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Interior Architecture

Courtney Ward 2012 portfolio Bachelor of Interior Design

14013 Captains Row Marina Del Rey CA 90292 208.871.9624

contact University of Idaho Bachelor of Interior Design Cum Laude, 3.95 Architecture Minor Spanish Minor

2012 Portfolio American Society of Interior Designers Habitat For Humanity Leed Green Associate - in progress AWFS Competition

Organizations 2

Good designers are problem solvers a successful design both evokes a question and delivers an answer


urban oasis


works learning pod puzzle chair studios, inc. transistional harmony observaction tower UI golf clubhouse PUR restaurant zen garden lamp

12-14 15-16 18-22 23 24 26-30 33-34 35-36

profesional NOBU

38-40 4



LEED platinum design + mixed use occupancy + revit software + location analysis

thesis esis 6




Location: Santa Monica, CA Project size: 90,000 sqft, 4 stories abv grade Occupancy Groups: R-1, A-2, M Construction Type: IIA

Providing relief amid the surrounding chaos, however not rendering free from place. The design language inherent to this project creates spaces that improve human condition and embrace regenerative environmental impacts.

sustainable methods passive cooling green roof photovoltiac glass stormwater retention cross ventilation


community plaza


cafe/wine bar


1st floor plan nts


Counter: terra

Specialty: banana

Specialty: evo white


furniture + fixtures

typical room

typical bathroom typical room plan nts

north building elevation nts



way finding + technology integration + program + flexible floor plan + universal design


concept This innovative setting outside of the typical classroom sets new core standards; + combination of user friendly research & learning centers + advanced technology + socially collaborative spaces together constructs the new social hub of the university library.

reference desk & fishbowl


pod university information and learning commons

Spring 2010 2 week project time constraint

group space w/ smartboard

general use computers & printers email bar

3’ height counter

zone 1

reference desk

print/scan/mac stations

zone 2 personal space



group spaces w/ TV & smart board

zone 3

cafe & seating

large conference room

individual study stations art display gallery storage

3’ height counter

zone 1

multimedia mac stations service desk printing stations idea bar

zone 2

individual study stations plasma group stations

zone 3

cafĂŠ with art display private presentation room fishbowl

interior program 6,000 sq ft

email bar & general use computers

Throughout the commons special attention has been devoted to combining flexible space with integrated technologies that enhance and encourage communication and collaboration.


CHAIR prototype fabrication documents + plan sets + woodworking

Inspired from the story of Alice in Wonderland the whimsical element plays a strong foward. In the puzzling world of Alice things are not as they seem. Playing up this element the cut outs are light and amusing. Clean lines and simplicity adds modern twist on a classic story for a visual piece of art that is both playful yet quietly elegant.



studio office design + program/layout + system furniture + sustainable methods + system specifications


An office environment of a design firm needs to support multiple activities often occurring simultaneously. To achieve this vision, we become anchored in the ideas of collaboration, flux space and an animated atmosphere. The first layer of the project was to look at nature’s organism and how it houses its major functions at its center. This spurred the Studios concept to mimic the organism by using the core of the building to house the permanent and enclosed office spaces. This provides flexibility of the surrounding floor plan just as an organism needs for constant change and movement. Now flux space has been created around the core that can be changed to fit the needs of the designers for any given situation. This also provides for growth as well as creating a collaborative atmosphere and lessening the idea of hierarchy within a business setting. This design parti uses the core to create a natural flow of circulation that is linked both visually and physically. The idea to infuse the space with energy that is refreshing and fueled with vitality was achieved through introducing the elements found within the natural environment. These elements of earth, fire, WATER and wind are created within the enclaves as well as using transparency, light materials, and a fresh color palette. The design concept ascends to a refreshing, informal experience where energy is always definite.

Minneapolis, MI High-rise Corporate Office


Program: G

I f14

C. supplies & general storage

3 f15


B. general presentation room





A. entry/reception




D. administration: receptionist director of operations MIS accounting director resource manager admin assistant marketing coordinator intern








E. staff room & kitchen



F. small conference room G. STUDIO1: healthcare principal/studio leader architect interior designers assistant id technical designer intern









H. resource library I. STUDIO2: retail principal/studio leader intern architect interior designers technical designer

2 f4

1 A

f3 f1


J. STUDIO3: education principal/studio leader intern architect senior id/project manager interior designers technical designer K. STUDIO4: corporate principal/studio leader intern architect senior id/project manager interior designers technical designers

29 level floor plan


12,500 sq ft

L. training/teleconferencing




enclaves E1. WATER: refresh E2. FIRE: fuel ideas, collaborate E3. WIND: movement, revitalize E4. EARTH: stable, rest, re-energize

