to eliminate those barriers so that we can provide care and resources for people to live normal, healthy lives. We do it because WE care. We do it because WE want to help. We do it because WE love.

Who is “we” We are a staff of 43. We are different, dynamic, passionate, committed, dedicated group of individuals. Here’s a look at our Henderson office organization flow chart.

Our board:

What “We” believe “We” believe that we must critically think beyond our own jobs, be flexible and willing to work, so that we may anticipate and be prepared to assist our coworkers and the individuals we serve, to ensure the mission of Matthew 25 is fulfilled.” What “we” think means the most Taking the initiative to be unbiased towards any employee, client or volunteer Being friendly and respectful to all visitors, volunteers and employees Taking the initiative to be a team player, and help all of our friends at M25 Taking action when we see something that needs immediate attention Having open communication with our friends at M25 Representing M25 in both a professional and positive way in the communities we serve Collaboration Providing and receiving positive feedback and/or constructive criticism Transparency Giving 100% at what we are here to do Willingness to learn and accept new opportunities Respecting our friends at M25, the jobs they do, and the environments they need to do them Communication throughout the organization

What our employees say about working here: “It’s great to identify a legitimate need experienced by a client… and then watch everyone come together to meet that need. It’s nice to see Matthew 25 be able to meet or assist in meeting pretty much any need a client experiences. Channeling Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we help take care of the bottom of the pyramid so that the client can flourish in managing their HIV treatment. We help clients live… not merely exist.” -Jacob Kiper, MA, LPCC, LMHC- M25’er since 2014 “We are like family!” -Sally Welch, Director of Community Services- M25’er since 2004 “We have a very upbeat and caring atmosphere.” - Rachel Goins, Scheduling Specialist- M25’er since 2017 “…it’s like buying a lottery ticket, picking numbers in a random sequence….. watching the news later on that night and as the numbers are being announced, you realize that you hold the winning ticket in your hand.” - John Rouse, Staff R.N.- M25’er since 2016 “I always say that Matthew 25 is different than anywhere else you’ve ever worked. It’s different for lots of reasons, but even with that though, we are a very mission minded organization and work with some of the most compassionate people around. Change is constant, and I feel we truly thrive on the challenges of each day and always looking for ways to improve and be the best in HIV care. This is a place where the employee’s ideas and perspectives matter, and the patient is the center of the wheel. I feel like we are a good diverse group and we get to encounter new perspectives on life because of it, which is beautiful when it’s embraced (and it typically is here). We are good to our communities and in return good things happen for us. We are on the move constantly and it’s a good thing.” – Missy Powell, Director of Health Information and Compliance- M25’er since 2007

Runway Red- Our biggest fundraiser! We invite local retailers to participate in our full on “Fashion Show”.

Jingle Mingle-

AIDS Walk-

Henderson Christmas Parade-


Annual Christmas Party!!!

Other “perks” of being on our team:

Employee of the year: Every year, one employee is awarded employee of the year. You get an extra vacation day if you are awarded that honor!!

Jean Wednesdays- Wear you most comfortable pair of jeans on Wednesdays. Judy Jar Jean’s Day- You can also wear jeans on the last Friday of the month for a small donation of $5 to Judy’s Jar.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at our beautiful Owensboro Clinic

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Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. Culture Book  

Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. Culture Book