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December 2000 Profile My Closet Courtney Sloane Rajni Jacques

Interior designer Courtney Sloane has a lot to smile about. She’s got a great sense of style and runs her own company. As the founder and creative force behind Alternative Designs, a design firm in Jersey City, New Jersey, which conceptualizes designs and decorates both commercial and residential spaces, Sloane has decked out Sony Recording Studios and the offices of the clothing line Enyce. She also recently created interiors for “Roots, Rhymes and Rage: The Hip Hop Story,” and exhibit currently touring the country. Sloane describes her personal wardrobe as “no-fuss” fashion-classic lines and relaxed structure, which is also the approach she takes when designing her much-sought-after interiors. Sloane’ts signature? “Modern pieces that reflect a global, multicultural look.


My Closet Courtney Sloane Rajni Jacques