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Baldwin Wallace College CHEERLEADING TRY-OUT PACKET 2011-2012

Saturday, April 23rd Ursprung Gymnasium 10am

Dear Candidate, We are very excited that you are interested in becoming a part of the Baldwin Wallace College 2011-2012 Cheerleading Squad. The squad will participate in a variety of activities such as community service and fundraisers. Cheerleaders are responsible for cheering at the home football and basketball games, practices and organized workouts 2X per week, and summer practices. Weekday basketball games take place (mostly) on Wed nights. Do not schedule Wednesday night class unless you are a graduating senior and that class is required for you to graduate. Contact one of the coaches is you have specific questions or concerns regarding Wednesday nights. As a cheerleader for BW one must be dedicated, determined and be prepared to work to their full potential at ALL times. Please complete the cheerleading try-out packet before Friday, April 16, 2010 and email it to The only thing you need to bring to tryouts is your $10 tryout fee. If there is any additional documentation that is needed, you will be notified. We look forward to working with you during try-outs and hopefully the upcoming season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Courtney Kania Young or Coach Denise Roth See you in April!

Sincerely, Courtney Kania Young BW Cheerleading Coach

Denise Roth BW Cheerleading Coach

If you cannot email the packet, please mail or deliver packet to: BW Cheerleading Baldwin Wallace College 275 Eastland Rd Berea, OH 44017-2088

Try-Out Packet Checklist _____Cheerleading Application _____Cheerleading Waiver of Medical Liability _____New Applicants only: 2 Letters of Recommendation 1 Letter from previous coach 1 Letter from individual of choice (excludes family relatives) _____Short Essay _____Captain Application (only if this applies to you) Other Important Information: Baldwin Wallace Cheerleading Try-Out Dates Spring 2011 Cheerleading Try-Outs Saturday, April 23 10am: • 10am Interviews Begin • Immediately following: stunts, tryout material taught, tumbling, jumps, tryout material in groups. • White tshirt, tank top, or sports bra. Black soffe shorts or spandex. • Hair half up/half down. Bangs OUT of face. • Freshmen white bow. Upperclassmen Brown or Gold Bow. • Fingernails trimmed at athletic length. If they are too long, you will not tryout. • Captains will be announced with the team. Captains plan to stay later to go over responsibilities and begin duties. If selected for the 2011-2012 Baldwin Wallace Cheerleading Team, you will need to purchase your own warm ups, practice uniforms, and game day accessories (body suit, spankies, etc.). Baldwin Wallace College also requires BW Sports Insurance. It is not an out-of-pocket expense, but approximately $200 is applied to your student tuition if selected to be a member of the team. Out-of-pocket cheerleading expenses may be $250. Are you prepared to pay for those costs? YES NO

Baldwin Wallace College Cheerleading Application Full Name: _____________________________________

Student ID #: _____________________

Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ Home Phone #: ___________________

State: _____________

Cell #: ____________________

Zip: ______________


Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ Parents’ Name: (Mother) ________________________________ Occupation __________________________ (Father) ________________________________ Occupation __________________________ Year in college: ____________ Projected Graduation Date: _____________________ GPA: _____________ Major: __________________________________________ Activities you are involved with in college: ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Any honors/awards received in college: _________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ On a separate sheet of paper, please write a short essay on the following topic: New Applicants: Tell us a little about yourself and your cheerleading experiences. Be specific about what leadership roles you have taken. Why do you want to cheer at Baldwin Wallace? Returning Applicants: You have been cheering for at least one year. What changes/improvements would you like for yourself and how would you make them? Why do you feel as though you are deserving of a spot on next year’s team? What do you feel you would bring to the team in a leadership role as a returning cheerleader? Please be specific.

Birth date: ___________________________ Age: _____________ Ht: ____________ Wt: _____________ Sizes: Cheer Shoe: _______________

T-Shirt: ____________

Emergency Contact Information: Primary (Parent/Guardian)

Secondary (optional)

Name(s) Address

Name(s) Address

Home Phone # Work Phone # Relationship

Home Phone # Work Phone # Relationship

Soffe Cheer Shorts: ____________

Baldwin Wallace College Cheerleading Application Skills Checklist Check next to the skills you have mastered (meaning you can do it 10 out of 10 times) Tumbling _____Standing back hand-spring _____Standing back tuck _____Standing back hand-spring back tuck _____Toe touch back tuck _____Round-off back handspring _____Round-off back handspring back tuck _____Round-off back handspring layout _____Round-off back handspring full Any tumbling skills you have that are not listed above: _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Stunts & Baskets What is your primary stunting position?

Base: ________

Flyer: _________

Back Spot: _________

Check next to the skills you have mastered (meaning you can do it 10 out of 10 times) _____Straight up extension _____Liberty _____Arabesque _____Heel Stretch _____Bow & Arrow _____Scale _____Scorpion _____Toe touch basket toss _____Back tuck basket toss _____Kick full or kick double basket toss _____Full cradles _____Double full cradles Any stunting skills you have that are not listed above: ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cheerleading Background/Experience/Achievements: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cheerleading or Sports Related Injuries: ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Baldwin Wallace College Cheerleading Waiver of Medical Liability Date of birth________________ 1.

I, __________________________________will be participating in a walk on tryout with the cheerleading team. I presently have no injuries or illnesses that might prevent me from participating in the tryout.

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________ Parent/Guardian Signature (If under18)____________________________________________Date__________________


In the event of an injury occurring during the tryout, I will not hold BW responsible in any way.

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________ Parent/Guardian Signature (If under 18)___________________________________________Date________________


I have current medical insurance that will cover any costs incurred due to injury sustained during the tryout.

Participant Signature_________________________________________Date________________ Parent/Guardian Signature (If under 18)__________________________________________Date________________ Insurance Company: ____________________________________ Ins. Co. Phone #: _____________________ Policy #: ___________________________________

Group #: __________________________________

*Please provide a front and back copy of insurance card* Please Read Carefully I have completed this application packet to the best of my ability. I understand that collegiate cheerleading involves elements of gymnastics and acro-sport activity, and thus involves the risk of personal injury. I am participating in these tryouts with this knowledge and do not hold Baldwin Wallace College, the Athletics or the Rec Department liable. If selected as a member of the BW Cheerleading Squad, I will abide by this agreement in addition to the rules and regulations while at practice, try-outs, camps, and games. I also understand that judging will partially be of subjective nature and that the final decision of choosing squad members rests with the coaches.

Signature of Applicant: ______________________________ Date:______________________

Baldwin Wallace Cheerleading Tryout Application  

Please email this completed application to by Friday, April 16th.

Baldwin Wallace Cheerleading Tryout Application  

Please email this completed application to by Friday, April 16th.