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The Prosper website puts forth a lending and borrowing concept. The idea behind the website is to connect those who wish to borrow money with those who are willing to lend it, thereby removing the "middle man" from the equation. Recurring themes on the website include the idea of low rates for borrowers and moderate to high returns for lenders. How Exactly Does Prosper Work? The concept seems to be to allow lenders to review a list of potential investments and choose what works best for them, and to allow borrowers to place a request for a loan amount along with the purpose intended for the loan. Key highlights include the following: 1) For borrowers: The company claims 5.9% APR along with what appear to be low and fixed monthly rates. In addition, the company claims that investors will not be subject to hidden fees or hassles during the period when they are paying off their loan. 2) For lenders: According to the information on the website, lenders can expect a 10.1% return on their loan. Reputedly, investors will be able to both diversify their portfolio and control their investment. Finding Prosper Online The website can be found by searching the company's name or at, and it provides a number of statistics relating to current loan values as well as customer testimonials. Prosper In Review According to online information, the purpose of this website is to allow borrowers and lenders to find each other without the need for a "middle man". They appear to offer a 5.9% APR and low monthly rates. Prosper claims that there are no hidden fees attached to their services and opportunity. For people interested in the lending part of the company; the website says that they offer 10.1% return on loans and claim that by adding their system to ones portfolio it is a great way to diversify and create another stream of income. It is important to remember that all online opportunities that result in generating an online income,

or profit, should be researched carefully to ensure that they are legitimate and are really delivering on what they claim to. Please note that there are not really any 100% guaranteed things in life and when it comes to online money making; it is not different. In most cases; one's ability to make money depends on their level of skill in the specific field; as well as their knowledge of how to implement the given plan. Research is always key when venturing into a new field; especially when there is an investment involved to get it all started.

Jennifer White is an online entrepreneur and mother of 2 wonderful children -Kristine and James. She recommends that if you're looking for an honest, ethical and legitimate opportunity to generate a full time income from home, click here! For free training, free education, and a free income generating website, visit today.

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==== ==== Need A Loan Fast? ==== ====

Prosper - Money Institution  

Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending platform, allowing borrowers to secure fixed rate, unsecured personal loans through a network of lenders -...

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