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This is an example of a brochure with Organic Motion branding elements.

Organic Motion Brand Guidelines

Signature Clear Space


Minimum clear space Application of the Organic Motion’s wordmark should maintain minimum clear space to protect the integrity, legibility and consistency of the wordmark. Note: Refer to the diagram on the bottom right for an illustration of the clear space construction.

The white area illustrates the required clear space.



Clear space construction

Identity System, Business Collateral, and Web Site Organic Motion has created a unique markerless motion capture system that enables computers to capture accurate data in real time. By combining software, hardware, and video cameras, the technology eliminates the need for restrictive body suits and allows for the capture of fine movement and detail. Organic Motion’s goal is to improve the way computers see and interact with people to help diagnose issues and better human lives. The technology has vast real-world applications, from measuring a patient’s improvements during physical therapy regimens to mapping sports equipment to individual athletes to enabling game creators to capture real-time character motion. As reported, “[It’s] cheaper, cleaner and immediately usable animation data - what’s not to like here?” Organic Motion hired Method to develop a comprehensive brand system that communicates the value of the technology. Deliverables included an identity mark, business papers, marketing brochure, product family name, and Web site. Through carefully layering and juxtaposition of transparent layers, a sophisticated color palette, and photography emphasizing energetic movement, the designs both attract viewers and communicate the ability of the technology to free motion capture from its usual constraints.

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Organic Motion  
Organic Motion