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effects. “There are some people out there that don’t like the influx of ‘new blood,’” says Staigerwald, “but why hate? That young girl who shows up because of The Big Bang Theory might end up finding a comic book to love.” Slinker agrees: “If you want to be a hipster about it, then be a hipster and find some unknown convention. But don’t complain about the one that is like the pinnacle of nerdom and pop culture. You can’t bag on that.”

Photos by Aly Lebow, Anna Fischer, San Diego Shooter, Ed Kwon, and Kevin Dooley

Geek Out to Fit In

Stephanie Wilson believes that regardless of why they come, everyone can enjoy Comic-Con. “There’s something for every geek,” she says. “There are comic books, movies, TV shows, even web-based content and books. Comic-Con is a place where we can all geek out together, even if we’re geeking out about different things.” Whether it’s spotting Robert Downey Jr. or witnessing a swarm of zombies, Comic-Con offers camaraderie for all kinds of fans. As the zombies passed by Wilson on the curb, she enjoyed the moment. “It didn’t even matter if they were there for comics or movies or whatever,” says Wilson. “We were all having fun together.” ▶

—Courtney Feinauer

Clockwise from top right: He might not have his cart, but Mario and his moustache make their way around the convention. Robin waits for the Bat-Signal. Crowds of more than 150,000 people gather daily at the San Diego Convention Center for events and exhibits. This might be a good place to reach Kim Possible. Look out for Wolverine and other superheroes in costume.

Derezzed ̶The Glitch Mob Main Title from Star Wars Iron Man ̶Black Sabbath ◀ 13

Bazinga! Get Your Geek on at Comic-Con  

This is an article on Comic-Con that was published in Stowaway magazine.