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The 2014 Business and Industry Trade Fair

Raise the Bar Today: Achieve Better Business Tomorrow We will be celebrating our 2014 Business and Industry Trade Fair on March 19. Each year, thousands of attendees visit the Trade Fair. The Business and Industry Trade Fair is a great opportunity for you to promote your products and services, network with other businesses and organizations, and support our local business community. Last year was an exciting year as we celebrated our 25th year! This year, we look for the Trade Fair to be bigger and better. Increase your presence in Shelby County and beyond with: -Personal contact with potential customers. The Trade Fair allows you the opportunity to meet with potential customers in a casual setting while exchanging contact information with booth visitors as well as other businesses. -Networking opportunities. Businesses and organizations attend the Trade Fair to do business. Make connections with these other businesses and organizations. This year’s Trade Fair will take place in the Shelbyville High School Gymnasium. Sign up today. We look forward to another great Business and Industry Trade Fair.

Julie Metz Executive Director Shelby County Chamber of Commerce

Why participate? This event can have a significant impact on your business as well as our community. The Business and Industry Trade Fair is an opportunity for you to present your business to the community as well as to other businesses and organizations from Shelby County and the surrounding areas. By participating in the Business and Industry Trade Fair, you have the opportunity to network with business representatives and residents to educate them on the products and services you provide. Why Exhibit? -Showcase your business to potential customers. -Enhance your visibility in our community and among other Chamber members. -Interact with other exhibitors and create beneficial business relationships. ....and much more! You definitely want to be involved in the 2014 Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Business and Industry Trade Fair.

Trade Fair Agenda Tuesday, March 18th: 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.-Set up (Shelbyville High School Garrett Gymnasium) Wednesday March 19th: 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.-Set up 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. -Exhibitors review 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. - 2nd Annual Business Connect 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. - Lunch (Auxiliary Gymnasium) 12:30 p.m.- Open to the public 6:00 p.m. - Close down 6:01 p.m. -Tear down

2014 Business and Industry Trade Fair FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Q. A. Q. A.

What does my booth fee cover? Your fee pays for your booth, electricity, advertisements, wireless internet and two lunch tickets.

Q. A.

How should I decorate my booth? You can decorate your booth to reflect your business or the theme of the Trade Fair.

Q. A.

Is there a dress code for the Trade Fair? Your dress should reflect your business. Business Casual or Business Professional is preferred.

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How many people do I need to help with my booth? You should have two people at your booth at all times.

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What about lunch? You will be given two tickets for lunch. You will also receive tickets to use for drinks throughout the day. If you need additional lunch tickets, please let the Chamber know. Lunch tickets are $15.00.

How big is my booth? Approximately 10 x 10

Q. How will I know which booth is mine? Do I need to bring a sign? A. You will receive a diagram of the Trade Fair with your booth location indicated. There will also be a small sign that states your business name. You may hang a banner or larger sign for more visual impact. Q. Is it mandatory that I have a door prize? A. We ask that you have a door prize with a value of $25.00 or more. The door prize should reflect your business if possible. A gift certificate or your products may be used. The name and address of your prize winner should be turned in to the Chamber of Commerce booth at the end of the day. Each booth participant is responsible to contact their own prize winner following the event. Q. A.

Is it mandatory that I have give-aways? How many give–away items do I need? It is not mandatory, but it is an excellent marketing tool and draws people to your booth. You will need at least 600 give-away items. Give-away items should include something with your business name on it. You may use a variety of items such as pens, pencils, key chains, magnets, rulers, etc.

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Will my material be safe in my booth the night before the Trade Fair? All reasonable security precautions are taken, but we advise that you do not leave any valuable items overnight. The Chamber is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

2nd Annual Business Connect VIP SNEAK PEEK 9:30 A.M. TO 11:00 A.M. This is your chance to network with the business community before the Trade Fair is open to the public! Booth participants are encouraged to offer discounts to Business Connect attendees.  The Chamber would like to promote your discount before the Trade Fair as we will provide all attendees with list of discounts. 

Would you like to drive business to your business after the Trade Fair? If so, sign up to be a sponsor on our Business and Industry Trade Fair Discount Card! -Over 1,000 cards printed. -Discount Cards are distributed to all attendees of the 2014 Trade Fair! -Each Sponsor’s logo and discounts will be displayed on the back of the discount card. -Discount may be one time use or multiple use through 12/31/14. -Cost of sponsorship: -$100 for Booth Participant -$125 for Non-Booth Participant

Example of last year’s discount card.

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