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How to avoid a wedding cake topper disaster? Disaster in a wedding? Can be managed to some extent! But disaster in a wedding cake topper? No, no... No way!! How horrifying is it? Getting practical; what if such situation arises? Ok, much to your relief, how to avoid such disasters? Here are some important tips for you: You are going to make a wedding cake, not a rainbow! Many couples make this mistake! Do not go for anything artificial. Red, purple, royal blue, pink and what not! These colors though look great, but are usually not accepted by the guests. Mainly because of the colors that remain on the tongue. Moreover in case your best friend drops the cake on her beautiful dress, be assured she's going to curse your cake throughout her life for spoiling her beautiful dress.

Opt for a universal taste Didn’t get it? Ok, explaining you in a simple way! You have your guest list ready? Just go through it. What do you think majority of the people would love to eat? Chocolate? Or vanilla? If you are still confused, choose whatever YOU like. After all, it's your day, so make yourself happy. Don't try to please everyone. Go for a professional baker Had you been to a wedding party before? Did you like the cake? Yes? Ask for the baker's address then! A professional baker can bake the right cake for you. Do not follow the Granny's recipe, rather let your baker do whatever he thinks is nice for the wedding. Give him every details of what you would like the essence, flavour and the topper design.

Make it simple, yet elegant

Don't incorporate all sorts of imagination within the cake. Yes, it's your D-day, but still a complicate and crowdie cake can make your entire wedding no less than a mess. After a good couple of years, you would love to see a lovely wedding cake of yours instead of a ship wreck, isn't it?

And regarding the wedding cake toppers...

The important of all! It’s important to select a unique theme. Choose a light weight cake topper, so that it doesn’t tumble down at the momentous moment. How embarrassing that would be! You can set your own cake topper. You can take the help of a friend or a professional baker. Need more help? Google won’t disappoint you for sure! You can get a number of theme ideas in internet. Just discuss with your partner and

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How to avoid a wedding cake topper disaster  

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