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Transcript: 9 Ways to Use Coupons in Marketing Campaigns • Cheaper Customer Acquisition o Tip - Offer Coupon Only to New Customers to improve ROI o Summary - Affiliate/Coupon based Acquisition is 40 to 50% of Paid Search costs. Coupons helps yield higher conversion. • Increase Average Order Size o Tip - Analyze your customer segments and average order sizes. Offer coupons to increase the order level for each segment. o Summary – Coupons are effective way of increasing cart size. • Cross-Promote & Increase Engagement o Tip - Give Coupons to users who like your page, or Share your page/product. o Summary – Merchants have seen 5 to 10x increase in Brand mentions • Track Sales From Offline Campaigns o Tip – Create a unique custom coupon/offer for your Billboard Ad, Newspaper Insert or TV ad. o Summary – Measure the efficiency of offline marketing campaigns. • Re-engage Old Customers o Tip - Invite users who haven’t visited or purchased for few months, to come back. Reward them with a coupon to create an incentive. o Summary - <> • Cart Abandonment Campaign o Tip – Offer a 1 time coupon to users who have abandoned cart, as an incentive to come back and complete the sale. o Summary • Reward Loyalty o Tip – Offer coupons and special offers to your loyal customers, so that they become your brand advoca o Summary • Increase Email Registration o Tip - Offer Coupons to customers who register on your site. o Summary – Using an incentive for Email registration has shown to increase registration rate by 40%. • Use Other Store Coupons to Increase Conversion Rate o Tip – Offer Complimentary Coupons to increase value to your consumers, and convert users on the fence. o Example – If you are Mobile recharge site, offer Apparel and Food coupons for free. o Summary - Increased conversion rate. CouponRani offers Coupon API for partners to offer complimentary coupons. *** All the statistics used in this infographic are based on individual case studies Here are the links for our relevant website and coupons:

9 Ways to Use Coupons For Customer Acquisition, Retention & Engagement  

Coupons are an incentive mechanism, used my merchants to achieve specific goals in customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement. One can c...