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ARE THEY FEUDING? So far, all four SATC women — Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall (shown here on the set of the first SATC film) — seem to be getting along, despite a history of off-screen bickering. But while each actress gets her share of screen time, one thing is clear: SJP is still the top dog. “Instead of their names, cast members have Roman numerals labeling their trailers,” an on-set insider tells Life & Style. “Sarah Jessica Parker is No. 1, Kim is No. 2, Kristin is No. 3 and Cynthia is No. 4.” Still, there don’t appear to be any hard feelings among the group. When asked by a fan how filming was going, Kim replied, “It’s great fun!”

scene that takes place in Miranda’s new office.

SECRET #11: The ring mystery is solved Carrie and Big filmed a scene without their wedding rings, sparking rumors that the couple split onscreen. But an insider tells Life & Style it was nothing more than a behind-the-scenes oversight. “It was a mistake,” the source says.

SECRET #12: Carrie still has her mole Sarah Jessica Parker had her chin mole removed, but Carrie Bradshaw didn’t. For the sequel, her mole was re-created with the help of makeup!

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ON SET Carrie has her mole in the ’80s flashback scene.

REAL LIFE In July 2008, SJP (here in February 2009) had it removed.

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