Render2: water

f1. reception desk: post & beam, union answer f2. lounge seating: groove f3. lounge seating: alight f4. alight, c:scape f5. post & beam, think, elective elements 6 f6. mobile easel, post & beam, think, aulait table f7. universal storage towers, universal storage pedestal, universal storage lateral files, answer f8. c:scape, think f9. coalesse ideas, teamwork mobile easel f10. campfire: reverse bench f11. post & beam, modular power, duo overhead, universal storage pedestal, jenny tables, currency f12. impromptu: tour, groupwork, scoop stool f13. kick freestanding, modular power, post & beam, duo overhead storage, universal storage pedestal, answer f14. treadmill walk system f15. jenny table, currency f16. tour workspace, groupwork, alight, jenny tables f17. airtouch adjustable worksurface, akira, node

Render3: fire

system specifications

Render5: earth

reflected ceiling plan


upholstery & panel: Vibe upholstery: Genoize shades & screens: topic color panel: Fusion

2’x4’ grid ceiling lights 2’x4’ bamboo ceiling grid 2” radius pendant lighting


3rd floor plan

transitional harmony conceptual + pen & pencil sketch + spacial planning

Moscow, ID

Man and nature’s struggle to coexist bath house together is a prominent issue. Largest component, containing the entrance and pool space, appears light and projects a feeling of protection with the material skin wrapped around This entry space is then followed by a second component infused into the first creating tension where these two components meet. These transitional spaces become extracted and exposed bringing two dissimilar objects coexisting together.

south section

2nd floor plan

1st floor plan

west section

observation tower University of Idaho conceptual + pen & pencil sketch The ideal construcion for the Obeservation Tower is to Integrate the structure into the current existing building as well as the surrounding context.

south elevation

Highlighting views through glass and concrete to create a picturesque quality from all viewing points withing the structure.

site plan

east section


mixed use renovation + ADA accessibility + logo design + sustainable methods + sustainable material & finish selection


University of Idaho Golf Course Clubhouse

concept The fairways transcend in fluid motion into the clubhouse by creating an organic indoor garden. + open layout + natural materials + transparencies + boundary ambiguity + steel + brick + stone Elements used to convey a destination point that is professional becoming the heart of this university’s sport.

entry call out

design problem integrating the golf course professional yet inviting connecting to campus create an entrance connect 3 segregated spaces

+ + + + +

skylights over locker rooms for diffused light & privacy

skylights over circulation & interior garden

building addition

clearstory for diffused light & ventilation

scupper sculptural pond to highlight storm water re use

site renovation sustainable methods

daylighting & thermal gain

storm water treatment

roof catchment system cistern water storage scupper for roof run off

northern skylights for diffused light southern facade glazing for light southern facade for heat gain trome wall for heat gain

passive cooling

stack ventilation in addition exposed floor & ceiling


interior garden proshop offices practice room men & women locker restaurant & bar gentlemen’s lounge

interior program 7,000sq ft materials

certified indoor air quality credits toward LEED cert recycled & partly recycled led & compact fluorescent dimmers and motion censors



restaurant finishes partly recycled 3form ada commercial grade flooring

restaurant & bar

lounge finishes 3form acoustic cloud indoor air quality certified

gentlemen’s lounge

east restaurant elevation feature water wall acoustical cloud



adaptive reuse + branding + logo design + historical preservation + commercial grade material & finish selection


proposed extension

interior program wine cellar 5,600 sq ft office/locker

lobby exposed kitchen storage preparation main dining private dining lounge enclaves wine + juice bar exterior seating mezzanine seating

site plan adaptive reuse

historic grain elevators US EPA Brownfield Redevelopment


The language of the exterior pays tribute to the industrial style of the historical grain elevator. The slight rotation of the proposed extension speaks to the circulation paths that surround the site. North orientation and future extension of hello walk are celebrated in the structure. The rotation of the different parts are connected through the ribbon of glass that runs through all 3 of the visible floors.

local Raw cuisine, juice & wine bar

logo design


view from open kitchen to main dining

second floor

first floor At Pur, we are committed to bringing you flawlessly fresh food with its life force still intact. Green + organic + locally grown vegan + raw food served in an upscale style and setting. Our menu changes daily and reflects the availability of organic, high quality, living foods.


Our wine bar that is coupled with our juice bar prides itself on the wine from our local wineries. All of these local and fresh ingredients offers a luscious palette that is simply irresistible.


west section

view from bar to mezzanine entrance


zen garden lamp inspiration + relaxation + function

concept functions collide light + relaxation.

combining the function of light with the need for to sooth the mind. + shade + zen garden influenced by isamu noguchi




LEED platinum design + mixed use occupancy + revit software + location analysis

profesional ofessional 38

Location: Malibu, CA Project size: 6,300 sqft Occupancy Groups: A-3 Construction Type: V-N

main dining

site location

wood flooring at main dining

sushi bar floor tile

floor plan stone countertop

materials + finishes

natural finishes beach inspired beige



diffused lighting




exterior seating


personal brief I may be small, but I have a mind the size of Jupiter. I tend to fill it with random thoughts and when I’m lucky they piece together for creative inspiration. A little quirky but mostly just unexpected. I am quite the intellectual surprise often accompanied by my quick wit.. a pet peeve for rambling. I’m a surprise that packs a punch... ensuring that I am never soon forgotten.

breve personal

Interior Architecture Portfolio 2012  
Interior Architecture Portfolio 2012  

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