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A Journey through China China. What an interesting place. It’s the place, it seems, where everything is made—from our shirts to our shoes and our toys to our screws, and yet we know practically nothing about it. China embodies the essence of mystery. It’s this ethereal world where we don’t have a very strong grasp of its inner workings, and though there is ample information readily available, no one talks that much about it. This all might sound as though my purpose in going there is to uncover it’s mysteries for the general populace, but alas, at least maybe for you, I head for China on January 10th for another purpose. I have the relatively unique opportunity to go to Shiqi in order to teach English to some of the cutest 4–6 year olds around (I say relatively unique since in actuality it seems that nearly everyone

I’ve told knows at least one or two other people who knows someone who knew someone who went to China with ILP). Anyway, packing has been a nightmare; before now I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible to stuff so much stuff into two average suitcases. The once large spaces shrink incredibly fast, and soon you’re creating new ways to stuff underwear and socks into your shoes or water bottles. I’m sure that my nightmares are far from over since I have been thoroughly warned of what awaits me, but even though it will be hard, but it will be even more rewarding, and that’s the whole point. So warnings included, I am excitedly awaiting, what perhaps awaits me as well, in the faraway land of Shiqi, China! Excited!

Made in China By Courtney Manwaring

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