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Lookbook 2018

Courtney Beyer Design creates hand-drawn patterns that move people to stop and smile during their busy day. Her patterns are inspired by the rolling hills, the wild ocean, and bright sunshine that surround her in Northern California. Courtney loves using crisp organic abstract shapes and creating detailed flowing patterns that take your eye on a playful journey. Courtney has been making art her whole life, but it was not until she was on a trip to Spain, learning to draw Moorish patterns, that she discovered her calling. Soon after her trip she started Courtney Beyer Design in 2017 and is selling and licensing her patterns.

Finding Fiddleheads - Gray

Finding Fiddleheads - Dark Green FlowerLeaves - Tangerine

Forest Floor - Black

Forest Floor - Magenta

FlowerLeaves - Dark Green

Blooming Peony - Butter

Field of Flowers - Turquoise

Field of Flowers - Black

Eucalyptus Shoots - Black

Woven Stems - Blue Gray

Falling Leaves - Lime Green

Natural Art - Blue Gray

Outside of Santa Fe - Dark Blue

Trail Textures - Blue

Petrified Leaves - Dark Blue

River Rocks - Dark Navy

Desert Fan - White

Curious Otters - Navy Blue

Water Drops - Navy Blue

Water Drops - Light Blue

Ocean Waves - Navy Blue

Jumping Dolphins - Light Blue

Ocean Currents - Light Blue

Ocean Currents - Dark Blue

Daisies Peaking - Butter

A Fresh Bunch - Black

Summer Fields - Black

Flowers in Row - Pink

Scattered Florals - Butter

Dot-ing in the Garden - Butter

Just the Stems - Aqua

Ginko Leaves - Butter

Blooming Protea - Butter

Just the Outline - Pink

Hand Drawn Diamonds - Deep Peach

Tossed Ranunculus - Butter

California Poppies - Pale Green

Wildflower Bunch - Butter

Wildflower Bunch - Navy Blue

And Bluebells - Butter

Woven Leaves - Dark Pink

Dancing in the Field - Blue

Dancing in the Field - Green

Mosaic Flowers - French Black

Scattered Seeds - Dark Blue

Scattered Seeds - Butter

Scattered Seeds - Black

Just the Sticks - Blue

Flying Seeds - Light Blue

The First Blooms - Pale Green

The First Blooms - Black

Just the Petals - Light Pink

Poinsettias - Peach

Poinsettias - Dark Green

Red Amaryllis - Dark Green

White Amaryllis - Red

Holiday Pinecones - Dark Green

Popcorn and Cranberries - Dark Green

Festive Pomegranates - Curry

Tossed Bouquet - French Black

Spring Showers - Light Blue

Tulip Field - Light Blue

Spring Showers - French Black

Wall Flowers - French Black

Scaling Florals - Dark Blue

Shy Florals - Dark Pink

Colors of the Jungle - Black

Tropical Vines - Light Pink

Blooming Heliconia - Black

Palm Flowers - Lime Green

Hawaiian Rainforest - Dark Blue

Palm Flowers - Black

Hawaiian Rainforest -Blue

Spring Buds - Light Blue

Spring Buds - Turquoise

Pleasing Paisleys - Tan

Pleasing Paisleys - Turquoise

Swirling Shapes - Navy Blue

Swirling Shapes - Light Blue

Smooth Turns - Dark Turquoise

Wanning Luna - Tan

Snakes in the Grass -Tan

Snakes in a Row - Tan

Snakes in a Row - Light Turquoise Summer Brush - Tan

Dry Grass - Yellow

Leaves and Stones - Butter

Leaves and Stones - Tan

Leaves and Stones - Turquoise

English Vines - Light Green

Flowers in the Hedge - Light Blue

Micro Greens - Light Pink

Nestled Florals - Green

Pick a Stem - Light Mint

Nestled Florals - Butter

Pick a Stem- Cream

Spot the Star Flowers - Blush

Flower Hills - Green

Flower Hills - Light Blue

Fresh Cuts - Light Blue

Fresh Cuts - Butter

Flowering Vines - Bright Magenta

Flowers in the Jungle - Blue

Flowers in the Jungle - Butter

Crawling Vines - Blue

Crawling Vines - Light Olive

Wild Leaves - Dark Green

Wild Leaves - Butter

Jungle Adventures - Blue

Lizard Leaves - Tangerine

Bean Collection - French Black

Bean Collection - White

Bean Collection - Blue

Holding Treasures - White

Feather Light - White

Feather Light - Pale Blue

Holding Treasures- Blue

Holding Treasures - French Black

Flowing Around - Dark Blue

Flowing Around - Light Blue

Underwater Garden - Butter

Lake at Sunset - Light Teal

Underwater Garden - Teal

Lake at Sunset - Dark Teal

Drifting Seaweed - Coral

Looking for Starfish - Dark Teal

Looking for Starfish - Seafoam Green

Lotus Pods - Light Tan

Dahlias in August - Teal

Dancing Swiggles - Light Tealv

Starting To Open - Dark Teal

Starting to Open - Bright Red

Swiggles - Teal

Come Over to Play - Dark Teal

Fire Dance - Curry

Follow the Path - Ice Gray

Follow the Path - Black Green

Looping Around - Ice Gray

Searching for Gems - Dark Green

Looping Around - Ash Pink

Animal Tracks - Ice Gray

Animal Tracks - Bright Olive Green


Courtney Beyer Design Lookbook 2018  
Courtney Beyer Design Lookbook 2018