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Daddy Longleg Cupcakes This creepy crawler of a cupcake is popular with web slingers of all sizes. - Chocolate cupcake (body) - Canned chocolate icing - Chocolate sprinkles (hair) - 2 pieces of eye-type candy - Clean scissors - Ruler - 1 package of black string lace licorice (legs)

Directions When you are all done baking the cupcakes, take them out and let cool for 10 minutes. Frost the cupcake with chocolate icing and cover with sprinkles. After you are all done frosting and putting the sprinkles on, press the candy eyes into place. Use the scissors to cut eight 4-inch pieces of licorice for the legs. Holding all of the legs together in a bunch, bend them in half and crease. Push the end of each leg into the cupcake as shown. Other crafy Halloween recipes continue: Some brainy ideas for Halloween. E3

Kids Halloween Jokes Q. Why was the food gone after the monster party? A. Because everyone was a goblin! Q. What kind of dog did Dracula decided to get? A. Blood hound! Q. What do skeletons always order at restaurants? 
 A. Spare ribs!

Emma, left, and Sarah Olson hold hands after getting candy from a neighbor.

Our world has changed a child’s night of silly fun and sugar fixes into one of parental fear. BY COURTNEY RAPPA Rappanews Tribune


alloween is a tough holiday. The mantra of most parents used to be “Have fun!” It’s been replaced by “Be careful, be safe”. Children walk from house to house, knocking on strangers’ doors demanding candy, while public service announcements warn about actually entering the house or getting into unknown cars. A balance needs to exist to allow the freedom for kids to grow and for that growth to occur in a safe environment. Neighborhoods are no longer the safe haven that they once were. Get your Boo on continues: Tips to make your kid’s Halloween safe. E4

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Bring this coupo n to MOA and receiv e 1/2 off an event wristb and for $24.95 with the purch ase of an event wristb and for full price RAPPA...