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MBA Courses

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a master degree in business administration which attracts candidates from very wide range. This master degree was first originated in 19 th century in United State as the country started developing and companies required a scientific move toward management. The core courses in MBA programmes introduces many area of business such as Marketing, Operation Management , Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and many other programs including elective courses. Candidates in MBA programs have the option to take general business course during their program or can even prefer the area of concentration yet many institutes provides their own specialized courses. The during two years MBA course you will study about various things such as trends, markets, laws and economies that will change the business or running of business.

List of courses that are offered in MBA MBA in Finance Management MBA in HR Management MBA in Strategic Management MBA in Operations Management MBA in Product Management

MBA in Finance Management Financial Management refers the professional and useful management of money or funds in a manner to achieve the aim of the organization. It contains how to rise the capital, how to assign it that is capital budgeting. It does not only about long term budgeting but you can also allocate the short term resources such as current assets. It deals with dividend policies of the share holder. It is one of the demanded specializations as growth prospects in this field are vast. This course will highlight on other aspects of financial theories, identification of best management practice area.

Finance is a major part of any company so there is countless opportunity if you have the master degree in finance.

MBA in HR Management Master degree in HR or Human resource Management is a 2 years program for graduates which generally refer the management of employees in association. It involves the specific training program in human resource management such as recruitment, training of employees, planning strategies and hiring of employees. It aim is to provide a through grounding in business. During MBA program you will experience a stimulating and challenging intensive course in management with HR management view to enhance career and personal development.

MBA in Strategic Management Strategic Management program is designed to meet and increase market demands for competitive price and quality. You can easily obtain a base of strategy concepts for application at corporate as well as business level. The importance of this core is to develop strategic thinking to allow you to solve both the complex multidisciplinary and exploit opportunities. You will be able to predict and evaluate the effects of major business decisions, problems of integrating corporate, assess the benefits and functional strategies and to prepare approaches for managing strategic modification.

MBA in Operations Management Operations Management generally deals with the value adding activities of any organization. Any operation that can convert input like raw materials or human labor into the outputs like automobiles, portfolios, wireless phones, mutual funds or dinner at any restaurant can be overseen to get a better product or service. The focus in this program will teach you the fundamental principles of well managing the production of goods and services. The course series allows students to modify their individual path to focus on technology, quality or service management. In spite of

the track selected by the candidates they will learn the basic principles of supportive management of operations and the techniques employed by world class organizations. Graduates from this program have gone on to a selection of upper level management positions in manufacturing and service organizations.

MBA in Product Management Product Management contains building and defending brands, gathering and analyzing market research data, and rising and introducing various new products. The area in Product Management is good in making careers in product management, marketing management, brand management, and consulting. It is designed to help the candidates to mange existing brands. After completing graduation with this program the students will be able to understand the current branding environment, to access to brand equity, understand the use of promotion and advertisement management. You will able to manage the product throughout its lifecycle which contains the product vision, product features, product requirement, quality of the product. For more information visit : http://www.c cour_id=pg007&tb_nm=pgcourses&pg=mba-master-of-business-administrationcourses-in-india

MBA Courses  
MBA Courses  

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a master degree in business administration which attracts candidates from very wide range.